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Apr 26, 2011
“New shipment in,” said one of the Thinners. She wore a blue leotard, and had her blond hair in a ponytail.

She weighed 140 pounds, around the same as most Thiners. Three others, also wearing leotards, shoved forward five frightened looking girls.

Any college freshman all the way to 29 could find themselves enslaved here, in the Jumborc Collisseum.

Though it wasn’t like they had an influx of 29-year-olds.That was just the highest bar for young women they’d pay to have captured.

In fact, it wasn’t altogether rare for a girl to find herself here after being sold away by her friends. People needed money to live, and sometimes a $25,000 a year scholarship wasn’t enough.

Or say you needed $500 to fund a trip to Japan,or Twitchcon, or Anime Boston. Or even just a regular road trip. Sell your 23-year-old friend Amy and you’d have it made.

The Thinners eyed the slaves, with lechery across their faces. Unfortunately, Thinners really only worked the ground floor.

“Can I please keep this one to poop on, please?” asked one of the newest hirres, aThinner wearing a pink leotard. She held onto the arm of a girl with curly blondhair who had a popular Youbute channel.

The girl didn’t look pleased to be talked about asthough she were one of five toilets the Thinners were planning to install. She scowled at them and tried to pull away, but Pink Leotard held her fast.

“It is against the rules to keep any potential slaves for ourselves,” Blue Leotard said, leading the troupe toward the sewer lid with the work JUMBORC written across it.

She lifted the lid when they reached it, and the opening revealed tons of girls moving about. Blue Leotard started to push a redhead in when the Thinner wearing a yellow leotard stopped her.

“Hey, you need to put up the trampoline first. If there are any casualties, we could find ourselves fired. Or worse, down there among the slaves.”

She shivered.

“You’re right, nearly forgot myself,” Blue Leotard said. She pulled out a remote and sent a signal to some arrow on the walls below them.

A trampoline-like tarpaulin stretched across down there.

It also created a slide down to the floor, so the girls could reach the bottom safely.

Blue Leotard turned to deal with the others, when she noticed that the redhead was kissing her butt.

“Hey, I’m not one of the Jumborcs,” she said.

“She wants to be pooped on by you,” said a big woman. She had dark brown hair down to her feet, and was about as broad as all nine of the girls gathered there put together…the four Thinners and the five captives.

“But it’s against the rules…” Blue Leotard protested.

“I make the rules,” said the Jumborc. “And if the manager doesn’t listen to me, well,I’ve got tons of poop to release and make his life a living hell.”

Blue Leotard didn’t doubt it. Maurecia, this Jumborc, was rumored tohave the worst feces to smell of all the Jumborcs. She even forced others of her kind to bend to her will. Yellow Leotard had spent three unpleasant afternoons in Maurecia’s panties, and at that moment the Jumborc punched her hard in the chest, guffawing. “Say, I still have some left over for you, if you ever feel like getting close and comfy with my posterior again.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Yellow Leotard squeaked. She was afraid of setting Maurecia off, because the slightest provocation could mean a rather noisome and painful punishment.

“What are you beauties looking at?” Maurecia asked the three captives besides the redhead, still smooching with Blue Leotard’s ass, and the curly blond one that Pink Leotard held onto.

“You know what, I think I’ll just take these to a room,” Maurecia said, picking up the three girls. She grabbed Yellow Leotard as well.

“Might as well have some fun with you Thinners.”

Then the fourth Leotard girl, decked in white, was shocked to find Maurecia bending onher knee and slinging this girl on her neck, wearing her like a scarf.

“Uh, they’re supposed to undergo orientation first, and possibly not be uised as toilets for awhile…” Blue Leotard said.

“Don’t tell me how to do my job,” Maurecia snapped. “If I had room to carry six, I’d add you on. Seven to include ginger over there, who is fascinated with your ass.”

“You could drop me inthat hole,” said one of the captives.”

Maurecia smiled at her nastily. “But a pretty thing like you needs to be acauinted with serving as a toilet as quickly as possible, don’t you know?”

“It’s not fair! My sister sold me so she could go on a trip to Moscow!”

“Oh, I loooooooooooooove betrayed family stories! You’ll have to tell me more over a meal of my feces.”

And witht hat the giant woman carried off her captives, leaving the two Thinners and their captives alone.

“I’m glad she didn’t take me,” Pink Leotard said.

“Don’t feel too good about that,” Blue Leotard said. “I heard Maurecia doesn’t think anyone who wears pink is worthy of her poop. She probably left you behind for that reason.”

Pink Leotard grabbed her shoulders, letting go of the curly blond. As soon as she did, the captive took off running. Pink Leotard ended up chasing her.

To avoid collison with a Latina Jumborc, curly blond swerved around her, but Pink Leotard ran smack dab into this woman’s stomach.

The Mexican Jumborc squeezed Pink Leotard with her brown arms, nearly suffocating her.

“I KNEW there was a reason I didn’t let out all my poop on the girls travelling the conveyor today. Don’t worry, I have a couple of strands just for you.”

And while keeping her arm around Pink Leotard’s neck, the Jumborc pulled her hot pink pants down right in the front hall of the Collisseum, and then squeezed the Thinner’s body in between her legs, before pushing her face into the Jumbroc’s smelly anus.

First thing of note—Jumborcs never, ever use toilet paper. Secondly, most human faces can fit snugly in a Jumborc’s anus.

Thirdly, this Jumborc had been pooping for an hour and a half without much cessation, only when she had to wait for the next girl to be moved up to take her poop did she take a break.

Add all this together, and Pink Leotard found herself between two brown buttcheeks the size of barrels, and immediately upon entering, scat clinging to the walls of the cave that made the stinky enclosure that much worse clung to the Thinner’s face, making her feel likenothing but a rag the Jumborc was using to clean her intimate hole off with.

Not that there’s be much cleaning done here.

Pink Leotard struggled to move the mountain of flesh off of her, but to no avial.

When she gave up, she decided to count her blessings that it’d be over soon, just a couple of strands dropping on her nose, right?



So gross! Tamale farts slammed into her nose for ten minutes straight. Pink Leotard needed to scream. She waited till she was sure the farts had finished, though,. Because having your mouth open while flatulence from a giant ass pours into it doesn’t sound like fun.

It did end, and that’s when she started screaming.

Big mistake.

The Hispanic giantess had learned a special technique, a fart that really punishes screamers.



Pink Leotard gagged hard, wanting to die. Her tongue clicked,and she attempted to close her jaw.

It wouldn’t budge.

The Latina’s fart had frozen the Thinner’s mouth open.

And then came not just two strands, but a whole torrent of poop.

Sometimes it was wet and diarrhealike. Sometimes it was solid and long. Sometimes it fell like hail.

And sometimes it sputtered out like a car engine running out of gas.

But regardless, Pink Leotard’s mouth filled with it, her esophagus filled with it, her throat was clogged…

This lasted forty-five minutes, before the Jumborc decided to gift her a trail of stinky farts.




The farts were rough to inhale because Pink Leotard had poop on her nose, covering her eyes, and slakingher forehead as well.

The Jumborc kept her buttocks just resting over Pink Leotard’s face for twenty more minutes, without delivering anymore, perhaps to exert her dominance.

Then she got up, stepping hard on Pink Leotard’s chest.

“Can’t wait to do this with you again,”she said.

Then she traipsed toward the exit of the Collisseum, as if this was normal behavior for a working woman. Which technically it was…for Jumborcs.

Blue Leotard, feeling responsible for all the Thinners under her wing (albeit grateful that being caught by Mauercia was out of her hands,so she didn’thave to worry about the other two for now), took the round spheres of poop concealing Pink Leotard’s eyesight and stuffed them in her mouth.

The Thinner looked up at her gratefully. She had too many feces in her mouth to talk, though.

The redhead continued to kiss Blue Leotard’s butt, and she defecated in that captive’s mouth while stroking Pink Leotard’s hair.

It took twenty minutes for Pink Leotard to swallow all the foul-tasting feces flooding her mouth. She wanted to make the Latina Jumborc suffer, even though she clearly would never be in a position or have the strength to do so.

“Where’s blondie?” Pink Leotard finally managed to croak out.

“She fell down the hole as she ran,” Blue Leotard informed her. She is now down with the others.”

“That isn’t fair! I wanted to poop on her! She’s Megcimmaron, a popular Youtuber!”

“I’m afraid its too late,” Blue Leotard said, sadly.

“Then what am I supposed to do?”

“We can share ginger here,” Blue Leotard suggested,reaching behind her and patting the redhead’s cheek,just as a fart escaped her.


“It’s not the same as going on a popular Youtuber,” Pink Leotard grumbled.

But at that moment, a shadow settled over them.

They both looked up to see the Jumborc every Thinner had learned to fear.

Even Yellow Leotard who was having the worst time of her life, her head ensnared between Maurecia’s heavy buttcheeks, which were so big that there was even room for two other girls to have their faces on either side of Yellow…even though her mouth was full of Maurecia’s revolting poop, which supposedly was in the top seven worst Jumborc feces ratings in the building…

Even as all this went on, if Yellow Leotard knew who was about to have toilet time with her friends, she’d desperately prefer Maurecia’s predicament over that.

This girl wasn’t just wide. She was tall. She took up a 3x3 space for Jumborcs on the grid they used for the conveyor when sitting down.

Her name was Thelma, who wore her hair in two long twintails, blond with colored boys, today they were blue…

If she were an anime character, she’d be considered super kawaii, maybe withoutthe immense weight.

And she loved pooping on Thinners.

But with Thelma, it wasn’t like pop just dropped into your mouth.

It fell everywhere. Toher, everything about you was a toilet.

That was different from other Jumborcs, who even though they used you as a toilet, they treated you as misfortunate human beings.

Thelma on the other hand treated you like an object. Even Maurecia was afraid of her.

“OH MY,SUCH PRETTY TOILETS!” she thundered, her huge feet shaking the Collisseum as she danced.

Blue Leotard and Pink Leotard both got up to run, but Themla didn’t need to chase after them. All she had to do was sit and they’d be goners. Which is what she did.

“Bathroom, bathroom, I love when my butt is full of feces and Ihave to use the bathroom,” Thelma said, rocking around on them.

It stank so bad in the first place because Thelma was evne dirtier than most Jumborcs.The others never used toilet paper, but they did know the importance of hygiene, and taking showers wasn’t uncommon for them.

The only way you’d ever find Thelma in a bathtub would be if there were people in it and she could poop on them.

In fact,it had been 772 days since she last got cleaned up, with soap.

She also never covered up her posterior withint he Collisseum. She wore a shirt of course, but she felt that mooning was a virtue, and so did it constantly.

“Ooh, I’d hate to be a toilet today, you’re in for a real nightmare,” she said, tauntingly.

And then came out the feces,which were 10,000 times worse to smell than the Latina’s had been.

And it went all over the Thinner’s leotards, and their leggings, their necks, hair, and unfortunately Blue Leotard was facing upward and at one point she yawned, and a giant spere of poop the size of a bowling ball splattered into her unfortunate open mouth.

Thelma preferred going on Thinner’s though, and so when she began going on those two, she grabbed the redhead out from under he stinky ass and put her between her toes instead.

There was one other huge difference between Thelma and other Jumborcs, though, besides the no shower thing.

She did believe in toilet paper.

After two hours of going on and around them, Thelma surveyed the disgusting brown floorwhere the Thinners were now buried in feces.

Then she removed the redhead from between her toes, and stuck the poor unfortunate girl inher anus, wiping super hard.

Not only did the poor ginger feel the scat digging into her skin, Thelma wasn’t gentle at all, and she felt like her whole body would split in two or more pieces if this kept up.

And then Thelam stuck her in so tightly, squeezing her buttcheeks together, so only the redhead’s face, neck, and gorgeous tresses were free from the ass which bound her.

Thelma twerked right there in the front area, right above Blue Leotard, who had wiped the poop from her eyes only to witness this horrible scene…

“Save me, please,” the redhead begged.

The wheels in Blue Leotard’s head began whirring as she tired to come up with a plan.

Which was when Thelma dropped backward, sighing contendly, and sealing in both of the Thinners, Blue and Pink Leotard, before commencing a farting session.




It stank so bad that Blue Leotard wished she could jump off a cliff to her death,and she was a very strong young woman. She desperately envied Yellow Leotard. In fact, Blue was fantasizing about Mauercia, whom under normal circumstances, she would’ve thought was an insane thing to do.

Though the worst part though this nightmare was watching the redhead plead for her aid, when Blue knew she could do absolutely nothing from here, she was powerless against Thelma’s solids and gasses both.

And Yellow had no idea that she was the lucky one, as Maurecia gave her the worst of it, allowing the other four girls to alternate, but never giving Yellow freedom from her ass, enjoying her prisoner’s discomfort.