Men Under Women's Shoes in Future

Aug 14, 2018
Part 1:

Time: mid-21st century

It was an exciting day for Abby! She had recently turned 18, and was heading off to college, and would receive a car from the government, due to her being female and to congratuale her on her womanhood. (A new car was part of the coming into womanhood process.) Once Abby was brought into womanhood, she performed the customary first act of womanhood.

For this act, her boyfriend Jake (who also recently turned 18) was brought before her and placed at her feet. Abby's mom Elena placed her boot on Jake's chest, and explained his duties as a man, then lifted her foot off him, ordered him to turn over, and stepped on his back. She then ordered him to lick Abby's shoes. (Abby was wearing a T-shirt with the name of the popular woman band, very short shorts, and black 1/2" [c 1.25 cm]p pumps [court shoes in UK].) Elena then stepped off Jake and Abby placed her foot on Jake's head while he began to lick the other shoe. It was a way to reinforce to the young women their dominant role in society, and to the men their submissive role, and how the latter were to serve the former.

As Elena watched the young man lick her daughter's shoes, she remembered when the rules changed a decade ago...

Date: sometime in the 2020's

For millennia, society was male dominated, and women had long been disadvantaged. The women finally had enough. They fought for decades, but faced abuse and dismissal. Finally, prominent men were busted for their abusive behavior. It was then determined, based on millennia of human history, that men were incapable of being in charge, and thus women would be leaders.

One of the first things the new female administration decided was that women could step on the necks of their significant others, and that men would then need to lick their SO's shoes. Elena then made her husband Joe lie face down, and placed her brown penny loafer on Joe's neck. "Why you doing that, babe!?", Joe asked in dismay, "I am a nice guy! I'm not like those guys!"

"Well, hon", Elena answered, "that may be the case, but you still benefit from the system."

JOE: But, I never meant to hurt anyone; all I wanted was dinner!

ELENA: Well, good intentions are not enough. Now, lick my other shoe!

JOE: Don't you know how humiliating it is to have your dirty shoe on top of my neck?

ELENA (with anger): You just don't get it! We women have been slaving away, giving you emotional labor, doing unappreciated work *for millennia*. And, I can't so much as get a shoe shine, just because your precious male ego is so fragile merely resting my loafer on your neck, not even pressing, crushes it.

JOE: This is totally unfair! I am one of the good guys! And I am unappreciated! If you asked nicely, I'd help; I even tried to help. But, since you humiliate me, and you make a degrading request, I refuse to comply!

Elena then did what the government recommended with uncooperative men: she turned him on his back, and jumped on him with both feet. She then set her penny loafer on his throat and said through clenched teeth, "Listen here, pal! I am in charge now. So, listen, and listen well: you are going to lick my shoes. There will be punishment if you resist. Do you uunderstand?"

Joe answered, "No; why are you so mean?"

Elena pressed gently on Joe's throat and answered, "You men have proven yourself incapable of governance. Thus, you need to be in the care of women, and meet our needs for once!"

Joe finally agreed to lick Elena's shoes, though he comained the whole time.

One ruling of the new government was that young men, as part of their ritual into manhood, had to submit to a 30-something woman, and this was part of a rite of passage for the woman as well. So, Elena waited for the young man. She was wearing a white blouse, very short denim shorts, and the same brown penny loafers she stepped on her husband with. Elena leaned with her back against a wall, arms crossed, and her right ankle crossing her left. As the young man approached, she set her right foot next to her left one. The young man looked at her longingly, and immediately fell to his knees and began licking Elena's right loafer. He then set her left loafer-shod foot on his head. Elena smiled and said, "Oh!" Soon, Elena removed her foot from the young man's head, set it on the ground, and stepped on the young man's neck with her other foot. She then ordered him to lick the shoe on the ground, which he began to do passionately, alternating between licking and kissing. He looked up at her with innocence and puppy eyes in a way she saw endearing.

She began to tell him about life, "As you know, women now run things. You, as a man, now exist to serve women. You are now our footstool, and belong under our shoes. For now, you are to obey me. My name is Elena, but you shall call me 'Mistress'. As you placed my foot on your head, that indicates you have a good understanding, and you seem like a decent guy. Follow the rules, and we should get along great. What is your name?"

The young man answered, "Robert".

Elena then told Robert, "I appreciate your attitude: my husband threw a fit when I stepped on him; but you actually placed yourself under my shoe. I love it!"

ROBERT: Well, you are a lovely lady, Mistress, and I consider it a privilege to be touched by you, and just want you to be happy.

Later, Elena got into her car with Robert and Joe, and she started driving. When she stopped at the end of the driveway, Joe started yelling, "Get off! Get off! How could you treat me like this!" Robert grunted when she started driving again. Elena said to herself, "Hmm; it works! You could actually turn men into the car pedals! According to the manual, certain men can be assigned to pedals, and pressing the pedal functions like a voodoo doll: said men will feel like he's being stepped on."

Elena then came upon a red light and thus removed her penny loafer-shod foot from the gas pedal (now Robert) and placed it on the brakes (now Joe). While waiting for the light to change, Joe went on and on about the supposed injustice of the situation, while Robert licked her shoe. Finally, the light changed, and Elena stepped on the gas pedal. Robert started pleading with her to floor it, to which she replied that there's a speed limit. Meanwhile, Joe started making fun of Robert, accusing him of not being manly, and saying how he deserved to be stepped on.

ROBERT: it is an honor to be beneath her penny loafers, and you really neex to quit complaining.

ELENA: Yes! After all, I am stepping on Robert more, but I have heard no complaints from him. You, on the other hand, complain when I hold my foot above you. You insult jis manhood, but his is intact no matter how hard I press. Yours, however, is crushed beneath my penny loafers when I merely touch it with the soles of my shoes. You need to learn from Robert.

Elena pressed down on the gas pedal, but didn't floor it.

End of part 1; in part 2, Elena talks with a friend, who tells her femdom story.
Aug 14, 2018
Thank you all for your feedback! This is an idea I had swirling in my head, esp the idea of men being the pedals of a car a woman is driving. I think it puts a different spin on femdom.
Aug 14, 2018
Part 2: Donna's story
Time: still sometime in the 2020's

Elena finally got home, and was enjoying the new order. She loved having men beneath her shoes! The rules indicated that men would be subservient to women, and that the submission to a particular woman would be initiated by the domination ritual. Since women performed the domination ritual on more than one man, and men had the domination ritual performed on them by more than one woman, the men alternated among women. Today, Robert stayed with Elena. (The domination ritual is what was mentioned in the last part.)

Elena grabbed her phone and snapped her finger as she called Donna. Robert came to her, and Elena pointed to the floor, and said as she sat down, "I need a footrest!" Robert got on his hands and feet, with chest facing upward. Elena propped her feet (in the same brown penny loafers she wore in the last section) on his chest. Donna answered the phone. "Hello, Donna", Elena answered, "How are you?"

DONNA: Great, Elena! I really love the new system! I already love shoes, and I love placing them on men!

ELENA: That is so true! (*Elena adjusts her feet so that the soles of her penny loafers rest on Robert's chest*) I have a young man under my penny loafers now. He is soooo cute! (*Robert starts kissing and licking her shoe*) Oh, it's so cute! He is shining my shoe, and I didn't even ask it! He is such a good young man!

DONNA: Wow! I am a bit jealous; I didn't get that enthusiasm!

ELENA: I am so sorry to hear that! My husband was belligerent, but the young man gladly embraced the role, and grovels at my feet. He does a good job shining my shoes. (*Elena presses on Robert, who adjusts his height, and Elena taps her foot to tell him to stop*) How did it go for you, Donna?

Donna's story:
Donna was wearing a black pantsuit and black 2" heel pumps [UK, court shoes] that had a metal piece across the top.
When the decree from the new government went out, Donna ordered her husband Carl to lie down, and he refused. He called hee nasty, misogynistic names and yelled, "Forget this crap! I don't care what the government says! Men are in charge; go, make me a sammich!"

Donna replied, "I said to lie down!"

"Never!" With that, Carl took a swing at Donna. Big mistake. Donna grabbed him by his arm and threw him to the ground. He got up and launched at her. She dodged him and he charged into a concrete wall. He charged her again, but she tripped him, causing him to fall. As he tried to get up, she kicked him in the stomach a couple of times, causing him to turn and fall onto his back.

With this, Donna jumped on his stomach twice. Carl refused to back down, and continued to scream sexist words at her and to demand his sammich. She placed her pump on his throat. "Now, here is how it will go", she began, "You will lick my shoes like a good man. Do you understand?"

Carl continued to call her names. "Get off me and make me a sammich!" A sense of rage came over Donna: she remembered the beatings, the verbal and emotional abuse Carl dished out. She began to apply pressure to his throat, and Carl began to make choking sounds. He grabbed her pump and tried to lift it off of him. Donna dropped a rag and replied, "If you are going to touch my feet, wipe my shoe off, and I will step off your throat."

Carl wiped Donna's shoe, and she stepped off Carl's neck. She held her foot by his mouth and ordered him to lick her shoe. He continued to refuse and tried to bring her into submission. Finally, a group of female police officers dragged him away to the dungeon, where difficult men were sent.

Not too long after that, it was Donna's turn to help bring an 18-year old into manhood. She was still wearing the same pantsuit and pumps. She looked at the young man in front of her and he glanced downwards and curled up into a ball. She thought that endearing. When she placed her left shoe on his neck and ordered him to lick the right shoe, he began to cry. Donna placed her shoe in such a way that the young man's tears fell onto her shoe. Finally, she got a chocolate cupcake, set it on the floor, and stepped on it with her left foot. She ordered the young man to turn over, which he did. She stuck her right foot under his head, and held her left over his mouth. "Well, Mark, your file says you like chocolate cupcakes, so here is one. Clean my shoe, and don't leave a mark on them!"

Mark began to eat the cupcake remains off the sole of Donna's pump while she used his hair to dry his tears off her other shoe. Once Mark cleaned her sole, he was still crying. So, she let his tears drop onto her left shoe, while stepping on his neck. She again made him turn over, with her left shoe under his head. She then stepped on a cream stick, and ordered him to lick it off her shoes while she dried his tears off her shoe.

End of part 2. In part 3, what is Carl's punishment, and maybe some pedal pumping with Donna (though that may be part 4).


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May 1, 2006
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...End of part 2. In part 3, what is Carl's punishment, and maybe some pedal pumping with Donna (though that may be part 4)....

I hope the punishment is a very severe trampling, especially on his throat and face, maybe by a number of women.
These men need to learn they are owned by the lovely ladies.

Thanks Nicolas for continuing the story.