More from my past

Jun 25, 2009
I had a friend she was 3 years older than me, Tina was not gorgeous but she had a heart of gold and was a dear friend. Her family had ten acres down the road from us, the land was fenced and had just a barn and a camper. They kept horses there and stayed on weekends during the week they lived in Mesquite about 20 miles away. Tina and i. We were inseparable on weekends and sometimes she would pick me up and I crashed at her house for a couple of days during summer break. Her parents and mine were after all good friends and we had rules lol. I was on the couch and she in her room.

I remember the first time I asked her to walk on my back, it was the excuse I used a lot. Tina was very hesitant I was a skinny guy I think I was about 140 till I hit age 30. The look on her face was priceless, she said “I would kill you I weigh more than you.” She was about 5’7and 145 I told her no you won’t it’s fine I promise.

Tina was very nervous but quickly became comfortable in the fact she was not killing me. Tina had a friend Lisa that would come over and hang out, she was really cute blond about 5’7 135 nice thin body she was Tina’s age. Over time Tina became jealous of her because she always flirted with me hard, Tina told me she was “ a hoe” that still cracks me up.

I remember we all three ran into Tina’s room I jumped on the bed to get the right side oh the bed knowing I might get the girls to push me over and off the bed. I laid down and was laying face up. The girls started to wrestle with me to get me off the bed and together they over powered me and shoved me off landing face up on my back between the wall and the bed. It was tight and I barley fit, I probably could have got up if I really tried but I was in the perfect spot.

Lisa had no idea Tina walked on me sometimes this was totally random she said” if you don’t get up I’m going to step on you and crush you”. She was being playful but meant it. Lisa put her feet on me sitting on the bed, she had on socks and she lightly walked her feet on my chest. I said” I ain’t scared” that seemed to egg her on” ok smart ass” with that Lisa stepped on my chest full weight. She was laughing and walking in place, my face got a little red, Tina got jealous and told Lisa “get off him” and of course Lisa refused and walked up and down my body I was in heaven Tina saw the look on my face, and knew I was not in pain but the opposite. Tina had never walked on my front so I think she was very curious and jealous at the same time. Even though we weren’t together she wanted to date me. When Lisa made her way back up my chest Tina stepped on my more sensitive parts. Lisa was kind of in shock “T” she said “ both of us?” And I spent the next ten min getting squashed and I was loving every second of it.

Another time I was at Tina’s house in Mesquite and Lisa came over with two friends, I honestly don’t remember their names. But we all went to Tina’s place in Kaufman by my house.Tina dropped me off at my house I got my horse and rode on down to Tina’s barn. The four of them were getting the saddles and bridals ready so they could ride. So I helped them and we took off on a trail ride it’s a four mile loop back to Tina’s barn. Once back we removed the saddles and brushed the horses down and removed the halters.

I was laying on a bail of hay when Lisa and Tina lifted another bail and dropped it on top of me. The bail covered most of me the bails were pretty damn big about 110 lbs, we hauled 900 a summer between three families.

As soon as they dropped it Tina and Lisa climbed on and stood up. Standing on the bail on top of me their weight pressed me pretty good. Lisa was laughing and the other two were kind of in shock. When Lisa climbed up it caused the bail to rock a little Tina being heavier just a little the bail tilted more onto my thighs and groin and lifted off my chest just a little.

It was really heavy but Tina said “ ya’ll get on” the other two laughing but slowly did as instructed that bail got very heavy I was struggling with the four of them standing on it. I could barley breathe and the hay was poking the hell out of me. They would wobble and the bail pressed every part of me. As they moved about the weight just for a second wound concentrate on my chest. Then move down onto my groin and legs then settle. I was heaven and hell but didn’t want it to end.

It hurt when some pieces of the hay bail were a little sharp and the bail under me really didn’t give much. After a few minutes the girls sat down and were talking with me crushed under them.

After a while I guess they felt sorry for me and got off and lifted the bail off me, Lisa lifted my shirt and I was all scratched up and had hay imprints all over my chest and back. Tina freaked out a little” don’t let your mom see that she will kill me” she said.

Another true story this one is not my proudest moment I went through a pretty dark time after Kristy broke up with me. I already had a weed problem but that pushed me over the edge I got drunk a lot. This was about 3 years after the above experiences.

I was in my room and I wont lie I was baked and drunk laying on my floor because the carpet in my room felt like I was in the ocean it felt like I was rocking and tilting it must have been around 1AM my window was open. Out of no where Tina and some girl I never seen before climbed in to my room. It honestly scared the shit out of me. I hadn’t seen Tina in about a year she had put on a lot of weight because she just had a baby not long ago. Her friend was pretty heavy also, now I’m not some prick that would never date a girl with a few extra pounds but we all have a type. And I was still so hung up on ole Kristy, I was in no shape to date anyone. ( The Kristy from my other stories)

Tina and I had drifted for last two years she when down a bad road and I was unable to stop her. But I have no room to talk at that time I stayed stoned and drunk. It made it easy to get beer because a friend rolled beer for Coors and he always had a case or two.

Once inside the girls could quickly tell I was really screwed up still laying on the floor. Tina was laughing at me as they sat on my waterbed “how much have you smoked and how many beers?” A lot of both I said my room is kind of spinning and the floor is rocking. Tina looked at her friend “ told you he is easy on the eyes”. Her friend said “hell yeah he is hot”. Me I mumbled ya’ll are sweet, I started to get up but Tina came over and sat on my stomach and pushed my hands to the carpet then kissed me hard. I remembered her kiss it was familiar from when we were kids.

Now as I said Tina was noticeably heavier than she was a few years ago and going by how her weight had me pinned to the carpet I would say 180 maybe more. I honestly was not attracted to either of these two but they were pretty determined to have some fun no matter if I was into it or not.

I said I need to close the window and I tried to get up but it was going to be very hard and would have taken some effort. Tina’s friend said” I will do it” and she went over and closed it. That was honestly my shot at getting up but that went to hell. Her friend came back and sat on my legs, at first her hands just rubbed my shaft and balls through my pants. It felt good but drunk as I was mini me was not in the mood. It wasn’t long and my wranglers were off and this girl I don’t know if rubbing me hard while Tina is having mouth sex on me. She always was an awesome kisser. Her friend was getting frustrated my body was not having any of this. Tina pulled away from kissing me “ what’s wrong”…. “ he’s not getting hard” Tina said “ still?, ok this will sound crazy but step on him and walk in place he will be rock”. I tried to say no but Tina started kissing me to shut me up. Her friend “ what? Are you crazy I will kill him if I step on him especially down there”. Tina “ no you won’t I used to do it all the time, well I was a lot lighter then but he will be fine”.

Her friend I know this is bad but I honestly do not remember her name for ease of telling the story I will use Jen.

Jen had on these Bikini Sandals with just a thin strap between the toe and a thin heel strap and a very slight heel. Jen put her foot on my mostly soft dick and pressed down some but got scared and told Tina “ I can’t I don’t want to hurt him”. Tina looked kind of annoyed and said “ fine trade me places” Jen was all to happy to not be first to crush me. As she sat on my stomach she placed her hands on my face and moved in. She was very gentle and placed her lips on mine, it was a very soft kiss and slowly it got more aggressive.

Tina had on worn flip flops and she was not gentle she stepped right on and it hurt. She wanted me to get hard and she knew this would work, as she stepped on my groaned but I also bumped Jens tooth with mine that shit hurt. That made her pull back and Curiosity got ahold of her as she watched Tina march in place.

“You’re crushing me, get off!” I said Tina just smiled and told me “ you know you love it”. I told her it’s not working anyway” .. Jen watched them kissed me pretty damn aggressively till I guess she got the guts to try it. She pulled back and stood up. “ My turn” she told Tina and Tina just stomped up onto my chest.

I felt the soft leather of Jens sandal press into me as her weight shifted all around my semi hard cock. I was getting squished and even if not attracted to either of the two the pressure made me hard I couldn’t stop it.

Hell with Jen now marching in place I almost came, Jen slid off her shorts and sat down sliding my now fully hard dick into her. Damn it felt good and Jen moaned I had to tell her shhh.

As she worked me good Tina said “ don’t make him cum I want on” and as Jen got off she slid her shorts back up and took her place on my chest. Tina not to be outdone slid my shaft into herself and starting riding me hard.

Time told Jen “ jump a little” Jen did but softly and started to get in rhythm with Tina raising and lowering herself. I knew I couldn’t hold out and it didn’t take long. I exploded inside Tina and then laid on the carpet. Jen stopped and just stood on me for a while. I’m very hazy on what happened because I don’t remember seeing Them leave. That was the last time I ever saw either of them again and it’s been many years.