Made to Satisfy Part 16


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Mar 31, 2009
It was almost dawn by the time the girls finished using Bobs body for their own sexual gratification, each taking their turn on , his cock, his nose, his tongue and his arms.

Each one had also tried the skull cap which facilitated direct contact and control of Bobs body through the nanomachines that had been injected into his body, turning Bob into nothing more than a puppet built for one purpose, the sexual gratification of women.

The sun was just coming up as the girls fell out of the bar, dragging the totally shagged out Bob with them, they piled into a couple of taxis to the Hospital residential block.

They let themselves into the dorm room that four of the girls shared. Bob by this time was becoming aware of his surroundings, he looked around the room and noticed in the corner, a strange looking low table with straps and indentations in the shape of a body along with what looked like pipes.

"See it wasn't a bad dream" Said Gemma leading Bob to the contraption. "Lie down on the bench, you must be very tired" she invited.

Bob being too weary to resist, lay down on the table, where his arms fell beside him, they fell into a couple of holes and as his arms reached the bottom, Bob felt cuffs flick around his wrist securing his arms so that he couldn't move.

Similarly, there were shackles that locked around Bobs ankles as he put his feet into the spaces provided on the contraption.

Once Bob was totally immobilised, Gemma turned on the computer built into the unit that Bob was now part of, once again he felt the cold metallic presence of the computer presence within his mind,

Bob heard a pipe moving from inside the box, it touched his skin, then entered his body, he heard a metal click and he knew that he was now connected to the waste system of the box.

Bob then felt the sphincter muscle they had inserted into his windpipe open, Gemma reached into a draw and bought out a trachaeostomy tube that she inserted into the hole, this had a cap attached which meant that it could be closed manually.

Alexandra walked across to where Gemma was installing Bob back into the box, she looked down into Bobs eyes and said "Did you really think that we'd let you get away, that we'd invest all the time and expensive equipment to see someone else have the enjoyment ?"

"I thought it was all just a bad dream" Bob tried to reply, all that Alexandra heard was a gush of air. She smiled and knelt down to where Gemma was checking Bobs systems out with the computer.

Suddenly it all went black as Bobs consciousness was just turned off like a light. The four girls whose dorm it was, Amanda, Gemma, Jane and Melanie all grabbed towels and left for a long hot shower before retiring for a long sleep, while Alexandra headed back to her own dorm for some rest.

The next thing that Bob was aware of was the feeling of the computer presence in his mind, then he heard Alexandras' voice.

'Hello toy' she thought to him, 'I didn't hear what you said earlier, you seemed to have lost your voice' she cackled at the thought of her own joke.

'I thought this was all just a bad dream' Bob replied 'I thought I'd woken up and my life was back to normal'

This caused Alexandra to descend into a gale of mirth, total fits of giggles seem to echo round Bobs head, eventually Alexandra managed to get herself under control.

'You have just given me a great idea' she enthused. With this her presence disappeared for a time, Bob had no means of telling how long, then she was back.

'Oh I love this machine' Alexandra crowed happily, I have managed to harvest your memories of everything that we have done to you, from when we first trapped you, through to when you almost escaped in my body, in fact right through until now'

'So' Bob replied

'Your dream has just turned into your nightmare Bob' she replied, when I hit the right button you are going to re-live each and every delicious moment. What's more, every time we turn you off, you will automatically be reliving each moment when the computer recognises that you are being used'

I'm going for a shower now Bob, then for a few hours sleep' Alexandra told Bob through the nanomachine enabled computer connection.

'Sweet dreams' Bob heard. Then everything went white, then ..

It was a strange sensation that Bob woke up to, along with a horrible pain in his head that reminded him of a bad hangover on very cheap booze.

Strange in that he couldn't actually move, and his arms were tied above and to the side, and his legs were tied wide open.

Trying to rid himself of the headache, Bob descended further into sleep where his unconscious brain reminded him how his big mouth had got him into this mess.

Bob had been working at a Bar on Waterloo Station for sometime, he was single and spent whatever time he wasn't working, on the internet looking up sites about face sitting, most days he would tie his cock up and masturbate to pictures of women subjugating men with their pussies and asses.

This particular night had started well, nice and busy and around 9pm a group of four women came up to the bar and ordered a round of drinks.

This particular group of women turned out to be in their early 20s and were nurses working just outside London with accommodation in halls.

Particular seemed to be a theme this particular evening, the nurses had been for a few drinks before getting to the bar that Bob worked in, and their inhibitions were being eroded by the alcohol.

As the evening wore on, all the other customers left and Bob was left with just these last 4 customers.

"I'm afraid it's closing time ladies" Bob said at their table "Would you mind finishing up for me ?"

The tall blond girl in the group replied in a giggling tone "I'll tell you what, how abouts we flip a coin, tails we drink up & go, and heads you serve us another drink, and join us.

Bob surveyed the table, all the girls were attractive, there was another blond shorter girl with rather large breasts and two brunettes both with ample curves, one at 5ft 4inches, the other 5ft 8.

"OK" says Bob, "50/50 chance, why not", so Melanie flips the coin and it lands on heads, the girls cheer and order their drinks from Bob who brings them along with his own favourite tipple of a large rum and coke.

"Come and sit down with us" Gemma, the short brunette invites, moving along the bench seat so Bob takes the proffered space and takes a long draft of his drink.

"Have you heard of spin the bottle ?" says Jane the smaller blond.

"Yes" I answered "but I'm not playing it while outnumbered 4 to 1"

"Oh go on" pleads Melanie, "I tell you what, how abouts we flip my coin again, heads we play tails we dont, chance is with you Bob, its already come up heads once"

She's right Bob thought, I'll chance it "Alright then, go for it" so Melanie flips the coin and it lands on heads.

"Right then Bob", she crows "as you lost, you have to get another round in, and you have to go first"

Bob reluctantly agreed to this and went to get another round, came back to the table after pulling the curtains and locking the doors, he sat down.

"OK Bob spin the bottle", so Bob took a big sip of his drink, which tasted slightly strange, then span the bottle.

It span round and round, slowing down and settled with the spout pointing at Bob.

"It must be your lucky night" exclaims Jane, "truth or dare, truth or dare" holler the girls.

"Truth" shouts Bob, thinking this would be the lesser of two evils.

The girls gather into a huddle and start whispering, a minute later they sit down again, all with a slight smirk on their face.

Gemma says in a really sexy voice
"What's your biggest sexual fantasy Bob ? we want the truth"

The drink seemed to have taken a hold of Bobs mouth, as before he knew what was happening, he had blurted the word "Facesitting"

There was silence, then Amanda, who had previously been very quiet, says in a quiet but seemingly ominous tone "tell us more Bob"

So Bob told them how he fantasised about giving women pleasure with his tongue, about how he thought he'd derive just as much pleasure giving an orgasm to a woman with his tongue as he would receiving one.

He told them about how he tied his cock up and wanked it for hours on end looking at pictures of Women satisfying themselves on mens faces, just wishing that it could be HIM they were using, HIS face that was being used, HIS body that was being treated as nothing more than a sex toy.

"Wow" utters Amanda.
"Drink up" demands Gemma so that's what Bob did, and that's all he could remember.

He opened his eyes and the headache receded a bit, he was tied spreadeagled to a bed in a small dormitory room decorated in black and pink lace, the door opened and Amanda walked in with nothing but a towel wrapped around her.

"Ah you're awake" she says to Bob, "remember anything from last night ?"

"Spin the bottle" Bob enquires.

"That's right" Amanda coos seductively, "have you ever heard the phrase 'be careful what you wish for' because boy are you going to get it.

With that, she drops her towel......

Bob's body reacted without conscious thought to seeing Amanda's still damp naked body.

Of the four girls Bob had met in the bar last night, Amanda was the tallest at 5ft 9inches, now she loomed above him, he could smell the scent of the soap that had recently cleansed her skin, as he looked up, he could see the fullness of her breasts, then he noticed her nipples which were like rosebuds, the whole aeriolae seemed to be swollen and slightly upturned.

Yes, the instant reaction of his manhood was to harden, Bob had never seen such a knockout girl in the flesh before, then he remembered his position, and if his tool was hard before, it felt like it grew another two inches there and then !

"I see you're glad to see me" Amanda growled seductively down at him, "but we can't have you getting too excited now can we"

With this she produced some boot lace, looped it in two , passed the ends through the loop to form a lasso and dropped it over the end of Bobs cock, she pulled his balls up roughly which frightened Bob and reminded him that this wasn't one of his fantasies, then pulled the cord tight, she then formed another loop and pulled that tight. She then tied it in a bow, securing Bobs cock so tightly that where his moment of fright had caused his cock to soften, there was now a buildup of pressure behind the cord.

Seeing this Amanda grabs the tied part of Bobs cock
"Instant hard on" she says with irony in her voice, then pushes hard down forcing the ligature past the pressure and causing Bobs cock to expand.

"This is what you like isn't it ?" Amanda questioned, Bob didn't answer so Amanda grabbed his balls again and squeezed..

"When I talk to you, you will answer immediately, you will call me mistress, or madam, or goddess or miss, I haven't decided which yet, but if you get it wrong it's squeezee time for your balls Bob, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME !"

Bob was in total shock, but wasn't stupid "YES MISTRESS" Bob shouted

Amanda squeezed Bobs Balls again "DON'T SHOUT, YOU NEVER SHOUT, only we can shout, do you understand slave ?"

Bob replied "I understand Goddess, I'm sorry", with this Amanda released Bobs Balls

"The right answer she uttered, now it's time to worship me, your goddess" With this she clambered onto the bed and slowly ascended up Bobs Body.

Before settling on Bobs face, with her pussy lips just inches away, Amanda whispers "Now, you will do exactly what I say, when I say it. You are not here for your own sick little pleasure, but for mine and my friends, you are nothing more than a piece of furniture, a tool, we won't even call you slave any more than we would call a table, table."

With this she descended and sat down on Bobs face burying his mouth in her pussy, Bob didn't move a muscle fearing that his balls would be in for more punishment.

Amanda lifted herself up slightly and spread her lips with her fingers before settling back down on Bobs mouth

"Push your tongue out slowly to it's full length, rotate it slowly, clockwise around the walls of my pussy five times, then rotate it anticlockwise five times. If I pull your hair on top, it means go faster, if I pull it on both sides down, it means go slower, nod your head if you understand"

Bob looked up at Amandas' victorious but stern countenance and nodded, this caused his nose to brush against her clitoris causing her to shudder.

Bob slowly extended his tongue to it's full length, but then felt the walls of Amandas Pussy clap onto his tongue and pull even more of it into her, it then gyrated slowly clockwise, once, twice three times, " You get the idea now" Amanda huskily uttered and released Bobs tongue, which he then slowly rotated around Amandas pussy for a further two times.

"Now the other way" she demanded and Bob had little inclination but to comply.

All went quiet in the room, as Bob licked five times clockwise then five times anticlockwise, again, and again at the same repetitive rate.

This carried on for a long twenty minutes for Bob, then he felt Amanda pull his hair on top so he increased the pace of his rotations, after five minutes more Amanda pulled on the top of his hair once again, and Bob increased the pace again.

Amanda was getting wetter and wetter, God it felt good to finally have a man trapped and doing exactly what SHE wanted, without having to worry about lying to him after, & telling him how "good" he was, the thought of this caused Amanda to get more excited, she pulled Bobs hair again and he increased the pace again, the juices from Amanda's pussy were flowing into Bobs throat, and he drank it down.

Bob knew the signals when a woman gets excited and wants to orgasm, but was scared of acting on them as they weren't in the instructions Amanda had given to him, so he just followed the cues given to him by Amanda's hair pulls,.

Suddenly Amanda was gyrating her hips anticlockwise as Bob rotated his tongue clockwise, then she started sliding up and down Bobs face, pulling his hair up and down, and side to side, Bob didn't know what she wanted him to do, but Amanda didn't care, she was almost there and now all she had in her mind was to fuck and hump his face, move his tongue and nose to where she wanted it and use it to scratch that Oh so delicious itch that was building up inside her.

This carried on for five minutes, to Bob it felt like his face was being mercilessly raped by this woman, she was just using him, it had been a long time since her last orgasm and the pressure had built to such a pitch, that one orgasm just was not going to be nearly enough to release the pressure.

The first one came three minutes after this, Amanda was, by this time furiously bucking on Bobs Head, lost in total abandonment to her lust, all Bob could do was keep his tongue out and hope she didn't break his face, suddenly her hips started jerking like crazy and Amanda screamed in excstacy "YES YES YES YES YEESSSS"

Thank God thought Bob, now she'll slow down and stop smashing into me.

Amanda hadn't nearly finished with Bob, in fact there seemed to be no sign of her slowing up, she just carried on rubbing her pussy up and down Bobs face as fast as she could, Bob became nothing more than an instrument of her pleasure, and she fully intended to make full use of that instrument.

Five minutes of intense face fucking later and Amanda climaxed again, and five minutes later again, after this she slowed down and took another ten minutes of rhythmically riding Bobs face before she had her last orgasm.

She looked down at Bob whose face was by this time covered from hairline to chin in Amanda's pussy juices.

"How's that cock of mine ?" she demanded, "Still hard I see" with that she gave it a long hard squeeze causing Bob to groan involuntarily.

Suddenly the door burst open and the other three girls came flying into the room

"You started without us !" shouted Gemma

"Sorry girls" Amanda said with a grin, "couldn't resist, seeing as your all here now, who would like to try out it's face ?" with that she moved down Bobs body and stuffed Bobs aching swollen manhood into her pussy....

Bobs Cock was fully swollen and felt to him like a throbbing piece of meat.

That throbbing swollen piece of meat was now being "used" by Amanda, she wasn't moving a muscle externally, but Bob could feel what she was doing to his cock with her pussy muscles and this was causing him some considerable discomfort.

Of course, this did not matter in the slightest to Amanda, after 4 months without a cock, she just didn't give a shit, Bob started moaning and Amanda said to the three other girls who had just burst into the dorm.

"When you put a tool to work it sometimes makes strange noises, usually this just means that it is working, however we don't have to put up with the noise.
Can someone please just sit on it's face and stop that fucking whine ?"

Bob looked across and saw Gemma, the short brunette with large boobs advance towards the bed, she came to the head of the bed and said to Bob
"Looks like your lucks run out big boy", with this she undid the buttons on her blouse and took her top off to reveal her large 36 e cup boobs in a balconette bra, she reached behind and undid her bra, then stepped out of her short skirt and pulled down her knickers.

All of this was done in a big rush, but it all seemed like slow motion to Bob who just couldn't believe this was happening to him.

Then she put her left knee next to Bobs head facing the headboard and swung her right leg over and settled her pussy over Bobs face cutting off the moaning that was escaping Bobs lips.

"Thank fuck for that" said Amanda with conviction
"Have you primed it ?" asks Gemma
"Yes, basic hair commands which worked very quickly, you might want to change the setting as I had it on 5 and 5 circling"

The other two girls knew that it was going to take some time before they were going to get a go.

"We've got a shift to do" says Jane, "don't break the toy girls, we've only just got it"

With that, she left the room with Melanie leaving Bob buried under Gemma and Amanda.

Gemma pulled Bobs hair up,so remembering what Amanda had said to him, pushed his tongue as deep into Gemmas' pussy as he could.

Gemma pulled away and shouted "No you don't, when I pull your hair up, you bury your nose deep in my pussy, when I pull it down, you withdraw, when I pull your hair down each side trapping your head and move my body up, you will stick your tongue out and insert it into whichever hole is nearest. If you understand, blink twice "

Bob blinked twice however the sensations assailing his body were not conducive to concentration, he could have sworn she said "any" orifice and he really didn't like licking arses.

Gemma pulled his hair up and Bob buried his nose deep in Gemmas' pussy, Gemma slowly ground her pussy round Bobs nose.
The sensation of Bobs swollen cock being raped by Amanda caused him to groan in pain again.

Gemma moved her body up slightly and pushed Bobs hair down each side trapping his head against the bed, he stuck out his tongue as instructed.
Gemma let go of Bobs head "Keep your tongue out and don't move" she instructed, with this she pulled her arse cheeks apart and moved her anus to just above Bobs tongue.

Fearing the consequences more than his distaste, Bob left his tongue out and Gemma's rosebud suddenly opened, it felt to Bob as if she had sucked his tongue into her arse.

Bobs tongue was being pulled further and further in to Gemmas anus, the root of his tongue felt like it was being pulled out. He saw Gemmas' fingers dip into her own pussy and she pushed her full weight onto Bobs tongue.

Suddenly he felt no weight on the back of his head, Gemma had moved her legs closer together and risen, pulling Bobs head up by his tongue which was trapped in Gemmas arse.

She wagged her juicy backside, left and right, left and right causing Bobs head to bounce off each cheek.

"God that feels good" Gemma exclaims to Amanda, "Why didn't we replace our old toy sooner ?"

"We had to qualify sooner or later" Amanda replied "Now instead of selling the toy on ebay, we can use our medical skills to modify it for optimum performance.

The thought of this caused Gemma to drop Bobs head from her arse, she pulled both sides of Bobs hair down so Bob stuck his tongue out again, this time she lowered her pussy onto Bobs tongue

"This time I want 5 and 5 circling, understand ?" Gemma says to Bob,
All went quiet in the room, as Bob licked five times clockwise then five times anticlockwise, again, and again at the same repetitive rate.

This carried on for a long twenty minutes for Bob, then he felt Gemma pull his hair on top so he increased the pace of his rotations, after five minutes more Gemma pulled on the top of his hair once again, and Bob increased the pace again.

Gemma was getting wetter and wetter, God it felt good to finally have a toy again the was, the thought of this caused Gemma to get more excited, she pulled Bobs hair again and he increased the pace again, the juices from Gemma's pussy were flowing into Bobs throat, and he drank it down.

Bob knew the signals when a woman gets excited and wants to orgasm, but was scared of acting on them as they weren't in the instructions Gemma had given to him, so he just followed the cues given to him by Gemma's hair pulls,.

Suddenly Gemma was gyrating her hips anticlockwise as Bob rotated his tongue clockwise, then she started sliding up and down Bobs face, pulling his hair up and down, and side to side, Bob didn't know what she wanted him to do, but Gemma didn't care, she was almost there and now all she had in her mind was to fuck and hump his face, move his tongue and nose to where she wanted it and use it to scratch that Oh so delicious itch that was building up inside her.

This carried on for five minutes, Bob knew this time, that his face WAS being mercilessly raped by this woman, she was just using him, it had been a long time since her last orgasm and the pressure had built to such a pitch, that one orgasm just was not going to be nearly enough to release the pressure.

The first one came three minutes after this, Gemma was, by this time furiously bucking on Bobs Head, lost in total abandonment to her lust, all Bob could do was keep his tongue out and hope she didn't break his face, suddenly her hips started jerking like crazy and Gemma screamed in excstacy "YES YES YES YES YEESSSS"

While this was happening, Amanda had increased the pace of her movements on Bobs Cock, it felt so big and swollen. She could hear the occasional moans of pain from beneath Gemma and knew that Bob must be really suffering, however this just turned her on, she knew that if she tightened this muscle and twisted this muscle, it would feel to Bob like his cock was in a velvet vice.

The thought of how Bob was suffering was really turning Amanda on, she started fucking Bobs cock in earnest, every time she lifted up, she could see how purple and bruised Bobs cock looked, and very time it turned her on even more.

If Bob thought he was in trouble when Amanda fucked his face, this was nothing compared to where he was now.

He had Gemma, fucking his face so fast he didn't know what to do, and Amanda raping his tied up swollen aching cock. He knew that Amanda could do what she liked to his cock and it wouldn't come until it was untied, and she knew this too, suddenly she started climaxing again.

Gemma was going mad she carried on rubbing her pussy up and down Bobs face as fast as she could, Bob became nothing more than an instrument of her pleasure, and she fully intended to make full use of that instrument.

Amandas' head was empty of all conscious thought except one "FUCK THE BASTARD" it felt to her like all the unjustice and frustration and heartbreak and angst she felt against the world was concentrated on this one moment in time, when it could all be washed away with some huge mindblowing orgasms, she climaxed, once, twice, three times, nearly out of breath, she shouted "NO ! NOT THAT EASILY", she fucked Bobs throbbing cock even harder chasing the next wave, then she screamed in climax again, and again, and once more again.

This just spurred Gemma on, she knew how Amanda felt and amazingly, this psychic link seemed to open up.

Gemma could feel exactly what Amanda felt, almost felt like she could see out of her eyes, she could feel Bobs huge swollen bruised cock inside Amanda's pussy, as if it were inside her own, yet she could also feel Bobs tongue and nose being mercilessly pounded by her own pussy.

Both Gemma's and Amanda's orgasms became synchronised, it felt to Bob like a single creature, sexually sucking out his very lifeblood, then he felt the touch of both their minds on his, their minds pulled his from the place of refuge he had taken, pretending that this could not be happening.

He felt their joy, at the realisation that they were inside his head, and each others, they made Bob look at his own perversion and revelled in their position of total control.

Amanda pulled the chord on Bobs cock and Bob momentarily felt his cock soften before he felt Amanda's stern presence in his mind

'You like this don't you, being a pathetic pussy slave, bing used as nothing more than a toy, well I didn't expect you to be psychic, this is just such a massive bonus for us'

Bob felt Amanda's pussy tighten on his cock again, this time it was hardened again, he felt Gemma sliding her pussy lips around his face, pushing his hair down either side, he stuck his tongue out and she started riding it whilst synchronised with Amanda on his cock, he felt his mind fill up with their desire for complete sexual gratification and gave himself to them.

At this moment both girls had the biggest orgasms they had ever had in their lives, Bob was left on the edge, the precipice.

'I don't think so' the girls thought to Bob, he felt them getting off him and their hands on his cock, teasing and teasing it, like they knew exactly how far to go, they took him to the precipice again and again, until they grew tired of the game, and slowly let his come ooze out of his cock whilst denying him an orgasm.

Suddenly the door flew open and Jane and Melanie came bursting into the room.

"End of shift thank god" shouts Jane, come on girls, time for us to have a go.

Amanda and Gemma looked up, startled at the two girls who had just burst into the dormitory room.

Amanda looked across to the clock "Oh my god, its 4 O'clock" she shouted, with this she jumped off of Bobs body , wrapped her discarded towel around herself and flew out of the room for the showers

"I was sposed to be on shift at 4" she wailed at the girls, they just grinned at as the door closed behind her.

"What have you two been doing to the toy" asked Jane

"OH MY GOD ! you won't believe" this gabbled Gemma.

"Amanda was using the tool end, and I was using the head when there was this psychic link that opened up between me, Amanda and the toy."

"Really ?" said Jane in disbelief

"Seriously", Gemma enthused, "it was like we was inside it's head, we felt his fear and could see that what we were doing was turning him on, but that he was disgusted by what he was becoming."

It felt like we could see what things we did that humiliated it the most, then did them and felt it's defeat and humiliation, and it's surrender."

"I don't think I'm gonna be using any kind of psychic link" replied Jane, with this she reached into the bedside cabinet to a pill box and took out a small blue tablet.

"You might have knackered the toy mentally, but we have ways to keep it hard and ready for us" she said.

With this she squeezed Bobs balls causing his mouth to open, she then casually dropped the pill into Bobs Mouth, closed it, and stroked his throat, Melanie held Bobs nose forcing him to swallow.

"That should fix the problem" Jane said, come on Mel, lets go for a shower, wash off the grime of the day before having a good time with the new toy"

"Wait for me", Gemma interjected, "I could do with a shower myself"

With that the three girls headed out of the room.

Five minutes later Amanda came back into the room, she went to a cabinet to get some underwear and uniform, she dropped her towel and started putting on her clothes, all the while totally ignoring Bob, lying tied to the Bed.

The sight of Amanda putting clothes on, caused Bobs cock to stir, however despite the fact that it felt raw and swollen from it's previous 8 hours of abuse, it felt like it grew and swelled even further than when Amanda had tied it up.

Noticing this, Amanda finished dressing, hurriedly applied make up, then got a cold flannel from a sink in the corner.

"I always clean up for the next user" she said before wiping the drying pussy juice from Bobs face and cock.

With that she grabbed her handbag and left the room.

10 minutes later Gemma, Jane and Melanie came in, "I'm deadly serious" Gemma was saying, I seriously felt this connection.

"Well I really don't give a fuck" said Jane "It really won't matter if he co-operates or not, cos if he doesn't do what we want, he won't be breathing till he does"

"No !, that's how we lost number 2" shouted Gemma in dismay

"Well now he knows what's at stake, he'll do anything we ask" said Melanie

"I see Amanda has cleaned him up, and he looks ready for use" said Jane

"I can't watch you two, you're both so rough with the toys" with this Gemma put on some jogging bottoms and running vest along with some gym shoes.

"I'm off to the gym, then I 'm going to work see ya later girls, and don't waste the toy, it's the best one we've had"

The door closed behind Gemma and there was silence in the room.

Bob looked at both girls, both Blond, natural, Melanie the taller of the two with large pendulous breasts and Jane, more petite but with an ass like a ripe peach. They both were wearing toweling robes and Bob could smell the soap from their skin.

Melanie walked across to the bed and looked down at Bob.

"Boy you are going to wish you had never been born", with that she undid the cord on her dressing gown dropping it to the floor

Oh my God thought Bob, they can't do anymore to me surely, he gazed up at Mels fit young curvy body, and felt his cock twinge.

Mel looked down at Bobs cock "It won't matter if you're pleased to see me or not, when it starts wilting, I'm just gonna pop another blue tab in your worthless face, you see toy, with this viagra stuff, we can make you come and come and come, and you don't go soft, you stay hard"

Then Jane dropped her robe showing her smaller but just as sexy body.

"Head or tool ?" Jane asked Mel

"Head" replied Mel who clambered onto the bed over Bobs head

"Good, I could do with a good long hard fuck" said Jane ominously, with this she clambered over Bobs tied prone body and grabbed Bobs now super bruised, super huge super sensitive cock causing Bob to cry out.

Mel immediately sat down hard on Bobs mouth stifling his moans while Jane slowly teased her clitoris and the lips of her pussy with Bobs cock.

"God that feels nice" said Jane before slowly descending on Bobs Cock.

Beneath Mels Bum, she could faintly hear Bobs screams of pain as she slowly began to fuck Bobs cock.

"Keep going Jane" Mel said breathlessly, those screams are vibrating right into my pussy and really turning me on"

With this Jane started using Bobs swollen bruised cock in earnest.

After twenty minutes of this, Jane tired and said to Mel "Make it pump into me will you babe"

Bob heard this, and wondered how Mel was going to make him do that.

Suddenly Mels full weight had descended on Bobs face, he stuck his tongue out and licked furiously thinking that this would cause her to move, then he realised that he couldn't breathe, then it came to him, how Mel was going to control him.

Suddenly he started thrusting his hips up, forcing his cock into Jane's pussy even though it hurt, he was rewarded with a quick gasp of air before Mel sat back down hard on Bobs face.

An eternity seemed to pass without air for Bob, suddenly he was thrashing around trying to break free. This only seemed to turn the girls on, and only when Bobs struggles began to subside did Mel lift off allowing him a breath of precious air before sealing back down and riding his thrashing head, while Jane was riding Bobs cock like two women riding a bucking bronco.

Bob could feel Jane getting close to climaxing, and could feel Mel on his face not far off, but this was the furthest thing from his mind, he was just thinking about his next breathe, yet he felt his own climax starting to build.

As Jane and Mel mercilessly forced Bob to use his viagra enabled swollen bruised cock to fuck Janes pussy and Mel rode Bobs face with little compassion, suddenly he felt Janes pussy start contracting. From far beneath Mels pussy he heard Jane's faint screams and felt her pussys contractions on his cock.

At that moment, Mel started frantically rubbing her pussy all over Bobs face, he felt her contractions as she mercilessly humped away, then Bob felt his own balls start spasming and he let out a long hard bellow of pain, and release into mels pussy while pumping furiously, everything he had, into Janes pussy.

This caused the girls to fuck Bob even harder "He's coming" shouted Jane, Bob heard a mad giggle of mirth from Mel, "keep fucking him, keep on fucking him, oh don't stop Jane, make sure you squeeze every last drop of come from his blue swollen balls.

Bob was powerless to resist the impulse to pump furiously, in protest at being denied air, and in protest at being denied any kind of control.
At this point Bob realised that the life he previously knew, where he worked in a Bar in London, and fantasised about Women using him as a toy was at an end, that this was what his new life was going to be.

The girls finished their orgasms then swapped positions, they had a rest before starting again and Bob plucked up the courage to ask Jane a question before she descended onto his face.

"Are you ever going to let me go ?"

"Oh, no my little sexy toy, she replied, we've been watching you for some time, monitoring which websites you were accessing. Our virus wormed it's way into your computer and told us who you were, what you did, that you don't have any close relatives, no-one who will miss you"

"This is just the start" said Mel as she picked Bobs still throbbing hard tool up from his belly and started rubbing it round her pussy lips causing Bob to moan in pain

"Oh yes" agreed Jane, see we are newly qualified nurses, we see doctors performing all kinds of operations. One is called a trachaetomy where a hole is inserted into the throat allowing the patient to breathe without using their mouth or nose."

"This does remove the ability to make a noise unfortunately, but does mean we don't have to worry about suffocating you when you start using your enhanced tongue"

Bob looked up, puzzled into Janes eyes

"Yes, we are going to enhance your tongue with a little op, so that you can extend it further, and make it far more dextrous than it currently is"

"But you know the best bit" asked Mel, we are going to convert your nose into another penis, so that when we get you all excited, like pinnochio telling a lie, your nose will grow long and hard"

"Enough about the future said Jane, time for some more fun, with this she descended upon Bobs face as Mel stuffed Bobs aching throbbing Member into her pussy, then both girls started using the toy as they had fully intended while he lay, suffering, defeated and abused, powerless to resist beneath them.

After a few hours and three further swaps of position, Jane and Mel slowed the pace of the raping of Bobs tied, prostrate prone body. Mel was by this time on Bobs face, however this time she had been facing towards Jane who was gently riding Bobs by now extremely tender and sore, but still hard and swollen cock.

They were passionately kissing and feeling each others breasts, the only regard they had for Bob was that they didn't "break" the toy meaning that they didn't actually smother or fuck him to death. This 'concession' to their toy was actually something of an annoyance to both girls, they revelled in the hardcore nature of their extreme passion and they had 'broken' toys before which is why they had always been careful about choosing their victims.

They always chose young men living in London, with little or no family or friends and who wouldn't be missed. The 'broken' toys were just sold into academia for medical study with no questions asked as cadavers for trainee doctors to train on, were worth a few grand.

Soon, and inevitably, as Bob knew it would, the pace of their lovemaking increased, Bob was literally just a tool that they were using to get each other off with, if Mel sat down hard on his face sealing off the air, he knew this was the signal to start humping up with his extremely bruised and sore cock into Janes tight pussy, if Mel sat lightly on his face and Jane started really flexing her pussy muscles around Bobs cock, this caused Bob to scream out in pain which just vibrated Mels clitoris and really turned both girls on.

Bobs face had turned purple beneath Mels pussy but Mels thoughts were only for Jane and making sure Jane had the best orgasm through skillful use of 'the toy'. Jane had the exact same thought process and both were picking up speed heading towards another wave of orgasms.

Bob had been forced to come 3 times so far, he felt the stirring in his loins and knew that this time, it was really going to hurt. The girls were now rubbing frantically on Bob, Mel forcing Bobs nose inside her pussy and forcing Bobs tongue to stimulate her clit, Jane looked down from snogging Mel and saw Bobs tongue rapidly flicking Mels joy spot, felt Mel tense and further speed up which in turn took Jane to the next level, nearer and nearer the precipice.

Jane could feel Bobs cock readying itself to come, and for a microsecond felt sorry for the man they were now selfishly raping, 'ah well, he asked for it' she thought to herself before working even harder on Bobs cock for her own, then Mels climaxes, then to make the toy come again as she knew that boy would he scream.

Bob lay helpless, under everything that was happening to him, the full horror of his plight was becoming apparent to him. They were going to surgically alter his body so that it was more suited to their extreme sexual perversions and he could do nothing about it. He was trapped, tied to the bed being used as nothing but a tongue toy and dildo by what he now knew were two bisexual women who hated men, but needed cock.

Suddenly he felt Jane start jerking spasmodically on his cock, the walls of her pussy twisting and squeezing Bobs bruised member. this caused Mels pussy to start spasming on Bobs face meaning that Bob knew that there would be no air for at least a couple of minutes.

As the girls were thrashing around on the helpless Bob, his need for air intensified and this caused his cock to strain even more until Bob felt the familiar sensation of an impending orgasm, but this time he was not seeking it, he was trying not to come as it had hurt so much last time.

Jane felt Bob trying to avoid his climax, however this was the reason for her existence, to make men come at her command

"Come on toy, time for your climax" Jane breathlessly uttered, Mel lifted off Bobs ears so he could hear, but still kept her pussy plastered over Bobs mouth.

With this, another wave of orgasm hit Jane and screaming in excstacy, her pussy walls squeezed Bobs bruised swollen painful cock even more. Bob could feel his own orgasm reach the point of no return and the world exploded to Bob.

Some time later, he didn't know how long, Bob came around to find that both girls were sitting on the bed next to the one he was tied to drinking a cup of tea and eating bacon sandwiches.

"God, sex makes me hungry" said Jane to Mel
"Looks like the toy is conscious" replied Mel

"Do you know you screamed and screamed into my pussy continuously for two minutes" Mel smiled down at Bob"
Then Jane said
"You are going to be so good when we have given you a way to breathe without having to use your mouth or nose, your first operations are scheduled for later today"

"Thats right", enthused Mel through her bacon sandwich, it's hole in the throat and nose rhinoplasty time for you toy"

This sent the girls into rages of giggles, "Rhinoplasty, that's so funny, when we've finished you'll be giving us the horn"

Bobs cock had finally subsided to being semi hard when both girls finished their tea and sandwiches.

"Time for some more fun big boy" said Mel reaching for Bobs cock, within seconds it had swollen to beyond it's normal length

"Please, no more" whispered Bob "I can't take any more, please let me go, I won't tell a soul"

Mel stepped away from Bob smiling evilly at Jane, reaching into her handbag stashed behind the second bed, she produced a coin.

"I tell you what" she said to Bob "I'll flip the coin to decide you're fate, tails and we'll let you go, give you back your clothes drop you off at your flat and you'll hear no more from us"

"What if it's heads" whispered Bob
"Well, if it's heads, you have to give Jane more head, and you have to put the head of your cock just inside my lips, or I might just take care of all that for you, no no seriously, if it's heads, you will stay here have the operations to enhance your pathetic body and become a permanent fixture, like a piece of the furniture"

With that she flipped the coin, however she didn't bother catching it, it landed next to Bob on the bed, she just moved forward and grabbed Bobs newly revived, but still bruised member, slid his foreskin down and manauvered the head of his cock just inside the lips of her pussy

"Now come on toy" she smiled cruelly down at Bob, would we ever take the risk of losing,?" she picked up the coin as she descended on Bobs cock swallowing up it's entire length inside her, she showed Bob one side of the coin that had a head on it, then slowly rotated it in front of Bobs eyes, waiting for the moment of Bobs realisation.

As the coin turned Bob had a sudden horrible foreboding, this thought must have crossed his face as Mel smiled even more broadly and the coin turned in her hand a bit more.

"Two headed coin" accused Bob

"That's right" Mel huskily replied as she started squeezing Bobs bruised hard sore cock with her pussy, causing Bob to cry out in pain

"Jane, get on quick, you're wasting the noise, come tomorrow and he won't be able to scream his pain so get on now while he still can"

With this Jane crossed the short distance between the beds, put her right knee next to Bobs head and straddled Bobs head facing Mel. As her pussy descended on his face once more, he felt her lean forward and start playing and caressing Mels Boobs and miserably started using his by now sore and tired tongue for Janes enjoyment.

Bob was, by now completely broken and resigned to his fate as a sex tool, Jane and Mel just used him up like a sex doll, using his facial features and his artificially hard, bruised swollen cock for their own pleasure.

All track of time was lost as the only sounds were the squelching of pussy against face, or pussy mercilessly squeezing cock, accompanied by very muffled yells of pain, from Bob, and every so often a quickening of pace and frenzied activity from Melanie and Jane.

Eventually the door opened, Amanda and Gemma came into the room
"God are you trying to kill him ?" questioned Gemma
"No, and before you ask, we had no psychic experience, just some very satisfying sex" replied Mel
"You're right about the quality of the toy" agreed Jane can't wait till he's adapted.

With this both girls got off Bobs body and sat in a couple of lazy chairs next to the bed.

"So what's the schedule with the ops ?" asked Mel

"It's sunday tomorrow, theatre 2 is free and we've bribed the caretaker to turn a blind eye" replied Jane.

"Do you think we should tell him exactly what's going to happen ?" asked Gemma with concern in her voice.

"We already told him some of it" replied Mel, "he knows about his rhinoplasty, and his tongue extension"

"I've been talking to Sue in nano research" piped up Amanda, "she was saying they were looking for a test subject for testing nano machines that allow animals to be controlled and communicated to by computer"

"Wow, that sounds interesting said Mel, what did you tell her ?"

Don't worry, she's completely on board, she wants to join our sisterhood.

"Well if she can give us a means to control our toy just by tapping some buttons or moving a mouse, that sounds fantastic"

"Any last words" asked Jane looking over to Bob
"Please, just let me go" begged Bob

Jane reached across Bob smothering his face in her ample breast to reach into the bedside drawer. Bob heard a pillbox rattle, suddenly there was light, then he felt Jane's hands on his balls.

Fearing the pain, Bob opened his mouth immediately

"Good, you're learning" sneered Jane as she popped a pill in Bobs mouth
"Swallow" demanded Jane
Bob followed the instruction fearing that he had been given another dose of viagra to make his cock harden again.

Strange, he thought, my cock feels as if it can't go soft anyway, with that he slowly drifted off into unconsciousness.

All sense of time and location were lost to Bob.

He felt like he was floating in an endless ocean of warmth, occasionally, he heard voices and felt some strange sensations but other wise just drifted in a sea of calm.

Eventually he thought he recognised voices, he concentrated...

"It's been two weeks since we did the op, it must be healed by now"

"Well the time has come girls to test our new toy... I know you can hear me toy, the readouts I have on my laptop tell me you are listening so we are going to tell you what we have done so that when you are fully conscious you don't freak out"

"That's right toy no 2, you see we've worked our way through the alphabet with the number of toys we have had. The early ones were wasted by overenthusiastic facesitting and these ones we sold to Universities for student doctors to learn on. The ones that didn't get wasted, were never complete successes either"

"See what we did to them, is what we've done to you, number 2, however they lost their minds and all the joy we found in making them into our toy, and using them against their will just seemed to disappear"

"Yep, everything we said they did, they got to the stage where they loved being used and abused, so we just sold em to Women who wanted a real toy already trained, adapted and ready to use"

"See what we've done to you number 2 is made a hole in your throat so you can breathe even when we get carried away fucking you face"

"Your tongue might feel a bit weird, seeing as we've moved the root of your tongue so that you can poke more of it out, now instead of protruding an inch from your mouth, it can extend to four inches"

"Oh yes, and boy are you gonna be surprised at what your tongue can do"

"We've moulded your body into a wheeled unit that has you plumbed in, so you don't need to worry about going to the loo, and nutrition will be injected straight into your stomach so no more worrying about how you're gonna escape"

Bob was coming further and further into consciousness as the girls were taking turns telling him about what they had done.

"Oh, there's also your nose, you see when you get sexually excited, the tip grows and fattens to a good six inches, which ain't bad for your face"

Bobs eyes opened, looking up, he recognised the ceiling of the dorm, hoping it was just a bad dream, he tried to move, but found his arms and legs had been sealed into a box shape that he was secured to the top of.

"He tried to speak, but all that came out was a whoosh of air"

Amandas' face came into view, looking down into his eyes, then Gemmas, Janes, and Mels.

"I know" teased Mel "No need to thank us", with this she took out a blue pill, showed it to Bob then put it in a slot on the side of the box that Bob was sealed onto.

Suddenly, Bob felt his cock growing, then felt his nose getting very itchy, then it also started growing.

Bob tried to scream, but all that came out was a sharp gust of air.

"Time to test the physical changes" Mel said to Bob, with this, she shimmied out of her knickers, but kept her nurses skirt and smock on, she then swung her leg over facing Bobs feet end.

Bob could see very detail as she slowly inserted the tip of his nose into her pussy, that incredible itching however was being scratched by this process and Bob felt like moving his head up and down, but couldn't move.

As Mel descended onto Bobs nose, swallowing it entirely into her gaping pussy, devouring it from view, she demanded "Time to test your tongue, toy"
Bob knew that resistance was futile so he pushed his tongue out of his mouth, it kept extending and extending until it was against Mels Clit.

"Oh one thing we didn't tell you about" said Amanda.

With that she plugged a laptop into the box that Bob was moulded into. A schematic if Bobs body showed up on the screen and Amanda selected Bobs Head.

A schematic of Bobs head came up on the screen and Amanda right clicked on Bobs nose, a number of options came up 'Slow pulse, fast pulse, slow vibrate, fast vibrate, rotate and vibrate, and random

Amanda clicked on slow vibrate and instantly, it felt to Bob like his nose was stinging, and rapidly oscillating inside Mels pussy

"Oh my, that's good" exclamed Mel, "make it's tongue do the same"

Jane right clicked on the schematic of Bobs Tongue and selected the same option, suddenly Bob felt his tongue start to vibrate to the same resonance as his nose.

"Oh yes !" shouted Mel, with this she started seriously fucking Bobs nose.

Jane Got on and stuffed Bobs fully erect cock into her pussy

"Amanda, turn the dildo on, will you" she requested "Same setting as Mel"

Mel leant forward and started playing with Janes Boobs, they started snogging and forgot Bob entirely, now that there was no danger of suffocation, Mel made full use of Bobs altered face. To Bob he was sealed inside this mass of orgasmic flesh, his only source of air from the hole in his throat.

Bob realised that this was just the beginning and as his nose and mouth and face and cock were mercilessly fucked, he resigned himself to his fate.

After half an hour, and two orgasms, Mel, and Jane swapped positions, however instead of facing towards Mel, Jane decided to face the other way as she wanted Bobs extended tongue up her ass.

She positioned her anus just above Bobs face and said to Bob

"push your tongue against my asshole, asshole"

Suddenly Bob felt this strange and alien sensation, it felt like an alien presence had entered his head, cold, totally digital, this presence just seemed to assume control of Bobs body, and this presence would not push Bobs tongue out

"What's going on ?" Jane asked Amanda who was at the computer screen

"I don't know" replied Amanda tapping away on the keyboard "It seems as if someone else is controlling the toy remotely"

"SUE !" exclaimed the girls in chorus

"She's probably pissed cos we started without her" said Gemma

Jane was getting well pissed off "So she can control our toy from wherever she is ? I don't think so" with this Jane got off Bob and tinkered with the box underneath until suddenly, the power died on the screen and the presence dissapeared from Bobs mind.

Climbing back on to Bobs face Jane said "I am so glad we have a back up way of controlling the toy, with this she looked down into Bobs eyes

"NOW, I want you to insert your tongue as deep and far into my ass as you can, toy"

Bob thought, maybe I can try to resist, they might blame the computer, or Sue, so he kept his tongue furled up in his mouth, and his mouth closed.

Jane suddenly lost her temper
"You think you can defy me toy! she screamed, "have you forgotten where you are, and what you are ?"

Jane got off Bobs face, "Get out !" screamed Jane, "Get out all of you, and get me Sue" with this Amanda, Gemma and Mel all left the room.

Jane turned back to Bob, looking down on his body, moulded into the top of the box unable to move. Bob saw the insane fury in Jane's eyes and wished he had just co-operated and stuck his tongue up her ass.

"Defy me ?" she questioned in a low evil voice, with this she grabbed Bobs Balls and squeezed them hard

Bob tried yelling out in pain, but all that came out was a sharp rush of air,

"That's right, your tracheotomy means you can't make a noise, however, I can cap that hole" with this, Bob felt Janes fingers at his neck and heard something click shut, and suddenly he couldn't breathe through the hole in his neck

"Let's test it's vocal chords" Jane said to herself, with this she slammed her fist down hard onto Bobs Balls

Bob shouted out in pain, and suddenly he could hear a horrible shouting noise, he realised that it was his own voice

Jane grabbed some chord from the bedside draw and tied Bobs Balls into a tight purple bun, she then grabbed his cock which was semi hard due to the earlier administration of viagra, and forced Bob to full hardness.

"Now I am going to FUCK you !" Jane shouted at Bob, but before she did this, she started roughly abusing Bobs penis, first she rolled it around her mouth, then she was biting it and chewing it, Bob was screaming in pain, but Jane just didn't give a shit, she was so furious that she drew blood.

"It's a fucking good job you were pretty much a virgin before we converted you toy" she said evilly "No chance of an STD from you"

With that she stuffed Bobs bloody swollen huge cock into her pussy and started riding Bob like she was trying to rip Bobs cock off his body with her pussy muscles, this continued for a good twenty minutes until her first wave of orgasms hit her.

After these had subsided, she smiled cruelly down at Bob "Time to put those Balls to use" she said, with that she got off Bobs cock and stuffed Bobs tied and swollen balls into her pussy, it felt to bob like his nuts were being squeezed in a velvet vice and Bob was shouting out in pain, then Jane grabbed Bobs cock and started wanking it.

"I'll fucking teach you to defy me Jane shouted at Bob, and started fucking Bobs Balls while pumping his cock. What she was doing to Bob however was giving him no pleasure whatsoever, suddenly Jane, who was straddling Bob with his balls trapped in her pussy started to sand up, stretching Bobs balls until they snapped into position.

She stuffed Bobs cock back into her pussy and started riding it again, in total fury at his defiance, only this time she didn't abuse his balls, this time she leaned forwards, grabbed Bobs head either side and kissed Bob passionately on the lips.

"This is how I like my men" she uttered to Bob in a crazed and possessed kind of way "totally at my mercy, I want to hurt you till you scream in pain, then I want to make you scream in pleasure, before I turn your pleasure into my pleasure and your pain !"

The residual pain from Bobs nut squeeze and fuck was starting to subside and Bob could feel his cock starting to throb of it's own accord, Jane felt this and started seriously fucking Bobs cock, biting at his neck, round his ears and at his nipples. This seemed to turn Jane on as she felt Bobs cock responding to her ministrations, suddenly, she lifted away from Bobs body and rode Bob cowgirl style, grinding and gripping at Bobs swollen viagra enabled penis until Jane started to come. As she started coming, she could feel Bob coming with her and they both started bellowing out at the same time, however after Janes first shout, she grabbed Bobs purple tied balls and squeezed as hard as she could turning Bobs shouts of pleasure into pain, however it was too late to stop the semen exploding from Bobs cock into Janes pussy, it almost felt to Bob like Jane was squeezing every last drop out of his balls.

Eventually Jane's orgasmic wave subsided, and Bob looked up to her eyes, hoping to see some kind of mercy there

"You've made me messy toy, she said menacingly, time to clean up!"

With this she released Bobs cock from her pussy, Bobs nose had also hardened and was sticking up from his face.

Jane turned around and hovered her anus just above Bobs nose

"Now toy, can you smell the shit from my arse, that's all you're worth now, you were worried about putting your tongue up there, well now your nose is going in"

With that she sank down onto Bobs face and Bob saw his nose disappear into Janes arse

"Stick your tongue into my pussy NOW" Jane shouted

Bob was disgusted as this was going to entail eating his own come, however he was really scared of what Jane would do if he disobeyed, so he inserted his enhanced tongue into her pussy.

"Show me what you can do, toy, and it had better be good" she commanded

Bob started rotating and inserting his tongue, he found some new muscles which allowed him to withdraw and extend his tongue quickly and felt a strange hardness in the root of his tongue which when he investigated it, suddenly switched on causing both his nose and tongue to vibrate and rotate.

Jane was riding Bobs nose and mouth in total abandonment when the other three came back into the room

"Couldn't find Sue" said Gemma

"See you've got it working again" said Amanda

"Time to share" said Mel, "Let me have its nose"

With this, Jane got off of Bobs nose and turned around, Mel lifted per short skirt, pulled her knickers aside, pushed Bobs nose against her pussy lips and sank down. Jane, then straddled Mel and sat down on Bobs chin, his tongue snaked it's way into her pussy and Bob started licking.

Gemma climbed on Bobs prone body, puled her knickers aside and stuffed his hard but abused cock into her pussy causing Bob to moan.

Bobs balls were still tied in a purple bun, and Amanda decided she wanted to push them deep into her pussy, Gemma helped while Amanda sat between Bobs legs with her pussy against Bobs Balls, as they went in, Bobs screams began in earnest.

"God, it's good to have the toy screaming again" said Mel riding Bobs face.

After a few hours of being sexually abused by the girls, who constantly swapped positions on Bobs body after each orgasmic wave, they finally tired and got off the toy.

Gemma reached for some antiseptic wipes in a cubby hole in the unit that Bob was moulded in to.

"We always clean our toys when we've finished with them" she said to no one in particular, wiping Bobs face, body and semi hard cock, removing the dried and drying vaginal juices.

"We'd better plug you back in or your bladder and stomach will burst, and we'll take the cap off that trachae tube as well" , Bob felt Gemmas fingers pulling something around his throat, then suddenly, air was coming in through his throat, then the unit under him was switched on and he felt the tubes to which his body was connected start removing his bodily wastes.

Gemma picked up the keyboard that controlled the computer to which Bob was connected.

"Time for sleepie byes" she smiled, then clicked on a button, suddenly everything went black and Bob lost consciousness.

After some time, Bob wasn't aware of how long, he felt the cold digital presence next to his own presence in his mind, it seemed to be sifting his memories, analysing, considering.

'What or who are you' Bob thought at the presence

'Do you remember the nanomachines toy ?' the presence replied

'The girls were going to inject me with them' Bob confirmed

'That's right, and they did. What it gave us, was the ability to communicate with you machine to brain, it also gave us the ability to assume command of your body and make you do things against your will'

'My freedom of choice is somewhat limited' Bob fired back sarcastically'

'Oh, I can get you in so much trouble with the girls, see I phoned them and told them that the experiment failed vis a vis the control part, the only part that I told them does work, is the vibrate, rotate elements in your tongue, nose and cock'

'Why ?' Questioned Bob

'Experimentation' the presence replied 'For the first time, we have direct interaction between organic and digital, for the first time we can directly read your memory, and analyse your personality, for instance we know now that you really don't like anything to do with arses'

'How, and who are you ?' Bob asked.

Suddenly Bob heard a girls voice inside his head, it had a south american accent 'My name is Sue' she answered.

Then, an image appeared in Bobs mind "This is me" the voice said, and as the voice spoke, so the image moved it's lips. The image was of a young latina woman with what Bob could only describe as a body like Jennifer Lopez', with a bubble butt, slim waist and large breasts.

"Don't you like my arse ?" Sues image asked

Without thinking Bob automatically answered "You have a fantastic arse, I would just much rather kiss your pussy"

Totally changing tack, Sue said "Did you know that the girls have gone on holiday for a couple of weeks ?

"No" replied Bob

"You're currently in hibernation mode, however I have a spare key to the dorm where they are keeping you, I'm coming over to see you, don't go anywhere" Sues image blew him a kiss, then disappeared leaving Bob to wait for what was going to happen next.

Bob had no reference by which he could judge time.

Floating on a sea of semi consciousness, deprived of all sensory input, he lay, moulded into the wheeled unit that the girls had sealed him into, his body surgically altered to maximise their sexual gratification and his mind...

Through the injection of nanomachines, a link had been established between Bob as a conscious thinking being, and the nanomachines. they had spread throughout his nervous system overlaying and replicating every nerve fibre. They were then able to transmit data about everything in Bobs body from his sweat rate, to his inner most thoughts, feelings, fears and desires.

For Sue, working in the nanotechnology research department of a university hospital just outside London, the "experiment" could not have been more successful. She had tested her control of the "test subject" to the extreme, stopping it from obeying an order that he knew would result in serious and sustained pain and suffering for himself.

She was on her way over to the nurses dorm where Bob was in "Stasis", a state of hibernation that the nanomachines had put him into at the behest of the girls who had just packed up and gone away to Spain for a couple of weeks having left Bobs machine filled with the gloop that they pumped directly into his stomach, and left the waste reservoirs empty.

By remote communication, via her PC, she had discovered Bobs inner most fantasies, and his dislikes and hates.

She found that Bob did have a kink for facesitting, but only for the purpose of kissing pussy, she found that he liked the moment when the balance of power switched to him, as the orgasm giver, however that power switch was now denied to him, as the girls had demonstrated that they could fuck his face and he would do what THEY wanted to the extent that they could multi orgasm on his face at their own pace without Bob having any control over their orgasms.

She also found that Bob liked the shape of a womans arse, but really didn't like his face coming into contact with it, she ran through the memory files of Bobs nose being inserted into each of the girls arses and could feel his disgust.

I say feel, because Sue had a piece of kit that she hadn't told the girls about, which she was taking over to the dorm to try out. It was a skull cap with multiple electrode points that plugged directly into a special port on the computer controlling Bob.

This cap was a slimline version of the one they had back in the lab for their experiments on rats and mice, they were able to control these creatures by putting a helmet with the same leads attached to a computer on, then control the "Subject" through their own conscious thoughts.

Sue inserted the key into the girls dorm door, it was about 9pm and the room was in darkness. In the corner of the room, she could see something covered in a dustcloth, about the height of a coffee table, the outlines of where the cloth settled seemed to suggest the faint shape of a body.

She closed the door and turned the lights on, strode purposefully around the beds to the dust sheet covered "anomaly" and ripped the sheet off revealing Bob sealed to the box beneath him.

Sue decided to wheel Bob somewhere more comfortable, she pushed the unit over to one of the beds which were low to the floor, parking the unit parallel to the bed, she sat down, reached under Bobs unit to the controls, the keyboard and the screen that controlled Bobs functions.

Flicking on a switch activated the screen showing Sue Bobs vital signs and his conscious state, clicking on conscious state, she changed the setting from hibernation, to conscious and aware.

Bob felt the return of the alien digital presence in his mind, then felt himself returning from the imposed unconsciousness. He opened his eyes and was aware of a woman sitting alongside his unit tinkering with it's controls

"Hello Bob" she suddenly said, "you remember me"

Bob tried to reply, but there was just a gush of air, he did remember her from his unconscious state, and she looked exactly the same as the image she had transmitted into his brain.

"New experiment" she said pulling the skullcap out of her bag.

"This little baby is going to give me total control of you, just by thought alone", with this she put the skull cap with all the electrodes attached on, over her long sleek black hair, she then plugged the other end into the computer.

"OK" she said to herself, lets test the basics

Suddenly Bob felt his cock growing to full length, the lacerations caused by Jane's teeth split causing Bob to cry out in pain, all this resulted in though was puffs of air devoid of sound

Then Bob felt his nose grow to it's full length, it still felt bruised and chaffed from it's previous abuse, then his tongue suddenly shot out of his mouth.

Sue stood up and swung herself over Bobs body and sat down on his, by now shrunken belly, she looked into Bobs eyes and as Bob looked back up at her, she slowly circled her full luscious lips with her tongue.

As she did this, Bob felt his own tongue following the exact same motions, Sue saw the sudden shock in Bobs eyes, that she did indeed have that level of control over his body, then he felt her speak to him through the skullcap directly into his mind.

'I felt your shock Bob, you know now that I can make you do ANYTHING I want, and you can do nothing about it... let me demonstrate'

With this Sue got off of Bobs body, peeled off her tight jeans revealing her huge bubble butt and tiny waist, she then unbuttoned her blouse to reveal tits that Bob had only ever seen on porn sites on the internet.

Next, Bob felt his nose go soft and recede back to it's normal size, and his tongue was released back into his mouth.

'I know all about your lack of enthusiasm for worshipping the ass of a woman' Sue thought to Bob 'Today we are going to cure that'

With this, she swung her leg over Bobs body facing his feet and slowly lowered her ass to just above Bobs face, she could feel Bobs revulsion as he could faintly smell her shit hole.

'You will do exactly what I say, or I will make you do it, do you understand me BOB' she thought to him

'Yes' Bob replied, he understood, but wasn't feeling too co-operative

'Push your tongue out and insert it between the cheeks of my lovely latina ass white boy'

Bob wasn't keen, however, suddenly his tongue shot out inbetween Sues luscious ass cheeks

'Now find my asshole, and push your tongue inside'

Bob again wasn't too keen, this time however there was a sudden jolt of massive pain throughout his hole body

'Don't make me punish you again Bob, just do what I tell you'

This time Bob inserted his tongue into Sues ass hole, after a few seconds she thought to Bob

'Now I want you to worship my ass, my lovely juicy latina ass, I want you to kiss and lick every last inch of each of my cheeks'

Fearing the consequences, Bob felt humiliated and degraded and started worshiping Sues ass, licking and kissing each cheek she presented to him.

"Oh I can feel your humiliation" she whispered cruelly down at Bob "I can feel how much you hate having to do this, yet I can MAKE you do it, Oh YESS, this so turns me ON"

With this, Sue moved her ass hole directly over Bobs tongue 'Put it in' she commanded, Bob inserted his enhanced tongue miserably into Sues ass, suddenly all control of Bobs tongue was assumed by Sue, she had it on vibrate, rotate, going slower and faster, suddenly Bob felt his nose growing again.

"I am going to fuck your face Bob, while your tongue is pleasing my ass, and you can't do a thing about it" she chuckled breathlessly, then she inserted the tip of Bobs nose into her pussy, then sat down fully on Bobs face.

Everything was dark for Bob, he could feel his tongue rotating, pulsating, licking and pleasing Sues' ass. At the same time he could feel his nose doing the same to Sues' pussy.

There was no chance of breathing, and if it hadn't been for the trachae tube, Bob would have been suffocated.

Sue was a young beautiful healthy latina woman with the sexual appetite that goes with that territory, she sat on Bobs face and assumed full control of all his 'features'.

Experiment by now forgotten, Sue was only interested in one thing, fucking.

Bob could feel the 'madness' of Sues thoughts overtake her and her obsession with fucking and climaxing rose to consume her every thought.

She fucked herself with Bobs nose, worshipped her own luscious arse with Bobs tongue, and soon the orgasms started coming as Bob knew they would.

Sue's hot sensuous voluptuous latina body raped Bobs body, while the ravenous craving for sexual gratification, that consumed her mind, raped Bobs mind.

After mindlessly fucking Bobs face for an hour, enjoying three waves of orgasms, Sue slowly regained her senses and her cruel nature started to reassert itself.

Examining Bobs mind, she could feel his disgust at being "used" to worship a womans ass and his helplessness, and this just turned her on some more.

'Come on Bob, my little ass worshipper, you've been so good so far, time for me to see how you do without me helping you'

With this, she withdrew Bobs nose from her pussy, and rotated on Bobs face, so that she could see his cock.

'I want your tongue to fuck my anos' she whispered with her latin accent into his mind, I want you to push it up as far as you can, then pull out as far as you can, while the tip is vibrating'

Bob knew he was beaten and extended his tongue to it's furthest depths, into Sues ass, then vibrating the tip as he slowly withdrew.

"Keep it up white boy" she commanded and Bob slowly buried his tongue as far as he could up Sues ass once again, vibrating the tip as he withdrew.

He kept this up for 10 minutes as Sue slowly moaned and gently gyrated on Bobs face, suddenly Bob felt his cock harden, then he felt it starting to vibrate and rotate, but it was not being stimulated in any other way.

"I see that licking my ass is turning you on Bob" Sue smiled, "I am so pleased to be able to turn you into my bumboy, if you keep this kind of worship up, I might rub some healing cream into your poor swollen cock so that when I fuck you, it doesn't hurt quite as much.

Bob continued to slavishly lick and vibrate his tongue into Sues' ass, she sat down full weight forcing Bobs jaws so far apart that it felt like he was trying to swallow her whole backside.

Bobs mind felt the fires of Sues passion being rekindled by Bobs licking , and suddenly Sue assumed control of Bobs tongue once again.

this time, she used Bobs tongue to fuck her own ass, showing him how she liked it, and what it did to her, and how she was making him do what she wanted, she could feel Bobs misery at being trapped and used in this way and she smiled to herself.

Suddenly, all thought cleared from her mind and the passion returned, she shagged and humped Bobs tongue with her ass, but it just didn't seem to be satisfying enough for her, as much as she knew that Bob hated his tongue up her ass, she wanted his tongue in her pussy more, not only so that she could rape his face with her pussy, but so that he could give her the stimulation she needed to get that next wave of orgasms that seemed to be teasing, yet eluding her as she reached for it.

Bobs Nose hardened again at Sue's need, she lifted herself up dragging Bobs head away from the bed and shook violently. Bobs head was anchored deep inside Sues' ass by his tongue, and her ass muscles which had contracted around Bobs tongue and held it as she wagged her ass from side to side bashing Bobs head against each of her bubble butt cheeks before letting go.

Bobs head landed with a thud on the box, Sue turned and inserted Bobs nose deep into her ass, then had him stick his tongue out so that she could start to fuck it with her pussy, as it entered her pussy, Bob felt her muscles take hold of his tongue and draw it deep within her, she turned on the vibrate action on his tongue, then his nose and humped his face in total abandonment to her wild passions, eventually the next wave of orgasms broke like a crescendo over Sues mind and she screamed out her release, both physically, and into Bobs mind.

This seemed to last an eternity for Bob, who was making full use of the tube in his neck for breathing through, eventually Sue calmed down and turned Bobs tongue and nose vibrate features off and allowed his nose to subside in size, and his tongue to slither out of her pussy.

Slowly Sue got off Bob and reached into her bag, pulling out some healing cream, she thought to Bob 'The best way for me to put this on you, is for me to put it in my pussy, then use my pussy to make sure that your poor sore cock is properly covered', she smiled down evilly at Bob as she slowly smeared the cream inside her pussy lips.

Bob felt his cock harden, then to grow further still under Sues control, she swung her leg over and positioned Bobs cock at the entrance of her pussy, then slowly sank down engulfing Bobs sore throbbing member.

'Now I am going to fuck you white boy' she thought to him, then started slowly gyrating her hips, like shakira when she dances, making sure that the cream got to every part of Bobs cock. Bob felt her pussy muscles rippling, undulating slowly pulling and twisting as Sue slowly, but mercilessly started fucking Bob.

She closed her eyes and felt what Bob was feeling, she leant down and Bob could feel her heavy full breasts against his chest as she whispered in his ear

"I want to feel what it's like for you to come while I am in your mind" with this she started bucking and riding Bob, she passionately kissed Bobs mouth forcing her tongue deep inside his mouth, tasting her own juices on his lips.

As her passion mounted, she could feel Bobs passions start to mount, instead of stealing his orgasm however, she wanted to experience it, she wanted to know what it felt like for the explosion and the madness of the male passion, but to feel that directly while feeling her own female orgasmic wave of climaxes, she could feel Bobs excitement build as she told him through the mind link that this time, there would be no pain at climax, no ruin, only release, and Bob could see the truth in her thoughts, this turned him on, which in turn took Sue to the next level.

It was the most intense direct communication between the two sexes in twenty million years of evolution, each fed off the others direct thoughts and were taken to the next level of passion until the stars and the sky exploded, all thought and personality, all ideas of identity were blown away by their mutual orgasm, for the first time, Bob directly experienced Sues intense need for sexual gratification, he felt her need to control so that she couldn't be hurt, and she felt Bobs primal, animal urge to rutt, to fuck right back into her body.

It looked form outside like an amazonian woman riding her captive male into oblivion, the oblivion of orgasm for her, and for death with him as no man should have survived the intensity of that kind of passion and intense sexual need.

If it hadn't been for the changes made to Bobs body, he would truly have expired beneath Sues all conquering body, and if this was to be his means of exit, from this mortal world, then he would have kissed the feet of God in thanks, however the machine intelligence had kept him alive when his heart would have burst.

"That was the Best experiment I ever made in my life" Sue uttered contentedly as she dragged a quilt off the nearest bed, over her shoulders covering herself and Bob, she lay with Bobs cock still inside her, although he was spent, she gently kept his cock hard with her mind control.

Bob shared that feeling of peace after a good fuck, with Sue, however he was also slightly worried that his cock was still hard, and that she was keeping him hard.

With a jolt, he remembered that Sue could read his every thought, his every fear, he felt her pussy start to move against his still hard cock, but instead of intense pleasure, it was pleasure/pain, from the sensitivity of his post orgasmic cock.

'Oh that feels good Bob' whispered Sue as slowly she once again started fucking Bobs cock 'that feels very good' as the pace slowly started building.

'I'm going to fuck you again and again Bob, and you are going to take it, and eventually you are going to love it' the voice of her mind told Bob as she tweaked at his mind, made him poke his tongue out and start vibrating the tip before devouring it with her mouth, she started hunting for the next wave of orgasm.

Sues' obsession with orgasm wave surfing knew no bounds.

She rode Bobs tongue, then nose, then both before devouring his cock in her all consuming pussy, the feedback loop created by the direct control she had over Bobs body facilitated by the nanomachine connection to Bobs nervous system enabled her to experience Bobs every thought, whim, desire and fear.

She delved deep into Bobs psyche, winkling out all his dark little secrets. Exploiting these she revelled in his discomfort and exploited his fears for her own sexual gratification.

The level of feedback increased like a vicious circle taking Sue to increasingly higher levels of orgasm until eventually she lost control of Bobs mind along with her own and gave herself up to the raw animal passions coursing through her body.

Although Bobs passions were aroused, at Sues' will, he was not quite as 'out of control' as Sue, and as she lost control, Bob suddenly found that he could exercise more free will.

He also found that while Sue was in the throes of her mindless passion, that her mind was unguarded, fearing the consequences of Sue reading his thoughts Bob acted immediately, he pushed himself, his id, his thinking being back along the shared connection, this connected through the computer straight into Sue's brain.

As Bob pushed, Sue being in the throes of passion did not notice how Bobs mind was looming larger and larger in her own brain, occupying the same space, it got the the point where there was no room left for them both, and seeing this, Bo started pushing Sues' personality, her id, her conscious being back down the connection, pushing her out of her own mind, and down the link back into his body until suddenly, it was done.

As Bobs mind suddenly clicked into place in Sues' body, there was a massive onslaught of feelings, the receding embers of her last earth shattering orgasm, a slight nagging feeling which Sues' bodily systems told him was her PMT.

Bob opened Sues' eyes and looked down to see that he, was now... she, and that he was sitting on, what was his face. Wiggling his fingers Bob looked at the hands he now owned, he ran his fingers over the large firm breasts that were now his and a wonderful sensation of lust assailed his mind.

Bob could hear the sharp puffs of air escaping from the trachae tube in the throat of his own body, 'It must be Sue, screaming' he thought, reaching behind, he closed the cap on the trachae tube allowing Sue to speak from his mouth.

"You BASTARD, you FUCKING BASTARD, she yelled, let me have my body back!"

Bob replied, "Fuck off bitch, you helped those bitches turn me into nothing more than a sex toy, I was nothing more than a fucking DILDO and licking MACHINE to them, you made me do things I never wanted to do FOR YOUR SEXUAL PLEASURE"

Bobs fury ignited within him, he ripped the cap back off the trachae tube, pulled the plug from the computer connection to the skullcap on Sues head, then got off his body.

It felt strange to be standing again, and the body in which he resided felt very different, the weight of breasts on torso, the absence of cock, the plethora of erogenous zones.

Instead of being concentrated in one place, Bob felt the sexuality of his new body, the sensitivity. Along with his righteous anger he was also turned on by the opportunities that were open to him.

He turned Sues Body round, reconnected the lead and with his mind, felt Sues' mind trapped in his body

'Please Bob' she pleaded 'If you let me out of here, I will let you go'

Now that Bob was in control, he could see the level of her sincerity, and concluded that she was lying, this made Bob mad with anger and at that moment he knew exactly what he could do to exact revenge.

Bob was now SUE to the outside world, and he treated the suffering tormented body sealed into the box below him in the way that he had been treated.

SUE hardened BOBS cock, then SHE reached into the draw where SHE knew Amanda kept some bootlace and tied BOBS cock and balls.

SUE then bashed BOBS balls with HER fist, 'By god revenge is So sweet' Bob thought to himself

SUE then made BOBS nose grow, and made BOB push HIS tongue out of his mouth, curious about how it would feel SUE swung HER leg over BOBs head and inserted BOBs nose slowly into HER anus.

A delicious feeling of overwhelming power assailed Bobs mind.

SUE forced BOBS tongue deep into her pussy, and set the controls to strong vibrate and rotate on BOBs tongue and nose.

The feeling that Bob was experiencing were unlike anything he had ever felt, now he knew how Sue felt when she fucked his helpless body, the feeling of power and control, this seemed to intensify the feeling of lust and the rate that SUEs body raped BOBs face increased.

Bob could feel himself loosing control as the wave of orgasms came closer and closer, suddenly the wave hit and SUE was riding BOBS face harder than it had ever been ridden before. Bob rode the wave in total abandonment totally forgetting about Sue trapped in his body.

Sue saw her opportunity and leapt, pushing the centre of her being away from this alien place of male hormones, disenfranchisement and potential slavery, she pushed back along the feedback loop until hers and Bobs minds where in the same place, suddenly Bob realised what was happening but it was too late as Sue pushed him back into his own body and resumed control of her own.

"You're going to suffer for this" Sue said cruelly.

Getting off of Bobs face, she slid down his body to his tied cock, with her mind control she made Bobs cock hard, then tried to make it go soft, the erection was trapped by the ligature of the boot lace.

'Lets try this au natural' she thought to Bob as she made Bobs cock harden which pushed blood to a place behind the root of his cock, she pushed the ligature down hard into the base causing Bobs cock to instantly expand, then she stuffed Bobs swollen meaty member into her pussy and started exacting her own sweet revenge.

Sue was the angriest Woman in the world right now, and the most frightened.

Angry that Bob had nearly taken her own body from her imprisoning her in his body, and frightened at how close he had come to succeeding.

That anger now gave her mind strength and she knew that while she was angry, Bob stood no chance of repeating the stunt. That anger also made her determined to make Bob suffer.

While she voraciously raped Bobs swollen cock, tied up with the bootlace, she used the nanomachine controls she had of Bobs body to vibrate and rotate Bobs cock inside her pussy, not to cause maximum pleasure for herself, but maximum pain for Bob.

To Bob it felt like Sues pussy was trying to rip his cock out of his body, like she was trying to break it, shred it, rip it up. Sue was gaining a new kind of pleasure from making Bob suffer, a sadistic streak she never knew was there seemed to come to the fore.

'I never knew how enjoyable making someone suffer could be' she thought to Bob maneuvering her pussy muscles in a pattern that caused Bob to cry out in pain, all that was heard in the room however was a sharp rush of air.

'Call that painful' she shouted in Bobs mind 'I'll show you painful', with this, she grabbed balls whilst fucking his cock and started squeezing mercilessly, accessing Bobs mind through the computer link, she could feel the pain she was causing Bob.

She also remembered how Bob had bashed the balls when she had been trapped in his body, and how intense that pain had been, so she shut down the pain feedback loop so that she couldn't FEEL his pain, she could just observe his suffering.

Seeing, and feeling Bob's suffering gave Sue a new kind of excitement, she felt herself getting more and more excited.

'Oh Bobby boy you are going to be so so sorry' she whispered cruelly in his head 'I am going to FUCK YOU UP'

With this, she felt Bobs regret and saw him suffering, but there was no mercy in her soul now, only two thoughts consumed Sues mind, revenge, and orgasms, and Sue now saw that her new found sadism would give her a new intensity to her orgasms.

She increased the rate at which she raped Bobs cock, twisting, pulling, grinding and fucking, his suffering giving her so much more pleasure than fucking alone, until from outside, it looked like a mad possessed woman fucking an immobilised torso sealed into a box.

The more passionately she fucked him, the more Bob suffered, at this point Bob realised what one of the girls had said to him was so true, "be careful what you wish for"

Sue saw this thought cross Bobs mind, he heard her minds insane cackle as it erupted into furious orgasm, that came in wave after wave, however Bob felt that this time it was different.

Instead of subsiding, the waves continued, Sue got off Bobs cock and sat hard down on his face, , she got up briefly to reach around and pull Bobs balls causing Bob to open his mouth to scream, she then sat down again on Bobs open mouth, sealing it against her pussy.

With her hand still behind her, she reached down and closed the cap on the trachae tube, then turned forward and thought to Bob 'You'd better start licking me real good, cos if you don't, you don't breath, keep my orgasms coming or you DIE'

Bob stuck his tongue as far as he could into Sues pussy, he set it to rotate, to expand and contract, to vibrate, then all of a sudden it just died.

'NO, Bob, I want you to do it unaided' Sue voice shouted into his brain. Bob knew that after Sue had enjoyed the enhancements the girls had made to his tongue, that his own efforts would seem feeble in comparison.

He also knew that there was no choices left, he extended his tongue under his own control, and licked, sucked and kissed Sues pussy, air was running out and he had almost passed out when she lifted away allowing a small amount of air to enter Bobs lungs, this was enough to keep him alive.

Sue was revelling in the suffering she was causing Bob, and this just kept her orgasms coming. She knew now that she could never be overwhelmed by them again, never be weakened by them, she was a WOMAN, strong, young, attractive, powerful and totally in control of this pathetic thing sealed onto a box and now controlled, not just by the computer, but by her own sex. She held his life in her pussy, and in her righteous anger, she was prepared to take that life if she didn't get what she wanted.

'Faster TOY' she shouted into Bobs head, 'You don't deserve your name any more, you are a NOBODY, you complained about how I helped the girls turn you into a toy ! well, that's exactly what you are you pathetic piece of rubbish'

Sue was now riding Bobs face in anger and orgasmic abandonment, she grabbed his nose pinching it she while using it to maneuver his face to where she wanted it, she rode and rode, enjoying orgasm after orgasm while allowing 'Toy' just enough air to survive, just enough air to suffer.

It took three hours of continuously using 'the toy' before Sues' anger was depleted, by this time, Sue had been in the room for 12 hours. She finally got off 'the toy', went to the bathroom and had a long hot shower.

She came back into the room with a cold flannel "Always clean the toy after you have used it" she said wiping Bobs body clean of the vaginal juices that covered every inch of his exposed torso.

Sue put the skullcap back into her bag, got dressed, then threw the dust cover back over Bobs body, without turning the unit off and putting him back in hibernation mode.

"I want you to think what the girls are going to do to you when they get back TOY" she whispered through the sheet.

"Don't go anywhere will you" she laughed, punched Bob hard through the sheet between his legs, she pulled the sheet taut again.

Bob heard the door to the dorm open, then slam closed and the key turn in the lock, and was left to contemplate his fate.

Under the dust sheet, Bob soon lost all sense of time, the only indication that time passed was the change of light from night to day, his mind floated in a sea of hazy boredom.

After a couple of days, he heard a key in the door, the door opened, then closed, then Bob heard female footsteps in high heels approaching, he heard the sliding of nylon against nylon as, whoever it was crouched down and lifted the sheet covering the computer controls on the side of Bobs box. Bob heard a switch go 'click' then everything went black.

Slowly consciousness returned to Bobs mind, he opened his eyes and looked up to the ceiling, 'That ceiling looks familiar' he thought to himself, then he was aware of something else, NO BOX.

Bob turned his head which cracked painfully, he was in fact back in his own bedsit, his work clothes were hanging up, just the same as he always hung them.

Looking down his body, the places where the pipes were attached to take his bodily waste away were not there, just a slight indentation.

Bob moved his hand up to his throat to check if the hole where the trachae tube had been inserted. Aside from a small dent in the skin, nothing.

'Damn' thought Bob, 'That was the most realistic wet dream I ever had', with that, he got off the bed and headed for the shower. As he showered and brushed his teeth and shaved, a phrase came back to his mind, 'Be careful what you wish for'

"Too fucking right" Bob said to no one in particular, he checked his watch, put on his clothes and went in to work.

It was an uneventful shift up until the time when, at around 9pm, five girls walked into the Bar, two blonds and three brunettes, one of which had the same figure as J-Lo.

Bob thought he was having deja vu, until the tall brunette girl walked up to the bar and said "Hello Bob, same as last time please"

Bob looked over to the table where the girls were sitting, recognising them all from what he thought was his dream, he saw Sue open up a lap top and plug in a dongle.

What sounded like a mobile phone ringtone rang in Bobs head, after a couple of rings this was accompanied by a sexy latin american female voice saying 'Answer the call Bob'

Bob mentally made the connection, then felt the cold menacing presence of the computer inside his mind. It assumed total control of his body, and he could see his own hands making the girls drinks, putting them on a tray and taking them to Amanda.

As he heard Sue's voice in his head, he also heard his own voice say "Will there be anything else ..... Goddess", this was said rather loudly and aroused the attention of a couple of the other customers at the bar.

"No thanks toy" Amanda replied "How much ?"

He heard Sues voice in his head, and his own voice following it say

"That's on the house", with this Amanda turned away and walked seductively towards the table with the tray of drinks. Sue's control of Bobs body was total and she made his eyes follow the rise and fall of Amandas' Butt cheeks, making Bobs jaw drop, suddenly Bob felt his cock harden in his trousers, under Sues control once again.

Bob was suddenly aware of a loud voice at the other end of the bar shouting "Stop drooling over those girls and get me a drink will you !"

Under Sues' control Bob turned and served the customer.

Being controlled like a robot, Bob finished the rest of the shift, serving the girls numerous times until, it was closing time and only the girls were left.

As Bob passed their table after locking the door, Gemma, the short brunette said "Why don't you come and sit with us for a bit"

Bob heard his own voice say "It would be my pleasure mistress"

"But not before you've pulled the curtains so that no one can see in" Melanie suggested, Bob felt his body run to do Mels' bidding, closing the curtains, then return to the table.

He looked at each of the girls and could see that Sue had a scarf around her head, and from the scarf he could see a thin cable running down to the laptop.

'Feel that bump in the back of your head ?" Sue's voice asked

'Yes' Bob replied back

'That's how I am controlling you, I can make you do anything I want, anything at all, now lets have a rummage in your little head to see what you'd least like me to ask you to do...'

Bob instantly tried to hide his deepest fear, which was in fact that these girls would turn up and turn him into their toy.

He heard Sue laugh out loud "His darkest fear is that what we did to him WASNT a dream" she said to the girls, this caused them all into fits of giggles.

"I know how we can prove it wasn't a dream" said Sue, watch his face.

Bob felt a strange sensation , then saw his nose growing to around 4 inches in length

"Hello pinnochio" said Jane "Did you miss us ?"

"Can you make him do ANYTHING ? Gemma asked Sue

"Anything you like" Sue replied

"Make him fuck me missionary style then" Gemma challenged.

With this Gemma lay across the large table next to theirs and opened her legs, she was wearing a short skirt and Bob saw that she was not wearing knickers.

Bob felt the computer controlling his body suddenly grow his cock even further, then saw his own hands undoing the buttons on his shirt and taking it off, then felt his own fingers at his flies, undoing the zip , the button to his trousers, their falling down, stepping out of them, socks off, then pulling his pants off revealing his huge member. Bob was in shock as he didn't remember having a cock as large as this.

He felt his body walk across to where Gemma was laying on the table, and under Sues' control pulled his foreskin back and slowly inserted his cock into Gemma's pussy.

"I want you to FUCK me toy" Gemma said in an excited but breathless voice "Fuck me GOOD"

With this Bob felt his hips start gyrating, and at the same time felt his cock start to slowly vibrate withing Gemmas' pussy.

"We can't waste his face" Amanda said to Sue

"OK, don't worry, I'm on it, why dont you get a short stool and put it over Gemmas' head, then just pull the toy's head up and drop it into your pussy?"

"Good idea" Amanda grinned, she disappeared and returned a short while later with a stool with very short legs, just enough to clear Gemmas' head.

She put the stool above Gemmas head, then sat on it, then, pulling Bobs head up by his hair, she let go and Bobs head dropped inbetween her legs.

"Get your nose in my pussy and your tongue up my arse toy" she commanded
Under Sues control Bob felt his nose being buried deeply inside Amanda's pussy, as his tongue extended itself to it's fullest extent and inserted itself in Amandas Butt hole.

"I'm getting a lovely view of the toy at work" Gemma said slightly breathlessly can you make it go faster, I could really do with a hard fuck"

Bob felt the pace of his lovemaking increase, then increase again "Oh and make him come with me" Gemma requested, Bob suddenly felt his own orgasm in the distance.

As the table show continued, the other girls were all fingering themselves, apart from Sue who had her eyes closed, Bob could feel her assume a greater presence in his mind.

'I want to feel what a mans orgasm feels like' she explained to Bob.

Amanda was using Bobs face as a fuck toy, pulling and pushing, gyrating and rotating, using Bobs face as a trained dildo platform from which she wanted to extract maximum pleasure, she reached the point where she totally forgot that Bob was not sealed to a box with a trachae tube in his throat through which he could breathe, and as a consequence she mashed, and smashed, she closed her legs on Bobs head and squeezed and humped.

Sue became aware of the fall in oxygen levels in Bobs body.
Bob was also well aware of the fact that he could no longer breath with his head trapped between Amandas thighs. There was a sudden muscular derestriction, and Bob found he could breath through a hole that had appeared in his throat.

'We put a sphincter ring into your throat that we can control though the nanomachines in your body' Sue explained 'Now, we can bury your head deep inside pussy or ass and not have to lift off if we want to let you breather'

Bobs face was being raped once again, by Amanda, and under the control of Sue, he felt his body fucking Gemma, his cock vibrating and rotating along with the thrusts of his pelvis.

"How close are you" Sue's voice made Bob ask Gemma

"So close, huh huh, so so close, oh my god Oh my GOD I am CUMMMMMMMMIIINNNNNNNGGGG" Gemma shouted, suddenly Bob felt his Balls tighten, then his own orgasm exploded into Gemma's pussy, Gemma was thrashing around underneath Bobs body, Sue was making his body fuck Gemma even harder, and Amanda was so turned on by Gemma's orgasms that she started bucking furiously into Bobs face having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

Bob was breathing very heavily thought the hole in his throat, Amanda just went completely berserk with Bobs face.

'Oh my God' Bob heard Sue's voice, 'That's what a male orgasm is like, lets do it again' Bob felt his balls contract and he came once again, only this time it was agony, yet Sue kept Bobs body pumping away, fucking Gemmas pussy, who was in her own orgasmic bliss.

Bob felt the total exhaustion of his body, and his mid started shutting down, this however had no effect whatsoever on the girls, the computer link that controlled the nanomachines inside Bobs body, kept Bobs body working and operating in the way that the girls wanted. It didn't matter whether Bob was present or not, they were using his body for their pleasure anyway, in fact it would have been easier if Bob as a thinking entity simply ceased to exist.

Bob became aware some time later, that he was now lying on his back on the table, that his tongue was deep inside Janes' ass and his nose was deep inside Gemmas' pussy, while Sue was riding Bobs cock. His hands felt like they enclosed in some kind of binding then Bob became aware that the binding was warm, twisting, moving, that his arms were actually being used for the sexual pleasure of Melanie and Amanda. All five girls were using him as nothing more than their sexual tool.

"He's back with us" Sue said to the girls before Bob felt his arms start to vibrate, then his nose, then his tongue then his cock, and Bobs world became an endless torment of ever demanding pussy devouring his very being.
Dec 1, 2007
Are we at part 16 already. Amazing story jondo21. You are truly an extraordinary storyteller and I have been most impressed with this story. Many thanks.