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Jun 22, 2018
Chapter 1

Finally the train arrived. Lena had felt the short delay like half an eternity, after she had been travelling for hours. Annoyed and exhausted, she boarded the first wagon after the train had come to a halt after a seemingly endless braking process. At least the young lady immediately found a seat. To spend the three hours driving time standing up would certainly have given her the rest. She had spent her last money on this 2nd class ticket and now she just wanted to leave. Nothing kept her in this place anymore. After the big dispute of yesterday Lena had packed her suitcases head over heels and had run away from her parents' house without further ado.
This time her mother and her hated stepfather had gone too far. Taking her smartphone off, only because she had taken her life into her own hands and dropped out of the senseless school shortly before graduating from high school, had caused the already tense situation to escalate. Lena had had enough of her mother's eternal paternalism. Never again did she want to have to endure the mood swings of her stepfather, who was permanently under the influence of alcohol.

As the train left a smile appeared on Lena's pretty face. For the moment, she was happy. Happy to have taken the first stage in her new life. Sure - it wouldn't be easy, but at least she still had her sister Tanja, to whom she was now on her way. While the landscapes were scurrying past her, she thought of her older sister. They had not seen each other for two years. Although they talked on the phone often, Lena missed her sister very much.
She would have called Tanja, but without her mobile phone Lena didn't even have her number anymore. Luckily she at least knew her new address. Until she found a job as a waitress and earned some money, she would surely find shelter with Tanja.
Satisfied, the young blonde stretched out her slender legs and snuggled up to the upholstered headrest. Exhausted, she dozed off for the next few hours.

Three hours later, the train also reached its destination with a delay. Finally Lena had arrived in the big city. Since she had neither money for a taxi nor for public transport, she immediately made her way on foot with her heavy suitcase to the address of her sister. After an hour and a half's walk and innumerable information from passers-by, the young lady finally reached her desired destination.
Although she was already at the end of her rope, Lena was hardly astonished when she looked at the noble domicile which her sister had indicated as her new home. She had really not expected an old villa in a noble part of the city. Tanja had not only moved to the big city for professional reasons, but also because there was always too little going on in the country.
She always wanted to get to know the dazzling nightlife and not to get bogged down in the provinces. Lena had therefore rather expected a "hip" district where life pulsated than a conservative, albeit very luxurious residential area.

After reassuring herself that it was the right address, the attractive blonde entered the property excitedly. Since she couldn't find a name on the door, after a little hesitation she took a heart and pressed the bell.
It took a while until the door was opened and Lena saw her deeply surprised sister. Before Tanja could even say a word, Lena already fell around her neck and pressed her older sister to herself with relief.
"Thank God I found you! I thought I had the wrong address." Lena sighed into her ear, sobbing, while tears rolled down her cheeks from exhaustion and relief.
After Lena had recovered a little, Tanja looked at her a little confused. "What are you doing here, sweetie? Couldn't you have called before to visit me? Is everything okay with you?

Completely dissolved, Lena told her sister the events of the last days and hours. Little by little Tanja turned her eyes and shook her head stunned.
"You can't just quit school, Lena! What were you thinking! What is to become of you - without graduation? Are you aware of what you are doing to Mama? Does she even know where you are?" The young lady shook her head a little uncertainly: "But I just want to stand on my own two feet like you and determine my life myself? You just went away and left me there."
"That was something else, Lena. I was a little older than you and I finished school before. But now come in first. I can't leave you at the door."

Although Lena was a little offended by her admonition and felt that Tanja had invited her in a little reluctantly, she was still very relieved to have finally arrived at the destination of her journey.
As she followed Tanja through the very luxurious and well-kept house, she first noticed how elegantly her older sister was dressed. In addition, she wore very high and elegant shoes, which perfectly set her trained body in scene. These heels must have cost a fortune! How could her sister afford such a high standard of living? Of her salary as an insurance saleswoman certainly not. Something did not fit together here.

After calling her mother that Lena was with her and she didn't have to worry, Tanja asked Lena to join her on the leather sofa.
As soon as she sat next to her sister, it burst out of her: "Now tell me. How can you afford this insanely big house? The rent in this area must be really astronomical. Tanja threw her long black dyed hair over her shoulders and breathed out deeply. "Lena, since I can't just send you away and Mama has asked me to take care of you, you will probably spend the next few days with me. So I'd like to explain a few little things for this time."

Immediately Lena fell around her neck and thanked her sister. "I knew you wouldn't send me away. You are the best, Tanja".
"Slowly, slowly, my lady. This is only temporary. You will try as quickly as possible to find your own apartment or to travel home if you do not succeed. "Sure, I agree, sis. I want to look for a job anyway. But now tell me! What's your new guy's name? I want to know everything". The young lady spoke to her sister while her big eyes fixed her curiously.

"It's not quite what you might think, Lena. What I am about to tell you must remain between us! Not a word to anyone! Especially not to mum! Promised?"

Lena immediately gave her most sacred word of honour.

"Actually it is relatively simple. This house belongs to a dear friend who asked me to move in with him. He practically pays me to live here and take care of him. That's why I've been working part-time for the insurance company for a few months now."

The young blonde shook her head in disbelief. "How - he pays you for it? What does he pay you for? Are you now a call girl or something like that and do you let this guy use you?

"No, no, Lena. We don't have sex and he doesn't use me either. Quite the opposite. He is a very lovable person, whom I am only helping to fulfill his destiny."

"Shouldn't we just ask him if he would mind if I lived here in his house for a few days?" Noticed Lena dismayed.

"Don't worry about that, sweetie. If I say that, then it's all right."

Calmed and grateful, Lena thanked her sister once more and now inquired about the way to the toilet. She hadn't visited the toilet for hours and meanwhile she had to go urgently. When she finally reached the desired place of relief, she opened the door very energetically, only to scream out loud with shock immediately afterwards. Lena could not believe what she saw. A naked man, in his mid-thirties, wearing only a collar, was cleaning the toilet on his knees. The man was also so shocked by Lena's surprise visit that he trembled all over his body.

Speechless, they stared at each other. A moment later, which for both seemed to be slow-motion, Tanja had already hurried to them.

"Oh, you've already made yourselves known. I'm sorry, I didn't know he wasn't finished here yet. That's Thomas, by the way. He owns this great house."

Unbelieving and shocked, Lena still stared at the naked man, while Tanja immediately turned to him in a strict tone.

"This is my sister Lena, Tom. Lena will stay with us for a few days. That's all right, isn't it?"

Lena's eyes almost fell out of her head as the naked man bent his head to the ground in front of Tanja and answered almost meekly. "It is my honor, noble Lady Tanja."

"Beautiful! Shouldn't you be done here by now?

"Please forgive me, Lady Tanja." Answered the naked man as he submissively kissed Tanja's shoe tips.

"Can't you see that my sister finally wants to pee undisturbed? In the meantime you can continue cleaning the kitchen until I call you! Lena couldn't believe her eyes how this adult man was treated and humiliated by her sister! Almost shocked, she went to see her sister shortly afterwards.
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Chapter 2

In the living room Tanja already waited for her grinning. "I wanted to prepare you gently for this, but after this unplanned situation, I can now talk openly about the nature of my relationship with Thomas".
"What kind of relationship? What's all this about, Tanja?"
"Very simple, Lena. Thomas pays me to live here in his house for free and to keep him as my slave. He has inherited this house and a considerable fortune and wants nothing more than to be used and humiliated by a young lady. When he made me the offer a year ago, I was as shocked at first as you were earlier. But after realizing the incredible benefits for my life, I agreed to try it out for a week. What did I have to lose? Well, what can I say, after the first day I moved in permanently.
He has been serving me practically around the clock for a year now, and I love it. It's really the best thing that could ever happen to me. A direct hit, so to speak. I live here like a queen and get paid for it. Thomas cleans, washes and cooks. He simply does everything here, and although I treat him badly and humiliately, he obeys my word and even kisses my feet to thank me.

You should see the passion with which he licks my dirty shoes cleanly when I come home from shopping."
Unbelieving and with an almost moralizing undertone, Lena, who was still amazed, replied to her sister: "But that's pretty heavy. Don't you have a guilty conscience when you take advantage of Thomas and treat him so badly?
"Not any more, sister. Not any more! In the beginning I was also insecure and struggled with my moral values, but after some time it subsided. If he wishes from the bottom of his heart to serve me as a slave and even pays me for it, why should I not take advantage of this and give him what he longs for? So we both get what we want. I get a life in luxury without even having to lift a finger, and he gets a personal mistress, whom he can serve as a slave around the clock. Both parties are happy, so why should I feel guilty? Watch out, Lena, I'll show you something."
Suddenly Tanja snapped her fingers loudly. "Slave, by foot!
The attractive blonde couldn't believe her eyes again when this strange, naked man crawled into the room in a hurry and kissed Tanja's shoe tips immediately and very submissively."

"I still can't believe it. He really obeys you like a dog. It is unbelievable that he does all this voluntarily. And he really lives here around the clock as your slave?"
"So it is. He is extremely submissive and enjoys his life here as much as I do. Even if it may not appear to you at first sight, but to serve is his destiny. He finds peace and total fulfillment in completely submitting to me.
He exists practically only for my luxury and to make my life easier. For a year now I have been completely in control of him, wearing the noblest things and buying myself the most exclusive shoes from his money, which he even cleans with his tongue for me.
But a life with a slave also has a certain rhythm. Education, training and small rituals shape our everyday life. My feet are a very important part of it. He loves my feet above all else. I was astonished myself how much he enjoys pampering them. That's why he sometimes licks my feet in the evening, but of course only if he was very diligent and obedient the whole day. But by and large that's all I'm doing for him here."
Still unbelieving and deeply surprised, Lena shook her head: "This guy really pays you for being your slave here in this dream house and in return he can lick your feet from time to time? You can't be serious!"

"Yes, it is, Lena. Except for a few small details, which I don't want to explain now, I'm not doing anything for him that could be called consideration. My main task is to dominate him around the clock. It was from the outset crucial that I do not play the mistress, but live. I am really very grateful to him for this privilege.
In the meantime I have become so accustomed to it that I could no longer imagine a life without him. The only reason why I still go to work a few hours a week is not financial. It's just to keep my feet on the ground."
With her eyes wide open, Lena looked speechless at the naked man, who was still kissing her sister's shoe tips alternately. A moment later Tanja broke through the devout silence:
"So and now to you, slave! Today is your lucky day. Since I want to show something to my sister, you may now take off my shoes and worship my feet, even though you worked very slowly today. I hope you at least try hard and don't embarrass me in front of Lena. Where I've just been bragging about you."

As soon as she had spoken these words, Thomas began to undress her heels tenderly and very carefully. While he thanked her now continuously very meekly and submissively, he licked her feet passionately. The black-haired lady had leaned back, stretched out her legs, put her feet on top of each other and put them vertically on her heels, so that both feet were also completely accessible for her submissive servant. With great perseverance and full pleasure he licked every square millimeter of her high arched feet. Greedily he took all her toes into his mouth at the same time and caressed every single toe space very carefully and lovingly with his tongue.
Amazed Lena watched this spectacle as this naked man crawled like a worm on the floor in front of them and worshipped her sister's feet full of passion. This man must have been ten years older than Tanja and didn't even look bad. He was slim and even looked a bit trained. Nevertheless he crawled in front of her like a trained dog and even thanked her for it.

In her wildest dreams, Lena wouldn't have thought such a thing possible. What was most amazing, however, was that this "freak show" was completely normal or almost self-evident for her sister.
Soul calm and relaxed Tanja changed the subject and chatted with her sister about the times when they both still lived at home, while she continued to let her slave lick her feet.
A few minutes later Lena looked at her sister with a smile on her face. "Uh, how long is he supposed to lick your feet? He's probably been doing that for half an hour now."
Tanja smiled cheerfully at her: "Don't worry! Meanwhile, I really appreciate his tongue skills on my feet. It is really enormously relaxing and pleasant. After a long day on high heels really a relief! Sometimes we celebrate this ritual very extensively. Then he worships me while caressing my feet continuously. These are really very nice moments. A few weeks ago I felt asleep from relaxation. When I woke up three hours later, he was still licking my feet. Isn't that sweet?
By the way, he not only takes care of my feet with his tongue, but also pedicures them twice a week. His skills in this area have really improved enormously over the course of this year. As they say so beautifully. Practice makes perfect, doesn't it?"

She playfully kicked him in the head while amusedly grinning down at him. Submissive he flinched. "Yes, Lady Tanja," before he turned back to her feet a little intimidated. It didn't seem to bother Tanja in the least that the divulging of such intimate details, especially in his presence, was highly humiliating for him.
On the contrary. It almost seemed that she really enjoyed showing something off to her little sister or impressing her.
"Do you know what the hottest thing about his pedicure is, Lena? Hold on tight! He eats the leftovers. He really eats everything that comes from my feet. Cut off nails, horny skin or dirt. My slave also eats the stinking dirt he takes out under my toenails. Can you imagine that? This little creeper adores me so much that he even licks the floor in front of my feet again to make sure that everything that comes from my cute feet ends up in his mouth."
The young blonde disgustedly plucked her face: "That's disgusting! Only the mere thought of it makes me sick!"
"He simply loves to honour me in this way and I let him do it. Thomas puts me on a pedestal. He worships me so much that he even worships the garbage from my feet and gratefully accepts it as a gift. I find this sign of his boundless devotion very touching, and if it makes him happy, why not?

"Well, enough told for today, sis. Before I show you the guest room, I wanted to say a few serious words to you. You may stay here for the next few days, but I want you to make yourself almost invisible. It is best to stay in the guest room most of the time. I definitely don't want you snooping around here and messing up our everyday lives. Is that clear, Lena?"
"Yes is clear." Answered the long-legged blonde a little grumpy.
"You're a guest here and that's how you'll behave. Precisely because the owner is not in a position to set rules here, I expect you to behave impeccably. You will also stay out of anything that happens here during your presence. These are things that only Thomas and I care about! And tomorrow you'll be looking for a job immediately! Ok?"
"Yes, understood and thank you again that I may stay. I know I should have called before, but you really were my last hope".
"It's all right, sweetie. Come, I'll show you your room."
Shortly afterwards both were already in the guest room and Tanja wished her a good night. As soon as the door had closed, Lena tested the old television set and sat down on the very comfortable guest bed.

The experiences of the last hours were really confusing for her. What crazy things were going on here, in which her sister apparently played the leading female role for months. In addition, Tanja gave her even more instructions than her mother. She could have stayed at home. She had come here to experience something and not to spend the whole day in a guest room.
At least the room had a TV. If only her mum hadn't taken off her mobile phone! So she could not even call someone. This house didn't even seem to have a landline as tanja had called mum herself via her mobile phone..
There she was! Finally she arrived in the big city and still isolated like in the middle of nowhere without a telephone.
Although these were really bad conditions for a successful start in the big city, today's events had aroused Lena's curiosity. This Thomas really paid money to be treated like this, she just couldn't get out of her head.

A few minutes later she fell asleep totally tired with the TV still on. But a strange noise ripped her from her sleep shortly afterwards. Had she been dreaming or was it just the TV that was still running? Half asleep she switched off the device and listened again. But it was really nothing unusual to hear.
Lena turned to the other side and closed her eyes again. Apparently she had only dreamed. When she was about to fall asleep again, she suddenly heard another sound. It was more of a muffled scream, perhaps even a whimper that seemed to come from downstairs in the basement.
At almost regular intervals she heard these soft and eerie sounds of pain.
Quickly and jerkily Lena jumped up and locked the door in fear before pulling the blanket over her head.
A few minutes later the spook was already over and the noise stopped. With a strange feeling Lena fell asleep again. What were these creepy things going on here at night?
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Thank you, Crowbar, for this promising great start! You brilliantly established a highly thrilling situation, I am already jealous of this lucky bastard Thomas ...
Probably because I haven't met my Tanja yet :(

Can't wait for a quick follow-up

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Many thanks for the great comments.

Chapter 3

When the young lady arrived for breakfast the next morning after a refreshing shower, her sister was already dressed for work. She sipped a cup of coffee while her servant was kneeling on the floor. Immediately, Lena was back to thinking about yesterday's events. All this was not a bad joke or a strange dream. Everything here was real. Her sister actually kept this man as a slave.
Tanja wished Lena a "good morning" and asked her to come to the breakfast table, which was very amply set.
A few very silent minutes later, the young blonde broke through the silence and inquired a little worried about the unusual nocturnal noises.
Tanja reassured her and noticed that Lena had certainly only dreamed this, since she hadn't noticed anything herself. In addition, the house was very safe and even had an alarm system. So Lena did not have to worry in any way.

Her older sister abruptly ended the short conversation because she had to go to work. After she had suggested a few good places to go for a temporary job to Lena, she stood up from the table and led Thomas along a chain like a dog from the kitchen.
Obedient and skilled, he crawled next to his mistress, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Inside, Lena just shook her head over this bizarre spectacle in the early morning.
A few moments later Tanja said goodbye to Lena with kisses, wished her good luck looking for a job and then left the house in a hurry in a perfect business outfit. Now it was suddenly completely quiet.
After she had finished breakfast, the young house guest cleared the table as she was used to from home and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Her thoughts revolved around this strange man. Since Tanja was working this morning, she was completely alone in the house with this strange guy.
Thomas didn't look dangerous, but this situation was still unusual for her. Where was he anyway? Since Tanja had led him out of the kitchen, he had completely disappeared. Although her sister had expressly forbidden her to do so, Lena sneaked carefully through the spacious house while listening very carefully to any noises.
She simply couldn't resist her feminine curiosity and the appeal of the forbidden.

Strangely enough, contrary to her expectations, all the rooms were "normal", albeit very exclusively furnished. Tanja really seemed to have hit the jackpot with this house, Lena thought enviously as she approached the last room.
As she slowly opened the door and looked around this very spacious room, she suddenly jerked in shock. Her heart beat to her neck and her fingers trembled with excitement: she had found Thomas! He was actually kneeling in a small stainless steel cage right at the foot of an incredibly luxurious four-poster bed. Simply a dream of a bed, which had certainly cost a fortune. Immediately Lena noticed that the mattress of this luxury object reached directly to the bars of the cage.
After yesterday's experiences and Tanja's hints, this could only serve one purpose: Apparently her sister could even have her feet caressed at night if she wished. That poor guy probably had to spend the whole night in this narrow cage was simply unimaginable for Lena. What was he actually doing in this cage? Carefully she came closer. She noticed the walk-in wardrobe filled to the ceiling with expensive women's fashion and an incredible number of elegant women's shoes. Her sister really had not promised too much.

When Lena saw what he was doing in this little cage, she couldn't resist a girlish giggle. This sight was so bizarre! Completely naked and additionally chained, he actually cleaned ladies' shoes with his tongue. Tanja had locked him in this cage for the time of her absence and even let him lick her dirty shoes clean! It was incredible how her sister treated him.
It was inhuman and repulsive. But also somehow exciting. Never before in her life had she seen anything like that.
Frightened by her giggling, he looked up at her in shock. Nervous, but curious, Lena spoke to him. She just had to do it, even though her sister had forbidden her to do it.
"Since it was so quiet in the house, I just wanted to see if everything is okay with you."
After a felt eternity, in which Lena fixed him with her big eyes, he finally answered quietly and small-time. " Forgive me. I'm not allowed to talk to you. Lady Tanja has expressly forbidden it to me.
Surprised, Lena listened. This man must have been fifteen years older than her and yet he seemed to have the greatest respect for her. This was absolutely strange and unusual. Nevertheless it seemed to flatter her somehow.
"But you already do. You're already talking to me. Do you actually do everything my sister commands you to do?
Intimidated, he just nodded and devoted himself again to the care of Tanja's shoes. Lena was amazed at how much her sister had this man under control. He really seemed to obey her like a trained dog.

Sure, Tanja had an almost perfect body, very beautiful long black dyed hair and a very pretty face. Even then in school all the boys were crazy about her. Should her good looks really be the reason why she could do all this to him. Lena still didn't understand.
Somehow at that moment she felt great pity for this friendly and warm-hearted man, whom her sister had already treated like dirt for a year. But since he even paid Tanja for it, he had chosen this life for himself, and if he didn't even want to talk to her, then he should stay in this cage.
"I'd better go now and not keep you from your work any longer. Seems to be a lot of fun for you! Oh, if you have time, you can also clean my shoes, because they would need it more urgently." Joked Lena grinning as she left the room.
Still amazed at this strange man, she set off for the city centre. At least Tanja had prepared a few euros for her for the subway so she didn't have to get her feet sore when she was looking for a job today.

Over the next few hours, she was rummaging through countless boutiques, bars and trendy shops. Although Lena was really blessed with a great figure and a beautiful face and also used all her charm, her efforts did not lead to the desired result. It couldn't have been possible that she couldn't find work in this huge city.
Since she no longer had a mobile phone, she could not even leave her number in case a job became available for her. How could she take care of herself if nobody gave her a chance? Maybe Tanja wasn't so wrong, and she should have stayed at school?
But she also spoke easily; after all, she lived in a villa with a house slave and even got paid for it. How unfair life could be.
Annoyed and disappointed, Lena returned to Thomas' house late in the afternoon. Arriving there, she found Tanja lazily lounging on the sofa. Bored, the black-haired lady sipped a long drink and zapped her way through the countless channels of the huge flat-screen TV. After Lena had reported all the details of her unsuccessful job search, her sister was just lolling on the sofa and noticed that Lena would surely have more luck in the next few days, only to rave in return about a new pair of shoes she had bought after work.
Lena looked around questioningly. "Where is Thomas anyway?" Tanja grinned contentedly. "My slave is where he belongs. He's cooking my food in the kitchen."
Both ladies almost grinned for a race, while Lena soberly remarked: "That's practical."

"It is, sis. He really cooks very well for a man. Of course he can't keep up with Mama's cooking skills, but I really like to let him cook for me. As I see your mood is already improving. The little anecdotes from my life with Thomas really seem to cheer you up, because you are smiling again."
Before Lena could answer, Thomas suddenly crawled into the living room dressed only in a cooking apron and his collar and interrupted her conversation. Lena struggled hard to stifle a laugh when he submissively kissed Tanja's feet in this outfit.
"Dear Lady Tanja, the food is served." In a harsh tone of command she barked down at him: "But it was about time. I am starving. Put on my shoes, slave, your mistress wishes to dine now!
While he was obediently helping her put on the heels, Tanja took Lena's hand, grinning; "Come sweetie, let's go on talking while we eat."
Arriving in the dining room, the two ladies sat down at the table set for only two people and let Thomas serve them the menu. Lena was amazed at the extent to which Tanja was pampered here every day. When she ordered Thomas to crawl under the table and kiss her feet while she was dining, the young beauty shook her head in disbelief once again. It was simply still incomprehensible with which matter of course Tanja ruled over this man.
During dinner Tanja let the poor guy crawl out under the table several times to bring her little things or refill the glasses, only to send him under the table again to kiss her feet. It seemed very amusing to her to humiliate him in front of Lena as she enjoyed the food he had cooked for her.

When they once again talked about Thomas, Lena suddenly asked when he would actually eat. After all, she hadn't seen him eat anything since her arrival.
Tanja couldn't help smiling and told Lena very soberly: "Don't worry. I will feed him later. Maybe he'll get our leftovers as well if he asks me nicely for it."
Curious, Lena asked a bit naively: "How to feed? What does a slave actually get to eat or what does he like to eat?"
Slowly Tanja's smile turned into a thoughtful facial expression. "Good question! What does he actually like to eat? Hm, I think Thomas is more of a sausage eater. He really likes sausages a lot".
"Only sausage? And nothing else? Lena asked.
"It doesn't matter. He eats them the way I serve them to him. The main thing is fresh and plentiful. Tanja noticed while she visibly couldn't hold back a grin to change the subject in the next moment. After both ladies had enjoyed the tasty food extensively and enjoyed themselves splendidly, Thomas was allowed to end his service under the table.
"The food was not so bad at all, slave. Lena has also eaten up. Today I am really extraordinarily satisfied with you". Tanja praised him friendly as she looked him straight in the eye from a raised position.
But before Lena could marvel at her sister's sudden change of mood, something unexpected happened.
Tanja put her index finger into her right nostril. After a few movements she presented a large and very slimy booger sticking to her fingernail to stretch it towards Thomas. In a fraction of a second he sucked this monster from her finger, only to swallow it immediately afterwards.

Lena automatically held her hand in front of her mouth, while she turned her face in disgust. "Yuck, Tanja! Was that his reward?"
"Just a little appreciation. I'm not only taking here, I'm giving too. Maybe it's hard to understand, but he really appreciates my special leadership qualities. Just like I love it that he serves me around the clock and wants to crawl before me for the rest of his life.
Over the months, I trained him completely on my needs and preferences. Although I continue to work daily on the details of his training, we now complement each other almost perfectly. Believe me, Lena. It took me some time to realize that Thomas was ultimately born to serve. He exists only for the reason to sacrifice himself completely for another human being. I can't tell you how proud and happy I am that he chose me. On the other hand, it is lucrative, comfortable and incredibly exciting. I really enjoy every day to the full." Speechless, Lena looked at her sister. She seemed to really love this life. Lena couldn't remember ever having seen her so happy or euphoric.
"But let's go into the living room. It is more comfortable there. I would also like to put my feet up a bit and relax a bit after the delicious meal. When my slave has cleaned the kitchen, he can take care of my feet. He really deserves that today. In addition, I would like to let the day end with a pleasant tongue on my feet." She noticed rather casually, while the two ladies left the dining room without giving Thomas even a hint of attention, although he bowed his head reverently to the ground in front of them.

The ladies spent the rest of the evening on the comfortable leather sofa, while they talked extensively about women's topics and of course Tanja's new life.
For hours Thomas obediently and submissively licked Tanja's feet when he didn't have to serve them in any other way. Slowly Lena got used to the unusual sight of the naked man who actually served her sister as a slave. Maybe it was the alcohol, at least she enjoyed this perfect evening to the full.
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