Miss Monica Session 5

Dec 5, 2002
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Dubbed the "smother toy"

It was Friday, July 31st and also the beginning of a long weekend for me. What better way to start it off than having a session with Miss Monica? I had the day off, so I pre-booked my 5th session at 10am. It turned out to be a glorious sunny and warm morning as I made my way to the now familiar apartment. As always, I arrived on time and gained access to the building. As I made my way down the quiet hallway to Miss Monica’s apartment, I thought about this journey I’ve taken with her. I pondered my previous sessions. I came to realize just how much I love the way that she seems to easily control. My heart rate had increased considerably by the time I reached her door. It quietly opened before I had a chance to knock. I stepped inside and my session began.

One never knows what Miss Monica will do during a session. The only certainty is that I would be thoroughly smothered. We briefly exchanged our usual greetings and I turned to attempt to remove my clothing. Well, without warning, Miss Monica came up behind me and wrapped her slender hands around my nose and mouth. I just stood there in shock as she started to smother me. Her gently fingers tightly gripped my face preventing any chance for air. In silence, she held me in this sensual embrace for a few moments, occasionally laughing at my feeble attempts to get air. As I stood there smothering in Miss Monica’s embrace, I noticed that she had arranged some of her furniture in the living room. A coffee table covered in a white towel was carefully placed by her sofa. Another white blanket was laid out on the floor in the middle of the room.

“God, what is she going to do to me this time?”

I don’t know how she does it, but this session topped all of my previous sessions. Even now, four days after the experience, I find myself worked up, preoccupied with thoughts of that day. Miss Monica consumed me, controlled me, sensually dominated me and smothered me to complete delirium. Back to my story:

I was released long enough to get all of my clothes off. Once naked, I was eagerly instructed to crawl over to the covered table. Once there, Miss Monica pulled a pair of her pantyhose over my face and began to smother me some more with various parts of her body. Apparently this was just a warm up for what was to come. I then was carefully laid on my back on the coffee table, with my head on the soft cushion on the sofa. Once satisfied of my position, Miss Monica mounted my eager face for a delicious forward smother straddle, which as expected, left me completely without air. You should hear this lovely lady laugh when she smothers. I can definitely attest to the fact that Miss Monica truly enjoys doing this to me.

Miss Monica sat on my face in every fashion for several minutes, then she pulled the pantyhose off my head and had me crawl over to the bedroom. Now this wonderful Goddess certainly knows how to tease a man. She stood at the doorway to the bedroom and had me crawl between her legs. I was ordered to stop right about the halfway point. Imagine, if you will, you are completely naked, on your knees, fully exposed and oh so venerable. You feel her gentle seductive touch back there. Miss Monica always takes her time, exploring your delicate parts. Her hands made will make you shiver as you feel them touch, prod and caress you in unimaginable ways. I assure you that your helpless manhood will helplessly responded to her tender assault and you will openly gasp out load.

From there, I was instructed to lay on my back on the very familiar mattress on the floor. My heart was furiously pounding in my chest at this point, as I knew what was to come. The real smothering usually takes place in this little room. It’s here that my lower extremities are sensually assaulted, probed, teased and oh so lovingly denied. I confess, that I have never experienced a touch like Miss Monica down there. She honestly never stops either, no matter the protests or spilling of your seed, she simply continues with this relentless caress. Her touch is always so light, so gently and slow. As one squirms beneath her little bottom, you feel those hands touching you everywhere down there. And she uses countless amounts of cool oil to reduce the desired friction. I assure you all who read these humble words; you become completely overwhelmed and dominated after you are subjected to such blissful caresses. And, while all of this is going on, Miss Monica is constantly aware of where your face is. She loves to hold it in her sweet embrace, right between her heavenly bottom cheeks. It’s so soft, so divine and so suffocating beneath her. As mentioned, this was my 5th session and even now I can’t figure it out. How can such a delicate lady of such slight build, who possesses such a small bottom, suffocate me so effectively?

I laid there in the little room as her lovely bottom, all covered in a silky pair of pantyhose, consumed me. As I gently began to suffocate, I actually felt quite proud of myself as for some reason I had managed to fend of the inevitable, an earth shattering orgasm. Oh sure I was definitely filled with the need. In fact I felt the dulling pain down below as the pressure inside continued to build. It was pure bliss and hell for me dear readers. I just laid there completely covered by Miss Monica feeling her loving caress. I remember gazing up at one point and I saw the most amazing sight. My hypnotized eyes took in the sweet view of Miss Monica’s bottom. It completely covered my heated and tired face. In fact it was as if her bottom had consumed my head completely. I don’t know about any of you, but I often find it difficult to take in what is happening when I am in such a predicament. With Miss Monica, all of my senses are completely overwhelmed by attention. I will attest to this, that first orgasm was undeniably the most amazing in my life. It felt like my whole being was involved. As I quivered and pulsed beneath, Miss Monica’s delicate fingers assisted in ejecting every drop of the heated seed

It should be noted here that when this lovely lady sits herself on my face, she rarely gets off. You would think that her legs would get tired from constantly crouching down on me. Another fact is that I swear that Miss Monica loves to push all of my limits during every sitting. Imagine for a moment, there I am, so completely lost beneath this lovely Asian lady’s bottom and I am truly suffocating in it. My heart is pounding and my lungs burn with the need to be filled with fresh air. At this point, I’ve lost track of time in the session and honestly have no idea as to how long I have gone since my last breath. The constant teasing down there is also very distracting. One thing that I’ve come to know is that Miss Monica won’t lift up. At one point during this mind-blowing session, I briefly remember letting a desperate moan slip from my lips into Miss Monica’s suffocating bottom. She simply laughed and seemed to do the impossible; it actually felt like she had sank down even further on my face and forced my nose and mouth deeper into her bottom. She rode all of my struggles when I became desperate and panicky. Well, just when I swore all would go black, Miss Monica would lift her lovely bottom up. As she did, the room would fill with her devilish laughter. This scenario was repeated countless times. This form of delicious torture was repeated over and over again. Eventually I became completely exhausted.

As with all of my sessions with Miss Monica, I am forced to orgasm many times. When I openly confess to being completely spent, she will refuse to stop. It’s at that moment, when I am moaning and groaning beneath her, begging her to stop, to leave my manhood alone, she will introduce her vibrating toy. I honestly can’t describe this tool for you because I have actually never seen it. All that I do know is that there might be two vibrating parts. I say this because I have felt it pressed against my anus while at the same time Miss Monica rubs it up and down my length. Despite my protests, she never fails to extract more out of me when I swore that there was nothing left to give. And as expected, I continue to be smothered beneath her bottom.

Now I am going to end my story here dear readers. I assure you that there was more to this session than mentioned here. In fact there were one or two amazing surprises, which I wish to leave between Miss Monica and I. All that I can say to end this account is that I have come to understand that I am now Miss Monica’s servant. She refers to me as her “smother toy”. It’s such a fitting name don’t you think? I think of my session with her often and crave them like no other. She will soon move to Toronto. I am not sure how I will be able to visit her there, but I know that I will have to find a way. I have had the exquisite pleasure of being sat on and smothered by some amazing ladies in my life, but I swear to you all that none can compare to Miss Monica. She is a gentle, caring, warm- hearted, understanding, and respectful lady who I believe is a true Dominant.

You can reach Miss Monica here if you wish to experience a smother session of your life……….dominantmonica@yahoo.ca



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Jul 22, 2008
C M Enjoyed reading your miss Monica sessions very much, wish I could have experienced them myself, thank you for sharing, may you have many more as enjoyable ii the future. Sonny one