Miss Roper Is A Vore Goddess


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Jan 16, 2017


"Miss Roper Is A Vore Goddess"

This clip features: giantess vore, swallowing, gulping, belly rubs, digestion talk/sound sfx, spit/saliva, & anal vore.

My hunger is insatiable, along with my desire to seek out and conquer little servants. I've just returned from scavenging some, keeping them safe in a cage that dangles from my neck. I lift it closely to my eyes, examining the fruits of my labor. I can hear their shrills as they approach to my closer, terror rushing through them as I lick my lips. I will take my time with them, one by one; savoring the flavor that each brings as I slide my tongue across it's body and scoop it towards my throat. My stomach rumbles as they hits it's pits, eager for more. I enjoy toying with them just as much as I enjoy their taste, allowing some the safety of the cage to watch as I coat a tiny squished between my fingers in heavy strands of saliva before placing them onto my tongue. So warm and wet, it would be inviting if it didn't lead to their demise. Not only do I enjoy devouring them with my mouth, but every part of me; even the part in which is claimed as an exit. They won't just be passing through it once they've been digested...

The mouth shots, saliva strands/spit, as well as belly and throat angles that were captured in this video are just delicious :p
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