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Oct 10, 2017
Part 154
Zoe was first to get her boots on, and said "I'll go first!" She walked in between my legs, kicking them apart.
Zoe lifted her right knee and then stamped her heel down on my groin. Zoe stepped back a little, then stamped her heel on my groin again, this time smashing down on my testicles. I groaned with pain, so Zoe rapidly stomped twice more in the same spot, causing me to bring my legs up in an attempt to protect myself.
Zoe said "Legs down, Mister!"
I lowered my legs back down, and Zoe smashed her heel down on my groin, crushing my balls again. Zoe stepped over my leg and stood beside me to watch the others stomp on my balls.
Veronica stepped in between my legs, and looked down at me as though I were a piece of dirt. She lifted her right foot, paused, then kicked her heel down into my groin. She hit my left testicle.
Veronica's second stomp came straight down on my groin, and missed both testicles. But her third attempt came in at more of a sideways angle, more like a kick than a stamp, and her heel slammed into both of my balls. Then Veronica turned to the side slightly, and stamped her heel into my groin, but this wasn't too painful. However, Veronica's last stomp came hard and fast from the front and mashed both testicles so hard, it made my teeth ache. I writhed on the ground, with my smashed hands over my smashed genitals.
Amy said "Excuse me Mister, but I haven't had my turn yet."
I only had to endure five more stomps, and it would all be over. And Amy was barefoot, so it would presumably be less painful than Zoe and Veronica's riding boots. I lowered my legs and spread them, ready for Amy to stamp on my balls.
Amy employed a different method to Zoe and Veronica. Amy took a little run up, just one step followed by a stomp, and with each stamp of her foot she got the heel of her bare foot right into my groin. Five times Amy stamped on my groin, and every stamp got one of my balls. And after every stomp, Amy would laugh. By the fifth stamp of Amy's foot, my balls were absolutely killing me, especially the left one.
But I'd done it! I had survived Chivalry Day! Sure, I had quite a few injuries, but it could have been a lot worse.
Then Amy asked "So whose groin stomps hurt the most?"
I groaned "Yours... Amy."
Amy stood on my chest and placed the sole of her right foot over my mouth. I kissed the dirty sole of Amy's foot while she moved it around on my mouth.
Amy swapped feet, and I started kissing the sole of her left foot.
Zoe said "Such a beautiful sunrise this morning", but I couldn't see it... I couldn't see anything with my right eye, and the vision in my left eye was all out of focus.
Zoe said "Have you finished getting your feet kissed yet, Amy?"
Amy said "Nearly."
Zoe said "OK.... Once you're done, we'll let him go to the hospital.... I'm sure he's gonna need a few stitches!"
Veronica said "Oh??? We're not going to jump on his head???"
Zoe said "No, I don't think he's well enough to have his head jumped on. The last time we jumped on his head here, he got knocked out and had to go to hospital in an ambulance! My parents were sooo annoyed with me!"
Amy said "That was your college friend's fault for calling 911!!"
Veronica said "Come on, Zoe, please let me jump on his head!! Just five times!"
Amy said "Yeah, Zoe. One more game can't do too much damage!"
Zoe said "Hmmmm.... Weeeeellllll........OK, but we need to set some rules to ensure that we don't hurt him!"
I was kissing Amy's bare heel as Zoe said this. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. How did they think they were going to jump on my head without hurting me???
Zoe said "We'll take it in turns jumping on his head. But only until he gets knocked out! And then we stop! And he goes to the hospital! Understood?"
Amy said "Yep. Cool. And we should make it a contest.... Which ever one of us delivers the knockout blow wins!... And he has to suck the winner's dirty feet until they're clean!!!"
Veronica said "Yes!!! That sounds like fun!"
Zoe said "Hmmm, but you're the only one with dirty feet, Amy!'
Amy said "Well, I need to get them clean somehow, don't I?"
Veronica said "I like it! I've never had anyone suck my feet.... I'm going to be trying my hardest to knock him out!
I felt sick. They were actually going to take turns jumping on my head, deliberately trying to render me unconscious!
I said "No.... Please don't! I'm already badly injured... I need to go to hospital... Please!"
Veronica asked "Hang on a minute... if he's knocked out, he won't be able to suck anyone's feet, will he?"
Amy said "Nah... You just wait for him to wake up, and then it's all like 'Now suck my feet be-otch!'... and Mister will suck the feet that had just jumped on his head and knocked him the fuck out!"
Zoe laughed and said "Can you believe Amy is actually an English teacher??"
Veronica said "Really? To be honest, I probably wouldn't have guessed that was your occupation, Amy" and chuckled.
Amy said "Well I don't use words like 'be-otch' and talk about knocking someone 'the fuck out' in class" and the girls all laughed.
Veronica said "I'm going to change into my ankle boots for this."
There was a moment of panic as I pictured Veronica jumping on my face with her ankle boots and their sharp four-inch heels.
But then Zoe said "No! No heels!"
There was a sigh of disappointment from both Veronica and Amy.
Zoe said "The rules are: flat-heeled boots only!! Or you can jump on his face barefoot or wearing your socks!"
Veronica said "Well, OK.... I won't lie, I was quite looking forward to jumping on his face with my ankle boots, to see what sort of damage I could do with my heels, but if those are the rules, then so be it!"
Zoe said "OK... We'll take it in turns standing on the bench and then jumping onto his face! Keep your head face-up, Mister!!"
I said "Please don't do this! Please don't!"
Veronica said "Hold on... Did you say we're going to jump off the bench onto his face?"
Zoe said "Yeah, that's right."
Veronica cracked up laughing, then said "Oh boy! I wasn't expecting THAT!! I love it!! Let's do this!!'
Zoe said "OK, but first I need to warn you that jumping on someone's face from a height can be quite dangerous..."
Veronica said "Well obviously!"
Zoe said "No, I mean when you land, it can be hard to land without your feet sliding off his face! Mister's good at keeping his head still for us, but you could still easily slip off and hurt yourself, so just be careful! OK?"
Veronica laughed and said "Oh Zoe! You're worried about me getting hurt, not him!! You're so funny!!"
Amy said "I'll go first" and stood up on the bench above my head. She jumped up and then landed with both of her bare feet across my face. It hurt!... especially as the back of my head was lying on the brick paving without any cushioning at all. Amy remained standing there on my face as she said to Veronica "See? You have to nail the landing, otherwise your feet can slide right off his face and you fall on your arse."
Amy stepped down, and I saw Zoe standing on the bench in her riding gear, including her riding boots.
Zoe jumped off the bench and both boots smashed down on my face, the heels landing on the left side of my face and part of the soles landing on the right side. It was the heels that caused most of the pain and damage.
Then we all waited for Veronica. She was attaching her spurs to her riding boots. That worried me... I wasn't sure if the spurs would harm me when Veronica jumped on my head or not.... but it worried me.
Veronica stood on the bench, in her riding gear. Unlike Amy and Zoe, she didn't jump up but instead just dropped her weight onto my face as hard as she could. I think she was worried about slipping off my face when she landed, and was just getting used to how it felt.
Veronica stepped off, and Amy jumped up high off the bench to slam her bare heels down on my face. That reeeally hurt. With a giggle, Amy stepped off and walked back to the end of the bench.
Zoe was on the bench waiting, and jumped high before her boot heels hammered into the side of my face. There was a terrible pain in my mouth, and as I felt around with my tongue, I found that my loose tooth was gone! Zoe had knocked it out with the heel of her left boot.
Zoe stepped down from my face, and straight away Veronica jumped up from the bench before smashing her boots into my face. She landed with her right heel mostly on my nose, and I could tell she'd broken it some more with that jump. Veronica stayed there on my face, wobbling a bit to keep her balance, and said "OK! I think I'm getting the hang of this now!"
When Veronica stepped off my face, Amy jumped up really high, with her knees tucked up almost to her chest, and then landed heavily on my face. It nearly knocked me out, and luckily the heavy landing caused Amy to stumble slightly and step off my face straight away.
Zoe then jumped up high, tucking her feet up behind her before slamming them back down on my face. Again, I had to really struggle to remain conscious. I was in a world of pain, but also felt terribly weak and tired.
As Zoe walked off, Veronica did the same sort of jump... really high with her feet tucked in behind her, her heels almost touching her butt, and then pounded them into my face. But Veronica's left foot slid down the left side of my face, causing her to lose balance and twist to her left and start to fall. She quickly put her left hand on the bench to stop herself from falling, and then started to fall backwards. Amy held her from behind to save her from falling, as her right boot lifted up from my face, and Zoe also rushed to her aid, grabbing her right arm. As Veronica regained her balance she brought her right foot back to my face.... spur first!!! Of course her spur went straight into my right eye. I couldn't see out of that eye, so I didn't see it coming, but I sure felt it. Veronica pushed her spur deeper as she tried to return her sole to my face. I turned my face to the left, and Veronica's spur came out of my eye. She rested the heel of her right boot on the side of my face, and with my left eye I could see (fuzzily) her right spur above my head, and her left boot on the ground with its spur just in front of my eye.
Veronica stepped on the side of my head and walked off. I turned my head back into the face up position.
Zoe said "See? I told you the landings can be dangerous!"
Amy's bare feet came smashing down on my face. Her left heel landed on my cheek, right where my tooth had been knocked out, and it killed. I felt at the gap, and noticed that the tooth next to it was now really loose.
I saw Zoe walk along the bench to stand above my head. This time she did a jump with her knees tucked in front. The heel of her right boot obliterated my nose, or at least it felt like it. And the heel of her left boot slammed down on my mouth. The area with the missing tooth exploded in a new wave of pain. Zoe gave her heels a little twist to the left, further crushing my mouth and nose, and then a little twist to the right, before stepping down and walking away.
Veronica stood on the bench, and I thought that maybe she wouldn't jump high this time, not after sliding off my face last time. But when Veronica jumped up from the bench, she jumped up higher than ever!!!

When I woke up, I felt something being pressed into my face. I soon realised it was socks... a pair of feet in socks!
I lay quiet and still. I figured that so long as they thought I was unconscious, they wouldn't decide to play a second round of the 'jumping on Mister's head' game. But it was so hard to stay quiet, as I hurt pretty much everywhere, but especially my left forearm which was incredibly painful.
Then I realised I had an erection, and someone was rubbing at it, and massaging my balls. One of my balls was absolutely killing me, so although the feet playing with my genitals often felt nice, there were plenty of times where it was excruciatingly painful. I tried not to cry, in case it alerted them to the fact that I had come to.
Then I realised that the feet on my genitals were everywhere at once, and it dawned on me that two of the girls were playing with my junk at the same time. And that my pants had been removed while I was knocked out.
I could hear the girls chatting away, very casually, as though they were having high tea at The Savoy. I couldn't make out what they were saying, because there was a constant ringing in my ears. I hoped the ringing wouldn't be permanent.
I couldn't tell which girl had her feet resting on my face, and which girls were teasing my genitals with their feet.
The girls at my groin were usually gentle, but every so often one, or both, would start digging their toes or heels into my scrotum really hard, or try to squash my penis with their feet. I could tell both of them were barefoot, because they often gripped my penis between their toes.
And the girl with her feet on my face would sometimes grind her heel into my mouth, and would often dig her heel or toes into my eyes.
My body was racked with pain. I tried to figure out how to get the girls to let me go, so I could make my way to the hospital. Zoe had said that I could go to the hospital after they'd jumped on my head, but I didn't totally trust them. My body started to shake... I tried to stop it from shaking, but I couldn't. And of course, that got the girls' attention.
The feet on my face were moved aside, onto my chest, and I could make out Veronica looking down at my face. She said "He's awake!!"
Zoe and Amy continued toying with my genitals, using their feet.
Veronica pushed the toes of her right foot at my mouth until I opened it. Cramming her toes into my mouth, Veronica said "I knocked you out, so you have to suck my feet now!'
I sucked at Veronica's toes. They smelt and tasted of her foot sweat. Veronica laughed and then said to the others "I wore these socks all day on Friday! And Friday was a VERY hot day!!"
I sucked on Veronica's toes, while she and the others laughed their heads off, then sucked at the ball of her foot, and her heel. Veronica wasn't gentle, really pushing her foot into my mouth without any concern for me at all.
Once Veronica was satisfied with how I'd sucked on her right foot, she placed that foot across my eyes and forehead. Then she gave me her other foot to suck. Veronica was laughing and obviously loved having her feet sucked. At one point she said to Zoe "Ah yes! I think I'll make James the stable boy suck my sweaty feet every day... There's nothing like a nice long ride on a sunny day, followed by having some peasant suck on my sweaty, sweaty feet!"
I was sucking on Veronica's heel, when we heard an approaching female voice say "Well Well! What's going on here?"
All three girls pulled their feet back immediately. And started putting their boots on.
I managed to slowly turn my head toward the right, but couldn't see who had just arrived.
Then I heard the woman, now standing right next to me, say "You're having a busy night, aren't you?"
I could see it was someone in a black uniform, and when I heard a male voice say "You told us you were going to drive to the hospital!", I realized it was the police officers that I'd dealt with outside Jess and Mon's apartment.
The police helped me pull my pants up, which Zoe and Amy had unzipped and pulled down to expose my genitals. There was a lot of talking, but in the end I refused to press charges against Zoe, Amy and Veronica. The police told Veronica and Amy to go home, and Veronica said she would give Amy a lift home. And the police insisted on driving me to the hospital themselves, which was good as I couldn't see well enough to drive.
The hospital looked after me really well, even though they were so busy. I was placed into a two-person room, even though there were already two others in the room. Porters were wheeling battered old hospital beds out of storage to cope with the excessive numbers of patients from Chivalry Day.
Chivalry Day was more than two months ago now. I spent 18 days in hospital, along with many others who had been injured on that day. We talked about our various Chivalry Day experiences, and I'll share some of those with you in the next few chapters. I did lose my job at the nightclub, and am currently unemployed. I'm still getting rehab and seeing specialists three times a week, so I wouldn't be able to do any work anyway. My hands got smashed up pretty badly by Veronica, Amy and Zoe, so even typing this is pretty difficult. But my savings won't last forever, so I need to get back to work as soon as possible.
Anyway, in the next chapter I'll tell you about some of the guys I met while I was in hospital...
I actually met James, the stable boy from Mt Heath Riding Academy. And a guy called Darren, who got trampled at the Botanical Gardens by a girl wearing running spikes. There was a guy called Chris who got trampled for hours, on the dance floor at an all-too-familiar nightclub. And a guy called Dirk, who had run afoul of the girls in the neighbouring apartment. There was also an old guy who had been attacked by two girls who were visiting his neighbour. But my favourite was probably Tyler, who was the manager at the Pro Shop at Mt Heath Golf Club (poor guy!).
Anyway, I'll try to post those stories, in between all my medical appointments and doing my rehab exercises. And in between applying for jobs... although there's not a lot of employers looking for a one-eyed man with scars all over his face and fucked-up hands!
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Dec 5, 2014
I would certainly press charges, those girls were causing permanent damage, and talking about causing deadly injury. More than likely the multiple concussions caused by those stomps will result in severe lose in brain function. Furthermore you clearly told them to stop and they didn't.


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Oct 10, 2017
Part 155
Injuries aside, this time I kind of enjoyed my stay in hospital. The wounded from Chivalry Day made up two thirds of the patients on my ward.
I was sharing a room with Tyler, manager of a golfing pro shop, and with Harry, an old fellow who was recovering from an operation. But during my hospital stay, I got to chat with some of the other patients too... and got to hear their Chivalry Day tales.
We had televisions in our room, and saw a lot of the media coverage about Chivalry Day. There was a fair amount of public outrage, but there were at least as many people who supported the Chivalry Day concept, and wanted it to become an annual event. But mostly, people were very interested in hearing the many stories about men being brutalised by women.
The new Prime Minister called it 'Our nation's day of shame', and the government vowed to enact new legislation to prevent any more Chivalry Days.
But there were many people who just wanted to forget about the craziness of Chivalry Day, and who were lobbying for the government to grant an amnesty to any women who may have gotten a tad overenthusiastic about Chivalry Day and assaulted or injured a male.
Apparently our Chivalry Day made the news in other countries as well. And as a result, there were groups of women in the USA, India, France, Japan and Sweden who were campaigning to have Chivalry Day in their country.
Lucy was unapologetic about Chivalry Day. She pointed out that her newspaper articles had all contained a disclaimer, advising readers that any Chivalry Day activities should only be done with the consent of all parties, and conducted in a safe manner. Lucy did concede that it was a shame that so many men had been injured on Chivalry Day (approx four thousand), but said that in 2017 more than four thousand women were assaulted by men. Lucy's most often repeated soundbite was "I understand that people feel outraged because men didn't feel safe to leave the house on Chivalry Day... But that's how women feel EVERY day!!"
There has been something about Chivalry Day on the news every day. Often it's a report about more women being charged with assault for their Chivalry Day antics.
On the Tuesday, Channel 4 news reporter Estelle Vella was a guest on a talk show. They showed the clip of her walking on my face. Then they talked about it, and Estelle was laughing and saying it was very empowering to walk on a guy's face, and she said I was really nice about it, calling me "such a sweetie". That clip of Estelle walking on my face had turned her into a bit of a celebrity, and seems to have given her career quite a boost.
On the Monday, a young nurse had come to my bed to give me something for the pain, and when she saw me her jaw dropped open in surprise. But apparently her shock at seeing me, wasn't because of the injuries to my face....
The nurse, Colby, said "Oh my God!!.... Your eye!! Did I do that?"
I said "Uhhh, no" as I stared at her with my good eye, trying to recognise her.
Colby said "You don't remember me, do you?"
I said "Not really. No."
Colby said "George Street. At lunchtime. I was walking on you before that girl in the blue skirt came along. I was wearing a purple skirt and white leather high-heeled boots. I think my heel went in your eye."
I said "Ohhhh!! I do remember you, but that wasn't me you walked on! I was watching you and the others walking on that guy."
Colby said "Oh yeah. I remember now. You were one of the crowd of onlookers, right?"
I said "Yes, that's right."
Colby said "Oh good! When I saw the bandage over your right eye, I thought you were the guy I was walking on. But yeah, you were with that girl who was eating a sandwich. Phew! I'm so glad you're not that guy, cos that would've been a bit weird... nursing some guy I actually injured with my heel! I didn't mean to put my heel in his eye, but when that larger girl started stomping on him, I rushed to get off him, and my heel went in his eye, really deep, like all the way in. But the larger girl stepped in his eye too... in fact the heel of her shoe got stuck in his eye, so hopefully I won't get in trouble for sticking my heel in his eye. I mean, it really was an accident!"

A week or so later, I was waiting in Physio with a guy called Darren. He seemed kind of depressed about something and we got talking. He told me about how he got injured...
"I like to power-walk around the Botanical Gardens every day. I knew it was Chivalry Day, but I didn't expect any trouble at the Gardens. It's always so quiet and peaceful there!
But as I walked towards this blond girl, she spoke to me, saying 'Excuse me, but my running shoes are a little dirty.... and I was wondering if I could wipe them clean on your shirt? You know, for Chivalry Day.'
I said OK and started to take my shirt off, but she said 'Oh no! Leave it on! I want to wipe my feet on your shirt while you're wearing it! Would you mind? I promise I'll be gentle.'
So I said OK, and lay down on my back, thinking at least I could check out her butt and legs while she was standing on me. But next thing I know she's literally jumped onto my chest, and it hurt like the dickens. Then she jumped up and down on my chest. I couldn't breathe and I couldn't get away. She started stamping one of her feet on my face, and that was when I saw the sole of her running shoe... it had SPIKES on it!!! Little metal spikes!!! And she was stamping on my face with them! Really viciously!! She was even stamping on my eyes with those spikes!"
Darren started to cry, but then got his emotions in check and continued...
"When she asked to wipe her feet on my shirt, I couldn't see the spikes. I thought she was just wearing sneakers with soft rubber soles.... I think she probably had deliberately hidden the spikes when she was talking to me! Anyway, she just stamped her feet all over me, with those metal spikes. She even stomped on my balls!! And she jumped up and down on me!! Look at my throat! She stomped on my throat! She could have killed me! Even when I passed out, she kept jumping and stomping! What sort of a person does something like that? She looked beautiful, but she was a total psycho! And now look at me!!
And the police haven't been able to find this bitch! She did the same thing to seven guys! Jumping all over them with her running spikes! And yet the police haven't got a clue who she is! Someone must know who she is! But she's probably going to get away with what she's done to me! She's ruined my life, and she's probably going to get away with it!!"
Darren started crying uncontrollably, but the physiotherapist interrupted us to take me through for my physio session.
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Oct 10, 2017
Part 156
A few days before I left the hospital, I met a young guy called Chris who had stitches all over his face and his hands and arms. Probably elsewhere too, but I only saw his face and arms.
He told me that he was at a nightclub and ended up getting trampled for hours on the dancefloor. When he told me the name of the club, I didn't tell him that I was the manager at that club on the night in question.
He told me "I was having a boogie when this girl asked if she could dance on my chest for a minute. I'd been watching her before, and she just shuffled her feet around when she danced, and she was wearing green boots with flat heels, and she was wearing a short denim skirt so I figured the view might be good, plus you know... it was Chivalry Day and I wanted to be... chivalrous I guess.
But when I was lying on the dance floor, with the girl dancing on my chest, other girls kept stepping on me too. I could feel my legs and arms getting stepped on, and it hurt. Then two girls started dancing on my stomach and on my hip area. And they were wearing high heels. And then I copped a kick in the side of my face.
I wanted to get up, but I was trapped under all those feet. I heard a smash beside me, and turned to see a broken glass on the floor. And then I saw one of the dancers step on the broken glass, crushing it beneath their boot.
Then, some girl stood on the side of my head, and started bouncing in time to the music. I saw another glass dropped on the floor just in front of my face. Straight away it was crushed to pieces under a girl's platform shoes.
The deejay played a song that caused everyone to start jumping up and down, and the girls all started jumping up and down on me!! I don't know how many girls there were.... I think at least eight. And whenever they finished their drink, they just dropped their glass on the floor.... where it was soon pulverised under their feet. The problem was... shards of glass were getting embedded in the soles of their boots and shoes! And then whenever they stepped on me, the glass would cut me!
So I was being crushed under all these girls, terrified that I'd be crushed to death. And also being cut by the broken glass under their feet.
Whenever a girl stopped dancing on me, another would take her place. And it was never-ending. It just went on and on. I could feel my skin being sliced open, and heels stabbing into me. And my body being stomped on all over.
I must have passed out. And when I woke up, I was still being danced on by all those girls. I really thought I was going to die. And then I passed out again, and next thing I knew, I was in an ambulance.
I think I was on that dancefloor getting danced on, for about three hours! I almost bled to death! I needed two hundred and twenty stitches!"
I felt guilty about his injuries, but mostly I felt that the clubs owner, Monty, was to blame for what happened to Chris, and all the other guys that got so badly trampled in the club that night.

At first I was sharing a room with two other guys but, after four days, the old fellow called Harry went home. He'd had an operation on his stomach a few days before Chivalry Day. Tyler and I were happy he was leaving, thinking we would have the room to ourselves, but the hospital put another patient in our room...a young guy who had been in Intensive Care since Chivalry Day.
His name was James and he was a stable hand at Mt Heath Riding Academy. He had a lot of injuries, but the most serious ones were his head injuries, and damage to his spine.
I felt really sorry for James. He had always wanted to be a jockey, and on the evening before Chivalry Day he was offered a job as a stable hand at a well known racing stable. The next day, James went to work intending to give his boss two week's notice. But that morning, before the boss arrived, twelve of the club's members made him lick their boots clean, then made him give them all horsey rides, and then trampled all over him and jumped on him. And now, with his back injured, his dreams of one day being a jockey were ruined, and he wouldn't even be able to work as a stable hand anymore.
James told us "The girls at the Riding Academy are all rich, spoilt brats! The whole time I worked there, they made me clean their boots, wash their cars, even made me give them horsey rides. And if I ever said no, they physically abused me... slapping me, kicking me, even hitting me with their riding crop. It was a terrible job, but I stuck with it, and applied for other, better jobs. And just when my plans for the future were coming to fruition, those rich bitches turn me into half a cripple!
Two girls told me to clean their boots, but cos it was Chivalry Day, they wanted me to LICK their boots clean! And as more girls arrived, they also wanted me to lick their boots clean. I was licking mud off their boots, and swallowing it! It was so disgusting. Twelve pairs of boots!
And while I was licking their boots, the other girls were kicking me, and hitting me with their riding crops.
When I had cleaned everyone's boots, they made me give them horsey rides around the stable. My back was killing me, but they were kicking me, and whipping me, so I kept crawling around with the girls on my back. I think that's how my spine got damaged.
The rest is kind of hazy. They were all kicking me and stepping on me. And jumping on me!"
James started to cry as he said "They jumped on my head! They were breaking my bones under their feet, but they just kept jumping on me! And kicking me really hard! I think they were trying to kill me!
The police told me that even after I was unconscious and they'd rung an ambulance, one particularly mean girl, Veronica, stood on me and wiped her muddy boots on me like I was just a doormat. And they all spat on my face! For all they knew, I could've been dead!... but still they actually spat on my face!!"

My other roommate, Tyler, was the manager of the Pro Shop at Mt Heath Golf Club. His face was one hell of a mess.
He was worried about what his fiance was going to say when she saw his face. Her name was Cassie and she was on an overseas holiday with her best friend. She wasn't returning from overseas until the Tuesday after Chivalry Day, but she called him on his phone on the Sunday.
He had his phone on speaker and the conversation went like this:
Cassie: Hi babe. Do you miss me?
Tyler: Yeah Cass. Sure do.
Cassie: Why do you sound funny?
Tyler: Oh, I've had a bit of an accident.
Cassie: Oh no! Are you OK?
Tyler: Not really. I'm in Saint Vincent's Hospital.
Cassie: My God! What happened?
Tyler: Well, you know how it was Chivalry Day on Friday?
Cassie: Yeah?
Tyler: Well, four customers walked on me, and they did a bit of damage to me.
Cassie: You're kidding! I can't believe you let some skanky customers walk on you! Whenever I've asked if I can walk on you, you always say no!! But when some slutbag customers want to walk on you, you're all like... Sure, go right ahead!
Tyler: No Cass, it wasn't like that at all. I didn't LET them!! They took me by surprise and walked on me against my will! Chivalry Day was crazy here! Heaps of guys got attacked by women!
Cassie: Mmmm. Well I'm not happy about this! I've asked you so many times to let me stand on you, but it's always been 'no', not even barefoot!
Tyler: Sorry, Cass! But it's not like I actually...
Cassie: Yeah, Yeah! Whatever! We're getting back on Tuesday morning, so I'll come and visit you in the hospital in the afternoon. Will you still be in there on Tuesday afternoon?
Tyler: Yes. Definitely.
Cassie: I hope your face is OK! We're getting married in three months! If your face is fucked up, it'll ruin our wedding photos!
Tyler: Um... they did damage my face a bit, but it should be healed up in time for our wedding.
Cassie: Yeah? It better be!!!
Tyler: Well babe, try to enjoy the rest of your holiday, and I'll look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. Love you babe!
Cassie: Uh huh. See you Tuesday.
And that was the end of the conversation.
Tyler started crying. I didn't blame him... his face looked even worse than mine! I seriously doubted that it would be completely healed in time for their wedding.


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Jun 10, 2016
I figured Mister would need to be taken to the hospital. And I'm very much enjoying all the Chivalry Day stories from the other men he has interacted with at the hospital.
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Love the last bit with Tyler getting a verbal mauling for not letting his girlfriend walk on him.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a story written from the female perspective? Tales of Veronica for example. I think it would need to be written by a female to really understand how they feel when dishing it out.


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Oct 10, 2017
Part 157
Tyler later explained that he'd been going out with Cassie for nearly two years. And that whole time, Cassie had been asking Tyler to let her walk on him.
Apparently, prior to going out with Tyler, one day Cassie and her best friend Ellie had stood on some guy and made him kiss their feet. Cassie had enjoyed standing on that guy, and was constantly asking Tyler to let her stand on him. But Tyler really didn't like feet, saying they were ugly and dirty, and wouldn't let Cassie stand on him. And that was why Cassie was so angry about Tyler being walked on by anyone else.

Tyler had already told me about how he'd gotten injured on Chivalry Day. He was manager of the Pro Shop at Mt Heath Golf Club, and that morning he was working there on his own.
About ten minutes after he opened the shop, a BMW pulled up, and four girls got out and came into the shop. The only one he had met before was a girl called Mandy, who Tyler had argued with, a few weeks earlier.
On that day, Mandy had come in to buy a pair of golf shoes. But she was wearing her riding outfit and asked Tyler to help her pull her boots off. Tyler said "Sorry, but that's not part of my job. You'll have to take them off yourself!"
Mandy was quite annoyed with Tyler, a few heated words were exchanged, and Mandy stormed out without buying any golf shoes.
When Mandy returned on Chivalry Day, Tyler didn't suspect anything bad was going to happen. He just thought she'd decided to get some new golf shoes after all. And sure enough, Mandy asked to try on a pair of golf spikes in a size 7.
Tyler handed the shoes to Mandy, without the spikes attached, but she said "Oh! I want to try them out with the spikes!"
Tyler attached the six spikes to the sole of one of the shoes, and while Mandy put on the left shoe, he attached the spikes to the other shoe as well.
Mandy put on both shoes and then walked around, seeing how they felt. That was when another girl, Beth, asked to try on a pair of shoes in a seven and a half. Again, she wanted the spikes attached.
Still Tyler didn't suspect anything. Most customers were happy to try on golf shoes without the spikes, but occasionally he would get a customer who wanted the spikes attached before they tried out the shoes.
But then the other two girls, Justine and Alyse, also wanted to try on golf shoes, with the spikes attached. So Tyler was kept busy screwing the spikes into the soles of the golf shoes.
The shoes were displayed along the wall, on glass shelves. Above the display shelves, shoe boxes were stacked to the ceiling. As each customer asked for a shoe in a particular size, Tyler had to climb a ladder to retrieve the requested pair of shoes. While Tyler had either been up the ladder, or attaching spikes to the shoes, the girls had been walking around in the golf shoes and whispering to each other.
At one point, Mandy had said to him "They feel OK on the carpet, but do you have a more uneven surface we can try them out on?.... To simulate walking on uneven ground?"
Tyler had told her no. As soon as he had finished affixing the spikes to Alyse's second shoe and handed it to her, Mandy said "Actually, these are a little tight. Do you have these shoes in a 7 and a half?"
Tyler climbed back up the ladder. By now, he suspected that Mandy had brought her friends in to get revenge on him for refusing to help her with removing her boots a few weeks earlier. Tyler thought they were going to get revenge on him by making him keep getting up and down the ladder, and attaching golf spikes to every pair of shoes that they tried on.... and would eventually not buy anything anyway, and leave laughing in his face.
So he was kind of annoyed as he reached up and picked up a shoebox containing the 7.5s.
Tyler hadn't noticed two girls stand behind him. They each grabbed one of Tyler's ankles and suddenly yanked them back.
With his arms up, holding the shoebox, and with his feet suddenly pulled out from under him, gravity brought Tyler plummeting down. His ribs smashed down onto the top of the ladder. The impact caused his body to flip backwards, and he hit the floor on his back, with his arms stretched above his head, still holding the shoebox. His ribs were killing him, and he'd been winded by the fall.
That's when they pounced. The girls actually stepped on him! Mandy, Beth and Justine stood on his chest, his stomach and his upper legs, and they walked on him with their golf spikes. Then Alyse looked down at his face and said "Sorrrrryyyy" as she placed her right foot on his face and lifted her left foot up beside it. She was standing on his face with all her weight, and she was wearing golf spikes.
Alyse's shoes had six spikes on the soles, as did Mandy's. But Beth and Justine were wearing shoes with seven spikes on each shoe's sole. And each spike was round with six little protrusions that were intended to grip into the ground, except now they were digging into Tyler's flesh, instead of the ground. Alyse's spikes were made of hard rubber, but the other three had metal spikes on the soles of their shoes.
Mandy said "Yeah, this is better... feels like we're walking on uneven ground."
The girls were stepping all over him, and even stamping their feet on him with their golf spikes. He tried to grab at their feet with his hands, but they just responded by kicking at his hands, or even worse by stomping on his hands.
Tyler was helpless as he lay underneath the four girls and their stomping feet. He could feel his skin being torn by their golf spikes. They were twisting their feet into him, their spikes tearing at his flesh.
Alyse slipped down the side of his face, only for Mandy to take over stomping on his face. They all started jumping up and down. He could hardly even breathe!
Tyler couldn't believe that Mandy and her friends would do this to him, just because he had refused to pull her riding boots off a few weeks ago. That was when he remembered that it was Chivalry Day, and he realised that they somehow felt entitled to walk all over him in golf spikes on this day. It had never occurred to Tyler that Chivalry Day would affect him, thinking that his work day would be no different than any other day. And yet, here he was with four girls trampling him under their feet, shod in golf shoes with nasty little spikes. At that point, Tyler started praying that other customers would come into the shop and save him from being trampled to death by these young women.
The girls kept moving around and swapping positions. Whenever they turned around, they would pivot on their heel, or on the front of their foot, so whenever one of them turned the spikes would maul his flesh.
And any time one of the girls slipped off, their golf spikes would take some of Tyler's skin with them.
He remained conscious throughout the entire ordeal, which continued for about thirty minutes. He hardly ever knew which girl was stepping on a particular body part. He could hear them laughing their heads off while they stomped all over him. Sometimes a girl would step down from his brutalised carcass, only to viciously kick him, sinking her foot into him with all her might.
Sometimes they just stood on Tyler and stamped their feet up and down on him. Tyler still couldn't believe that anyone would do that!... Just stand on another human being, and stamp their feet on him as hard as they could, deliberately trying to hurt them. And while they were wearing golf spikes! They even stamped their spiked shoes on his face!
Just when Tyler thought that things couldn't get any worse, the ringleader, Mandy, yelled at the others to get off him. Tyler was relieved that they had finally finished trampling him under their feet.
But as the other girls got down from his face and body, he saw Mandy standing on the ladder, two rungs up from the floor. And then she jumped from the ladder, onto his stomach. In his battered, weakened state, Tyler's stomach muscles provided no resistance and her feet sunk deep into his abdomen. Mandy bounced on his stomach a few times before stepping off.
While Mandy had been bouncing on him, Justine had climbed the ladder, and straight away she copied Mandy, jumping from the second rung, onto his stomach.
Justine bounced on his stomach, then stepped down, only for Alyse to jump off the ladder onto his stomach.
And so it continued, with each girl jumping onto his stomach from the second rung of the ladder,over and over again. Except that after they'd each jumped on him three times, they moved up to the third rung, and continued to jump down onto his stomach. His stomach was so badly damaged, that he couldn't even contract his abdominal muscles to protect himself in any way.
All he could do was beg them to stop... "Please stop.... Please don't do this.... I'm sorry, please stop...." But his pleading was usually ignored, and on those occasions when his pleas were heard, the girls just laughed their heads off. On one occasion, Beth, who until then had seemed to be the nice one, said "Oh My God! His whining is driving me mad! Maybe we should jump on his head instead!"
After that, Tyler stopped asking them to stop, afraid that they might decide to jump off the ladder onto his head, which he figured would almost certainly kill him.
After each girl had jumped from the third rung onto his stomach, Mandy took it one step further. That's right, she moved up onto the fourth rung, and jumped off onto his stomach. Then Justine did the same, followed by Alyse and then Beth.
And then Mandy went up onto the fifth rung, and prepared to jump onto Tyler from such a great height! But it was too high, and Mandy chickened out, but only because she was worried about hurting herself when she landed. She stepped back down onto the fourth rung, and jumped off onto his stomach.
That was when Tyler coughed up some blood. Seeing this, the girls discussed whether to continue jumping on him, or whether they should go and find someone else to walk on. Mandy wanted to stay at the Pro Shop and stomp on Tyler some more, but the other three had gotten bored with trampling Tyler, and wanted to go somewhere else to have some Chivalry Day fun.
They sat on the benches and removed the golf spikes, changing back into their own shoes and boots. Tyler noticed they were all wearing heels and was sure they were going to trample over him with their heels, but fortunately for him they didn't. In fact they didn't even acknowledge his existence. They sat chatting casually about where they could look for guys to walk on. And then they planned an upcoming day at the races, talking about dresses, shoes and fascinators. Once Mandy had put on her tall black leather boots with spiky high heels, and Beth had put on her chunky heeled boots, Alyse her thick-heeled open toed shoes, and Justine her brown high-heeled boots, the girls just walked off without even glancing at Tyler and his broken body. Tyler turned his head to the left and looked at the white golf shoes they had been wearing while they had been walking, stamping and jumping on him. Every single shoe had little specks of his blood spattered on the white leather.
The mail carrier saw the girls getting into their BMW as she pulled up outside the Pro Shop. She walked into the shop to deliver the mail, but the store seemed to be empty. Then she noticed Tyler lying on the floor in the shoe section. She rang an ambulance which arrived quickly.
He was rushed to hospital, his many wounds stitched up, and part of his spleen was removed.

Tyler was enormously worried about how his fiance would react when she saw how badly he had been injured. There were so many injuries.... broken bones, facial injuries, internal injuries, etc.
The way Tyler spoke about his fiance Cassie, I got the impression that she was very high-maintenance, and physical appearance was very important to her.
Tyler was a nervous wreck, waiting for Tuesday when Cassie was to come and visit him. He was constantly thinking about what Cassie might say, and how he should respond. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor guy.
In hindsight, maybe Tyler should have helped Mandy remove her riding boots when she was in the shop a few weeks earlier.
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Oct 10, 2017
Part 158
On Tuesday, old Harry went home, leaving just me and Tyler sharing the room (although James was moved into our room from Intensive Care that evening).
I was in the bed nearest the door, and the curtain had been pulled around Tyler's bed while his colostomy bag was being changed by the nurse.
A gorgeous blond girl walked into our room. She stopped just inside the door and said "Hi. Is Tyler Kirkwood in this room?"
I said "Yeah, he's in the other bed. The nurse is in there tidying up."
The girl said "Oh!! Do you think they'll be long?", but I said they should be finished soon.
The girl looked at me and said "I know you from somewhere! Where do I know you from?"
She didn't look at all familiar, and I was sure I would remember if I'd ever seen her before. I said "Hmm, you probably saw me on the news.... you know, with Estelle Vella." (A lot of doctors and nurses had been recognising me from the news when Estelle Vella walked on me.)
She said "No, that's not it!"
The nurse pulled open the curtain from around Tyler's bed, and left the room.
Tyler looked at the girl and said "Hi Cassie! It's great to see you, babe!"
The girl looked shocked. She slowly walked toward Tyler's bed, and I quickly looked at her clothing. She was wearing a little black top, with tight blue designer jeans, and grey over-the-knee boots.
She stood at the foot of Tyler's bed, and I couldn't see her boots any more.
Tyler said "Look, I know my face looks bad at the moment, but it's getting better every day."
Cassie was silent. She just stood there surveying the damage to Tyler's face.
They'd taken me off the IV drip that morning, so I got out of bed and said "I'll go for a walk so you guys can talk in private."
But Tyler said "No, that's OK. You don't have to leave."
Cassie said to Tyler "So, is the Golf Club going to keep paying you while you're in here?"
Tyler said "Yes, and they're also paying my hospital bill!"
Cassie said "Good! ..... Are they just paying your weekly salary, or are they also paying you for the sales commissions you're missing out on?"
Tyler said "Well, just my salary."
Cassie looked quite annoyed and said "That's not fair! You're losing money! And we've got our wedding to pay for! Not to mention our honeymoon in Milan and Venice! I wanted to do a lot of shopping in Milan!"
I felt a bit awkward and said "I'm just gonna go outside and get some fresh air" as I walked to the door.
I heard Tyler say "Sorry babe.... I'll make it up to you somehow. My dad said he's happy to help me out financially if I need it."
I headed to the lift, and went down to the ground floor. The hospital had a nice little garden area to the left of the entrance, and I went out there and sat on a bench under a tree. It was a beautiful sunny day. I wondered how Tyler was doing with his fiance. She seemed much more concerned about money and her wedding, than with Tyler's health problems. From the bench, I could see the hospital entrance, and watched the people coming and going.
I'd only been sitting there five minutes or so, when Cassie came strutting out. I watched her, admiring how good she looked, when she suddenly turned her head and looked right at me. Straight away, she turned to her left, making a beeline for me. I was a bit scared, unsure whether I should ask how things stood between her and Tyler.
When Cassie got to the bench, without breaking her stride she stepped up onto the bench and sat on the back of the bench, right beside me, with her feet on the bench seat.
Cassie said "I figured out where I know you from.... You do remember me, yeah?"
I said "Umm, no, not really." I wondered whether maybe she was a regular customer at the nightclub I used to manage.
Cassie said "Oh my god! I can't believe you don't remember!"
I turned to my left to face her. She had crossed her left leg over her right, but I just glanced at her grey suede boot before looking up at Cassie's face. I stared at her face trying to recall where I might have met her.
Cassie was grinning at me, while I stared at her. Then she said "My face doesn't look familiar at all?"
I said "Sorry.... But no."
Cassie's grin grew larger, and then she asked "What about my boot? Does it look familiar?" and raised her left foot up to just a few inches in front of my face.
I stared at her grey suede boot, but I still couldn't remember Cassie.
Cassie left her foot just in front of my face while she spoke. "Oh my God! I can't believe you don't remember me! You were at a personal appearance by Kim Kardashian and you let me and my friend stand on you so we could see better! And then you kissed our feet!"
As soon as Cassie said this, I remembered her and her boots very well. I'm not sure I actually let her stand on me,... more like they stood on me and there wasn't a thing I could do about it.
Cassie said "That was the best day ever!! I got to see Kim! I got to stand on some guy's back in these boots, with their four-inch heels. And then.... you actually kissed my feet!! Welllll, kissed my boots, really! But you did kiss my friend Ellie's feet! She was stoked! We talk about that day all the time, and laugh our arses off!"
I was looking at Cassie's laughing face, while my cheeks burned with embarrassment.
Cassie moved the top of her left boot closer to my face, until it was lightly pressed against my mouth.
Cassie said "Do you wanna kiss my boot? You know, for old time's sake!"
I knew she was engaged to Tyler, but I couldn't help it. I kissed the top of Cassie's suede boot. She left her boot against my mouth, so I kissed it again. And again. And again, and again....
I could hear Cassie giggling while I kissed her boot. She moved her boot backward, so my kisses were placed on her toes, and forward so I was kissing her ankle, and from side to side, trying to get all of her boot kissed.
Finally, Cassie pulled her foot away and uncrossed her legs. She stood up on the bench and stepped over my legs to stand on the bench to my right. Cassie sat back down and crossed her legs again, pushing the top of her right boot into my face. I began kissing her right boot all over, same as the left one. Cassie was giggling the whole time, so she was obviously finding it amusing.
After about a hundred kisses, Cassie pulled her foot away from my face, unzipped her boot, and then removed it from her foot. She was wearing white socks, and quickly recrossed her legs, pushing the top of her foot to my mouth. I kissed Cassie's foot and white sock, and it smelt nice. It was a warm day, and Cassie's sock had a strong smell, but I liked how her foot smelt.
When Cassie finally pulled her foot away, I asked her "Um, do you want me to kiss the sole as well?"
Cassie cracked up laughing, but managed to say "Sure" as she pressed the sole of her sweaty sock to my mouth, and continued laughing.
When she finally stopped laughing, Cassie said "This just keeps getting better! You're kissing my stinky socks! I was wearing these socks on the plane home. I changed my clothes when I got home, but not my socks, so they're sweaty as!! Especially the soles! And you're kissing them!"
I asked "Would you like me to suck your foot?"
Cassie cracked up laughing, and didn't answer me. But she still had her foot pressed to my mouth, so I started sucking at the sole of Cassie's sweaty sock. Cassie was laughing so much, she was crying.
After I'd sucked the rest of Cassie's sole, she placed the underside of her toes to my lips and I ended up sucking her toes, wrapping my mouth around them.
When Cassie eventually got bored with having her toes sucked, she pulled her foot back and peeled off her sock. Then she smiled at me, and pushed her bare foot to my mouth. I kissed, sucked and licked her foot, while Cassie sat watching with a blissful smile on her face.
After about fifteen minutes of lovingly worshipping Cassie's bare foot, she said "OK, take five while I swap feet" and stood up on the bench. With her sock and boot in her right hand, Cassie placed her left hand on the top of my head and stepped on my right leg with her bare foot as she made her way back to the other side.
Cassie crossed her legs and removed her left boot, then shoved the sole of her left foot into my face. I sucked at the sweaty sole of her white sock, and soon Cassie was cramming her toes into my mouth.
While I was sucking on Cassie's foot, she said "I wish Tyler would suck my sweaty feet. Do you think maybe you could talk to him and convince him that my feet really aren't so ugly and disgusting?"
I gave a little nod of my head, but wasn't really intending to talk to Tyler about him sucking his fiance's feet... not after I'd been sucking on them myself.
When Cassie removed her sock, I sucked her bare foot, licked in between her toes, and showered it with kisses.
After another fifteen minutes or so, Cassie said "I'd love to stay here all day having your mouth pamper my feet, but unfortunately I've got a few things to do, and I have to go."
Cassie slid her foot from my mouth and put her sock back on. As she was putting on her boots, Cassie said "I'm coming back next Tuesday to visit Tyler..... Do you think maybe I could, like, stand on you with my boots on?"
I said "Oh! Sorry, but I'm just too injured at the moment. Sorry."
Cassie said "I don't mean now. I mean, can I stand on you next Tuesday?"
I said "Oh! Ummm.... Maybe. Depends on how my recovery goes in the meantime."
Cassie finished putting her boots on, and stepped down from the bench, saying "Thanks for that! Bye!" and walking off.
When I got back to my hospital room, Tyler asked why I was gone so long. I lied and said I'd just been sitting outside thinking.
Tyler said the wedding might still be on, but Cassie was still a bit upset with him. She told Tyler that she needed some time to think things over, and then would come see him again next Tuesday to talk about their future. Tyler was worried, and spent the next week trying to come up with ideas of how to make amends to Cassie.
It was only on the Monday, that Tyler asked me if I had any ideas about what he could do to show Cassie how sorry he was. And so I broached the subject, saying that although he's told me he thought feet were ugly and dirty, maybe he should offer to kiss Cassie's feet and suck her toes.
Tyler was obviously repulsed by this idea. I said he should at least think about it, but he was adamant that he would never let anyone's foot near his mouth, not even his beloved Cassie.

On the Tuesday, Tyler was a nervous wreck. He waited all day for Cassie, but she never showed up. Tyler tried to call her, but she wasn't answering her phone.
Tyler was terribly upset and was crying.

On the Wednesday, just after James had been taken to Physio, at around 2:30pm, Cassie walked into our room. She had brought her best friend, Ellie, along with her.
They both said a friendly hello to me as they entered the room. Ellie sat on the side of my bed, while Cassie went over to Tyler's bed.
Cassie and Tyler started talking, but I couldn't tell you what they were saying. Ellie had propped her left foot up on my bed, and I was too distracted by her foot to hear anything that was being said.
Ellie was wearing silver strappy shoes that tied up around her leg. They had three-inch heels, and the lowest two-thirds of the heel was a silver metal. I recognised them as the shoes she had been wearing when I kissed her feet at the shopping center.
I looked up at Ellie's face, and she was staring at me with a smirk on her face. She must have been watching me while I was ogling her foot.
I looked over at Tyler and Cassie, just as Cassie said to him "Welllll.... if you kiss my feet, I might forgive you and consider staying with you..."
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