Lena's Chastity Slave

Jan 1, 2003
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Lena’s Chastity slave.

The Betrayal

The bar was noisy and Mark had to lean closer to hear my words.
Not that he wanted to hear Barry as Mark was tired of the continuous boasting.
“Sorry, missed that,” Mark said with a practised smile.
“I said that I had sex with Nicola last night!’
Mark kept his face expressionless but inwardly he was jealous.
His girlfriend was dominant and she had been his only lover.
Nicola was the best looking girl at school and a trophy.
“What about your girlfriend? Don’t you ever worry, that she might find out?’
“‘Lena?” Barry snorted. “She has no idea!”
“What would she do if she found out?” Mark pressed maliciously.
“She would take me back, she loves me too much, plus it’s her fault, she hasn’t come across, too slow to lose her virginity, it’s not going to happen” Barry said “Lena won’t find out anyway.”
Barry though for a minute as he idolised her, but Nicola was too good to turn down.
Lena was a superb girlfriend, a virgin, small at 5 foot 1, had lovely size 4 feet, wore boots and shoes a lot, and stockings.
She had lovely silky chestnut hair, a beautiful face and a cheeky smile.
Her eyes could melt your heart and she was so much cuter than a cuddly teddy bear.
Barry loved her and worshiped the ground she walked on.
She could have her pick of many men and got asked out all the time, but she chose him.
Nicola was too good to turn down though, he so wanted to lose his virginity and Lena was such a tease.
Nicola was a nice slender blonde and one of Lena’s college class mates.
She had seduced him, wearing sheer nylon stockings, 4 inch high heels and a tight dress.
She wanted to take his cherry before Lena, and he couldn’t resist.
He wanted so much to save himself for Lena, but just needed a little attention and the hormones kicked in.
Nicola being the bitch she was, filmed the episode and then showed Lena.
She was due to see Barry the next day, she cancelled their date, not feeling well.
Her best mate Jill was his friend’s girlfriend, and she asked her to tell Barry it was over.
So she dumped him, got her best friend and his mate’s girlfriend to ring him.
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Jan 1, 2003
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The Temptation

The next day he decided to go around to her house, which she shared with her younger sister and mother.
Being dumped by her best mate over the phone didn't cut it.
He worked nights, so that afternoon before work, he went around her house, and she got in from college at 16:00.
Her mum worked as a sales woman at a car dealership, and her sister was usually out with her school friends.
He had got up, showered, changed and got some roses.
She would come around, he was sure of it.
The house was a standard 3 bedroom semi-detached, the front door opened to stairs and a hallway to the kitchen.
He straightened himself out and rang the doorbell.
Lena answered the door, she was wearing her college clothes, white blouse, knee length skirt, black tights and black suede boots.
“What do you want Barry?”
“Please Lena don't break with me, it was casual sex, I love you so much.”
“Casual sex, you are a cheating bastard, a scumbag.”
“I got you some roses.”
“Really are you for real? Doesn’t change a damn thing.”
She was standing there indignant, looking really pissed, about to close the door.
“Please Lena I'll do anything.”
She perked up, stood straight and put her hands on her hips.
“Really Barry, anything?”
“Absolutely anything, your wish will be my command.” He pleaded dropping to his knee.
A smile crossed her lips, turning to a cruel smirk.
“Okay let's see, kiss my boot!”
She extended her right boot in the doorway.
“But Lena.”
“You said anything, if you don't I'll close the door. It’s over!”
“Lena, please.” Pleading again.
She went to close the door.
“Okay. I’ll do it.”
Lena smiled again and extended her foot.
“Show me you want it.”
She pointed down.
“Kiss my boot, Barry”
He looked at her beautiful face pouting, she was hoping he would do it.
In all honesty he didn’t want to, but he knew he had to, so he dropped down and kissed her boot.
“Very nice, you can stay down there and follow me on all fours.”
He crawled into the front room, watching her boots just in front of him.
She sat down and crossed her legs.
“Kneel before me Barry.”
He did as she said and looked into her eyes.
They were like two swimming pools of light.
“If you wish this relationship to continue, you will have to do everything I ask without complaint.”
Barry hesitated and was thinking if he should pull out, but she was so beautiful.
“Okay Lena.”
She was warming to her new found status, finding her way.
She uncrossed her legs and put her booted feet together.
“If you agree kiss both of my boots.”
Barry loved her so much, he was so smitten, if this was the only way to keep her, then so be it.
He crawled forward and kissed the tops of both of her boots.
When he next looked at her face, she had the biggest smile he had ever seen.
“Well okay you can remain my boyfriend for now, come back on Friday at seven, I will book a table at a restaurant.”
“Yes Lena, thank you Lena”
“Now off you go, crawl to the door.”
He crawled to the door and she let him out, he then stood up.
“Do you want to kiss me?”
“Yes please Lena”
She held out her hand.
“On your knees and kiss my hand.”
He dropped to his knees and kissed it with reverence.
Jill phoned Lena to see how she was.
“Hi Lena.”
“Hey Jill”
“So how did he take it?”
“Well he came round, with flowers.”
“And you told to him to sod off I take it.”
“Well I was about to when he pleaded and said he would do anything.”
“What and then what happened?”
“I told him to kiss my boot.”
“He never did it.”
“When are you seeing him next?”
“Friday night for dinner and Saturday shopping.”
“Okay, I’ll ring you Sunday.”
“Okay, Bye”
Jan 1, 2003
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The Enslavement

It was agony for Barry, waiting for three days.
Friday eventually came and he wore his best suit.
Barry rang the doorbell and her mother answered the door.
“Hello Barry, Lena, Barry is here.”
“Okay” she shouted
“Come in and sit down.”
Barry ran a casual look over Lena’s mum.
She was late thirties, blonde, athletic build and fairly sexy.
Her arse was good and tight, shaped well in a knee length skirt and finished with tan hose.
She sat down and crossed her legs, her foot twirled around and looked hot and probably smelly.
“Sit down Barry”
He sat down feeling awkward and smiled at her, how much did she know, did she care.
Her foot twirling around was turning him on and making him more uncomfortable.
“So you have agreed to obey my daughter without hesitation.”
“Yes Mrs Stephenson, I love your daughter”
“I would say more besotted, but nothing wrong with that.”
Just then Lena walked in, she was wearing a black dress, tights and some high heels.
“Hello Barry, Kiss my shoes.”
Barry looked at her smiling face, got down on his knees and kissed her shoes in front of her mum.
“As I said besotted, what do you say Barry?” Her mum said.
“Thank you, Lena.”
There was a ring at the bell and Barry was ordered to answer it, he found out it was a taxi.
In the Taxi Lena offered her hand to him for kissing.
“You may kiss my hand.”
He fervently kissed the back of her hand, the cab driver laughed.
The car took them to a quite Italian restaurant
Lena led them in and said she a table booked
They were shown to a small table at the back.
The tablecloth went to six inches from the floor.
They both ordered and also got a bottle of wine.
While waiting for their starter, Lena decided to play.
“Barry keep your hands on the table.”
“Okay Lena.”
She then slid her foot out of her shoe and rubbed it up his leg.
He could feel the silky young foot teasing him, getting slowly higher and higher.
“Is that nice Barry?”
“Yes Lena”
The foot moved like a snake, up his leg until it reached his balls.
He looked down and could see the red her toe nails through the sheer tights.
“When did you last cum Barry?”
“I came last night, I get too horny otherwise.”
“Hmm, I shall have to do something about that.”
She played with his cock, whilst waiting for the starters.
The waitress turned up and her foot retreated back into its shoe.
His hard on was undeniable.
They ate their dinner and caught another cab back home.
He escorted her to the front door.
Lena pushed a high heeled foot forward.
“You may kiss me goodnight on the tip of my shoe.”
He looked at her smiling face, she pouted and pointed down.
Barry got on his knees and kissed the tip of her shoe.
She noticed him hold his breath almost and he couldn’t wait to pull away.
Her feet were prone to smell in nylon and high heels, and it was a warm night.
“Good boy, see you tomorrow at 09:00, I want to go shopping. Oh and don't play with the little man, he belongs to me now. Understood.”
“Yes Lena”
Barry went home, very horny and happy.
Jan 1, 2003
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The Beginning

Next morning he went around to her house, ready to go shopping.
They again caught a cab, she brought some skirts, a pair of wicked high heels, some nylons, and a one piece dress like those from the sixties.
Then she spotted an Ann summers sex shop.
They entered and Lena went straight over to the counter.
The forty something manager looked at her and asked if she could help.
“Yes my boyfriend here is always horny and I want to control him.”
“I see.” she said startled, probably only asked this by older couples.
“Do you wish to curb it completely or just prevent access?”
“What are my options?”
“Well we have tablets which limit hormones and prevent erections or we have a lockable chastity device which prevents erections, but frustrates the user as he has the urge but no means. The key is usually with his partner or mistress.”
“A term of power used by a woman in control of a man. You can also be called Goddess, Madam, miss or even Princess.”
She then grabbed a book and placed it in front of her, it was titled how to control your man become a mistress.
“Can you fit one now?”
“I could do that, we have clear, pink or black, and a spiked one for punishment.”
“A spiked one, won’t that hurt.”
“Only if he gets turned on.” She said laughing.
“Oh a spiked one then and a pink one, how many keys.”
“They come with two, but you can cut more.”
“I'll take one of each and this book.”
Her eyes were lit up.
“Off you go Barry, with the lady?”
“But Lena, come on.”
“For pities sake, you will do as you are told or we will part company, now what is it to be?”
“But Lena.”
“Right that’s it, it is over.” She turned to walk away, her back to him.
“Okay Lena, I’ll put it on.” She heard him say, a smirk appeared across her face.
Barry followed the lady to a back room.
“Okay drop your jeans and underwear.”
He complied and stood looking at her covering his penis.
“Well Barry, hands away so I can put this on.”
He removed his hands and she too the chastity device out of its packaging.
“You must be in love to put yourself in one of these.”
“I am infatuated by her, she is a Princess and I cheated on her.”
The lady put the device around his balls and over his penis, then clicked it shut and applied the padlock.
“There you go, I'll just see if it works okay.”
She then tickled his balls bring him to a semi erection, until the confines kicked in and stopped any more growth.
She laughed.
“Works perfect, you are now well and truly in her hands.”
He dressed and went back to Lena.
“All fitted Madam, that's thirty nine ninety nine.”
She looked at Barry.
“Well you don’t think I’m paying do you?”
Barry paid for his own demise with cash.
Just as they were about to leave Lena told him to kiss the ladies shoe and thank her for her kindness.
She smiled and offered an ankle boot for him to kiss, he dutifully planted his lips on her shoe.
What more would he do for love.
They caught another taxi and she flashed him a long length of leg.
She was becoming a tease and Barry had regretted his decision to give her power over his manhood.
They got out of the cab and went to the front door.
“You are not coming in Barry, you can go home, and I’ll see you next Saturday at 08:00.”
“Lena, please.”
“Off you go now Barry!”
“Yes Lena.”
Jill phoned Lena at 12:00 on Sunday.
“Hi Lena, how did it go?”
“Very well, I teased him at dinner and even got him to kiss the tip of my shoe.”
“No way!”
“Yes way.”
“Anything else?”
“He got me loads of clothes and we went into Ann Summers.”
“Your treating him way to well with sexy undies.”
“Oh no, I got him a chastity device and a book on femdom.”
“What’s a chastity device?”
“It’s basically a plastic tube, which goes over his cock, it is small and prevents erections.”
“No way”
“Then it clamps onto a ring and gets locked with a small padlock.”
“Then what.”
“Well he can piss, but can’t touch his own cock, so no pleasure.”
“Fuck me.”
“And I have the keys.”
“Oh my God, that is amazing.”
“We shall see how eager he is next week.”
“Next week, my god he will be as horny as hell.”
“I also got a spiked one, which hurts if he tries to get erect.”
“Ouch, that won’t be hard I’m sure, if you pardon the pun.”
“Exactly, time for him to reap what he sows.”
“Poor bastard”
“I’m going to get some other bits, and research femdom.”
“I’ll have a look as well.”
“You can borrow him later, have some fun with him.”
“Oh yes I’d like that, he is such an arrogant dick, it would be nice to bring him down a peg or two.”
“Done, I’ll let you know.”
Jan 1, 2003
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The Reality of it

It was one of hell of a long week, in chastity, unable to cum or play, sheer torture.
The next Saturday he arrived at eight to report.
Lena led him into the front room.
She was wearing tight Lycra pants, nylon, probably tights and running trainers.
“So how is your week been?”
“Sheer he'll Lena, I'm aching to cum, and I feel so horny.”
Lena laughed openly mocking him.
“Oh poor boy” she pouted.
“Please let me out of this eternal thing. I’ll do anything.”
“Oh you will, all in good time, first strip off.”
“Where are your mum and sister?”
“Mums at work till twelve and Nicole is on a sleep over, so don't panic.”
Barry stripped off his clothes and looked at his pathetic imprisoned cock.
“Okay upstairs to the bathroom, I'll get you out and clean you up.”
She led to the bathroom and got him in the bath standing up.
“Hands behind your back, Barry, there is no escaping.”
“What do you mean?”
“Simple, if the cage comes off, the handcuffs go on.”
She held them up for him to see, she had thought this out.
He reluctantly put his hands behind his back and she cuffed him.
She then left the room and came back with the key to his cage.
After removing the cage she washed his penis thoroughly.
He was hard in seconds.
“Naughty boy, you just can’t control yourself can you?”
“No Lena, your touch is too die for, please play with me a little.”
“Again, all in good time, you have to learn some patience.”
“But I’m so desperate, please babe, come on.”
“Don’t babe me, now be quiet, or the cage goes back on.”
Lena smiled before drying him off.
“Okay back downstairs, the cuffs can stay on.”
They went downstairs and Lena ordered him on his knees.
She then went to the freezer and returned with a bag of frozen peas.
“Now I want to see what makes you horny, what turns you on, so I shall deflate you with these.”
Holding up the peas, she smiled and then applied to his still tense penis.
When he was suitably hamster like again, she removed the bag.
“Okay good, start with my trainers, kiss them.”
“Lena please, come on enough is enough.”
“No enough is when I say and not before, or maybe no release and the cage goes on for another week? You said you would do anything.”
“Okay, okay you win.”
Lena crossed her legs and pointed at her uppermost trainer.
“Begin Barry.”
Barry bent down and kissed her Nike trainer.
Lena watched him and smiled at his surrender and servitude.
This went on for ten minutes, before she crossed her legs over.
“Only good for kissing my shoes now, Barry, okay let's see what effect that has. Back on your knees.”
He resumed this kneeling position for her to inspect him.
He was sporting a small semi but no more.
“It seems kissing my shoes doesn't turn you on, okay.”
“Let's see if licking them has any effect.”
He looked at her pouting face and regretted crossing her.
He bent forward and licked the top.
She then pulled her foot back and ordered the sole licked as well.
“My little sole licker, clean them for me.”
He licked hard at the sole and she again crossed her legs for its brother to join in.
“Okay back up for inspection.”
Nothing much at all, another task he didn't enjoy and got no thrill from.
“Well maybe it's the type of footwear, Barry. I shall try boots and high heels another time and see if we get an effect.”
She then produced some duct tape and sealed his mouth shut.
Lena then unlaced her trainers and removed them to reveal her size four feet in dark nylon.
Her feet were so well proportioned, and glistened in the light.
“I wore my heavy nylon pop socks whilst out running, all week, just for you.”
She turned her foot around after crossing her legs.
“Now sniff my feet, the tops of my toes, then underneath my toes, then the sole.”
Barry bent forward and started to sniff her rather sweaty feet.
They were none to please try to smell, but for some reason they had the effect of growing his erection.
By the time he was onto her sole, he was as hard as a rock.
Lena again crossed her legs and spotted his rampant member.
“My oh my someone likes sweaty feet, a rather easy weapon to wield and make.”
He mumbled something through his gag, Lena laughed.
“On your knees.”
She held her leg up and pushed her toes right uned his nose.
“No choice, but to smell my sweaty toes, poor Barry.”
He wanted to say her toes were so stinky, but it came out as a mumble.
She made him smell both feet like this for 15 minutes.
Barry had never felt such humiliation, smelling his girlfriends feet, sporting an erection, which she controlled.
“Lie on your back.”
He did as she asked, and it hurt his back and wrists.
Lena then put the peas on his ardour, to do their job.
She grabbed herself a drink as making someone smell your feet was thirsty work.
When she returned he was again hamster like.
“Now for some tickling, one of my favourite torments. Me and Nicole used to tickle fight,
sometimes I would manage to tie her up and tickle her feet and ribs for ages or until I got bored.
She would agree to anything I wanted her to do, usually my household chores. I wonder if tickling turns you on, I do so hope it does.”
Lena then started to tickle his ribs, then stomach and eventually his feet, he was as hard as a rock again.
“Oh Nicole is going to crucify you.”
The frozen peas came out again and Barry was deflated.
This was unbelievably torturous to someone so young who had not cum for a week.
She removed that tape and smiled.
“Please Lena, I can't take no more, please let me cum.”
“If you ask again, I will lock you up for a month.”
“No please okay I'll be quiet.”
“Good boy, now tongue out, time to taste my feet.”
Barry went to say something, but defeated he stuck out his tongue.
Lena then rubbed her salty toes all over it, giggling as it tickled her.
“Your tongue is ticklish on my toes, but really nice as well.”
She looked down and again Barry was as hard as a rock.
“Looks like you like the taste, something you will be doing regularly, I can assure you.”
She removed her foot and smiled down at him.
“A nice lot of useful information there. Now back on your knees.”
“Please Lena, I beg you, no more this is horrible.”
“Barry I told you, speak out again and its one month in the cage.”
“Sorry Lena, I forgot, please don't, not a month. I can't take it !”
“Beg me, kiss my feet and apologize.”
Barry dropped to her feet and kissed her bare toes for all he was worth.
“Please Lena, I beg you not another month, please, I'll do anything.”
“Oh I know you will, for sure, now back on your knees.”
Lena then deflated him and put his lovely cock prison back on.
She then removed the handcuffs and gave him a little kiss.
“You are just so much fun, now on all fours.”

I have written more, just need to edit and post.
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Jan 1, 2003
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Having fun

Barry duly obliged, too which Lena stood up and mounted his back.
He was in a torrid place, horny, locked up and didn't have a clue how to get out of it.
Things would get worse, he just didn't know it yet.
Lena leaned forward and tucked the heels of her feet around his cage.
She whispered in his ear.
“Tickle time Barry, don't you dare drop me.”
She then started to tickle his vulnerable belly and ribs.
The feel of her feet moving around his sensitive groin area and the light fluffy tickling turned him on and the cage bit hard, making him even more frustrated.
“Tickle, tickle, you are so ticklish, this is great fun.”
This went in for ten minutes, he couldn't tell her to stop or get away, and he was now her toy.
He began to regret his act of indiscretion, and also for succumbing to her whims too quickly.
The cock cage being the chief mistake.
Lena dismounted him and reached around to tickle his balls.
“So big and juicy, so sensitive, and all mine.”
She removed her Lycra pants to reveal her thong.
Then she removed this and sat down on one of the armchairs.
“You have made me very horny, so time you went to work on me.”
She fingered her sex and giggled.
“I'm probably a little sweaty down there, but I'm sure you can take it.”
Barry looked at her silky genitals and imagined the heady scent and taste that awaited him.
“So get licking, I want at least two orgasms to make up for the ones you’re not having.”
Again she giggled then pouted.
“Get licking my little pet.”
He crept forward and buried his head in her sex.
The smell was strong, sweat and sex juice combined.
She encased his face in her soft thighs and stroked his hair.
His tongue sent raptures through her body as he lapped at her engorged clitoris.
“Oh god that's good, keep it up. Faster, come on.”
She came in a flurry and soaked his face.
“Carry on lover boy, lap me all up, time for number two.”
He went down on her like a cat with a saucer of milk.
It took a lot longer but she eventually came again, Barry was struggling to breathe amidst her thighs and her hands on the back of his head.
She pushed him away and gasped.
“That was good, I enjoyed that, bet you wish it was your turn?”
“Yes Lena”
“Well think again, now get dressed.”
She went upstairs to her bedroom and outfitted herself in a fresh pair of knickers, a pair of jeans, white socks and white leather ankle boots.
The ensemble was completed with a tight shirt and a light jacket.
Barry got dressed and waited for her in the front room
She came down and smiled at him.
“Okay lover boy, kiss my boots.”
He sank to his knees again and planted sweet kisses in the soft white leather of her boots.
“Okay now off you go, I'll see you here at one next Saturday.”
“What? Come on Lena”
“Do you really want another week?”
“No, please, okay next Saturday at one.”
Lena opened the door and off he toddled, looking a forlorn figure.
She laughed as she closed the door.
Lena then dialled Jill.
“Hello Lena”
“Hi Jill”
“So how did it go?”
“Well I found out he loves smelling feet for some reason”
“And licking feet, even though I don't think he enjoyed neither.”
“Good idea about the hand cuffs, although they get in the way.”
“I saw something for you, a cuffs, collar, belt and ankle set.”
“They have small rings attached, so can be secured to each other or to other rings.”
“That way he can secure him various positions.”
“I'll get my dad around to install some rings around the house.”
“You can tie him down, to the ceiling, allsorts, but you need more on him.”
“Yeah I was thinking he could just say bollocks, break the cage somehow.”
“Exactly, I have an idea.”
“Jill explained the idea and Lena listened intently.”
“Got it, superb, I'll do that next week.”

Jan 1, 2003
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Making the bonds Tighter

Barry knocked at the door at one precisely, he didn’t want to anger Lena anymore.

The door was opened by Nicole !!

She was two years younger, shorter, and very cute and looked a handful.

After letting him in she shot upstairs.

He went into the front room, her mum was sitting on the sofa, looking very tired.

She had on a business skirt suit, stockings and a pair of heeled fluffy slippers.

Lena was next to her, on her phone, looking superb in a shirt, shorts and bare feet.

“My Mum is so tired, Barry, a hard shift at the dealership, lots of customers, a typical Saturday morning.”

“Oh sorry to hear that Mrs Stevenson.”

“That is okay I was just about to start the housework.”

“No way Mum, let Barry help you, I got him a costume for the purpose.”

Barry thought for a moment, a costume?

“Well if he really wants to.”

“Of course he will, won't you Barry.” Looking at him sternly

“Yes of course Lena.”

She went upstairs and came back with a pink dress, a pair of frilly knickers and a pair of ballet flats.

“Go into the kitchen and change into these.”

“Lena, please!”

“Barry do you ever want out of your little cage?”

“Cage?” Her Mum said.

“You will see in a minute.”

“Oh Okay.”

“Yes Lena.”

“Then off you go.”

He went into the kitchen and removed his male clothes.

He then dressed in the female clothes Lena had given him.

He went back in and paraded before Lena and her Mum.

They fell about laughing, he looked absurd, but funny.

“Very fetching Barry, let me take some pictures.”

Lena and her mum got out their phones and took pictures of him curtseying, on his knees, showing some leg and of his frilly knickers.

“Well Barry, I think it is time to dish formalities and move on.”

What did she mean?

“I have just uploaded the photos to a cloud, to be released if you disappoint me.

Plus I have your manhood under lock and key.”

Barry took this in and assimilated the information.

“Lift your skirt and show my Mum.”

He slowly lifted his skirt and showed her mother everything.

“Oh My, and you have the key.”

“I sure do, and you can have the other one.”

“Okay Honey, if you are sure.”

“He loves it, wants it and now he is going to get it.”

“Well I suppose he did sleep around, good girl, let’s make him pay, and more than money.”

“You will address me as Princess, my Mum as Madam and my sister as Miss, obeying us all without question.”

“Lena please, this is too much, I only want to please you, to be close to you, to worship you.”

“Barry, you will do as you are told, my mum deserves some attention and my sister is a mean little bitch, plus I won't always be around, they will fill the gaps and add to your plight. You will appreciate me more and become even more devoted.”

“Lena please, I beg you.”

“Talking of money, how much do you earn a week?”

“Four hundred pounds.”

“What is your take home pay?”

“Three hundred and ten.”

“How much do you pay your mum?”

“Forty pounds a week.”

“Okay you will give me Two hundred pounds a week, this will be to keep me in luxury, to buy nice clothes and shoes.”

“But Lena!”

“Shut up, slave! Its Princess, now kiss my feet.”

Barry took it all in and dropped to his knees kissing her feet.

Just then her sister Nicole came in, and laughed her head off at the sight before her.

“My god, what is he doing.”

Lena explained it all and then told him to crawl to her feet.

She had a short skirt on and little white socks, she extended a foot and Barry kissed it.

“Good slave, I look forward to some fun with you.”

Barry spent the morning cleaning, whilst Lena, her Mum and sister just went about watching TV, looking at their phones and laughing at him.

Every so often, one of them would order him to get a drink or adjust a cushion.

It was great ordering him around.

He eventually finished around lunchtime and reported back to Lena.

“What do you think Mum? Has he done a good enough job?”

Her mum got up and went for a little tour and then came back.

“Not bad, but not as good as me.”

“Really slave, are you sorry for not working hard enough for me?”

Barry wanted to scream at her, but thought he would only suffer more if he did.

“Yes Princess I’m very sorry.”

“Hmm really, we shall see, get all your clothes off.”

He removed the dress and ballet pumps, he was now standing there naked except for his cock cage.

“Princess, please.”

“I’m not really sure you want this, beg me to punish you.”

She was taking great delight in toying with him.

“Please Princess punish me.”

“Hmm, what to do, lets test that strength of yours. Plank position.”

Lena got up and sat down on the armchair.

“Yes Princess.”

Barry got into the plank position on the floor, facing Lena.

He admired her bare feet, her painted toenails, god she was beautiful.

“Oh no, not in front of me, in front of my mum.”

He turned himself around, assumed the plank position and faced her mum.

She had her feet together in her fluffy shoes.

“Now stay in that position as punishment until my mother says you can relax.”

“Oh honey you are mean.”

“It’s only fair, he has to learn.”

“True, I suppose.”

She then slid her stockinged feet out of her slippers and stretched forward.

Her feet were now right under his face and wafting up his nose.

The smell was strong vinegar and nylon, a potent mixture.

He felt his cage swell as he savoured the odour.

It was classic torment, he did and he didn’t want to, but in the end he did.

Every breath was both a torment and a pleasure.

As he struggled to maintain the position, more heavier breaths were taken.

“Barry, you seem to be struggling, how do my mums feet smell?”

“Very nice Princess.” He said straining.

Lena then stretched out her legs and put her feet on his back.

This added to the pressure and their joy.

“Oh look at him struggle, you had better clean better next time, slave.”

Just then Nicole came in, assessed the situation and smiled.

She got on her knees, and then tickled his feet.

“You had better not collapse slave.”

This was unbearable and he was close to breaking.

“Tickle, tickle, poor slave, your feet are so tender. I can’t resist.”

He then dropped down, his face buried in her mums stockinged feet.

“Not so strong slave, and failing your punishment.”

“Yes Princess.”

“Seeing as you like my mums feet, you should smell them some more.”