Apr 11, 2004
Hi all,

I am in the process of writing a story about a bunch of Menhating women which contains a lot of foot related domination, humiliation and other fetish related abuse. Initially it centres on F/m domination but in later chapters branches into F/f. I thought I would give this forum a few chapters to see what the response is like. If it goes down well I will continue to post the rest here.

Chapter 1 – Background and Beth

The sun was beating down on the back of my neck and beads of sweat were beginning to accumulate under my collar. I was wearing a smart black suit, white shirt and blue tie as I strolled through the business centre of London, England. I had a strong feeling of trepidation about what lay ahead of me that day. But to start my story I need to go back to the beginning.

My luck had gone south in a big way over the last few months with the loss of my last job, my girlfriend and my bank balance. I reflected back on those recent events as my head dropped. I felt so pathetic.

My girlfriend, Beth, who worked with me at our top consultancy company had completely played me. She was 5’8, had a fit athletic body and shoulder length jet black hair. Her eyes were a captivating blue, wide and alluring and stood out over her pretty pert nose and luscious thick red lips. After dropping me a couple of inviting smiles whilst passing my office pod I had plucked up the courage to ask her on a date. At that point I really thought I had no chance but she said that she would think about it and gave it just the right amount of time to increase my desperation before she agreed. I couldn’t (and perhaps shouldn’t) have believed my luck.

On our initial dates mostly in nice restaurants and movie theatres (I had a healthy bank balance back then) we had a really great time together laughing and joking. She wasn’t really getting that close or intimate but seemed to love my company. Every now and then she would throw a curve ball into the conversation or would throw some heavy-handed feminism into a perfectly innocent argument but other than that everything seemed ideal in her.

Beth had an amazing presence and all men stopped and jaw dropped when she entered a room either at work or in our social outings. She seemed to know so many beautiful women as well but not once did she offer an introduction. If I pried and enquired who someone was she would often just wave her wand in my face and say “Oh just someone from a way back” and move the conversation on.

On one of our earlier dates in a local bar she was being propositioned by a guy who was clearly pissing her off. I was in a major queue to buy some drinks. As I looked back my eyes nearly popped in amazement when I see her flip into a rage jump up and kick the guy straight in the chest toppling him over the railings onto the dance-floor. I immediately rushed back to see what was up and if I could help when she responded. “Oh nothing, just some idiot pissing me off. Lets get out of here” as cool and composed, as you like.

As time went on and our relationship entered the 3-6 month period she started to strike me as particularly unpredictable. She seemed to lurch from being a warm empathetic kind respectful woman to a cold hearted bitch, who seemed to get off disrespecting me in front of others in public. Initially this was quite subtle but increased over our time together. I thought our beautiful albeit brief relationship was coming to an end and the uncertainty that this created started to erode my self-confidence and I found my demeanor and emotional strength whittling away.

She seemed to be able to read my inner feelings in a way that just when I was about to break she would turn on the kind warm Beth and then just as I was starting to feel the relationship was going somewhere she would bring me crashing down to rock bottom again.

I could give you countless more examples of this switching behavior, aggressiveness and undermining but my story starts with one particular event near the end of our relationship and our final date together. This night kept rolling around in my mind like the images were burnt permanently into my short-term memory. My mind didn’t want to commit them to the long term until it had resolved why she had acted in such a way. Looking back I feel dumb that I didn’t pick up on the signals earlier that she had an alternate agenda perhaps all along.

The images spinning through my mind projected a time when we were in a nice relaxed Italian restaurant just 20 minutes walk from my house. We had strolled there holding hands and exchanging comments about how nice the weather had been that day, hot and sunny where even the shade only offered temporary relief from the heat. We were having a great positive patch together with minimal mind fucking so I was in buoyant mood when we had briefly stopped back at the house to drop off a number of shopping bags having visited most of the shops in the town centre and realizing we were running late had decided to head straight out for food instead of getting washed and changed (her decision).

She was wearing a tight light blue t-shirt accentuating her pretty, firm breasts (I am not good at sizes but guess it was around a C cup), high cut denim shorts, thin white ankle socks and a pair of old beat up canvas trainers size UK 8 that were perfect for long walks around town though looked like they belonged more in a bin than on someone's feet. A little shiver ran through my pelvis as I recalled the glistening sweat film that covered her legs from our exertions that day. I would have given up my prized Rolex watch at that point just for the opportunity to jump in bed with her for a couple of hours but our relationship wasn’t moving anything like that kind of speed.

When we arrived at the restaurant a beautiful Maître d’ quickly approached us then proceeded to pretty much ignore me and addressed Beth directly. “Can I offer you a table madam?” she enquired. I felt a little put down but then Beth was always the centre of attention and I thought just go with the flow. She then ushered us into the main dining area and sat us at a large table in the centre of the room covered with a perfect long white tablecloth and an array of condiments and utensils.

Within the next few minutes a waitress approached. Once again she seemed to offer almost all her attention to Beth and barely addressed me. That said in the few glances I did get I thought she could easily be a relative of Beth. She had the same jet black hair but this time cut into a graduated 60s Vidal Sassoon style bob. Beautiful chiseled cheeks, a little pert nose and those same large blue captivating eyes. She must have been around 5’ 6” a little shorter than Beth and wore a high cut classic black dress, tan pantyhose and rather inexplicable filthy beat up old white trainers I guess a size 6 or 7 UK. I assumed she must wear them for comfort as the management wouldn’t approve of such footwear in such a nice restaurant.

“I am Lucy your waitress for the evening” she said to Beth flicking her what looked like an odd knowing smile but I thought no more of it. “Can I get you drinks?”

Beth asked me what I wanted and then proceeded to order 2 orange juices to help us cool down from our previous excursions. Lucy the waitress then disappeared rapidly to get the drinks.

Me and Beth then exchanged more small talk about the day’s passing with me focusing her attention of the 3 or 4 expensive gifts I had purchased for her that day. 3 items of welsh gold jewellery (a bracelet, matching necklace and earrings) and a bloody expensive designer handbag. But she seemed distracted and her mood was starting to flit from her previous warm demeanor to something more cold, distant and frankly rude.

As we sat there talking in the restaurant and looking over the menu deciding what to chose the waitress had stopped by unobtrusively and propped a bread basket and butter on the edge of the table looking at me briefly to see if we knew what we wanted or needed more time. I motioned we needed another 10 to 15 minutes and she disappeared off into the restaurant to assess the needs of other tables.

When I then looked back at Beth to pick up on our prior food choice conversation her whole demeanor had changed. Her eyes narrowed with a spiteful resentment and her mouth went from a warm smile to an aggressive nasty sneer. My mind went into chaos mode. What had I done wrong? Not this again and in such an open public place. Did she think I was coming onto the waitress or something?
“Butter me some bread, NOW!” she snorted

“A thanks would be nice. What’s wrong Beth?” I retorted somewhat uncomfortably and trying to pacify the atmosphere that was building. Her face was simply ravishing when she was this angry but I knew better than to go lightly on this, the sheer unpredictability of Beth in this mood was more than most could handle.

She moved another 5 to 6 inches closer and whilst leaning into my personal space, her face now looking a picture of rage she escalated her demand in a soft forbidding tone.

“Butter me some fucking bread now or I will shout it at you so loud the whole restaurant will see what a complete bitch you are under my thumb.”

My mouth dropped, my heart started racing and panic set in as I had been completely unsettled by this rapid and unexpected change of mood. Though similar things had happened before this was whole new level of nasty. My mind darted as I explored all the possibilities. She sat there staring viciously into my eyes almost willing me to capitulate and obviously amused by how easily she could unsettle me. I really found her beauty quite daunting but these mood swings were so damn weird. I resolved to continue to try and calm the situation further.

“Look I am sorry if I did something wrong. Of course I will butter you some bread” I relented. Hoping my defensive and subordinate manor would placate her somewhat.

At this her sneering mouth evolved into a wicked smirk and she sat back in her chair clearly pleased with her control of the situation. She raised her hand and made a number of rapid curls in the bottom of her hair then proceeded to exert a renewed position of strength and control upon the proceedings.

“Right choice.” she whispered and flicked a glance of contempt and distain back at me to ensure I remained totally outside my comfort zone.

I started fumbling for a bread roll, trembling and still unsettled by her change of character. She watched every move with careful considered authority. Her large bright blue eyes could have burnt through walls at this point. Having got a roll onto my side plate and cut it open I started layering on the butter with the bread knife. It was still hard from the fridge which made the whole process that much more difficult and I was trembling with the whole random unpredictability of the situation to come. I flicked a nervous smile at her. She remained completely motionless her eyes still burning through me.

When I had finally done the best I could to butter the roll I picked up the plate and offered it over to Beth again with a nervous and unsettled smile.

“There you go. One buttered bread roll” I said trying again to appease the situation, her rage and the whole atmosphere around us.

She made me wait there for around 20 seconds holding the plate before she once again leaned forward. Her fingers wrapped around the roll and she lifted it open to inspect my buttering skills, which even I admit left a lot to be desired.

“Fucking pathetic. You don’t expect me to eat that shit do you?” she scolded.

Moving on she added, “That will be your roll” and she tapped the side of the plate causing the roll to imbalance and topple onto the floor.

As I looked over at the roll that had fallen just to the left of the table I saw her leg quickly dart out and her canvas sneaker scoop the now open buttered roll under our table.

My glance then darted to the other patrons of the restaurant who for some reason I expected would all be staring at us but to my pleasant surprise not one of them had taken any interest in our tables recent events. It was strange though that all the 10-12 patrons were female that night. I then looked back at Beth who was waiting expectantly for my next move. "Well?" she said. Her eyes narrowed and her cheeks flushed red as I sensed the aggression rising in her once more.

Suspecting that I needed to play this carefully and quickly I took a somewhat defensive stance to avoid escalating her annoyance any further.

“As that one has been on the floor butter side open. Couldn’t I just butter another for us both please Beth?” I pleaded feeling a little pathetic with my tone.

Not moving an inch she almost spat the words back into my face. “Get on your knees under the table, pick up the fucking roll and eat it you stupid little cunt”.

This was a step too far for me and broke me out of my defensive mode into an exasperated and assertive stance.

“Look” I said, “I am not sure what mind games you are running on me here. I bought you all those lovely presents today in town, we come to a lovely restaurant for a nice pleasant evening together and you all of a sudden treat me like a piece of shit. What’s going on Beth?” Though my assertiveness started off well it diminished rapidly mid-sentence finishing in a somewhat pathetic apologetic plea for clarity.

She paused for what seemed like forever though was probably nearer 20 seconds considering her next move. “Do you remember the report you submitted for the upcoming team leader promotion at work?” she offered in a calm calculating way.

I shifted nervously not knowing where this change of conversation was heading. “Sure I do.” I said. “Why do you ask?”

Beth leaned forward again like before into my personal space. “Well my mother happens to know 2 of the 3 people on the selection committee and if you do what I ask and eat that bread roll I will return the favour by getting my her to swing the decision more your way”

“That sounds great Beth but why is the bread roll so important to you?” I responded.

“It’s symbolic Chris. I need to test the boundaries of this relationship to see how sub…committed you are.” Beth swiveled mid sentence. “I need to know when I really need you most to do what I ask you will be prepared to push the boundaries for me and do whatever it takes.” Beth was taking a more considered and manipulative stance. Her eyes had softened a little but her mouth retained that awkward twisted look of contempt that made it clear she was not relinquishing any control here.

I sat back to reflect for a few seconds. Beth seemed to be sincere. Her rage had abated a little and she was speaking lucidly and considered. Was this scenario just a test of my loyalty? Perhaps she had been hurt before or let down badly and that was why she flipped her moods so rapidly and unexpectedly based on various trigger points. Whatever the purpose she was reasoning that our relationship could be heading in a positive direction with this test of my commitment to her and that was a good thing for me. Also that promotion meant the world to me. I had worked my arse off for our department and securing this new role would almost double my compensation package. I knew there were other strong candidates so any leverage I could gain could be a deal maker.

“So what’s it gonna be Chris? Are you going to push on and eat that bread roll for me or have I made you out to be someone with more resolve than you really have?” Beth whispered her eyes remaining focused on me watching for clues on my next move. She started drumming her slender long fingers on the edge of the table indicating a heightened level of impatience.

Her radiant beauty and the subtle, hypnotic rhythm of her voice started to entrance me. This dominant side to Beth was quite sexy even if chaotic and unexpected. I decided to grow a pair of balls and just pick up the goddam roll.

“Ok Beth I am gonna eat that roll not because it might swing that promotion my way but because I want you to see that I am committed to us and even if your request is a little strange it is something I can easily surmount.” I announced with renewed confidence. “And please let that be an end to the games Beth”. There was mixed sincerity in this response as the promotion was massive for me and I think by her look she see right through me.

“Great Chris that’s the spirit. Now get on your knees under the table and eat that roll for me. I have also changed my mind. No hands and don’t come back up until it’s all gone.” she cooed triumphantly.

“Hang on" I started to say before realising resistance was not my best course of action. So what if I ate the roll under the table that way no-one would see me eat a roll that had been on the floor and not using my hands was just some stupid game Beth wanted to layer in so she could have a laugh at my expense. “Never mind” I backtracked.

I quickly looked around to see if anyone was looking. All clear. I figured the waitress (Lucy) was gonna be another 5 minutes so if I was quick I could finish the roll and be back in time for the order even without the use of my hands. I lifted the long white tablecloth and slithered down my chair and under the table. Looking in front of me down at the roll all the blood washed out of my body and I shivered. I could not be prepared for the sight in front of my eyes.
Apr 11, 2004
Chapter 2 – Beth’s dark side

Whilst we had been debating the whole conundrum she had laid out before me as a test of my loyalty Beth had slipped off her old canvas sneakers and proceeded to grind the buttered bread roll into the floor with her socked feet. By the looks of the roll she had been at this ever since the roll have been scooped under the table. But that was by far not the worst of it.

The underneath of her socks were black with filth like she had been wearing them for a month without washing. They had one or two large holes up near where the toe meets the ball of the foot and I could see that her feet inside were as dirty as the sock bottoms. Looking over at the canvas sneakers I could see and smell the source of all this nastiness. The insides were worn through and a black footprint outlined the inside of the shoe to show where she had sweated all day in the heat of our shopping trip.

I couldn’t quite believe I hadn’t caught the smell before now as I had been with her all day but then again we had been outside and I had not been that close to her feet. It was a pungent, acrid stench that really made my stomach churn. I recoiled at the offensive odour and my head hit the table. From above I heard a laugh and then some shuffling. Within a few seconds Beth’s head appeared under the table.

“Fucking hell it stinks under here Chris. Did something just die?” Beth cackled with an obnoxious accompaniment of laughter.

“Something like that.” I said. “Beth what are you doing to me? I didn’t sign up for this. I mean look at the roll and your socks. It’s absolutely disgusting. That will send me straight to hospital”.

“Aaaahhh. Poor little cupcake. Are you afraid of Beth’s nasty sweaty feet? Do they scare you and make you want to crawl up into a ball and cry?” Beth positioned challenging me to respond. I didn’t frozen by my predicament.

“Look I told you it was a test of your commitment of me. I need to know you can man up and handle anything for me when the time comes. It’s only a fucking bread roll for shit sake.” Beth reasoned in a manipulative and provoking retort.

“But look at your socks, feet, shoes and the damn roll Beth” I groaned in an abject defeated response.

“Well you didn’t think I was going to make it easy for you Chris. Did you? This is a proper test of your resolve and how much I can depend and trust you when it really comes down to the crunch. I have been working on these socks for over 3 weeks now in the gym every day, in my boots at work and wearing them pretty much 24-7 without a foot wash in sight. Here get a good close up appreciation of my hard work” She then proceeded to put her socked foot up to within one inch of my face and then Beth paused for another laugh looking at my face and predicament. I felt sick to the pit of my stomach and threw my head back quickly.

“And those canvas trainers I have had for 5 years. Used to wear them without socks every summer until the stink got too much to bear. It was only when I found them at the back of the cupboard recently that the idea of this test suddenly struck me. So what’s it gonna be Chris? The bread roll, the promotion, us and moving forward together or no roll, no promotion and no us?” Beth exclaimed in an ultimatum kind of way with a gleeful smile on her face. She was really loving this.

My mind momentarily flicked back to the returning waitress. She would no doubt be here any second now. “What if someone sees me Beth?”

“The waitress wont come back until you are sat here at the table dumb fuck otherwise she can’t take the order right” Beth snorted now getting a little impatient.

She had a point but I didn’t like the way she was now starting to throw more offensive expletives at me again. “Look if I eat this shitty bread roll here is that really gonna be the last of it?” I pleaded

“Right, listen! I am getting really fucked off with all the procrastination, winging and questions Chris. This is your last chance. Either eat the fucking bread roll and I mean all of it or don’t and I am out of here” Beth’s anger had clearly heightened to boiling point again but she was just holding it together long enough to give me this last chance.

I was so confused, embarrassed and shocked by the whole sequence of events but knew I had to make a decision now or never. I figured it was after all a bread roll even if it was now encrusted with the filth, sweat and stench of Beth’s rank socks and 5 year canvas reek vessels. I re-examined the bread a little closer as I move forward seeing it was pretty much black and ingrained into the floor.

I took a deep breath to prepare myself for the undertaking. Not my smartest move as the stench of Beth’s socks and shoes hit my lungs and triggered a sickness convulsion in my throat once again.

“Ok I am going to do it.” I announced to Beth summoning all the courage I could muster to overcome the absolute disgust I felt for this heinous of tasks.

Beth still looking at me from the underside of the table now holding her nose to avert the acrid stench of feet wafting up clapped and laughed in a way that suggested her devious plan had finally bettered me.

“Ok remember no hands and the bread roll has to be completely consumed even if that means scraping off the debris from the floor with your teeth. When you come up and I inspect the floor if I find any roll or sick it’s game over. Ok? Oh and one more thing I get to use my feet to push you around a little just to make the whole challenge a little more difficult. Now get to work!”

I couldn’t believe after summoning the courage to eat this shitty bread roll after much deliberation that Beth had thrown in yet another hurdle at the last minute. That said I knew if I delayed and deliberated any more the deal was off. I put my hands behind my back triggering a satisfied smile on Beth’s face that I was complying and move forward to face my endeavor.

Beth didn’t distract me initially she moved her filthy white socked feet off the bread roll and back around 3 inches allowing me to start my disgusting feast. Thinking I was being given some encouragement I leant forward and took my first bite of the bread. The taste was worst than anything I had ever imagined and I balked and retched summoning all the strength and resolve I had not to throw up. Fear gripped me as I suspected I had no chance of completing this undertaking.

Then to make matters worst Beth swiveled her feet around her rank canvas sneakers and drew them in so they were around 2 inches either side of the mashed up bread roll. The heighted stink made my head spin. My body was screaming disgust and flight at all the filth and stench that was now surrounding me. I peaked up to see Beth looking back at me (still holding her nose) and she went into literally fits of laughter. She was really getting off watching me go through this.

This shocked me into action. I felt sure that the other tables would hear her and start wondering what was no funny and take extra interest in our table and I could not afford for that to attract the premature return of our waitress, Lucy. I thought quickly and then inspired I thought as long as I don’t touch the roll I am good but I can still hold my nose. I held my nose and took a massive bite out of the roll chewing and swallowing as quickly as my body would allow convincing myself I was eating something much more pleasant. I got it down without throwing up! Only about half left now given it was so compressed.

Looking up again I see Beth’s face glow bright red. “No fucking cheating! Hands behind your back now or it’s game over you little shit!” Wow my little stunt had really got her pissed but I was still in the game.

I was now at the point where I would need to start scraping the food up with my lips, teeth and tongue if I was going to complete my task and to my pleasant surprise having taken the top layer of bread away with that last bite the underneath was a closer shade of brown-white rather than black. I pressed on resolved to finish the job as quickly as possible.

Beth was clearly really fucked off because she now moved both her nasty socked feet forward and started pressing my head into the floor hard to prevent me getting close enough to get the next bite. I whimpered in pain as I wiggled to try and get closer to the roll her feet pressed harder to keep me in place. She then removed one socked foot and whilst holding my head in place with the other she simultaneously crushed my head into the floor and cupped my nose with the other right where one of the 2 large sock holes were.

Thinking back to this particular point it is difficult to describe what was going through my head. I felt completely manipulated, embarrassed and utterly revolted. I started to question whether this mind game I had entered into could ever actually end well for me and how in hell I had allowed her to manipulate me into this situation in the first place.

As the filthy black sock cupped by nose I was powerless to avert the overwhelming stench that emanated from Beth’s toes. The hole in the sock meant that Beth could manipulate my nose into the space between her big and second toe and pinch it so that the epicenter of the nauseating malodourous aroma was directly under my nostrils. Smothering me with her foot in this way I started to panic when I realised I could not breath properly. It was already hot and dank under here and this was making me positively claustrophobic. I let out another whimper this time muffled and heard a giggle from above and a voice, which I assumed to be Beth laughing at my predicament. She clasped my nose and smothered my face and mouth for what seemed like forever finally relenting when I thought fit to burst.

I took in a massive gulp of air trying to reclaim lost oxygen just at the same time that Beth repositioned my nostrils back to the dank gap in her toes inside the sock hole. The smell completely consumed me and my head went dizzy and I blacked out for a few seconds as much from air loss as the revolting feet stench overwhelming me.

After just a few seconds I recovered. Beth still had one foot pressed down hard on the side of my face keeping it pinned to the floor and then proceded to wipe her socked foot down my face in long sweeping gestures. The filthy, black fabric was sodden wet with sweat and I felt the socks paint my face with stink. I now started to feel trapped, massively nauseated and utterly played. I realized that I had been completed duped and Beth had no intention of letting me finish that roll or at least not without making me sick first. Beth appeared to be groaning in some rapture of sadistic pleasure and she was fidgeting on her seat indicating her private area was dampening and tingling.

Just as I was resolving to admit defeat and emerge from the underside of the table to kill off any chance of the promotion and my relationship with this crazy bitch I heard fresh voices from above which sent me into a panic. I wanted out now but not to emerge into the restaurant my face reeking of feet right into the eye-line of the waitress especially given how drop dead gorgeous she was. I didn’t have much self-respect to protect at this point but what little I had left I wasn’t about to give up.

I lay there quietly trying to listen to the ongoing conversation. I could swear it was Beth and the returning waitress, Lucy. Perhaps the bitch had sensed I was giving up and called her over on purpose just to make the task more difficult to complete and keep me under there so she could prolong her sadistic pleasure trip.

Beth continued painting my face with her repulsive putrid socks taking great care to really ingrain the stench by pressing her toes hard against the contours as she made her down strokes. Stopping at the nostrils each time to ensure each intake of breath I took was met with a burning pungency of rank feet to maximize my discomfort.

She then moved that active foot back to the roll and ground it back into the ground re-blackening the soft exposed surface. As I watched she grabbed pieces of the bread in between her toes adeptly using the holes in the sock and then wiggled her toes above my face dropping the crumbs over my eyes, nose and mouth. I spluttered as quietly as I could careful not to raise suspicion trying to clear the crumbs from my face. As my eyes re-accustomed I could see the foot returning with a large layer of breaded filth and most of the rest of the remaining butter.

Fuck I thought. Not content to paint my face with sock stench she is now going to cover me with filthy bread. I couldn’t emerge with all that shit on my face into an open restaurant so I quietly as possible brought my hands forward and started to push the approaching offensive foot back forfeiting any remaining chance of succeeding in my original task. In response Beth raised the foot pinning my head and brought it crashing down on my skull with a thud. Not only was the pain immense but I was sure that would be audible to the people above. This trampling move put me into recoil and allowed Beth to maneuver the filthy bread and butter ridden foot back to it’s prosed destination.

Before I could counter my face was covered with a black slimy layer of sweat soaked bread and butter. I felt utterly dejected. How the fuck was I going to get out of this?

Beth was now audibly groaning from the rapturous waves of pleasure running through her body driven by her absolute control of the situation and the immense level of humiliation and debasement she was inflicting on me.

Before I could plan my next move the worst possible thing that could of happened at that point happened.
Apr 11, 2004
Chapter 3 – Lucy the crazy vindictive bitch

The bottom of the tablecloth lifted opening up my predicament to the whole left side of the restaurant. Crouching down in front of me was Lucy the waitress literally wetting herself laughing. She had Beth’s phone in her hand and proceeded to run off 2-3 pictures while Beth continued to pin my head and smear filth on my face with her other foot.

Now the tablecloth was up I could hear all the conversation quite audibly. Beth raised her voice to address the tables around us.

“Look at this pathetic excuse for a human being ladies. This is why men are so worthless. This fucking worm has been begging me for months to humiliate and degrade him. I agreed only if it was in public so I could exhibit the full depths of his depravity. He bought me thousands of pounds of gifts on shopping trips to wear the same socks for over 3 weeks before doing this to him to maximize the humiliation and suffering I was to inflict upon him. When we got here tonight and was ready to order he subordinated himself to me and pleaded that I allow him to eat bread served under my filthy feet and drink the copious amounts of sweat from my socks to wash it down. What an absolutely disgusting specimen. I only went through with it for the gifts and to exert my absolute power and will over this abject lowlife. Now I display him to you to make your own opinions on his worth and value in our presence. Please feel free to approach, inspect and take your own photographic evidence of man’s true worth in our society”

As Beth paused the waitress quickly grabbed my hands and tied them back behind my back with the tablecloth, which was now fully removed exposing my debasement to the full view of the restaurant. After a few seconds of what I expect was shock the giggling and laughing started to emerge from the tables around us. With my arms pinned behind my back and my head pinned by Beth’s feet I was completely at the mercy of their ridicule. One by one the women started to approach to satiate their curiosity and wallow in my suffering. Not one of them offered any pity, remorse or support. They all looked disgusted, superior and full of contempt. Pictures started going off left right and centre as their comments and laughter become more and more audible around me.

Beth’s stunt had completely destroyed me. Her lies made me sound like a sick, perverted low-life desperate for humiliation and depravity. Finally my suffering was immortalized when Beth announced.

“All this worthless pathetic cunt craves is feet. Stinky, filthy, disgusting feet and socks. I mean how completely fucking sick is that. I am sure with enough feet in his ugly face he would explode in raptures. What do think ladies? Fancy exercising your complete control and will over this contemptible wretch?”

Without hesitation the ladies surrounding me started to remove their shoes. What the fuck is going on I thought to myself. Surely they cannot be in on this as well?

Beth then proceeded to remove her filth-ridden socks and stuff them into my open mouth still agape and stunned at my situation. Before I could spit them out a large strip of black electric tape was set across my mouth by the waitress, Lucy. This action locked in the horrific stench and taste of Beth’s socks sending my body into further nauseating convulsions. The women scream with laughter as they approached me further. Lucy then stood up and placed her shoe on my upturned chest and pushed me down to the ground with a force and vigor I didn’t think possible from someone so slight.

“Get on the fucking floor footwipe she screamed. Though you don’t deserve this reward I am going to allow you the pleasure of engorging your olfactory senses on my precious foot sweat. Fortunately for you your desire for filth and heightened pungency will be fully satisfied by my week worn stockings.” The women surrounding me screamed with delight and anticipation at my pending fate.

With that she kicked off her shoe into my face further demoting my dignity and then raised her tan stockinged covered foot about 3 inches from my face. I could clearly see the sweat outline on the bottom of her foot and the heavily dark discoloration around the toe area to validate her earlier comment about how long these has been worn for. The stink was otherworldly and her face was a picture of hate and contempt as she looked down her nose at me.

“Now beg me for the privilege to imbibe on my gorgeous foot resplendent with all it’s repulsive fragrance and vile grimy nastiness.” She hissed at me with an anger and coldness exceeding even Beth’s worst look.

“Fuck you bitch!” I muffled with the socks still stuffed in my mouth.

It’s clearly one of those lines that you hear no matter how much you have obstructing your voice as she went into a fit of rage that quite frankly scared the shit out of me.

“How fucking dare you maggot” she snarled and her foot came crashing into my face several times ending with a finale kick into my private parts.

I screamed through the socks, curled up like an infant and my eyes began to tear up with the immense pain now running through my body. I was barely conscious and totally beaten up at this point. The women watching started laughing hysterically and Beth screamed with delight screaming.

“Ahh look at the poor pathetic wimp crying everyone. Perhaps we should give him a break. Perhaps he is really is too weak to stomach the gifts of humiliation and deprivation we are showering on him.” Beth sneered. Then just as quickly she emphasised her inner contempt and rallied the next wave of abuse.

“Go Lucy girl make him have it. Make this pitiful, miserable cunt suffer! He fucking deserves everything you give him. When we sat down tonight he said to me all waitresses must be dumb as fuck and it’s only your looks that could augment your lowly pay-packet with necessary tips. He then laughed and suggested the tips for you would be pretty lousy based on your face.” she added goading Lucy to inflict more extreme heights of pain and suffering.

“Noooo!” I screamed in an effort to convince Lucy this was a pack of lies but my fate was sealed.

Lucy motioned to Beth to lock my head in between her thighs to hold me in position, which she did willingly, smiling and laughing at what was to come. Lucy then brought her foot back to within an inch of my face and screamed.
“Time to suffer footwipe. Now you will know the true extent of my wrath!”

With that she lowered he foot onto my face and began to grind her toes into my cheeks and nose as hard as her legs would allow her.

“There is no getting away now footwipe. Your fate is in the mercy of my filthy feet and they will show no fucking mercy! Now breath in that malodorous redolence as I grind it into your very soul. This moment will live with you forever as a defining pivot as to why you will always be beneath me, inferior and servile to my will.” Lucy seethed.

With that she bent down and clutched the toe portion of her discoloured stockings and started to rip them open allowing her toes to emerge from their stinky encasement all the while grinding her foot into my face with all her might.

I was struggling for breath again now with the revolting socks occupying my mouth and Lucy’s foot pummeling my nasal passage. I started to squirm for air.

At my clear panic and discomfort Lucy declared in a superior regal type tone “There is no getting away footwipe. The only air you are going to get is the rank stale rancid kind you can sniff in through my toes”. With this she ground her foot harder into my face, gritting her teeth the venom and hatred clear on her face. “Suffer for me bitch!”

At this point despite my ongoing panic I noticed something strange happen. Lucy slid her hand down between her legs and started stroking herself. She was clearly getting off big time from her complete and utter control over me and the women looking on were getting more and more aroused. These women were completely fucked up.

Continuing to grind her toes into my face my nose felt like it was breaking and I was sure I could feel a nosebleed but this didn’t dissuade Lucy one bit from her orgasmic authority and command over the situation. In fact the more excited she got continuing to rub herself vigorously the more pressure she applied to grinding her toes into my face.

Beth exclaimed, “Your feet fucking reek girl. This is so wrong it’s gotta be right. Now finish him off”. She then proceeded to pinch her own nose like before to avoid the full effect of the foot stench wafting up from my face.

At this point the smell had rather passed me by. Granted her feet and stockings absolutely reeked but the pain on my face and nose from the incessant grinding had now taken top spot in the agony competition.

“Not just yet” Lucy interjected. “We need a finale befitting of the occasion. Something he will never forget. A signature of our hatred and contempt for him”. The screams around me reached fever pitch at this marvelous declaration. At this point a wicked glint appeared in Lucy’s eye that send a feverous shiver up my spine. This was going to be bad. Really bad.

Lucy leaned over me bending her knee so she could get into my face whilst still grinding her foot into my nose. “I am gonna make a mark on your miserable pathetic life you will never forget footwipe. Beth remove the tape but keep those rank disgusting socks of yours in his mouth”.

Beth quickly did what she was asked sporting a confused and curious look in anticipation of what was to come. As the tape came off it ripped my skin causing me again to yell out at the same time expelling the nasty socks that were now even more sodden with my saliva mixed with their initial sweat soaking. Beth acted quickly to push them firmly back into place adding “They are going nowhere footwipe” and laughed at her reuse of Lucy’s label for me.

With that Lucy removed her foot finally from my nose and stopped rubbing herself temporarily. She then used the same hand to pull the crotch portion of her wet stained panties to one side and started to lower herself towards my face.

At the sight of this I started to get an instant erection with the thought of Lucy’s pussy in my face. I thought she was stunning even if Beth had lied when she misrepresented me earlier to provoke Lucy into rage and poisonous action. Lucy obviously picked up on this fact and as she lowered her warm wet pussy onto my face she used her balancing hand to reach back and start stroking my manhood. What was going on? One minute this bitch is breaking my nose the next she is virtually having sex with me.

“Your privilege at this point footwipe is undoubted and absolute. Sniff the warm wet juices of my pussy let the waves of pleasure wash over you.” She continued rubbing my manhood and I threw my head back slightly (still between Beth’s thighs as my body started to convulse again this time with waves of pleasure.

As I lay there letting my body become overwhelmed with pleasure I felt a rapid increase in the warmth and wetness enveloping my face. Certain Lucy was getting turned on as much as me I thought as I continued to wallow in the pleasure of the moment.

I then heard raucous screams of delight and hysterical laughter all around me. As I shook myself out of my pleasure dream I realized the source of the furor and my body slumped back in absolute disgust. I tried all I could to move my head and evade the ultimate depravity that was being laid upon me but the women around me were now pinning my arms, legs and torso with their feet so I couldn’t move an inch. Beth despite the situation was remaining resolutely in place holding my head. “You owe me big time for this Lucy” she added.
Apr 11, 2004
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Chapter 4 – A defining moment and return to “normality”

Lucy was crouching over my face blasting a hot stream of urine into the filthy socks currently occupying my mouth. As the socks which were badly worn through and full of holes started to soak up the yellow liquid my mouth started to reluctantly acclimatise to the wretched taste that was being forced into my body

“Embrace this glorious moment footwipe as I bestow upon your wretched life your true meaning and purpose among us glorious women. Drink my golden nectar and know that there will never be another moment in your sorry existence that will represent you and all you stand for so truthfully and absolutely. Being utterly defiled and debased by your superiors is the pinnacle for you. From this point forward we own you and your suffering will be the only gift you can offer us to appease the attention we afford you”

The stream of piss was not abating. If anything it was getting stronger and fuller. Lucy was now rubbing herself madly in orgasmic passion at my utter neglect under her control. She moved slightly to spread the piss over my face flexing her pelvis and pushing harder to strengthen and focus the stream into my nose and eyes. “Suffer for me footwipe you pathetic, insignificant bitch.” she screamed in between her pleasure moans as the climax started welling up in her body.

With the golden liquid now blocking my nose I started to panic again, struggling for breath. Beth pulled my mouth shut now with the rancid socks filled to the brim with Lucy’s piss. She looked down at me with the same look of disgust and contempt she flirted with earlier and commanded “If I am gonna sit here getting wet ensuring you get the full effect of this gift from Lucy by fuck you are gonna suck every last drop out of those socks and thank her for it cunt.”

I didn’t move and Beth motioned to one of the women stood just behind Lucy. I could feel immense pain welling up in my lower regions. Someone was trampling my manhood and the pressure was increasing by the second.

“Are we clear footwipe?” Beth added wanting an acknowledgment that I understood her command and would obey without resistance. I quickly nodded knowing any delay would likely leave me short of any function down there for the rest of my days.

“Then start chewing and sucking on those filthy socks drenched in piss you ridiculous, miserable wimp. I want a clear coherent picture of your suffering to remain with me long after this day. And also some pictures to remember the event.” She added laughing and then proceeding to take several shots to mark the event with her phone while Lucy pushed the last remnants of hot, nasty pee into my face and screamed in ecstasy as she reached some kind of nasty sadistic orgasm. A number of other women leaned forward at this point to also take pictures screaming and laughing in delirious raptures of excitement.

I was visibly grimacing as I chewed and sucked on the revolting socks extracting the warm yellow fluid from them and swallowing it as I was instructed. The taste was a world beyond foul and I felt sick to the pit of my stomach and I continued as best I could but my body was resisting as best it could for me to stop.

“Have your sucked all my golden gift out of those revolting socks yet footwipe?” Lucy questioned as she stood up above me further demonstrating her superiority over me. I nodded cautiously to which I could see her doubt and anger elevate. “Sorry I muffled” and chewed vigorously on the sock swallowing all I could muster to ingest.

“Not good enough” Lucy shouted and put her foot over my mouth and cheeks and proceeded to grind once again with all her power to ensure the maximum extraction was taken from the socks. After 5 minutes of this she seemed satisfied I had fulfilled my pathetic purpose under her control.

“Ok you can spit the socks out now footwipe.” Lucy declared as much to inspect my performance as free up my ability to speak.

“Now thank me and Beth and all the beautiful ladies here for giving you so much attention, purpose and neglect.” Lucy shouted. Everyone cheered and laughed.

“Thank you” I murmured.

“What the fuck was that footwipe? Do you want a real fucking beating under my feet that will mark you for life?” Lucy seethed. “I want fucking details – the canvas sneakers, the filthy socks, the rank rancid feet and of course my hot golden nectar! Now I will give you one more shot at this for your sake make it legendary”

As I summoned all the courage I could to summarize my ordeal in a meek, servile manor Beth got up and stepped to the side of me.

“Thank you goddesses for letting me smell your filthy canvas sneakers. Thank you for allowing me to indulge in your rancid unwashed socks. Thank you for wiping your malodourous foot sweat and grime on my face affording me the luxury to take this beautiful experience with me. And finally thank you for relieving yourself in my face and allowing me to suck your golden nectar through the filthy socks”. I relented totally abject in my complete subordination and humiliation.

“Not fucking bad footwipe.” Beth shouted off to the side and I see her click her phone once again. “That’s gonna make a perfect home video for you to share with your besties fuck face and for me to control every aspect of your miserable existence from this day forth.” She laughed wholeheartedly secure in her absolute victory as Lucy and the others joined in. “Now put this fuckers lights out Lucy so we can get the fuck out of this stink pit”

Tears started welling up in my eyes as I looked up at Lucy for the last time that night. “Night Night footwipe” she smirked. Her foot was hovering above my head just before she brought in crashing down on my skull sending me finally into unconsciousness.

As I continued to walk down the street in the Business district of London towards my destination I started to reflect on how that night started to unravel my world. In something of a daydream I continued to play through the next events that had led me to rock bottom…

The next thing I knew I was coming to in that exact same position. I couldn’t be sure how long I had been out for but it must have been a while as the restaurant looked pretty much the way it did when we entered save for the fact that now everyone seemed to have left.

I gathered my thoughts and started to sit up. Shit my head hurts and I was still covered in filth instantly reminding me of the ordeal I had suffered that night. I got to my feet and sought the nearest toilet to get myself cleaned up. After exiting I made my way back along the same streets me and Beth had trodden hours earlier deep in disturbed contemplation.

What had caused Beth to flip and become so sadistic? Why did she wait almost 6 month’s before executing this fiendish plan? Who was Lucy really and those other women? And most importantly why me? I am just an on the up reasonably successful consultant. What did they have to gain by brining me into all this shit?

I paused and then my blood ran cold again as I recalled Beth’s final words that night “That’s gonna make a perfect home video for you to share with your besties fuck face and for me to control every aspect of your miserable existence from this day forth.” Those words rang over and over in my head driving a dire sense of dread over what lay ahead. On Monday I was back in work and Beth would be there!

Monday arrived and the pit of my stomach was churning. I had spent most of Sunday running scenarios through my mind trying to second-guess what Beth would say and do when we met. What if she had already sent that video around – that would finish my professional reputation. I couldn’t face my colleagues and customers with their perception that video was the real me. Having played through every scenario I resolved that I just had to go in and act on the spot to whatever was coming my way. I couldn’t resign and move away. I didn’t have the appetite or resources to make that work and I had a mortgage on my house to manage in the short term.

It was now 0815 and I was heading up the steps of our London office into the foyer. I paused and took a brief sweeping glance at the company sign “Forward Thinking Associates”. This company had been my life for several years now and I was just starting to make headway with the chance of the upcoming promotion. Damn I thought. Did Beth’s mother really know the selection committee or was that just another case of her playing me? Only time would tell.

As I walked across the foyer and brushed my access pass over the security gate to pass through I heard a stern voice behind me. “Chris, I need a word. Now”. I spun around to see Beth standing behind me resplendent, beautiful and utterly formidable in her navy blue business suit, sky blue open shirt, flesh coloured stockings and black pumps. She had her hands on her hips and her head was slightly tipped back so she could sneer as she looked down her nose at me.

Snapping out of my frozen panic I reminded myself that me and Beth were peers at work. She had no power or authority over me here and she certainly wouldn’t make a scene in the company foyer as it would damage her reputation as much as mine. “Sorry Beth I stammered I am running late and need to jump straight to the office”. As I started to turn towards the lifts Beth grabbed my arm.

“Oh I think you are going to want to prioritise my needs a little better than that don’t you Chris?” She snarled. Then leaning in towards me so only I could hear added “After all I own you now footwipe. My wants and needs are your orders. Don’t fucking test me!” She then backed away resuming her composure and professional standing to complete her instruction. “We can get one of the grab and go meeting rooms here on the ground floor Chris to discuss my proposition”.

The way she was able to slip between sadistic bitch and supercool professional colleague was frankly frightening. I decided to hear her out figuring it would at least give me an insight to her plans and create an opportunity for me to work out a response of my own. Seeing consent in the nod I offered she turned and made her way to the meeting rooms with me in tow.

As I entered Beth was already sat at the head of the table staring intently at me. “Close the door Chris we are going to need a little privacy for this discussion.” she added. I didn’t like the sound of that but closed the door as instructed and turned to walk towards Beth ready to take the seat next to her.

“Not there you stupid fuck. On the floor here by my feet. I want to be looking down on your miserable face while I tear your life apart. And anyway I know how much you love my sweaty feet right?” She then proceeded to laugh out so loud I thought someone outside would hear but to my relief remembered these rooms were professionally soundproofed. I took a seat underneath Beth as instructed while she finished gorging herself on laughter at my utter despair.

I waited and listened intently whilst she deliberately paused for at least two minutes holding me in suspense. All the time she continued looking at me with contempt and disgust and an evil smirk on her calculating face.

She then spoke finally breaking a truly uncomfortable silence on my part. “Ok here is how this works. The video I took on Saturday is now with a select group. It is not my intention to use it to break you as I believe you are already aware that I own you completely now anyway. You will do whatever I say immediately without thought, personal consideration or despite consequence. I will allow you to maintain some degree of professional dignity here at the office but only within the boundaries that you remain a personal advocate of all my thoughts and ideas and my management instructions. At this point you should consider yourself under me in all aspects.” She paused to allow the words to resonate then went on.

“As my personal toy I may exert certain humiliations and degradations on you in front of our work colleagues from time to time but I will you allow you to maintain a minimum working level of dignity just enough to keep you employed here. Understand?” She paused again this time staring at me intently for a response.

“Why are you doing this to me Beth?” I asked in an almost pleading pathetic tone.

At this Beth’s face returned to that all too familiar picture of rage as she grabbed both chair arms, lifted her torso off the seat and brought her shoe crashing into my chest sending me hurling across the floor and leaving a dirty black stain on my fresh white shirt. Pain was coursing through my body again as she added “I didn’t tell you that you could ask questions” She screamed. “I just wanted to ensure your stupid idiotic brain got my point for fuck sake.”

Realising this conversation was one-way traffic and was going nowhere from my perspective I again nodded my head in consent. “What?” She screamed. “Yes I understand and I will try to live up to your expectations.” I offered dejectedly through the stabbing pain in my chest.

“Oh and another thing footwipe. You will refer to me at all times from this point as Goddess unless among business company when you may call me Miss Constance. Understand?” She announced triumphantly. “Yes Goddess.” I replied.

“Ok good now before you go I will have you wipe the mud off my black pumps with your face. I had to walk across the park on my way to work today and they got all fucked up. You may only use your tongue to remove stubborn stains and any final morsels of filth that your miserable face cannot remove. Once complete you can get the fuck out of my presence and await my next orders. Now get to work footwipe!” Beth laughed in my face pretty much non-stop as I leaned forward to clean up her shoes as ordered.

Once complete she got up and said “I am not even going to reward you with a slap bitch because your face is so filthy. Go and clean yourself up for fucks sake. This is a professional office”. At that she laughed once more at her own sadistic humour, turned and walked out through the door.
Apr 11, 2004
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Chapter 5 – Hell on earth at Forward Thinking Associates Part 1

Over the next 2-3 weeks I tried my level best to give Beth a wide birth and avoid her at all possible opportunities. I even swung a couple of sick days to avoid needing to go into the office but thought that would just run my own career into the ground as a long term approach. Despite my best efforts she conspired to arrange a number of interactions to remind me of her intensions to see through her commitment to my suffering and humiliation.

The first of those interactions was two days after our ground floor meeting. Beth and myself were sitting with Porsche and Grace in a presentation review going through some slides in one of the smaller meeting rooms that could seat 4. Porsche was really haughty, a typical stuck up private school and Oxbridge graduate, who had the looks and intelligence to go with the family money. She had long flowing straight blonde hair, ice blue eyes and a slender defined face. She was at least 5’9” and had jaw-dropping legs that every man had to concentrate hard not to ogle. Grace was generally quiet but when she spoke it really counted. She arguably had the best brain in the business but not the management appetite to back it up and earn her the promotions she clearly deserved. She was super cute to go with that with her short mousey brown hair, dark brown doe-eyes and pensive lips which she used to rest her teeth on when deep in considered thought. She was about 5’ 5” tall.

The air conditioning was out in that meeting room and the others didn’t have a working projector for the slide review. It was the end of the day and most people had left the office except for a few super keen senior managers down the other end of the office. I was sat at the back of the table with Porsche and Grace flanking me on one side and Beth on the other. I was working the slides on the insistency of Beth, which I of course obeyed leaving Beth, Porsche and Grace to have the lion share of intellectual exchanges about the content. Give we had been in this room for close to 3 hours now we were all sweating and getting increasingly irritable knowing the deadline was first thing in the morning to have a final proof and print for the executive meeting.

To this point I had become increasingly bored listening to their review thoughts but was afraid to interject so as not to antagonize Beth in front of the others. Eventually following a somewhat long-winded passage of thoughts from Porsche I lost my silent composure and leapt in with a few thoughts of my own to improve the final draft. Immediately Beth cast me a scathing stare. It must have been pretty frightening as Porsche and Grace stopped in their tracks observing the change of mood. Realising she had been seen Beth regained her composure and retorted in a calm collected manner “That really is a fucking stupid idea Chris. After 3 hours of sweating it out in this shitty meeting room is that the best you can offer?”

Porsche and Grace looked at me stunned waiting for my response. There wasn’t one. I dropped my head and murmured “Sorry Miss Constance”. Porsche and Grace let our a little giggle seeing how pathetic I looked and how easily I had been put down.

“It’s so bloody hot in here and we still have a good hour left on this guys” Beth added “let’s push on”. She then span her chair slightly and propped her feet up on the table about 6 inches in front of my face blocking my view of the slides. Astonished by the sheer bravado of such a move Grace chimed in trying to dissipate some of the embarrassment rising on my face. “How is Chris going to see the slides with your feet in front of his face?”

“Well given his last contribution I don’t think we will be losing any sleep over that lost opportunity right ladies?” Beth snorted and the girls all proceeded to laugh in unison. “Anyway we all need to contribute here even you Chris” Beth declared turning her attention back to me. “As you have nothing intellectually to add to this exercise you can remove my shoes and rub my feet for me whilst we finish the review. At least that way you will be adding something. Ok with you Chris?”

Porsche and Grace fully expected me to walk out at that point especially given how humiliating this would be and more to the point how nasty this would be rubbing hot sweaty feet not 6 inches from my face. But they didn’t know the deeper more disturbed truth of the matter. Their jaws dropped when my head stooped and I uttered “Of course Miss Constance. Whatever I can do to help make the review a success”. “Great. That’s what I thought.” Beth added wryly. “Good to see you are capable of being a good team player Chris”.

“In fact come to think of it Porsche and Grace don’t want to be distracted by my hot sweaty rank feet filling up the room whilst we finish the review. They are literally dripping with sweat in these stockings especially stuck in this room for goodness knows how long now.” Beth said in a superior and self assured way. “So you will need to rub their feet at the same time so they don’t get sidetracked by my stench”.

Beth then looked back at Porsche and Grace waiting for their response. Porsche’s was immediate “Fucking A yeah. My feet are killing me and the thought of getting them rubbed all over now is too good to pass up”. I was amazed that Porsche didn’t even stop for a second to consider what I would feel like with all these hot sweaty feet stuck up in my face. She then proceeded to kick off her black flats and prop her bare sweaty feet up in front of my face next to Beth’s. Her feet were slender with long delicate toes a good size 9 UK to match her height. They also carried a strong musty scent to them showing that even pretty feet get nasty in flat shoes without socks when you sit in this heat long enough.

Grace was much more hesitant.

“What’s up Grace? Don’t want to take up Chris’ offer?” Beth enquired. At which point I thought my offer? More like my fucking order!

“Well,“ Grace added “I forgot to bring my shoes and pantyhose to gym this morning and so after I had finished I had to put my dirty socks and trainers back on. They really are going to stink so bad and I already have a bad foot odour problem which I inherited from my mother”.

“Wow too much information Grace,” Porsche added “perhaps you are right to opt out.”

Sensing her opportunity Beth exclaimed “Nonsense I have just the thing!” and started shuffling around in her work bag. After around 10 seconds she produced 3 pairs of swimming nose clips. “These will be perfect to ensure we don’t suffer from the smell and get distracted during our slide review”.

I thought who the hell keeps 3 pairs of nose clips in their bag unless they are a sadistic bitch who loves enslaving poor bastards like me to sniffing rank feet?

Grace questioned “But what about Chris? Won’t he be the one most in need of a pair with all of our rank feet up in his face?” feeling somewhat embarrassed by the nature of the enquiry she was posing.

“Well let’s ask Chris shall we”. Beth slid her attention back to me and whispered under her breath just so to be out of range for the other girls “You are gonna fucking do this for us footwipe whether you like it or not or it’s game over for you!” Before adding in a much more audible tone. “So Chris are you prepared to take one for the team and rub our feet while we finish the review? It should be a pleasure for you to rub such pretty feet I am sure you will be bragging all over the office about it tomorrow! In turn we will add a credit for you in the final paper to show you contributed.” She then paused and all three girls looked at me for a response. Beth held a scolding look of expectancy.

I knew at this point that I was going to have to overcome these humiliating compromises at least until I could plan a way out of my predicament otherwise that video would be all over the office and my job and house in the gutter. “Of course Miss Constance. It would be a pleasure.” I uttered reluctantly summoning my best effort at a smile of appreciation.

Before I could even finish the words all three pairs of feet were up on the table inches from my face. The girls had put their nose clips firmly in place and were back focused on the slides and deep in intellectual exchanges.

“Get to it then footb…Chris” Beth swilled mid-sentence when my reluctance to start rubbing their stinky feet caused a delay in my order response time. “Get to your foot duties team player”. Before laughing once more and returning her focus to the slides.

Beth and Porsche’s feet were pretty stinky but both had clearly been washed that morning so though bad with a full day of sweating in work shoes and 3 hours of intense meeting room heat were just about bearable. Grace’s size 6 feet however were a different kettle of fish. Embarrassed by the raw smell of her feet she had left her white (now grey) athletic socks on (you could clearly see the outline of her dainty feet in the dirty toe prints on the underside of the socks) to try and dampen the raucous odour. But that was nowhere near cutting it. Her feet were so nasty they were clearly itching her as every couple of minutes she would rub them together in front of my face releasing layer after layer of their revolting toxicity.

I really did my best to rub those rank feet over that last hour and Beth gleefully threw in the occasional humiliation to keep me focused like. “Don’t get too used to the smell Chris’ you won’t have the pleasure of this every day”, “At least you found your professional calling in life” and “I think you are starting to enjoy stinky feet and socks just a little too much, Chris. Is there something you aren’t telling us?”

After around 45 minutes I really needed to throw up and couldn’t hold out any longer the combination of heat and acrid stench in my face had really got to me. I asked Beth to be excused for a minute. Beth examining my clear discomfort and not wanting sick all over the room just waved her hand at the door allowing me to leave. I really made the most of that break and took as much of the remaining time up to the hour to hold out on returning to my duties. When I finally returned the ladies were wrapping up. Beth gave me a knowing look that said I am aware you just backed out of your duties and for that you will pay but didn’t comment until she then turned and declared.

“Ok great job everyone. The slides are finished and we have done a great job. Drinks are on me. I know you can’t come Chris as you have other plans.” Which I didn’t but that was Beth’s way of telling me I wasn’t welcome to join. “So why don’t you just finish up by kissing our feet and thanking us for including you in our review and giving you such an important role in making it happen?” The girls all erupted in laughter clearly now acclimatized to a level of comfort with humiliating me.

I bent down and pecked Porsche’s pretty slender toes and Beth’s beautiful arches before reluctantly darting a near miss kiss at Grace’s rank socks to avoid a reoccurrence of the sickness her feet had subjected me to only 15 minutes prior. Grace looked rather offended and Beth leapt up on seeing this and grabbed my hair. “Don’t be so fucking disrespectful Chris. Give Grace’s feet a proper kiss of gratitude and apologise” She seethed.

Grace started to withdraw her feet saying “It’s ok Beth.” To which Beth said “Absolutely not Grace you have been a star in this review and we would never have got such a great result without you. All this idiot had to do was rub feet for an hour and he couldn’t even manage that. Now get your face back in Grace’s feet, take the biggest whiff you can muster Chris then kiss them and apologise.”

Grace now seemed quite uncomfortable “No really Beth they are really rank it’s no problem.” To which Beth lividly retorted, “There is no problem here right Chris? You know what you need to do”.

Utterly despondent at my pending fate I replied “You are right Be…Miss Constance” losing my thoughts and composure for a second and nearly saying Beth. “Grace can I please apologise as Miss Constance has suggested?” My servile demeanour giving Grace renewed confidence and assertiveness she pushed her rank socked feet back to within one inch of my face. “Very well if you really insist. You may.” she giggled.

As I stooped down to place my face close to Grace’s feet Beth grabbed my hair again and pushed my nose forcefully into the awaiting malodourous socks right between the toes. “Now get your nose right in there and sniff for all your pathetic might and stop being such a fucking wimp! And you can forget that presentation credit!” I took the best sniff I could muster just at the same time that Grace cupped her toes around my nose and the revolting stench entering my nasal passage immediately brought back the sickness I felt before. I quickly kissed Grace’s foot and said “Thank you Grace. I am really sorry for my inconsiderate actions please forgive me.” Before running out of the room and back to the toilet to throw up again.

“Bloody men” Beth exclaimed. “They are so fucking stupid and pathetic. I am really sorry ladies. I hope Chris’ actions weren’t too embarrassing for you and that you at least got some value out of his modest contribution to our review?”

Porsche added “I didn’t know how pathetic Chris was until I see how easily you can boss him around. It was quite empowering especially having my feet rubbed. Funnily enough by the end it kind of felt right that we had him do that. And I am sure as you said Beth he was starting to enjoy it. How fucking weird.”

Grace added “Well I was still quite embarrassed especially given that my feet smelt so badly. Nobody in their right mind would want to rub them. Which I suppose backs up Porsche’s point about how pathetic he is. I must confess however when you made him sniff my feet knowing how rank they were it gave me a girly twinge between my legs.” She then giggled as Beth smiled knowingly.

“Grace too much information” Porsche added as they all laughed.

“Let’s keep this little adventure between us shall we ladies” Beth added wanting to keep control of the situation and more importantly me. “I am sure we can construct another excuse to get a foot rub when we have our next review in a month’s time. Now let me have those nose pegs back in case we need them.”

Beth then finalized “I think you ladies have a bright, confident and prosperous future given everything that has happened tonight” raising a little confusion for Grace and Porsche who didn’t understand the true meaning of the comment beyond the executive presentation.

“Now lets go grab that drink.” Beth added.

As they walked out Porsche enquired, “Why does Chris call you Miss Constance, Beth?”

Beth replied “Lets pick that one up over drink ladies shall we?” and they exited.
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I love femdom at the work place... As much as I like leather and latex, I also love powerful Women in business suits and heels or tight skirts and blouses with Louboutins... I knew a Female attorney who told me that She made a client grovel and lick Her shoes... Females in power are addicting...
Apr 11, 2004
I love femdom at the work place... As much as I like leather and latex, I also love powerful Women in business suits and heels or tight skirts and blouses with Louboutins... I knew a Female attorney who told me that She made a client grovel and lick Her shoes... Females in power are addicting...
Hi Mark

Thanks for the comment. I also love women in business suits and smart clothes - there is something very empowering about those kinds of clothes. Your female attorney reference peaked my interest - what were the circumstances?

Will have another update in the next day or so.

Apr 11, 2004
Thank you Sauur.

I am glad you are enjoying them. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. They are pretty few and far between on this board but important for me to get a sense whether the story is going down ok.

I see you are one of a select few guys commenting on most of the posts - thank goodness for you guys is all I can say!
Apr 11, 2004
Chapter 6 – Hell on earth at Forward Thinking Associates Part 2

The following Friday after the presentation review we had a team meeting where we would get more of the usual download of company messages and key achievements. But what I was particularly interested in was more details on the timing and process steps of the promotion selection.

Having grabbed a seat close to Stephanie Richards our departmental lead I was in perfect kiss ass position to up my stock for the promotion. Beth still hadn’t arrived and the meeting was due to start any second. Just as one of the junior staff got up to close the door ready to start the meeting Beth emerged looking a little flustered and red faced like she had ran to make the start on time.

Entering she made an apology and grabbed the last remaining seat which just happened to be next to me. Damn it I thought to myself why didn’t I sit somewhere else? Just in the final throws of the room calming down ready to start Beth raising her voice and addressed me in front of the other colleagues. “Damn hot again today isn’t it Chris. I took the liberty of grabbing you a drink on the way back from lunch. Hope you don’t mind I opened it and took a quick swig to help cool me down. I tried to keep it as cool as I could for you but it’s so hot it might have warmed a little in my hands”.

Stephanie chimed in with a comment “That’s so thoughtful Beth. Just what a good leader would do – thinking about the team! Impressive stuff.”

Beth returned with “Well Chris has been putting in a little extra under my guidance recently and I wanted to show him it is appreciated.”

Stephanie beamed back completely satisfied that Beth had proven true to her initial praise and then proceeded to start the meeting.

After around 10 minutes of listening through the usual corporate downloads I automatically picked up the canned drink and took a quick gulp. My blood froze as I quickly realized Beth had just given me a can in front of the whole team full of her piss and now I had a shit load of it in my mouth. I couldn’t spit it out as that would look rude and I couldn’t leave the room as that would make me look unprofessional and hit my chances of the promotion in the eyes of Stephanie.

I glanced round at Beth who had been watching me take that gulp of piss. Her eyes were full of contempt and disgust with what I had just done but they were countered by her mouth which had a massive wicked grin across it. She then brought her hand quickly up to her mouth and nose to stifle a pending snort and laugh, which had caught her off guard. “Mmmm. Tasty right?” she whispered.

Her gaze remained fixed on me while she observed my clear discomfort and dilemma on whether to swallow the piss. Running out of options I realized I had no choice but to consume her urine. As I swallowed I heard another muffled snort and laughter from Beth. “Mmmmm. Lucky you!” she cooed.

Resolute to get the remainder of that can in the sink as quick as I could I pushed it away from me signaling my intentions to defy Beth any further amusement over my discomfort.

Then as Stephanie finished her corporate messages and started to play with her laptop to change the slides ready for the next section of the meeting. Beth jumped on the brief pause in events to lean over and whisper in my ear.

“Listen piss drinker. Pick up that can and get all of that lovely, juicy warm golden nectar down your throat now. If that can isn’t empty by the time we finish this meeting I will personally see to it that you will be drinking my piss every fucking day from this point forward. Don’t be so fucking disrespectful. You should be eternally grateful that I would allow you the privilege of imbibing on my bodily fluids.”

Sitting back pleased with her ability to retake the higher ground on this current mind fuck. She then leant forward one last time and added. “At the end of the meeting I want you to openly thank me for the drink in front of the team to show your absolute commitment to my orders. It is what I deserve after all”.

The meeting then went on and I pretty much lost most of the details as my head went dizzy holding back the convulsions and gagging that my body was throwing out as I forced down Beth’s nasty drink including all the details of the promotion I had come to the meeting specifically to hear.

I finally drained the last of the drink just minutes before we finished. As we all got up Beth dug her finger in my back by way to a reminder to which I responded. “Thanks for the drink Beth it was so kind of you to think of me”. Stephanie smiled at Beth again.

“You are really welcome Chris.” She responded smiling with a professional composure that gave no indication of the malice she had inflicted on me. “In fact you were lucky. There was only one blood orange flavor left in the shop and I know that’s your favourite!”

What the fuck did that mean? I span round to look at Beth who was already walking away connecting with Stephanie as they exited together looking like life long friends.


Most of the next week was uneventful until Thursday that was. I was coming back from my lunch break when I got a call. It was Beth.

“Are you alone?” she blurted.

“Yes I am on my way back from lunch. Why Beth?” I replied.

“That’s goddess you stupid fuck. You will pay for that indiscretion.”
I immediately countered to try and appease the issue “Sorry Goddess you just caught me off guard”.

Beth continued “Tough shit you will still pay for that. Anyway back to why I called. Grace is on her way to your desk pod she has it in her mind that you are some sick sock sniffing pervert who has stole her gym socks from her bag and is huffing and wanking to them secretly after work by your desk when the others have left. I don’t know how she got such a silly idea in her head perhaps it was your performance at the slide review last week. Anyway you had better get back there quick and dispose of any evidence before she finds anything incriminating otherwise your job could be on the line.”

I panicked and quickly replied “Goddess what have you done?” To which I heard Beth’s booming wicked laugh for at least 10 seconds and then she put the phone down on me.

Shit I thought to myself. Beth must have put the idea in Grace’s head then stole the socks and planted them in my office pod. I needed to get there before Grace or I was done. I dropped my remaining sandwich in the nearest bin and started sprinting back to the office as quick as I could.

It took me less than 5 minutes to get back to my desk pod and breathing a sigh of relief that I had avoided a close call I turned the corner to see Grace sitting at my desk, socks in hand with a fierce look on her face. I froze and dropped to my knees not knowing what to do. She remained silent but seething.

“Grace please it’s not what you think” I pleaded.

Grace’s face mellowed as she started to play options through in her mind. Her usual quiet, smart and slight shy demeanor was rapidly being replaced with an assertive, angry, opportunist look.

“You will lose your job for this Chris you fucking sick twisted low-life” she finally said.

“Please. Please. Please Grace. It wasn’t me. What can I do to convince you?” I begged remaining smart enough not to try and turn this round on Beth and end up talking to the restaurant video as well.

Grace sat there for a further 20 seconds in silence looking at me before her look of contempt graduated into one of spite and malice.

She then added, “I thought there was something weird about you when you rubbed, kissed and sniffed my rank socks last week and this just endorses all that and more. That said I did enjoy the power it afforded me over you so I will give you one chance and once chance only. Wait for me here tomorrow night after work. You will do everything I say to the letter or it’s no job and no exit package for you right?”.

Seemingly out of options I nodded and thanked Grace for a second chance. She waved the gym socks in front of my face and declared, “I will take these they are nowhere near ripe enough for what I have in mind. By the time I finish with you tomorrow you wont want to go within a country mile of a stinky sock ever again.”.

I muttered under my breath “I didn’t want the socks in the first place! Beth is such a bitch”. Graced paused to see if I was speaking and assuming not turned and exited with one final comment “Don’t make me fucking wait tomorrow!”

This whole episode had turned Grace into some kind of mini-Beth. Beth promised not to put my job at risk and now she does this. She knew I wouldn’t get here before Grace so I can only assume she knew Grace would play me given the situation or she was finally selling me out. Either way I was running out of time.

The next night I was in the pod as instructed waiting for Grace my heart turning over 100+ bpm in my nervousness for what I was going to have to go through to save my job. I recalled Grace had that foot problem and my last encounter with them had made me physically sick. Whilst playing through these thoughts Grace emerged into my pod looking like she had just finished a marathon.

“Ok sicko. Come with me” she said and turned and walked away.

“Can we just talk about this please Grace?” I pleaded. She continued walking and obnoxiously threw a comment back to me over her shoulder “Everything I say to the letter. One chance and one chance only.”

The next I knew we were outside the ladies toilets. “In here, quickly” she ordered. Before I had a chance to ask we were inside. “In this cubicle now sock sniffer” she sneered at me causing herself to giggle at the power trip she was going through. We stepped in the cubicle, which was a tight fit for two adults and a toilet. She pulled the toilet lid down and sat on top. “Lock the cubicle door and sit down there on the floor beneath me” was her next instruction.

I complied then for one final time I begged Grace “Please can we just figure this out some other way? Honestly this is not what you think.”

“I don’t want to hear any more talking now only complete obedience to my orders to the letter otherwise it’s over. Clear?” Grace announced with a distinct tone of finality. I braced myself for whatever fate she had prepared knowing it was this or my job and mortgage. I could never get another job if any new employer got wind of this and they surely would through any reference check.

Grace made herself comfortable on the seat as best she could before outlining her instructions on what was about to happen.

“You might remember me saying last week that I had a bad foot odour problem and was embarrassed to allow anyone to rub them, let alone kiss and sniff them like you did. Well now we both know why you did that I am going to put you to the ultimate test. These socks are the same one’s from last week. Luckily they hadn’t made the wash yet and following yesterday’s little escapade I dug them out and hit the gym as hard as I could last night and most of today. As a result I am fucking knackered and these socks are fucking evil. When I remove them from my sweaty old running shoes I am going to push them into your nose and wipe them on your face and you are going to sniff them for all you are worth. This will continue while I sit above you and pleasure myself with the complete control and power I have over you. If at any time you stop sniffing before I finish my orgasm you will instantly default losing both your job and any remaining dignity you had. I don’t care how sick it makes you or how bad it gets down there you will continue sniffing until I cum. Are we clear?”

I could hardly bring myself to nod given what I was about to go through. Those socks made me sick last time and now they were 10 times worse. I wasn’t sure I had the resolve to see this though. But before I could indicate otherwise Grace started removing her gym shoes and I prepared myself for the worst.

Within seconds of removing those feet and socks from the gym shoes the whole cubicle filled up with a smell so revolting and so daunting that I started to lose my faculties and go dizzy. Before I could adjust any further they were in my face and the hot wet foul stench started to completely consume me. Somewhere within my semi-conscious state I heard “I can’t hear any sniffing sock bitch. I want to hear deep loud breaths or else!”. I pinched my leg hard in an effort to force my mind back into some form of clarity as Grace continued to push her socks into my face locking in the heat and stench around me.

I took my first deep sniff and my body went into some form of lockdown. The sheer disgust was sending my senses into some form of panic looking for an exit. “That’s it sock sniffer. That felt so good keep doing that over and over” Grace added completely unaware of the magnitude of suffering I was trying to cope with. I took another sniff this time with more caution. “Big deep huffs I said you fucking imbecile” Grace screamed and I caught a glance of her above me.

Her legs were wide open and she was furiously rubbing her intimate parts sending herself into waves of sadistic ecstasy. Already I could see she was wet and thankfully fast approaching climax. She must have been horny when we got here.

I took another deep sniff and the overpowering stench made my stomach convulse like in the previous week. I tried desperately to hold it down but I was facing a losing battle. As I took the next deep sniff I lost control and unloaded the contents of my stomach down my chest and onto my trousers.

Grace screamed and laughed “I don’t fucking care sock sniffer. Keep huffing and suffering under those nasty feet. Remember you fucking love it. All that filthy, disgusting crud, sweat and toejam getting all up in that lucky nose of yours. You must be enjoying this more than me! My power over you is driving me crazy hot. You need to suffer for me. Keep sniffing. Louder. Harder!”

Close to losing conscious again I summoned another deep sniff in some form of auto-pilot mode causing another eruption from my stomach then as I started to fade Grace’s feet slammed my head back against the door as she threw her pelvis forward and screamed to signal what looked like the climax of a lifetime. She slumped back on the toilet lid her face red and exhausted from the pleasure of her exertions.

Thankfully her feet dropped from my face and I was able to start to re-establish consciousness and my recovery from this heinous ordeal. We both sat there for at least five minutes getting our composure. I was covered in my own vomit and still feeling sick with the lingering smell of Grace’s socks.

She then leaned forward removed her socks and threw them in my face. “You have earned those and anyway even I would feel guilty wearing those again and subjecting you to more suffering. Your status as a sock worshipper is now legendary. I hope this lesson has helped you see how utterly pathetic and perverted you are. I suggest you review your life choices at the soonest possible juncture. But for now we are done and you get to keep your job. Now get out of my fucking way!”

Grace got up, collected her gym shoes, unlocked the door and opened it first forcing me forward then causing me to collapse backward on the floor half in and out of the cubicle. She then stepped over me, turned and bent down proceeding to replace her socks over my face. “There enjoy.” she said laughing.

As I removed those filthy acrid socks from my face I heard a clicking above me. Looking up I saw Grace and Beth standing over me taking more photos of me covered in vomit and the nasty socks. Beth then said “So how did it all work out?”

“Exactly like we planned it Beth. Thanks I owe you big time.” responded Grace. Following which they both turned and exited leaving me on the floor crying at my utter stupidity.
Jun 14, 2017
Hey Wildyone, yes more great chapters !!! Love the story ... If you have the time, checkout my stories on here called Real slavery ? ... Please let me know what you think ? As far as the attorney goes we hung out at a club in Detroit called The Hellfire Club West ... She was a Dom who just got out of law school and passed the bar... One of Her early cases was a deposition and questioning in a divorce case where the husband was hiding assets and JULIE made him get down on his knees and beg HER, and then lick Her pumps clean... He did it and gave Her evidence of where he hid it and She won the case, She said She laughed in his face, trampled his fingers and taped the event... What he didn't know was his wife told JULIE about his fetish and She used it against him, funny thing was She got 3 pairs of designer shoes/boots out of him and with in a year was Her slave...
Apr 11, 2004
Hey Wildyone, yes more great chapters !!! Love the story ... If you have the time, checkout my stories on here called Real slavery ? ... Please let me know what you think ? As far as the attorney goes we hung out at a club in Detroit called The Hellfire Club West ... She was a Dom who just got out of law school and passed the bar... One of Her early cases was a deposition and questioning in a divorce case where the husband was hiding assets and JULIE made him get down on his knees and beg HER, and then lick Her pumps clean... He did it and gave Her evidence of where he hid it and She won the case, She said She laughed in his face, trampled his fingers and taped the event... What he didn't know was his wife told JULIE about his fetish and She used it against him, funny thing was She got 3 pairs of designer shoes/boots out of him and with in a year was Her slave...
That story is amazing Mark - She sounds like an amazing woman and I would suspect pretty damn intelligent which I find even more appealing. She must have had some confidence to use that against him in that way. I guess by the power she had over him she must have been pretty attractive as well.

She's probably just the kind of Attorney we all dream about meeting but when we do it turns into a nightmare (unless of course she is on your side!)