Miss Roper Is A Vore Tease - SOUND FX / POV


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Jan 16, 2017
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This clip features Sound FX, POV, Vore, Digestion Talk/Sounds, Saliva, Uvula/Mouth Shots, Swallowing.

I was just looking for a snack, and it seems you have found your way onto the menu; scurrying about the carpet of my living room. I really need to get better at securing my little slaves, but it would be a lie to say I didn't enjoy when you all attempt to flee; enjoying the thrill of the case. Just as any natural born predator would. I'm so hungry, it's been a few hours since I've swallowed something down into the depths of my stomach; it's gurgling so loud, can't you hear it? Wouldn't it be lovely if you made your way down, becoming best friends with my uvula as you cling to it in desperation before I gulp; carrying you away down the hatch. Want to see it? I open my mouth wide as I dangle you above, wicked laughter leaving my lips causing my Uvula to shake and quiver. It's quite warm and wet in there, it would probably feel like a safe space for a little morsel like you. I love teasing you, feeling the fear and wonder radiating through you as you take my towering frame in. I really can't think of a better fate for you, becoming a source of energy for a powerful woman such as myself. Can you? Food for thought; perhaps.

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