Jessica and Bethany Omnibus

Oct 16, 2009
Im coming back and am giving you all a big hint!!!!!!

Cheerleading practice is such a pain thought Jessica. Jessica was on the cheerleading team which is obvious. Long blonde hair with black streaks all the way through. Huge breasts that were basically popping out of her top. Then moving down she had the leads of a finely toned cheerleader. The only thing that Jessica didn't like her ass.

She thought that it was WAY to big. Although she had many looks at her ass in the hall and hearing people say things like, " Toned, Fine, Sharp, Beautiful, and nice moon.

"Fuck this." Turning on her heels Jessica headed back into the locker room to just refresh. Reaching the door of the changing room Jessica heard a rummaging behind the closed wood door.


Jack. The boy thinking to himself that he was quite the sneaky guy.

"While those bitchs are out there dancing they have NO clue that I'm going to be arranging my cameras in here!!!!! Fame here I come!!!!"

Not even looking behind him Jack didn't see the girl coming from behind him.



Jessica stood behind the boy and picking up a heavy bag hit him. As the boy hit the floor Jessica was already planning her next move.

Stripping the boys clothing Jessica tossed it all into the trash can then walking to one of the girls locker rooms pulled out some "Other" clothing items. Then walking to the coachs office got some hockey tape and other supplies.

Looking down at the naked boy Jessica whispered, " Well you pervert I guess it's time you realize how much I can do."


Shaking awake from his blow to the back of the head Jack looked around. Realizing he was on the floor. With waxed legs. Which were taped together. His hands were also taped together in front of him. Looking closer Jack realized that he was wearing a womans undergarment. A thong?!?!?!? Looking at his chest Jack realized that he was wearing a bra also.

"What the fu......"

Stopping dead at the sight of the cheerleader. It was Jessica. The girl he and fun of every day. Well just calling her ass big and ugly.

" Hey Jess hahaha nice joke let me up now."

Walking over to him Jessica leaned foward her breats swelling in his vision slapped him and said, " I am going to own you and humilaite you."

With that Jessica leaned foward picked up his head and clasped a collar around it.

With a smirk Jessica said, " With all the work you did here already with your cameras you saved me alot of time."

Gazing at the already humiliated man Jack watched on as Jessica walked above his head, and turned around.

Not even turning around Jessica said, " You are going to pay homage to my temple."

Hitching up her skirt Jack watched as Jessica's big ass in a Thong itself descend toward his face. The last thing Jack seen was Jessica smirking face as she sat on his face.

It was dark and smelly!!! Jack started to struggle. Amazingly jessica stood up.

"Please stop Jessica please!!!!!"

Without even looking Jessica took her foot and jammed it into his mouth. Watching in horror Jack watched as Jessica removed her Thong looked down at Jack bent down and Jack not even fighting rolled them up and inserted them in his mouth. Then taking a strip of hockey tape taped his mouth shut.

Then taking a leash Jessica turned around grabbed Jacks collar and said, " We're going for a walk. Backing Jack into a wall on his knees Jessica turned her ass to his face and backed up.

Jack's face was pushed so far into her ass. The size of it was so big Jack's whole face was pushed in and the cheeks of the ass enveloped his whole head. Having to breath with his nose which was pressed right up to her asshole Jessica hooked the leashe around and around his head and clasped it so that he could not move at all. All except his knees.

Jessicas reached around found Jack's head and ripped the tape off and told him to spit the Thong out. Obeying Jack did as she bade and re-doing the leash even tighter Jack's mouth was against her asshole.

Walling foward jack was forced to follow on his knees. His head being smushed against this ass with Jessicas every little hip move and Jack hearing her say, put your mouth directly on my asshole and open up pig, and if you don't keep it there all the wrose."

Jack immediately opened his mouth over Jessica's asshole and hearing it before he came she farted right in his mouth. Jessica's hand pushed Jacks moujth even closer to her ass forcing him to eat it.

Little did he know it was going to get worse.


The fart raced down Jacks wide open mouth. He would have gagged on it,fell over or tried to get away but he was tied to Jessica's Bum.

The bad part though?

It was like this feisty cheerleader was never going to run out of ammunition. She kept farting and each time she did, shee would push Jack's face ever tighter into her Bum.

"You know Jack?" Jessica said to Jack.

"MMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jack screamed into Jessica rather lovely Bum.

"I'm sorry I couldn't catch that Jacky." Jessica laughed and then continued."I'm going to need to knock you out for a little bit so I can get some stuff readt. Is that okay with you assface?"


"I'll take that as a yes. Hahahahaha!!!!" Jessica laughed.

So then the Cheerleader led her assface into the nearest corner of the back wall and started to smash the back of Jack's head into the wall.

The noise emitted a hollow thunk each time his head hit the wall.

About five times later Jessica felt Jack's body go limp, so she looked behind her to see a very limp Jack hanging from her very clenched bum.

"Time to get to work......" Jessica whispered to her sleeping captive.

.................................................. .....

"Hey Betsy have you seen Jack?" Bethany asked.

"Yeah I think the little bastard was creeping toward the gym with a no doubt bad intentions."

"Okay thanks."

Bethany walked away and thought to herself why he would be going there?

The girl stopped in her tracks and said to herself.

"On no. Is he going to do something to the cheerleaders?"

Bethany started on her way to the gym.

You see Bethany was a gothy kinda girl.

Long black hair that sparkled blue in the right light, brown hazel eyes filled with lust,she always wore some band t-shirt that could not hide the sheer size of her double d boobs. They peeked out of the top of her shirt like two leashed dogs wanting to be free. Her shirts always matched her bottoms. She wore the tighest type of leggings,jeand, and boy shrts and short shorts. Her legs seemed to go on forever when she wore a skirt with the pale texture drawing lustful glances from the male population. Her Bum though was a real prize. It was huge but in the good way. It bounced just right. It wiggled slowly when she put on her sultry walk wiggling her hips from side to side. Two boys could have their heads stuck in there and you wouldn't see there heads.

"Jack Im going to kill you if your where I think you are." And with that Bethany started her run towards the womans changing rooms.

.................................................. ......

Jack awoke with a bit of a headach.

What a bitch, Jack thought. She bashed my head into a fucking wall!!!!!

Looking down or trying to Jack saw that he was secured to a changing bench.

Somehow Jessica had utilized saren wrap to secure his legs and arms to the bench. While using hockey tape to wrap his balls and dick in such a vice like trap that it felt as though they were being pulled off.

"Oh your awake." Jessica giggled from the doorway.

"Come on Jess you've had your fun AND taught me a VERY important lesson I'll not forget! So why don't we just go our seperate way's and forget all this?" Jack asked.

"No." Jessica said.

"Um, why?" Jack questioned.


"Okay Jess I never crediated you with being smart so I'll tell you a secret."

"Oh?" Jessica arched her eyebrows seductively.

"Your fellow cheer team will be done practice soon and will be heading here to change and they will let me out."

"Hahahahahahaha!!!! Jessica laughed

"Um, hey dumby what's funny about that?"

Jessica had put on her cheerleading outfit and walked over to Jack swaying her lovely hips as she went.

She put her foot into his mouth and said,"Start licking while I explian.

Jack had no choice so he started to lick her toes.

"The girls are all heading home to a party and the schools closing down for the long weekend so I guess nobody will be looking for you."


"You forgot about Jacks girlfriend you skank."

Bethany had arrived.
.................................................. .........................................

The room fell silent as Bethany walked in. Jessica stared at Bethany. Bethany stared at Jessica. And Jack? Well he stared at the ceiling.

"What the HELL is going on?" Bethany questioned.

"Well Beth your boy toy here was busy setting up camera's in here. Planning to sell them and humiliate us. So Im teaching him a lesson."

It was true after all. Jack thought he could make a mint selling the video and at the same time humiliate the cheerleaders.

The door closed softly behind Bethany.

"You cheerleaders deserve a WHOLE lot more." Bethany whispered.

Jessica balked at the comment.

"How so? Just because we're beautiful and sexy unlike you and your huge ass?" Jessica smirked and flicked her hair behind her ear. Smiling her devilish smile.

Bethany walked foward and stopped four feet from Jessica.

"Well Jessica I wish Jack never would have got caught. We could have made a mint." Bethany smirked.

Jessica was quiet for a moment.

"YOU were in on this?" Jessica asked.

"You know it you Jess."

Bethany looked down at Jack and stroked his face.

"Don't worry, she's going down hunny i'll do everything to her as she did to you."

And with that Bethany spun around and struck Jessica in the face.

The cheerleader went down in a pile.

"I'll let you change into some real cloths so we can do this." Bethany said.

Jessica looked down and realized that her skirt had slimmed down her waist.

So she went to an open locker and slipped on her pair of yoga pants.

"Well you big assed bitch you are going to suffer the same as ole Jacky."

Jack lay there on the bench as the two females circledeach other hoping that Bethany would win.

Bethany took a strong right handed sweep at Jessica's face again but the cheerleader was quick.

She ducked below the punch and kicked Bethany right in the guts.

Bethany stumbled back into the rows of lockers and glared as the blonde cheerleader advanced.

As Jessica came closer Bethany tackled Jessica at the waist and brought her to the floor and landing on her stomach looked down at the cheerleader.

"Well Jess I guess this is the end."

"Get off you cow!" Jessica screamed.

"Wrong answer."

Bethany took her hands and each grabbed a fistful of Jessica's hair and slammed her head into the floor.

Jessica felt dizzy from the hits to the head and with Bethany sitting on her stomach it was no better.

Her hands scrambled across the floor and came upon a hard object.

She swung and connected with Bethany's head.

Falling off her Beathany rolled to the side to get away from Jessica.

Looking at her hands Jessica saw the object that hadd saved her.

It was the broken half of a hockey stick.

Bethany brought herself to her hands and knees only to find herself at Jessica's feet.

Looking straight up into Jessica's face.

"Lookey here, my newest doggy is sitting up!" Jessica chuckled.

Bethany had a moment before Jessica snapped her knee into Bethany's face.

Bethany fell backwards onto the floor of the changing room. Concious fading in and out.

Jack knew that Bethany had failed in her attack and that Jessica was now going to finish her off.

Jessica walked over to Bethany and looked down at the girl. Surveying her body.

For such a big ass she sure has a small face. Jessica thought.

Jessica placed her high heels onto Bethany's stomach and pressed down.

It sure is a nice day. Jessica thought.

"Jack pretty soon the schools is closing for the LONG break. Then we will move into the gym to have some BIGGER fun."

Jessica turned around and faced Bethany's feet. And started her ddescend towards her face with her very Big Bum and very tight pants.
.................................................. .

Jack lay on the gym bench. Staring up at the ceiling. He wondered what Jessica was doing at this instant. If only Jack had eyyes on the back of his head he would have been witness to an awful sight that was about to unfold. Jessica was squatting over Bethany's face. Her full ass inches from her face. Bethany was fading in and out of this world. But she could still she the smirking face of an evil cheerleader and that evil cheerleaders Beautiful Ass hovering right in her face.

Jessica whispered to Bethany below her. "Well Bitch I'm going to finish this little scuffle in my own way. Be prepared to be my newest Bitch." Laughing Jessica lowered herself until she was an inch away from Bethany's face." Any final words?"

Bethany breathed in little to no voice" Please......."

Laughing Jessica whispered."I'm sorry what was that?"


Jessica had lowered that Beautiful Bum right onto Bethany's face while she was talking. And now Jessica had settled herself with a content sigh sitting full weight on Bethany's face. Her yoga pants had stretched tight across that work of art.

Looking behind her Jessica laughed to herself. For she couldn't see dear old Bethany's face at all. Bethany's whole head actually ahd sunk into her tormentors Beautiful Bum. Only a slight trace of her dark hair was sticking out.

Jessica grabbed hold of Bethany's wrist's and waited for what she knew was coming.

In less then 15 seconds Bethany started to twist and kick. But with little to no energy she didn't have a chance.

"It's like riding a bucking bronco!" Jessica laughed.


Jessica cocked her head to the side and listened. "Oh are you trying to speak?"


"What was that?" Jessica asked with a wiggle of her jiggily Bum.


Bethany's wrists fell limp. Her body went limp. But Jessica decided to wait a couple extra seconds. Good thing to because Bethany started to struggle again for a brief moment.

"Ah Bethany,"Jessica laughed pushing her weapon down harder."I knew you'd try a little trick on your Mistress."

Bethany then finally gave in and fell limp once more.

But Jessica laughed and sat there for a whole minute befire getting off.

She knelt beside her head and checked for a pulse and laughing found one.

"What did you do to her?!" Jack yelled.

Jessica had almost forgot about him.


"Well Jacky just be grateful that I have to prepare for the surprise." Jessica said walking up to him."Because you'd be under here for awhile. BUT." Jessica then curled her delicate fingers into a fist and started to smash Jack's face over and over until he had fell into the dark.

Jessica looked from Jack's bloody face to Bethan'y prone body.

"Well I guess it's time to start...." Jessica paused and felt her Bum. Something felt "funny"

So Jessica went to the mirror and looked.

"OMG!" Jessica laughed.

For her Bum had sealed Bethany into it so tight and Jessica had pushed down harder the fabric had made a imprint of her face in it.

So walking over to Bethany and taking her prone arms strted to drag her out of the girl's changing room and into the expansive gym.

"Let's get started then shall we?" Jessica whispered.

With Part 4 at an end we enter a new state of terror for Jack and Bethany.
Will they escape?
Get revenge?
Or stay under Jessica for the rest of their life?

Jessica had been pretty busy. She had arranged the gym while Bethany was lying on the cold floor tied with hockey tape. She had gotten those big blue pads that people jumped onto for pole vaulting. She had gotten the hockey nets out. The hockey sticks. The pucks. She had gotten the nets required for badminton. And some other surprises.

Jessica glanced over at Bethany's prone body and smiled her evil grin.

She walked over to the sleeping girl and began to strip her down. She started with the shirt exposing the big bouncing boob's covered with a frilly silk pink bra. She then took the jeans from her exposing the equally bright pink boy shorts that looked painted on.

Jessica then took off the shoes and socks and was left with an nearly naked Bethany.

Lookinh over the girl Jessica had to admit to herself tht she looked good.

Her boobs were big and bouncy.

Her bum was just as big and bouncy.

"Oh am I going to have fun this long weekend." Jessica muttered. And with a thought unclasped the bra and let loose the twins. "Very fun indeed."
.................................................. .........................

Jessica was walking back into the changing room and laughed seeing Jack. He was scared and naked tied to a girls changing room bench with his whole pack taped with hockey tape.

Jessica tied his hands with duck tape and his ankles with the same.

She didn't know what the little man was thinking but it was probably something to do with fear.

Giggling Jessica dragged the poor off the bench and onto the hard cold floor.


Jessica dragged him out into the gym and secured him to the wall with duck tape so that he could see Bethany.

Poor Bethany!!! Jacks eyes widened with fear when he saw his girlfriend!

She was literally half naked. Her boobs were exposed and she was left in her underwear. But even though Jack thought that seeing his girlfriend naked was hot it was what she was attached to.

Jessica had hitched Bethany onto a Gym pad that one used for jumping onto.

Jessica strutted into Jacks field of vision and she was dressed in her skinny jeand and a tube top.

"Guess What Jack? I need to practice my jumps," Jessica looked at Bethany's body lying prone across the mat. "Little well not little Bethany has voluntered to take the pad's place with her very own body!!! How nice hey?" Jessica giggled.

Jack couldn't talk not with disbelief but his mouth was taped shut.

"So Jack look over here." Jessica walked to a jumping platform about 10 feet above the pad and from Bethany. "I'll give you a demonstration okay?"

Jack watched in horror as Jessica jumped into the air, bringing her knees up to her face and descended toward Bethany.

Jack would have tried to save her tried to yell but he couldn't.

Jessica hit the spot right next to Bethan'y face and she sunk so deep into the pad that Jack couldn't even see her beautiful lower half.

"Ah so now is the real thing that you know what's coming." Jessica had to struggle to release her Bum from the pad and stroked Bethan'y sleeping face.

Jack watched as Jessica climbed the ladder to the jumping dock watching her sway her Beautiful Bum clad in those sweet skinnies and then stop awaiting for the jump.


Jack tensed.

"GO!!!!" Jessica yelled.

Jessica pulled her knees to her face and her Bum was direscted toward Bethany. Jessica landed with a HUGE degree of force on Bethany's stomach with such force that Bethany's spread eagled body sunk in with Jessica's Bum. The both of them appeared stuck in the pad. Jessica sat there laughing her head off and talking lightly. Apparently Bethany must be awake. That shock would have awoken the dead.

Jessica rested her smelly feet onto Bethany's groaning face and talked to Jack.

"Oh Jack she doesn't look to good. BUTTTTTTTTTT I do want to practice my Bum Drops a couple more times sooooooooo,"Jessica leand into Bethany and yelled."TOUGH LUCK SLUT'S!!!!!!!"

Jessica jumped onto Bethany's wounded stomach and walked her sultry walk toward the Jumping pad.

Jack could hear Bethany as she regained her sense.

"JACK!!!" Bethany screamed. "Help me please!!! This is to much! Her bum is going to fucking kill me!!! The pain is way to much! Help me!!!!!"

Jessica had made it up to the jumping pad and looked down at Bethany. " Sorry Beth but Jack is tied up but don't worry you both are in for so much more!!!!!"

Jessica jumped again,brough her knees up and landed with a smash on Bethany's stomch.

Jack grimaced in pain for Bethay.

Bethany had screamed the whole time Jessica had taken her jump. So when her jump finally landed her poor frail spread eagled body snapped up in pain.

Jack could hear Bethany crying into Jessica's feet.


Jessica laughed and asked,"Anything Bethany?"

Bethany was having a hard enough time breathing with the jumps,Jessica sitting on her stomach and Jessica's smelly feet in her poor sexy face.


Jessica got a look of disgust on her face."Well first lick up the spit that you just coughed on my beautiful foot."

Bethany complied because Jessica laughed." Now I'll give you a chance." Jessica stood up on Bethany's stomch turned and bent towards her face. "Kiss my Bum and I may not jump again."

Bethany was going to do anything that Jessica said. Her dignity long gone. Jack saw Bethany raise her face toward Jessica's beautiful Bum.

Jack thought to himself. No Beth!!!! Don't do it!!!

But Bethany was to scared and she started to kiss Jessica's Bum with such energy that Jack was shocked. Jessica looked like the queen that she was. Having a loyal subject kissing her where they belonged.

After about 10 minutes of this demeaning act Jessica hopped up and laughed. "Well that was nice and we'll be doing it again alot."

Jessica ran to the jumping dock and jumped.

It was like slow motion.

Jessica's Bum so big. Bigger then Bethany's face.

Bethany's scream's hung in the air as they hung from each other for a pause in time.



Bethany's arm's and leg's snapped up as far as they could.

Jessica had landed with her Bum right on Bethan'y face.

Jessica was facing her feet.

Bethany was still.

Bethany's face had sunken in so far to the pad that her whole head was not visible. Jessica's Bum had sunk on it's new seat and had sunk into the pad.

Jessica jumped up and ran to the jumping dock and jumped again.

And again.

And again.

Bethany's whole body trembling with each jump to her face.

Jessica laughed the whole time.

Jessica sat there on Bethany's face and each time she landed Bethany's giant boobs flew into the air and slapped aginst her.

Jessica sat and twisted and poked the nipples enought to eventually draw blood.

It seemed so long to Jack.

Watching this torture of his girlfriend and he had nothing to do.

He watched her sexy face get mashed underneath Jessica's Bum!!!!

After an hour Jessica slowly dragged her expansive Bum across poor Bethany's sexy little face.

Jessica looked down at Bethany.


"Damn Beth, you don't look good."

It was true.

Bethany's stomach had been smashed flat with imprint's of Jessica's Beautiful Bum.

Her boob's were bleeding from the torture.

But her face.

Bethany was not the girl who would ever conform.

But this time her face had.

Bethany's face had imprint's of Jessica's Beautiful Bum on it. Her nose was broken. Her lips split.

And she was not awake.

Jessica looked over at Jack.

"Your turn Jacky boy."


Jack was in a state of total shock. He haden't even heard Jessica say that it's his turn. He was horrified. Bethany was so limp. All the pain and punishment her body had taken for a whole hour was just hell. Her face was so beat up her nose broken her lips split. Bethany had finally conformed to something in school. Jessica's Beautiful Bum. Her stomach had the imprint of it and her face held a perfect impression. Bethany would never be the same after this. But the thought that held Jack in a stupor was if she was dead. Was she even breathing? And one other thought held Jack in horror. Not to do with Bethany as his mind should have, but what Jessica had planned for him. He prayed that it wasen't as horror filled as what poor Bethany had gone through.

"Jack?" Jessica was standing by his taped up body snaping her fingers to get his attention as if he were a dog.

Jack looked into that face of evil grinning down on him.

And also looked into the face of a goalie hockey stick.

If the tape had not been holding Jack to the wall he would have fallen onto the hard floor.

Jessica stood there a moment twirling the hockey stick as though it were a baton.

"Oh, Jack and Bethany you two are in for a world of pain."

As Jack finally sank into the darkness he heard the laugh of an evil Temptress.


.................................................. .....................

Bethany awoke with a dull horrible ache.

She had not an idea where she was. She seemed to be tied up to some soft blue bed. And her nose felt broke as well as a horrible headache,her mouth hurt,her tummy burned and her Beautiful Boobs were on fire. Glancing down Bethany saw the blood marks on her boobs.

And suddenly shr remembered.


Bethany shuddered at the thought. Her memory had flashbacks to that horrible jump. Those Bum Drop's of Hell. Landing with the force of a baby hippo. Her stomach sinking into the blue jump mat. Her face as she saw that she was about to meet Jessica's Godly Beautiful Bum face to Ass.

If only I had won that Bitch in the locker room. Bethany thought to herself.

Where was Jack? She haden't heard him yell for help or try to help.

What had happenend?


Bethany suddenly realized where she was. Somehow Jessica had tied Bethany to the jumping board by her wrists and her ankles were tied to the jumping pad. Her hanging body resembled a spread eagle. Only it was in the air.

Bethany looked to the sound of Jessica's voice and her eyes widenend with horror.

Jack was tied with chains to one of the treadmills pn the Gym Floor. Her was complete naked. Except that Bethany thought his package was taped up with some kind of tape.

Jessica was now dressed in something from the Drama dept.

She was wearing a red wig. An army hat and was dressed in a camoflauge Boy shorts and bra.

"As you can see Pvt.Bethany I have secured a Prisoner of War. And to get the info we need I have taken the liberty of replacing the running track of this here treadmill with Jack's body."

"" Bethany whispered.

"It's Commander Jessica Bitch. And I've recently found out that you and this piece of garbage here were planning to overthrow me. SOOOO Im going to need to teach a lesson to you both."


"Allow what Pvt?"


Jessica was giggling. Probably with shock and that she had inserted her whole petite foot into Jack's mouth. "I'll tell you what Pvt. I'll deal you YOUR punishment fitst."

Jessica bent down to Jack and taped his mouth shut. Then strode over to Bethany to explian." I don't want any support for you going on Pvt.Bitch."

Bethany had lost all dignity. "Yes....Commander...Jessica..."

Jessica giggled and walked behind the Jumping pad to retrieve something.

"I think that you have lost all self worth BUT I haven't broke you yet..... That's going to be fun,right?"'

Bethany had seen Jessica walk back into sight.

She was holding a metal rod.

"we're going to play answer my fucking question and if you lose it's time to have your punishment involved in breaking you."


Jack heard it all.

"Question One.

What is my Birthday?"

Bethany was hanging there limp. Naked.


"I don't KNOW!!!"

Commander Jessica laughed and with a mighty swing smashed the metal rod against Bethany's poor Boobs."

"Two question's left. When was my last appointment with the dentist?"

Bethany paused."Well you weren't in class yesterday soooo yesterday?"


Bethany's Beautiful Boob's were uunder pain. Big red marks were smashed into them.

"Last question. What am I going to do to you both?"

Bethany just hung there glaring Jessica in the eye.

Jack knew that Bethany was in trouble but he couldn't help but notice Jessica's BEAUTFUL Bum in those Army underwear.


Bethany was screaming Jack's name.

Jessica cut the cords binding Bethany in the air and she fell with a dull thwump. Jessica then quickly tied Bethnay with Duck Tape to the pole of the jumping board.

"Now Miss.Bethany prepare for hell."

Jessica turned and just for a monent Jack felt a stirring in his taped package.

Jessica grasped Bethany's limp face and smashed it straight into her BEAUTIFUL BUM.

Jack heard a low rumble almost as fast as Bethany's WHOLE face disappeared into that Beauty.

Jack realized with a start that Jessica was farting.

On his Girl Friends face.


Bethany was getting used to being inside Jessica's Beautiful Bum. It wasen't a good place to be familiar with.

And now Jessica had begun to fart.

It stunk so bad that Bethany strained for the first time to get away.

It was like rotten cheese.

It went on forever.

Right up until the pass out.


There is part 6!! Thoughts?

Hello and again here is another part to the Jessica stories.
I hope you enjoy as much as the others.
Because im ramping it up.
.................................................. ................................

Jack was in a state of numb panic and shock. He was lying there, a part of a treadmill watching some evil Beautiful Bitch smother the hell out of Bethany. And to make matters worse she was now farting. Jack could only do one thing.


Jessica was having a great time it seemed. Because Jack could see Bethany's hand's straining against their bond's and her screaming into Jessica's Beautiful Bum. Jack was thinking to himself that Bethany should keep her poor sexy mouth closed because those farts would be going straight in.

After two minutes of this torture Bethany had yet again fallen limp. But Jessica was staring Jack in the eye and with and evil sneer, kept at it.

Fart after fart into Bethany's bound face.

"I just want to make sure my slave girl isn't faking." Jessica called to Jack. "So I'll just stay here for a bit longer and we'll talk." Jessica looked behind her to Bethany's poor little face and using her hands smashed her face in deeper for a even bigger fart. "Ahh, I want to get my sexy scent all over her. You know marking my territory. Giggle." Jessica looked at Jack.

All he could do was sit and listen.

"You know Jack, poor Bethany has suffered quite a bit just so she could spare you. And I bet your happy she sacrificed herself for you. But after this I have to start the real games."

Jack was sweating in fear. He knew that Jessica would make her way over to him BUT he was hoping that Bethany would be awake and keep offering herself. He knew that was horrible to say or even hope but since Bethany was offering and Jack thought woman should always be beneath him or sucking him that was their place. So Bethany was doing her job to Jack. But now it looked like she was out.

Jack was drawn back to reality because he heard the clack of heels.

He looked up to see Commander Jessica strutting over to him wearing her Army suit and thigh high boots.

Jack looked behind Jessica to see Bethany hanging limp. Her poor sexy head was hanging with no life to it.

The thing was Jack felt differently about this girl. He loved her. And he knew that he had to do something to save her.

.................................................. .............................

Bethany was relieved to feel Jessica's Mighty Bum release itself from her. Now Bethany could hear Jessica strutting toward Jack. But Bethany could not offer to take Jack's place this time. She just couldn't take it. Poor Bethany was subjected to such torture that she couldn't do it again. So Bethany allowed herself to fall half in and half out of the present.

Jack better be a man and take it. I took to much....

Just hang on baby.... We'll make it, Bethany thought.

.................................................. ................................

Jessica didn't even say a thing to Jack as she stepped onto his naked body.

Her thigh high black heels dug into his body. She laughed and grinded down into his flesh.

Jack was screaming into his bonds. Jessica had taped his mouth with duck tape yes BUT she had stuffed three random pairs of thongs from the locker room in there also.

Commander Jessica looked down and said,"I need to go for a run now so for the next THREE minutes your taking this treadmills place."

Jessica bent at the waist and Jack saw just how big her Boobs were and he imagined the view from behind Jessica as her Beautiful Army clad ass swelled with the bend.

Jessica could see Jack was enjoying the view even though the position and the pain he was in.

"Oh Jacky boy it'sgoing to take a lot to break you."

And with an evil but cute giggle pushed the treadmill on.

.................................................. ....................................

Bethany moved her eyes to look at the treadmill where Jack and Jessica were. And she almost passed out at the sight.

Jessica had secured Jack to the treadmill so that his body was moving up and down and Jessica was walking up and down on Jack with her thigh high heels.

She was grinding and laughing as her heel's dug in.

Oh god what are we going to do? Is there no way to be saved?
.................................................. .........................................

With a thought Jessica thought, "Oh I'm going to have SOOOO much fun. It's not even close to being over. And with the Master Plan now in motion it's not stopping." Jessica looked down and smashed her heel right into Jack's forehead and giggled.

And part 7 draws to a close with Jack at the start of his first round breaking. Because Jessica has alot more planned for the couple. And what is Her Master Plan? Check out Jessica Part 8 which will be posted today.


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.................................................. ......................................

Twenty minutes had passed. And with each passing of the second the pain intensified on Jack's face. His body was moving up and down on Commander Jessica's treadmill. Her heel's had smashed and poked onto Jack's face and had been causing bruises and now cuts. The dirt from her heel's had been seeping into Jack's open cut's and had been causing even more pain. It was like salt to the wound. Bethany was drifting in and out of the present due to her own cut's.broken bones,and her very tender face and boob's.

Suddenly the treadmill had grinded to a halt and Commander Jessica got off very suddenly and without and excess grinding of the heels on Jack's face. Jack watched as Jessica turned on her heel and watched her army clad Beautiful Bum strut toward Bethany.

She turned toward Jack with a grin and took the tips of her two fingers and started to pinch and twist Bethany's nipples.

"So Jack are you gonna man up and take round two of YOUR breaking OR," Jessica paused and gave a sharp twist to the right nipple of Bethany's and that brought her back to the land of the living." Am I going to have to hear Bethany beg and say "Oh No Ill take Jack's punishment."

Bethany looked across at Jack lying on the treadmill and said one word,"Please."

Jack stared into Bethany's eyes and was faced with a problem. First there was no way he wanted to take anymore from Jessica. Secnd he didn't want Bethnay to suffer any morre. Third Jack was a little bit self involved.

But was his love for Bethnay enough to take another round of Jessica the sadist?

"No. I'll take it." Jack grunted. Spitting out blood from his mouth.

Jessica jumped up and down and giggled with glee completley forgetting about Bethany and running over to Jack. "Good! BUT Im going to have to knock you out so I can arrange you."

Jack saw the evil gleam in Jessica's eye. And before he could say a word Jessica raised her foot and curb stomped Jack right in the forehead.
.................................................. ................................................

Bethany screamed for Jack. Jessica's heel had came down so much harder then she thought it would. Jack's body had jumped with pain and then he was still.

Jessica came strutting over to Bethany and turning around said, " I like to work in peace and quiet AND I like thing's to be a surprise sooooo,"Jessica came closed to Bethany's face with her Beautiful Bum. "Good Night."

And so Bethany had to sucomb to the darkness and the fart's of Commander Jessica until darkness cliamed her.

.................................................. ................................

Jack awoke with a dull pain.

"What a bitch." he thought.

But the REAL surprise had to be right in front of him. He was lying in the middle of the gym and appeared to be free.

Jack tried to move his hands and feet but it was false hope. He was tied securly to something. But to what he had only to look up. His hands were secured to a length of rope which was in turn attached to a basketball net at one end of the gym and his feet to the other. His package was on fire and looking down he realized why. Commander Jessica had ripped off the package tape and now that part of him burned.


Jack lookeed up to see Jessica standing by Bethany and she looked evil.

She was dressed in her cheerleading outfit and her hair was now a pink wig. Bethany was still tied to the post BUT in her hand held the switch that would raise the nets.

And raise Jack.

He couldn't talk. His mouth felt frozen. Must have been the curb stomp he thought.

Cheerleader Jessica strutted over to Jack and standing above his head Jack saw straight up her very hot skirt. She was wearing bright pink boy shorts.

And no even looking down at Jack said," Bethnay remember if you don't do tis ole Jack will be in more pain then ever and probably won't make it."

Jack turned his head to look over att Bethany with a questioning expression.

"I'm sorry Jacky but she'll kill you if I don't."

And with that Bethany held down the button to raise Jack.
.................................................. .....................................

Bethany felt horrible doing this but Jessica had said to her when Bethany had awoken that if Bethany didn't do this that she would kill Jack by suffocation.

Now she watch as her finger held down the button to bring Jack closer to Jessica nd closer to pain.

But Bethany had one thought at the back of her mind.

"Glad this isn't me."

.................................................. .............................................

Bethany must have stopped for a second so Jessica cound say something to Jack.

"Going up sweetie and you'll be the seat upon which I raise."

Bethany clicked the switch and Jack was facing Jessica's Beautiful Bum and soon was engulfed in that Beauty.

Going Up.
.................................................. ...

So here you guys are I hope you enjoyed what Jessica is up to and I wonder if you have figured out her master plan yet.

Well here we are going into Part 9 of the Jessica story. I hope you are all liking it and of course I would like to hear your view's and what you think!
.................................................. ..................................................

Bethany watched very helplessly as Jack's face met up with Jessica's Beautiful Bum. Before when Jessica had made Bethany collapse into the darkness and when she had re-awoken and seen Jack strung up to the Basketball nets she just knew what was going to happen. She looked down to her hand and saw that her finger was on the switch that would raise both of the basketball net's at the same time. Bethany wasen't a bright girl but she sure as hell waen't that dumb. But Jessica liked to explian what would happen and it was just as horrible as she thought it would be. Jessica had told her with the occasional giggle that she was going to have her new throne raised into the air by the basketball net's and that her the Queen Jessica was going to sit Her Beautiful Bum down on that throne as they were both raised above the floor of the gym. And Bethany was going to raise the net's herself while Jessica held the only switch that would lower them both down to the floor again. And if Bethany did not do as was demanded of her Jessica would kill Jack by a means of suffocation. So it was Bethany would have to play a part in the brutal breaking of Jack. But yet again Bethany thought of what had happenend to her because she wanted to save Jack and spare him. But not this time. Bethany still had that dark thought in the back of her mind that she was glad that it wasen't her.

Bethany watched slowly as Jessica closed her eyes and smiled and giggled with delight as Jack's whole face was absorbed into Jessica's Beautiful Bum and looked to Bethnay to say with her eyes to stop.

Jack was struggling but it waen't going to help him.

"So Bethany. How does it feel to see you boy toy under me?" Jessica giggled and with her feet still on the floor reached behind her to jam Jack's face in even deeper.

Bethany knew that she had to answer or Jack was going to suffer.

"I hate you. I wish you were dead."

All Jessica did was giggle and with her hand's still on Jack's puny head kept jamming it in further to the reach's of her Beautiful Bum.

"Is that all?"

Bethany looked to Jessica and said, " I feel horrible seeing my Jack suffer like this underneath a Bitch like you and I hope that one day you get what is coming to you. Because I know that someday I'll get you back Jessica. And it will be the worst thing that you will EVER experiance."

Jessica didn't appear fazed by the threat Bethany had uttered and just sat.

"Up." Jessica commanded.

.................................................. ...................

This had to be the most humiliating thing that Jack could imagine. What person had to lower themselves or be forced to be a seat for a woman? Underneath their Beautiful Bum?

Being wedged so firmly into Jessica's Beautiful Bum Jack could smell everything. SOme part inside him felt so broken and helpless.

Here he was being a seat to Jessica.

But it couldn't get any worse right?

.................................................. ......................

Jessica was smiling to herself as Bethany flipped the switch to raise both her and Jack towards the sky.

Bethany cringed with a dreadfull chill entered her spine. Jessica laugghed uncontrobly as they both heard Jack scream a muffled plea from beneath Jessica's Beautiful Bum.

Jessica's feet had arisen from the floor and the only support that Queen Jessica had was her faithful Seat.

All the support that her faithful seat had was the air beneath it's head and the Beautiful Bum and Beautiful Body sitting above him.

They had arisen three feet.

And before Bethany could pause the basketball net's had arisen to their folded positoned form halfway up the high gym wall's.

What a sight it was though.

Bethany couldn't help but be awed by the sight of pure and utter dominance. There was Queen Jessica sitting on her boyfriends face halfway up the gym wall's literally hanging in the middle of the gym.

She truely looked like a real Queen.

Perched above her Throne.

.................................................. .......

It was like feeling every muscle and bone in your body strain with a force of pain. A force that held your bone's just before they snapped. Just imagine the threashold of pain that would take. Every bone in your back ready to snap at a moment's notice. And all you could do was keep straight and pray that you would survive.

Jack was imagining the sight. Queen Jessica and Her New Throne hanging above the gym floor he as Queen Jessica's throne and her as well, Queen Jessica.
.................................................. ....................................

Well that draw's Part 9 to a close and I think it was excellent. I hpe you enjoyed it as well as I did. Part 10 well be up REALLLLLLLLLLLLL soon.


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Anyway leave your comment's! ANd as always enjoy the torture that Queen Jessica has been putting these two through.


The pain as just so intense. Jack could hear the muscles in his neck and back popping under the pressure. But that was not the only thing that was hurting him. His pride was under constant attack and to make thing's worse there was Queen Jessica sitting on his face as though there was not a soul under her.

Jack could feel hid whole face being sucked into Jessica's Beautiful Bum. It felt so snug and some part of his mind thought that this is where he belonged.

.................................................. .....................

Bethany was watching in horror. Jack was supporting Queen Jessica with just his poor face.

His body was twitching and his body was turning red from the pressure.

But Bethany was having thoughts that she had never had before. Thought's that she would never have thought. It seemed that both Jack and Bethany were having the same thoughts.

That was where they belonged to be. Serving Queen Jessica.

Bethany shook her head from side to side and thought, " NO!!! Im not going to even think this."

But the thought didn't go away.

So all Bethany could do was watch her boyfriend being a throne to Queen Jessica.

.................................................. ..........................

Jack was close to passing out. He could feel Queen Jessica's heartbeat from where he was. He could feel Queen Jessica's leg's hanging limply at the sides of his head.

He thought to himself, " Maybe I should just go limp. End this. Die. End this horrible pain. This humiliation."

His breath was running short but it seemed that Queen Jessica had that covered. Queen Jessica had begun to fart right into his face and like it or not that was what was keeping Jack going.

And just before Jack decided to end it Jessica began to move.

.................................................. ................................

Bethany watched as Queen Jessica moved herself from Jack's face and that to prove difficult. Jack's face seemed to not want to let go at all. But it was released with a smack.

Jessica then sat on a very unconcious Jack's stomach and forced his medsection to bend with the pressure.

"You know what to do now Bethany and then it's your turn. Okay?" Jessica giggled from her throne up high in the air.

Bethany lowered her eyes and with great embaressment said, " Yes Jessica."

Bethany watched as Jessica flipped the switch to lower themselves but the Throne did not come down slow. No Jessica had hit it so they came crashing down.

Bethany watched as Jessica grasped Jack's unconcious head and entwined her fingers into it.


Bethany watched in slow motion as the two slamed toward the ground. Jessica holding onto Jack and Jack just out of it.

They hit the floor.

It was Queen Jessica's grand idea of a Queenly Bum Drop. When they smashed the floor Queen Jessica and her Royal Beautiful Bum smashed so hard into Jack's midsection so that his body that was not covered with Queen Jessica ached toward the air as if trying to escape.

"Well," Jessica said getting up from Her Throne,"That was fun."

Bethany watched as Queen Jessica looked at Jack rubbing her beautiful feet all over his face.

"I'll get you back Jessica."

Queen Jessica turned and walked her sultry Queen walk towards Bethany.

Turning around and hitching up her skirt showing those bright pink boy shorts and said," We'll see Bethany but I think this is where you'll be forever."

And Bethany's world turned into the hot pink of her Queen's Beautiful Bum.

The last word's that Bethany heard before Queen Jessica's Beautiful Bum encased her whole sexy face were....

"Your up next and this will look like a cakewalk."


.................................................. ....................

Well part 10 is over and we are going to be on Part 11 by Monday.