Jackie unaware butt crush

Mar 8, 2016
My name is Tim and I always had a butt crush fantasy from since I was little no one knows about it but I have a sister in law who has a big booty I always fantasy about her booty and the way it jiggles when she walks, one day I spent the day with Jackie we went to the beach and had a great time when we were going back to the car she told me that she had to use the bathroom so I went to put the things in the car and waited for her to get back Jackie is about 5'10 and about 450lbs me on the other I'm only 4'1 about 150lbs and am pretty short and skinny for my age of 20 while Jackie is 35 as I waited in the car I decided to sit in the driver's seat I could bearlysee over the steering wheel of the car.

As on que Jackie came back and didn't even check her seat and she just sat down on me without even before I could even say a word I saw her big jeans covered ass coming down on me I felt every bit of her 450lbs weight on my tiny body she got comfortable and clipped in her seatbelt and I could bearly hear what said but she looking for me and she thought that I was in the back seat asleep she was playing music and dancing in the seat all at once and sent me further between her booty she farted a couple of time and I felt like I would have fainted when she got home she got out of the car and to my dismay I was stuck to her ass as she walked I was in pain. When she bent over I poped out of her ass and layer there on the ground behind when she turned around she saw me and asked what I was doing there I told that her that she had sat on me and I was stuck to her ass she laughed and said better be careful next time..

To be continued.....