Looking for a nice dominant ... horse rider?

Have you ever experimented with Horses for domination?

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Heh, I'm not entirely sure that this is the right forum for this, if there is a right forum!.

I am a sane guy who has experimented with weight before and knows his current limits.

I am hoping that there is a nice dominant woman out there, who wouldn't be adverse to letting her equine rest it's weight on me. I say rest because I am more than sure, that if any mount wanted to do me damage, I would probably end up with hoof shaped cuts all over my body, and punctured lungs!.

As I said before, I'm a sane guy, I am not going to ask you to ride your mount over me at a full gallop!. I am not saying that is out of the question, I am just stating that it is best to start small and work up!, I mean, what's the fun in only enjoying something once, for a fleeting second?!. Yes, I mean me enjoying it for only a fleeting second!

I know for a fact, that I can breathe relatively easy (for at least a minute) with four hundred pounds directly on my chest. My face turns red, breathing becomes hard and all that, but I can still breathe enough, albeit with closed fists and a bit of a strain!.

So yea, if there is anyone out there who would enjoy seeing what it is like, having someone squashed under the rump/side/hooves/etc of your horse, then contact me! Reply here, or, get to me some other way :).
Just post an ad on Craigslist that says that you are shooting a movie, and you need a stunt woman to ride a horse over you. Any number of women will go for this, wanting to get their names in the bright lights. I experimented with such an ad, got a LOT of responses.
Thanks for the reply!, I honestly wasn't expecting any responses, I think people kinda look down on my fetish, as it's, weirder than normal!.

Hmm, well, I could certianly post up an advertisement for such a thing, but I wouldn't really want to let the woman down, if I put up I'm looking for a female horse rider, who would enjoy riding her horse over me, going to be filmed etc, then they would probably expect it to be sold or something online, or, as you have said, see their names in the bright light.

I don't really think their names would be any brighter after doing such a thing for me, and for that, they would probably feel let down, sad or upset, and I don't really want such a thing, even at the expense of my own sexual satisfaction.

I will most certianly check out CraigsList though, posting an ad up there might be crazy-open, but still, can't hurt can it!.

...Oh wait, yes it can! Eeek!
Actually, this is not a problem. I just offered to pay SAG rate which is $650 per day, but for a half day only. As long as they get paid their $325, they are quite happy - that is the agreement after all. Find one who has not done stunt work before (which most responders will not have done), pay in cash, and you are all set - everybody will be happy. Nobody is going to be disappointed, particularly if you send the woman a free copy of the video. Do not mention the sexual fetish part of it - that is all going on in your own head and is not their concern. Here is my ad, which got about a dozen replies so far:
Nobody expected any residuals, they all wanted cash up front. This really works - you can easily do it if that is what you want! Look up the British equivalent of the SAG (=Screen Actors Guild) rate and you are all set.

When they ask "how much will you pay?", I do not quote a dollar amount. I just say "We pay SAG rate" and everybody is happy. The main problem is that some women think I want to jump the horse over the stuntman, so make it clear in your first response that the horse must step ON the stuntman.

Nobody looks down on your fetish - in fact, for a lot of women, it is easy money! Some of the best known trample fans on this board are looking to do this - they have just not yet figured out how! A guy in Poland does this a lot - you could easily be the first in the UK.

BTW I used to live in Birmingham, England myself - I used to go to the Hagley Hunt on boxing day (as a spectator only).
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So did you get any answers? Note that mine rigorously excluded any mention of the fact that I might enjoy it, that I was the stunt man, that the stunt man might have any limitations, or that it is dangerous! This was so as to get more responses. You can always negotiate this other stuff later, the function of the ad is strictly to get an inititial response.
Not yet, although I don't really expect any to be honest, I've tried a few of these before, nothing ever came of them. Although I do hope!.

I prefer to be open as I dislike wasting peoples time, I would rather post a hundred ads and find just one woman who would genuinely enjoy riding her horse over me, or crushing me with it.


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Nov 25, 2007
Hi Equine Lover. I too have tried Craigslist UK, but for trample related ads. In my ad I asked for any interested groups of 4 or more ladies who would be interested in trampling me for a new video. They would be paid £40 each for an hours filming. I got 2 replies from ladies who were really excited by it, but neither could provide any other ladies. As they lived too far apart, it was not practical to team the 2 of them up.
I've just had a look at your ad, and in my humble opinion, you should really try and word it differently. As Tramplee suggests, perhaps say you are a professional stuntman who wants to shoot a scene for your movie which requires a horse to stand on you.
My first impression of your ad is that you are appologising in advance for requesting such an odd thing. There are girls around who will do just about anything for money (no disrespect to girls in general). They won't think it's odd if you come across as a stuntman. They are out there.
I found one a year ago who trampled me regularly, and got really excited when I asked if she would park her car on my stomach to see how much weight I could take! She couldn't wait to try it and even brought a suitable wooden plank to use as a ramp!
Although I've not tried being stood on by a horse, I do find the thought of it exciting. A bit like a journey into the unknown as far as weight goes. Whether I could take it ok, I don't know, but what fun to try...lol
Just out of curiousity, why did Lisa decide against your requests?
Let me know how you get on.
Hmm, how would you suggest I word it differently?, I don't mind paying for it, but I don't really just want to write lies and say it's for this and that or whatever, when really it's for my pleasure! (and perhaps the pleasure of the woman should she be that way inclined!).

Lisa is just a very busy woman, and something like this is more in-depth and time-consuming than just standing on a guy, you've got the preparation, safety, all that stuff, it would just be feasible for her when she has so much to do.

Any suggestions for the ad would be helpful though!, I don't want to just write lies, but, I am not fully against, kinda, miraging the truth a little, just so long as it isn't something totally false.

Heh, hopefully this post will pick up speed!, I hope there are women out there reading this!, give a shout if you are :).

- Scott


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Nov 25, 2007
Please don't think I'm trying to interfere at all. I love what you are doing and really do hope you get many replies to your Craigslist ad. Tramplee has a good point though.

Word the ad so as to get a general feel of who MAY be interested, then go more into detail when they reply to you. I'm not saying you should lie about your intentions, and about what pleasure you would get from the experience, but it might be best to get replies from genuine interested parties first before revealing all.
Personally, I do think the stuntman approach is good, as people tend to associate stuntmen with seemingly dangerous activities, and presume you know exactly what you are doing and are quite used to doing it.
It is not a 'normal' everyday activity that you are looking to persue. In fact, I would imagine to an outsider to crush and trample, it may well come across as being darn right strange. We accept it as normal because we love to feel the pressure upon us. That's why we joined this fantastic website.
I for one think you are a great guy for persuing something you love.

It would be great for other site members to add their thoughts to this as I'm sure we all want to try and help you as much as we can.
Thanks guys, I will try and word it differently a bit, see what I can make of it. I will make a new ad and post it up, I'll give the text here before I post it though:


Heya! I am a 20 year old guy in East London (But can travel in and around nearby London too for better part of a day), who is looking for a female horse rider.

I am interested in pressure-play, and would like to find a someone who is into weight-play also, they would preferably be the dominant side, while I the submissive.

I am a safe and sane (yes, sane!) guy, who would not immediately ask you to dump tons and tons of weight on him!, I would, prefer to live through our encounter.

I know my current limits and somewhat beyond. For example, I know for a fact, I can take 399/400 lbs on my chest (on a bed), and still breathe considerably easy enough. I also know I can take that weight on my face/skull without any ill effects (other than a squashed nose!).

If you are interested, please contact me!, I know it says I am male looking for woman, but groups of women are welcome, as are men or groups of men, or a mixture!

- Thanks!



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Apr 23, 2008
Lisa is just a very busy woman, and something like this is more in-depth and time-consuming than just standing on a guy, you've got the preparation, safety, all that stuff, it would just be feasible for her when she has so much to do.

- Scott
You are very kind in your excuses for me Mr Equine, but truth be told I love my horses very much and although I do not molly coddle them all the time, I cannot afford for anything to go wrong with one of them and jeopardize its fitness.

I am in competition; to which keeping my horses in top condition is paramount when I have already booked them into future shows.
They are also very skittish in some respects, because they are all fired up most of the time and can be unpredictable (to say the least) when doing something untoward.

My hunters are simply too big to mess around with because they are not pony size!
One of their hoofs would be bigger than your face if it trod on you and would make a pretty awful mess!

Mr Equine actually knows me pretty well and although he desires to fulfill his fetish, he also knows how much my horses cost and that I live very much for my sport; to which I DO basically live and breathe!

If your going to have a horse trample you in reality, you must first find ponies like Mr Don has, that will not kill you on your first attempt!
Oh, I don't know Lisa, I certianly wouldn't mind trying out one of your hunters! :eyebrows: - yes, in reality. Although I would certianly want to converse more about it, trust me, I have no desire to be turned into a pretty awful mess!.

Besides, I would rather have a huge amount of weight, over a area, than a smaller one, over a small area. Like, having 400lbs on my entire chest, instead of five pounds on a nail, which is sitting on my chest! Eek!, I know which one I would prefer! Small hooves = pain, like small feet I would imagine!.
Hmm, true, perhaps you should show me how wrong my train of thinking is, beneath the hooves of one of your hunters, or perhaps it's rump! ;).

Seriously though, this idea is embedded so deep in me, that I'm pretty much not going to give up until I've felt the weight of a draft horse, I don't mean, bare hooves on my chest. (I want to live!), but, still, I do wish to feel their weight.