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Oct 10, 2017
Part 159
When Cassie said "Welllll, if you kiss my feet, I might forgive you and consider staying with you", Tyler momentarily looked shocked.
Then he said "Haha, yeah, very funny Cass! You had me going for a second there."
But Cassie wasn't kidding. She said "You said you wanted to make it up to me! So kiss my feet and make it up to me!"
Tyler was very reluctant to comply and said "Oh Cass! You know I can't do that!"
Cassie started to unzip her right boot, as she told Tyler "Nonsense! Of course you CAN! What you mean, is you don't WANT to!! If we're gonna get married, and I have to spend the rest of my life looking at your face, with all those scars from those girls stomping on your face with golf spikes, then the least you can do is kiss my feet!!"
Cassie removed her grey suede boots, while Tyler sat in his bed, looking totally miserable. Cassie was wearing pink socks.
Tyler said "Please Cassie, don't ask me to do that" and looked over at me and Ellie, then whispered "Not in front of the others."
Ellie rushed over to Tyler's bed and pulled the curtain across to give him and Cassie some privacy.
Ellie sat back down on the side of my bed. We couldn't see Cassie and Tyler but we could still hear them.
Ellie sat facing me, with both of her feet up on my bed, her three-inch heels digging into the bed. Ellie said "I couldn't believe it when Cassie told me she'd found you in the hospital. We loved standing on you that day! I wish there'd been room on your back for me to stand, but standing on your legs was fun. I could feel my heels digging right into you. And when you kissed our feet.... Ha!!.... Well since then, Cassie's been asking Tyler to kiss her feet, but he just won't!!"
Ellie lifted her right foot and placed the heel of her shoe against my chest. Her heel had metal on the bottom two inches, and it dug painfully into my ribs. The sole of Ellie's shoe was only four inches from my face. I stared at Ellie's right foot, hoping she was going to ask me to kiss her foot.
Then we heard Cassie say "Yes!!! Now kiss my other foot!"
Ellie and I both laughed, but really quietly so Tyler wouldn't hear us.
Ellie whispered "Wow! I can't believe she got him to kiss her foot!"
We could hear Tyler whining, but we couldn't make out what he was saying.
Then we heard Cassie say "OK! Now kiss the sole of my foot!"
There was more whining from Tyler, followed by Cassie trying to talk him into kissing the soles of her feet. Although we couldn't hear everything, Tyler was obviously refusing to kiss the soles of Cassie's feet.
I looked at Ellie and said "Do you want me to kiss your feet?"
Ellie said "Of course" and swivelled her right foot on its heel to present her instep to my mouth. I kissed Ellie's foot while she moved it around, making sure I kissed most of her foot. While I was kissing Ellie's toes, she leant forward and started untying the straps of her shoe from around her leg. Slipping her shoe off, Ellie pressed the sole of her foot to my lips. I began covering the sole of Ellie's foot with open-mouthed kisses. After a few minutes, I was licking and sucking at the sole of Ellie's foot, while she sat laughing on the bed.
Next, Ellie removed her left shoe and gave me her other foot to kiss and suck. It was a hot day and her soles were nice and sweaty. It made me wonder how sweaty Cassie's feet must be, after being in those over-the-knee boots.... no wonder Tyler was being so resistant to Cassie's demands that he kiss the soles of her feet in her sweaty pink socks.
We could hear Tyler and Cassie on the other side of the curtain.... apparently Tyler had placed one kiss on the tops of Cassie's feet, but was refusing to kiss them again. But Cassie was insisting that he kiss the soles of her feet.
Ellie picked up her left shoe and said "Tsk! I love these shoes but I've been wearing them so long, you can see my dirty toe prints."
I stopped sucking on Ellie's toes and asked "Would you like me to try and lick them clean?"
Ellie laughed and said "OK. Sure" and handed me her shoe. My left arm was in a plaster cast, but I held her shoe with my right hand while I licked and sucked at the inner sole of Ellie's strappy shoe. Ellie was laughing so much, I was worried in case she wet herself on my bed. As I continued working on removing any sweat marks from Ellie's shoe, she put both of her bare feet on my lap. Ellie gently kneaded my stomach and groin with the soles of her feet, while she continued laughing.
Ellie's laughter made it much harder to hear what Cassie and Tyler were saying, but I did hear a few snippets of conversation.
I heard Cassie say "OK! Fine! You don't have to kiss my feet again! Instead, you can suck my toes!"
Tyler said "Eeeew! No way! I'm not putting your foot in my mouth!"
Cassie said "Why not? You expect me to put your you-know-what in MY mouth! So the least you can do is suck my toes!"
But Tyler wouldn't. Cassie said "My feet are really sore, and you won't even suck my toes??? You're not a very good boyfriend!"
Then Tyler tried to bargain with Cassie, saying he would ask his dad for some money and take her on a shopping spree during their honeymoon in Milan.
Tyler and Cassie continued arguing, with Tyler refusing to kiss or suck Cassie's feet. Meanwhile, on my side of the curtain, Ellie had been pressing her bare feet harder and harder into my stomach and groin. When I'd finished licking her left shoe clean, Ellie had been amazed that I'd managed to remove her dirty prints from her heel and toes. Then while I was cleaning her right shoe, Ellie was really digging her toes into my groin, managing to find my genitals and really mashing her toes into them.
I'd just finished cleaning Ellie's right shoe and handed it back to her, when a nurse came into the room pushing a wheelchair. The nurse noticed Ellie sitting on my bed looking at her shoe, then moved her eyes to Ellie's feet, pressed into my lap.
The nurse looked away and raised her eyebrows, and continued over to Tyler's bed. Seeing the curtain pulled across, the nurse asked Tyler if it was OK for her to come in, and without waiting for an answer pulled the curtain back.
Cassie was sitting on the bed in similar fashion to Ellie, but with her feet on the bed beside Tyler. The nurse said "Sorry to interrupt, but the gastroenterologist wants you to get some tests done in radiology before they close for the day."
Cassie picked up her boots and walked over to join Ellie at my bed.
Ellie quietly whispered to Cassie "Look at my shoes, Cass! He LICKED them clean!!!"
Cassie looked very surprised, then gave me a big smile.
Cassie sat on my bed on the other side, and called out to the nurse "How long til my fiance gets back from radiology?"
When the nurse said he would probably be in radiology for about an hour, Cassie said "Oh! We can't wait that long..." then sighed loudly and said "I'll come back tomorrow, Tyler. We need to talk!"
The girls sat on my bed without either of them starting to put their shoes/boots back on.
The nurse got Tyler out of the bed and into the wheelchair, and Tyler was obviously in a lot of pain, but when I glanced at Cassie's face she didn't seem the least bit sympathetic. I figured she was annoyed with him for not kissing her soles or sucking her toes. And I didn't blame her one bit. I thought to myself... There must be something mentally wrong with Tyler, if he doesn't want to suck Cassie's toes.
With his colostomy bag hanging from the side of Tyler's chair and an IV drip on a movable stand, the nurse slowly made her way to radiology with Tyler.
As he was wheeled past my bed, he said "See you tomorrow, Cass! I love you, babe!"
Cass was sitting facing me, and she didn't turn around.... She just muttered "Uh Huh. Yeah, OK."
After Tyler had left, Cassie said "He was such an obnoxious jerk today.... he kissed the tops of my feet... just once on each foot... but that was it! He wouldn't kiss them again and he definitely wouldn't suck my toes! Arrogant prick!"
Ellie started pressing her bare feet into me again, and said "He's always been an arrogant prick! You just couldn't see it because he was so good-looking!"
Cassie said "Well, he's not good-looking anymore!!"
Ellie said "If you still want your toes sucked...." and nodded in my direction.
Cassie shrugged and lifted her left foot to my mouth, pushing her toes in between my lips. I sucked at her toes in their pink sock, trying to soothe her sore foot.
Ellie said "Well, what are you going to do, Cass? His face is fucked! How many stitches are in his face? Like a million??"
Cassie said "He said they put more than 120 stitches in his face!"
Ellie said "God, Cass! Are you still gonna marry him? Would you really want to be seen in public with him? He looks like a freak!"
Cassie didn't answer, and then she stared at me. She said "I do want to go ahead with the wedding, but not if he isn't willing to do stuff for me like kiss my feet or suck my toes!"
Cassie pushed her foot further into my mouth and wiggled her toes against my tongue. Then she said to me "Can you talk to him? Maybe tell him my feet don't taste that bad!"
I nodded, but I couldn't see how I could persuade him to be more cooperative, if Cassie hadn't been able to. And I definitely wasn't going to be telling him that I'd sucked on his fiance's feet and they tasted delicious.
Ellie said "Tell him that he'll never get a girl as gorgeous as Cassie again, not with a face like Freddy Kruger! If he wants to keep her, he needs to start treating her the way she deserves! And that means kissing her feet, sucking her sweaty feet, and letting her walk all over him... Literally!!!"
There was silence for a while, and then Cassie pulled her toes from my mouth and gave me the ball of her foot to suck on.
Then Cassie said to me "Seriously.... I'm coming back tomorrow, and either he sucks my feet and does whatever I tell him to,.... or the wedding is off, and I'm dumping him! It's that simple! Make sure you tell him that!"
I nodded, but wasn't sure how I'd manage to raise the topic with Tyler.
Ellie said "Honestly, Cassie, you're too nice! I'd dump the loser anyway. You guys are gonna look like beauty and the beast."
Cassie shrugged and placed her heel to my mouth for me to suck.
Cassie started talking about her wedding plans, then gave me her other foot to suck. As I started sucking at the toes of Cassie's right foot, she put her left foot against my stomach and started pressing with her foot.
Talk about Cassie and Tyler's wedding soon moved on to the honeymoon. Cassie was really looking forward to Milan and Venice. They talked about what Cassie was going to do in those cities.
Cassie said something about Milan that I found particularly interesting.... She said "There's a massive shopping centre in Milan, with these beautiful floor tiles, and there's a picture of a pig, in tiles, and people put their heel on the pig's testicles and then spin on their heel! For good luck!"
Ellie said "Tyler's a pig! You should spin on your heel on Tyler's balls!!"
Cassie cracked up laughing, and Ellie began grinding the heel of her right foot into my groin really hard. I was glad she was barefoot, and hadn't put her shoes back on.
Cassie said "Sure Ellie, I'll just ask Tyler if I can step on his balls with my heel and twist on them, you know, for good luck! I'm sure he won't mind!"
The girls were laughing a lot and went back to talking about Cassie's honeymoon.
When I finished sucking on Cassie's right foot, she looked at me really seriously for a while, and then said "Remember when we stood on you at that shopping centre?"
I nodded and Cassie said "Well.... I really enjoyed standing on your back. And I was wondering if maybe we could stand on you again? Like without any boots or shoes on!"
I said "Well you wouldn't be able to stand on my back, cos I've got a lot of stitches in my back..."
Cassie said "What about if we stood on your legs? I stepped on your leg yesterday and it didn't seem to do any damage."
I said "Um, sure. You can stand on my legs if you want to. But James, the other guy in our room, gets back from physio just after 4 each day, so you'll need to stop walking on me before he gets back."
Cassie said "OK. That gives us 22 minutes" as she stood up on the bed.
Cassie stood on me with one foot on each of my thighs, and grinned down at me.
Ellie went and pulled the curtain around my bed, then climbed up on the bed and said "If we've only got 20 minutes, do you think maybe we should both stand on him at the same time?"
Cassie walked in place on my legs as she said "There isn't room for both of us."
Ellie stood beside me and placed her right foot across my lower stomach. Ellie started applying more and more pressure to my stomach, then asked "Do you have any stitches in your stomach?"
I said "Yeah" and Ellie quickly pulled her foot away, but then I said "But just a few. It's not too bad. You can stand on my stomach if you want. I don't mind."
Ellie grinned and said "OK" and promptly stepped onto my stomach with both feet.
Cassie and Ellie both walked in place on me while their giggled their heads off. They twisted on their heels, they twisted on their toes. Cassie dug her toes into my crotch while Ellie pounded my stomach with her bare feet. My cuts had mostly healed in the eleven days since Chivalry Day, but I couldn't help but worry. Cassie and Ellie were laughing their heads off all the while, as they trampled me underfoot, Ellie barefoot and Cassie in her pink socks.
Then Ellie looked at her watch and said "It's 3:48!! Can I put my shoes on for the last ten minutes?"
I wanted to say yes, even though I knew I should say no. But then the decision was taken out of my hands as Cassie said "Yes!! Great idea!" and stepped off to put her boots on. Cassie also stepped down from my stomach and hurriedly put her shoes on and tied them around her legs.
Shoes and boots on their feet, they both rushed back to their positions on my hips and stomach. Ellie's three-inch heels dug painfully into my stomach, and Cassie dug the toes of her grey suede boots into my groin, while her heels stabbed into my thighs.
After a minute or two, Cassie and Ellie held hands and began bouncing up and down on me with their heels. Ellie's heels were metal and I knew she was cutting me, but she looked so beautiful, and so happy, that I didn't want to say anything.
Cassie was trying to dig her left heel into my groin, and was causing me a lot of pain whenever she hit one of my testicles. Then Cassie lost her footing and stumbled a bit. She ended up standing on the bed in the gap between my legs. Cassie was annoyed about losing her balance and gave me a little kick in the balls.
Ellie said "You should step on his balls, like that tiled pig in Milan!"
Cassie was laughing her head off as she stared down at my groin. She prodded me with the toe of her boot, then pressed the flat sole of her boot down on top of my junk.
Cassie lifted her gaze to stare into my eyes, and asked "Can I?"
Looking around Ellie on my stomach, at Cassie's lovely face, I said "Sure, Cassie."
She grinned and dug the heel of her right boot into my crotch, placing all of her weight onto that foot. Her heel was beside my penis and in between my testicles. It hurt, but I knew she wouldn't do any real damage. Then she twisted back and forth on her heel, over and over again.
Ellie said "Oh my god, Cass. That looks so cool! I wonder if it'll bring you good luck? Maybe you should marry this guy instead of Tyler!"
Cassie just kept twisting on her heel, until eventually Ellie said "Can I have a turn?"
Cassie said "Yeah, OK! It feels awesome grinding some guy's balls under the heel of your boot."
As Cassie stepped to the side, Ellie put the heel of her right shoe into my groin, right into the base of my penis. With most of her weight on that heel, it pushed my penis down to its limit, then slowly scraped down my shaft until it came to rest just before my knob, pinning my penis between her metal heel and the bed. And then she started to twist her heel from side to side. As tears welled up in my eyes, I could hear her laughing.
Cassie stood on my stomach with her left foot, and rested her left foot on top of my head, with the heel of her boot digging into my forehead. Not that I cared about what Cassie was doing, when Ellie's metal heel was slicing into my penis.
Then we heard voices as people entered the room. Cassie and Ellie stepped down from my body and sat on the bed beside me. It was James returning from physio, being wheeled in by a nurse.
Cassie asked me when James would be going to physio tomorrow, and I said he went at the same time every day... just after 2pm. Then she reminded me to tell Tyler about her ultimatum. I said I would tell him what she'd said, and Cassie suggested that I meet her downstairs in the garden at 1:30, to tell her how Tyler reaponded to her message, so she would know what to expect when she went upstairs to see him.
I agreed to meet Cassie at the bench at 1:30, and said I would wait downstairs so that she and Tyler could have the room to themselves.
Cassie and Ellie then thanked me for sucking their feet and letting them walk on me, and I said it was a pleasure.
They left, and straight away I started worrying about what I was going to say to Tyler when he got back.
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Jun 10, 2016
Ellie is just as amazing as Cassie. I agree with Mister...why wouldn't Tyler want to kiss and suck Cassie's feet...and let her walk on him? :D


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Aug 8, 2004
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I have such a dark thoughts... I totally want the girls to trick Tyler into thinking everything is OK and then have a trample/snuff party with him being the guest of honor. o_O


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Oct 10, 2017
Part 160
When Tyler came back from radiology, and was back in his hospital bed, he said "I hope my fiance and her friend didn't bother you too much. Thanks for keeping her friend occupied while I was talking with Cassie. I guess you heard some of our conversation?"
I said that I heard a few snippets, and Tyler said "Yeah. I'm a bit worried... Cass said she's coming back tomorrow and that we need to talk... that can't be good, right?"
I told Tyler that Cassie had talked to me for a while before they left, and asked me to give Tyler a message. I relayed what Cassie had said, that tomorrow Tyler either sucks her feet and does whatever she tells him to, or the wedding is off and Tyler is dumped.
Tyler was pretty upset about Cassie's ultimatum. He said "I just don't understand that girl! She keeps banging on about wanting me to kiss her feet and suck her feet! And I did kiss her feet!! But even that wasn't enough, and she wanted me to kiss them again, and suck her toes!! Well I've had enough of this crap! I'm not gonna let her force me to do anything I don't want to do!"
After he'd cooled down a bit, I tried to talk some sense into Tyler. I pointed out that Cassie was stunningly attractive, and that he had over 120 stitches in his face. And he wasn't likely to get a girl as attractive as Cassie again, not with his face covered in scars from those girls' golf spikes. Plus he had plenty of other injuries, and was attached to a colostomy bag. He wasn't exactly a prize catch, so maybe he should swallow his pride and do whatever Cassie asks him to! Tyler was a bit annoyed with me, and didn't say much for the rest of the day.
But overnight, Tyler thought about what I'd said, and had reluctantly decided that he would give in to Cassie's demands, and do whatever it takes to keep her.

Shortly before 1:30, I headed downstairs to meet Cassie at the garden bench. When I got there, Cassie was waiting for me. And she had Ellie with her.
Cassie looked absolutely perfect, in a little black leather jacket, tight black jeans, and black leather high-heeled boots.
Ellie was dressed more casually, in torn blue jeans, with a baggy hoodie, and black leather flat-heeled ankle boots with studs around the top of each boot at the sides.
I walked over to the bench and Cassie asked "Did you tell him what I said?"
I explained that he said he would do whatever it takes to keep her.
Cassie said "Good! I'll go upstairs at two! In the meantime, how would you feel about sucking my toes? They're a bit sweaty so maybe you could freshen them up a bit before my fiance has to suck on them."
I agreed to suck Cassie's feet, and she removed her left boot. I knelt on the ground in front of Cassie and she put her foot in my face.
Cassie was wearing pink socks again, and I asked her "These aren't the same pink socks you were wearing yesterday, are they?" just before I put my mouth around her toes.
Cassie said "Yeah, they are the same socks."
I sucked at Cassie's toes, trying to remove the sweat, and wondered whether she was going to make Tyler suck her socks, after they had been in my mouth. It didn't seem very hygienic.
It was a hot day and Cassie's feet were pretty sweaty. As I sucked on Cassie's feet, they chatted about the honeymoon plans some more.
Among Cassie's Milan itinerary, she was especially keen to go shopping at all of the high-end fashion stores. And once again, she told Ellie about the bull that it's good luck to step on its balls.
Cassie said "And of course we'll be going to the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel, which has beautiful mosaic floor tiles, including a picture of a bull that represents the city of Taurino. If you step on its testicles and then spin, it's meant to bring you good luck!"
Cassie and Ellie just kept chatting away, completely ignoring me kneeling on the ground in my pyjamas sucking on Cassie's feet in her two-day-old pink socks.
Then, at two o'clock, Cassie said "Time to go" and quickly put her boots back on.
As Cassie stood up and headed upstairs, Ellie slid across the bench to sit in front of me. I stayed on my knees and Ellie put both of her feet on my thighs.
Ellie lifted her right foot and removed her boot, then placed her toes to my lips. She was wearing purple socks and I put my mouth around her toes. Her sock was damp with sweat.
With Ellie's foot in my mouth, I couldn't speak, so I just knelt there in silence, sucking on her foot.
Ellie hardly spoke either. At one stage, she started twisting the toe of her left ankle boot into my groin and said "Why go all the way to Milan to step on some mosaic balls, when I can step on some real ones here!"
And after that, whenever I was sucking on one of Ellie's feet, she would be digging her other foot's toes or heel into my groin.
After I'd thoroughly sucked both of Ellie's feet, she put her boots back on, and had me lick them clean, including the soles. Once her boots had been cleaned, Ellie stood up and kicked her right foot into my groin, then pressed her foot down trapping my junk under her sole. Ellie twisted her foot back and forth, crushing my genitals under her foot. Next, Ellie turned her back to me, and pushed the flat heel of her boot down on my groin, again squashing my junk into the ground. And then she started grinding her heel back and forth.
Ellie had been mashing my genitals underfoot for a minute or two, when her phone rang. Ellie answered the phone and said "Hi Cass. Everything OK?"
Ellie listened to Cass, then said "Cool. I'll be right up."
Ellie said "Gotta go! Wait here!" and hurried off to meet Cassie upstairs.
I sat on the bench in my pyjamas, waiting for Ellie to return.
About half an hour later, Cassie and Ellie returned. I asked Cassie "How did it go?"
Cassie smiled and said "Really good!... Reeeeealllly good!!!!"
I looked at Cassie's left hand and saw she was still wearing her engagement ring, so Tyler must have complied with all of her requests.
Cassie said "I'd love to stay and walk on you, but we really have to get going."
I said "Maybe next time.... when are you visiting again?"
Cassie said "Um... Not sure.... Anyway, bye!"
Ellie said "Yeah, thanks. Bye" and they both walked away.
I was sad they were leaving so soon, and started making my way back up to my room.
When I walked into the room, Tyler was crying. And he looked terrible! Some of the cuts on his face had reopened and popped their stitches. There was blood on his sheets too.
I asked "Tyler! What happened?"
Tyler said "I did everything she asked! I kissed her boots! I kissed her feet! I sucked her toes! I even licked the toejam from in between her toes! And then she made me do the same to Ellie's feet!.... Her bitch friend, Ellie!!!! And I did it!!! And then they stood on me, and kicked me!! They even took turns standing on my balls and twisting their weight on it! I was asking them to stop, but they just kept laughing and crushing me beneath their feet. They were really hurting me, and then when they'd finished, Cassie broke up with me!! She dumped me!! After I'd degraded myself sucking on their feet and letting them walk on me!"
I was confused. Why was Cassie still wearing his engagement ring? Why did she break up with Tyler if he did everything she asked?
Over the next few days, Tyler told me all the details. Cassie kept the engagement ring, saying she was going to sell it. And we figured out that she had been intending to break up with Tyler as soon as she saw his disfigured face, but had decided to trick him into worshipping her feet before she dumped him.
For the next six days, Tyler talked of nothing but what Cassie and Ellie had done to him. He felt totally humiliated and ashamed that he had sucked Cassie's feet, and even worse, he'd sucked the feet of her friend Ellie... who he had always disliked. Tyler's injuries were worse, as a result of Cassie and Ellie kicking him in the face, standing on his stomach and chest, and grinding his genitals under their feet.
And he had been having trouble sleeping ever since, due to the pain and his constant anxiety. The doctors increased his pain medication, and also gave him some strong sedatives to help him sleep, but he still wasn't sleeping well.
He seemed pretty depressed for those six days after Cassie dumped him, and was becoming increasingly angry that the four girls at the Pro Shop who had ruined his life, still hadn't been caught by the police.
It was very sad when Tyler passed away. Since Cassie dumped him, Tyler hadn't been swallowing his pills, and had been saving them instead.... and then he took them all at once.
He did it the day before I got discharged from the hospital. I went to his funeral, and was surprised to see Cassie and Ellie were there. Cassie was wearing a black dress with black suede court shoes, and Ellie was wearing a tight white ankle length dress with the same ankle boots she'd worn when they trampled on him in the hospital.
I don't think Tyler's parents knew about what Cassie and Ellie had done to Tyler, because they were very friendly to Cassie.
I did speak briefly to Cassie and Ellie, and they told me that Cassie was still going on the honeymoon to Milan and Venice, but was taking Ellie with her instead of Tyler. And she was going to sell the engagement ring and use the money to buy boots in Milan.
It was a shame about Tyler,... I just hope Cassie and Ellie had a great time in Italy.

Next time I'll tell you about an old guy I met in hospital, called William.
Poor old William had made it through Chivalry Day without coming to any harm. But on the following morning, William was brutally assaulted in his own driveway, by two women in high-heeled boots.
There were quite a few guys who lost an eye on Chivalry Day, but poor William lost both eyes to those two women's heels. He also had a lot of missing teeth, so it was hard to understand him when he spoke, but those two women sounded like a pair of psychos. Anyway, I'll tell you about it next time...


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Oct 10, 2017
Part 161
I only spoke to William once. It was on the same day that Tyler passed away. I had to go to the ophthalmologist about my right eye, and William was already in the waiting area. One of the nurses must have taken him there, because he had bandages on both his eyes.
I noticed that he also had a lot of cuts on his face, which looked to me like they might have been done by a woman's high heels. I introduced myself and told him my eye had gotten damaged on Chivalry Day.
William introduced himself and told me his story.... "I heard about all the violence of Chivalry Day, so I didn't leave the house for the whole day. But the next morning, when I was in my driveway to get my newspaper, two women attacked me and basically tried to kick me to death. I'm lucky to be alive!"
I encouraged William to continue, saying "No way! What happened??"
William said "Well I went out to collect the paper, and these two girls who were sitting in a car outside my neighbour's place, saw me. They got out of the car and walked over to me, saying 'Excuse me, but can we have a quick word with you?'
I turned around and looked at them. They were both gorgeous... one brunette and one blond.... both wearing high-heeled boots. The brunette was wearing little black boots, and the blond was wearing tall purple boots.
They'd been visiting the girl who lives next door to me, who is a real little hottie. In fact, she was the main reason I bought the house. When I inspected the house, I looked out of an upstairs window and saw this blond temptress sunbathing in her back yard. My hobby is surreptitiously taking photos of young hotties, so I bought the house and took photos of my nubile neighbour every chance I got."
I asked William "Really? Haha... I hope she was over eighteen."
William said "Yeah, she's over eighteen... she's a college student. I've got about two thousand photos of her. I've got thousands of photos of other girls too. I keep them in my pantry. In Corn Flakes boxes.... just in case the cops ever search my house looking for upskirting photos or something.
Anyway, her friends said they wanted to talk to me, but when they got close the brunette hit me across the face with her riding crop. And then the blond girl kicked me in the family jewels. I hit the deck.
And then they both started kicking me. Kicking me really hard. Each time a kick landed I felt another jolt of pain. They kicked me around my driveway like I was a rag doll. They were both young and strong ... and I'm an old guy, I was pretty much defenseless against them.
Whenever I put my hand on the ground to try and push myself up off the ground, one of the girls would stamp on it with the heel of their boot. And I mean they really stamped on it! The doctors tell me I've got 18 fractures in my right hand and 16 fractures in my left!
So I couldn't get to my feet, and I was just lying on the ground getting kicked around. They were even kicking me in the head! Each time a boot would slam into my face or head, my head would snap back with the force. I thought they were gonna kick me to death for sure!
They were so vicious the way they were laying their boots into me, but then one of them, the one in the black boots, said 'Let's stop kicking him.... my big toe's getting sore', and they stopped.
I was so glad that the assault was over. I was going to make those young women pay for what they'd done. I just needed to get inside my house and then somehow dial 911 with my smashed hands to call the cops. The police had spoken to the girls, and my neighbour, only fifteen or twenty minutes earlier, when I'd rung the cops about them whipping some guy and jumping on his head.... so I knew the cops'd be able to identify my assailants quite easily.
But then the blond one pulled my bathrobe off, exposing my nakedness. And then she kicked me in the balls with the toe of her boot. She was a skinny thing... tall and skinny, but her legs were really strong.... she kicked really hard. The brunette wasn't as strong, but she was incredibly nasty... they both were really! Very sadistic!
The blond kicked me in the groin a second time, but this time it was more of a stomp than a kick, and with her heel, which was about two inches high! Christ almighty! Her heel went right into my balls!! I've never felt pain like that before! But they weren't finished with me! Not by a long chalk!
They stood with one girl on each side, and took turns stomping their heels into my groin! In rapid succession! The blond was stomping with her right foot, and the brunette was stomping with her left foot! The blond was stomping harder than the brunette, but the brunette's heels were thinner and higher, probably four inches. I tried to cover my family jewels with my hands, but my hands were so smashed and swollen that I could barely move them. The girls just kicked them aside and kept stomping on my groin with their heels. And it's the weirdest thing.... you won't even believe this, but they were laughing! Laughing!! As though they were playing ping pong!... and not destroying some poor guy's balls with their heels! Can you believe that?"
I nodded, as I knew they would have been laughing while they tortured him with their stomping feet, then I remembered that William couldn't see me nodding. But before I could utter a verbal response, William continued his story....
"Seriously... you couldn't even imagine how much it hurts to have some chick stomp on your balls with the heel of her boot! I'm amazed I didn't pass out, just from the pain.... cos it actually got worse! When they stopped stomping on my balls, the brunette with the riding crop, she hit me on the penis with her riding crop! And then she just kept whipping at my cock and balls with her riding crop! Until her arm got tired!
Then she gave the crop to the blond and she thrashed my genitals with the crop until HER arm got tired! She handed the riding crop back to the brunette, for her to whip me some more, but the brunette looked at my genitalia and said 'Oo! Maybe we should leave his junk alone...' then looked at her riding crop and said 'Great! My crop is covered in this loser's blood! I'll probably have to throw it out now!!!'
They had completely mangled my genitals with their heels and that riding crop. The doctors had to remove one of my testicles, and I'm going to be seeing a urologist for years to come!
The brunette one was just digging her spiky heel into my ribs, and twisting it in, but really casual, you know, like she was just thinking about something. She'd been doing this for a while, when the blond one asked 'So what do you wanna do now?'
I was hoping they might decide that they'd done enough damage and leave me alone. But the brunette kept twisting her heel into my ribs while she stared at her foot and thought about it.
Suddenly, she lifted her foot from my ribs. She smiled at the blond and said 'Let's jump on his head!'
I lay there in disbelief. I thought she had to be joking. But I'd seen them jumping on that guy's head next door, so I knew they might actually do it to me.
I said 'Please, don't hurt me any more. I've got money in the house.... nearly three thousand dollars! It's all yours if you just stop!'
The brunette said 'We don't want your money, arsehole!', then stepped to beside my head and did a little jump to land on my face with both feet. She wobbled on my face for a second before losing her balance and stepping down. Her spiky heels had stabbed right into my face and I knew she had cut me.
Before I knew it, the blond had jumped up and landed on my face. Her heels were thicker, but I think she'd jumped higher. I figure she broke a tooth with her right heel when she landed.
The girls discussed the problem of keeping their balance when they landed on my face, due to their heels nor providing a sufficiently stable footing on landing. I thought they might at least take their boots off, to make it easier for themselves, but no! Their solution was for them to stand on each side of my head, and hold hands so the one doing the jumping would be getting support from the one standing on the ground. And that's what they did!
The girl in the little black boots with the four-inch heels, she jumped on my face five times! I thought my skull was going to collapse under her feet. After her first jump, I turned my head to the right, so that my face wasn't straight up. The blond told me to turn my head back so it was face up, but I ignored her.
Nest thing I know, the brunette has stuck her thin heel into my ear! Literally IN my ear!!! And she was pushing it in further and twisting it to force it deeper into my ear.
I screamed 'OK. OK. OK.'
The brunette gave her heel a few more twists, then said something, but I couldn't hear what she was saying. It turns out she's damaged my eardrum with her heel, and I might be permanently deaf in my left ear!
Well now my head is killing me... absolutely throbbing with pain!
But I turned my head face up to actually let this bitch jump on my face four more times! I really had no choice!
Then they swapped and the blond jumped on my head five times! Sometimes a heel would go in my eye! And both of them were really slamming their heels down when they landed. Aside from the damage their heels were doing to my face, they were doing a hell of a lot of damage under the skin too. Chipping and splintering bones, and smashing up my teeth and gums! I'm 62 years old! My bones aren't as strong as they used to be!
Then the brunette has another turn.... another five jumps! And then the blond jumped on my face five more times. I was actually praying that they would knock me unconscious and put me out of my misery. I'd already resigned myself to the likelihood that these beautiful young monsters would end up somehow killing me with their boots.
After the blond had jumped on my head for the tenth time, she said "OK. That's enough!" I was over the moon, hearing that! I was so grateful, I could have gladly kissed her feet!
But then she added 'Let's do something else to him now!'
I looked at these sadistic bitches, although my vision wasn't 100%, due to receiving their heels in my eyes several times while they were jumping on my face. So beautiful... and yet so cruel.
The brunette started laughing her head off. She said something to the blond and they both started laughing and jumping around with gleeful excitement. I didn't hear what the brunette had said, since my left ear was no longer functioning. But I soon learnt the gist of what the brunette had suggested.
The brunette lifted her left foot and stamped her heel down on my left eye! And then she started grinding it into my eyeball. Twisting it around, sliding it to the side of my eye and ramming it deep into my eye socket. I could see the sole of her ankle boot angled above my right eye, moving from side to side as she gouged her thin spike heel into my eye. And the laughing! I could hear them both laughing while she was deliberately using her heel to blind me in my left eye!!!
Finally, she took her heel out of my eye. I couldn't see anything out of my left eye at all! But with my right eye, I could see the blond looking down at my face, and she said something like 'Wow! What a mess!"
Then she smiled and lifted her right foot above my face. I lay there watching as she slowly lowered her purple boot toward my face. As I realised that the blond was going to put her heel into my other eye, I said 'No! Wait!', but she did it anyway.... pushed the heel of her boot into my right eye. I let out this pathetic scream, not even loud enough to summon any help. The blond kept grinding her heel into my eye, and then she said 'Give me your hand!'
But she wasn't talking to me, she was talking to her friend. And suddenly her heel went in even further... I think the full two inches!! She was standing on my eyeball with her heel, and still slightly twisting! The brunette must have been helping her balance on her heel... in my eye! I couldn't believe she could do that without killing me, but somehow I remained both alive and, unfortunately, still conscious!
Finally, the blond stepped off my eye, and I prayed that my ordeal was finally over.... but of course they weren't quite finished with me yet!
You probably won't believe what I'm about to tell you... and I can't blame you if you don't believe me... I still can't believe anyone could do such a thing to another human being!!!
I think it was the brunette. I couldn't see which one it was, but I think it was her, because she had really thin heels and had been standing on my left.
I felt a heel stabbing at my left eye again, but not like before. In fact, she seemed to be trying to avoid my eyeball, and was pushing her heel into the side of my eyeball, just next to my eye socket. I felt the sole of another boot press against the right side of my face, as if to keep my face propped up while the other girl tried to bury her heel deeper into my eye socket. After a torturous minute or so, the heel slid back out of my eye, but was then pushed into my eye at the other side, beside my nose. Again, the girl pushed her heel into my eye, twisting and grinding as she continued to force her heel deeper into my eye! I was petrified with fright! If it was, as I suspected, the girl with the thin four-inch heels, and she somehow forced all four inches of heel into my eye, I was certain that her heel would go into my brain and kill me or at least leave me with brain damage.
I think it might have been better if they HAD killed me!! The girl twisted her heel back and forth in my eye, getting it right in behind my eye.... and then.... she somehow popped my eye right out of my head!!!
I could feel it sitting on my cheek! The doctors told me it would still have been attached, and could have been put back into my eye socket, but what these two bitches did next... still laughing their heads off, mind you..... the one on my right pushed my head onto its side, so my left eye was on the ground....
And then the one that had gouged my eye out with her heel.... she actually stepped on it with the sole of her boot!!!"
William paused for a while, then said "Ever got something in your eye? Hurts, doesn't it? So try to imagine what it feels like to have your eye popped out, and then have some girl actually stand on it, crushing it under the sole of her boot! She just stood there for at least a minute, knowing that my eyeball was under her foot. They were both giggling and laughing.
When she stepped off my eye, I heard her say 'No way! I thought it would have popped under my weight! But it's just a bit misshapen!'
Then the other one, the blond I think, said 'Let me have a try!'
Next thing, I feel someone step on my eye again, and this time they gave it a twist. Then they took their foot off and said 'No way!!! I can't believe how tough eyeballs are!!!' and they both laughed.
The one that had just stepped on my eyeball said 'I think I know how to squish it!'
Then I felt pain explode in my eye, as she stamped the sole of her boot down on my eyeball as hard as she could! And somehow I still didn't pass out. Well, at least I don't think I did.
Maybe I did black out. The next thing I was aware of, apart from the pain, was the sound of scraping on the cement driveway. It was the girl that had just splattered my eyeball under her foot, scraping off bits of my eyeball that had stuck to her boot's sole. I heard her say 'Eeyeww. Gross! Now I've got his eyeball stuck on my boot!'
The other one said 'Yuck! I'd rather have dogshit stuck to my boot!' and they both laughed their heads off.
But it must have been just part of my eyeball that had stubbornly attached itself to her boot sole, because the doctors told me the paramedics had to scrape what used to be my eye, off the driveway, in order to unstick me from the driveway!
Anyway, they left after that. I heard car doors slam, and their car drive away. I was half expecting them to drive into my driveway and run me over with their car, but they didn't... I'm sure they would have if they'd thought of it, but they didn't.
I lay there, accepting that hopefully I would soon pass out, and then bleed to death in my driveway.
But then a jogger spotted me laying there, and ran over. It was a woman, and she said 'Haha! I hope you die!', then jogged off to continue her run.
I knew who that would be. There was a cute jogger that ran past my house every morning at about 7:13am. But there had been a couple of times when she'd seen me with my camera, and I guess she'd figured out I was taking photos of her. Still, it was pretty harsh of her to not get help, and to say she hoped I die.
Luckily a male jogger came by a few minutes later, and he saw me and called an ambulance.
I hope those bitches each get thirty years in jail for what they did to me!
I'll be honest, I'm no saint.... and if the police ever found some of those photos in my pantry, I'd be going to jail myself, but what sort of a person could do all of that to another person?"
Just then, the ophthalmologists nurse came into the waiting area and said "William Kincaid? The doctor will see you now."

I sat there in the waiting area. As he'd said, "What sort of person could do that to another person?"
I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but not long after he'd started his story, I suspected the two girls were Amy and Veronica. By the end of his story, I had no doubt at all that it was Amy and Veronica. And Zoe had mentioned her pervert neighbour... calling him Old Man Kincaid. I was just glad Zoe hadn't been involved, as I'd hate to see her get into any trouble.

The day after I was discharged from the hospital, I went to collect my car from outside Zoe's house. It had a parking ticket on the windshield, but that was later withdrawn, after I provided evidence that I'd been in hospital since Chivalry Day.
I went and looked at Williams driveway.
I could see where Amy and Veronica had stomped him almost to death... there were still bloodstains there on the cement. But there were no traces of eyeball anywhere. I guess the crows and ants had taken that away.
While I was standing there looking at the driveway, I heard a voice say "Hi Mister!"
I nearly jumped out of my skin.
As I started to turn around, Zoe said "What are you doing in my neighbour's driveway?"
I explained that I had met William Kincaid while I was in hospital and he'd told me what had happened after the police left to take me to the hospital.
Zoe said "Yeah... You know what Amy's like. And Veronica's much the same as Amy, I'm afraid."
Then Zoe commented on my broken arm, saying "Sorry about your arm... I didn't mean to break it."
I was confused by her comment, as I hadn't been able to figure out how my arm had gotten broken, and said "Did you break it? I can't even remember it getting broken."
Zoe said "No... You were unconscious when I broke it.... Veronica had jumped on your head and knocked you out. And your left arm was in a funny position... your left hand was on your thigh, and your elbow was on the ground. So I stamped on it with my right foot... I don't even know why I did it. Nothing happened.... but then I did it again, and it made me this really loud crack.... like REALLY loud! Like a gunshot! Amy was laughing and said I'd broken your arm. I felt really bad about doing that to you. Sorry!"
I said "Oh no, don't feel bad, Zoe. It's perfectly okay, I don't mind. Really!"
Zoe smiled and said "Oh, thanks. You're so nice to me."
Now I don't why I said this, but I said "When I was talking to your neighbour, he didn't know who I was, didn't know that I know you, and he told me something.... I don't know if it will help Amy and Veronica, or not..... but he told me he has thousands of photos hidden in his pantry.... they're inside Corn Flakes boxes. He said he's got a few thousand photos of you..."
Zoe said "I knew it!!!", as I continued ".... and he said there's thousands of photos he's taken of other girls. He said that if the police found the photos he'd end up going to jail. I don't see how that could help Amy, and Veronica, but I thought maybe I should tell you about it anyway, just in case."
Zoe said "Thanks. That could be helpful. You never know."
I said "Well I just came to collect my car."
Zoe said "Well, thanks for the info. And for being so nice about your broken arm. It was really good to see you again."
Then Zoe gave me a hug, a really long hug, before giving me a kiss on the cheek.
Zoe said "You take care of yourself, Mister! Love you heaps", and then skipped off down the driveway.
I watched Zoe skip away, in her blue cowboy boots, and managed to say "Bye" before she was out of earshot.
I got in my car, my very badly dented car, and drove home.

Next time I'll tell you about a young guy I met in the hospital. I'd kind of met him before... Sort of. I guess it really is a small world.
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Jun 10, 2016
Cassie (and Ellie) were very wicked to Tyler...but of course it was great. What Amy and Veronica did to "Old Man" Kincaid was brutal, but he was a naughty he deserved it. I liked the scene with Zoe and Mister near the end of part 161. If I didn't know any better, I would almost believe that she's developed feelings toward him. Either way, she's tremendous and I somehow hope he ends up living under her feet...happily ever after.
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Dang, sounds like Veronica got her wish to stick all 4 inches of her heel in someone’s eye. She even worked her heel so deep into his eye socket she actually popped his eyeball out. :oops:
Mister sure is lucky Zoe had them remove their boots and only work over his eyes in their socks or barefoot.
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Oct 10, 2017
Part 162
I still feel bad about betraying William's trust and telling Zoe what he had said about having thousands of photos hidden in his pantry. Particularly when you think that William will probably be permanently blind, rendering his photo collection useless anyway.
But there was another fellow I spoke to, whose story interested me very much. However, I'm not sure how much of his story was true. But I'll still tell you the story he told me.....

I'd been in the hospital 9 days, when I was taken to talk to one of their psychiatric team. All of the Chivalry Day casualties were being given trauma counselling, even if you didn't want it, and that Monday was my turn. I arrived early, and while I was waiting I got chatting with a young guy in the waiting room.
His name was Dirk. His face had a lot of cuts and bruises, so I asked him if his injuries were from Chivalry Day.
Dirk said "Yeah! Kind of! Except technically Chivalry Day was over when I got my head kicked in by a bunch of crazy bitches!"
I said "I guess my situation is similar... I'm here because of injuries I sustained in the early hours of Saturday morning."
Dirk said "Yeah, that's exactly the same as what happened to me!"
I asked him "Really? What happened to you?"
Dirk told me "Well, it's a long story."
I said "I don't mind... I'm not going anywhere, and your story's gotta be a lot more interesting than reading this magazine."
I said "OK, I guess I've got nothing better to do. Hmmm, well I live next door to the neighbours from hell. Two stuck-up bitches. They live in 3B, and I'm in 3C. They seemed OK when they moved in. But then one of them, Mon, asked me out on a date. I said no, and then they started harassing me and making lots of noise... just because I rejected her!
Anyway, they're terrible neighbours. They're so noisy! Always playing loud music! Always laughing really loud! Always talking really loud! And walking on wooden floor boards in high heels at all hours of the night! Those girls had been driving me mad!
So anyway, Friday night I'm in bed asleep, when my neighbours arrive home at two in the morning, with two of their friends, and some guy. Being totally inconsiderate, they start jumping on the guy's car and yelling some stupid chant over and over.
I asked them, very politely and without swearing at all, if they could please stop making so much noise, but they yelled abuse at me, swearing and threatening me. And they kept on making tons of noise, waking up the whole neighbourhood. So I went inside and called the cops."
(I knew he was talking about Mon and Jess, and that it was my car they were jumping on, but I didn't tell him that. I also knew that he actually did swear at the girls, calling them 'stupid fuckin bitches', 'cunts' and 'sluts'. And Jess had said it was Dirk who asked Mon out, not the other way around.)
Dirk kept talking, "So the cops came and sent the guy home, and the girls went inside. But as soon as they got inside, they started playing Taylor Swift really loud.
I tapped on the wall, but they started banging loudly on the wall, and yelling abuse. And then they turned the music up even louder.
So I went round to their apartment and knocked on the door.
Mon opened the door, and I asked nicely if they could turn the music down a little bit. Mon invited me into their apartment, and I went inside, saying that the loud music would be bothering the other tenants.
Suddenly Jess hit me over the head with a cheeseboard. And she kept whacking me on the head with it.
And then one of their friends hit me in the head with the heel of a black shoe that had been lying on the floor. Then Mon picked up the other black shoe and started hitting me with it. And their other friend started hitting my legs with the vacuum! You know, with the round pipe bit.
I was trying to get to the doorway, to escape, but then Jess dropped the cheeseboard, and picked up the vacuum... the round heavy part. Jess smashed it down on the back of my head three times, until I fell to the floor. Those Dyson vacuum cleaners are heavier than you'd think.
Then, while I was trying to get to my feet, someone started choking me from behind, with the cord from the vacuum. I'm trying to breathe, but I can't, and the others start kicking me. One girl was wearing black cowboy boots, and one was wearing black shoes with really pointy toes. And the other one put on the black shoes they'd been hitting me with.... they had really high heels. They just kept kicking me and stamping on me with their feet. I was only wearing a pair of shorts, and one of the girls pulled them off, so now I was completely naked! And they kept kicking me, except now they were kicking me in the balls as well!
I kept trying to get up, but it isn't easy when you're being choked to death, and getting the shit kicked out of you. And whenever I'd put a hand on the floor, one of the girls would stamp on it with the heel of their shoes.
I was getting weaker and weaker, as the girl on my back kept choking me, but suddenly she let go of the cord and let me breathe again. I rolled onto my back, rubbing at my throat and sucking in air.
But instead of letting me recover, they kept kicking me and stamping on me... and now my balls were fully exposed. They were stomping on my balls!
I moved my hands to my groin, trying to protect myself, and then Jess stood on my neck. Literally STOOD on my neck! With both feet. She looked down at me and said 'Not so tough now, are you?'
Their friend in the cowboy boots started kicking my head and stomping on my face. And the one with the pointy toes was kicking and stomping on my balls. And her heels were really sharp... they weren't very high, but man were they sharp!
I couldn't breathe with Jess standing on my neck, but she did eventually step off my neck. I sucked in air, but then someone else stood on my neck, in heavy boots. It was Mon! She'd gone and changed into a pair of motorcycle boots. They had thick heavy soles, with a rough tread, and two metal buckles on the side of each boot. And as I soon discovered, they had steel toe caps. She stood on my neck with one foot and stamped on my face with her other heavy boot.
The girl in cowboy boots had gone to my groin and started kicking and stomping at my balls. The one with the pointy toes stood on my stomach and started stamping on me with her sharp little heels.
When Mon got off my neck, I started breathing in air again, and I tried to push the girl off my stomach.
But then Jess came back into the room. She'd gone to her room and put on a pair of high-heeled white leather shoes. The white leather was a bit discoloured around the bottom of each shoe,...
Anyway, Jess went to town on my face! She stood beside my head and stamped on my face over and over again. When she'd lift up her foot, I could see the little metal tip of her heel. Sometimes I'd turn my head to the sides, but it didn't help much, and whenever I turned my head Mon moved to just in front of my face and kicked me in the face really hard with the steel toe of her motorcycle boot. And every so often, after another brutal stomp from Jess's heel, Jess would stand on my face with both feet, grinding those sharp metal heels into my face with all her might. That's how my right eye got fucked up... one of Jess's heels sliced across it. And look at my teeth!"
Dirk held his lip up to show me his teeth. At least half of his teeth were missing. This was a common Chivalry Day injury, teeth kicked out, or broken and later extracted by a dentist. But a high heel going into some guy's eye and damaging his vision was one of the most common injuries. The hospital staff really did an amazing job of treating all of us Chivalry Day casualties.
Dirk continued "I don't know whether it was Jess stamping her heel on my mouth that smashed my teeth, or whether it was Mon kicking me in the mouth with her steel toed boots... probably both, I guess.
I was screaming for them to stop, and crying for help, and apparently the lady downstairs, in 2B, called the police. God bless her! But I didn't know the police had been called, and neither did Mon and Jess and their friends, so they continued kicking the crap out of me.
The girl in the black pointy-toed shoes with the sharp little heel, she was standing on my stomach and stamping her foot on me, stamping with her heel of course. And she seemed to be aiming at the one spot every time she stamped her foot.... my belly button! Sometimes she took a break from stamping her foot and just stood on one foot, with her heel in my belly button. She would put all of her weight on that heel and twist back and forth for a while. And then she would go back to stamping on it again. All while Mon and Jess were kicking my face in.
And while this was going on, the one in the black and white cowboy boots kept kicking and stomping at my balls. The toe of her cowboy boot was hard and every time she kicked me it hurt, and especially if her kick hit one of my testicles. But the heel of her boot was even harder and when she was stomping on my balls with her heel, I was really scared about what damage she was doing to my balls.... and with good reason, as it turns out!
This went on for ages, or maybe not,... it sure felt like forever. And then they swapped around a bit. The girl in the cowboy boots started kicking and stomping on my face. She was mainly focusing on my nose, and one time while she was standing on my face and grinding my nose under her full weight, twisting on her heel, she said something like 'his nose is gonna be flat as a pancake when I've finished with him.' My parents are pretty upset about what the girls did to my face, but especially what they did to my nose, because my parents paid a lot of money for me to get a nose job five years ago. My nose was kind of big, so I got it fixed... but now look at it!"
I was looking at his nose, but it had bandages on it and I couldn't see what damage had been done.
Dirk said "Now I need to have reconstructive surgery to rebuild my nose!
Anyway, Jess joined the girl with the pointy toes on my stomach, stomping on my belly button and twisting their heels into it as hard as they could. While Mon took over the kicking of my balls, smashing the toe of her steel-capped boot into my groin, and usually hitting my balls with each kick.
The girls on my stomach started stamping and jumping on my stomach like a pair of lunatics. Seriously, it felt like I was being stabbed. Their heels were so sharp, and both of them had heels where you could see the metal. I didn't know it at the time, but they had actually punctured my belly button! And then they set to work puncturing the rest of my stomach as well. But the pain in my belly button was the worst. It was agony!
And to top it all off, they were laughing! They seemed to think it was funny! The whole time, while they were kicking me almost to death, they were laughing! Like it was fun! Fuckin lesbians!
And they just kept on going! The girl in the cowboy boots was relentless... She kept stomping and kicking at my face, and standing on my head. But sometimes she actually JUMPED on my head! I'm not kidding, she would literally jump off the ground, and land on my head with both feet, in her cowboy boots! Have you ever heard of such a thing before? Actually JUMPING on someone's head? It's a miracle that I'm still alive!
And Jess in her white high heels, and her friend with the pointy toes, they were jumping up and down on me. You should see my stomach! Stitches everywhere!
And Mon was still kicking me in the balls, what was left of them, with her boot's steel toe! At one stage, I had felt an excruciating sharp pain in my groin, and I guess that was when Mon had popped my left testicle. The pain was like torture, but Mon kept on kicking me in the groin, and of course the others kept mangling my stomach with their heels and destroying my face with their cowboy boots.
Then there was a banging on the door to the apartment, and the girls all got off me. Mon went to answer the door. I turned my head and saw Jess's white shoes... there was blood spattered on them, and also blood coating the bottom half of her heels.
The police came in, they were the same ones that had come earlier, when they were jumping on that guy's car. They called an ambulance, and spoke separately to me and the girls. I told them what happened, the same as what I've just told you.... but I could hear what the girls were saying, and they all told the police a pack of lies.
They said that I had been banging on the wall and swearing at them, and threatening to kill them, which is not true at all. And then they said that I'd gone round and banged on their door, pushed the door open, knocking Mon to the floor, then stormed in and thrown their stereo on the floor, which was total bullshit! I mean, the stereo was on the floor, but it must have gotten knocked over while they were attacking me. And then they reckoned that I'd threatened them and they had attacked me in self-defense, then kept kicking me to make sure I didn't get up and harm them. And the cops seemed to believe them!!!
They even made out like I was obsessed with them, saying I'd pestered Mon to go out with me! And they told the police that they had sometimes seen me peeping at them through a crack in their living room curtain."
I asked "And none of that was true?"
Dirk said "Of course not! The prickteasers always left a tiny crack open in the curtains, up near the top.... and I have to walk past their window when I'm going to and from my apartment.... so of course, with the light on in the living room, I can't help but see them as I'm walking past. And they sit on the couch in their lingerie, the prickteasers!"
I asked him "So are they going to be charged?"
Dirk said "I don't know. I want them charged, but for some reason the cops don't seem interested in charging them. Probably because there were so many assaults on Chivalry Day, and the lazy pricks just want to get out of doing any work."
Then Dirk said "I'd like to find the guy whose car they were jumping on, cos they stomped on him too, and if both of us wanted them charged, then the cops'd have to charge them, and it would make my case a lot stronger. But the cops won't give me his details, and I know practically nothing about him... the only clue I have is what the girls said while they were kicking the shit out of me. I know his first name, but it's a very common name, and I know he's an actor."
I didn't tell Dirk that I was the guy he was looking for. I had told him my first name when we first started talking, but it didn't seem to occur to him that I might be the guy from that night. Or maybe he just assumed that if I was that guy, then I'd volunteer that information to him without being asked. Or maybe he'd ruled me out, because I wasn't an actor.
I asked "How do you know he's an actor?"
Dirk said "Sometimes while they were kicking me, they were chatting about other stuff. And at one point they started talking about the guy whose car they trashed. Mon was saying she was sure he was the guy from that movie they saw, the guy that was looking for something that didn't even exist, and got a drink thrown on him. And Jess agreed with her, that he was the guy from when they saw a movie at the Cineplex. So all I need to do now... is find this movie where one of the characters looks for something that doesn't exist and gets a drink thrown on him.... and then I'll have found the actor they were talking about!"
I looked at Dirk and said "Uh Huh. Good luck with that!"
Dirk then asked me what had happened to me on Chivalry Day. I thought about it for a while, then started to tell him about the girl in the lift standing on my feet. I didn't want to tell him too much, but then one of the psychiatrists came into the waiting room and called Dirk in for his appointment.

Well, that's enough of the violent stories. I recently had some good news. Not only has my vision returned in my right eye (it's not 100%, but it's still improving), but I managed to find a new job!
Got the job offer almost two weeks ago, and at first I wasn't sure whether to take the job, but I'd be crazy not to!
It's overseas, in the States, but that's good because now I can make a fresh start in a new country, and not have to worry about unexpectedly bumping into people who have walked on me, or who just recognise me from the news when that reporter walked on my face.
Anyway, gotta go. I'm at the airport, and my flight will be boarding soon. It's gonna be a long flight... more than twelve hours until we arrive in the U.S. of A!!! Feeling very nervous and excited. I'll post another chapter soon and tell you about my new job!
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Ahhh waaaaah I love the characters you have made on that side of the pond!

Well I trust it will still be excellent!

Thank you for writing such awesome chapters.


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Oct 10, 2017
Part 163
Whew! I'm here in the U.S.
I went to my new place of employment, but no-one was here. I sent a message to my new boss and she said they'd be here in an hour or so, and in the meantime I should just wait here out the front.
So while I'm waiting, I may as well start writing another chapter. I have to tell you about my flight...

I flew economy class, and was one of the last passengers to shuffle onto the plane. I had an aisle seat, and there was an attractive strawberry blond sitting in the window seat, and the middle seat was empty. She didn't look too happy about me sitting in the aisle seat... I guessed she was hoping to have all three seats to herself.
I sat down and put my little carry-on bag under my seat. After all the usual rigmarole, the plane took off and we were on our way. When the seatbelt light went off, I undid my seatbelt and, seeing as how there was no-one in the middle seat, I lifted up the right armrest to give myself a bit more room.
The girl in the window seat did the same. (Toward the end of the flight, the girl told me her name was Amanda, but I'll use her name for the whole story, instead of calling her the girl sitting in the window seat)
I started watching Family Guy, and soon the attendant came around with trays of food. I didn't eat much of mine, and Amanda just had the drink. And after the trays had been collected, they turned off the lights so that passengers could sleep.
Amanda was fidgeting around trying to get comfortable. She tried stretching her legs to her left, with her feet in front of the empty middle seat. But a minute later, Amanda put down the tray table for the middle seat, and put both of her feet up on the table. She was wearing black leather ankle boots, with thick, tapered heels almost three inches high. They had rounded toes, and curved tops, and a zip on the inside. I could see the tops of her socks, which were a mustard colour. Amanda sat with her left foot on top of her right, and the toe of her left boot covered two inches of my television screen.
Amanda sat like that for about five minutes, trying to sleep, then opened her eyes, looked at her feet, and said something to me. I took off my headphones and asked Amanda what she'd said.
Amanda said "Is my boot blocking your screen?"
I said "It's OK! It's just blocking a little bit."
Amanda asked "Do you want me to move my feet?'
I said "No, dont worry. It's a long flight, so you may as well put your feet however is comfortable."
Amanda said "Really? So you don't mind if I leave them here?" and flexed her feet.
I said "No, I don't mind at all. Put your feet anywhere you want."
Amanda said "OK. Thanks" and, leaving her feet on the table, closed her eyes to try and sleep.
But about three minutes later, Amanda opened her eyes and spoke to me again.
Headphones off, I asked Amanda what she'd said.
Amanda said "Well, you know how you said I could put my feet anywhere I want? Would you mind if I put my feet on the empty seat next to you?"
I said for her to go ahead, and Amanda put her feet on the seat, to her side as she slouched against the window and tried to sleep. Amanda couldn't go a minute without moving her feet, and whenever she moved her feet, Amanda lightly bumped my leg with one of her boots, and would say "Oh! Sorry" as she pulled her feet away from me. And each time I would say "That's OK!"
After Amanda had bumped me for the eighth time, and apologised for the eighth time, I said "Seriously, you don't have to apologise if you bump me with your boot. It's so hard to get comfortable on these planes, and I really don't mind if your boot touches my leg."
Amanda said "Really? OK. Thanks" and moved her feet so the heel and sole of her right boot was against my right leg. Then she got herself comfy and tried to get some sleep.
I left the headphones off and started playing video games, with Amanda's foot pressed against my leg. I think Amanda fell asleep like that, but after a while she moved her left foot so it was resting on its side, on top of my right leg.
About twenty minutes later, Amanda woke up and rubbed at her face with her left hand. She looked over at me, and wiggled her feet against me. Then she peered down at her feet, and seeing her left foot sitting on top of my leg, quickly pulled her left foot back. With her left foot now on top of her right, Amanda said "Sorry! I didn't mean to do that! I was asleep!"
I said "It's OK!", but Amanda pulled both feet towards her, saying "And my boots are dirty. You'll have dirty marks on your pants now!"
I said "I really don't mind. I can just throw them in the wash. And you seemed pretty comfortable... you did manage to fall asleep."
Amanda said "Yeah, I was pretty comfortable.... but seriously, my boots aren't clean.... I was walking through dirt and dust in them just before we left for the airport. You'd better put your armrest down so I don't put my feet on you again.... or kick you in my sleep. Then I can press my feet against the armrest as hard as I want, while I sleep."
I said "To be honest, I'd rather not put the armrest back down... I don't really want to sit in a tiny cramped seat for twelve hours! I really don't mind if you put your feet on my legs while you're sleeping."
Amanda said "Yeah, the seats are a bit small, hey? We're so lucky we got an empty seat in the middle. Hmmm.... well OK, if you're sure you don't mind..." and put her feet back against my leg, "...thanks! But don't complain if I accidentally give you a kick in my sleep!"
And so Amanda tried to go back to sleep, with her right foot pressed against the side of my right leg, and her left foot resting on top of my thigh.
She fidgeted a little during the next five minutes, then moved her feet so her toes were facing the ceiling, and pressed her feet against my leg as she changed position to sit with her back against the wall.
Amanda asked "Is it OK if I sit like this?"
I said "Of course... Sit however you like."
Amanda wiggled her feet against my leg. Her heels were against the side of my leg, and her soles were on top of my leg, with her knees slightly bent in front of her. She gave me a little smile and settled in to get some sleep.
Amanda slept like that for a while, pressing her feet into me quite hard at times, and every so often moving her feet slightly. I looked at her boots, and could see they had a very light coating of dirt. At one point, Amanda lifted her left foot and rested it on top of my leg, with the outside of her boot resting against my stomach.
When Amanda woke up, after about thirty minutes, she yawned and pressed her heels into me, then relaxed again. Opening her eyes, Amanda suddenly remembered she was resting her feet on me.
Amanda said "Are you sure you don't mind me putting my feet on you?"
I said "No, I don't mind at all."
Amanda left her feet on me and tried to go back to sleep. But after a few minutes, she asked me "Would it be OK if I straighten my legs for a while? And put my feet in your lap?"
I said "Of course! You can put your feet wherever you want. You don't even have to ask."
Amanda stretched her legs out and dropped her feet in my lap, with the backs of both heels resting on me. It must have been comfortable, because it only took a minute for Amanda to fall asleep. And she slept for a couple of hours straight.
But Amanda tossed and turned in her sleep. Her boots' heels would every so often kick into my legs or groin or stomach. And there were plenty of little kicks from the toes of Amanda's boots too. Amanda was asleep the whole time, sometimes making a cute little snoring sound that was barely audible. There was only one time that Amanda kicked me really hard, and that was when she turned to face the seat, and kicked her toes into my stomach five times. I guess she thought she was kicking the seat, not my stomach. But the only painful moments came when Amanda turned to face away from the seat, and put the heel of her right foot into my side, and the back of her left foot against my stomach. Amanda slept with her heel digging deep into my side for more than thirty minutes. At one point, she started to move her feet, but when her right foot couldn't move forward (due to being embedded an inch deep in my side), Amanda just settled back down with her feet staying where they were, and started doing her cute little snore again.
When Amanda finally woke up, again she yawned and pressed her feet into me. That right heel was really causing me some discomfort.
Then Amanda tried to move her feet, again finding that her right heel was stuck on something. She peered down at her foot, as she tried to force it forward, but it still wouldn't budge. Amanda then realised that a large part of her heel was digging into the side of my stomach, and pulled both feet back.
Amanda said "Oh my God! Sorry! Are you OK? That must have hurt!"
I said "Don't worry, I'm fine. It didn't hurt at all!"
Amanda said "No way! My heel was right in your guts! That HAD to hurt!"
I lied and told her "Oh, I could feel your heel was pressing into me, but it wasn't at all painful."
Amanda said "Really??? Well I don't want to hurt you... thanks for letting me rest my feet on you, but I think I'll just sit like a normal passenger for the rest of the flight" and put her feet back down on the floor.
I said "OK, but if you change your mind, you know you're welcome to put your feet on me. OK?"
Amanda said "Yeah, I know. Thanks, but I'm sure I'll be able to sleep OK now."
Amanda leant against the wall and tried to go back to sleep. But she seemed to be struggling to nod off. She kept moving around, frying to get comfortable.
After about fifteen minutes of unsuccessfully trying to sleep, Amanda turned to me and said "Actually...." and put her feet back onto my lap.
Amanda said "Sorry, but you're just so comfortable for resting my feet on!"
I said "That's fine. I'm happy to be your footrest for the entire flight if you want."
Amanda said "I just might take you up on that!" and promptly went back to sleep.
Again, Amanda tossed and turned a bit, occasionally kicking me or digging a heel into me. After about twenty minutes of this, Amanda started to dig both heels into my stomach, but then she suddenly woke up, as if sensing she was digging her heels into me, and pulled her feet away again.
I laughed and said "Don't worry. You're not going to hurt me with your heels. You should just relax and get some sleep."
But Amanda said "No, I can't. I'm just too worried that I'm going to hurt you with my heels. I know you don't want to, but can you please put the armrest down? Just while I'm sleeping."
Of course I really didn't want to do this, because I was loving Amanda using me as a footrest. I said "If you're worried about hurting me with your heels, why don't you just take your boots off?"
Amanda said "Yeah, good idea", and took hold of the zip on her right boot. But then she let go of the zip and said "Uhhh, no... I better leave my boots on."
I said "But you'd be more comfortable if you took your boots off, and wouldn't have to worry about hurting me with your heels."
Amanda said "Yeah, I know.... believe me, I'd love to take my boots off.... but I don't want to stink out the whole plane!"
I said "Don't worry about it. Other people have taken their shoes off... no-one will even notice."
Amanda said "Nooooo..... My feet are gonna smell bad! I've been wearing these boots for almost 24 hours. The only time I took them off, was going through security, and when I copped a whiff of my socks, I was so embarrassed I put my boots back on as quick as I could."
I said "Well it's up to you. You're welcome to leave your boots on and put your feet on me, I'm not worried about your heels..... Or you're welcome to take your boots off and I'm sure your feet don't smell so bad."
Amanda said "HA! I would love to get these boots off, my feet are killing me... but I can't, otherwise everyone on the plane will be going 'Oh, are they serving cheese now?"
I looked down at Amanda's feet on the seat next to mine. Her left foot was closer to me than her other foot. I grabbed Amanda's left foot with both hands, and unzipped her boot while Amanda said "No! Don't!" and tried to push my left hand away with her right heel. But it was too late and as I pulled my hands away, I pulled her left boot from her foot.
At first, Amanda looked shocked and embarrassed. But then she pretended to be angry, and thrust her right foot in front of me, saying "Right! Well you may as well take off the other one, too!"
As I unzipped Amanda's boot, she added "But you better not say anything about the smell, or else!!"
I pulled off Amanda's boot and placed it on the seat beside me, with her other boot. Her feet did smell cheesy, she wasn't kidding. And I was tempted to say something, just to see what her threat of 'or else' might be. But I knew Amanda was sensitive about her foot odour, so I said nothing.
Amanda stared at me with a smirk, as if daring me to say something about the smell. She put both feet on my lap and wiggled them around, and said "Ahhh, that feels much better!"
I nodded and smiled, and Amanda lifted her right foot to just in front of my face, and flexed her ankle back and forth, deliberately trying to give me a close smell of her foot in its mustard sock.
Amanda moved her foot even closer to my face, til it was almost touching the tip of my nose, and asked "So how does my foot smell? Still think they don't smell so bad??"
I said "Your feet smell fine! You said your feet are killing you... Umm, do you want me to rub them for a while?"
Amanda's jaw dropped open in surprise. She just stared at me for a few seconds, then she smiled and quietly said "Yeah, that'd be nice. Thanks."
I began massaging Amanda's right foot. Her sock was damp with sweat, and the smell of cheese was filling my nostrils. I lovingly caressed Amanda's toes, and sole, and every single part of her foot.
I'd only been massaging her foot for not even ten minutes, when I heard her cute little snore. She'd fallen asleep. I kept massaging her foot anyway.
Amanda slept for more than two hours, and I kept massaging her feet the whole time. And I'll be honest, while she was sleeping, I did sometimes massage with one hand, while holding one of her boots to my mouth to kiss, or to my nose so I could inhale the smell from inside her boot. A few times, I also slowly lifted Amanda's foot up, gently massaging it, until it was right below my face, so I could better breathe in the scent of her foot. I even placed my lips to the toe of Amanda's sock, and to her big toe.... carefully watching Amanda's face in case she started to wake up.
But Amanda slept for the whole two hours. Or so I thought. It turns out she woke up a couple of times while I was massaging her feet, but went right back to sleep.
When Amanda woke up, she giggled and said "Wow! Still massaging my feet? How long was I asleep?"
I said "Nearly two and a quarter hours."
Amanda asked "And were you rubbing my feet all that time?"
I said "Yes" as I continued massaging Amanda's left foot.
Amanda said "I woke up twice, and felt you rubbing my feet, so I pretended to still be asleep.... I was worried you might stop if you knew I was awake."
I said "No, I'm happy to massage your feet until you tell me to stop."
Amanda giggled again, and said "Really?? So you'll be rubbing my feet for the entire flight then?"
I said "Sure. If you want me to."
Amanda said "Great! I'll be going back to sleep then. Keep rubbing my feet and wake me up when we get to L.A."
So I kept rubbing Amanda's feet, but I didn't sneak her feet to my face again, not after she'd told me she'd been awake two times while I thought she'd been asleep. Amanda was snoring within five minutes, and this time she slept for about an hour.
When she woke up, Amanda said "Put my boots on! I need to go to the lav."
I quickly put her right boot on and zipped it up. As I was putting on Amanda's left boot, she was moving toward me, and adding her weight onto my legs.
As I zipped up Amanda's left boot, she said "Don't get up!" and, with both feet on my legs, she crouched there on my lap before extending her right leg over the armrest and into the aisle. Then she brought her left leg over and walked off to the lavatory.
I stayed in my seat, thinking about what a lovely young lady this Amanda was. She hadn't wanted to get my pants dirty, hadn't wanted to hurt me with her boots' heels, and hadn't wanted to take her boots off because her feet were sweaty and smelly. I thought she was very well-mannered and kind, which was a welcome change after all of the women I'd encountered on Chivalry Day.
I was so deep in thought, that I didn't notice Amanda return. And as I didn't stand up to let her through, Amanda just stepped over the armrest and onto my leg, with her right foot. Then she stepped onto my other leg with her left foot. But she didn't step across... instead she stood there on my legs, letting her heels sink into my legs, and stepping around on me. I looked up at Amanda. She was grinning, and leaning on the overhead baggage compartment for balance.
Amanda giggled and then asked "Still think I can't hurt you with my heels?"
I said "Well yeah... you're too light to hurt me, really."
Of course Amanda saw that as a challenge, and started to really dig her heels into my legs and even into my groin.
I just watched her boots trampling on my lap, then I looked up at Amanda and grinned.
Amanda walked around on my legs for another thirty seconds and then squatted down and dropped her butt down on the seat beside me. Amanda moved back into her seat, but keeping her feet in my lap.
I was hoping the floor on the lavatory hadn't been wet! I quickly offered "Do you want your boots off?"
Amanda was pulling a blanket around her, and said "Yeah. Boots off!"
As I started to remove Amanda's boots, she said "Take my socks off too!"
As I gently removed Amanda's boots and socks, she was getting comfortable to get some more sleep. I asked "Do you want me to massage your feet again?"
Amanda said "Well of course.... I'll tell you when to stop rubbing my feet!"
I massaged Amanda's bare right foot, and I heard her giggle as I rubbed in between her toes. Then, while I massaged her right foot, Amanda lifted her left foot and rested it on my shoulder, beside my head. I turned my head and felt my temple brush the ball of Amanda's left foot. Amanda started laughing, but tried her best to stifle her laughter. She said "You did tell me I could put my feet wherever I want, right?"
I said "Yeah, of course."
Emboldened, Amanda stretched her foot forward, so that while my head was tilted forward, looking at her right foot while I massaged it, Amanda rubbed at my temple and forehead with the toes of her bare left foot, and quietly laughed her head off.
But after six or seven minutes of this, Amanda stopped moving her foot around, and soon after was sound asleep and snoring.
After a while, her snoring grew louder, and that's when I turned my head to the right, placing my face against the sole of Amanda's foot, and pressing my eye to her toes. But I kept massaging her other foot the whole time. And after a few minutes, I pulled my face away and turned back to look at the foot I was massaging.
The next time Amanda's snoring got louder, I put one of her socks into my mouth. It tasted a lot better than the airline food, and I did my best to suck all of the sweat out of her sock. Then I did the same with her other sock.
Then I kept massaging her right foot for a while, until Amanda's snoring got louder again, and then I put my face to the sole of her left foot again. But after a few minutes, Amanda suddenly stopped snoring and moved around a bit before going back to sleep. But while she was moving around, she shoved her left foot into my face, and just left it pressed against my face while she slept.
Luckily, about thirty minutes later, Amanda turned to her right a bit, and her foot slid off my shoulder and dropped heavily into my lap. This caused her to wake up, and she seemed confused as she opened her eyes.
Amanda asked "Huh? What happened then?"
I said "You had your foot on my shoulder, and it just fell off."
Amanda cracked up laughing, and said "Oh my god! I forgot I'd put my foot on your shoulder! I woke up while you were rubbing my other foot, and I pressed my foot into what I thought was the seat's headrest, but it must have been your head! Priceless!"
Amanda couldn't stop laughing and giggling for a minute or two, but when she did recompose herself, Amanda said "Thank you so much, for letting me put my feet on you, and massaging my feet all this time!"
I said "It's been a pleasure. Do you want me to massage your left foot now?"
Amanda smiled and said "Rub it!!!" as she held her left foot in front of my face.
As I started massaging Amanda's foot, she said "I can't believe that was your head! I thought it was the headrest, so I pressed my foot in really hard!!" Then she laughed for another minute.
After that, still giggling, Amanda said "Normally, flights overseas are like torture ... but this has been awesome. The best flight ever! Thanks so much!"
Seemingly exhausted from laughing so much, Amanda sighed loudly and then dozed off again. I continued massaging Amanda's bare feet while she slept. And this time she slept for more than five hours. My hands were cramping up, and sore, but I kept massaging Amanda's feet anyway.
She did wake up momentarily after the first two hours, but just drowsily mumbled "Yeah, that's it, rub my feet!" and went straight back to sleep.
But when she woke up again a few hours later, Amanda said "My feet are a little cold. Can you put my socks back on? Thanks" before going back to sleep for another hour or so.
I slid Amanda's socks back onto her feet, and went back to massaging her feet. By now, a lot of passengers were starting to wake up and move around, and quite a few people noticed me rubbing Amanda's feet. An attractive flight attendant walking past, paused and said "Lucky girl!" before continuing past.
Amanda woke up soon after, and feeling well-rested, started talking to me, while I continued to massage her feet.
Amanda was meeting two friends in Los Angeles. The three of them were going to LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and New York City during their eight-week holiday.
The flight attendants brought around the breakfast meals, but I just took the drink. Amanda ate her breakfast while I massaged her feet, and I continued rubbing them until twenty minutes before landing, when she got me to put her boots back on her feet. Amanda talked a lot about her holiday plans, but eventually she asked me about my trip, saying "So how long are you going to be in America? Maybe we can catch up somewhere and you can give me another twelve-hour foot massage?"
I said "I would, but I'm starting a job in L.A. I just don't think I'll have any spare time."
Amanda said "Were gonna be in L.A. for the next eight days... you could meet us after work... I'd love to show my friends my new footrest" and put her left foot back up on my shoulder, then pressed the sole of her foot into my face, laughing at the sight of her sweaty mustard-colouted sock being rubbed around on my face.
I said "It's not really a 9 to 5 job. I'm not sure I'll get any free time" while Amanda kept rubbing the sole of her foot on my face.
Amanda said "What?? They have to give you some free time! Here, I'll give you my number and my email address.... seriously, let me know when you get some free time and we'll meet up!"
I said I would, and Amanda took her foot out of my face and wrote down her details. I took the piece of paper with Amanda's contact info and put it in my pocket.
Amanda said "You look so familiar. I've been trying to figure out where I know you from."
She stared at my face, trying to figure it out, then gave up and said "I know you from somewhere... Anyway, you can stop massaging my feet and put my boots back on now."
I put Amanda's boots onto her feet and zipped them up. They still had a bit of dirt on them, so I said "Do you want me to clean your boots?" as I pulled a clean handkerchief from my pocket.
Amanda laughed and said "OK, yeah... haha, I'm so glad I got seated next to you!"
I wiped the dirt off Amanda's boots, which cleaned off very easily. Then I wiped the soles of her boots, which Amanda thought was hilarious. She laughed even more when the attractive flight attendant came by and said "You've got him well-trained! First he massages your feet, and now he's cleaning your boots!"
When I'd finished, I told Amanda her boots were clean, and that's when she said "No offence, but you've got a lot of scars on your face. Are they from Chivalry Day?"
I said yes, and then she studied my face before saying "Hmmmm, I think I've got it! Are you the guy who was on the news with that reporter Estelle Vella walking on your face?"
I said "Yes that's right. That was me."
Amanda said "Wow! Did she do that to your face???"
I said "Oh no! She didn't do any damage at all! This was from later that day!"
Amanda said "Really? I've watched that clip on YouTube at least ten times! I love it! And I think her boots were similar to the ones I'm wearing."
I said "Yes, they were similar."
Amanda lifted her left foot and slowly moved it towards my face, waiting for me to pull away or tell her to stop. But I didn't. I just held my head still and let her push the sole and heel of her boot into my face. I could hear her giggling as she shuffled her foot across to the right side of my face. And then she placed her other foot to the left side of my face, and pushed her boots into my face really hard.
Amanda said "Think I'll just walk on your face now" and started pushing one foot into my face while pulling the other back, then pushing the other foot into my face, etc, to simulate walking on my face. I could hear her laughing her head off. Basically, she was lightly kicking me in the face with the soles of her boots. After about forty of these kicks, Amanda put her feet down in my lap.
Amanda said "When we meet up, can I walk on your face for real?"
I said "Yeah, of course you can" although I figured we probably wouldn't be meeting up anyway.
Amanda said "So tell me, what is this job where you don't even know if you'll get any time off?'
I said "Well, I've got a job as a Personal Assistant to a Hollywood celebrity."
Amanda was excited to hear that, and asked "Who's the celebrity? Come on, you've gotta tell me!"
I said "Do you know the actress Kelly Bowen?"
Amanda said "Yeah!!! I'm a huge fan of hers!! Kelly and Lucy! I love those girls!!"
I said "Well, I used to know Kelly, and um, she sent me an email a few weeks ago, offering me a job as her personal assistant."
Amanda said "Oh my god! You're so lucky! I would kill to be Kelly's assistant!"
I said "Well that's why I don't know if I'll have any free time... I'll be living at Kelly's house, with her and Lucy, and have to be available whenever they need me."
Amanda said "Right! I understand. And you said you used to know Kelly..."
I said "Yes. I knew Kelly and Lucy before they were arrested."
The fasten seatbelts sign came on, as the plane prepared for landing at LAX.
Amanda put her feet back on the floor and said "You are so lucky! Kelly and Lucy are gorgeous! I know Lucy writes a lot of books and magazine articles... Do you think she might be interested in talking to me? I've got a great story about Chivalry Day! My friends and I went to a store where the salesman had been rude to me a week or so earlier.... we pretended we wanted to buy golf shoes, the ones with spikes.... and then we all stepped on him and jumped on him. He had hundreds of little cuts all over him. And then we didn't even buy the shoes!"
Now it was my turn for my jaw to drop open. I asked Amanda "This salesman,... how was he rude to you?"
Amanda said "I'd been riding, and on the way home I stopped at the Golf Club to buy some golf shoes. I just asked him to help me pull off my riding boots, but this guy said no, and he was a real pig about it. So I left. But when I heard about Chivalry Day, I decided to go back and pay him a little visit and teach him some manners! I bet he won't be rude to the customers after we stomped all over him!"
I said "I'm sure he won't!!"
Our conversation continued with Amanda going on about what a big fan she was of Kelly and Lucy, and asking me to try to arrange for her to meet them. I said I would try to arrange something.
But I was kind of in shock.... I'd been massaging Amanda's feet for hours, and I really thought she was such a nice, gentle girl. But she was the girl that brought her friends to Tyler's store and jumped on him off a ladder. Wearing golf spikes! And just because he wouldn't pull off her riding boots when she asked him. I thought Lucy might indeed be interested in interviewing Amanda about what they did to Tyler.
After the plane landed, we left the plane and I helped Amanda lift her suitcase off the luggage carousel. But I didn't see her again after that, and I caught a taxi to the address in Hollywood where Kelly and Lucy are living.
When Kelly and I were emailing back and forth, Kelly had said they wouldn't hurt me this time. My main job would be running errands for Kelly, but they would also want me to provide foot massages, clean their footwear, and suck their toes. Also, Lucy spent a lot of time writing at her desk, and I would often be required to lie under the desk so that Lucy could use me as a footrest while she was working.
Kelly also said that she's got some celebrity friends who have expressed interest in having Mister X worship their feet, but I would only be working for her and Lucy... and wouldn't be expected to cater to her friends as well. But then she said "not unless you want to!" and listed some of her friends. According to Kelly, she was friends with Emma Roberts, Zoe Kravitz, Sarah Hyland, Juno Temple, Brenda Song, and Victoria Justice. She said she had other celebrity friends too, but these were the ones who had expressed interest in having a guy under their feet. Kelly said there would be plenty of other celebs who also wanted to have me at their feet.
So I was going to be serving Kelly and Lucy, and maybe even some of Kelly's celebrity friends. And who knows, maybe I might see Amanda/Mandy again.
Anyway, I'm going to try to be a really good Personal Assistant to Kelly, but if anything interesting does happen, I will definitely write it down, so that I can post the story on here in the new year.... but under a new thread.... probably called Kelly's Personal Assistant.

Thanks for reading! And thanks for all of the likes, comments and suggestions... they were very much appreciated.
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