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Jan 28, 2003
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Is this the one?

Lesbians' Latrine

by slave_doggy

Being the slave of two lesbian mistresses, I can give you a first hand account on the wickedness of women. My owners are two gorgeous goddesses, and their beauty is only exceeded by their cruelty to me. They locked me in this chastity device four weeks ago, and have held on to the key ever since. Most of the time, they seem oblivious to my torture. A torture that becomes close to unbearable when I am to serve as their human towel rack when they take a shower together. Or when I’m told to lie absolutely still while they relax in the couch on top of me.
But these are still nothing compared to the other humiliations they like to inflict on their male servant. For example, I get fed once a day, lapping up stale water and eating scraps from the dinner table in a dog bowl. I have learned not to complain, even though a nauseating odour might accompany the mess of cold lasagna, half-eaten sandwiches and mushy cereal topped with salad dressing and spats of yoghurt. This is the sort of meal I receive when I’m deemed to be a good slave. When my mistresses are displeased with me however I’m even denied this dog bowl dinner for the day. In the mean time, different kinds of leftovers keep piling up to make an ever more sticky and smelly goo. My humiliation is complete when I’m eventually allowed to guzzle it down three days later, a naked chastised miserable eating cold garbage at their high-heeled feet.
And starvation is usually only but a small part of my discomfort. I remember full well the first time I slipped up, and the girls really wanted to teach me a lesson. They had laid down some clear ground rules right from the start: only speak when spoken to and always respectfully address my owners with mistress. When they came home from work, I think it was on the first Friday already, they discovered I forgot to wash their lingerie as I was told that morning. Bad enough as that was, when mistress Vanessa called out to mistress Jessica "goddamned, that little bitch didn’t do our washing", I was a little too quick to reply "shit, sorry, I totally forgot". Mistress Vanessa’s eyes lit up with fire, and I knew I was in for some bad weather. She walked over to me and slapped me across the face with such venom that my cheeks must have been glowing red. "What did you say?" she hissed. "You only speak when spoken to, you little worm! And when you do, you address us properly as "mistress", not as "shit"! Oh, I promise you you are going to be even sorrier now, bitch."
And with that she pulled on my leash, making me follow her on all fours. The leash in itself was also a deviant device dreamt up in their perversely wicked imaginations. Already being locked in chastity, I had a rope tied firmly around my balls as well. This went between my legs and over my back to a ring in my dog collar. So whenever they yanked at the leash, my balls were pulled back and painfully disconnected from my encased penis. If nothing else, this ensured I followed them without hesitation like a good puppy dog.
This time, I was ordered to follow them into the bathroom and to get on my knees right next to the toilet. Mistress Jessica stood in front of me, dominantly putting her hands on her hips and basically informing the accused of his sentence. "You know what we’re going to do?" she said. "We’re going to gag that filthy little mouth of yours. And hopefully then you’ll learn the difference between words like shit and mistress!"
"I’m really, really sorry, mistress Jessica. I promise I won’t do it again," I tried whimpering.
But she cut me off with a sharp "No, I promise you you won’t do it again! Now just shut up, slave."
She pulled down her tight leather pants and sat down on the toilet seat. "Kiss my feet while I take a shit," she ordered, and I quickly complied. She further "encouraged" me by casually pulling the cord dangling between my legs, forcing my ass up and my face down. I almost cried from humiliation, licking Jessica’s shiny boots with Vanessa looking on, my balls strung up in the air, hearing the muffled sounds of liquid and logs filling the toilet bowl next to me. When Jessica was finally finished, she wiped her ass and smiled to Vanessa.
"Your turn, honey."
I was getting ready to give her the same honours, but mistress Vanessa ordered me to lie flat on my back on the bathroom floor instead. Next thing I knew she was squatting over my face and I was looking up at her gorgeous asshole.
"If you ever want to have that thing between your legs unlocked again, you better do exactly as I say," she said. "You’re going to open that badmouthing hole of yours for me to shit in. That’s right. And you’re going to keep everything right there in your mouth until told otherwise. You understand that, bitch?"
My body and mind wanted to protest, but somehow I managed to stammer "Yes mistress".
And that’s when she simply relieved herself on my face, letting my mouth fill up completely with her creamy crap, vaguely reminiscent of what must have been chinese food. She wiped her ass on my nose, before pulling up her pants again and looking down on her messy work of art. I had been totally focused on catching everything as it slithered from her ass, so I hadn’t noticed Jessica stepping out for a moment to get a roll of duct tape. Vanessa took it and – to my horror – taped my mouth shut with her shit still inside.
"There," she said with a devilish smile. "I think we can safely say no shit will escape his mouth now anytime soon."
They both laughed, as my eyes pleaded helplessly for mercy. The taste and feel of her shit was making me sick. But I knew I had to brave through this.
Jessica now walked over to me and ordered me back on all fours, leading me back to the unflushed toilet bowl.
"Now get your head in there.. so you can enjoy both our wonderful aromas."
They both laughed with perverse delight again, evidently pleased with inventing such a fitting punishment.
Reluctantly I put my head in the toilet, encountering a smell even worse than death. Stuck in these witches’ cauldron, I was in a very special kind of hell now. My mouth filled with Vanessa’s bowel kaviar, breathing heavily through my nose and taking in the full foul scent of Jessica’s sloppy shitbergs bobbing in urine inches away from my face.
Next thing I know, my hands are tied behind the bassin, the lid is lowered on my head and the noose around my balls is tied brutally tight to a ring in the wall above me. So backing up out of my predicament would now mean ripping my balls clean off. While I was making desperate pleading sounds, mistress Vanessa addressed me one last time before she turned off the light and they both walked out.
"We’re going out for a movie now, slave. Don’t wait up for us, we might also go for a drink afterwards. And what do you say we have ourselves a nice sleep-in tomorrow, Jessica dear?"
They both giggled at that, as the door closed and the sound of their high heels on the linoleum became fainter and fainter...
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May 18, 2011
Even this story is very good this is not the story, im looking for. This story is way longer, a guy is offered a job in a kind of sorority with 2 girls and he begin by making a training to become their toilet slave (sorry for my english)


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Jan 28, 2003
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This one?

Katrine's latrine
by face4wife2sit

I've been scanning the classified ads in Greta's List online service everyday looking for a job. Nothing matched my little education and experience. But today, it looked like there may be something for me, although I can't really understand what the job is about. The ad said:

"My latrine died yesterday. I need a new latrine right away. Prefer experience but will train entry level. Reply with a picture of your face and details of any past experience you may have. I will start the interviewing tonight and work will start Sunday night. You may also call 555-LATR and ask for Katrine."

I had to look up latrine in the dictionary. It means toilet! I don't get it. What does this woman mean when she says that she wants a new latrine? Couldn't she buy one from a hardware store? And how can a latrine die? Maybe her toilet is broken and can't be fixed?

Yeah. That must be it. She must mean that she needs a new toilet and is looking for offers. Because I don't have experience selling toilets -I've only sold cleaning supplies- I thought maybe I shouldn't try to apply for this job. But the woman said she would train me. I can get experience selling toilets and improve my pathetic resume.

So I collected my guts and hit the reply button. I uploaded a nice picture of mine. That is one thing going for me. I look good and I hope Katrine agrees. I said in my reply that I don't have experience.

Should I also call? I don't want to seem anxious for the job even though I am. I decided that I would call and simply tell her that I replied to the ad.

I dialed the number. A woman answered the phone after almost ten rings. She said, "Lisa here." She had an accent, maybe German. I said, "Can I speak to Katrine, please?" The woman yelled out, "Katrine, it's for you."

I heard another woman's voice ask her, "Who is it?" The Lisa woman said, "A guy." Then she asked me, "Who may I say is calling?" I said, "My name is Edward Simmons." She yelled out, "An Edward Simmons." Katrine said to her, "I don't know any Edward Simmons!"

Lisa asked me, "What is it about, Mr. Simmons?" I said, "The ad on Greta's List?" Lisa yelled out again, "He says it's about an ad on Greta's List. I didn't know you already placed the ad!"

Katrine yelled out, "Take his phone number. I'll call him back when I'm done with my shower." So, Lisa took my phone number and told me to expect a call from Katrine in about a half hour. Then she hung up the phone.

I sat on my couch watching TV without sound. I was nervously twiddling my thumbs. This is the first real opportunity for work I had in many months. I hope it works out.

It's 11:30 P.M. and Katrine hasn't called. Oh, well. I guess I didn't get the job. I bet she got many offers from experienced latrine salesmen.

Well, time to hit the sack. I'll try Greta's List again tomorrow. I must not lose hope of finding a job.

I got ready for bed, when the phone rang. I rushed and picked it up. "Hello, this is Katrine. You called me about the latrine position?" said the woman on the phone. She had a soft, feminine, sexy voice. She could be a singer.

"Yes, Ms. Katrine. Thanks for returning my call." I replied.

"Sorry I'm late, but I have been on the phone all evening interviewing other applicants. I hope it's not your bedtime already."

"No. I'm wide awake." I lied.

"Good. I like your picture. You look handsome."

"Thank you. I love your voice. Are you a singer?"

Laughing out loud, she replied, "No, but I did sing in the Church choir when I was a little girl."

"I'd take up singing if I were you. People will love your songs."

"Thanks. That's very sweet of you. Maybe I'll do that after graduation."

"Oh, are you in college? What year?"

"Sophomore, in the Syracuse Mujeres Poderosas College."

"I'm not familiar with it. What do you study?"

"It's a college focused on women's issues and empowerment. I'm studying male psychology. What about you? Where did you graduate from?"

"I'm ashamed to say that I dropped out of college. I attended one semester and failed all the courses. I'm not cut out for higher education. But I'm a good salesman, so you have nothing to worry about if you decide to hire me." I said with a nervous voice.

"That's nice, but I don't need a salesman. I need a latrine."

Uh Oh, my understanding of the job is wrong. Should I ask her what it is, or will that expose my lack of education even more?

I figured that I have already confessed my lack of education, so I replied, "This may be a naïve question, but what exactly is a latrine job?"

"You never heard of a latrine? I guess you didn't stay in college long enough!"

"It's college lingo then?"

"Yes. Almost every sorority nowadays has a resident latrine. In most colleges, though, this is sort of initiation that the college admins don't know about. But, at Syracuse MPC, the Dean herself encourages the practice. She said that it is an excellent added tool for empowering women. Don't you agree?"

I still didn't get it. What is empowering about having a toilet in a sorority? Doesn't every residence have a toilet?

I didn't want to ask any more questions. I sound too dumb right now. So, I thought I'd change the subject. I asked Katrine, "I'm sure glad that you offered to train me. The people you talked to before, do any of them have experience?"

"Yes. Almost all of them served as latrines before. But, I didn't get a good vibe from any of them to tell you the truth."

Wow! That's why she called me. She is not going to hire any of those other applicants. I still have a chance. I said, "I'm hoping that you're getting a good vibe from me, even though I may sound a bit out of touch." I gulped.

"Yes, I like you, Eddy. Can I call you Eddy?"

"Please do. How do you prefer I call you?"

"Lady Katrine."

"OK, Lady Katrine. What next?"

"Can you come over tomorrow? I finish my classes at noon and Lisa finishes her classes at 1:30. So, how about 2:30 P.M.? Lisa and I will be interviewing you."

"I'll be there. What's the address?"

"It's the Lambda Tau Rho sorority house at Syracuse MPC. You can't miss it. It has a drawing of Kali holding a scepter and sitting on man's face laid on a throne."

"Fascinating," I said laughing. "OK. 2:30. I look forward to meeting you in person, Lady Katrine."

"See you tomorrow. Good night."

"Good night."

She hung up. I was giddy. I almost gave up and now I actually have a good chance for this job. I know I still don't understand what the job is, but I may figure it out tomorrow. I went to bed, but i couldn't sleep right away. Excitement, I guess.

My sleep last night was just terrible. I kept waking up in sweat only to realize I was seeing a nightmare. I usually do not dream and when I do, it's so real. What is really scary is that my dreams often come true in one way or another sooner or later.

The first nightmare I saw was that I was in a dark place with two bright columns straddling me. There was something covering my face that smelled foul.

I turned on the air conditioning and went back to sleep. Then I saw myself being tossed by three women like a football! They were laughing and I was screaming. They finally let me down and I got sick.

I woke up sweating again. I decided I had better do something. If I don't sleep well, I'll ruin the interview tomorrow. I made myself a cup of hot chocolate then took a warm bath. That seemed to do the trick.

I woke up refreshed and was surprised that the clock said 10:30. Well, at least I got the sleep I needed. The last dream I had was much nicer too. I saw myself looking high and lying on a floor and surrounded by women's legs! They were all talking but I could not hear what they were saying.

I finished my morning routine and had my breakfast. I checked my voice mail. Nothing important. I turned on my computer and there was a reply from Katrine on Greta's List telling me she enjoyed talking to me on the phone and looks forward to our face-to-face interview this afternoon. I replied that it was a pleasure to talk to her and likewise I look forward to meeting her in person.

Then I displayed the map of Syracuse MPC. It's larger than I thought. I could not locate the Lambda Tau Rho sorority house on the map, so I will have to ask directions when I get to campus.

I figured I have a few minutes to learn about this college. Might help my interview. I learned that it was founded in 1991 by a feminist activist named Loretta Duncan. Initially the college, whose name means "Powerful Women" in Spanish, had two schools only: Women Studies and Feminism. Over the years, many other schools were added. Also, at first the school was girls only, but in 2005 it became co-ed. That decision was made by the Dean, a feminist activist named Betty Narita, who is still the dean today. She modified the mission statement of the college to include men who "share the feminist ideals and welcome a female-led society which is the only way to bring about peace and true progress."

I thought that was a very interesting thing to say. I haven't thought of that, but it kinda made sense. Men have screwed up basically and we are all victims of it. At least give women a chance to repair the damage.

I finished dressing and grooming. I grabbed my portfolio of places I worked before as a salesman and testimonials from customers and supervisors. I have been a good salesman, that's for sure. I listen to the customer and understand their need and work hard to fulfill it.

I drove to the campus of Syracuse MPC. I found it easily. Took me only 25 minutes. The entrance to the parking garage had a toll booth. The attendant asked me who I'm visiting. I said "Katrine. Sorry I don't know her last name!" She said, "Is she a teacher or an administrator?" I replied, "No. She's a student. She lives at the Lambda Tau Rho sorority house." The attendant looked at me like she was amused! She asked me what my name was then she dialed her phone and said, "Hi. This is Luz at the entrance. There is a gentleman named Edward Simmons to see you?" After a few seconds she hung up the phone. She said to me, with a naughty smile, "Miss Herzdame will see you. When you're done, ask if she would give you a validation sticker." I said, "Thanks. Can you tell me how to get to the sorority house?" She gave me a map and drew on it a line from the gate to a building on the other side of the campus. It looks like I will be doing a lot of walking.

The gate opened and I noticed a sign saying that parking is $10 per hour! I parked my car and started walking. It was 2:05, so I'll make it in good time. I saw in the distance two girls sitting down on what looked like a bench. I figured I ask them directions, just to be sure.

As I came closer to the girls, I was stunned to discover that they were sitting on a guy's back! He was on all fours. I tried to ignore the strange sight. Maybe it's a college prank or something. I asked them for directions. One girl gave me directions with a wide smile while the other was giggling! I didn't say anything funny, did I?

Anyway, the directions confirmed the ones the gatekeeper gave me. Halfway through my walk, there was a girl walking with a guy behind her. As I looked closer, she was holding the guy by a leash attached to what looked like a dog collar around his neck! What is going on in this place? It's not Halloween yet!

I'm now two blocks from the sorority house. There are several of them. I passed by one and saw in its lobby a woman dressed like a European aristocrat. She was sitting on a sofa fanning her face with a Japanese fan. Once again, as I looked closer I realized she was resting her feet, encased in high heels, on a guy's face who was lying on the floor in front of the sofa! There must be some kind of weird celebration going on. Am I entering into a deviant world here. I started to recall the nightmares I had last night and started to wonder if this whole thing is worth it.

But I have no other opportunities for work right now, so I'll have to make this work.

Yeah, here it is: Lambda Tau Rho sorority house. It had the characters "???" on its door and, like Katrine said, a large drawing of a queen holding her scepter and sitting on a guy's face on a tall throne. His arms are cuffed to the throne and his legs are shackled behind it. Is this some kind of a religious cult? I wish I had more education, because all of this is alien to me. I don't want my ignorance to show in the interview.

It was 2:20. Good time. My heart was fluttering as if I ran a marathon. I cooled down a bit then rang the bell.

The door opened and I was greeted by the most beautiful face I have ever seen in my life! This woman is gorgeous. I would give anything to see the rest of her body, which at the moment is fully draped in a European aristocrat dress. There must be a costume party of some sort going on. This is the second woman I see dressed that way.

"Hi, Eddy. I'm Liesel Francoise. Right on time!" she said. So, her name is Liesel, not Lisa. I'm glad I heard it right this time.

"Nice dress!" I complemented her. I was hoping she may explain the occasion.

"Thank you." Then she yelled out, "Katrine, the latrine is here!"

Sounds like I'm already hired!

I take back what I said before. Katrine came into the room like sunshine. She has to be a beauty queen! She has the face of an angel. I was awe struck and love struck. If I don't get the job, I hope I can take her out. She did like the way I look. She too was wearing the European aristocrat dress.

"Hi, Eddy. Good to see you face-to-face. You're just as good looking in person as your picture!" Katrine said with a beautiful smile.

"You're too kind." I replied.

She lead me into the living room. The two women sat on the couch and offered me an easy chair to sit on.

"I understand that you're a beginner in the latrine line of work?" asked Liesel.

"Yes.But I'm hoping to learn it," was my answer.

"On the phone you sounded like you didn't know what a latrine job is. Do you?" asked Katrine.

I realized that I can't hide my ignorance any longer, so I said, "No, I don't. I apologize for my ignorance."

"That's OK. I dealt with novices before. But at least you know what the word means, right?"

"Yes. Toilet." I answered.

"Good. That's what we need. A new toilet to replace the one who died two days ago." She said.

I'm still not getting it, and it must have shown on my face, because Liesel said, "I think he still doesn't get it. We'll have to break it to him gently!" and she smiled.

Katrine said, "Yes. OK. Eddy, what do you think of women?"

"The most beautiful thing in life!" I answered her immediately.

Both women's faces lit up and Liesel said, "Good answer, good answer!" and laughed.

Katrine asked, "Is that because they're sexy, or are there other reasons you think women are beautiful?"

I answered, "I admire women's emphasis on family, children, relationships, friendliness. I admire their softness and their caring, nurturing nature."

"What about their mind? Their judgment? Their abilities?" Katrine asked with a serious face.

"In my experience, I found women to be good judges, smart, fair and capable." I answered.

"Better so than men?" was her next question.

I didn't quite agree, but I thought I'd say I agree if I wanted to get the job, or date this fabulous woman, so I replied with a shy smile, "Always!"

Liesel laughed and said, "Hire him, Katrine!"

Katrine asked me, "Do you mind having a female boss?"

I replied quickly, "Not at all. I had female bosses before and they were great."

"What if your female boss was a bit too demanding? Would that get on your nerves?"

"No. I always had a good relationship with my bosses, even when they were out of line."

"Good. Are you good at following instructions?"

"Very much so."

"Even if the instructions don't seem right to you?"

"I'm fine with that. The boss knows better I'm sure."

"Very good. Let me give you a brief about our sorority. We are female supremacist. We believe that women should lead in all avenues of society and that men should obey them and be there to support them, serve them and please them. The women of Lambda Tau Rho will be your bosses and they report to me, your super-boss. You will live here and be at our beck and call 24/7. You will obey us at all times without argument. Does that sit well with you?"

"No problem." I said with a gulp in my throat. The interview is starting to get weird, I thought.

"Do you have a girlfriend, Eddy?"

"We broke up, I'm afraid."

"Who did the breaking up, she or you?"

"Neither actually. She had a job in another state, so we agreed to end our relationship."

"Why didn't you go with her?"

I was surprised by that question, but I managed to say, "I thought about it, but then I had a good job and I didn't want to jeopardize it."

"A salesman job?"

"Yes. I sold cleaners and cleaning supplies for several distributors."

"Why don't you have that job now?"

"The company had to downsize after the credit crisis, so I was one of those who were laid off."

"Was your girlfriend the bossy type?"

"She kinda was. At times, I felt like I was her slave or something!"

"Interesting choice of words. Then this job will not be that strange to you. You will be the resident sorority slave."

Smiling nervously I commented, "OK...?"

Liesel asked, "What was it that made you think you were your girlfriend's slave?"

I answered, "Well, she expected me to do the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry. You know, all the house chores."

"And she was sitting down doing nothing?"

"No. She'd be working on her computer and talking on the phone. And when she was ready for bed, she expected me to be done with the chores and ready for her!"

"And were you?"

"Most of the time, but sometimes I'd be too tired."

"Did she let you off the hook at those times?"

"No, but she said I could just do oral to her." I said with a huge blush.

"Oh, you're blushing! That's sweet. Was she satisfied with your performance?"

"I think so. She didn't say."

Katrine asked, "Did you oral her feet and ass too, or only pussy?"

I was beginning to be very uncomfortable with these questions. What kind of questions are these in a job interview anyway? But, I had to pull myself together. I have to have this job. So, I answered honestly, "Just pussy."

"You may have to do it all here. Keep that in mind. Now, let me test you."

Test? I hate tests. I always failed tests in school.

"I want you to kiss my feet. One kiss on each foot. Drop down and give me twenty, and I'm not talking about push-ups!"

I was startled by that request. It was more like an order. I sat there, perplexed.

"I thought you said you follow instructions."

"I do, but Katrine..."

"Lady Katrine!" she shouted.

"Lady Katrine, that is a strange thing to ask."

"It's a job requirement."

Liesel was looking attentively. I would have done it sooner if Liesel wasn't looking on, if I was alone with Katrine. This is embarrassing.

"I'm waiting, Eddy. I don't like to wait."

I felt I had no choice. I dropped down to the floor and kissed her right foot then her left foot. She was wearing a pair of open toe sandals.

"Nice. That's two. Eighteen more to go."

I kissed her feet 18 more times then started to rise, when she pushed my head down with her left foot and said, "Now, I want you to lick the bottom of Liesel's shoes ten times each pair. Lick with long strokes of your tongue."

I don't know why I didn't revolt at that moment and storm out of the place. No, I know. I need the job.

I crawled over to Liesel, who had set her feet upright and started to lick. The two women burst into laughter when they noticed the look of disgust on my face.

"You look like you swallowed a lemon, Eddy. Be tough, man. This job is hard. Licking dirt from the bottom of a girl's shoes is nothing compared to what you be required to do later!"

I finished the dirty job without further facial expressions as best as I could. Katrine asked Liesel, "How would you rate his cleaning service so far, Liesel?"

"Not bad for a beginner, but then he's an expert on cleaning!" She laughed.

"That's right, Eddy. You will be the cleaner in this job. So sell yourself to us! You know how to do that!" Katrine said sharing the laugh.

I realized then that the job is far from what I imagined it to be. But so far, what they asked are things I could do, so it's OK.

"Stay on the floor, Eddy, face up." Ordered Katrine.

I lay on the floor and a second later, Katrine stepped on my chest and stood there. The pressure was enormous, but I tried not to show my pain. Then, Liesel stepped on my groin area and stood there! That was really painful and I let out a scream. But neither woman eased even a little. They stayed standing there. In fact, they started talking! Katrine asked Liesel,

"Did you hear anything new from Mitsu or Isabella?"

Liesel answered her, "Isabella is due to arrive next week. Nothing yet from Mitsu."

"We need to have Latrine ready before they come."

"I agree, but do you think we can train him in a week? He's so square!"

"With you help, I think I can. We were lucky with Latrine Mitch. We only had to train him for number two and it took us three days, remember?"

"Yes. He was good. Too bad he died."

"The funeral was nice. Did you like my eulogy?"

"Yes. I thought you mentioned all his good qualities."

"The poor man didn't have any family. The sorority girls were his family. It was nice of Dean Narita to come to the funeral."

"Yes. She said that he was a good latrine, even though she only used him like ten times in three years."

That's when the girls stepped out from my chest and groin finally. Katrine said to me, "You have a tough act to follow, Latrine Eddy!"

I think it was then that I realized at last what the job is. Number two means shit. Even I know that! They actually want me to be their toilet! They expect to piss, shit and fart on me! These women must be crazy. This job may have killed the guy I'm replacing. Am I so desperate for a job that might kill me too?

I started to sit up with tremendous pain in my chest muscles and abdomen. Liesel said to Katrine, "He took the trampling well. I think he will be a good latrine and slave!"

"Yes, I'm encouraged." replied Katrine, looking at me like she wanted my opinion.

This is the moment of decision. I have this job in the bag if I decide to take it. My gut was telling me to run away as far as I could go, but my brain was saying I needed a job, that I am a couple of months away from living on the streets of Syracuse.

As bizarre as this job turned out to be, I figured I should handle it like a regular job opportunity before I accept or decline it, so I said to Katrine, "I have a few questions."

"Sure. Go ahead."

"I now understand what the job is. You actually want me to be your toilet! You expect to relieve yourself on me?"

"Not on you, in your mouth. And I and all the other girls expect you to drink and eat it all. We will not accept that our waste be wasted!"

I dreaded this, but there is no ambiguity now.

"I don't think I can do it. I don't think I'm qualified."

"Oh, yes, you can do it. I'll train you. I'm a good judge of character and I see a good latrine in you." she said with her charming smile.

"I don't know if I can survive this. What did the previous latrine die of?"

"Heart attack. The poor thing."

"It wasn't food poisoning? How old was he?"

"Fifty one, but he seemed in good shape."

"That old? Does the college have medical insurance?"

"Yes, and a health care clinic too. All latrines are regularly vaccinated and all students and staff get a full checkup once a year. And it's all free."

"You said that I will be living here? Is that free too?"

"Yes. You probably want to give notice to your land lady and sell your furniture."

"How long will the job last, and how much is the pay?"

"If you pass the training well, I'd like to keep you until I graduate. So, three years or so. The pay starts after you pass the training and is minimum on-campus wage, but if you do well, I can ask Dean Betty to authorize a raise. I did that for Latrine Mitch."

"And after you graduate?"

"I may pass you to the new girls who will be here, or I may even take you with me - if you really are good."

I'm now beginning to see real advantages to this job. A place to stay, rent-free. A salary I may save. Insurance and medical care all paid for.

I asked Katrine, "You said that the girls will be my bosses. How many are we talking about besides the two of you? And what happens when two want to use me at the same time?"

"Two girls will join us - Isabella Alvarez and Mitsu Kioshi, so a total of four. The number could go up and we have room enough for eight girls total. If two girls need you at the same time then it depends. If it's number 1, we have a dual funnel for that purpose. If it's number 2, they will have to queue like any ladies room."

"You mean there is no other facility here?"

"There is a guest bathroom. In fact, that is the facility you will use and must keep sparkling clean. But the tradition here at Lambda Tau Rho is that residents never have to use a regular toilet when a latrine slave is available. I'm sure you can understand that!"

"Yes, of course." I had to say. "Where will I sleep?" I asked next.

"In the main ladies room of course! And be ready for any of us to wake you up during the night."

"I see. Will I have any time off? Any privacy?"

"Only when none of us is here. If you are done with the house chores, then you can do whatever. But as soon as any of us comes home, your only priority is to serve her."

"I'll be doing the house chores too?"

"Of course. You are the resident slave!"

Since I will not be paid during the training, I asked Katrine, "How long will the training period be?"

"Depends on the latrine. I once trained a guy for a whole month and he didn't pass. But I trained Latrine Mitch - with Liesel's help - in three days. I'll be happy if you pass your training in a week, so you can be ready when Isabella arrives."

At this point, I couldn't think of any more questions to ask.

"So, are we all set? I'd like the training to start tonight if possible." asked Katrine.

"I thought you said Sunday night."

"That is for an experienced latrine. But you need training and that takes time."

"Will I be locked up in here during the training too?"

"Not if you don't want to. How about you report here at 8 PM? And then you can leave again at 4, like now and come back at 8. But after you pass, you can't leave the sorority unless one of us permits you to."

"OK. Then I'll see you again at 8."

Liesel asked, "So you're taking the job, right? There is paperwork to sign!"

"Sure. Reminds me: Do you validate parking?"

Liesel answered, "Yes, let me get you a sticker."

Katrine said to her, "Also bring the contract forms."

Liesel came back with the parking sticker and a 20-page contract! I smiled nervously and said, "Wow! I need time to read all this. Can I take it with me and bring it back, signed, at 8?"

Katrine answered, "No. Regulations forbid that, but you can take your time reading it when you come back tonight."


I took the sticker and said to the two most beautiful girls I have ever seen in my life, "See you soon!"

They both smiled and saw me to the door. As I was walking back to my car, I continued to see the strange sights that are common in this weird college. There were two girls riding two guys like ponies and racing them! And about seven girls cheering them and taking bets! Then I passed by what must be a cafeteria and four girls were sitting down at one table, except that each of them was sitting on the face of a guy, completely buried under their bottoms, and the rest of his body behind them sitting on the floor.

I had entertained the thought that maybe this whole thing is some kind of a college prank, but these sights I keep seeing proves that there is a different culture here.

I showed the sticker to the parking gate attendant. She looked at me funny and said, "You didn't get the job? Sorry!"

How did she know? It must be common knowledge then! Damn, any possibility that my humiliation would be private is out the window.

I didn't tell her that I will be back again at 8, because I wasn't sure myself. Perhaps when I have time away from these two beautiful faces, I can think straight.

I drove off and headed home. I have only a couple of hours to decide on a serious career move!

As soon as I closed the door to my apartment behind me, I felt lonely. And cold. I turned on a dim light, and the heater then sat on the couch. I turned on the TV and watched it in mute. It helps me think and it makes me feel less lonely.

Why did I leave? Who leaves such two beauties behind, except a dumb loser? Just a smile from either one of them would make my day.

So what if they want me to be their toilet? They are so beautiful, they can have whatever they want. If a fifty year old guy could do it, I sure can!

Who am I fooling? We're talking here about eating shit and drinking piss from maybe four women everyday. Many times! I can never do that even if I wanted to. I bet their old "latrine" died of it and they just said it was heart attack so they wouldn't scare me off.

Maybe I could go back and negotiate. Maybe they will settle for me being their house keeper. That I can do. I'll keep the place sparkling clean. I have experience with that.

But what cards do I have? My good looks? Both Katrine and Liesel seem to like me a lot. Maybe the fact that I'm closer to their age. Yeah. I'll have to at least try that.

Hey, what's that on the TV? This is Mrs. Joyce O'Brien, the bitch who laid me off! I turned on the sound. She's having a news conference announcing that our company, Industrial Strength, has been acquired by the foreign corporation Giavonji. That's just great! For years now, she has been outsourcing our jobs to that company and now, after all the domestic jobs are stolen, she sells the company for pennies on the dollar. Any chance that I may be called back to work is now gone.

Oh, no! That means all my friends are now without jobs. I called Darren, Randy and Larry. They all had voice mail on. I guess they are depressed like me and don't want to talk about it.

Would any of them take the latrine job? Darren might actually. No, that's silly!

Look at me! I'm considering a job as a toilet for women. How do I put that on my resume? And when the job ends, how do I explain the gap in my employment?!

But do I have any choices left? My savings will run out for sure in two months. I can be on the street. I'm gonna have to find me a nice size carton box to sleep in! Would that be better than serving the toilet needs of two ravishing women?

It would be more dignified. No, not really. I would be wallowing in my own feces, like so many homeless people are. As a Lambda Tau Rho latrine, on the other hand, I'd be wallowing in the feces of two sexy women and maybe more.

OK. I'm going back to the sorority and will try to negotiate and if they insist, I'll go ahead and take the job. I'm sure I can resign anytime, right? Damn, I gotta read that thick contract very carefully.

Well, let me quickly check Greta's List again. Maybe by now there are new job opportunities. I turned my computer on and went straight to Greta's List web site. There was nothing new, but Katrine's latrine ad is till there, but it now reads,

"My latrine died earlier this week. I need a new latrine right away. Prefer experience but will train entry level. Good attitude and full compliance required. I'm almost settled on one applicant, but the door is still open for interviews. Reply by sending a picture of your face and details of any experience you might have, then call 555-LATR and ask for Katrine and mention this ad."

Gee! If I blow it, she is going to have a long line of other guys who maybe more willing than me and more experienced. If I let this opportunity pass, I can only blame myself. So what if it's a dirty job? Somebody's gotta do it! Work is not supposed to be fun, but didn't Katrine say that I may be required to lick her ass? I haven't done it before, but I bet it would be fun.

Yeah. I must go back to the Mujeres Poderosas campus, and I must read the contract thoroughly. I will try to negotiate and see what happens.

Damn, it's already 7 PM. I better wash up and change clothes.

It's gonna be alright, it's gonna be alright. I gotta stay upbeat.

I arrived at the Syracuse Mujeres Poderosas College campus at 7:45 PM. The gate was open. I guess parking is free at night.

I parked my car and started walking. The campus was well lit and full of students walking around. I like it when the night is active and lively.

As I passed by the cafeteria, I heard a lot of noise of excitement. I stopped briefly to see. There were seven guys lying on the floor, face up, and a long line of girls taking turns walking on them like a red carpet!

Such scenes no longer surprise me. This college is something else.

I rang the bell of the Lambda Tau Rho sorority house after a few minutes of hesitation. Liesel opened the door. She looked very happy to see me! She said to me, "Eddy! You're back!" and yelled out, "Katrine, Eddy is back!"

Wow! That is a wonderful welcome. I did not expect that. These girls really like me. I'd be very ungrateful, not to mention a total fool, if I turned this job down.

I said to Liesel as I shook her hand and smiled, "I'm a man of my word."

Katrine came in, like a breath of clean fresh air. Both women were still wearing that Aristocrat dress. She said to me, "Good to see you again, Eddy. I had a feeling that you may bail out!"

The woman is not only a babe, she can read minds! I replied, "I guess it showed?"

She said, "I understand if you have concerns. I have concerns about you too. Let's discuss them openly so that there won't be any misunderstanding or disappointment. Ok?"

"Thank you for that. Why don't you start with your concerns first?" I replied.

"Ok," she said. She and Liesel took me to the living room again. But instead of offering me a chair, they dropped a cushion on the carpet in front of them where they were sitting on the sofa and Katrine said to me, "Sit on this cushion between us. It's comfortable."

My training has started, I thought to myself. I went ahead and sat on the cushion. That put me right next to their legs, on either side of me! Is that the interpretation of one of my dreams last night? I have to admit that it was an enjoyable sight.

Liesel said, "Comfy, Eddy?"

I said, "Yes, Ma'am. By the way, how do you prefer I call you?"

She replied, "Lady Liesel, but Ma'am is Ok too."

Katrine said, "We like to look down on our slaves when we talk to them. You can appreciate that, no?"

I replied, "I have no problems with that." But I thought to myself that I don't like to be called a slave.

Katrine said, "Let me tell you my observations about you. Please take them in the spirit they are given. It's not criticism. Are you with me?"

I said, "Yes. Go ahead."

She said, "You appear quite naive. That is charming because it means that Liesel and I can mold you to the way we like to be served. But it can also be very challenging, because you will be discovering your limitations and inhibitions. I need a functioning latrine sooner rather than later, especially now that we will be joined very soon by two more girls. I don't know if you will be ready in a week!"

I replied, "I see. I will try my best. What happens if I need longer to train?"

Katrine replied, "I like you already. Liesel too. I'm willing to train you longer if necessary, but only if you show potential. We are not used to being without a latrine here at Lambda Tau Rho."

I thought to myself, "That's a good concession on their part. But then it means I may not be paid for a long time!" I said to Katrine, smiling, "I want the training to be over quickly too, so I can start earning money!"

"Good," commented Katrine. "My next concern is I'm not sure you learn fast. I can tell that you have a good attitude, but I'm not as sure if you have a good aptitude. You know what I mean?"

"Yes, I do. I admit that I was never good in school. But I learned the skills of salesmanship fast and my supervisors were happy with the deals I closed."

"That's good to know," commented Katrine. "But, latrine duties are a different skill set. I guess I'll be able to tell better after the training starts."

At this point, and for no reason I cold tell, my dick started to rise! Liesel saw it like a hawk zeros in on a kill. She placed her right foot - she was wearing a flip-flop - right in my groin. She did that with a naughty but beautiful smile.

Katrine noticed of course, but had no change of facial expression and continued talking as if nothing out of the ordinary has just happened. She said, "One more concern I have is your commitment. When your girlfriend got a job out of state, you did not go with her. That bothers me. I want to know that you will follow me like a loyal dog and put my priorities before yours."

I replied, stumbling, "We made the decision together. Honestly. But now that you mention it, I think that I would've been better off to go with her. Things went downhill for me since she left. In fact, my company is no more as of today!"

Liesel said, "Was your company Industrial Strength? I just saw the news report how they went bankrupt."

I answered, "Yes. The only one who benefited was Joyce O'Brien, the CEO. She got her bonus and stock options and can retire rich."

Katrine asked me, "Does it bother you that the CEO was a woman and that she got rich off of the work of guys like you?"

I may not be highly educated, but I can tell a trap when I hear it. I quickly said, "No. I just think that it's a sad end for many people, but life goes on."

Katrine looked at me like she was not completely convinced of my sincerity. Damn, I can't hide any feeling from this insightful woman!

Did I just blow my chances? These girls believe that women are superior. That they can do no wrong. And I just told them that another woman was a failure as a CEO. Me and my big mouth!

At that moment, the phone rang. Katrine stood up and walked toward her desk. She said, "Liesel, if you want to ask Latrine any questions, go ahead. Otherwise, give him the contract to read. Eddy, don't sign it just yet. Not before I hear your concerns. I gotta take this call."

Liesel removed her foot from my lap and stood up and went toward another room, while Katrine sat at her desk and picked up the phone. I heard her say, "Yes, it's till open."

Uh Oh! Sounds like she's talking to another applicant for the latrine job. What should I do? I can't take back what I said about having concerns about the job. And anything I say may decrease my chances of getting it.

Liesel came back with the contract and gave it to me. She said, "Take your time reading it. I'll be in my room studying if you need me."

I thanked her and started reading the 20-page contract. I heard Katrine say on the phone, "That is a good experience. Tell me more."

Man, this guy is going to take my job from me, when I'm so close to getting it. I gotta stay cool. Let me just read this thing.

The first paragraph was quite interesting. It said,

"This is a contract of temporary employment between Katrine Herzdame, herein referred to as Owner and Edward Simmons, herein referred to as slave. The duration of the contract is three years commencing at the date of signing. After which, it may be renewed per the discretion of Owner.

Job Title: Latrine I
Job Location: Lambda Tau Rho sorority house (LTR) of the Syracuse Mujeres Poderosas College (SMPC).
Job Code: LTR026
Job Duties: Slave will reside at the job location and will be available at anytime for providing any of the services checked below, herein referred to as Duties, for the following people, herein called Users:
1. Katrine Herzdame, Owner.
2. Liesel Francoise, herein referred to as co-owner.
3. Isabella Carmen Alvarez, sorority resident.
4. Mitsu Kioshi, sorority resident.
5. Betty Narita, Dean.
6. Manuela Deloris, Admissions Manager.
7. Diana Jessica, Professor of Female Supremacy at SMPC.
Slave may also be required to provide Duties to female guests of the above users, but only when any of said users is present at the time of the request and approves of it.

"Oh, my!" I thought to myself. "I'm going to be toilet not to four women but to seven and their girlfriends too? This is too much!"

At this moment, I heard Katrine finish her phone call saying, "Ok, Darrin, I like what I heard so far. Come over at 2 PM tomorrow. You know how to get here?"

After listening to the caller's reply, she said, "Good. Liesel and I will be finished with our courses by then and we can interview you. I do have one latrine ahead of you though and I may hire him tonight. If I do, I will call you back to cancel the interview. Bye for now."

And she hung up. Darrin is his name? Could it be my buddy Darrin Filmore? He's a great guy. If I have to lose a job to somebody, I wouldn't mind losing it to good ol' Darrin.

"Are you done reading the contract?" asked Katrine.

"Not yet. Sorry." I replied.

"Not a problem. I'll start dinner while you read. Don't take too much time though. It's 8 PM now, and I like to go to bed by 11. If you start tonight, are you ready to sleep here? I have a spare sleeping bag in the ladies room where you will be staying."

"I hadn't actually thought of that. My apologies. If it's OK with you, I will need to go home sometime tomorrow and bring some clothes and stuff."

"That's fine. I'll be in the kitchen or the dining room if you need me."

Then she left the room.

The moment is here. I have to finish reading this contract and make my decision. The job seems very demanding, but obviously in demand! If I don't take it, that Darrin will. Let me not waste any more time. What else does the contract say? Let's see.

OK, it looks like I can't claim workers comp until the campus clinic does a checkup first. I have no problem with that. What else?

I can't sue them. Instead, I have to agree to independent arbitration. I recall the same clause in contracts drawn by my old company, so that seems standard.

At-will employment: Oh, Katrine can fire me at any time without an advance notice, but for me to leave I either pay a $1000 penalty if I don't give a notice, or give them a two-week notice. I don't like that, but at least I have a choice!

Man! I really needed to read this contract.

Confidentiality: I can't talk to anybody about what goes on at the sorority or on campus. What idiot would go around saying he's been working as a toilet for a bunch of women! They want confidentiality, they got it.

A fitness section! I'm supposed to do a checkup, vaccination and drug test before I start even before I begin the training. OK, no problem. Also, I have to take a bunch of vitamins everyday and have at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday. I'm in good shape but I haven't been exercising regularly, so this is a good thing.

Ah, at last the Duties section:

Services Required of Slave:

This section is divided into two categories of services, herein called Duties, which are required of the slave. These are Latrine Duties and Domestic Duties. Owner has determined that slave does not need training for Domestic Duties, but requires comprehensive training for his Latrine Duties. Payment to slave shall not start before slave passes required training as determined and conducted by Owner.

The slave's primary duties are his Latrine Duties. Domestic Duties, even when required, are secondary and may only be required when slave is not needed for Latrine Duties.

The duties follow as a checklist. Each item on the list that is checked with an X mark is required of the slave and is a condition of employment. Failure to perform it to the satisfaction of Owner may result in termination of contract and employment. Items checked with a question mark (?) are optional requirements requested by Owner or one or more of the Users. Slave's initials are required if he agrees to said requirements.

Items not checked are not required of the slave. However, if slave performs them, even once, they will count as positive points in his record which will be looked upon favorably by Owner whenever she considers promoting slave to level II.

Recognizing that many of the slave Duties are erotic in nature, slave shall be required to wear a chastity device at all times. Owner will keep the key to the chastity device and will allow slave to remove it once every two weeks for cleaning and maintenance.

Recognizing that some of the slave Duties may be hard for the slave to do at times, slave must submit to discipline carried out by any User. The discipline will vary in severity and method depending on the violation and will be specified or approved by Owner. Owner also reserves the right to discipline slave for training purposes or for entertainment purposes.

(a) Domestic Duties:
[X] Slave shall clean LTR daily. This includes, but is not limited to dusting, vacuuming, mopping the floors and tiles, washing the counter tops, sinks and toilets, washing the windows, taking out the garbage, etc.
[?] Slave shall cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for Users and their guests, when he is not in use.
[X] Slave shall do the laundry and fold and hang the clothes. Care of Users' underwear is special and is listed under Latrine Duties below.
[X] Slave shall polish Users' shoes and keep their footwear clean.
[?] Slave shall help fix or repair items in LTR to the best of his ability.
[?] Slave shall take care of the vegetable and flower gardens around the LTR building, and water the plants daily.
[X] Slave shall make himself available to be used as a chair or bench for Users. He will stand on his hands and knees and up to two Users may sit on his back. Slave will be allowed to rest for 5 minutes every half hour. This is a favorite activity of Owner and of Ms. Kioshi.
[?] Slave shall make himself available to be used as a cushion for Users. Users may want to sit on his face, head, chest, belly, groin, legs, feet or back, up to four of them at the same time. Slave will be allowed to rest for 5 minutes every hour and 5 seconds every two minutes in the case of facesitting, which is a favorite activity of Co-Owner, Ms. Alvarez and Dean Narita.
[X] Slave shall often be required to massage Users' bodies, specially their feet. Said massage may include, but is not limited to, rubbing, oiling, acupressure, stroking and nosing.
[?] Slave shall be used for entertainment purposes at times, such as parties, where he may be required to be used as a carpet, trampoline, doormat, stepper, shoe polish, exercise bike, clothes hanger, coffee table, ironing board, dining table, pin cushion, whipping post, slap stick, wheel of torture, pony, mechanical bull, ladder, tickle toy, toss salad, musical chair, dance floor, etc. Such entertainment has been quite popular with guests of Users.

(b) Latrine Duties:
[X] Whenever a User needs to relieve herself, slave shall assume his position in the LTR Ladies Room under the toilet seat, in a manner specified by User and approved by Owner. If at the time, slave is busy doing a domestic duty, slave shall interrupt said duty and give priority to his Latrine Duty.
[X] Slave shall be required to receive in his mouth and subsequently and quickly drink his User's urine while she sits on the toilet seat and relieves herself.
[X] Slave shall be required to receive in his mouth and subsequently and quickly eat and swallow his User's normal feces while she sits on the toilet seat and relieves herself. Normal feces exclude diarrhea and bloody stool.
[ ] Slave shall be required to receive in his mouth and subsequently and quickly drink and swallow his User's period while she sits on the toilet seat and relieves herself.
[X] Slave's performance of his Latrine Duties shall be monitored, measured and recorded by computerized miniature cameras installed inside the toilet bowl. Slave shall not obstruct or tamper with these cameras.
[?] If asked by User, slave will be required to wipe her clean in the manner she instructs him.
[?] Slave shall help Users with all their feminine hygiene needs. This includes, but is not limited to, removing soiled tampons, douching, sanitary wiping, deodorizing, lubrication and insertion of fresh tampons.
[?] Slave may be required to participate in fart games, where he is required to sniff Users flatulence. Slave may be asked to stimulate said flatulence.
[X] Slave shall take special care of Users underwear. Slave shall first smell and lick all sweat and stains before hand-washing them in warm water. Slave shall never wash women's underwear in the washing machine.

Above duties may be amended later by Owner. Said amendments will be negotiable by slave. If Owner insists on them and slave refuses, this contract will be terminated without penalty.
My, my! I'm overwhelmed. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I had a few concerns to tell Katrine but now after reading this contract, I don't know where to begin.

Katrine entered the living room just as I was folding the last page of the contract. Even though she was gone for less than an hour, I had missed her! Man, is she beautiful! Just her being there makes me forget the panic I'm in.

She wore that charming smile and said to me, "I see you finished reading the contract. Now, let's talk about your concerns. I want you to be happy in this job, Eddy, and I know you will be! So, ask away."

"Well, for starters, I don't like to be called a slave!" I said to Katrine.

"What's wrong with it?", she replied looking almost surprised!

"It's dehumanizing."

"But I'm your owner, right?"

"Well...You're my boss."

"In this line of work, in this sorority and on this campus, men are slaves and women are their owners. You're not alone. You're not the first slave nor will you be the last. If that's not OK with you, then maybe you should work somewhere else."

Afraid I may be getting on her nerves, I replied quickly, "I'm OK with it, but I'm just not too happy about it."

"Don't you want to serve me? Don't you want to please me?", she asked with an innocent look that made her irresistible.

"I'd love nothing more than to please you. If calling me slave and owning me pleases you, then I'm your slave and you're my owner!"

Smiling, she replied, "That's better! Only you will be the slave of all the women of the sorority too."


"And another thing. We have a code here. When any of us calls you slave, she's expecting you to perform one of your domestic duties for her. When she calls you latrine, she needs you for bathroom relief. If she calls you Eddy, then she just wants to talk to you like a friend, roommate or lover."

"Lover?", I thought to myself. "This may not be all bad after all." So, I replied, "I got it. Then slave doesn't sound too bad."

"Glad we cleared that up. But I need to make something else very clear. You will not be mistreated. I do not allow any mistreatment of my slaves. If any woman calls you a slut, bitch, lowlife or any name that I have not approved, then I want you to report that to me and I will take corrective action at once. Lambda Tau Rho is female supremacist, but not male bashing. The teachings of Mujeres Poderosas since its founding have been about mutual love and care between women and men but always yielding to women on all matters. Just because a man kisses a woman's feet or polishes her shoes with his tongue does not mean he is inferior. It only means he is loving and of service."

"That is awesome. I really like that. But you ladies may be the exception. I think that anybody who sees a man lying under a toilet seat and a woman pissing on his face will either think that the woman is cruel or that the man is a wimp."

"That may be a common thing, but it is the result of thousands of years of patriarchy. We do our little bit here to change this ancient culture. By the way, if you want to learn more about our philosophy, you can watch recorded lectures on female supremacy by Professor Jessica, when you have some free time."

"Yes, I want to learn this stuff. I never imagined things like that existed."

"What else concerns you, Eddy?"

"I don't know if I can do the job, to be honest with you. When it was you and Lady Liesel, I thought maybe I can do it. When you said two more ladies will join you, I began to doubt that it would be possible for me to serve all four. But the contract says I also must serve three more women and their girlfriends too? That's just unreasonable."

"Latrine Mitch did it! Are you less of a man than he was? He was almost twice your age. By the way, how old are you, Eddy?"

"I'm twenty seven. I don't know how Mitch could do all that. Maybe that's what finally killed him!", I said with a nervous laugh.

"He did all that because I trained him well, as I will you. You're not talking to a beginner, Eddy. I've had latrines since I was Eighteen. Six years experience!"

So, she's 24. She looks even younger. I said, "I was not doubting your experience. I was doubting my abilities."

"That's another thing I will not allow around here! Never put yourself down. You are a talented human being, with a lot of potential which I and the girls will help you reach. You will be loved and valued by all of us. No more self deprecating talk, understood?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Can I assume that you will go ahead and initial all of the optional duties in the contract. You don't have to, but the more of then you accept, the more points you will be scoring with the girls and that can help you get a promotion next year!", she winked.

"Some of them are OK, like the cooking and facesitting, but some of them I can't do."

"Like what?"

I took the contract and paged to the Duties paragraph. I pointed to the gardening clause and said, "I know nothing about gardening, for example."

"That's not a problem. What else?"

"This party entertainment clause. I don't know what most of these words mean. Pin cushion, what's that? Wheel of torture sounds freaky..."

Katrine laughed out loud and said, "OK, let's leave that one out until I have time to explain it to you. What else?"

"The feminine hygiene thing. I think I may throw up. No offense."

Laughing again, Katrine said, "How about this, I'll include it in the training and then you decide. I have a feeling that you will want to do it."

"So, you can change the contract after it is signed?"

"Initials, in your handwriting, after the contract is signed are OK and do not require an addendum. So, is that all the concerns you have?"

Again, I could not think of anything else to ask, so I answered, "Yes."

"And did I clear them up for you? Are you ready to sign? If I start your training tonight, we will be making best use of the time."

I felt resigned. I had no more excuses to refuse this job. I must admit that her assurance to me that I will be loved and her confidence in my abilities changed my perception of the job. Even though the reality of the job is degrading, the attitude of the girls makes up for it.

So, I finally said to Katrine, "Yes, I'm ready to sign!"

Liesel must have heard me, because she came hurrying from her room where she has been studying. Man, is she beautiful! She had a huge, absolutely charming smile as she joined us in the living room.

Katrine took a pen from her desk and gave it to me. She pointed to several paragraphs marked with a yellow marker and told me to initial those. I wrote "ERS" next to the first one.

She asked, "What does the R stand for?"

"Raymond.", I answered.

"No kidding! My first latrine was named Ray! Mom bought him for me and gave him to me as a gift on my 18th birthday!", said Katrine with great excitement.

"She BOUGHT him?", I asked with disbelief.

"Yes, she bought him from a friend of hers, Lady Colleen Chambers, whom she met at the wedding of my cousin Gayle."

I didn't know what question to ask first about such a weird statement, so I asked, "What happened to him? How come you didn't take him with you when you came over here?"

"Well, when I knew that there will be a latrine here at the sorority, mom asked me to give Ray to my sister Suzy on her 18th birthday which was just coming up days before I moved over here. I agreed."

"So, your sister too has her own latrine. It's a family tradition, then! What about your mom?"

"Her latrine is my dad of course!", she said matter-of-factually!

Once again I got that creeping feeling that these people are weird. Am I going to regret this? But what else can I do?

I continued to initial the yellow-marked paragraphs. And now I'm at the Duties paragraph. I initialed the cooking, the handyman and the cushion clauses. I was about to flip the page when Liesel stopped me asking, in a very disappointed voice, "You're not going to wipe?"

Seeing her great disappointment, I said with a smile, "I'll initial it, just for you, Lady Liesel!"

Liesel looked relieved and said, "Yeah! Thanks, Eddy! Wiping to me is the best part of the latrine experience!"

I thought I saw Katrine wink at Liesel, so the woman stopped talking. Katrine said to me, "Eddy, why don't you leave this clause out for now until the training is done. You will better understand it during training, OK?"

"As you wish."

Then I signed the contract and dated it. Katrine also signed it and Liesel signed on the "witness" line. The two women stood up and stretched their arms to me with a big smile and said, "Congratulations, Eddy, and welcome to Lambda Tau Rho!" and gave me a big, soft hug. Their bodies felt soft and warm against mine and their cheeks felt smooth as satin. I thanked them.

Katrine then said, "Tonight's training will be very timid because you have to take the checkup first before we commence the serious stuff. I already booked you for 9 AM tomorrow at the clinic. The whole thing will take less than an hour. Nurse Manuela will email me the results. Liesel, give Eddy the keys. We will be in class when he comes back. Eddy, you can go home and get your stuff then if you like."

"Yeah, I almost forgot!", I replied as I was getting a set of keys from Liesel.

"And the key chain is a magnetic card that lets you through the outside gate. You won't need validation anymore. OK, we're all set.", said Katrine after putting the contract in a file cabinet and locking it. "I bet you gonna love the first task in the training, Eddy!" She said with a big smile and a wink to Liesel.

"Have you been wondering what we look like under these dresses, Eddy?", said Katrine with a naughty smile.

My face turned red as a tomato. I said, "Who wouldn't? If it's anything like your beautiful faces, I may have a heart attack and join Mitch!", I replied laughing.

Both women laughed and Katrine said, "You won't have to wonder anymore."

Man! I bet the rest of her body is just as beautiful as her face. Maybe even more beautiful. But is that actually possible?

I expected Katrine to start taking off her clothes, or better yet ask me to do it for her. Instead, she said, "Sit on the floor and cross your legs."

I did as she said. Then she lifted her long dress a bit and walked over to me, straddled me then draped her dress down. I found myself in a small, dark tent looking at her panties from behind. My face was about three inches from her butt. It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen!

My heart was pounding and my dick wanted to rise, but was stifled by my awkward sitting position. I heard Katrine say, "Can you hear me fine?"

"Yes, Lady Katrine. I can hear you.", I replied.

"Good. I want you to bring your nose as close as you can to my butt but don't touch!", she instructed.

I did as she said. It was an incredible moment. I fought every tendency to grab her beautiful legs, milky white and long, and dip my face into the back of her panties. I'd lose the job before I started it if I did.

I'm starting to feel a bit dizzy. Is it the excitement?

Katrine said, "How was the smell?"

I realized then that she had farted in my nose! That's why I felt dizzy. But the fart was silent and didn't smell too bad. That's probably why I did not realize it happened. I replied, "There was no smell, Ma'am."

"The next one will smell, so brace yourself!", she said with a laugh.

It sure did. I could not but turn my head sideways. But I continued to smell it of course, because I was a prisoner under her big dress.

How could she tell that one fart won't smell and another will? She knows her body well, I guess.

"Did you just turn your head?", asked Katrine.

"I had to.", was my answer. How in the world did she know? Does she have a sixth sense too?

"That won't do, Eddy. You must breathe in what I give you. This next one, I want you to inhale it deep.", she ordered.

Her next fart was loud, stinky and likely wet. I felt like I was going to faint, but obeyed her instructions anyway.

"Good. I sensed that you inhaled, Eddy. That's my slave!"

"Thank you, Lady Katrine, but it was really hard."

"Nothing too hard for a real man like you. Now, I want you to slowly and gently slip my panties down!", was her next order.

Now I get to see her ass. I very carefully held the top of her panties and started to slip them down. Slowly, her butt cheeks started to show. They were two perfectly shaped globes of shining glory. They were soft and full and had no blemishes of any kind. Her crack made them look yummy enough to eat. How can any woman be so beautiful inside and out?

When the panties were just below her asshole, she told me to stop! Her asshole is the cutest thing I ever saw. She said, "Now, bring your nose again close to my anus but don't touch."

I did as she said, and again felt a rapid heartbeat and dizziness. As I expected, she had released another silent fart into my nose. Followed by several which were not as silent. But at least they were all dry!

"You're doing well, Eddy. I'm proud of you. Now, I want you to resume taking off my panties. Slowly and gently."

I did, but when I saw her big, neatly trimmed pussy, I stopped involuntarily. I marveled at this work of art that is her pussy. I started to breathe heavily. The excitement and the constricted room under Katrine's dress were having a toll on my breathing apparatus!

"You stopped before I told you to, Eddy!", she said loudly.

"I'm...I'm sorry, Lady Katrine.", I tried to apologize.

"It's understandable. I'm too beautiful, ain't I?", she said with joy in her voice.

"You sure are, Ma'am. You body is a work of art!", I replied then proceeded to finish removing her panties. She stepped out of them when they hit the carpet.

"Thank you, Eddy. That's very sweet of you to say. Now, I want you to take the panties and wear them on your face like a mask. Make sure that the gusset is aligned against your nose and your mouth is not touching the gusset. Got it?"

"Yes, Ma'am.", I replied. I managed after a few tries to wear the panties like she said. She must have wanted me to smell the sweat and stains in the crotch of her panties but not taste them. I'm thankful for that because the smell was very bad!

Then she lifted her dress and walked away from me. She examined me and nodded in approval. "Stay like this until I tell you otherwise.", she instructed.

I must have looked pathetic, yet she did not laugh at me or anything. Liesel came in and saw me. She smiled sweetly but she too did not laugh at me or call me a degrading name. Any woman would have. I would.

It hit me at this point that this must be the interpretation of one of my nightmares, when I saw myself between two bright columns with some foul smell in my nose. The two bright columns are Katrine's legs and the smell is coming from her panties.

I said to Katrine, "Thank you for not laughing at me."

She replied, "Laugh at you? Why? You're doing your job! I don't want to hear this kind of talk from you again, you hear me?"

She said that convincingly and Liesel nodded strongly in agreement. I said, "Yes, Ma'am. I promise." I'm amazed at these women. Their attitude very much eased the pain of shame I'm feeling.

About 15 minutes had passed when Katrine said, "OK. Now, you can take my panties off. Let's go together to the bathroom so I can show you the special panty hampers."

All three of us walked over to the bathroom. So, this is my new room! It is large and very clean. Katrine showed me her panty hamper with the initials "KH" on the lid. She told me to drop her panties in it. She said that I will have to wash them in a special way tomorrow after I had passed the required clinical checkup. She also showed me the sleeping bag in the closet. Then the attention turned to the toilet. It looked very much like any toilet except that it was transparent! Katrine explained that it is made of Plexiglas. She told me that she will explain it in more detail tomorrow.

Then Liesel said, "My turn! Sit on the floor and cross your legs."

I did as she said, and she straddled me like Katrine did. I was again imprisoned in a tight tent under her wide dress looking at yet another gorgeous sight of her flowery panties and flawless, slightly tanned legs. Liesel's farts were worse than Katrine's but amazingly I was able to inhale them. I guess that's what training does to you. Her asshole is just as cute as Katrine's and her pussy was smaller and was fully trimmed. I don't know how I held myself from jumping on her beautiful privates, but I'm glad I did.

With Liesel's panties on my face, Katrine said, "We'll be back in 15 minutes. Keep the panties on and don't move from your position. There are a couple more tasks for you to do in this first training lesson." Then the two women left the bathroom.

After about 5 minutes, I really wanted to take off Liesel's panties because they smelled awful, but I remembered Katrine saying that there were cameras everywhere in the bathroom! Ten more minutes of this agony won't hurt me.

The two women came back after what felt like an hour. Liesel said, "Oh, he looks so adorable!"

Katrine said, "Good job so far, Eddy. You can take the panties off and drop them in her panty hamper right there next to mine." I did and took a deep breath that I badly needed.

"Now, the next task for you is going to be much more delightful, I'm sure. Are you ready?", asked Katrine.

"Yes, I am."

"Good. Come over here next to the bathtub.", said Katrine.

I walked over with the two women to the large bathtub. Liesel said, "This is one of my favorite things!"

And Katrine said, "This will be one of your daily duties, Eddy. I told you will love this job!"

Katrine rolled the shower curtains to reveal an unusually large bathtub. I immediately noticed two shower heads! Katrine noticed my surprise and commented, "That's right. Liesel and I like to shower together and you will be sitting between us. This bathtub was custom made for us to fit three people."

I gulped. My thoughts went to a number of fantasies that I hope will become true in this job! Are Katrine and Liesel lesbian? Maybe bi? Needless to say, my dick started to reflect my thoughts.

Liesel noticed. She sure has a keen eye for my dick. Katrine told her laughing, "Not yet, honey. No touch before he passes his physical tomorrow. You know the rules!"

Liesel made a sad face. She looked adorable. Man, they sound like they're going to have their way with me as soon as I pass that medical checkup tomorrow. I'm in good health. I should pass it standing on my head.

Katrine continued, "For tonight, Eddy. You will just watch. I want you to strip down to your briefs, or are you wearing boxers?"

"Umm...Boxers.", I answered reluctantly.

"In this case, then keep your pants on. I don't want any mess tonight.", said Katrine.

I took off my shirt and undershirt. Both girls smiled when they saw my chest. Liesel commented, "Nice to have a latrine with muscles! Mitch was great but he almost had boobs!"

She laughed and Katrine laughed with her.

"Now, I want you to undress me then Liesel. We've been wearing these dresses for two days now and they must be sweaty, so you will wash them tomorrow, won't you?"

I said sure. Katrine turned her back to me. I unzipped her back. It was kinda hard. These dresses are designed to be too tight on top and too loose on bottom!

Liesel said, "Not easy, is it?"

I said, "No. I pity the ladies who had to wear that everyday. I've been meaning to ask: Why have you ladies been wearing these dresses if they are so uncomfortable?"

Liesel answered, "It's kind of a tradition on campus that we wear clothes of women of different cultures and eras so we can feel what they must have felt. One day last year, in Dr. Jessica's lecture on herstory..."

"Herstory?", I interrupted. "What is that?"

"Liesel answered, "That's history from the viewpoint of women. It highlights women's stories and contribution throughout history, much of which has been ignored by the male dominant historians."

"Very interesting. I never heard of it before. You were saying...", I commented.

"So, Dr. Jessica was talking about Kimonos and how too form fitting they are. I said to her that I wondered how it feels. She suggested that we all wear kimonos for a week as a class assignment and then report on our experience with it. That's how the tradition started.", Liesel continued.

I said, "So, this week it was the Aristocrat lady?"

Katrine answered, "Exactly. And I'm glad we didn't have to wear those dresses for more than two days."

I commented, "I must say that you ladies looked very attractive in them."

Both girls smiled wide. At this point, I had finished removing Katrine's dress and let it drop to the floor. I stopped to marvel at the incredible beauty of Katrine. Standing there naked except for her bra and the dress collecting on the floor.

"The bra too, Eddy!", ordered Katrine.

I was only too glad to oblige. I unclasped it and took it off of her. She turned around to show me two breasts made in heaven. Perfectly round, naturally pushed up and looking soft. They were also almost glued together. I unconsciously stretched my hand toward them.

"Never make a move without my permission, slave!", yelled Katrine with a stern look that frightened me.

"Sorry, Ma'am. I swear my hand moved on its own!", I tried to apologize.

She smiled and replied, "I guess it's OK this time, but never repeat it. There will be times when I will want you to touch me. You will know because I will tell you! Got it?"

I replied that I got it.

"Now, undress Liesel.", Katrine demanded. I proceeded to do just that and was treated to a view from heaven. I can't believe how perfectly shaped Liesel's body was. Sculpted is a better word for it.

Katrine was right about me keeping my pants on. My hard-on was now too painful. And I'm going to sit between these two beauties and watch them take a shower together? Can I last the night?

Katrine interrupted my thoughts saying, "Put the dresses in the washing machine for tomorrow."

I did. Then I watched the two girls walk into the bathtub together. What a sight! Katrine said to me, "Come in here between us, face out and kneel."

I sat between them. In that position, I can see both of them peripherally. The two girls started the water running and began their showers. My pants got wet right away. I don't have spare pants! But I couldn't worry about that now when I could only concentrate on two masterpieces with shower water running along their artistic bodies!

Katrine took a sponge and said to me, "Staring tomorrow, if you pass the physical, I will require you to soap and sponge me whenever I take a bath. That's something you can do, Eddy?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I'm sure I will do a good job and you will be pleased.", I answered her.

I glanced briefly at Liesel and noticed that she was sponging her pussy over and over! I don't how much more of this I can take!

The girls finished their shower and had me watch them dry themselves up. Liesel said, "Drying me off will be one of your duties, Eddy. That's OK with you?"

I said of course it is! She smiled. I realized she asked the question rhetorically.

Katrine noticed my wet pants and commented, "I sure hope that's only water, Eddy."

With embarrassment, I said it was. She told me it was OK if I wanted to use the dryer during the night, just keep the bathroom door closed. That's good. I hate having to go to the clinic with wet pants!

Katrine said, "We're going to bed now, Eddy. I want you to lay the sleeping bag across the toilet. If either of us wakes up during the night to use the toilet, we may like to rest our feet on you. Understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am. No problem.", I answered.

"And another thing. For your training, we will not flush the toilet after we use it. And we will keep the lid up. This will help your nose get used to the smell during the night. Also, because of the glass bowl, you will also continue to see our waste every time you open your eyes. This is a good starting step to prepare you for your latrine duties later.", Katrine explained like a teacher.

The girls wished me a good night and left the bathroom. I closed the bathroom door then took off my pants and put them in the dryer and turned it on. Then I put the sleeping bag like I was instructed. I noticed an alarm clock radio in the corner. I set it for 6 AM and then pressed its sleep button and headed to the sleeping bag to lay down in it. The radio was playing the Bee Gees song, "I'm going nowhere. Somebody help me! Somebody help me!"

I was awakened during the night, first by a dim light then by the feeling of feet on my chest. I opened my eyes and saw Liesel.

She said to me, "Sorry, Eddy. I didn't mean to wake you up."

I said, "That's alright, Lady Liesel. I sleep light but I also fall asleep fast!"

She said, "That's great. Since you are awake, how about if you scoot a bit so I can put my feet on your face instead?"

While I scooted, Liesel wouldn't lift her feet from me, but rather her feet kept rubbing against my chest then neck and finally my face. Her feet were cold and it made me shiver. She laughed and said, "Sorry again. My feet get cold quickly. It's a good thing that your face is so warm!"

I noticed then that she started to pee. One can't pee freely when they are cold, I guess. When she finished peeing, she wiped herself with a tissue, then said to me, "I normally would have given you the tissue to suck on, but the rules say I must wait until you pass the physical. I'm not going to flush and will leave the lid up. Don't change that, understand?"

I said I understood. She then pulled up her panties and left the bathroom. The dim light turned off by itself. Must be motion sensitive. Despite the darkness, I could clearly see her piss floating in the transparent toilet bowl. It had a bit of a sweet smell as a matter of fact! Something which I did not expect.

I went back to sleep quickly, but was awakened again by feet on my face. This time they were encased in socks. I heard a flushing then one foot was slid away from my eyes and I could now see Katrine sitting on the toilet and straining. She didn't notice that I opened my eyes. A minute later, I could plainly see a brown log departing her asshole. It was maybe three inches long and 3/4 inches in diameter! It was glistening and smelled real bad. Then Katrine pissed about a quart on top of the turd. She sat there for a minute before she reached for the toilet paper. She wiped her pussy then her asshole and dropped the tissue in the bowl. She did not flush and she left the lid up then she pulled up her panties and left the bathroom. She didn't even look in my direction, so she didn't know that I saw the whole thing. As soon as she left the bathroom, the light turned off.

I closed my eyes trying to go back to sleep, but it was hard. The smell is just terrible. I told myself I must get used to it.

I must have been more sleepy than disgusted, because I was fast asleep when the alarm clock sounded. I got up and rolled my sleeping bag. I turned on the lights then put the sleeping bag back in the closet. I checked on my pants in the dryer. They were nicely dried. I headed to the bathtub and ran the shower.

I was in the middle of my shower, when I heard a flushing and the sound of spraying, then the curtain was opened! Behind it was a smiling Liesel saying to me, "Good morning, Eddy! Mind if I join you?"

I said, "No, not at all."

She dropped her night gown and underwear and stepped into the bathtub under the second shower head. Man, what a beautiful woman she is!

With her back to me, I was looking at a luscious pair of buttocks that I could spend all day kissing. She said to me, "Had a good sleep? I did."

I said that my sleep was fine. She said, "What about the smell? Was it too bad for you?"

I realized that I hadn't even noticed the smell when I woke up! I told Liesel that it was bad at first but I got over it. She liked that and commented that a few days of this and I wouldn't notice the smell at all. I'm inclined to believe her. I think these girls really know how to train a latrine.

I was done with my shower but kept pretending to continue to wash myself, so I can stay looking at this princess in the buff. But the curtain opened again and Katrine was standing there wearing only her charming smile. My dick had been stiffening steadily and I had been hiding it under a loofah.

Katrine wished me a good morning then asked me if I was finished with my shower. I said I was and started to get out of the tub. I dropped the loofah and both girls clearly saw my hard-on. Liesel giddily said, "I love that!" And Katrine commented, in her charming smile, "Eddy, you are so easily aroused! I like that in a man".

As I was drying myself up and wearing my clothes, I noticed that Katrine had left me instructions on the hampers. One instruction for washing the dresses and another for washing the panties. The panty instructions were in an envelope to be opened only after I come back from the physical and only if I pass it.

I figured that the next thing to do is prepare breakfast. The girls didn't leave instructions for that, so I made traditional bacon and scrambled eggs. Though I was hungry, I figured it would be rude of me to start eating before them. I called out, "Breakfast is ready!"

A minute later, the two girls came in. Liesel was wearing a white blouse, a navy short skirt, pantyhose and sandals. Katrine was wearing a pink blouse, a medium-length green skirt and flats. Both women looked like students this time. I had only seen them looking like European Aristocrats or naked!

Katrine complimented me on the breakfast and asked, "How did you know I like scrambled eggs?"

I told her I was lucky in my guess. She said Liesel likes it too but prefers her eggs poached. I said I know how to make poached eggs. Liesel was happy to hear it.

I was expecting them to have me eat on the floor, by their legs. Maybe I was wishing it! They had me sit around the breakfast table as normal.

Katrine reminded me of the importance of the physical. She assured me that it won't take too long. She said that the clinic will email her the detailed report of the results and that she will be in class at that time. She said she will call me then to tell me the result. If I pass the checkup, then she wants me to go to my apartment and give notice of leaving and then wait for her to come back from her classes and start what she called the real training!

I told her that I'm confident I will pass, but what if I don't? Could I take it again later?

She said it depends on what parts I failed. She said that it is possible to work around some issues, but some other issues are unworkable and if I failed them then I cannot hold the job. She said she will explain the report in detail.

We finished eating and I put the dishes in the dishwasher and turned it on. The two girls went out the door wishing me good luck on the physical.

I suddenly started to feel wheezy. I rushed to the guest bathroom and puked in the toilet. "Damn! That's a wrong time for that!", I cursed. "Just before I was to have a medical examination."

I flushed and cleaned up the toilet then washed up and gargled with a huge amount of mouthwash then headed out the door. I have to pass this exam. I just have to.

As I walked to the clinic, I kept thinking about Katrine and Liesel and their attitude toward me. They can be very playful, almost seducing, and then suddenly become stern and bitchy! Maybe that's how training is done: the carrot and the stick? It sure makes me want to be on their good side.

I arrived at the clinic ten minutes before my appointment. The beautiful receptionist, whose name plate said "Danielle Gomez" had me sign a visitor log and said to me in a cute Spanish accent to wait. A few minutes later, another beauty, in a nurse uniform, came into the lobby, smiled at me and shook my hand and said, "Mr. Simmons? Hi, I'm Margaret Landon, an RN here and I will be supervising your checkup. Please follow me."

I walked behind her, quickly glancing at a very shapely butt. We entered an examination room. The whole place looks much bigger on the inside than it does on the outside. This place can easily be a full service hospital.

Nurse Margaret took my vitals and told me all look good. She then gave me an injection and explained, "This is a concoction of ours. It will protect you against all STDs, Herpes and all 3 types of Hepatitis. You will need to get one every three months of your employment as a latrine." The injection didn't hurt at all. I just wish she didn't say "latrine" so loud!

She then asked me to lie down on a bench, face up and wait. When she came back, she had a glass case with a ton of needles. Seeing my reaction, she said, "Don't panic. These are tiny pins, each with a different food or beverage in it. I will poke you with them in order to determine any allergies you may have. We don't want you to develop an allergic reaction to whatever your users were drinking or eating prior to using your service, right? You will feel like a pin cushion, but then that's part of your slave duties, isn't it? So, it's a good introduction for you." She said that with a sweet, motherly smile.

So, that's what that phrase in the contract meant! Was it optional or required? I can't remember. Either way, I have no choice in taking the exam, so I better brace myself for it. I guess I'll be doing a lot of that in the upcoming days and weeks - bracing myself for pain.

She started to pin me and to my surprise I didn't feel a thing! I told her and she said, "I used to work in an oriental care facility and administered acupuncture to hundreds of patients. It is an awesome therapy."

I looked down on my body and saw maybe a hundred pins sticking from my skin, but felt minimal pain. She knows what she's doing, that's for sure.

About five minutes later, she started removing the pins. I asked her if I had any allergies. She replied that she will run the report now. She hooked up her iPad to a machine the likes of which I've never seen before, then she placed each pin in a hole designed for it in the bin of the machine and closed a lid over them and pressed a button. The machine hummed for a minute then stopped.

Margaret removed her iPad and smiled at me saying, "Looks good. You only have a slight sensitivity to some foods and beverages, but no allergies."

I asked her what foods and beverages. She replied that Katrine will discuss the report with me in detail later. Then she asked me to stay on the bench for the lung capacity test. I did.

She explained, "This test examines your lung capacity and endurance when Oxygen is lacking. The way we conduct at this clinic is unorthodox, but very efficient and it will be a good training for you as well for another of your slave duties."

She attached a small device to my right index finger and explained, "This measures your blood Oxygen level. I will be sitting on your face and will monitor your blood Oxygen level on this monitor. I will only lift up from your face when I see the Oxygen level drop to a dangerous level, or drops too fast. Now, I want you to take the deepest breath you can take before I sit on your face!"

I said to her in an obvious worried voice, "I'm not sure about this. Don't be annoyed if I push you up."

She said, "In this case, I'll probably have to tie you down. Ramona! George!", she called out. Two orderlies came in. She explained to them, "I may need your help keeping this patient down." They walked toward me and Ramona stood to my left arm and George to my right.

"Take a really deep breath, Eddy!", instructed Margaret. I did and she quickly descended on my face, and sat comfortably on it, facing away from me. She was not light but not heavy either. I thought to myself that I could do this.

Two minutes had passed and I started to feel constriction in my chest, but Margaret didn't move an inch. I started to wiggle but Ramona and George held me tight. I started seeing stars and thought I was going to die, when the load eased all of a sudden. Margaret had dismounted.

She stroked my face and I started to see clearly again. She said that my endurance is average. She said that my face color changes a bit too quick. She typed a few sentences on her iPad.

Then she looked like she had a good idea. She said to Ramona, "Maybe he did not take in enough air this time. I think I want to repeat the test."

"Not again, please.", I said to myself.

Margaret said to Ramona, "Will you sit on his face, this time, dear? I'd like to examine the reaction of the rest of his body up close."

Ramona said, "Sure thing!"

That Ramona is taller and heavier than Margaret. This may do me in. I begged her not to do the test again. I even suggested that Katrine will train me to have more endurance. Margaret didn't accept my begging. She said that she wanted to ensure the test results are accurate and that requires her personal observations of my behavior during the facesitting. I had nothing more I could say.

Now, Margaret was on my left side. She said, "Deep, deep breath." I inhaled like there was no tomorrow - something which could very well happen soon - and Ramona sat down on my face. I thought the bones in my face and my jaw had cracked. Oh well, if this the end, so be it.

I must have passed out, because I came to while all three were looking at me attentively. Margaret said, "Good, you're awake. It wasn't as bad as I thought. You will be OK. This must be your first time being facesat?"

Catching my breath, "Yes. Nothing like this ever happened to me before."

Ramona smiled at me and said, "Your face felt very good under me. You're going to be a great cushion for your owners. Do you still needs us, Margaret?"

Margaret said they could leave. Then she asked me, "I know the experience was a bit scary for you, Eddy, but was it also exciting - even a little?"

I replied, "Now that I think about it, it was. You have an ample and soft bottom if I may say so."

"Thank you, Eddy.", she replied. "Now, we go to the MRI. Doctor Zoe Dresden will run a host of exams and I will be assisting her, but the whole thing will actually take ten minutes."

I followed her to another room where an MRI machine was in its center. A petite woman in a doctor's uniform smiled at me and said, in a most beautiful and almost hypnotic voice, "Hi, I'm Dr. Dresden." and shook my hand.

We exchanged pleasantries and then she said, "In this test, we do a brain scan and a heart scan, measure levels of bodily fluids and gauge your reaction to images that will be shown to you in a very rapid succession. Probes will be attached to your head, chest, nose, neck, belly and penis. We have perfected this procedure and we've done it many times before, so there's nothing for you to worry about.

When Margaret was finished fitting me, I looked like those people in the movies who are abducted by aliens who are testing them! There was a tube down my throat, two tubes in my nostrils, a mask on my eyes, and too many wires coming out of my head and torso. Oh, and a kind of a condom around my dick.

Doctor Zoe told me to lie down on the bed of the MRI machine and be comfortable. Then she pressed a button and the conveyor pulled me inside the dome. Good thing I'm not claustrophobic because there's not much space there. But I had no problem breathing. The two tubes in my nose were pumping Oxygen to my aching lung.

I noticed flashes of light, like in a copy machine. Some of the probes started to feel ticklish. I could tell that images are shown to me but I could not consciously tell what was shown. This lasted ten minutes like they said and the conveyor sent me back outside where Margaret proceeded to free me from my attachments. I was very embarrassed when she took off my condom because it was quite wet.

I noticed Margaret detaching her iPad from the side of the MRI machine. Doctor Zoe thanked her for her help and greeted me goodbye. Margaret said to me that there are a few more, less complex tests and I can be on my way back to the sorority house.

After the tests, Margaret said she sent the full report to Katrine and wished me a good day. I asked her if I passed the test. She said I did very well in most parts but there are parts that need discussion and that Katrine will do that.

I thanked her and left. I got back in the Lambda Tau Rho house and waited for a call from Katrine. I sure hope I passed and those details won't jeopardize the job.

I picked up the duster and decided to dust the place to keep myself busy while waiting for Katrine to call. I turned the radio on. It was playing Electric Light's song, "I tell you once more before I get off the floor: Don't bring me down!"

I was cleaning the guest bathroom when the phone rang. I hurried to answer it. It was Katrine, "Congratulations, Eddy, you passed the important parts of the physical.", she said with a happy voice.

"Thank you, Lady Katrine, for the good news. When will you be back?" I replied.

"Around 2 PM. You can go now and give your notice but be back before 1 PM. I want you to watch a couple of videos before I return.", She said.

"That may not be enough time. I have to clean up the apartment or I won't get my deposit back.", I said with worry.

"How much is it?", she asked.

"$500. I sure can use that.", I answered.

"Yeah. That's not small change. Can you do the cleaning tomorrow? You will give a two week notice, right?", she asked.

"I guess I can do that, but I was hoping to get it over with today."

"You're right. Go ahead. I can have you watch the videos while Liesel and I are studying."

"Great. Then I'll see you at 2:00 PM."

"Yes. I'm very happy, Eddy. I look forward to your service to us. Are you excited too?"

I wasn't really excited. This is not exactly my dream job. But I answered, "Ya. I hope that you will be happy with my service."

"I know you will do well, Eddy. Bye for now." and she hung up.

I washed my hands and headed out to my car. As I was leaving the campus gate, the attendant, Luz, said to me, "I heard that you're all set for your new job. Congrats!"

Man, these people tell each other everything. How did she know so quick? I asked her, "Oh, the news travel fast on this campus!"

She smiled and said, "Dr. Zoe was just leaving for her off-campus clinic and she told me. Do you start tonight?"

"This afternoon.", I replied.

"See you then. Drive safely, I just heard about a big accident on Gertrude Street. Are you going in that direction?", she asked.

"Wow, yes, as a matter of fact. Thanks for the warning." I answered her as I was exiting.

She was right. Gertrude Street was closed by the Police in both directions, so I took the detour they suggested. I arrived at my apartment building and rang the bell of Mrs. Meadows, the land lady. She opened the door and looked glad to see me! I couldn't help but notice that she looked very nice.

She said, "Hi, Eddy. I haven't seen you around in a couple of days. I hope all is right."

I replied, "Thanks, Mrs. Meadows. Can I come in?"

"Sure, Eddy. But I told you many times you can call me Carol!", she said with a smile.

"OK, Carol. The reason I'm here is that unfortunately I have to leave so I'm giving you the two-week notice."

"Oh, that's awful. You're one of my favorite tenants. Why are you leaving? Did you find a job?"

"Yes. In Syracuse, so I'll be living there from now on."

"Where in Syracuse, Eddy. There are some bad neighborhoods over there."

"The job is at the campus of Mujeres Poderosas college and I'll live on campus."

"Mojeres Poderosas!", she balked. "I've heard all kinds of weird things about that college. Do you know what you're getting yourself into, Eddy?"

I wasn't going to tell her any more details. I told her too much already. So I said, "I'll be alright. It's the first job I could find in months."

"I know you've been looking everywhere. But I'm worried about you, Eddy. That place is weird. It's run by a bunch of radical feminists who hate men and treat them like dirt. At least that's what my niece Tina told me. She enrolled there for one semester last year and then quit."

I really didn't want the conversation to get into more details, but I couldn't think of a way to change the subject. Carol continued, "What job will you be doing there?"

Uh Oh, I can't answer that! I can't tell her that I will be a toilet for four women for three years. What should I say?

I finally decided to sugar coat it and said, "I'll be a kind of a butler and house keeper for one of the sorority houses."

"Oh you naughty boy! Eddy, you're very handsome, but I didn't know that you're a Casanova.", she said with a big smile.

I smiled back and said, "That's sweet of you, Carol."

"That's like a dream job for any guy. How many girls will you be 'keeping house' for? Are they pretty?", she asked with a wicked smile.

"Four. I met two of them and they are beautiful."

"You lucky devil. I don't know why but I feel jealous!"

That comment shocked me. Does Carol have a crush on me? I decided not to comment, or else I would open a can of worms.

But Carol kept the subject going! She said, "You know, Eddy, since my husband Kevin died four months ago, I've been alone in this apartment except when Tina comes to visit."

She paused like she expected me to comment, so I said, "I'm so sorry. I know you loved Mr. Meadows very much. He was a good guy."

"I miss having a man in the house, Eddy. If you're taking this job because you're running out of money, maybe you can roommate with me until you find a better job. I can use help with house work."

Again I was shocked by the suggestion. I replied, "That is too generous of you, Carol. But I would be imposing and it's rather improper.", my face blushing.

She looked at me so sweetly and said, "I know you will behave yourself, Eddy. I trust you."

"But I don't trust myself!", I said with increased embarrassment. "You are an attractive woman." I was trying to be a gentleman and at the same time get out of this situation.

She had the happiest look on her face! She said, "I am? Do you really find me attractive, Eddy?"

"Of course, Carol. You don't know that? Just look in the mirror."

Carol looked elated and said, "You say the sweetest words, Eddy. Please stay. Please take my offer. At least until you find a good job."

I realized that I painted myself into a corner now. How do I get out of this? I still need to clean the apartment and I have to report back to Katrine at 2 PM. If I don't, I may have to pay a penalty for early termination of my contract with Katrine. I don't have a thousand dollars!

I also can't stand the thought of being away from Katrine or Liesel. These two beauties captured my heart and enslaved me with their charm long before I signed that slave contract.

But here I am with a woman, who is attractive even if she's older, who wants me to live with her for free. I'd be a fool to turn that offer down. The damn economy has to improve some time and then I can go back to sales.

I'm stuck, and knowing myself, I'm not smart enough to figure out the best solution.

I was lost thinking what to say when Carol said, "I didn't mean to put you on the spot, Eddy. Sleep on it. My door will still be open tomorrow!"

"I really appreciate that, Carol.", I replied. "I signed a contract already. I wish you told me all this a few days ago."

She replied, "How long is the contract? Can you get our of it?"

"It's for three years. If I quit I have to pay a penalty!", I answered.

"That's a shame, Eddy. I wish you luck and I hope you will keep in touch.", she said with a sad voice.

"I'll clean my apartment now. Can you give me my deposit after that?", I asked her.

"Deposit checks have to be approved by the management company. Leave your forwarding address and I'll mail it to you.", she replied.

I was disappointed because I was hoping to get some money in my pocket today. Oh, well. I disappointed her first. I bet if I had agreed to move in with her, she would've given me my deposit right away.

I went to clean my apartment and put my personal stuff in a suitcase. I went back to Carol and asked her if she would sell the rest of my stuff for me. She said she may do that but I shouldn't expect much for it. She gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek as I was leaving.

I drove back to the Mujeres Poderosas campus. As I entered the Lambda Tau Rho sorority house, my new workplace and home, I noticed the voice mail light flickering on the telephone set. I wondered if it would be OK to check the messages. Maybe Katrine has instructions for me?

Yes. Katrine had a message for me that I should go ahead and wash the girls panties per the instructions in the envelopes in the bathroom. She also said that I should watch two videos - if I have time after - one called "Queens Island" and the other called "Nature calls." She said the DVDs are right on the TV set.

The washing instructions were as follows:
1. Make sure you hands, face and mouth are clean.
2. Take each pair of panties and gently smell its stained areas for no less than a minute.
3. Rub the stained areas all over your face, hair, ears and neck.
4. Lick the stain areas as thoroughly as you can for no less than two minutes. If your tongue starts to dry up, drink some liquid and resume licking.
5. The above is called pre-processing. When it is done, hand wash the panties in warm water in the laundry sink.
6. After washing, place the panties in the dryer using the gentle cycle. Throw in a sheet of "Fragrant Köln" during the drying cycle.
As I was following these instructions, one of the panties belonging to Liesel was quite messy. It was damp at one area, crusty at another, yellow, brown and red at other areas. The smell was bad and the taste was worse, but the rub on my face was nice. At that moment, the radio was playing Rick James's song, "She's a very kinky girl!"

I thought I did a good job licking the panty stains, as sour as they tasted, and washing them. Washing was nice and therapeutic.

When the panties were in the dryer, I headed to the TV to watch the two videos Katrine wanted me to watch. The first movie was very interesting. It was about a woman biologist who was studying apes and monkeys. She said in the movie that she learned that the most evolved monkeys are the Bonobos. And one thing that is remarkably different about Bonobos is that they are female dominant and totally at peace! The woman began to theorize that the two features are related: when a society is female dominated, it becomes more peaceful. She observed Bonobo behavior for three years and found them to resolve conflicts with sex! She commented laughing, "We were right in the Sixties when our slogan was 'Make love, not war!'"

She was then determined to find out if her conclusion applies to humans. The rest of the movie is fictional and shows her imagination of a female dominant human society which she called Queens Island.

In Queens Island, all women are privileged and pampered and they manage everything and make all decisions. All men are slaves to the women and do the manual and the menial jobs. Men can be bought, sold, rented, and leased. They are kept in cages and stables. They are yoked or collared and are led around by leashes. They are ridden like horses or are used to pull rickshaws for transportation. If they rebel or disobey, they are whipped until they are broken and in front of other slaves. Some may be used for "breeding" but when they are done, they are returned to the stables for work.

The story goes on to show that the women never touch any filth, so it is the men's job to do all the feminine hygiene and after-toilet wiping!

I really enjoyed the movie and was turned on by much of it. I can go for this wiping thing. Maybe Katrine is preparing me for it with those panty instructions.

I heard the dryer stop, so I went back to the bathroom, took out the panties and folded them nicely. I thought the girls would appreciate it if I put them on their beds nicely folded.

Then I went back to the living room to play the second movie "Nature Calls." I thought it would be about sounds of the forest and animal calls, but to my surprise it started out with a Japanese guy lying face up on the floor and wrapped like a mummy. A moment later, a young woman opens the door hurrying toward him. She takes her panties off in a hurry, squats over his face, says something to him and he opens his mouth wide then she started urinating right into his mouth!

I had never seen such a scene before and to my surprise it was very erotic, especially when the guy gulped the urine and licked his lips.

Right then the house door opened with Katrine saying, "Eddy, I'm home!"

I paused the video and went to greet her.

Katrine was standing by the door like she was waiting for me. I hurried up toward her and said, "Hi, Lady Katrine!" with a big smile on my face. I was genuinely happy to see her.

She smiled back and said, "Happy to see me, eh?"

I said, "Very much. How was class?"

She suddenly lost her smile and said, "Good. But, Eddy, you have not properly greeted me. When I, or any girl, enter the house, you have to greet us right."

I said, "Sorry, Ma'am. Please tell me how."

She said, "It's OK, you're still learning. When a girl offers you her hand, you should kiss it. Otherwise, you drop to the floor and kiss her feet. So..."

Noticing that she did not offer her hand, I dropped to the floor and kissed her left shoe then her right shoe then proceeded to get up, when she pushed my head down with her shoe saying, "Then you lie down on your back and play doormat!"

I laid down on my back. She swept her shoes twice on my torso. I didn't like that at all. It must have shown on my face because she said, "And you must display happiness that you have been of service to a lady!"

I put on a happy face which she accepted then she gestured for me to get up. She asked me, "How did your notice go? Did you get your deposit?"

I found myself telling her all the details of what happened with Carol. I don't know why I did that. Maybe I was subconsciously trying to tell her that she has competition!

What she said next surprised me. She said, "Wow, Eddy! You gave up free room and board and free sex for me?"

I didn't know how to answer that, so I just smiled. Katrine said, "Liesel is gonna love hearing this. But you know of course that Liesel and I cannot have sex with you during work hours. That would be prostitution. And as liberal as Syracuse is, prostitution is still illegal in this city."

Does that mean that they may want to have sex with me after hours? Yay! But I guess they will be initiating it. I still remember the scary look Katrine gave me when I only reached out to her boobs.

I said, "Of course. I hope that the opportunity will come. I can't wait!"

I must have blushed big because Katrine said, "Ha ha ha. You embarrass so easily, Eddy! I love that about you."

Then she said, "That is why, Eddy, the items in your contract that involve oral or genital contact between you and us were left out. We could not legally include them. Things like ass wiping for example which we all love, especially Liesel. Speaking of wiping, did you finish the panties?"

I told her that I did and that I put them in their bedrooms. She went to her bedroom and said out loud, "Very neat. Good job, Eddy."

I thanked her. Then she came back and said, "Did you start watching the videos?"

I told her I already watched one and just started watching the second one. She said, "How did you like Queens Island? It's one of my favorites. Dean Betty and Dr. Diana also love it. She teaches female supremacy, you know."

I told her how I enjoyed it. She asked me what I did NOT like about it. I replied that I did not like that the slaves were kept in cages or stables and did not like the extensive whipping. She was looking deep into my eyes as I was saying that. She asked me, "What would you have suggested instead?"

I answered that I would have liked the men to stay with the women at their homes, perhaps in servant quarters. I also said that the whipping was too cruel. She smiled and said, "I'm glad you approve of some whipping!"

I realized my dumb mistake. Now I guess I can expect to be whipped, but it's in the contract anyway.

Katrine asked me, "You indicated that you are OK with wiping, Eddy, didn't you?"

I answered, "Lady Liesel was disappointed that it wasn't in the contract. I can't see her disappointed!"

Katrine replied, "That's a good slave! I want you to do the wiping, Eddy, when we ask you for it, but you understand that you will not be paid for it. The time you spend wiping us will be deducted from your work hours. Agreed?"

I agreed but how will they keep track of the times I'm working and the times I'm not? I'm sure she has a way to do that.

Katrine said, "You also understand that you don't have to do anything that can be construed as sexual contact during work hours. I we want something of that nature, you have the right to decline, but if you accept, you will not be paid for it."

I shook my head agreeing, but if it were up to me, that would be the only job I want to do!

She then said, "Queens Island! Wouldn't be great to live in a society like that? Mujeres Poderosas is a small attempt to live that dream. Is it a dream of yours too, Eddy?"

I said yes, even though I'm not entirely sold on the idea. The movie showed very brief times of regular sex and I'd like that to be more often.

Katrine asked, "Let's watch Nature Calls together. From the beginning. Pay attention because this is important training for you."

She took my hand to the living room, sat on the couch and sat me between her legs, which she dropped on either side of my face. Then she played the DVD.

When the scene got to where the Japanese guy licked his lips after drinking the woman's piss, Katrine paused the DVD and said to me, "Did you see that? That is a well trained latrine. I expect you to act like him and soon!"

I said that I will try my best. She then resumed playing. The woman took some toilet tissue, but instead of wiping herself, she wiped the slave's mouth! Then she said something to him and he stretched out his tongue wiping her pee hole. She let him do that for almost two minutes, visibly enjoying it, then she told him to stop. She smiled at him and patted his forehead then left the bathroom.

A minute later in the movie, another woman, a mature one, entered and pissed in the slave's mouth. She waited until he drank fully then she started to defecate in his mouth. I could not believe my eyes! This is no film trick. There is a log of shit coming out slowly from her asshole and picked up carefully by the slave in his mouth. It must have been three inches tall and an inch wide. I watched in disbelief as the slave was chewing and swallowing as fast as he could, until the turd could no longer be seen. The woman turned around and was pleased with what she saw. She said something to him. He opened his mouth and there was nothing in it except a brown tongue. Katrine squeezed her thighs against my head and commented, "That is sooooooooooo beautiful!"

She relaxed her grip on my head and looked down at me and said, "Wasn't that priceless?"

I said, "I'm speechless. How did he do that?"

She said, "Training, Eddy. You will do the same soon, don't you worry!"

I wasn't worried that I wouldn't do it. I was worried that I will. She obviously expects me to. I replied, "I don't know if I can."

Her reply was, "Of course you can. Don't sell yourself short. He has nothing over you!"

She's making this sound like a challenge to my masculine abilities! As if a real man eats his woman's shit without complaint. It reminded me with those TV reality shows where guys eat worms and bugs in the wilderness to survive.

This woman is really something else. She sees something so obviously disgusting and thinks it's beautiful. If I want to keep this job, I must think like her.

The next scene in the movie was the woman saying something to the man and he kept swallowing then opening his mouth for her inspection. Each time his tongue appeared less brown. Then when his tongue was almost back to its natural color, she turned around again and ordered him to lick her asshole clean. He stopped after a minute but she yelled something at him and he immediately resumed licking.

This went on for more than two more minutes. Then she took a toilet tissue and rubbed it on her asshole and looked at it. It had a bit of stain on it. She showed it to the slave and said something loudly to him. He said something like an apology then she rose up, threw the toilet tissue on his face and pulled back her panties. She went to a sink and washed her hands then opened the bathroom door to leave only to find another woman standing there looking uncomfortable and desperate to pee!

The two women bowed to each other and the second woman came in running. She slipped down her panties and crouched over the slave, while the discarded toilet tissue was still on his nose, and started to pee. Her piss looked like a waterfall and looked as if it came out from three different holes!

The man was remarkable in drinking her piss quickly. But it was impossible to drink it at the rate it was delivered, so much of it fell on his face and chest and on the floor. She then slowly pulled out her tampon from its string and told the slave to open his mouth one more time and she actually dropped the soaking tampon in it! I thought I was going to throw up. But Katrine said, "Be a mensch! Learn from him. You may have to do the same thing."

So I stared at the guy and he was squeezing the tampon inside his mouth like a lemon. Some of the period liquid sputtered out of his lips. When that happened, the woman yelled at him and he closed his mouth more tightly. Then she told him to open his mouth and she pulled the tampon out and examined it. Its color has lightened out considerably. She looked very pleased. She dropped it on his mummified chest and said something to him with a smile. Then she washed up and left the room.

Before she did, she pressed a button on the wall. Katrine explained to me that it changes the sign on the bathroom door from "Occupied" to "In Service."

Yip. Another man crawled toward him, holding cleaning supplies in his hands. He sprayed the face of the slave and the floor around him. He picked up the discarded tissue and tampon and put them in a waste basket. He then wiped the slave's face and the floor dry. Then he sprayed the air with a deodorant. Finally, the janitor pressed the same button again and then crawled back to his corner.

Katrine hit the pause button and asked me, "How do you feel about the tampon service you just saw?" I said that it's another thing I couldn't believe. She asked me if it was something I'd like to try. I said I wouldn't want to. She said, "Yeah, you're still a beginner, but maybe you will change your mind later."

Katrine reached for the remote control when we heard the door unlocked. Katrine lifted her legs from around me and I realized that I must run to "properly" greet Liesel.

I said to Liesel, "Nice to see you again, Lady Liesel", then I dropped to the floor. I forgot that the protocol was to wait for her to see if she would offer me her hand, but Liesel laughed and said, "Good slave!"

I kissed her shoes and laid down on my back to serve the doormat portion of the greeting ritual. But Liesel simply stepped on me with one foot and walked away. I rose up and went back to the living room.

Liesel asked Katrine, "What are you watching? Is it 'Slave husbands and proud of it'?"

Katrine replied, "Ha ha ha. I know it's your favorite movie. No, we're watching Nature Calls. Eddy needs to see how his job is done!"

Liesel replied, "Very important, Eddy. I hope you've been paying attention!"

Katrine said, "I had him watch Queens Island first. He said he enjoyed it."

"Good", she replied. "Carry on with your watching. I'll join you in a minute."

Katrine dropped her legs around my face again then resumed the DVD. Liesel yelled out from her bedroom, "Great job, Eddy. You folded my panties and they're so clean."

I replied back out loud, "Thank you, Ma'am."

She came back into the living room and bent down toward me and held my cheeks in her hands and said, "That's a good slave! Was it hard on you, slave?"

She was talking sweetly, like a mother would talk to her child. I replied, "One panty was hard but I managed." She said, "I'm glad you did. Not bad for a total newbie on his second day, eh, Katrine?"

Katrine replied, "I'm proud of you, Eddy. I know that you will be a great latrine for all of us. But the road ahead is not easy. Your training is just beginning."

I said, "Yes, Ma'am."

She said, "I'll do some studying now. Eddy, you watch and when you're done call me out."

Liesel said, "I'll watch with him." Then she took Katrine's place and also wrapped her legs around my head. Her legs felt very soft and smooth and they smelled good.

When the next scene in the movie started, Liesel shouted, "Oh, I love this part."

I watched with anticipation to see what was so exciting about that part.

The scene in the movie started out with two women this time. Like all the women who showed up before, one of the two women is Japanese but the other looked Western. The two women headed together toward the slave, but instead of squatting over his face, one of them sat on it like it was a beanbag! She was still wearing her kimono.

The other woman was unwrapping the slave's mummy wraps around his abdomen. Soon his stuff was exposed, but the film optically masked it. The woman then sat on the slave's dick after maneuvering it into her pussy!

Then, like in a synchronous dance, the two women started rocking themselves. Liesel shouted, "I love that!" and she pressed her thighs against the sides of my face. When she released her grip a bit, I replied, "It is very erotic. You were right, Ma'am."

Then the Japanese woman lifted up a bit and took off her panties, lifted her kimono and sat again on the slave's face which was now fully buried under her kimono. My dick started to push against my pants.

As always, Liesel noticed it and said wickedly, "I see that you enjoy this! I know you do. That's one of the erotic scenarios that you reacted too the most during your physical. Katrine told me."

I told her I didn't even notice it in my physical, so how can it be? She said that the exam showed the pictures faster than the conscious mind can notice them, in order to gauge the response of the subconscious mind. I nodded my head but I didn't quite understand.

The excitement of the two women started to get louder. The Western woman started to moan then scream. She was clearly having a good orgasm. That was no fake. She pulled herself and almost collapsed on the floor. At that time the Japanese woman was experiencing a similar orgasm but was more reserved in her reaction. When the orgasm hit her, she was breathing heavily and couldn't get up on her own, so she asked the janitor slave to help her up.

The other slave looked like he was in physical pain. The janitor slave was kneeling. The Japanese woman gained her composure first and ordered him to clean her up, Liesel was translating to me. I asked her if she knew Japanese. She said no, but she watched the movie before with the dean, Betty Narita, who is Japanese. It turned out that cleaning meant licking! The janitor slave was slurping the Japanese woman's pussy like it was ice cream. He also skillfully wiped her inner thighs and crotch. She thanked him and he stopped.

Then the Western woman came to and called him to clean her too, which he did. He was then instructed to clean the mummified slave, then he was sent back to his corner.

Then the Japanese woman said something to the mummified slave. I asked Liesel what she said to him. Liesel said that she told him that they will now switch places and that she expects the same great service as the first time, or else she will discipline him. The man started to beg her but her response was to slap him. Liesel translated that she said to him that the more he puts it off the harsher the discipline will be! He stopped begging.

I happened to look at Liesel at that time because she was translating to me. Her face was lit up with a dreamy joyful look. I started thinking that this woman would do the same to me sooner or later. That thought was frightening and exciting at the same time.

The two women indeed switched places and after a while had two more intense orgasms. The Western woman didn't faint this time. She rose up a bit and said something in Japanese. Liesel translated it to me, "Open your mouth wide. I have to pee."

She proceeded to piss in his mouth for maybe four minutes. Liesel commented that sex often stimulates abdominal muscles and that's why there was so much piss the slave had to drink. Then the woman ordered him and he started to do the cleaning. Then she ordered the janitor slave to clean the toilet slave's face.

By this time, the Japanese woman was having more orgasms! When she finally decided she had enough, she dismounted and immediately the slave started to scream in severe pain. She walked away from the camera for a few seconds and came back with a cane and started to beat the mummified slave on his aching dick. He begged her to stop and promised he won't complain anymore, so she stopped caning. At that point, she walked over to his head, squatted over him and took a giant piss. The slave drank it frantically. I guess he didn't want to be caned again where it hurts.

After the slave finished cleaning the Japanese woman's pussy, she rose up and pulled up her panties and adjusted her kimono. She started walking out with the Western woman. She said to her, according to Liesel, "That was fun, wasn't it?" She replied, "So much. Thanks for inviting me tonight." She said to her, "I apologize for his screaming, but I had fucked him twice earlier before the party and he is not used to so many in one day." The Western woman laughed.

The next scene showed all the women gathered in the living room. It looks like the Japanese woman in the last scene is the hostess of this party. She started what sounded like a bidding! Liesel confirmed that the party was to sell the mummified slave as a combination sex and toilet slave to the highest bidder. The Western woman won the bidding.

The last scene showed the Western woman putting a collar around the slave who was mummified, but is now fully dressed in a Western style three piece suit. She attached a leash to the collar and the rest of the women cheered. They all went to the door after kissing each other goodbye.

Liesel then said, "Wonderful movie, isn't it?"

I replied, "Wow. i still can't believe most of what I just seen."

She said, "I'd like to do some of that to you, sooner rather than later. Oh, that reminds me." Then she called out to Katrine, "Katrine, before we forget, we need to do the video testimony."

Katrine came out of her room and said, "That's right. Are you ready, Eddy?"

I replied, "For what?"

"The sexual contact video testimony. I told you before. Now, we need to record a video so there wouldn't be any misunderstanding."

I said OK. Liesel brought a video camera and placed it on a tripod and pressed the record button. Then Katrine started out, "I am Katrine Herzdame and this is the required sexual contact testimony, per campus employment rule 118a. Here with me is Liesel Francoise as a witness and Edward Simmons, the employee."

Then she looked at me and asked,

Do you, Edward Simmons, understand and agree to all of the following?
a. Any action which requires a physical contact between your genitalia and the genitalia of your users may be construed as sexual.
b. Any action which requires a physical contact between your mouth or tongue and the mouths, tongues or genitalia of your users may be construed as sexual.
c. You can never initiate a request to your users that may be construed as sexual.
d. If any of your users initiate a request that may be construed as sexual, you have the right to decline it and it will not adversely affect your chances for raises or promotions.
e. In the case you accept a request from your users which may be construed as sexual, it will not be paid for and the time spent on it will be deducted from your work hours.
f. In the case you accept a request from your users which may be construed as sexual, you will perform it as instructed by your user and if you fail her expectation, she reserves the right to discipline you as she pleases after I approve of the disciplinary method.
g. Any dispute or claim of sexual harassment shall be settled by third-party arbitration and out of court.

Do you understand all of the above and fully agree and consent to it without reservation?
I hesitated for a second but said, "I do."

Katrine then looked at Liesel and asked her, "Are you a witness to what he just said?" She replied, "I am."

Katrine then announced, "This conclude this sexual contact testimony."

Liesel stopped recording and took out the memory card, which Katrine placed in a small box then placed the box in the filing cabinet where she had previously put my contract.

Both women then gave me a hug! Then Katrine said, "We have thus covered all the legal requirements. I want to now show you the latrine room and its equipment."

I said, "A latrine room?"

Katrine said, "You will love it, I'm sure. It is so well designed. It's where you will be spending much of your time. She took my hand and walked over to the main bathroom. Liesel was right behind us. She headed to a closet and opened it up. It turned out to be a door with stairs behind it!

At the end of the stairs was a large room. The floor was tile. There were no windows, but there was a ceiling fan and heating and air conditioning vents. I noticed right away a twin-size bed placed on a circular pedestal. On its sides there were several belts and metal rings and there were several buttons and levers on a dashboard. Right above the bed there was what looks like a trap door in the ceiling.

Katrine said, "You will be sleeping on this bed most of the time, unless one of us your users need you upstairs. You will notice that the opening in the ceiling opens to the toilet bowl of the main bathroom, so you can do your job while lying comfortably in bed."

"It is a bit far from the toilet, isn't it?", I asked.

Liesel answered, "It is raised up with this button right here", and she pointed to a green button on the dashboard, "or with this mechanical lever.'

Katrine added, "It is also automatically raised as soon as a user opens up the toilet cover. This ensures that you cannot avoid serving, not that you would of course"

I smiled. She continued, "The buttons and lever - there is also one of each upstairs - are backup. It's your duty to use them in the case the user doesn't or if the automatic mechanism fails. You understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am. What are these rings and belts for?"

"To tie you up if necessary. I hope we won't have to use them."

I looked concerned, but Katrine ignored it and continued, "You may wonder what this round pedestal is for. It allows the bed to rotate 180 degrees. The reason for this is that some women like to have the latrine's body in front of them and others don't want to see it. With a press of a button upstairs, you will rotate to the way she likes. Liesel and I like to rest our feet on your chest, so that's position A. I hear that Isabella prefers the latrine be hidden completely. That's position B. If a user wants you to change position and doesn't do it herself from upstairs, it is your duty to press this orange button to do it. Got that?"

"Got it. So, when the bed is raised, it is is raised all the way upstairs that my body will be on it?"

"Yes. I'll show it all to you now if you don't have questions."

"I don't have questions at this time."

"OK. Take off your outerwear and lie down on the bed."

I did. The bed was very comfortable. I noticed that the pillow is raised. I asked Katrine, "I'm not quite flat. My head is raised up a bit."

"That's right. This is by design, so that you can more easily swallow your users waste. Gravity helps.", she answered with a smile.

I smiled back. Katrine continued, "Now, Liesel, go upstairs and let's test the auto rise function."

Liesel left the room and a couple of minutes later I heard clicking sound on the dashboard and saw the trap door open and the bed was rising like an elevator. I wondered when it will stop!

As if reading my mind, Katrine answered, "By the way, there is a safety mechanism - a valve - that stops the bed from continuing to rise after you head is in the toilet bowl. But if it fails, you can use the lever - can you reach it?"

I reached out and could easily grab the lever. I said, "Yes. I'm grabbing it right now."

"Good. You can use it to force the bed to stop rising. But don't use it unless you have to. Some women like to feel the latrine's face tightly snug to their bottoms. Dean Betty is like that. And I hear Mitsu also likes to feel the latrine's laboring breath under her ass. Don't interfere with that."

"I won't."

As the bed was rising, Liesel sat on the toilet seat and I could now see her buttocks and thighs filling up my view. Man! What a sight that is! A cute asshole and an elegant pussy. I hope she doesn't stop the bed too soon!

Well, she stopped it when my mouth was about two inches from her privates. My dick was rising as the bed was. Katrine is right; I feel my body is on the upper floor, but I can't see it. I can only see Liesel's nether region. Not that I'm complaining, you understand.

Then I heard another click and my pillow was rising without the bed. Now, my mouth was about an inch from Liesel's asshole, and I felt her cold feet on my chest.

"You want me to use him now, Katrine?", I heard Liesel asking.

"Not yet, honey. He's not ready.", she answered her then said to me, "How do you feel now, Eddy?"

I answered her honestly, "I feel excited but a bit scared."

"I know. The scare will go away in time. Are you thinking now that you wish Liesel will piss or shit on you?"

My face turned red. I wanted to deny it but couldn't. Katrine said, "You don't have to answer that. I know that you want it but you can't have it until I'm comfortable that you can do it. I don't like mess."

"Yes, Ma'am. Thank you. I don't like mess neither."

"Speaking of mess, you must keep this latrine room squeaky clean at all times. We often get visitors who like to take a tour of this house and are interested in seeing this room."

"I can do that."

"Good. Now, Liesel, please lower the bed from your side."

Liesel pushed a button upstairs and the pillow bent lower and the bed started to go down until it settled. Katrine then told me, "Now, Eddy, you press the button and raise it, as if the auto rise is not working."

I pressed the button and the bed rose as before. But I didn't know how to raise the pillow. Again Katrine read my mind and said, "The pillow can be raised with the smaller green button next to the big one, see it?"

"Yes, I see it. Thanks."

I managed to repeat the move made by Liesel. Katrine looked pleased and said, "Good job, Eddy! You learn fast, despite what you said about yourself."

I felt good about her compliment and thanked her. Then she said, "Let's now test position B."

Then she pressed a button on my left and the round pedestal rotated. But the rotation was not in a perfect circle, because the bed moved laterally too. When the bed rose again, I figured it out: my head was in the same place, under the toilet bowl, but now my torso and legs are on the other side and still on this floor. Again, Liesel sat on the toilet seat and now I was looking at her lower belly and my mouth is an inch from her pussy. Yummy!

"This position is also better for women who like to see the slave's face and eyes while they use him. The other position, position A, she has to turn around to do that.", commented Katrine.

"Brilliant design I must say."

"I agree. Glad that you like it. Now, Eddy, I'll return you to position A, then I want you to stay here, lying down for a couple of hours. Liesel and I will do the next step in your training. The visual step."

"Visual step?", I asked.

"Yes. You will see and watch the action, but you will not be able to drink or eat it, even if you want to."

I didn't know whether I should be relieved or disappointed. Man! This woman is playing with my head. Her training method is solid, pardon the pun.

"I'll leave you now. Don't move until I tell you. Do you need to use the bathroom yourself?"

"No. Not yet."

"When you do, press this buzzer next to you and I will let you come upstairs and use the guest bathroom, OK?"

I said OK. She left. Five minutes later I heard noise at the trap door, then it opened and the bed lifted up as before. But this time, as I my head was just at the toilet bowl, there was a plastic ceiling of sorts and the rise stopped. I heard Katrine say to me, "Are you all right, Eddy? Can you breathe fine?"

I said I was OK. Katrine said, "Good. Stay like this and get used to it. You will stay like this for about four hours. During that time, Liesel and I will use the toilet as usual. You will see our piss and shit falling on the plastic barrier just above your face. All you have to do is keep looking at it until I release you. Understand?"

"Yes, Lady Katrine."

Then she left. The toilet seat cover was still up. I guess if it is put down the bed will move down, I'm not sure. Anyway, I could see the ceiling of the bathroom but not much else. I turned my head and noticed that there is another bed down here at the latrine room just like the one I'm in. It's in a corner. I guess that's the bed they use for the second latrine if they hire another one.

The wait was making me impatient. I bet that is one of the training techniques, because it's working! I'm finding myself wishing they take a shit already.

Liesel came up and looked down at me and asked me, "You must be bored, Eddy."

"Just a little."

"I'll play the radio for you."

Then she left. The radio was playing Vanity 6's song "Nasty Girl." I like that song. I think Prince wrote it, right?

Finally, a girl sat on the toilet seat. That's Katrine. I now know how she looks from her bottom. She looks marvelous. She let down a narrow stream of piss. It fell on the plastic. I wondered if it will leak, but it didn't. Then Katrine started to grunt and I watched a turd develop in her anus. As it started to grow, my dick was growing too. I heard Katrine laugh and say, "Ah, Eddy, you're so predictable!" and she hit my dick with her foot. It was painful but felt good afterward.

Her turd began to split and the lower part fell with a bang on the plastic. It was immediately above my nose, but I couldn't smell it. Then the rest of it made its way out of Katrine's asshole and fell just above my eyes. If she wants me to keep looking at it, she made sure of it!

Then she wiped her pussy and ass and threw the tissue down and left. I turned my head a bit and saw that the tissue fell just above my mouth. The precision this woman has!

I was left in this humiliating position for no less than an hour, then I heard a flush, but there was nobody above. The waste was washed away to the sides and drained somehow. I was looking at a clear view once again.

It had been almost three hours with no more activity. I figured it's about time Katrine released me. But instead, I saw the toilet seat fill up again. This time was Liesel's ass. She farted first, then pissed quite a bit. Then she started to strain and grunt but no turd came out. She kept grunting and finally her asshole opened up big and a huge turd started emerging from it. It was so large, I started to panic. No plastic barrier can withstand this kind of assault. It is going to break, I just know it.

It's coming now. What do I do? I can either run away or take it like a man. I'll have to get used to this or I won't be able to do my job.

I decided to stay and hope for the best. The turd was 1 1/2 inches wide and over 2 inches long. It hit the plastic barrier with a bang. I could see the barrier starting to buckle, but it didn't break or crack. What a relief!

I must start believing Katrine. She said this device is robust and that she knows what she's doing.

Now I just have to keep looking at this monster for a while until they let me out. Liesel didn't have more. She wiped and threw the tissue. I couldn't see the tissue. It may have fallen on that turd.

I didn't have to wait long. Katrine came by and said to me from above, "You can come upstairs now."

When I went upstairs, she was waiting for me. She asked me, "That wasn't too bad, was it?"

I said it wasn't. She said, "Now, you will combine the visual with the olfactory."

"What do you mean?"

"You will now look down the toilet bowl at Liesel's gift to you, close enough to smell it well. Bend over the seat such that your neck is on the porcelain and I'll put down the lid over the back of your head. Stay there until the timer sets off and the auto flush is done."

I hesitated but she urged me down. As soon as I laid my neck on the porcelain, I could smell the awful scent of Liesel's "gift". I tried to rise up but Katrine pushed my head down. I knew that resistance is futile, so I held my breath.

"No cheating!", she yelled. "Save holding your breath to facesitting time!"

"Ma'am, the smell is horrible. Please!"

"It will be less horrible in time. Do what I tell you. Remember, there are hidden cameras and I will view the film later. If I see you holding your breath, you will get discipline that will be more horrible."

I had no choice. I told myself that maybe she's right and that the smell will get less awful by the passage of time.

Indeed, just as I began to get adjusted to the smell, the thing flushed by itself and I saw the monster turd swept to the side. The plastic barrier was now clean.

Then I felt Katrine lift the toilet lid. She said to me, "Good job. Was I right? Did you get used to the smell after a while, even a little?"

I had to admit that I did. She looked pleased. She said, "You can take a break now. Do you have any questions so far?"

I said, "No, but I'm curious about this toilet. I've never seen anything like it in my life."

"You're not alone. It's one of a kind. I'm proud that it was designed by a Lambda Tau Rho graduate!"

"It was?"

"Yes. Her name is Stephanie Margolis. She now heads a production unit in Robust Fabrication. Heard of the company?"

"Yes, I did. They have a good engineering reputation."

"They do. Stephanie studied engineering here at Mujeres Poderosas. She graduated about four years ago. In their graduation year, they were required to make a class project of their choice. Stephanie decided to make a better toilet for this sorority house. Up to that time, the girls would just sit on a commode chair and the latrine would lie down below it. It worked but was messy."

"So, she made this design herself?"

"Actually, she didn't know how to start, but she had great ideas. She told her professor, Dr. Shannon Frasier, that she needed a starting point. Dr. Frasier told her that Dean Betty had a special toilet design made in Japan that she could use for a start."

"What was that design like?"

"It was pretty good. Latrines are rather common in Japan, so good designs had to evolve to meet the demand. The one Stephanie used was designed for the slave to be behind it, but Stephanie, like Liesel and me, liked to rest her feet on the slave's chest while she's using, so she started thinking about the rotating platform."

"That is an amazing innovation."

"Yes, it is, but it introduced a lot of technical problems. Stephanie worked closely with Dean Betty and Shannon Frasier until they came up with the design you now see."

"I have to tell you that I got scared when the trap door opened. I thought the toilet was going to fall on my head!"

"Ha ha ha! No, the toilet is wider than the trap door and riveted to the floor which is reinforced with cement."

"Wow, she thought of everything!"

"That's not the half of it. There are so many other features that you will appreciate. No wonder she got an A on her class project and graduated with honors."

"You ladies could make some good money selling it. Have you thought of that?"

"The University has the trademark and Stephanie holds the patents. Dean Betty is actually negotiating with a Japanese company to be the distributor in the Pacific region. Stephanie wants it engraved with the words 'Made in the USA.' The negotiations now are about establishing a manufacturing facility somewhere near Syracuse."

"That will be good for the local economy too. I have another unrelated question if you don't mind."

"Sure, but make it quick. I need to go study."

"Oh, go ahead. It can wait."

"Just ask it, man!"

"OK. I noticed that several women, like Liesel, have two first names and no last name?"

"Ha ha ha. You're funny, Eddy. Many of us are using a matrilineal system of naming."

"I don't know what that means."

"It means children are named after their mothers, not their fathers. I am too. My last name, Herzdame, which means Queen of Heart in German, is my mother's mother's name. The family decided to make it our last name. My father changed his last name to it when he married my mom."

"Wow, I didn't know you could do that."

"A generation ago, it was weird and used to cause problems with official documents, but nowadays, it is becoming more and more acceptable."

"And why did you all decide that way?"

"We think it makes more sense for any female supremacist. We see humanity's future being a matriarchy and family structure centered around its females. What do you think about that, Eddy?"

"It is unusual, but I don't see why it wouldn't work."

"Oh, it will work and work much better than the current system. Much better."

I nodded in agreement. She told me I could have four hours break until dinner. She asked me if I would make the dinner. I said yes. She liked that. Then she left to her room to study. I checked the pantry and the fridge. There is plenty of food, so I don't need to go shop for groceries or produce.

I had free time all of a sudden. I didn't know what to do with it, so I decided to relax and listen to the radio. It was playing a song I never heard before. The song name was Katrine! It said, "Are you wonderful? Are you the maniac inside the radio? Don't touch me, I'm totally crazed!"

I made dinner for the girls, set the table and then called them that dinner is ready. Liesel came out of her room running, saying, "Boy, am I hungry!" When she saw the table she had a big smile on her face and said, "Steak and potatoes! I love that."

Katrine came out of her room next and commented with a smile, "Looks and smells good, Eddy. But three plates?"

I was taken aback by her comment. I said, "Did you not want me to eat with you, Ma'am?"

She replied, "I do, but it was presumptuous of you. Some days, we may want you to eat on the floor under the table. Other days we may require that your dinner comes from us!"

She wasn't laughing or smiling when she said that. And neither was Liesel. I don't need to be a genius to understand what she meant. I thought I should apologize for my presumption, but I felt hurt, so I said nothing.

Katrine then sat down and invited me to sit down. Then she said, "It's OK, Eddy. I'm not upset with you. You're still learning. Your assumption happens to be correct. If none of us tell you different, you can eat with us. I was just testing your obedience."

That she said with a smile, which eased my hurt feeling. I smiled back and thanked her.

The girls really enjoyed the dinner I made for them and thanked me and complimented me on my chef skills. Liesel asked Katrine if she feels I'm ready for 'dessert'. I sure was ready, but obviously she had something else in mind and Katrine obviously knew what it was.

Katrine said to me, "Bring our dessert, Eddy. But hold yours. Liesel has a special dessert for you, if you want it."

I said I'd take Liesel's dessert of course. The two girls smiled. I went to the kitchen and brought the dessert I prepared for them. Liesel, however, was still sitting down. She brought no dessert for me. Again, I didn't understand the girls and again I didn't want to expose my ignorance by asking.

When the two girls finished their dessert, Katrine told me to clear the table and wash the dishes then join them in the living room to watch TV.

When I did, Liesel asked me to stand on all four, which I did, then she sat on my back. I felt her soft ass through her nightgown. A wonderful feeling. Katrine pulled up a chair next to me and positioned it such that her feet were right in my face. She told me to 'worship' her feet.

Seeing that I didn't quite understand, she instructed me first to smell her feet, top, bottom, heels and toes, then kiss them all over then lick them all over then lick between the toes then suck each toe then put all five toes in my mouth all at once.

So, that's what foot worship means. I enjoyed it and Katrine loved it. That I don't mind doing on a regular basis.

About an hour into this, Liesel rose up for maybe ten seconds then sat back on my back. I wondered how can she feel comfortable sitting on my back for an hour without leaning back on something, but she was enjoying herself. It wasn't hard for me at all, even after an hour. But if this goes on for another hour, I don't know if I won't crumble.

Then Liesel announced that she's ready for the bedtime routine. She asked me to follow her to the bathroom. She did not send me downstairs though. She took off all her clothes, sat on the toilet and then said she wanted me to stick my head as close as possible to her ass. I was happy to do it. She has a glorious ass!

She was sitting a bit advanced on the toilet seat, so that I could easily observe her asshole first letting out a fart then forming a log of shit. She asked me, "Do you see it well? Can you get any closer?"

I pulled my head nearer and could now smell it all. A horrible smell. Liesel instructed, "Stay like this. Don't move until I tell you."

I did as she said. I observed her shit log exiting her asshole in slow motion. It dropped into the bowl. Liesel breathed of relief, then asked me, "What did you think of it?"

I could only answer, "Big!" I also wanted to say "Foul" but thought I better not.

Liesel laughed and said, "That's what happens when you cook steak, slave! And thats good, because I love steak."

I thought to myself for a second that I should try to avoid making steak in the future, but from what she said I don't think that Liesel will approve.

Then Liesel instructed me to grab a wad of toilet paper and wipe her. She said, "Wipe me well, slave. The dessert I promised you is what's left in my ass after you've wiped it. That is, if you want it, do you?"

I answered, "You mean that you want me to eat the toilet paper I used for the wiping? I don't think I want that."

She said, "No, silly. Though that's not a bad idea! What I meant was that I'll let you lick my ass after the wiping. It will be as clean or as dirty as the effort you put in wiping it, see?"

I said with a smile, "Now that is something I like."

She said, "But notice that this is one of those activities for which you are not paid, are deducted from your work hours and you may decline."

I said, "I see. I still would love to do it."

She looked very pleased. I proceeded to wipe her asshole. It wasn't hard. The shit log, as big as it was, exited her asshole very smoothly. There was not much staining left to wipe.

When I was done, she said to join her in the bathtub. She bent over the faucet and told me to start licking. I stretched my tongue and touched her asshole with the tip of it. I had never done this before. My ex-girlfriend wanted me to but I said no. Now, I'm doing it to my boss.

Liesel instructed me to stretch my tongue more and insert it deep into her asshole. As I did, she moaned and said with a soft voice, "That's wonderful, Eddy, keep it up. Don't stop."

At that moment, Katrine came in. She saw us because the shower curtain was not pulled. She took off all her clothes too and sat on the toilet to take a shit, judging by the smell! I had a feeling that she too will want me to wipe her then lick her asshole.

But she didn't! She flushed the toilet then she got into the bathtub and said to Liesel, "How is he doing, Liesel?"

Liesel answered her, "He doing wonderfully. Thank you, Eddy. You can stop now."

I stopped and stayed kneeling down in the tube between two gorgeous and totally naked young women. My dick has been rising since the second I placed the tip of my tongue in Liesel's asshole. Katrine commented on that saying, "I know this must be very hard on you, Eddy, but it is necessary for your training to be able to bear that pain. You've been doing very well. I watched the surveillance films and you have not jerked off once. Thank you for being so obedient."

I felt so good that she is pleased with me that I almost forgot about my hard-on.

Katrine resumed, "This dessert from Liesel is only the first reward for your good behavior and compliance, Eddy. Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, Ma'am, very much. Thank you, Lady Liesel.", I replied.

"Glad you enjoyed it, Eddy.", replied Liesel. "Soaping time!"

Then she handed me a bar of soap. I recalled the ritual. What a beautiful duty it is to wash such a glorious female body and watch the water trickle down on it. When I was done, Katrine asked me to do the same for her, which I was dying to do. My dick, which had slackened a bit, was now at full attention.

Liesel had dried herself, but Katrine wanted me to towel her. I did with pleasure. Then she told me to go downstairs where I will be sleeping tonight and both girls went to their bedrooms.

I lay down on the downstairs toilet room's bed, staring at that plastic shelf which I know will be flooded with piss or shit from the girls some time during the night.

That's my new life. Funny thing is, I'm starting to get used to it.

As I stared at my plastic ceiling, I could only see Liesel's ass. What a beautiful pair of buttocks! Round, full and soft, with the cutest asshole between them!

Why did she tell me to stop licking it? I wish she told me to continue. I wish she dragged me to her bed and instructed me to keep licking her rosebud till the morning!

I could do it! I know I could.

No. It's my dick talking and rising again. I'm having a hard time not 'helping myself'. I'm afraid those damn cameras will catch the action and Katrine will be mad.

I better close my eyes and try to sleep. Damn! I still see Liesel's ass with my eyes closed.

What a fool I had been! My ex-girlfriend gave me chances to lick her asshole. She wanted me to. She almost begged me. And what did I do? I said no! I could kick myself.

I could've gone with her, even if I didn't find a job where she was moving. I could've stayed at her place and became her house husband, or even her slave. She loved me and I let her go. Stupid, stupid.

I finally did catch a snooze, because I opened my eyes to find myself elevated and my face an inch from the plastic thing with piss being flushed out to the sides. I could also see a woman rising up from the toilet seat and pulling up her panties. I can't tell which of the two girls she is.

My bed was automatically lowered down. I guess I can sleep some more.

I woke up again by Katrine calling me to come upstairs. Then she told me to wait for her in the bathtub. When she came back, she took off her clothes and stepped into the tub in front of me. Then she said to me, "This morning, you will start the tactile step. I want you to start getting used to the feeling of our piss on your face, hair, nose, mouth, neck, chest and back. Don't drink it yet, you're not ready. It will be too bitter for you. Morning piss always is. You may lick your lips but not more, OK?"

I said with hesitation, "OK."

She called out, "Liesel, are you ready yet?"

Liesel called back, "Just one more minute, Katrine."

Katrine asked me, "Tell me how you felt last night when you were licking Liesel's bum?"

"It felt great. Lady Liesel has a beautiful behind."

"Tell me honest, did you wish you could lick it some more?"

"It's as if you've been recording my thoughts too! That's what I was thinking of as I was trying to sleep last night.", I replied with a smile.

"Did you think what it would taste like if it weren't so damn clean?"

"It did occur to me."

"Well, do you think you can now lick our asses clean after we take a dump?"

"I...I...I don't know."

"I think you can. The tactile test will tell me better."

At this moment, Liesel came into the bathroom. She took off her clothes and ordered me to strip down to my shorts. Then she stepped into the large tub behind me. Katrine gave her a signal and the two girls grabbed their lower regions. A few seconds later, piss from both of them fell all over me. Their discharge was so big, I felt like I was taking a shower. But it was a rancid and very hot kind of shower. I had to close my eyes or else some of that would sting them. A lot of it fell on my nose and made it hard for me to breathe. And a ton of it fully wetted my lips, which I closed like Katrine suggested. Despite that, I could tell how bitter it is. Imagine if I had to drink it. Katrine was right; I'm not ready yet for that. I didn't try to lick my lips. I was afraid I would gag and I'm sure the two girls would be very mad at me if I did.

Katrine told me to open my eyes and she was smiling sweetly. She asked me, "This is probably your first golden shower, isn't it? How does it feel?"

I found the term 'golden shower' to be amusing. I answered her honestly, "Hot!"

Liesel commented laughing, "Hot as in sexy?"

I didn't realize she was asking a rhetorical question, so I replied smiling, "You two ladies sure are hot."

Then Katrine said, "You did OK, Eddy. You didn't try to look away or run away. I like that. I think that your progress is on track."

I guess she now thinks I'm ready for wiping her ass after the toilet!

She turned on her shower head and Liesel turned on hers and we went through the shower routine, which I love. After I dried them up, they left the bathroom and I took a regular shower this time, washed myself until I couldn't smell any more piss and went to the kitchen to prepare their breakfast.

When they came into the kitchen, Liesel said to Katrine, "I'm in the mood for some facesitting!"

Katrine instructed me to lie down on a bench, face up. She sat on my belly. It was a marvelous feeling. Her left butt cheek was smothering my groin and her right cheek was sinking into my stomach. I never experienced such a feeling before. It was so erotic!

Then she told me to hold my breath and Liesel sat down on my face! Her left butt cheek covered my mouth and her right one my eyes but not pressing on them. My nose was right between them, so I could actually breathe a little. As soon as I realized I can breathe, I could experience the feeling. Erotic seems an understatement. I started wishing that they stay like this for eternity!

For the first time since I took this job I can now see what Katrine meant when she said that I will be happy here. This woman knows what she says and means it. I now think that when she says I'm ready to eat her shit, I probably will be!!

The two girls finished their breakfast and stood up from my body and face. I suddenly had an empty feeling, like when a lover hugs you then leaves. I wish they could have sat longer on me.

Katrine told me I could now eat my breakfast. She didn't ask me how I felt about their sitting on me. She usually does those feedback questions, but not this time. I guess it must have shown on my face that I was very delighted!

The two girls left for class and I started to do my chores. I kept wondering if I could really really do what is expected of me. Is that actually possible? Me?

The strangest thing is that the thought now turns me on. The stress on my groin is becoming harder and harder to deal with. Should I ask Katrine when she comes back to allow a relief? I hope that the training program, which has been on the mark so far, has something for this pain.

I finished my chores early. I'm becoming very efficient at this. I thought that since I'm not allowed to go out with the girls permission that I'd kill the time and browse through their DVD collection. They don't have any regular movies! It's all female domination, female supremacy and toilet fetish videos. I never thought that there are girls like that. It's usually guys who do that sort of thing.

I found a few videos in German, like they are. I put one in the DVD player called "WC Pflicht steht an erster Stelle!" I don't know what that means, but I can find out later.

The opening screen showed a menu. One of the items was "Untertitel (Subtitles)". Great! I clicked on that. The next screen showed the title of the movie with the subtitle "Toilet duty comes first!" It reminded me of a clause in my contract.

The movie starts with a middle age man wearing a loin cloth and sweeping the floor of a room outside a house in the countryside. Probably a porch. The door to the room opens and in come two women and one of them said loudly, "There you are! We've been looking all over for you."

The man said to her that she had ordered him to clean the porch sometime today and that's what he's doing. She said, "Good slave! But you should have told me where you're going. My friend Pamela here has to go. If we didn't find you, she would've had to use a regular toilet! I cannot allow that in my house!"

She looked sternly at him but her girlfriend looked amused. She said to her, "Can I go now, Helen?"

She pointed to the slave. He immediately lay flat on his back on the floor. Pamela squatted over his face, after taking her panties off, and started to defecate. She was straining at first, but then it came down easily. Soon there was a long turd that fell naturally in the man's mouth. Pamela looked back and down and was beside herself with excitement when she saw that the slave is actually eating her turd quickly. She said to Helen, "He is unbelievable. I've never seen anything like this before."

Helen answered her that it takes time to train a man to be a toilet. She spent almost a year doing it until her slave, his name is Hans, was finally able to eat without gagging, spilling or staining himself or anything around him. She said it was important to her to have a "low-maintenance toilet!" Pamela laughed at that.

Helen told her that she can have the slave clean her ass up with his tongue. Pamela laughed nervously. Helen said to her she doesn't have to. The slave can wipe her with toilet paper. Pamela liked that idea better.

Helen instructed Hans to wipe Pamela, which he did. Then she asked her if she is finished, but Pamela told her that has some pee that she can't hold. Helen said to her that she shouldn't hold it. She instructed Hans to fully lick his lips clean. He did. Helen then told Pamela that she can safely pee in the slave's mouth.

Pamela did. It was plenty. The slave drank as fast as he could but some had spilled over to the sides. Pamela quickly took some toilet paper and attempted to wipe the slave's face. Helen yelled at her that she should never touch that filth herself. That it is the slave's job to clean up. So, Pamela wiped herself and rose up. She was looking for a waste basket to drop the tissue in. Helen told her that she can just leave it on the slave. She did then she thanked him, but Helen said to her that she doesn't have to do that. It's his job. Pamela laughed again out of amusement.

The two women headed out. Helen told Hans that she is likely to come back shortly because she is starting to feel the urge to shit. The slave nodded, "Of course, Madam."

Wow! This could happen to me. I could be in the middle of my chores and one of the girls would tell me to drop everything and follow her to the bathroom. The thought makes me sick and excited at the same time. It must Katrine's training. It's working.

At this moment, the phone rang. I paused the DVD. I listened to see when the machine will pick it up, but it didn't. It must be that Katrine did not turn on the answering machine.

I better take this call. If the caller hangs up and it was an important call, Katrine will be very upset that she missed it. I ran to her desk where the phone is and picked it just in time.

"Lambda Tau Rho. Can I help you," I answered.

"Hi, Eddy? This is Luz at the gate. I have a lady here named Carol Meadows. She wants to see you."

That's my landlady! What is she doing here? I really didn't want to see her here. I figured a way to keep her away.
"Lady Katrine is not here at this time, Luz, so I don't know if she would allow this unannounced visit."

After a short silence, Luz said, "She says she has money for you!"

Alright! She probably brought me my $500 deposit. Maybe more if she was able to sell some of my furniture. I may be able to bail out of this contract after all.
I said, "OK, Luz. I hope Lady Katrine will not be upset with me."

"I'm sure she won't be. Don't forget to give Mrs. Meadows a validation sticker", said Luz and hung up.

I have to hide the videos quick. I also went to the main bathroom and closed its door. If Carol wants to use the bathroom, she can use the guest bathroom which I had just cleaned.

Let's see what else. Maybe I should turn on the answering machine. Yeah, that's a good idea. Now everything looks good and nothing is suspicious. I hope Carol doesn't see or notice the odd things that take place on the campus. I will have a hard time explaining that.

I better make the visit as short as possible. The last thing I want is for Carol to know what I'm really doing in this place! Even though I may never see her again, I still don't want her to be ashamed of me after thinking all these years that I was a good guy.

I got it! I'll go downstairs to the lobby and pretend that the door to the building is locked. I'll open it for her. Katrine doesn't lock the building door when she goes out ever since I moved in. Carol and I can stay in the lounge downstairs and never see the rest of the sorority. Glad I thought of turning the answering machine on.

I hurried downstairs and locked the door from the inside and sat on the couch. Carol should be here any minute.

The doorbell rang. I looked in the peephole. It was Carol. She looked awesome! She was wearing a blue business suit, high heels and a hat. I love hats on women. You don't see too many women wearing hats these days. Why?

I opened the door for her with a big smile on my face. Carol said, "So, you're happy to see me after all?"

She said it with a smile, so I knew she was just teasing. I was concerned that she would be offended that I did not let her come upstairs.

"I'm always glad to see you, Carol. Love your hat! How have you been doing?"

"I'm doing just fine, Eddy. Thanks. I was just now at the apartment management company. They are like three blocks from here!"

"Really? Then maybe you can visit me more often."

"Do you want that, Eddy?"

"Sure, Carol. Oh, you were upset that I couldn't let you in right away? It's just that the place is not mine and Lady Katrine did not tell me what to do when guests come visiting."

"Lady Katrine?", she asked with a real surprise.

"Oops!", I thought quickly. "She likes to be called that, so it became a habit of mine. You know how crazy college students are."

I was starting to sweat and Carol must have noticed, but she said with a smile, "Yeah, I know. My niece told me, specially in this college!"

She said that with piercing eyes. I have to assume that she knows some of what goes on here, but I'm not going to volunteer any information. The less I say the better.

She didn't leave me wondering. She said, "Just a few houses from here, there was a bunch of guys stacked up to look like stairs. And girls going up on them like they were going up stairs. Then the girl jumps from the top right on the belly of another guy on the floor. Crazy!"

I replied calmly, "College! What can you do?"

She nodded in agreement then said, "Here is you deposit check, Eddy. $500."

"Thanks, Carol. I need that. I'm almost out of money."

"I also sold your computer, the sofa and the coffee table. Got $120 for them."

And she handed me the cash. I was glad to have more cash, but disappointed it was so little. My computer alone should have netted $500. It means I still don't have enough money to pull out of my contract with Katrine and Liesel.

"I gave away the rest of your stuff to United Way. The apartment has been cleaned and I may have a new tenant tomorrow."

Another closed door. I'm beginning to feel that I'm destined for that latrine job. If I can pass the training that is.

"Thanks, Carol. It all helps. If things don't work out here, Can I call you again for another apartment?"

"Sure, Eddy. But as I said before and I meant it: You can room with me until you find something suitable."

"You are so kind. It is great to see you."

"Great to see you too, Eddy. Can I use the ladies room?"

My face turned red and I noticed that Carol noticed. Stupid of me. I don't even know if there is a ladies room downstairs. I never checked.

So, I said, "Yes, of course. I don't know if there is a ladies room down here. Let me check."

"I'll walk with you."

There was a ladies room in the lobby. What a relief! I would've had to let her in the girls place otherwise.

I waited in the lobby while Carol was in the bathroom. When she got out, she smiled when she saw me waiting for her, "You didn't have to wait for me, Eddy. I know the way out."

I smiled and said, "No problem. Again, thanks and hope to see you again."

I saw her to the door.

I went back upstairs. I must ask Katrine when she comes back from class what the protocol is for receiving guests while they are away.

I stopped by the answering machine. There was a new message! I was right to turn the machine on. I played the message:

"High, Katrine and Liesel. This is Betty Narita. I got a call from Mitsu. She said that she booked her flight from Tokyo to New York on the fifth. She should arrive at Mujeres Poderosas on the sixth. Do you think your new latrine will be ready for her by then? Let me know because she expects that. Love."

My heart fell to my knees. I have three days max to be a toilet for these women. It is real now, but is it realistic? Katrine and Liesel have been gradual and patient with me so far, but it sounds like Dean Betty and her friend Mitsu are not so patient.

What am I gonna do? What if I fail? I'll be out of here with no job and no place to stay. Well, I can bunk with Carol for a while, but is she finds a guy or something, I'm sure she won't keep me around much longer.

Well, I'll just have to do my best not to disappoint the ladies. This job is not easy, like Katrine said, but it has its moments. No job is easy right?

Damn, my test to see if I pass the training will now be done with three girls, maybe four if Dean Betty joins with Mitsu. I may be able to take it with Katrine and Liesel, but four women I don't think I can.

I heard the clicking of a key at the front door. It's probably Katrine. I hurried to the door to do the proper greeting as the girls taught me.

The door opened and to my shock it was Katrine and Carol.

That's the last thing I wanted to happen! These two meeting each other. Did they already talk about me? What did they tell each other?

I felt like I was going to faint. But I tried to stay cool. Now I have a problem. The proper greeting! If Katrine does not offer her hand, am I still expected to drop down to the floor and kiss her feet? How would Carol react to that? Can I still use the college craziness excuse? It can only go so far.

Fortunately, Katrine offered her hand and I kissed it. Carol got excited by that. She said, "Is this another one of those college crazes you told me about, Eddy? This one I like! Can I get a hand kiss too?"

And she stretched out her hand in a reserved manner. I glanced at Katrine for direction. She immediately said, "Of course! Eddy, where are your manners?"

I kissed Carol's hand. Both women laughed happily. Katrine said to Carol, "Come in, Carol."

We all walked to the living room. Katrine offered Carol a big chair and motioned me to sit on a chair. I was afraid that she would ask me to sit on the floor.

No, Katrine wouldn't do that to me. She is dominant, but she is also smart. What would she gain by publicly humiliating me in front of Carol?

Katrine started talking. She was coming out of class when her friend Betsy saw her from across the street and called her name. It so happens that Carol was walking right behind Betsy. When she heard Katrine's name, she stopped in her tracks and stared at Katrine!

So, Katrine walked over to her and introduced herself. They started talking. Carol asked her, "Are you the same girl who goes by the name Lady Katrine?"

Katrine laughed and asked Carol, "You must have been talking to Eddy!"

Carol told her that she was just coming back from visiting me to give me my deposit check. When Katrine learned that Carol hadn't had her lunch yet, she insisted on inviting her to lunch. She said to her, "Any friend of Eddy is a friend of me."

I thought I'd offer the women something to drink, but Carol said that she doesn't want to fill up before lunch. The conversation went on about this and that.

Then Carol asked Katrine, "How is Eddy doing in his new job?"

I gulped expecting the worst. But Katrine said, "He is still in training, but he's progressing very well."

Carol commented, "Yeah. House keeping is not learned in one day. But from what I see here, Eddy is doing a great job at it!", smiling widely at me.

Good. Carol is convinced I'm a house keeper and Katrine has not corrected her. I knew she wouldn't do a thing like that to me.

Katrine then asked, "Where do you all want to eat?"

Carol said, "The cafeteria here would be quite alright. I'm watching my diet, so I'll have soup and salad."

Katrine said, "No, today is a special occasion. Eddy is rich now! He can take us to an expensive restaurant." She laughed.

She looked like she was joking, so I didn't panic. An expensive restaurant can wipe out my bank account! What she said also means that I'm to go with them to lunch.

Carol said, "Between the three of us, I'm the one with the most money, so it's my treat."

After some back and forth with Katrine, she accepted the offer. She pulled out her smart phone and texted something.

We hadn't realized it, but the time rolled on quick, it was the time Liesel usually comes back. Sure enough, I heard the front door open. Without thinking, I rushed to the hall to greet Liesel. I was about to drop to the floor to kiss her feet when she pulled me up saying, "Not today, Eddy. But thanks."

We walked to the living room and Liesel went straight to Carol to welcome her. Ok, the text Katrine was typing must have been to Liesel telling her about Carol and the lunch. The fact that Liesel wouldn't let me kiss her feet means that she too was considerate of me. What a wonderful couple of women! I really should not worry so much.

We headed off to a restaurant close to campus. Carol ordered soup and salad. Katrine ordered a chicken sandwich and Liesel ordered a hamburger and fries. I did too.

The lunch and conversation were very pleasant. Until Liesel dropped her napkin. She asked me, "Oops. Eddy, will you be a dear and pick it up for me?"

I bent down and looked under the table for the napkin. It was right between the women's feet. As I picked it up, I couldn't help admiring six beautiful legs, sexy and feminine. If I wasn't in a public place, I would have stayed down longer!

As I gave the napkin to Liesel, she thanked me the said with a naughty smile, "Did you see something you liked down there, Eddy?"

I had a tomato face! The three women laughed. Finally Carol said, "O Liesel, you embarrassed him."

Liesel explained to her that I'm used to their teasing by now. Carol laughed.

Am I used to the girls teasing? Is that part of my training?

We finished eating. As Carol was leaving, she gave me a hug then whispered to me, "I can see, Eddy, why you chose them over me! They are gorgeous. I wish you the best. Keep in touch." Then she kissed me on the cheek.

I was really surprised by that. I had a feeling Carol liked me, but I didn't expect her to be so forward about it. Mixing with the girls of Mujeres Poderosas will do that, I guess.

Back at Lambda Tau Rho, I thanked Katrine and Liesel for being so considerate and not divulging the truth about my real job to Carol. Katrine replied, "Of course, Eddy. I told you before and I will repeat it again. At Mujeres Poderosas, we are not about humiliation. We are about female empowerment. You are not here to be degraded. You are here to provide us with a valuable service that we are used to receiving. Got that, or should I say it again?"

I said I got it and thanked her again. I'm in good hands.

Katrine then listened to the voice mail and told Liesel. They were both happy to hear it. Katrine called me in. She said to me, "Eddy, we are on schedule. I'm sure that you will be ready for Mitsu when she arrives. It is possible that Dean Betty will also be with her, but that doesn't mean that she will use you right away. More likely, she will be in at the test."

"The test?", I asked.

"Yes. The test to determine if you're ready to hire as our latrine.", she answered.

"You mean there will be people other than the three of you at the test?", I asked with major concern in my voice.

"Not necessarily, but it is customary. You should expect it and prepare for it. Remember Dean Betty is in your contract as one of your users? But don't worry. I'll be with you every step of the way. You will be OK."

As reassuring her words were, I didn't feel entirely reassured. She didn't even say how many women will be "testing" me.

"I'll be in my room studying. In an hour or so, there will be a big new step in your training, so I want you to brace yourself for it. I know you can do it. Liesel and I will make sure of it."

I asked Katrine if I could go deposit my money in the bank. She said,"As long as you're back here in an hour."

I said I would be. There is an ATM machine on campus.

When I came back, Liesel was waiting for me! She said she needed to pee, so I took my position in the latrine room below her toilet. She said to me from above that Katrine asked her to do the "fill-up step" now. She explained that this step involves peeing in my mouth but that I'm not allowed to drink it or swallow it. She said its purpose is to train my mouth and tongue to the feel and taste of girls piss. The swallowing will come in a later step.

I thought to myself, "That's not bad. I can do that. The girls pissed on me a morning piss, which is the worst, and I survived it."

She looked at me like she was waiting for a response. I said, "I think I can do that for you." She was pleased to hear it.

Then she said, "I'll be setting the timer for 5 minutes. You will hold the piss in your mouth for that time. Again, no swallowing allowed. Then when the timer goes off, you can spit it out. The auto-flush will wash your mouth and face. Clear?"

I said it was clear. She pulled down her panties, exposing her most beautiful nether region. It was much clearer to me than before, because that plastic ceiling I used to have above me was not pulled out this time.

Liesel farted twice then started to pee. I had to move my head further down because her piss stream was shooting at an angle. I caught much of it in my mouth. I heard her say, "Don't close until I'm finished. If it spills over your face, let it. I'll tell you when I'm finished."

I did as she said. Sure enough, my mouth filled up quickly and almost a quart spilled by my temples and jaws, wetting my clothes and the bedding a bit. I guess I'll be doing some laundry soon.

She said when she was finished then turned around to inspect me. She approved of what I did but said, "I'm sorry I forgot to give you the lifeboat!"


"Ha ha ha. We call it that. It's a rubber box that you can put under you to catch any waste that you can't catch in your mouth. I think it's down in your room in the closet. Go check for it after the timer goes off."

With that, she wiped her peehole, dropped the tissue on me and left.

After about a minute or two, I started to feel the rancid taste of Liesel's piss. I wanted to spit it off right away, but knew that they are very likely recording all of this. It was also very hard to lie down on my back with a filled mouth and not swallow. I had to fight gravity too in addition to bad taste.

The timer rang finally. I noticed the flushing starting, so I spit the piss as quickly as I could, but some of it I inadvertently swallowed. It tasted awful. What's worse is that the girls may see that on the video recording and scald me for it.

When the flushing finished, I could swear that I smelled lemons and rose water! I also felt fresh like I had just brushed my teeth. I forgot all about the lousy taste. This wasn't bad at all after all.

I went to check the closet downstairs like Liesel asked me, and I found many items there including what must be what they call the lifeboat. It looked like a miniature backyard swimming pool, or a dogie pool. I see the point of it. I rest my head on a compartment in it and the rest of it covers my back from neck to tail bone. It is wide enough too. I took it from the closet assuming that the girls want me to set it up today.

I placed it under me and waited. A few minutes went by and I heard Katrine's voice. Liesel must have been behind her because she was talking to her. She was saying that she was pleased with how the full-up step was done.

Then Katrine said to me, "Now on to the mustache and cigar step!"

I almost laughed. She smiled and said, "In this step, I let down a solid turd on you. You will do three tasks and do them in this order. First, you will catch the turd in your hand. Don't grip it or you'd squish it. Just hold it gently. I want you to examine it from all sides like you're going to buy it!"

I reluctantly said, "OK."

Then she continued, "Then I want you to place it between your upper lip and your nose, like a mustache until I tell you. You may need to wiggle your lip sometimes to keep it balanced. Don't let it slip or fall. OK?"

With more reluctance, I said, "OK."

"The third task, she continued, "may be hard, but I'm sure you can do it. When I tell you, you will take the turd in your hand again, then softly put it in your mouth. Don't bite on it. I don't want you to eat it yet. Wrap your lips around it so it won't sway off. Keep like this until I tell you. Understood?"

I was starting to dread what's coming. Even though I said nothing, Katrine noticed that my face turned pale. She said, "Don't worry, Eddy. It will be OK. It will become easier as time rolls. Take my word for it."

I gulped and asked her, "How long is this exercise gonna last?"

I was worried she may leave me with her turd in my mouth till the morning! She said, "I think I'll set the mustache for an hour and the cigar for a half hour. How's that?"

I agreed. It's better than all night long! She said, "Good. Let's start. My chicken sandwich has been digested! It's your turn now to taste it!", she said with a loud laugh.

I didn't laugh. I didn't find that funny. Am I gonna pass out during this mustache and cigar step? Really, what else did I expect? What I saw done in those movies is far far worse.

I guess the training is escalating because of Mitsu's arrival in a few days. I went ahead and made that observation to her. I said, "Looks like you ladies will be leaving the plastic ceiling tucked away from now on? Is this because Lady Mitsu is arriving shortly? You had to speed things up a little?"

Katrine said to me from above me, after removing her panties and sitting down, also revealing her gorgeous privates, "You will no longer need the plastic barrier. That's why I said today's step was a big one. But it is on schedule. I did not rush you, Eddy. I'm a very methodical woman. It was time for you to take this step even if Mitsu was not coming at all."

Ok, I guess. I suppose I was searching for a way to slow down the training program. But that's just wishful thinking.

"It's starting to come out, Latrine. Prepare to catch it gently in your hands."

This is the first time she called me Latrine. She called me slave before, but not latrine. I guess I'm becoming Katrine's latrine! Funny thing, this made me kinda proud. Is that crazy or what?

Katrine's turd was like she expected: less than an inch thick and a bit more than two inches tall. It looked solid enough. I easily caught it in my hands without breaking it. Katrine turned around to look and was very pleased.

I started to look at it. Nothing there to buy!

"Examine it closely, Latrine. Soon it will go into your mouth. You wanna know what goes into mouth, don't you?"

I followed her instructions and turned the turd around.

"Now bring it close to your nose, so you can smell it.", she ordered.

I did with repulsion on my face which must have been obvious. Katrine said, "Easy now, Eddy. Focus on the task. Mustache time."

I laid the turd in my mustache area as I was trying as hard as I could to ignore its smell. I coughed and felt I was going to gag. Katrine said, "Fight your gag reflex, Latrine. This is important. Think of it as a good cigar that you have just bought, smelling it before you light it up and smoke it. Keep making that image in your head."

I tried as she said, but it was very difficult. I was also bothered by the fact that she did not say what she would do if I gagged. On second thought, I don't wanna know!

Well, to my surprise, the initial repulsion became easier with time. She is right. I guess our senses must adapt quickly in order to survive.

"I set the timer for an hour, but I disabled the auto-flush. When the timer goes off, take the turd as I told you and gently put it in your mouth. I'll come back then to supervise that last task. Good luck, Eddy. You're doing great. You can finish this."

She was smiling and encouraging in her voice. She wiped her ass and threw the tissue in the waste basket upstairs. I guess having the soiled tissue on my face in addition would've been too much for today.

It got to the point that I could no longer smell anything out of the ordinary. Does shit lose its smell after a while, or do noses adapt that fast?

I heard footsteps. Then I saw Katrine looking down on me and looking amused and approving. She said to me, "You're doing very well, Eddy. Didn't I tell you?"

I didn't answer her because I was afraid if I did I'd throw off the balance of her turd on my face. She said, "You can talk, but do it carefully."

I said slowly, "You were right, Ma'am. In fact, I don't smell it anymore."

She was very pleased to hear that. She said with excitement in her voice, "This makes me very happy, Eddy. I'm proud of you. I knew it! I knew you're the right man for this job ever since I laid eyes on you!"

I felt proud of myself! Suddenly, with a woman's turd between my lip and nose, I'm not ashamed of myself at all. How bizarre!

Katrine then said, "Since you're doing so well, Eddy, I think I'll have you move to the cigar step before the timer rings. Are you ready for that?"

I said OK. She stopped the timer then instructed me to pick up her turd very carefully and insert it in my mouth very carefully. I hesitated to do it and my fingers began to tremble. Katrine told me to hold it then I heard her footsteps going away. Next, she was downstairs next to my bed holding my arm! She said, "Steady now, Eddy. Put my turd in your mouth. It won't kill you."

I managed to do it, but immediately and involuntarily, I took it out of my mouth and started to cough.

Katrine said, "That won't do, Eddy. You're stronger than this, or are you a sissy?"

Normally, no one can call me a sissy. I'd beat them silly if they did. But I may make an exception in this case if it gets me out of this lousy experiment. I said to Katrine, "I'm sorry, Lady Katrine. I may not be as ready for this as you thought."

She replied, "You are, unless you want twenty lashes on your back!"

She said that with her stern look and serious voice. I cannot describe to you how scary that is. I put the turd again in my mouth and almost convulsed doing it.

"That's my slave!", said Katrine with a smile. "Nothing happened to you, has it, Eddy? It's your gag reflex. Just train it by thinking this is a cigar, or a sausage or a chocolate bar. The more you focus on that the easier it will get. Close your eyes if it helps, although I always prefer the slave keep his eyes open."

I tried her suggestions but it was only when I closed my eyes that I began to adapt and relax a bit. Katrine said, "There! But I'll expect you to keep your eyes open in the future. That's why we have those goggles in the side pocket, Eddy."

Then I heard her footsteps going away and heard her voice again coming from above. I opened my eyes briefly to see that she had set the timer. She said, "I set the timer for 30 minutes, Eddy. And I'm going to help you further. I'm going to be sitting right here above you and listening to music. If you want to see my ass, you will have to open your eyes!" and she laughed.

She took off her panties and sat down, filling my view with a most beautiful sight anyone could possibly watch. A gorgeous bare female ass six inches away from me. I forgot completely that I had her turd in my mouth with my lips wrapping it securely. Maybe if I do a good job with the cigar, she will reward me by letting me lick that ass.

Suddenly the timer rang. It couldn't have! How can 30 minutes pass so quickly? But it did. Katrine stood up, pulled her panties up and told me to spit out her turd from my mouth as the flushing was starting. I did.

Again I smelled lemon and rose water and felt refreshed. Katrine checked on me then told me that she is pleased with the success of the mustache and cigar step. I thanked her for helping me out. Then she walked away.

Five minutes later or less, I heard footsteps again. Katrine said to me from above, "Now, you will repeat the mustache and cigar step with Liesel. Her hamburgers are digested and ready for you. It should be a snap for you now."

I said to her, "It's a bit too soon, Lady Katrine. Can't you give me a longer break?"

"No, Eddy. You have to get used to being used by one girl after the other without a break, because it's a real life situation that you will face in your job many times."

"But it's too much all of a sudden."

"Two girls is too much? You will have occasions when you will be used by seven or even more women, all standing in line to use you. You agreed to that in your contract."

"Yes, Ma'am.", was all I could say. "But could I at least go to the bathroom myself first. My own hamburgers are also digested!"

"No, Eddy. You have to hold it. Liesel's need has more priority. When any of your users need your service, they become your only priority. Understand?"

"I understand", I said with resignation in my voice.

"That's better. Liesel! You still remember the mustache and cigar step, don't you?"

Liesel answered her that she does. Katrine said to me, "Eddy, wear your goggles and your ear and nose plugs now. Liesel feels that she may have some piss for you too. I don't want it to get into your eyes, ears or nose."

I fetched those devices from the side pockets next to my bed and put them on. Katrine and Liesel both examined them and Katrine left. Liesel dropped her panties and situated her phenomenal ass on the toilet seat just above me. I knew what was coming but almost didn't care. This sight is just too beautiful to be distracted by anything else.

Even though I had a nose plug in my nose, I could breathe well and I could smell the fart Liesel just blew at me. I'm beginning to get used to this. Liesel tends to develop a lot of gas for some reason.

But I was not used to, or expecting what happened next. Liesel's asshole opened up wide and a gush of brown sauce hit my face and hair in a fraction of a second. I think I heard Liesel scream. And just as quickly, she poured a gallon of piss on my face. That turned out to be a good thing, because it washed away everything.

I heard footsteps and then saw Liesel rise up, without wiping, and Katrine looking down on me. She said, "Are you OK, Eddy? Talk to me!"

I replied, "I think I am."

"I'm sorry, Eddy. This was not in the training. Liesel! Apologize to Eddy!"

Liesel looked down and said, "I'm sorry, Eddy. I didn't think that my shit was going to be that way. Forgive me!"

I said to her, "Your piss washed it all out, Lady Liesel. No harm done."

She looked relieved. Katrine then asked me, "I'm pleased with your attitude, Eddy. This was a violation from Liesel to your contract. But it was not intentional. You have the right to complain to HR. Are you going to file a complaint?"

I said, "No, Ma'am. I understand that it was not intended, and I'm OK."

Katrine looked relieved too and said with a smiling but serious face, "Thanks, Eddy. I appreciate that. I'm gonna make it up to you. I promise."

Wow! I can't wait to find out how she's gonna make it up to me. But talk about professionalism! This woman is really a pro. She didn't have to tell me that Liesel's dumping was a violation and she didn't have to tell me that I could file a complaint. Everyday I become more confident that I'm working for a competent boss.

Liesel looked down and asked me, "If you're not mad at me, would you like to wipe me?"

I smiled at her and said, "I'd love to."

"Start with front and then back. If it tastes bad, you can stop."

Then she sat down and pressed a button that raised my bed up until my face was flush against her privates. I licked her pee hole first for a few minutes then moved to her butt hole. It tasted terrible, but I didn't want her to know that, so I continued licking until I heard her say, "Thanks, Eddy." Then she rose up and put her panties on.

Then Katrine said to me, "Come upstairs, Eddy, and take a bath. Then we need to talk about a few items before you start making dinner."

First,I had to use the toilet myself. And wouldn't you know it, I had diarrhea too! It must be the hamburgers Liesel and I ate. They did taste a bit undercooked.

I took a warm bath first to wash Liesel's waste. My dick was rising uncontrollably as I thought about the experience I just had. That is a strange reaction to something that was so gross. I turned off the hot water hoping that a cold shower will make my dick behave. It did.

Honestly, I don't know how I can continue this erotic suspense I'm in. I'm afraid I'll shoot my load without anything touching me. It's that bad. And painful.

I dressed up and put on cologne and combed my hair and then came out into the living room where Katrine and Liesel were waiting for me. They also had the video camera with them.

Liesel walked toward me and actually smelled my face and hair! She looked pleased. Katrine then said, "Sit down, Eddy. I need to tell you a couple of things."

I sat down and started to wonder what she has in mind.

She said, "First thing I want to ask you is if you'd like wiping to be added to your latrine duties. You can say no and it won't affect the hiring decision."

I said, "I have no problem with that."

Liesel asked me, "Do you enjoy it, Eddy. I do. Very much."

I replied, "Yes, Ma'am. I do too. And knowing that you do makes it even more appealing."

Liesle giggled and said to Katrine, "He is adorable. Let's do it!"

Katrine then explained, "OK, Eddy. What we will do now is have another video testimony in which you agree that wiping be added to your latrine duties. This means that you consent to this particular sexual contact without the need of your user to ask your consent every time and with the understanding that you will not be compensated for it. Clear?"

"Yes, Ma'am. That's fine with me."

"And another thing: It will apply to all your users who are mentioned in your contract. You cannot be choosy."

"OK.", I said with a little hesitation. I kinda wanted to wipe Katrine and Liesel only. I don't know how appealing Mitsu's ass is, or Betty's.

The girls made the video recording. Then Katrine pulled out my file and marked the box that was about wiping. She told me to initial next to it and she added her initials too. Then Katrine put the file away and locked the cabinet.

"Next item is the chastity device. I'm sure, Eddy, that you are in great pain because I wouldn't let you masturbate or have sex. I watched all the recordings and I know that you kept your word to me. I really appreciate that."

"Thanks, Ma'am. It is hard - no pun intended - but I can manage."

"I don't think that you can anymore, Eddy. Based on the analysis of your physical, you will not likely to be able to hold it past tonight, so I must install the chastity device on you tonight."

I don't really know what a chastity device looks like or what it does, but I didn't like the idea, so I said, "I assure you I can hold it."

"I appreciate your confidence, Eddy, but regulations demand that I do this. I don't want you to waste your cum. Ever. A chastity device will ensure that. It is in your contract that you signed, if you remember."

I do remember, but I was hoping it won't be necessary. I asked Katrine, "I don't know what it does or how it works."

"That's OK, Eddy. I'll explain it to you. You have nothing to worry about. You will see that it is comfortable and it will not interfere with your going to the bathroom either."

I decided to take her word for it. Katrine told me to strip naked then she took the device out of its wrappers and asked Liesel to hold my balls! When she did, her hands felt so good and as expected, my dick rose up again. I could see why Katrine was worried. If Liesel's hands even touched my dick, I would no doubt shoot my load.

Katrine said to Liesel, "From the recordings, I'd say that it grows to 9 inches on average, so I'm gonna set it up for 9 and a half to be on the safe side."

Liesel shook her head in approval. Katrine then, very delicately, slipped the device around my dick then Liesel released my balls into the device and Katrine locked it. There was a ring of some sort as part of the device which Katrine had slipped around the base of my dick. It was all comfortable as she said.

Katrine admired her work then said, "Let's test it."

I didn't know what test she could possibly make. She said, "I'd like you to lick my ass now, Eddy. I did not wipe the last time I took a shit. I decided that you will do it for me this time. How about it?"

My face lit up and I said, "Certainly, Ma'am." Aha! That must be the reward she promised me for letting go of the event of Liesel's diarrhea.

Katrine turned around, dropped her panties to the floor and bent over the desk. I crawled over to her, peeked under her skirt and stuck out my tongue and started to lick her asshole. And what a beautiful asshole it is! I must have fallen into a trance, because I heard Katrine say, "OK, Eddy. OK. That will be enough."

I stopped and pulled my head from under Katrine's skirt. She pulled her panties back up and asked me, "Is your dick pushing hard against the Dream Maker 5000?"

The device is slightly transparent and I could feel my dick gaining length and width but there was still some room at the tip. I did not feel any strain, so I told her.

"Good. I told you. And my monitor says 8 and 7/8th is the current length."

Monitor? She has a monitor that tells her how big my dick is at all times? How humiliating!

"Now, brace yourself, Eddy. I'll send a mild electric shock to the base of your dick. Ready?"

Of course I'm not ready, but what could I say? She pressed a button on her "monitor" and a painful jolt traveled through my dick and balls. I let out a cry.

"OK. It's working. Now let's see it at level 9." Then she sent another shock that was unbelievably painful. I could not but scream. And all she did was say, "OK. That works!"

Then she said, "Thanks, Eddy. That was a necessary test. I won't use the shocking again unless you need discipline. OK, dear?"

I said OK. She said, "Last item is the funnel. Tonight, before Liesel and I go to bed, we will both be pissing in your mouth at the same time, using a plastic funnel. This time, I encourage you to drink as much as you can. Night piss is diluted, so it won't be bad. Will you cooperate? I don't want to put off that step till tomorrow."

I shook my head. She said, "OK. You can go prepare dinner now and I will be in my room studying."

Liesel said, "I think I'll watch a video. Eddy, what was the last thing you watched?" I told her about the "Toilet duty comes first" video. She said, "Oh, I love that one. When you get a break, come and watch it with me. I don't have homeworks today."

I prepared a nice herbal chili for the girls and left the pot on the stove to simmer. I went to the living room to join Liesel as she asked me. She was watching that German movie I was watching earlier and had to stop by Carol's sudden visit.

The scene she was watching was just before the one I stopped at. What a coincidence! I told her. She said, "Good. then we watch the rest together. Come here!" And she pointed to her legs. I knew from the last time that she likes to watch movies while straddling me with her legs. This time I could swear I felt her pussy inflating and pressing on the back of my head.

The same two women in the movie came back to where the salve was just finishing the cleanup. Helen ordered him to assume the position. He lied down on his back and opened his mouth wide. Helen then squatted on his face and started to push a log of shit into his mouth. The other woman, Pamela, was watching and looking fascinated. Helen then rose up, wiped her ass with a tissue then waited a second. Her slave, Hans, knew he had to finish swallowing her turd which he did. Helen then dropped the tissue in his mouth and he quickly began to chew on it and swallow it too.

Pamela stepped in to take her turn. She said to Helen, "I should have brought my camera. This is awesome stuff!"

Helen replied, "I can bring my camera and record you. You want?"

"OK, but I have to go real bad now, you will miss the first part!"

"In that case, forget it! I don't want to miss any part. We can do that the next time. Hans will still be here." And she laughed.

Pamela laughed with her as she descended on Hans's open mouth. She said to him, "Hans, dear, I think this one is going to be hard. I can feel it, so be brave!"

Hans tensed up a bit and his dick stiffened. Helen reached for a quiver. The thing had in it a bunch of canes of various sizes. She pulled one and slapped Hans on his stiffening dick! Ouch! I could feel that one myself. Helen told him that he was not yet "authorized" to have an erection! I began to think that an electric buzz is probably better than that caning. I don't know if my dick can take it.

Hans yelped but settled down when Pamela started to fart in his nose. Helen stepped away and said, "Gee, Pamela, what did you eat?"

Pamela farted a few more times and was laughing every time. Then she started to release her anticipated mean shit log. The movie camera closed in on it and it was enormous, may be two inches wide. I didn't know that an anus can open up that wide.

The poor slave was agonizing as he was chewing that monster. Every time he showed hesitation, Helen would slap his dick again with her cane. When the ordeal was over, Pamela wiped her ass and gave it to Hans to chew on and swallow. She thanked him and said, "You did well and I know it was hard. You're a good slave."

She was holding the side of her stomach and pressing on it with her hands like she had been in pain. Helen said to her, "That must have been quite a relief for you, honey. I'm glad Hans is here to serve you."

"I'm so grateful to you, my good friend. You are lucky to have a slave of this quality."

"Yes, I am. I invested a lot of time and money in him and he is paying off."

"Paying off? What do you mean?"

"I rent him out by the hour to interested women. A good side income!"

"Really! That is so cool. Are you going to charge me for today?", she said with a nervous laugh.

"No, honey. First time is a free demo."

"Well, it worked! I'll let some women I know in on it if you like."

"That would be very nice of you. I may even give you a commission!"

"10 percent? How's that? No, I'm just kidding. I can't take money from my dear friend."

Helen smiled and told Hans that he can stand up now and told him to go to the bathroom and clean himself then join Pamela and her in the living room for "entertainment."

The movie ended here. Liesel clapped and asked me how I liked it. I said that it was a bit too much for me. She said that it's a matter of time before I find myself doing everything that Hans did and more.

I guess she is right, but I don't want to think about now. I gotta take it one day at a time or else I may panic and ruin everything.

At that moment, Katrine emerged from her room and asked if dinner was ready. I said yes and hurried to the kitchen to get it.

After I set the table, Liesel asked Katrine if they can rest their feet on me during dinner. She said of course. She told me to lie down, face up, under the dining table. She said that I will eat after they are done eating. She said I shouldn't drink much because she wants me to drink their piss using the double funnel she wants to test. She asked Liesel, "Face or dick?" Liesel answered, "Dick!", so Katrine changed her seat to be next to my face and placed her bare feet on my face fully covering my eyes and jaw and Liesel took the seat that straddled my torso and rested her feet on the crotch of my pants.

It was a wonderful place to be in! And even though I was hungry and could still smell the chili I worked hard to cook, I could let that pass because of the joy I was feeling with the girls feet on me that way.

The dinner went by rather quickly. Time sure goes by fast when you're having fun. Katrine lifted her feet from my face and said I could come up and eat now. I stood up and saw that the girls ate most of the chili and drank all the wine! I'm sure they did that on purpose. Damn, I have no choice now but to drink their piss, do I?

I finished dinner very quickly. There wasn't much left to eat. That was very inconsiderate of the girls.

I busied myself by washing the dishes then drying them. Katrine entered the kitchen and asked me, "Are you done?"

I said, "Just now."

"I need to show you the funnel and test it on you first. I don't want any mess later."

"What test?"

"I like to see how it fits you and how quickly can you gobble up."

Uh Oh! I don't know how quickly I can gobble up. I downed a can of beer once in one pour, but it was only because I was dared! Besides, I hate tests. I always flunked tests.

She asked me to follow her to the bathroom. Liesel was already there, standing in the tub, bare bottom, and holding a plastic contraption that looked like a Y-shaped pipe. She said, "Ready, Eddy? Come over here and lie down."

I went over and took a sleeping position in the tub. Liesel's feet were straddling my head. I noticed that she was pressing on the sides of my head with her feet, like she didn't want me to move my head. Katrine took off her skirt and panties and went to the tub too and stood on my groin! It wasn't too bad because she was barefoot. Both girls were.

Liesel then put the end of the funnel in my mouth and told me to clutch my teeth on it. I did. Then she slipped an elastic band that was attached to it around my head. I could not expel it if I wanted to.

Then both girls took the wider openings of the funnel and stuck them between their legs, right under their pee holes. Then they affixed them to their abdomens with similar elastic bands. I had to admire the design of this thing. It is now fixed in place. The two girls could pee and watch TV at the same time!

"Brace yourself, Eddy. I drank too much wine tonight I think!", said Liesel.

Sure enough, I started feeling hot steam heading toward my mouth, then a flow of Liesel's piss entered my mouth. I couldn't close my mouth, or spit. I could gag, or just keep her piss in my mouth for a while and not drink it.

But I knew they wouldn't like that, so I convinced myself to give it a try. To my surprise, It tasted sugary! I do remember the last time some of Liesel's piss hit my mouth that it tasted sweet then as well. Do sweet girls produce sweet piss?

I was about to swallow Liesel's piss when Katrine's piss made its way to my mouth. Sugary it wasn't! Katrine's piss was as bitter as one thinks piss would be. As it mixed with Liesel's, the solution was now on the bitter side.

Both girls paused and looked down at me, waiting. I knew what I had to do. If I hesitated, Katrine could stomp on my groin she's standing on. At least, she didn't have her electric monitor with her - unless she keeps it in her blouse pocket which she is still wearing.

I wish I hadn't hesitated to drink Liesel's piss. I could have had some sweet nectar to prep me for Katrine's bitter treat. I started to swallow bit by bit. It was bitter but it was not impossible to swallow. Kinda like drinking apple cider. I managed to beat my gag reflex and sank the piss of the two girls.

And were they happy! Katrine had her gorgeous smile and I heard Liesel cheer for me. Katrine said, "This is milestone for you, Eddy. You should be proud of yourself right now. Are you?"

Proud is not the word I would use. Relieved maybe, that I didn't blow the test. But I replied, "Yes, Ma'am. Your training, ladies, is working."

Silly me I was thinking the test had ended, but Katrine said, "You passed the test. Now on to the real thing."

As soon as she finished her sentence, Liesel let go of what seemed like a gallon of her piss, all at once. What is worse is that Katrine did the same thing at the same time. Their piss was standing in the funnel all the way to the Y-juncture. A column of female urine, almost two feet high was only stopped from draining by my throat!

I tried to swallow, knowing now that it wasn't too bad. But apparently I was too slow for the girls. Katrine stomped once on my groin. It hurt despite the chastity device being in the way. So, I hurried up. I must have unconsciously been trying to turn my head, because Liesel was now tightening her foot grip around my head so I couldn't.

I don't know how long the ordeal lasted, but I actually did it. I swallowed two bladder full of female piss. When the last drop disappeared from the funnel, both girls clapped their hands and congratulated me.

Then they removed the funnel from themselves then from my mouth. Katrine bent down and asked me, "How you feelin'?" I answered, "I'm OK."

Katrine then said, "I could offer you some juice to drink, but I'd rather not. I want you to start getting used to the taste of our piss. In time, you will actually savor it, believe me."

I don't doubt her. She has been right every time. In fact, I was not thirsty anymore. I don't think I can drink anything for several hours, even to wash the sour taste. So I told her that.

She was very happy to hear it. She said, "That is great, Eddy. Your life with us here will fill you with our waste, so you must get used to not eating too much regular food and drinking too much regular drinks, or else you can bloat or become fat. I will not have a fat slave!"

"I'd hate to be a fat slave too. I'm getting used to being a slave, but I don't think I can get used to being fat.", I commented.

Both girls laughed. Katrine said, "It is however your first full drink, so if you do want something to reduce the sour taste, I'm OK with it."

"Actually, Ma'am, it wasn't that sour. Lady Liesel's urine was almost sweet!"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it tasted kinda sugary."

"Are you telling me the truth?", she asked with a stern voice.

"Of course, Ma'am." I said with some fear in my voice.

"I don't like the sound of that. Liesel, honey, I want you to go to the clinic tomorrow and see Dr. Zoe and ask for urine analysis."

Liesel replied, "OK, Kattie, but I'm sure it's nothing."

"I'd like to be sure. Call Dr. Zoe first thing tomorrow morning and go right away. Forget class."

Then she turned to me and said, "I want you to go with her, Eddy. Dr. Zoe is sure to want to ask you detailed questions about the taste."

"Sure, Ma'am."

"And, Liesel, honey, I want you to text me as soon as you learn something from Dr. Zoe. Text me even if I'm in class, OK?"

"I will.", said Liesel. "I guess I'm gonna miss Dr. Jessica's class tomorrow."

"I'll tell her and I'll take good notes. Don't worry."


Then she said to me, "Eddy, stay with Liesel for as long as she is out. You can do your chores later. If you're not back and I need your service, I'll just use the guest bathroom. Liesel is more important."

"I understand."

"I'm sleepy, so I'm gonna skip the bedtime routine tonight. Eddy, you did very well today. You're on target with the training and I'm proud of you. Have a good night!"

"Thank you, Ma'am. Have pleasant dreams."

Then Katrine headed to her bedroom. Liesel said to me that she is not sleepy, so she wanted to take a hot bath and invited me to share it with her! I of course agreed, even though I was kind of tired myself.

I soaped Liesel's heavenly body, washed it then dried it up. It was such an erotic experience that I felt my dick banging on the chastity device. Any more excitement and I could get a jolt.

Fortunately, Liesel told me the bath relaxed her and she was going to bed now. She thanked me and wished me a good night. I went to my station under the toilet and lied down. I must have fallen asleep in a couple of seconds.

I was awakened by the movement up of my my bed. I knew what that meant. I quickly found my face two inches from what I recognized to be Katrine's ass. She farted once then her anus opened up and a brown lump oozed out of it like an ice cream machine!

I didn't know what to do. Katrine usually gives me instructions, but this time she is saying nothing. If I avoid her shit, she will know because of those damned hidden cameras. She just told me how happy she was with my performance. It would be a shame if I disappointed her now.

I decided to close my eyes and open my mouth and don't think about it and just let it happen. But that is easier said than done! I could smell it all too well. This thing cannot be ignored. And when it fell into my mouth, I tried to swallow it without thinking but simply couldn't. Something stopped me.

Katrine then started to pee. How can she still have pee in her bladder?!

What I didn't realize is that the pee forced her shit down my throat, like when rain washes away street filth into the sewage drains. To my surprise, I didn't feel that. It happened too quickly for me to notice.

Then I heard the first word from Katrine above me, "Wipe!", she ordered. I'm glad I remembered that I must wipe the pussy first then the asshole. That met with Katrine's approval and she said, "Good." Then she rose up and turned the flush. This washed my face well, gave it that rose water scent then descended my bed to its normal position.

I was awakened again some time later by another bed movement up. This time it was Liesel's ass. But it was almost in my face. She didn't say anything either, so I knew that I would just have to open my mouth and keep it around her nether region.

She too dumped a soft shit in my mouth. I attempted to swallow some of it and this time I was able to! The rest of it was taken care of by a pouring of her piss. Then she too ordered me to wipe, which I did. Then she pulled up her panties and rose up and left without saying another word.

I realized that another step in my training has just take place. Quietly! I ate the girls shit tonight, helped out by a piss flush. And I no longer require much direction from them. They must now trust that I know what needs to be done. This is another milestone, isn't it? But it was not celebrated like the piss drinking was eralier.

I woke up on Liesel's voice coming from above the toilet seat, "Wake up, sleepy head!"

I opened my eyes and said, "Good morning, Ma'am. What time is it?"

Liesel said, "It's 8:30! My appointment is at 9:15. Get yourself ready quick."

I jumped from the bed and went upstairs, expecting that I will asked to do the morning shower routine, but Katrine said, "There is no time for that this morning. Go eat some breakfast quick and be ready to accompany Liesel to the clinic."

"Yes, Ma'am."

I rushed to the kitchen and ate some cookies with milk. I immediately felt a desire to vomit! I ran to the guest bathroom to do it. I managed to clean myself up, wash my face, brush my teeth and wash the toilet bowl in record time when Liesel called me out, "Let's go, Eddy!"

Katrine was waiting for us by the door. She kissed Liesel on the cheek and said to her, "Don't forget to text me, honey. And Eddy, I'm depending on you."

I said, "It will be all right, Ma'am."

Then Liesel opened the door and she and I went out. The clinic is less than a ten minute walk from the sorority. I don't honestly know why I have to go. Hospitals are not a place I want to visit, but I would go with either girl anywhere they want me.

As soon as we got out of the Lambda Tau Rho sorority house building, Liesel took my arm in hers and locked on to it. And then she brought me nearer to her. She had a terrific, innocent smile on her face. She was simply adorable.

I don't know how anybody would be smiling when they are on their way to a hospital! This girl is a happy girl. I wonder if I had anything to do with her happiness.

We were walking, arm in arm, like two lovers strolling on the beach, when she asked me, "Kattie seemed worried, didn't she?"

"It's just because she loves you. We both do."

I don't know why I said that. But I know I felt it. It is improper though. But Liesel's face lit up and she said, "Really, Eddy? You love me?"

"How can I not?", I replied quickly. "It is very easy to love you. You are a sweet, happy person. And so beautiful, if I might add."

Those words flew out of me smoothly. I'm not usually that articulate.

Liesel said, "I've known you, Eddy, for what? A week. And I already like you very much. I hope that you will pass the test and stay with us. I think I'll vote yes even if you are not up to par!"

"Thank you, Lady Liesel. Now all I have to do is impress Lady Katrine", I said with a smile.

"If they find too much sugar in my blood, Eddy, will you still love me?", she asked with a very strange look on her face.

I was taken aback by that question. I didn't know what to say.

"You know what they say: Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice!", I thought I'd change the tone of the conversation from somber to cheerful.

It worked! Liesel had an even bigger smile and said, "I could kiss right now, Eddy. You're so sweet!"

"You're allowed, you know!", I was trying to be funny.

"No. I can't. Kattie has first right to you. She is your owner."

I was taken further aback by that comment. So, no girl can make love to me until Katrine does first? I don't remember reading that in my contract, or did I miss it?

And the girls really believe they own me. This is not a game they are playing. It is really their lifestyle and belief. I keep imagining that I'm in some sort of fantasy and will wake up from it. But it's not. Not with these girls.

We arrived at the clinic and checked in. The receptionist called Liesel's name after five minutes and said, "Dr. Dobrovsky will see you now."

We went in the examination room and a few minutes later a tall blonde woman walked in. She is not Dr. Zoe who did my exam.

She smiled at us and said, "I'm Dr. Oksana Dobrovsky. I'm taking over for Zoe who is on vacation. This must be your latrine?", she asked while looking at me.

"Yes. His name is Eddy Simmons", replied Liesel.

"Nice to meet you, Eddy. Miss Françoise, it's good that you are checking this out right away. Early diagnosis can make all the difference."

"I have to credit Eddy for that. I myself had no idea.", said Liesel.

"Was yesterday the first time you noticed the sugary taste, Eddy?", she asked me.

"No, Ma'am. I noticed it once before."

Liesel was surprised to hear this and said to me, "You never mentioned it before, Eddy."

"I'm sorry, Ma'am. I just didn't think much of it at the time."

Then the doctor asked me, "When was that?"

"About three days ago."

"Tell me the details of that event."

I started to tell her about the time the two girls had me kneel in the tub and they took turns pissing on my face.

"So, it was only when the urine wet your lips that you felt it?"

I said yes.

"And what time of the day was that?"

"It was first thing in the morning."

"Wow! Morning urine is very bitter, but Liesel's was sugary still?"

Now, I started to worry and Liesel lost her smile.

"And since yesterday, did you drink from Liesel again?"

"Yes. During the night. It was sugary then too."

"And what about this morning?"

Liesel jumped in and said, "There was no time for that this morning. We all overslept."

"I see. One more question. You haven't mentioned about her feces. Did you notice any sugary taste in her feces too?"

Liesel jumped in again and said, "He doesn't eat just yet. He is still in training."

"Oh?", the doctor said with huge disappointment in her voice and on her face! I was upset actually. Liesel doesn't even know that I ate her shit last night. I wanted to tell Dr. Oksana that I did. I wanted to defend myself!

But I thought I had better not contradict Liesel. She resumed, "But he is starting. Is it important for the diagnosis?"

"Yes. I need to get the full picture. When can he eat regularly?"

"Kattie, that's Katrine Herzdame my roommate, told me she expected he will by end of today."

"That's good. Now I want you both to go to the bathroom outside this room and fill a urine sample cup. Here is yours, Ms. Françoise and here is your latrine's. When you have filled yours, I want you to hold then have Eddy drink the rest if you still have any."


"Do you feel a bowel movement, Ms. Françoise?"


"It's OK. We can do that next visit. When you come back, I'll have instructions for Eddy.

Liesel and I went into the restroom. It was the first time in my life that I went to a restroom that was not private with anybody. I had a feeling all the nurses were whispering about me!

We filled our cups and then Liesel said to me that she has some more and asked me to kneel down. I did. She kind of sat on my face, facing my legs, and started to pee in my mouth. It wasn't much and I was able to drink it all. It was a bit sugary, but not as before.

Dr. Oksana asked me about the taste and was glad to hear that it wasn't as sugary as the other times. She asked Liesel, "What did you have for breakfast?"

"Just milk and cookies. I didn't have time for a full breakfast."

"Were they sweet or sour cookies?"

"A mix, but mostly saltines."

"Hmmm. OK. I'll send these samples to the lab and call you tomorrow with the results. I will also email you right away a booklet that I wrote, where I list all the tastes, colors and smells of urine that were reported in a clinical study we conducted a year ago. I want you, Eddy, to keep a journal. You will drink all her urine and then look in the booklet for the taste, color and smell that most closely matches hers. I want you to log the date and time and what Liesel drank and ate before it. You follow me?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Good boy. The booklet also lists all the tastes, smells, colors and consistencies of feces. As soon as you can eat, and the sooner the better, I want you to log that too in your journal."


"How long do we need to do this experiment?", asked Liesel.

"Three weeks is best to be on the safe side. I will have my assistant schedule a follow-up at that time. Meanwhile, I will prescribe to you something natural that may reduce your blood sugar level, but I want you to watch your sugar intake, young lady!" She said to Liesel with a motherly smile.

We went to the pharmacy counter in the clinic and got that medicine.

As we were out of the clinic, Liesel once again held my arm and smiled, but her smile was a bit reserved. I said to her some comforting words.

But I was worried for another reason. Now I have no choice but to perform full toilet duties for Liesel, 24 hours a day, for three weeks. Any hope I had of a reduced load are out the window.

When we got back to the sorority house, I remembered that Katrine expected a text from Liesel, so I reminded her. She typed a few paragraphs!

It was approaching the noon hour, the time Katrine usually comes back. Liesel said to me, "I can still catch the second class, but I don't feel like going out again today. Let's watch a movie, what do you say, Eddy?"

"Sure. Any one in particular?"

"You pick one you haven't watched already."


I sorted through the stack of DVDs and found a movie called "He is an indentured servant." I showed it to Liesel and she smiled and said it was good. I thought the title matches my situation well.

I inserted the DVD and it started playing. Liesel took her favorite position, sitting on a chair behind my back and dangling her legs on either side of my head. I am starting to love that, especially since her skirt retreated behind my head and all that was left were her two bare, beautiful, tan legs bracing me.

The movie was in Dutch and Liesel could understand some of the dialog but not all. The main character is a young man my age who at first seems to be a regular servant in a big house owned by an aristocratic lady. But while he was still dusting, his mistress said something to him and he squatted on the floor. She then climbed on his shoulders and he stood up carrying her. She then told him to resume his work!

Then he proceeded to the kitchen. She told him to let her off his shoulders, but only so that she can ride him like a horse while he was mopping the floor! Liesel loved that scene. I was glad that she was smiling again, because she looked sad when we came in.

I had a huge desire to kiss her inner thighs which were wrapped around my cheeks. I don't know if it's because her thighs are so beautiful or because I wanted to cheer her up. She is feeling vulnerable right now.

I can't take advantage of her vulnerability. I also don't know how she would react if I initiated a move like that. I ended up pretending to adjust my head left and right. That rubbed my ears on her inner thighs and it felt wonderful.

Liesel liked that too! She told me to do that again and again. Then she told me to kiss her inner thighs. Again and again. Then she told me to kiss her panties, right on the gusset area. I was glad to do her bidding. Then she had me kiss down her legs until I got to her feet. She wanted full foot worship, which by now I know well how to do.

Needless to say, I lost track of the movie and of time. I was buried in the smell, feel and taste of her gorgeous feet and she was moaning!

We were both startled by Katrine's voice saying, "You're here having fun while I'm dying of worry!"

I stopped and looked up and Liesel pulled her toes from my mouth and opened her eyes to say, "Hi, Kattie! I didn't hear you coming."

Katrine replied that when she opened the door and I wasn't there to greet her, she thought we were not back yet from the clinic. I was about to apologize, when Katrine said to me, "That's OK, Eddy, you were serving Liesel. That's more important."

Then she asked us about the details of the clinic visit. She was surprised that Dr. Dobrovsky did not do much more than ask for urine samples. Liesel told her that she had told her assistant on the phone, when she was making the reservation, that she had no symptoms, so maybe that's why the doctor didn't ask many questions.

Katrine was concerned also that I have to drink Liesel's piss and eat her shit because, she said, it may make me sick! She said that she didn't understand why the doctor suggested this. But then she said that she must know what she's doing.

I didn't know whether to be comforted by that, or to start worrying. I actually didn't think of that until she brought it up!

Katrine then asked me, "How do you feel about that, Eddy? This is not exactly in your contract, but the contract doesn't disallow it either, so it's your call. But I would like you to go ahead and do it. For Liesel. You will be doing both of us a great favor."

How could I say no after that? I replied that I will give it my best try. She smiled and said, "That's my slave! I know, Eddy, that you started eating for the first time last night..."

Liesel's jaw dropped and she said, "Really, Eddy? Really? I'm so proud of you. You made my day!"

But then Katrine killed the joy when she resumed saying, "I also know that you threw it all up in the morning."

Liesel stopped smiling and I was quite embarrassed. I said, "I'm sorry, Ma'am. It happened all of a sudden and I couldn't stop it. I'll try better the next time."

"That's OK, Eddy. The first time is always the hardest. It's not called the gag reflex for nothing," She replied.

Katrine then asked Liesel if she had checked her email for the document Dr. Dobrovsky was going to send her. She said she didn't and then went to the computer room to do that.

While Liesel was out of the living room, Katrine whispered to me, "Thanks, Eddy, for your help on this. Liesel is the kind of girl who takes things lightly and cheerfully. I'm sure she had symptoms that she simply ignored."

I responded, "I have a feeling, Ma'am, that things are going to be OK. In the clinic, I drank Lady Liesel's morning piss and it tasted only slightly sugary, so there may not be need for alarm."

She replied, "Yeah, but morning piss is more acidic than any other time. That's probably why you didn't taste the sugar so much. But thanks anyway for trying to make me feel better."

I had nothing to say. Katrine then said, "When Liesel comes back, I want you to serve all her needs and then when you're done I want you to come to my room."

Liesel came back with a printed document. She and Katrine browsed through it and liked it. Katrine said to me, "Familiarize yourself with the information in this booklet, Eddy, and have a journal ready." Then she left to her room.

Liesel then put the booklet on the table and asked me to continue the foot worship. The movie we were watching, we probably have to watch it all over again later.

Liesel told me to stop worshiping her feet and thanked me. She then said she wanted to take a nap and that I should wake her up when supper is ready.

Supper! We didn't even eat lunch today and I threw up my breakfast. Should I go make some lunch? I can't. I have to see what Katrine wanted. So I headed to her room.


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You're very welcome gogo. Sathrom, as far as I know there doesn't appear to be any more of the story. Have either of you read any of my Femina Islands stories? I would appreciate your comments, good or bad.
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There actually was a lot more to this story, but I can't find it anywhere. I remember someone posting it here after it was deleted originally. If anyone has it please post it :)

Thanks for this tekkar


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Just wanted to ask if you ever found anymore to this story tekkar?
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