Kendra Heart Nude NO mercy facesitting


Aug 8, 2002
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Kendra Heart - Breathe in my sweaty naked ASShole - HD 1080p MP4

When Kendra found out her bf was cheating on her she tied him up and taped his mouth. She made sure she got herself as sweaty as possible and decided to give him a real lesson. By sitting harshly on his face full naked. Kendra maniacally laughs as she grabs his head and rams it into her butthole. She wants his nose buried in her ass and she makes sure he cannot breathe anything but ass. She rides his face a bit as she pops her jiggly butt on his head. Then she goes into full smother mode barely getting up to let him breathe at all. The sadistic brat loves seeing his legs flail as he struggles to breathe under her naked ass. He's gonna learn real fast not to ever cheat on her again!
Starring: Kendra Heart, Octavio Fullbuster