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Mar 16, 2018
Hey guys I'm looking for a story where it's a couple but the girlfriend says if I fart on you your no better than my fart. Than he has a argument with her parents after that she turns him into a toilet slave with a huge dump she's being saved up for a week


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Mar 4, 2013
I think this is the story your looking for:

Turning Point
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{CONTAINS: F/m Farts, slavery, ex abuse, toilet slavery}

i remember so much about Stephanie as my girlfriend.

i remember Her plopping on top of me when She was tired. i remember waking up next to Her beautiful face. i remember worshipping Her body at any part of the day, even when She would tell me explicitly it wouldn't lead to sex.

i didn't care, because Her body was absolutely stunning and perfect in such a way that i would have done anything She asked of me. She weighed 130 lbs MAYBE and had the face of a model.

Stephanie and i had dated for quite a while before She let me do any of the kinky stuff i loved. You see, i'm into eating assholes and love to get farted on. Nothing gets me more riled up than the thought of kissing another human being's anus and giving them as much respect as possible, all the while they're giving me disdain and ripping farts into my mouth without so much as a hint of care. The thought of serving someone else in such a subservient way made everything so intense.

Now She never wanted to fart on me, which was understandable. She even explained it to me by saying, "if I fart on you, it would be very hard to respect you. I feel like I wouldn't be able to think of you as my boyfriend. Think about it... People go out of their way so nobody else smells their farts... But if I were to let them go IN your FACE?! That means that the person farting not only expects the person whose face is touching your butthole to smell it, but you're basically telling them they're less important than your fart. I don't think you are less important than my farts, so that's why it's hard to fart into your mouth."

i really did understand and accept Her answer and wouldn't press any further, but She still liked getting rimmed out frequently, so i would just imagine little puffs of air escaping Her anus and into my mouth.

Weeks went by and things were good. We went to weddings and graduation parties, all while delivering our wonderful news that we were in love.

One function we went to was a family event of hers. Now one thing to note is that her family is crazy! You might sit there and say, "No, her family was pretty tame. MY family is crazy!", but i promise you that her family would destroy yours in a crazy competition.

After getting into it with Her parents about how to spend money, they erupted in anger after seeing that I was correct. They went directly to her and told her that they didn't like me. She was not happy with me and let me know it.

This was the turning point for everything.

It was harder to get her to have sex, but I noted that there was significant upturn in the body worship sessions... She would get home from work, a job spent on her feet, and pull off her socks and place them on my face. She'd ask politely if i'd lick them... i am not opposed to foot worship, since She liked it, so i would lick and massage Her feet. Then She would turn over on the couch and motion at Her pants as if to say, "pull them down", without ever actually pulling them down. Then, again without words, She pulled Her ass cheeks apart. She didn't have a huge ass, but She had a very pretty butt. i knew that if someone shows me Their anus and sphincter, i'm going to lick and suck on it.

This was the first moment that i knew something was strange... She didn't fart like i had always asked, but i felt Her sphincter muscle flex and relax, like She was TRYING to fart into my mouth. i placed a kiss on Her rectum and then realized exactly what was happening...

She was trying to fart in my face... She had decided that i was now less important than Her farts... She didn't care about me as a person and had made the decision to not say it or tell me that she thought i was less important than Her farts, but rather to SHOW me that i was less important than Her farts.

She ended up not farting and grunted while standing up. She offered to take this to the bedroom, and i obliged. i was rock hard after almost getting farted on, but still wasn't 100% sure what was going on. i thought we still had a strong relationship...

She made me eat Her pussy three times that night, all without so much as a hand job. She would cum and then rolls over, exposing Her asshole, and i would do what was expected of me.

We went on like this for a couple of weeks. Get home, socks off, lick the toe jam off, massage the feet with hands, clean Her rectum with my tongue, eat her pussy, eat her ass, repeat.

After a few weeks, i has imagined that our relationship was back on track and that we were good after the incident with Her parents. Her dad even called me and asked how things were going, which was weird. Her mom sent me a text about how Stephanie was treating me. Again, weird, but i replied that She was treating me very well.

That was until one lazy morning Stephanie said She didn't feel like getting up yet and told me to "suck on My anus until I'm ready to wake up" as though i were merely a servant or slave.

Her asshole was extremely pungent that morning... i didn't hear Her go or get up that morning, but Her asshole definitely was rank of a fresh shit. i asked Her if She shit the bed, and she only responded with, "Are you going to suck on my asshole or not?"

And then after placing a gentle kiss on Her rectum, i said, "Of course, dear."

She put Her head back down into the pillow and let me kiss and suck Her anus clean. That morning She had let me clean Her ass when She HAD to have known it was filthy. She didn't laugh or give any hints as to what was up, but then She did something that made me realize exactly what was happening.

i had gotten used to Her anus and sphincter flexing while i was sucking on it, but She had never released any gas, so i stopped thinking about Her words. "That means that the person farting not only expects the person whose face is touching your butthole to smell it, but you're basically telling them they're less important than your fart."

She took the back of my head and held it in Her ass when She farted. Farts inherently smell awful, but this one was absolutely foul. She didn't laugh, She didn't even look back, but as i looked up at the back of Her head, brown hair all over, with my mouth agape, Her fart swirled in my mouth. There was a bit of a spray, but it was mostly just a loud and pungent stink that lingered on my taste buds. She kept Her hand on the back of my head and seemingly savored every second of that moment. She knew i would remember Her saying that if She farted on someone that immediately She was demonstrating that Her farts meant more to Her than the person She was humiliating, and she was truly demonstrating Her superiority over me by releasing Her fart directly into my mouth after i spent the morning cleaning Her asshole of Her fecal residue.

She held my head there long after the fart had passed through Her anus and into my mouth. She cleared Her throat as if to say, "Shouldn't you be licking My asshole?" And i did. This was Her first move in turning me into Her slave, Her first maneuver into turning me into Her toilet, Her living plumbing.

We spent the rest of the morning without speaking, other than Her barking commands at me. She told me to make Her breakfast, and there was a notable tone of Ownership in Her voice. From that moment on, She never seemed to think of me as a person. To Her, i was already just Her property.

She never strayed physically, but She started to make me more aware of Her plans to make me Her proper slave. She wouldn't fart until my face was in Her ass it seemed like. It started as only during the act of anilingus that She would have bouts of gas around me. Then she started to rip ass in my face by positioning Her ass over my face, but over time She started to call me into the room She would be occupying and order me to intentionally stick my face up Her ass.

One night after work, She came in sort of sweaty and said that She had to take a "monster shit". She paused and looked at me as i was making Her dinner and She said, "Come into the bathroom with Me..."

i followed behind Her and wanted to know what She had planned. She sat on the toilet and pissed, the stream sounded weird because i still wasn't sure what was happening.

"Put your face into the toilet bowl, put your head between my legs."

i was reluctant because i could smell how tangy Her piss was, but i found myself kneeling before Her and putting my face into Her toilet bowl.

She didn't waste any time and let out a monstrous fart that echoed and instantly assaulted my nose with it's foul stench. She didn't laugh like many people would when someone else intentionally smelled Their fart. She didn't chuckle, but She started to shit instead. It was one of the largest shits i'd ever seen and the smell... Well the smell was abhorrent. She was just letting everything out of her and She pulled my face out of Her toilet only after She had flushed... And She never wiped...

She looked down at me with an intense glare and said, "I think you know by now what I'm doing. I've been training you. I've been training you for something very disgusting, something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. But I still care about you, so I want the training done correctly. I am not going to say what I'm training you for, because you know exactly what it is. Now, lick My anus clean."

She spun around and sat on the toilet, Her anus exposed. i saw the amount of Her shit that was left and it was much less than i thought. i moved my tongue around Her asshole, Her sphincter relaxed and She let out another fart. i simply moved past it and sucked on it.

i was still very much in love with Her and as time moved on, i progressed in my training. Everything felt like a loving relationship, but in reality She was extremely cold to me. She would shit with my face in Her toilet, She would fart in my mouth, and then one day She told me to prepare her a giant bowl of chili.

my chili is fairly spicy, but it's really quite good. i made a giant pot of chili, which She ate the entire thing of without leaving me a bite. She then said She wasn't done eating and i ordered a pizza. i figured that since i hadn't eaten yet, i could eat a few slices myself. She downed the entire extra large pizza that She had me order. i had never seen someone eat so much, but then She ordered that i drive Her to Taco Bell and White Castles... She ate 2 bean burritos and an entire sack of ten sliders. She ate more food in that night, and where She held it i will never know.

She ate everything we bought and i was going to bed hungry. She told me that i would eat in the morning and to quit whining. i would have protested, but She said we were going to have sex when we got back.

She immediately laid flat on Her stomach and pulled Her pants down. i knew what was expected of me and began to passionately kiss Her rectum. She farted almost immediately and i was hit with the foulest fart i had ever smelled, but i sniffed and inhaled everything She let go.

She farted for a solid three hours, just one after the next. Each fart became progressively more and more potent. But instead of standing up for myself like i should have, i kept my face firmly pressed between Her butt cheeks. She dropped ass on my face at least 50 times just in that three hours. i asked if we could move to sex and She said She was tired and that Her asshole was burning. She told me that my tongue cooled Her anus and soothed it. So She told me that i would be sucking on Her asshole the rest of the night until She woke up. She told me to stay under the covers with Her asshole. i fell asleep about 6 hours after we started, being dutch ovened for the most of it, just sucking on Her asshole that released fart after fart into my mouth and nose. Her farts were the worst thing i have ever smelled still to this day.

i fell asleep with my nose on Her anus, my face between Her ass cheeks. i wasn't awoken by a bump or an alarm, but rather i was woken up by the largest, trumpeting fart being released directly into my nose. It was beyond foul and the sound even woke Her up. She told me to stay there until the smell was all gone. And i did.

i spent the next 10 minutes kissing Her asshole and She farted a huge, loud, nasty smelling fart once again.

"Make Me a very large breakfast. I want ham, corn beef hash, eggs with cheese, toast, hashbrowns, bacon, coffee, and milk. Make it fast."

i removed myself from under the bed and prepared Her meal. At this point, i almost wasn't sure about the farting stuff anymore. But She would tell me when that stuff was done.

i placed everything onto the table and as i went to sit down, She told me to move Her chair so the the back of the chair was facing Her left arm. She sat onto the chair, hanging Her ass off the side. It was strange to see Her perfect ass hanging over the side in jeans, ass cheeks accentuated by the way She was sitting. She stood up, and pulled down Her pants and sat back down. Then She looked at me and said, "Well?" while raising Her hands and shaking Her head.

i lowered myself to the ground and crawled, yes, crawled like a dog behind Her. Except i wasn't like a dog. She would never do to a dog what She then did to me.

She ate the entire meal that i had just prepared for Her while i lapped away at Her ass. She was ripping ass the whole time, still full of farts from last night's major meal. i heard Her sigh and the clanging of silverware on the plates. She told me to clean up, and i noted that there was nothing left on any of the plates or bowls.

"Clean this up and meet Me in the bathroom."

i did exactly as She said, but when i got to the bathroom, i was stunned.

There was a tarp covering the floor and in the middle what appeared to be kind of like a camping toilet...

"you have to have noticed that I've been using you as a fart receptacle of sorts lately. I stopped thinking of you as my boyfriend a while back and started to train you. I know you think this might be harsh, but we have to do this. I have to assert myself over you. I have to make you what you are. you know you don't have a say in the matter. you can't control yourself and you will do anything that I tell you to do. So take your clothes off and lay on the floor where you know you belong. Position yourself and do not pretend to not understand what I'm ordering you to do."

At this point, i could have left. i could have told Her to fuck off...

Instead, i laid myself down and put my face underneath what was essentially just a toilet seat. Instead of a toilet bowl, it would be my mouth that caught Her waste.

Just then it dawned on me. She HAD been training me to be Her toilet. She HAD been making me into Her plumbing.

"Now, this is likely going to be the largest dump that I will ever take. It will also probably be the smelliest. you have been sniffing my farts, so you have to know how bad this shit is going to smell. you will eat ALL of it. you will thank Me afterwards for shitting in your mouth. Then you lick my asshole clean. I just drank milk to help with making the smell worse and the coffee to have me shit right now. This is going to be absolutely perfect for Me and absolutely awful for you. I do not care. I do not care that you're about to become what you are destined to be for Me."

She sat down on the chair and i started to cry.

"Please don't Stephanie. Please. We can be together. i love you!"

She paused and sighed. Maybe She would change Her mind and we could be together!

But then She sighed again, pulled down Her pants, said "Open your mouth very wide" and sat down over my mouth; Her new toilet.

She farted once and the stench hit me hard. As i looked up at the asshole that i had so passionately worshipped for so long, i noted the folds of skin that pulsated and pushed. She farted again, this time it was powerful as it escaped Her anus. The sheer amount of gas that poured forth was intense beyond belief. i sat there, eyes closed to avoid the gas in my eyes, inhaling and sniffing at this tornado of a fart that She was relieving Herself of.

i thought that i might have one more chance and i pursed my lips and placed them onto Her sphincter, whispering "i love You".

She responded by blasting another colossal fart.

i kissed Her asshole again, this time resigning myself to the fate She was bestowing upon me and opened my mouth as wide as it would go.

i remember being surprised at how much gas escaped around the sides of Her turds, how Her shit had pockets along the side that carried Her gas around Her feces. i remember seeing Her anus expand so wide and the first bit of Her shit slipping past Her asshole.

She was not at all exaggerating the stench being the worst, as i had never smelled anything that foul. i reached up and licked it, figuring that if this is what She had intended for me, i might as well try being really good at it for Her.

She farted one more time before the shit started to erupt out of Her ass and into my mouth. i had no idea what to do, but i started to chew the first little turd She fed me. She was watching in a mirror as She paused on the first wave of Her shit, watching me take time to chew and savor Her shit.

She smiled and i remember catching eye contact, pleading through my looks for Her to stop. She threw Her head back, breaking the eye contact, and smiled as She let the rest of Her shit become my world. There were farts and about 4 pieces of shit that were 3 inches or so each. Her shit was brown and almost like a paste. But then She let a very solid "unghhhhhhh" grunt begin that pushed out a coil of soft brown shit that started the most rapid pushing of shit i could imagine. She informed me that She ate so much so She could take Her largest shit ever on my face. She told me that She wanted me to be humiliated beyond repair. But even She couldn't have known that She would produce a solid piece of Her shit that filled my mouth and began to coil around my face. i instinctively began to help wrap it around my face into a literal mountain of Her shit on my face. The turd wrapped around my face three times before She grunted once more and Her shit began to pile atop my face. It was a turd that had to, and this is no exaggeration, be at LEAST 5 feet long, continually. She just shit out a continuous turd that was almost Her height, and She did all of this onto my face.

She didn't move for a long time and i began eating it. i was so incredibly hungry because i hadn't eaten for almost 48 hours. Her shit was so incredibly potent too and i only had a pocket to outside air through Her shit mountain as i was chewing, tasting, and eating Her dump. All outside air was filtered through Her shit and my face was covered. i was eating my way to "freedom" through a pile of Her shit.

It was almost an hour later that i started to finish the pile. i was using my hands to get anything that fell onto the floor and eating Her shit without thinking until i realized that She was still positioned above me. As soon as i was near wrapping up this monster load i heard Her stomach gurgle. i felt my stomach sink as i watched Her anus open as the tip of Her waste pushed through. i heard Her whisper triumphantly to Herself, "I am really taking a dump and he is really eating it."

This series of turds was much easier to handle in terms of size. Only three brown turds at about 8 inches each. This shit was much more solid than the paste I had just ingested. The only thing that was brutal was that one had landed across my lip and i wore Her turd like a mustache as chomped and ate the other two pieces of Her shit. i sat with a poop mustache made of Her shit, smelling nothing but Her logs the entire time.

i finished the three turds and thought that She had to be finished, that there could but no poop left in Her colon. i had definitely eaten at least Her heigh in shit by this point.

She grunted again and Her asshole had one more turd to offer, this time it was a solid dark brown turd that stuck straight out of my mouth after Her anus closed behind Her turd like a door closing. She seemed relaxed at that point and i had to really chew this turd.

i ate all of it and looked around for anything that i missed as She remained seated. i caught myself in the mirror as i concluded there was not another bite of Her shit for me to eat when i saw my face. i was covered in Her shit and then i realized that She didn't love me anymore. How could She take me back?

She told me to wash my face in the shower and then to come back and clean Her ass.

i felt horrible, but i did as i was commanded and returned to lick Her ass clean. i licked Her ass cheeks first and then moved my tongue into Her anus. i cleaned her butthole and then tongued Her ass as deep as it would go. i cleaned inside Her colon and then inspected it. i was finally done serving as Her toilet.

She was shaking as though She were laughing and i couldn't suspect why, but just then a huge fart erupted from Her asshole and a very tiny coil of the soft brown shit began to pour forth again. She was laughing because She knew She was going to shit again. She knew how humiliating it was for me to eat Her shit and then lick Her asshole clean... Only for Her to shit directly into my mouth, completely negating the cleaning job i just did. She had reduced me to the most pathetic being ever.

i didn't need to wash my face this time since all of Her shit went into my mouth and i was able to swallow all of it. For the second time, i cleaned Her asshole with my mouth. i sucked and licked and probed with my tongue. Her rectum was clean and She stood up.

She looked at me through the toilet hole and spoke with an arrogance that one must only be able to attain after they've completely dominated the other former human. She cleared Her throat and just stood there. Then i remembered what She wanted me to say... Despite everything, i felt the words fall out of Her toilet; out of my mouth...

"Thank You for shitting into my mouth and for letting me eat Your shit."

With that she walked away and i cleaned the bathroom. There was no feces left, but i cleaned the tarp and was going to put it away around 2 in the afternoon when She stopped me.

"I'll be shitting around 8 or nine tonight. So don't put that away."

"You're... You'll be using me again when You take a shit?"

"you are going to eat My dumps until I decide that you aren't. you are my toilet. And I will be shitting another huge load tonight after such a large breakfast. you are expected to eat all of this dump as well. you are going to eat my shit until I feel as though you understand exactly what you are."

There was no debating Her. She flatly stated that i was now Her property...

i was not thrilled at the thought, but i again moved silently back into the bathroom and laid the tarp down, waiting for my fate.

She came in at about 8:30 and told me She had to go and that She had to go NOW.

Ror some reason, i continued listening to Her and raced to the bathroom. As She was unbuttoning Her pants, i was pulling off my clothes in just as much of a hurried panic, and why? So that i could lie under Her asshole and serve as Her plumbing.

She sat down and immediately started farting. It was definitely nowhere near as foul as earlier, but this load was still pretty big. Her shit started almost airy, with tiny turd propelling forth by farts into my mouth, which i kept closer to Her asshole this time. She filled my mouth rather quickly and let out a heavy sigh.

i swallowed this load and went back for more as She grunted again. Her shit was still the very thin and short turds, but there was so much that i had to pull my face away, and when i closed my mouth to chew and swallow Her shit, She kept shitting while it piled onto my face again, like earlier.

i heard Her pause as She let out a sigh of relief and She just let loose a wave of Her shit while i was eating the piled up batch. There was three waves of Her shit that came out and piled up onto my face. She seemed finished, but told me a command.

"Take the tongue inside My toilet and shove it as far up My asshole as possible. That rocked some of My shit loose earlier and I was able to shit more of My shit down your fucking throat. And enjoy the stench."

i obeyed and went for broke. i stuck my tongue so far up that when i felt the tip of Her next turd, i didn't pull out. i let Her shit fight my tongue and She grunted again, this time a very satisfied tone and a thick, one foot long turd poured out, followed by a short six incher.

"YES!!! YES!!! EAT MY SHIT!!!"

She hadn't said much, but i did as She shouted. i chewed and held Her turds and feces and i sniffed and inhaled their odor. There is only pride on one side of the toilet when one Human defiles the other.

i didn't like the taste at all, but i did do a pretty good job of eating Her shit, if i say so myself.

i figured i'd payed my dues and asked Her, "Stephanie, will You please not do that again the rest of the time we date?"

She ordered that i put my face into Her ass and kiss Her rectum while She delivered a message to me.

"What I did to you was to prove to Myself that I don't care about you. I thought that I cared about you for so long, but then I realized that maybe I didn't care. So the only way I knew how to end it with you was to see if I could turn you into My toilet. Every day that I trained you, I was seeing if I could do it. It was incredibly easy to make you my toilet. I knew that I wouldn't respect you if you couldn't tell me to not turn you into my toilet, but I didn't care. I thought that you might fight back, and then I could have cared about you. But you didn't. you accepted your role as My toilet. you accepted that I should shit in your mouth. I love saying, 'eat My shit' as a joke, but you actually did it. From this day forward, no matter what, I can look at you and say, 'that thing has eaten My shit. That has served as My toilet.' you see, there is only victory on one side when Someone shits down someone else's throat. There is only positives happening on the side of the Person and not the shit-eating-toilet. I was able to relieve My bowels, make someone smell My shit and farts, make someone eat My shit and farts, make someone lick My asshole clean. you on the other hand were humiliated in the gravest way possible by not only cleaning My asshole after I shit, but cleaning My asshole after I took a hot, steaming, MASSIVE dump right in your mouth and making you eat it. I don't respect you. I don't love you. I am leaving you. The only time that you are ever allowed to contact me is when you want to eat My shit. you can also eat the shit of My roommate since She hates you. you are nothing. I don't love you. you are just My toilet."

She then farted into my face one last time before pulling up Her pants and walking out the back door.

The words burned like nothing i'd ever felt before. i cried for the next three weeks until i realized that maybe i should give Her a call.....
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