Just got trampled by an amazon


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May 8, 2006
north of Toronto
So been an inactive member here for a long time, more into squashing and being sat on but curious about trample. I've been exploring the fetish this past year, nothing too note worthy, just hiring some girls to trample and beet me up.

Today was the best experience of my life. I just had a 6'3 +200lb 18year old college varsity athlete crushing me for the last hour. She was super cute too. I was only her second client, so not the most experienced so nothing crazy like high heels or face trampling but she was happy to try anything.

It was a wrestling website so we started out with a little wrestling on the bed. I'm 30 years old 5'9 150 and out of shape and she just dominated me, like I was trying but she was just stronger than me.

We did a few other things but I'm just going to skip straight to the trampling at the end. I was laying flat on my back in the bed and she just step right up on my chest with no hesitation and started walking around. The view was amazing, she was wearing these little short shorts and her legs are just huge. Like her thighs and butt just have so much muscle on them and she's legit 6'3. I've never had a trample like that. She had big feet so the weight was more distributed and I had the bed under me so I could breathe. I was lasting about 2 mins before I had to take a break but I could feel my legs going to sleep. I didn't want to give up it was just amazing seeing this blonde gorgeous Amazon standing on me and I'd look down at my chest and it looked like it was going to cave right in but the adrenaline was pumping. She was having fun too, just on her phone practicing her balance while completely crushing me.

I wanted to keep going but near the end my legs would start to hurt as soon as she got on top of me. I don't have too much experience with trampling and don't want to get too hurt so I called the session after an hour.

I'm so lucky, not every day a Dom like her comes along, a super pretty 6'3 varsity basketball player just crushed me to the point I couldn't take anymore.


Aug 7, 2002
Very nice experience & thanks for sharing it with us.

Very wise to "ease yourself into it" - in time, your duration will extend.
Aug 12, 2002
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It's from a wrestling website you say. What site is it and are there pics of the girl possibly? Anyhow, sounds like a great experience for you and I recognize the feeling of the legs. Also thought my sternum was gonna break when my girlfriend steps right up there.


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May 8, 2006
north of Toronto
https://www.sessiongirls.com/ shes not up there at the moment. She said her profile got banned for some reason, actually looks like a number of girls are missing from the Toronto page. She might be willing to do a video someday, like I said she was new and I'm pretty new to the whole thing but I'm totally down if she is. I told her about a foot party in Toronto in May and she was really excited about that so if she is going I'll let you guys know.


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Mar 26, 2018
The little tidbit about weight-distribution is interesting. I always have to watch myself on that. I'm relatively petite but have a lot of muscle tissue so my body is a lot denser. Steed isn't into pain or anything of the sort, but our trampling sessions get pretty painful sometimes according to him. I have wondered about this.

Sounds like you had a great experience. I'll bet she felt empowered - the first trample is always quite exhilarating for us Women, too, you know :D