Mistress Nyne?

Jan 10, 2007
New York
Haha, good afternoon gentlemen, and mistresses. I have a rather brief question... =\ and I feel like a broken record because I seem to ask it a lot. I however never get an answer, as people just seem to ignore it, even Mistress Kandy hasn't answered me, and it is a relatively simple question. x)

As you can infer, based on the title of this thread, my question is about Mistress Nyne from the club stiletto network. Thanks to the LMA clipstore I have been able to purchase a few of her videos, but there is one that I really have my eye on. Early in her career she would wear very colorful wigs, and for whatever reason, that was rather exotic for me haha. There is one set of pictures (Included below) where she is wearing a wonderful bright pink wig. This clip however is not on any of the clips for sale sites under Kandy's name for some reason, and it makes me wonder...

1. Does a clip for this set even exist?

2. If it does, is it only for members who join the entire network?

Simple question, but does anyone know?

Bonus question for Kandy: Will Nyne be shooting again in the future? She is easily one of my favorites, and I love her in those colorful wigs. x)

All credit for those picks go to Lick my ass or club stiletto.