Mr Palmer's lovely guests

Aug 19, 2005
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This is the first part of a story about 'trampling', and I hope to complete it at some point in the future.


It was in the late afternoon, when Lawrence Palmer was driving home for Christmas.

There was dense snowfall and it was cold, with temperatures as low as -7 ° C (20° F)

He parked his car under a canopy at the back side of his house, and got off.

Before going to the main entrance at the front side of his house, he looked at the opposing side of the street.

There was that bridge across a broad river, which had always been there, but this time the bridge wasn't alone.

Snuggled up in blankets or a bedroll, there were two figures sitting on the pavement and leaning against the grid-like parapet.

"It isn't right to let the needy freeze like this on Christmas Eve." Lawrence thought to himself. He crossed the street to see from close, who those two figures were.

When he came close enough to see their faces, he saw that one of them was Zaina, the teenage daughter of a guy who was the owner of a betting shop in the neighbourhood.

"Zaina, it's unhealthy to spend the night outdoors, especially when it's as bitterly cold as it is now."

"Oh yeah, smarty-pants ? And why on earth would you even care, Mr. Palmer ?" Zaina responded with a whiny voice. "What other choice do we have ?"

"Zaina, why aren't you at home, with your family ?" Lawrence wondered. "I'm aware that your family probably doesn't celebrate Christmas like most other people in this country, but still-"

"You really wanna know, Mr. Palmer ?" Zaina answered. "My parents expelled me from home, because they discovered the truth about Malika and me."

"Oh, I see, so this other gorgeous lady here ..."

"Yeah, I'm Malika. I'm Zaina's classmate, and my dad kicked me out from home, too." answered the other of the two girls who were sitting in the snow, right before Lawrence.

Both were shivering so horribly due to the frosty weather that Lawrence couldn't help making a suggestion instinctively, and before thinking it over: "I've got a guestroom in my house.
So just in case the two of you prefer spending the night in a warm bed over freezing and getting the flu here, outside, I'd certainly love to welcome you in my house."

The countenances of Zaina and Malika which had been looking so infinitely desperate and sad until only a few moments ago - they brightened up instantly.

Malika turned her face to Zaina: "Who is he, I don't know him ? You think we can trust him ?"

Zaina whispered back: "Yeah, I've known Mr. Palmer ever since my family moved here, to this town, since my early childhood. I'm absolutely sure he's harmless and not a crazy weirdo, secretly, so I suggest ..."

Zaina turned her face and looked at Lawrence: "Mr. Palmer ! We certainly wanna accept your invitation !"

"Fine then, just follow me to the front side of my house, Zaina, Malika ...." Lawrence turned around and walked ahead.


Right after the three of them had entered Lawrence' house, Zaina remarked: "Your rooms are heated well, Mr. Palmer."

"Zaina, Malika, if you need to take a warm bath, it's over there." Lawrence pointed at the door to his bathroom. "If you like, I'm gonna fry you some fish sticks and chips in the meanwhile."

"That would be great, Mr. Palmer." Zaina nodded. "However, there's a problem. We've got no other clothes than those we're wearing right now ?"

Malika touched Zaina's shoulder from behind and whispered "psst, Zaina. Shouldn't we be a little bit more humble in our situation ?"

Lawrence heard Malika's comment: "Don't worry, Malika. Although they're old and nothing special, I still have some nightdresses and other clothes of my sister."

He pointed at one of the doors to the left side of the corridor. "Over there, that's my guestroom where I also host my sister, whenever she comes to this town and pays me a visit."

Lawrence went ahead and entered the guest room, Zaina and Malika followed him, and Lawrence turned the light on.

"WOOOW !!! What a fantastic and homy room do we have here !" Zaina's eyes were shining from delight. "That double bed over there is looking so cosy !"

Lawrence smiled: "Well, my charming ladies ! It's great you like it, because this is gonna be your room. Over there, that little cupboard with the drawers, that's where you can find some clothes.
Just help yourself."

Mr. Palmer left the room, and headed towards some circular stairs on the right side of the corridor, while Malika and Zaina were left behind in his guest room.

"Can you believe it, Malika ?"

"Sorry, Zaina." Malika reached out for her friend, and embraced her. "If you ask me I think there's something suspicious about Mr. Palmer. I mean nobody's gonna be THAT KIND - and for free ?"

"Oh my, Malika. You're always worrying way too much." Zaina hugged Malika, too, and a moment later their lips met for a romantic kiss. "Why don't we just enjoy our night here to the fullest."

"Yeah, ok, Zaina. But let's take a warm bath first." Malika whispered.


30 minutes later, Lawrence Palmer's enchanting visitors were done bathing, and they appeared in his dining room.

Lawrence, who had already finished eating, was still sitting on the corner bench, and he wasn't wearing anything else but boxer shorts.

He tried to explain why he was clothed so sparingly: "Oh, sorry ! I haven't found enough time yet to get myself dressed up properly. It's because right after I'd taken a shower I was so hungry that I had to start cooking immediately."

Zaina, who was standing in the middle of the room, shook her head: "Really, Mr. Palmer ! There's no need for you to apologize for what you enjoy wearing inside your own house."

Right when Zaina had finished her last statement, Lawrence dropped his gaze and looked down at Zaina's bare feet.

They were even more gorgeous and perfect than he had ever imagined them to be. Therefore, Lawrence couldn't stop himself from opening his mouth widely and involuntarily, and he started breathing more noisily.

Lawrence' whole countenance, which had been looking neutral and relaxed until now - it had turned into a facial expression of curiosity and obvious sensual excitement.

"Z- z- z-" he began to stutter, while he kept on staring at Zaina's feet like someone who was mesmerized.

"Yeah, Mr. Palmer ? What is it ?" and she also looked down at her feet.

"Oh, it's n- n- nothing, Zaina !" Lawrence answered. "I was only concerned because there's a tiled floor here, in this dining room, and not a warm and soft carpet. I totally forgot to get you some slippers."

Now also Malika said something: "Don't you worry, Mr. Palmer. The tiled floor doesn't feel cold on my bare feet at all !"

Malika's remark caused Lawrence to turn his head and look at her feet, too. They were slightly larger than Zaina's, but just as awesome.

Then he raised his eyes again: "Well then, my charming ladies ! I've left some food in the oven, to keep it warm."

"Stop it, Mr. Palmer, you've done more than enough for us already." Malika reached out for his arm to stop him from going to the kitchen. "You don't have to serve us dinner on top of all that, too."

"Ok then, Malika, Zaina. Feel free to help yourself !" Lawrence answered with a smile on his face, and his eyes closed. "I've gotta go upstairs, to my bedroom, to get myself dressed up in a more civilized way ..."

Zaina and Malika stayed behind and enjoyed the dinner.


"So he's upstairs now, eh ?" Malika whispered.

"Yeah, but I don't think he's got bugs or secret cameras here to observe us." Zaina answered in a low voice. "By the way, Malika. Did you notice it, too ? The way Mr Palmer seemed to get aroused merely from watching our feet ?"

"Of course, Zaina, I've seen it, too." Malika giggled. "Seems like he's got a foot fetish or something like that."

Zaina sighed: "So, after all, he really is some sort of a weirdo ..."

"Zaina, don't you think we should be afraid of Mr. Palmer a little bit more ? I mean he's a perv, right ?" Malika wondered.

Zaina shook her head: "You're worrying too much, Malika. I've known Mr. Palmer for so many years, and deep inside I know he's gotta be harmless."

"There's no way we can know this for sure, Zaina !" Malika disagreed. "What if he's plotting to drug us and cut off our feet while we're asleep ? I've read it in a newspaper that there've been insane serial killers with a foot fetish who did crazy things like that !"

Zaina broke out into loud laughter "Ha ha ha, yeah, you're right, Malika, I've read reports about disturbing crimes like that in a newspaper, too ..."

"But why then aren't you worried, Zaina ?"

"Well, Malika, as a matter of fact I also know that there are men out there who have a foot fetish but are the exact opposite of a serial killer."

"How so, Zaina ?"

"Yeah, it's true. " Zaina nodded. "There are also those who love feet but who're actually quite submissive instead of murdereous."

"Ok, Zaina, it's a relief you've got some knowledge about this kind of a quirk." Malika calmed down and wasn't worried any longer.

Therefore, the two girls just continued eating their fish sticks and chips until they were finished.


Right after Malika had choked down the last bite of the dinner, she made a subliminal request: "You know, Zaina.
I'd feel much more comfortable if we knew it with certainty, whether Mr Palmer is the dangerous type of a foot freak, or whether he's a harmless and submissive one."

"I've got an idea how we can find this out easily !" Zaina giggled. "Just leave it to me !"

Zaina lifted her legs until her feet came to rest on a nearby chair, and the soles of her bare feet were pointing directly at the entrance of the dining room.

Then she began calling for Lawrence: "Mr. Palmer ! Could you please come here ! I've got a request !"

A few moments later, Lawrence appeared at the door: "Yeah, Zaina, Malika ? How can I serve my charming l-l-la-"

Before he managed to complete his question, his eyes had spotted Zaina's feet, which she had put on that chair. The sight of Zaina's soles caused him to blush noticeably, his eyes widened and his tongue failed him.

"Mr. Palmer ?" Zaina giggled. "I've been wondering. Do you think my feet are sexy ?"

"Wha-Wha- How-..." Lawrence answered "y-you see, well, how did you find out that I do ? Are you a mind reader ? "

"Ha ha ha!" Zaina laughed out loud, but instead of laughing, Malika had a terrified expression on her face and seized Zaina's arm.

"What the hell are you doing , Zaina ? You wanna drive him mad ? " Malika looked at Lawrence. "I'm sorry, Mr. Palmer, really ! Please ? You aren't gonna harm us now, only because we found out that you're a foot freak ?"

"Foot LOVER, not a FREAK, Miss Malika !" Lawrence responded. "And I'm certainly not gonna harm anyone, especially not such beautiful and charming ladies like the two of you ! I have no idea how you could possibly believe that I would !?"

Zaina shoved Malika aside and smiled. "See, Malika ? He's actually a cute one, and not a scary one !"

Then Zaina - whose feet were still resting on that nearby chair - looked at Lawrence: "Mr. Palmer, why are you still standing over there, at the door ?"

"Oh yeah, why am I ?" at first Lawrence reacted like a confused one, but then he raised his eyes and seemingly regained his seriousness again.

Lawrence' and Zaina's eyes met, so he asked: "You said you had a request when you summoned me ?"


Zaina nodded: "Yeah, Mr. Palmer, do you remember when we told you that the floor tiles in this room didn't feel cold on our feet ?"

"Oh , I see, you had second thoughts so I've gotta to bring you some slippers ..."

"No, Mr. Palmer ! NO!" Zaina interrupted him briskly, and with an exciting look in her eyes she was staring into Lawrence' eyes, like if she was trying to hypnotize him.

Then she revealed her request: "Mr. Palmer ? Don't you think that it would be much easier if you just laid down on the floor, so we can step on your warm body and use you like a rug ?"

Lawrence felt like he was in heaven, and even before he could come up with an answer, he had entered the dining room and approached Zaina.

He knelt down, and with both hands he reached out for Zaina's feet, which were still resting on that chair: "I'm sorry, Zaina. I don't know why you're so kind to me, but just allow me to provide a kiss for your gorgeous feet first."

Zaina agreed by nodding and whispering: "Yeah, Mr Palmer, go along ! And I also wanna feel your warm face under my soles when you're about to kiss me."

Meanwhile, Malika was just speechless and couldn't believe what was going on before her eyes.

Lawrence obeyed Zaina's instructions, brought his face close enough to Zaina's feet so she could feel how it touched her soles, and kissed her sensually.

Then he moved his head away from Zaina's feet and settled himself in a crouching position.

"I suppose if I stretched out my arms above my head like this, and then laid down on my back ..." Lawrence dropped backwards such that he came to lie on his back, and his eyes could focus an imaginary point on the ceiling.

However -before Lawrence managed to clothe his next thoughts into words, Zaina had already taken the initiative and risen from her seat.

"Yeah, I can see clearly now how we can use you as our rug !" Zaina giggled, and the very next moment she just stood on Lawrence' upper body - with both feet and with her full weight.

Only now Malika couldn't hold back with her worries any longer: "ZAINA ? What the hell are you doing ? Are you trying to crush Mr Palmer ? You cannot just step on people who are lying on the floor like that ?!"

Lawrence giggled: "On the contrary, Malika ! It's a great honor for me to function as a rug for my beloved guests !" and after catching another breath: "Really. I'm just LOVING IT !"

"I'm sure our Mr Palmer here is not only a rug , but also a tough one on top of it, right ?" Zaina said with a coy undertone in her voice, while she was looking down at Lawrence' face.

"Yeah, Zaina." Lawrence - looking up at Zaina's face - smiled.. "I've got a lot of endurance, so nobody's gonna crush me easily or merely by standing on my chest."

"Don't get so cocky, rug !" Zaina interrupted him, and she had a threatening undertone in her voice. Also, while she'd been saying that, she had moved her right foot slightly forward, such that it came to hover closely above Lawrence' upturned face.

Lawrence enjoyed his beetle perspective very much, although the only thing he could see was the bottom of Zaina's foot from below - and only an inch away from his lips.

The situation remained frozen in time like that for several moments more, until Zaina broke the silence:

"You know, Mr Palmer." She stared down at Lawrence' face, which was mostly obscured by her own foot. "I really would've loved to find out how tough you really are - and whether you could handle even if I stood on your face ?!"

"Has anyone ever told you that you're an angel, Zaina ?" was Lawrence' answer, and he reactivated his arms to grab Zaina's foot and bring it closer for a kiss.

"Oh come on, Mr Palmer !" Zaina suddenly put some weight onto her right foot - and as a result Lawrence' face got squashed beneath it.

Then she reminded Lawrence of his duty as a rug: "You must leave your arms stretched out, in the direction of the door ! Otherwise I can't step on them and reach the door without touching the cold floor tiles."

Lawrence didn't hesitate to obey Zaina's command, and although his nose had been buried under the ball of Zaina's foot, his lips weren't crushed enough to stop him from kissing Zaina's sole and making a comment:
"You see, Zaina ?" he sounded like someone who had a clothespin on his nose. "Of course I'd love it and could handle it, too, if you stood on my face !"

"Ha ha ha, Mr Palmer, are you joking ?" Zaina laughed. "I'm not even using my full weight nor am I anywhere close to standing on your face ... yet."

Zaina hesitated, but then she agreed: "However, if you're so serious and you really wanna find out ..."

"Yeah, Zaina ! I'm absolutely sure I'd love the feeling of you standing on my face !" Lawrence cut in.

"Ok then ! But don't blame me afterwards if anything goes wrong and I end up hurting you badly, k?" Zaina giggled, then she lifted her foot which had been pressing down on Lawrence' face and moved it a little bit in the direction of his forehead.

Once the ball of her foot was hovering an inch above Lawrence' forehead, and her heel had come into contact with his chin, her foot obscured most parts of Lawrence' face.

Then she stretched out her arms to the sides to hold the balance, and the very moment after her rhetorical question: "READY !?" Zaina stepped on Lawrence' face - this time with her full weight.

Now she was standing on his face on one foot, whereas the tiptoes of her left foot were still gently in touch with Lawrence' right shoulder.

The pressure Zaina's right foot exerted on Lawrence' lips was too enormous , so for the moment he was stopped from talking nonsense in a very efficient way.


Only now, after she had seen it with her own eyes how both - Zaina and Mr Palmer - were obviously enjoying their strange 'rug game', a feeling of curiosity and excitement awoke inside Malika, too.

"Zaina ? I've been wondering ..." Malika rose from her seat and approached the rug from the right side.

Zaina turned her head to face Malika: "Malika ? You don't need to walk on the cold floor with your bare feet ! Remember that we've got a warm and soft rug here, too."

"Yeah, you've convinced me now, Zaina." Malika giggled, and the next thing Lawrence could feel was Malika's right foot as it stepped on his crotch from the side, and moments later her left foot came to rest across his tummy, too.

As a reaction to the fact that now not only one, but BOTH of his adorable guests were using him as their rug and standing on him with their full body weights, Lawrence tried to release a lustful moan
of delight, but since his mouth was still squeezed and sealed off under Zaina's foot, he failed at producing ANY meaningful sounds for the moment.

"What now, Mr Palmer ? Are you still feeling as tough as before ?" Zaina laughed down at Lawrence' face, although not much of it was visible as most of it was covered by her foot.

A sound like "MMMMMMM" was the only kind of answer Lawrence managed to produce.

"Oh, I see, you cannot even talk under my heel." Zaina giggled.

Zaina made a big step forward with her left foot and placed it on Lawrence' forearms.

She shifted all of her body weight to her left foot and stepped down from Lawrence' face: "It was a good idea you streched out both of your arms towards the door,
because now I'm only one step away from ..." And with her next two steps Zaina passed through the door, left the dining room, and ended up standing in the hallway.

Zaina turned around and looked back at Malika, who was still standing on that portion of the rug where she had stepped on it.

"Ok then, Mr Palmer !" Malika gathered her courage, made two little steps forward on her newest favourite rug until she ended up standing on his chest with both feet , and with her toes pointing towards his chin.

"Well, yeah, you see... please excuse me if I ..." Malika smiled down at his face, but since she was condsiderably shier than her friend Zaina, she didn't know what do say.

"Hurry up, Malika. Remember, Mr Palmer is nothing else but a rug now. You can stand and stomp on him as much as you like, and however much is required to come here without touching the cold floor tiles !"

And after catching another breath, Zaina begged her friend: "Please, Malika. I'm so tired now I can hardly wait to find a bed ! Just come over here, k?"

"Ok, Zaina. Just a sec !" Malika nodded, and with a long stride over Lawrence' face her left foot landed on his forearms, whereas the tiptoes of her right foot remained gently in touch with Lawrence' shoulder.

"You know what, Mr Palmer ?" Malika said. "I certainly would've loved the feeling of your face under my feet, too !"

"Yeah, would you really wanna stand on my face, too ?" Lawrence looked up at Malika's face.

"Yeah, Mr Palmer, but as you can see, we're somewhat in a hurry now, so I can't." Malika nodded. "However, before I go, I wanted to ask you something in advance ?"

"What is it, Miss Malika ?"

"Well, how can I express this in words ..." Malika mumbled. "It's- You see- Once I had seen how tough you are and how incredibly long you endured Zaina's full weight on your face, I suddenly came up with a really exciting idea, Mr Palmer !"

Lawrence answered this with a friendly smile: "I'm so fond of exciting ideas , if only you knew ..."

However, instead of explaining her 'exciting' idea to Lawrence, Malika's countenance had turned shy and thoughtful again, although she still kept on staring down at Lawrence' face, whose eyes were staring up at her with excitement, too.

"Sorry, Mr Palmer, I can't tell you what I had in mind, at least not yet !" Malika concluded the conversation with her rug, and after two more long strides she arrived at the door and embraced Zaina.

Relieved from his payload, Lawrence sat up and turned around, to look at the door.

He saw that Zaina and Malika were hugging each other, but because he was still too drunk from the overwhelmingly sensual experience of having had the honor to serve them as a rug, he couldn't hear what Zaina was whispering into Malika's ear.

While he was still sitting there, on the floor, Zaina smiled at him: "It's been a lot of fun, Mr Palmer, and you were a magnificent rug !"

Lawrence stood up and took a bow: "The pleasure was all mine. I hope you're gonna enjoy your stay at our hotel, milady !"

"Ha ha ha, Mr Palmer, at times you're such a clown ! So now your house is also a hotel, all of a sudden ?" Zaina laughed.

Malika yawned: "Let's go to bed, Zaina.", and Zaina agreed by nodding and yawning herself: "Ok then, Mr Palmer ! Let's call it a day!"

Therefore, Lawrence nodded, too, and wished them a "Good night and sweet dreams !"






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Aug 19, 2005
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In the night that followed, Zaina and Malika had some romantic fun with each other in their double bed before they fell asleep.

When Lawrence woke up the next morning - after a night full of wonderful dreams about Zaina's and Malika's feet - it was 9 am already.

He took a shower and got himself dressed with some new boxer shorts, then he descended the circular staircase.

Downstairs, he entered the dining room.

The heavenly scent of hollyhock tea was soaring from a teapot on the dining table , and there were some emptied teacups, too.

"It's great to see my lovely guests had a such a relaxing sleep that they could leave me already." he said to himself, but with a loud voice so he could be heard in the whole house.

"No, Mr Palmer, I'm still here !" he heard Malika's voice, which was coming from the guest room.

Lawrence poured some milk over his oat flakes, and then he took a seat on the corner bench.

He hadn't even begun to eat his horse fodder yet, when it was Malika who appeared at the door.

"Good morning, Miss Malika !"

"Good morning, Mr Palmer !" Malika greeted him with a smile. "I think we're alone now !"

"A-a-a-lone ? What about Zaina ?"

"She received a call from her worried dad earlier this morning. I didn't hear exactly what they were saying, but apparently Zaina's dad was feeling sorry for what happened yesterday."

Lawrence breathed deeply: "It's a great relief to hear that Zaina reconciled with her dad and family ag-ag-ag ..."

Since his eye had had a mind of its own and begun to examine Malika's feet, Lawrence' flood of words had turned into stutter again.

"Please, Mr Palmer, I'm begging you to remain seated and enjoy your breakfast !" Malika giggled. "I don't wanna use you as my rug yet !"

She entered the dining room and approached Lawrence. Then she sat down on a chair next to him, and put her bare feet on the corner bench, right beside Lawrence.

Naturally, the situation was way too arousing for Lawrence, and instead of starting to eat his oat flakes, looking at Malika's feet which were right beside him was the only thing he was capable of at this moment.

After a few more moments of silence , Lawrence closed his eyes and whispered to himself:
"I know ! All of this must be a dream, right ! In reality it would be impossible that a most gorgeous beauty like Miss Malika ... mmm !!!"

Before Lawrence had gotten a chance to finish his compliment, he felt the delightful pressure of Malika's feet on ... his CROTCH and tummy.

"Am I hallucinating or could it be that there's a hard snake underneath your boxer shorts, Mr Palmer ?" Malika giggled. "I can definitely feel it under my feet."

Lawrence' state of arousal had advanced to a stage of lecherous panting.

He opened his eyes again, and looked at Malika's feet as she we was pressing them against his crotch, like if she was trying to knead or crush that big and rock hard snake she had discovered, and which was hiding underneath his boxer shorts.

Using his hands, Lawrence touched Malika's feet gently from both sides and looked into Malika's eyes with pleasure "Miss Malika ? You've gotta be careful with this particular species of a snake ..."

Malika just continued kneading Lawrence' crotch under her bare feet: "Is that so, Mr Palmer ? Do you know anything more specific about it ?"

"Didn't you know-" Lawrence' panting had turned into moaning: "If you aren't careful, ..."

However, instead of completing his last sentence in a meaningful way, he climaxed with a loud and deep moan.

Then he giggled: "Oh no, it's too late now ! I'm afraid the snake spewed out its secretion ..."

Malika withdrew her feet from Lawrence' crotch within an instant, and pretended to be shocked: "Oh no, Mr Palmer ! I hope it's not some kind of a venomous or corrosive secretion ?"

Lawrence shook his head: "Luckily it's harmless. However, I'm afraid I still have to take another shower now, so I can wash it off as soon as possible."

"Yeah, Mr Palmer, better safe than sorry !" Malika smiled at him. "However, I'm still a little bit surprised how quickly your snake exploded."

Lawrence laughed, then he left the dining room, went upstairs and took his second shower.




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part 2.2:

After Lawrence had taken his shower, he descended the circular staircases and ended up in the hallway.

He saw that Malika had put on her winter shoes and her warm coat.

She was standing right beside the frontdoor, ready to leave the house, and looking at her smartphone.

"Oh, hi Mr Palmer ! I just got a call from Zaina. She's waiting for me at our favourite fairground, you know-"

"You're right, Miss Malika. Going out and getting some fresh air is certainly a good idea." Lawrence agreed. "I hope you can find a way to reconcile with your own family, too."

"That's what I was hoping, too." Malika answered with a sigh. Then she grabbed the doorhandle, and waved Mr Palmer goodbye. "Thank you so much for everything, Mr Palmer. !"

After Malika had left Lawrence' house, he fetched a vacuum cleaner.

45 minutes later, after he had cleaned all the other rooms of his house first, he entered the guest room where he had hosted his lovely guests Zaina and Malika.

Once he was done vacuuming the purple carpet, he looked at their double bed and thought to himself: "Now that they're gone it's probably a good idea to remove their bed clothes."

Therefore Lawrence filled his washing machine with their bed clothes and turned it on.

When he looked at his wristwatch and saw that it was 11 am already, he said to himself: "It's about time I go outdoors and get me some fresh air, too".

He put on his shoes, his jacket and his coat, left his house and locked the door behind him.

When he arrived at the backside of his house, he ignored his car, crossed the street and treaded that fateful bridge, where he had met Zaina and Malika on the evening before.

He enjoyed a special dish at a restaurant on the other side of the river, and afterwards he took another random walk downtown.

part 2.3:

Time flew by, and it was 5 pm when Lawrence returned home.

He approached the frontdoor, put the key into the keyhole, but it turned out it wasn't even necessary to turn it around, as the door was already unlocked.

"Oh my, seems like I'm getting old" he mumbled to himself, although he was only in his mid-twenties. "How could I have forgotten to lock the door ?"

However, once Lawrence had entered his house, he saw that Malika's ankle boots were already on his shoemat for outdoor shoes.

While he was taking off his shoes, he began to whistle the tune of a song he had heard in a cafe just before.

Lawrence got rid of all of his outdoor clothes, and then he approached the door of the guest room, but it was closed.

That's why he assumed that Malika was probably inside, so he shouted: "Miss Malika ? Is everything all right ?"

But there was no response.

Since Lawrence was worried about the wellbeing of his cherished guest, he pushed the door open and entered the guest room, but nobody was there.

"Oh man, where on earth could she be ?" he sighed, while he had begun walking towards that circular staircase which led upstairs.

Moments later he swung the door to his bedroom open, but what he saw took him by complete surprise and he inhaled deeply !

The light was on, and Malika was lying prone - on Lawrence' BED, her elbows propped up at a 90- degree angle.

She was looking at her smartphone which she was holding in her right hand, and apparently she was listening to music because she also had earphones.

But that one detail Lawrence found most captivating about Malika's relaxed pose were the soles of her bare feet.

Malika's feet were so noticable because she had also bent her knees up at a 90- degree angle, and since the insides of her feet were touching each other, her soles were parallel to the horizon and pointing upwards.

It was a delightful sight, and watching Malika's feet in that sexy pose inspired Lawrence to imagine how it would feel like to have his face covered by
- or squashed under - those breathtaking soles of Malika, and boy was he sure it would feel like the most thrilling and most wonderful experience of his life.

Since Lawrence himself was hypnotized by Malika's feet and therefore speechless, it was Malika herself who had to break the silence.

She removed the earphones and paused the music video she had been watching: "Oh, hi, Mr Palmer ! I-I-I , ahem, you see-"

"M-m-miss Malika !?"

"Please omit the 'Miss', ok ?"

"k-k- Ok, Malika."

"Mr Palmer, I'm sorry I had to seize your cool bed here and use it for myself" Malika looked at Lawrence with a coy expression in her eyes.

"It's f-f-fine, Malika. It's me who should be sorry because I didn't expect you were going to pay me a visit so soon again." Lawrence smiled. "M-m-maybe it's best if I go
downstairs and prepare your bed in the guest room with some new bed clothes ..."

"No, Mr Palmer, I don't think that's gonna be necessary." Malika giggled, and she enjoyed the magnetic power her sexy feet were exerting on Lawrence' glances.

"Why not, Malika ?" Lawrence entered the room, and couldn't help starting to approach Malika, who was lying.on his bed.

"I don't wanna tell you yet, k?" Malika smiled, and she began to wiggle with her feet in a way that they resembled wriggling trouts on a fishing rod.

"Oh come on, Malika, don't you wanna give me a hint at least ?"

Malika agreed with a smile: "Ok, ok, Mr Palmer. For now I only wanna tell you so much: We aren't gonna need any other beds than this one here, because this one here is perfect."

"I'd reckon it's not so much the bed that's perfect, but only you, Malika." Lawrence complimented her.

"No, Mr Palmer, no !" Malika laughed. "I was indeed talking about your bed here. I think it's perfect because its metal headboard consists of iron bars, and they look easily strong enough to-.."

She stopped her explanation when she saw that Lawrence wasn't even listening attentively, but instead had come close enough to her feet and was preparing to lean forward: "Only one kiss, Malika, only ONE ..."

However, right before Lawrence succeeded at bringing his lips close enough to Malika's feet, she quickly rolled over onto her back. Then she moved her feet out of Lawrence' range by sitting up in a cross-legged fashion.

Since the object of his desire had escaped from his lips so abruptly, Lawrence looked at Malika with a puzzled face: "Oh, forgive me, Malika. Seems like I must've seen something that caused me to forget myself, so ..."

"Well, Mr Palmer, you see -" Malika interrupted him "I was really hoping to learn more about you, first, k ? I mean, unlike Zaina, I know hardly anything about you ! Therefore, I've gotta interrogate you first, before I
can decide whether-"

"Ok, Malika, although I don't think there's much I could tell you about me." Lawrence nodded. "What would you like to know ?"

"No, Mr Palmer, not in this boring way." Malika shook her head, and she got out of the bed. "After our encounter this morning I came up with a great idea ! So let's play our interrogation game in a much more sensual and thrilling way, ok ?"

Then she pointed at the bed: "First, you've gotta lie down here, on your back !"

"Oh, is this really gonna be necessary ?" Lawrence obeyed her command, laid down, and stared at the ceiling.

Moments later, Malika had entered his bed from the side by foot - literally.

She was standing erect on the sheeted mattress, right beside the 'suspect' whom she was going to interrogate, and who was looking up at her face from his lying position with excitement ...



part 2.4

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part 2.4

What happened next took only a few moments.

Malika performed one long stride forward, over and across Lawerence' upper body.

From her point of view, her left foot landed closely left beside Lawrence' upturned head, such that the inside of her foot was in touch with the side of his head, and with her left hand she supported herself on the wall to keep her balance.

Then she looked down at Lawrence' face, and saw that he was giggling joyfully.

A moment later, she also lifted her other foot from the mattress, moved it forward and over Lawrence' upper body.

For a second, Malika kept her foot hovering only a few inches above Lawrence' face, so he was feeling like a beetle that was doomed to glance at the sole of a giantess from below.

But then Malika decided to lower also her right foot - swiftly, but gently, onto ... Lawrence' face.

So she put her right foot on his face, and it covered the majority of its area beneath it, but because it was her other foot which was holding all of her weight, her sole was touching his face only lightly.

Then she began to rub her sole - cautiously and very gently - against Lawrence face and his facial contours.

Although his eyes were covered and his view was obstructed by Malika's sole for the moment, the way she kept on stroking his face with her foot was so lovely that Lawrence felt like he was in heaven,
and like he was experiencing a moment he wished to be never ending.

Since Malika was finding the sensation of Lawrence' face under her foot just as enjoyable and exciting, the situation persisted for a whole minute more.

Eventually, Malika broke the silence: "Ok, Mr Palmer ! Let's get started with our interrogation !"

She swung her right foot just enough inches to the right side so she could bring it down and put it on the mattress, too.

As a result, Lawrence head was now hemmed in between the lowest parts of Malika's shanks.

She was looking down at his face, while he was looking up at her: "Malika ! Hardly ever have I been as overwhelmed with emotion as I'm now !"

Malika reacted by halving the distance between Lawrence' and her own eyes, as she squatted down , and then she smiled sheepishly: "Are you serious, or aren't you only trying to flatter me ?"

"I'm absolutely serious ! You've got the most hauntingly beautiful soles of silk !" Lawrence affirmed his point of view. "I'd definitely LOVE to feel your soles on my face again ..."

Malika giggled: "Really ? And what if I used both feet next time !?"

Just when she had said that, she plopped down backwards, and her butt landed on Lawrence' pubic area.

Now she was sitting there: "Oops !? I hope my impact wasn't all too severe !? ..."

"Yes, Malika, PLEASE ! Both feet !" Lawrence whispered, and with each of his hands he grabbed one of Malika's shanks from the sides.

"Not so fast !" she looked at him with a demanding stare. "What about my backrest ?"

Lawrence bent his knees while leaving his soles on the mattress. As a result his thighs were set upright so Malika could use them as her backrest.

Malika leaned backwards and nodded "Oh, that's just great ! Now our interrogation is gonna be much more relaxing for both of us, right, Mr Palmer ?"

"Yeah, Malika, you're absolutely right ! It would've been wrong if only I - your suspect - had been allowed to remain in my lying and relaxing position,
while all the exhausting actions that should be part of any decent interrogation would've been left to you."

From her leant-back position she looked at Lawrence' talking head, which was hemmed in between the insides of her feet, and she smiled:
"Well, you know what, Mr Palmer ?
The only thing I'm missing now is a comfortable footrest !"

Therefore she lifted her left foot , which had been resting only an inch away from the side of Lawrence upturned head, off the mattress.

A few moments later Lawrence could see Malika's left sole coming down on his face, where it landed and covered the whole right** half of his face, and when it did, he couldn't help panting faintly from enthusiasm (** from his perspective).

Right after she had put her left foot on his face, she said with an impish undertone in her voice: "Yeah, Mr Palmer, now I'm absolutely convinced that your face will be a good footrest for me !"

Even before she had finished saying her last remark, she had already lifted also her right foot off the mattress, and had begun to lower it down on Lawrence' face, too.

Moments later, also her right sole came into contact with his face, and so it covered the whole left** half of his face (** from his perspective).

Now that Malika had planted both of her feet firmly on Lawrence' face, his view was completely obstructed.

For now, Malika's soles weren't exerting all too much pressure on Lawrence face, so luckily for him his nostrils remained open enough for breathing, and his lips remained flexible enough to form words and, of course - a kiss.

"Wow Mr Palmer, from my perspective it looks like your whole face just disappeared completely under my feet !" Malika laughed, and while she kept on sitting on his crotch and leaning back against his thighs,
she began to push her feet down on his face more and more powerfully.

As a result, now also Lawerence nostrils got blocked since they were being squeezed beneath Malika's heavenly soles, but boy did he enjoy being dominated like that !

That big snake underneath his boxer shorts, whereon Malika was actually outright sitting at the moment- it had gotten as hard as a rock again.

"Ok then, let's start with our first question !" Malika commanded her 'suspect', whose face had become her footrest "How old are you, and what's your job ?"

Lawrence certainly would've loved to answer her question, but because she was pressing her soles down on her newest favourite footrest - his face - so firmly, his lips were squeezed and kept shut : "MMMMMM !"

"Now what kind of an answer was that ?" Malika laughed, and she increased the pressure of her soles on Lawrence' face even more: "Don't tell me you're already having trouble breathing !?"

Indeed, now that Malika had asked this rhetorical question, it dawned on Lawrence what he'd been missing for quite some time now: The possibility to catch a breath.

Since she was pressing down her feet on his face so firmly, thereby squeezing and obstructing his nostrils and his mouth completely, her soles had become 'breath-taking' - but literally !

Instinctively he turned his head to the side, to free his nose and mouth so he could catch a breath, inhale hastily and give an answer: "Whew ! Ok then, so you wanna know something about my job ..."

Malika, whose soles were now no longer resting on Lawrence' upturned face, but merely on the side of his head, interrupted him: "No, Mr Palmer, before anything else you've gotta turn your face up again."

While Lawrence was doing what she had demanded, he protested: "But I cannot answer any of your questions if you ....MMMMMM !"

Just when Lawrence had turned his face up again, Malika had immediately taken the opportunity to put her feet firmly on his upturned face once more, and she giggled: "But I like it better this way, Mr Palmer !"

Again she pressed her soles so firmly down on his face that his nostrils and his mouth got smothered beneath them, his ability to breathe was cut off entirely, and answering her question was no longer possible for him, either.

"Please remember not to turn your head to the side again, ok, Mr Palmer ?" Malika reminded him. "I wanna feel your FACE under my feet, and not the side of your head !"

"MMMMMM !" Lawrence did his best to make his answer sound like an agreement, but actually the sensation of being smothered under Malika's breathtaking soles was so overwhelmingly wonderful for him that the hard snake
underneath his boxer shorts had come very close to exploding - again.

Malika hesitated to weaken the pressure her soles were exerting on Lawrence' face for several moments more, because she was too excited to watch her 'suspect' struggling for air while his face was being smothered beneath her feet.

Only once she saw how Lawrence was trying to grab her shanks with his hands, she concluded that he had probably reached the upper time limit for how long he could hold his breath.

Therefore she lifted her feet off his face slightly, but she kept the insides of her feet in touch with each other. Therefore, her soles were kept side by side, as they were hovering only one inch above Lawrence' face.

Lawrence gasped and took several deep breaths within the next couple of seconds: "Whew ! Whew ! Malika ! I-, I-, I'm ... out of breath ..."

"Just relax, Mr Palmer !" Malika giggled. "So what about your age , and your job ?"

Lawrence , who couldn't see anything else but Malika's sexy soles (because they were hovering only one inch above his upturned face), answered:
"Well, Malika, I guess I'm looking like someone who is in his mid-twenties, right ? But what about you, Malika ? You said you were a classmate of Zaina ?"

Malika answered: "I'm gonna have my 19th birthday in 3 months, in early March."

"Oh, I see, so you're 3 months younger than Zaina, right ?" Lawrence talked to Malika's soles in front of him. "I remember Zaina had her 19th birthday 3 weeks ago."

"Yeah, that's right Mr Palmer."

Malika lowered her soles again and put them on Lawrence' face, so it was covered by her feet entirely again.

However, this time she didn't apply any extra pressure on his face, so this time her soles were much more gently in touch with his face than before.
Therefore his nostrils were left open and his lips weren't prevented from speaking.

"And what about your job, Mr Palmer ?" she reminded him of her second question. "How is it possible that a young guy in his mid-twenties like you can already live in his own house ?"

"Well, Malika, if you seriously wanna know how I'm earning my money, let me tell you ..." Lawrence whispered, his face buried under her feet. "As a matter of fact, I'm a DRUG DEALER !"

"WHAT the heck , Mr Palmer !?" Malika shouted in disbelief. "You've gotta be kidding, right ?"

"But it's true. I'm selling drugs and other medicine at the pharmacy on the other side of the bridge !" Lawrence giggled. "The pharmacy belonged to my dad, and he built it up."

Malika laughed at the direction of her feet , which were resting on Lawrence' face and obscuring it completely. "Oh so that's why you were saying you're a 'drug dealer' !"

The two of them kept on giggling for several moments more, but then Malika came up with a new question: "So you probably inherited this house here from your dad, too ?"

"Yeah, Malika. Actually, the house doesn't belong solely to me, but also to my sister. However, once she had married her boyfried she moved out and now they've got their own house and family."

"But since you've inherited this house here, doesn't this also imply your father ..."

"Hmm, you're right, Malika, he's dead." Lawrence nodded. "He was run over by a woman in her car, on a rural road, two years ago. I'm afraid we'll never know how, nor why, it happened, but well ..."

"So you also inherited your father's pharmacy , Mr Palmer ?"

"Yeah, and business is going well." Lawrence enlightened her.

"So you have a degree in pharmacology , too , Mr Palmer ?"

"Yeah, of course I have." he mumbled under her feet, and he brought his hands closer to his head, in order to touch Malika's insteps gently from above.

Malika let it happen without comment, and just kept on looking at her feet.
She tried to focus on the sensation of Lawrence' warm face under her feet, and the sensation of his lips as he was kissing her soles from below.

After a while of mutual silence she came up with a new question: "Mr Palmer, there's only one last question on my mind: How the heck is it even possible that a kind and attractive guy like you
is single, and not in a relationship ?"

Lawrence giggled: "Well, you can easily guess why ! As a matter of fact, each and every time I had come anywhere close to intensifying any of my past romantic relationships, they were destined
to break up."

"So when was the last time you've been in a serious relationship , Mr Palmer ?"

"It must've been 3 years ago, when we broke up" Lawrence sighed. "You can easily imagine how my girlfriend reacted with horror, when I revealed my quirky preferences to her, and well,
of course it was all over."

"Oh, I see ..." Malika agreed.

Eventually she suggested: "Mr Palmer ? I'd love to watch some more music videos on my smartphone now."

Lawrence panted: "Yeah, that's probably a good idea."

Malika lifted her feet off his face and put them on the mattress beside his head again.

"It's been a while since we've had our last eye contact, right, Mr Palmer ?" she looked at Lawrence face, and with a blushed face and a coy smile he looked back at her and into her eyes.

There was a sparkle of delight in his eyes that was similar to that of a kid who had been snowed under with Christmas gifts.

Malika, who was still sitting on Lawrence' pubal area and leaning back against his thighs nodded: "Yeah, let's take a short break, ok ?"

"Good idea." he agreed, and he giggled coyly. "It's high time I take a shower and wash off ..."

Malika interrupted him with a loud laugh: "Don't tell me that big snake underneath your boxer shorts spewed out its secretion AGAIN ?"

"Well, Malika ..." Lawrence laughed, too. "I think I'm not the only one whose snake would explode if their face got smothered under feet that are as gorgeous as yours ..."

Instead of standing up from his crotch and letting him go to take a shower, Malika remained seated for some moments more: "Pl-pl-please don't go yet, Mr Palmer."

"Was there something else we needed to discuss , Malika ?"

"Y- y- yeah" Malika nodded, but "B-b-but you're right. It's probably better if you go now, and take your shower first !"

Having said that, she stood up from her seat on Lawrence' crotch, climbed out of his bed, and looked at her 'suspect', who had also sat up on his bed.

"Just don't take too much time to shower, ok, Mr Palmer ? I'm definitely looking forward to use your face as my footrest again !"

"Ok, Ma'am ! I'm gonna be back as soon as possible !" Lawrence imitated the voice of a smurf, and walked towards the door of his bedroom.

Malika giggled, and Lawrence left the room to take his third shower of that day.



part 2.5

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part 2.5

After Lawrence had taken his shower, he came back to his bedroom.

As usual, he wasn't wearing anything else but his boxer shorts.

When he entered his bedroom, Malika was kneeling on the white and soft long-hair carpet which adorned the floor, and her back was turned to him.

Apparently she'd been rummaging the bottom drawer of that dresser, which Lawrence used to store his unusual items.

When Malika heard that Lawrence had entered the room and approached her from behind, she stood up and turned to face him.

Now he was standing closely in front of her.

"Look, Mr Palmer, what I've found in your drawer !" she said with a pleased smile, holding up the items she had found.

"Wha-wha-what were you planning to do with these handcuffs and ropes, Malika ?" Lawrence asked her.

"Well, you see-" Malika looked into his eyes with a sheepish smile. "Actually, I was hoping to tie you up !"

Lawrence held his hands out to her: "Officer Malika ! Please ! If you wanna handcuff me for my drug dealing, go ahead !"

"No, Mr Palmer, you jester !" Malika laughed, and then she pointed at his bed: "I've gotta tie you up over there ! So please, Mr FOOTREST, would you be so kind and ..."

She didn't even need to finish her command, as Lawrence had already walked over to his bed and laid down on his back.

Malika had followed him, and as soon as she saw him lying and staring at the ceiling she stepped on the mattress of the bed, too.

Now she was standing erect on the bed with both feet side by side, but this time she was also standing so closely right beside Lawrence' upturned face, that her toes were gently in touch with the right side of his skull.

In his lying position, Lawrence rolled his eyes slightly to the right side in order to look up along Malika's front and see her face.

Malika bent her head slightly forward, too, so she could smile down at Lawrence' face: "Well, Mr Palmer, let me explain what I've had in mind - ever since yesterday."

"Oh, I remember ! You said you'd come up with an 'exciting' idea , but you didn't wanna tell me about it ?"

Malika stretched out her left arm to the left side, so her hand touched the wall and she could use it to support herself and keep her balance.

"Yeah, Mr Palmer , I'd been looking forward to practice standing on your face, too, just like Zaina did yesterday !"

Lawrence giggled: "Why do you think it would be so hard to stand on my face ?
You know there's nothing on earth I'd love to experience more than having my face stood on by you, Malika !"

Malika lifted her right foot slightly off the mattress, and moved it one foot forward, until her sole came to hover only an inch above the lower half of Lawrence' face.

At first she was hesitant to lower her foot and squash Lawrence' nose, mouth and chin beneath it.

"I'd love to, Mr Palmer, really, I'd love to ..." Malika smiled down at his eyes, which were looking up at her with excitement. "However, I'm not as good as Zaina when it comes to holding my balance."

"Hmmm, Malika, now that you're bringing up this topic, I'm suddenly starting to wonder how Zaina was able to stand on my head with only one foot, and so effortlessly."

Malika giggled: "That's not a suprise. After all, Zaina has always been really good at doing gymnastics. At one time I even saw her dancing and performing somersaults on a balance beam."

Lawrence agreed: "Ok, now I see why it must've been easier for Zaina to stand on such a spherical object like , for example, my head - and without losing her balance."

"Yeah, Mr Palmer, but as a matter of fact, I'm not such a well-trained gymnast like Zaina, so unlike her - in order to hold my balance easier - I've gotta use both feet if I wanna stand on your face."

Only now Malika lowered her right foot and put it - very gently - on Lawrence' lower face, and as a result his cheeks, nose, mouth and chin got covered entirely under her heavenly sole.

However, since it was still her left foot that was holding almost all of her bodyweight, the pressure her right foot exerted on Lawrence' lower face was only very mild.

Nevertheless, her sole, which she had planted on his lower face, had made it difficult for him to inhale, but this fact alone didn't bother him at all.
On the contrary: Just like before, when they'd been playing their 'interrogation game', it was again this particular kind of breath-taking domination by Malika's feet which happened to turn him on most.

Malika let her right foot rest on Lawrence' lower face for several moments more, but eventually she lifted it off his face and put it back beside her other foot on the mattress again.

Lawrence looked up at her face: "M-malika, you were so close to standing on my face ! I'm sure you could've done it !
The only thing that was left for you to do was to lift your other foot, too, and place it on the upper half of my face, and voilà - you would've been standing on my face.
Did you hesitate because you were too worried to hurt me ?"

"No, Mr Palmer, I wasn't worried so much about hurting you, but - " Malika answered. "If only I could be sure that you aren't going to turn your head to the side unexpectedly, once I'm standing on your face ..."

"You have my word I wouldn't do that, Malika !" Lawrence interrupted her. "If you were ever going to stand on my face, I certainly wouldn't ever wanna turn my head and risk that you fall off my face and wrench your ankles !
I promise ..."

Malika smiled down at his face on the floor, and interrupted him: "No, Mr Palmer ! I think there's something much better than only a mere promise - and it's called 'certainty' ! So I really only wanna make
absolutely sure that you cannot turn your head to the side, once I'm standing on your face !"

Lawrence' excitement increased: "You wanna make it SO sure that I couldn't turn my head ? Even if wanted to ? And even if I needed to !?"

"Exactly, Mr Palmer !" Malika nodded, and the expression on her face was just as excited as Lawrence'. "And that's exactly why I've gotta tie you up, ok ?"

"Yeah, please, Malika !" Lawrence agreed, and his eyes were sparkling with delight. "You can tie me up however tightly and in whatever fashion you like !"

Malika shouted: "Oh that's just GREAT , Mr Palmer !".

Then she turned right, and even before Lawrence got a chance to know what hit him, she had already stepped on his chest with both feet, and with her full weight.

Now she was standing erect on his chest, and her toes were pointing towards Lawrence' crotch.

With her back turned to Lawrence' face, she looked at the footboard of the bed:
"Isn't it great that the footboard and headboard of your bed consist of thick iron bars, Mr Palmer ?"

Lawrence, who was looking up along her back and admiring her long, black hair, nodded: "Yeah, Malika, you're right. I suppose they've gotta be absolutely unbreakable."

Then Malika stepped off Lawrence' chest, and also down from his bed ...



part 2.6

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part 2.6

While Lawrence remained lying on his back in the bed, Malika approached Lawrence' lower legs.

She handcuffed his ankles together, and used an additional rope on top of the handcuffs to tie up his lower legs,

Then she used handcuffs to chain each of his lower legs to one of the iron bars which made up the footboard of the bed.

Finally, she took two more ropes to tie each of his lower legs to the iron bars, and she made the best and most unbreakable knots she knew.

"Ok, Mr Palmer ! Now there's only one thing left which I've gotta stop from moving - your arms !"

Malika approached the headboard of his bed, which consisted of multiple thick, vertical iron bars, too, just like the footboard.

Then she ordered Lawrence: "Now stretch out your arms in parallel above your head, and keep them as straight as you can !"

Lawrence obeyed "Like this, Malika ? Should I stick my hands through the gaps between the iron bars, too ? Like ... this ?"

Malika agreed: "Yeah, exactly like this ! But while you do, you also need to make sure that your muscular upper arms remain in contact with the sides of your head !
That way your head is gonna be jammed between your own upper arms, once I've tied your elbows tightly together and chained them to the iron bars !"

Lawrence followed all of Malika's instructions to the point, so she had an easy time fastening his arms to the iron bars of the headboard.

Once Malika was certain that Lawrence was tied up and immobilized sufficiently, she stepped on his bed again.

Now she was standing erect on the mattress beside Lawrence' head, at the exactly same spot where she had stood before:
Closely right beside Lawrence' upturned face, with her feet side by side, her toes pointing towards the right side of his head, and the right side of his head was only one inch in front of her toes.

Malika bent her head slightly forward, so she could look down into his eyes with a coy smile: "Mr Palmer !? Maybe you wanna try to turn your head !?"

Lawrence tried to do what she had suggested, but found that it was absolutely impossible: "Well, Malika. Seems like your idea of jamming my head between my own upper arms works perfectly !"

So now Lawrence was lying there, on his bed, and thanks to Malika's skilful and imaginative bondage technique he was so perfectly tied up and immobilized that he couldn't even turn his head any longer.

"Wow, Mr Palmer !! This is so GREAT !!" Malika smiled down at Lawrence' face, which was only one inch in front of her toes, and with her left hand she supported herself on the wall. "Now I can hardly wait
to stand on your face, without having to worry !"

"Oh yeah, Malika !" Lawrence looked up at her face from his lying position with delight. "I can hardly await the sensation of your wonderful soles on my face, either ! Please ! I'm begging you ! Stand on my face !"

While Malika had begun to lift her right foot slightly, but slowly off the mattress, she giggled down at him "Man, Mr Palmer ! I really hope you're going to enjoy this !"

A moment later she had moved her foot one foot forward, so now her sole was hovering only one inch above the lower half of Lawrence' face.

At this moment, the excitement of both - Malika and Lawrence - seemed to be stretched to the breaking point.

Then Malika lowered her right foot and put it on the lower half of Lawrence' face.

Lawrence enjoyed the sensation when her gorgeous sole came into touch with his lower face , therby burying his nose, his lips, his cheeks and his chin beneath it,
and he also loved the way her foot was resting across his lower face - from his right cheek, over his nose, to his left cheek.

Self-evidently, the tip of his nose, his cheeks, his lips and his chin were now completely smothered under Malika's right sole, albeit only gently - for the moment.

Malika smiled down at Lawrence' eyes one last time, before she was going to make them disappear under her other foot, too, and she addressed one final, rhetorical question at him: "Ready !?"

Naturally - before Malika could lift also her left foot off the mattress and place it across Lawerence' upper face, she had to put all of her weight onto her right foot first.

Therefore, the next thing Lawrence felt was that the gentle pressure Malika's right sole had been exerting on his lower face until now, suddenly increased thousandfold - and within the blink of an eye.

It was the first time that his chin, cheeks, lips and nose got squashed and smothered so enormously under Malika's foot that it felt slightly painful, like if someone was trying to push his nose into his head, or push his
lips so hard against his incisors that either the lips, or the teeth, or both were intended to break.
Of course his nostrils and mouth got crushed, sealed and closed so tightly under the pressure of her right sole, too, that from now on it was 'absolutely' impossible for him to breathe or to talk.

Then, only one second later, and even before Lawrence had fully realized what was going on, he saw how Malika's left foot enter his field of vision from his right side, and only a few inches above his upturned face.

His eyes widened in joyful anticipation of the prospect that Malika was obviously going to place also this other foot of hers on his face.

Since all of this happened so fast, it took only yet another second until Malika had positioned her left foot so perfectly vertical above Lawrence' upper face that she was confident.

Now the only thing Lawrence could see in front of him , from his beetle's perspective, was Malika's left sole, which was hovering only a few inches above his eyes.

He was so awed by the sight of her becautiful sole which was so closely in front of his eyes, that he certainly would've loved to touch it and bring it closer to his lips for a kiss,
but for obvious reasons (e.g. him being tied up) this wasn't possible at the moment.

Eventually, Malika decided to lower her left foot and put it on Lawrence' face, too - Lawrence enjoyed seeing Malika's sole coming closer and closer to his eyes, until
it finally came into touch with his brows, his forehead, and finally, once her foot had come to rest across his upper face, his eyes got buried beneath it, too, and everything went dark.

Now Malika was finally standing erect on Lawrence' face - with her full weight, and with both of her bare feet side by side:
While her right foot was placed across the lower half of Lawrence' face, where it covered his nose and his mouth,
her left foot was placed across the upper half of Lawrence' face, such that it covered his eyes and his forehead.

Also, her left hand was still in contact with the wall, so she could support herself and minimize the risk of losing her balance while standing on that 'spherical object' - Lawrence head !

Malika said: "Mr Palmer ! Now that I'm finally standing on your face, Mr Palmer, I find it much easier to hold my balance than I had expected ! Isn't this great, Mr Palmer ?"

Although Lawrence, whose whole face was now buried under her feet, certainly would've loved to compliment Malika in response, he quickly realized that it wasn't possible.
He couldn't open his mouth to say something because his nose and mouth had been squashed and smothered completely under Malika's right foot. And because she was standing on him with her full weight,
her sole was exerting so much pressure against his lips and his jaws , that it had become absolutely impossible for him to open his mouth !

Nevertheless, Lawrence tried to produce at least some sort of sound from below her foot: "MMMMMM!", but because Maiika's soft sole had sealed his mouth and nostrils absolutely air-tight, even his "MMMMMM!" was only very
faint and hardly audible for her.

Malika, on the other hand, hadn't even expected him to answer, and so she just kept on standing on Lawrence' face silently for several seconds more.

However, once Malika had been standing on Lawrence' face for 30 seconds continuously, she came up with a new remark: "Mr Palmer ! I never would have thought that standing on such a ball-like object
like your head was going to be THAT easy ! Aren't you also amazed by 'how long' I've already been able to stand on your face - and without losing my balance ?"

As for Lawrence, on whose face she was standing and whose entire face she'd thus been smothering under her feet for 'so long' - and without mercy - he was starting to feel 'amazed' due to some other reasons.

First off all, he was 'amazed' because of how absolutely tied up and defenseless he was in his current situation, and 'amazed' of how much power over himself he had given over to Malika, and with pleasure he became aware that
he was now entirely at Malika's mercy.

He found it not only amazing, but also unprecedentedly sensual and arousing, that Malika was standing on his face with her bare feet, with her full weight, and thus was making him feel like his face got steamrolled.

But the main reason why that hard snake underneath his boxer shorts had gotten hard twice as fast as usual was the fact that Malika's feet had been preventing him entirely from BREATHING for over 30 seconds,
as well as obstructing his vision completely, and there was absolutely nothing he could do to change his situation.

So after Malika's last statement, Lawrence had finally become fully aware of how urgently he needed to inhale new air !

But what could he do in his situation ?

Since his arms were tied so tightly to the iron bars behind his head, he couldn't bring his hands closer to his head , where they could touch Malika's feet so she would hopefully realize that he was in trouble
and needed to take a breath.

Also, thanks to the sophisticated bondage technique Malika had used for his arms, it was of course impossible for him to turn his head, as it was jammed firmly between his own upper arms.

It also dawned on him that they hadn't even agreed on some sort of a nonverbal gesture or a 'safeword', before she had stepped on his face.

It was only now that Lawrence became fully aware that he was out of options, and that he was indeed doomed to endure Malika's literally breath-taking feet on his face for however long she wasn't going
to lift them off his face and step down from him.

The only thing he could do now was to keep on lying on his back obediently and helplessly, and hope that Malika was going to step down from his face by herself.

So therefore he decided for himself to stay calm and to keep on holding his breath for a little longer,
because he was hoping that Malika might lose her 'appetite' for smothering him so mercilessly under feet within the next 10-20 seconds.

However, an additional 30 seconds elapsed without any change to the situation: Malika just kept on standing on his face silently, without lifting her feet off his face in the slightest,
while Lawrence just kept on suffering & enjoying having his face smothered under her wonderful soles.

Then - once Malika had been standing on Lawrence' face for 60 seconds continuously and without letting him breathe - Malika suddenly began to giggle, but with a lovely undertone in her voice:
"Ha ha ha Mr Palmer!
Standing on your face is so exciting !
At first it felt a little strange on my soles, when I crushed your face under my feet for the first time.
But by now I've really started to enjoy the sensation of your face under my feet !
So therefore I'm gonna keep on standing on your face like this for MUCH longer !"

"MMMMMMMM !" Lawrence was close to the upper time limit for holding his breath, so his nose, which was squashed under Malika's right sole, had began to try breathing by itself.

"Ha ha ha, Mr Palmer ! Were you just trying to inhale my foot ?" Malika laughed down at her feet, under which Lawrence' face had 'disappeared' completely from existence, only 1 minute ago.

Hearing Malika's lovely taunt while he was experiencing the sensation of being suffocated slowly, but helplessly under her heavenly soles, caused Lawrence' 'hard snake' to explode in an instant.
Although it wasn't even the first time he had cum bigtime on this day, Lawrence was certain that THIS time it was the most powerful climax he had ever experienced in his whole life !
Never in his life before had he ever been smothered and dominated as harshly, but yet sensually, as Malika was doing it right now.

However, at the same time his dick had begun to spew out its secretion underneath his boxer shorts, there was also a new emotion that joined in his mix of arousal, pleasure, lust, excitement and thrill: Anxiety !

For one last time Lawrence tried to keep cool and alarm Malika 'verbally' from underneath her soles, that he couldn't hold his breath any longer: "MMMMMMMM ! MMMMMMM !"
He was hoping that Malika had at least heard his - by now desperate - "MMMMMMM!", so she just HAD TO lift her foot off his lower face and let him breathe, or else ...

However, Lawrence' muffled sound from underneath her sole inspired Malika to giggle even more:
"Oh yeah, Mr Palmer !
It's such a relief to hear your confirmation, that you're STILL enjoying my feet on your face so very much !
Just don't you worry ! I'm not gonna lift my feet off your face anytime soon !"

Right when she had finished her last remark, an additional 30 seconds of time had passed, and all of a sudden Lawrence became aware that Malika was obviously enjoying the thrill of smothering him
under her soles WAY more than what he had ever imagined.

Now - after Malika had been standing on his face and thereby smothering him under her feet continuously for a total of 90 seconds - Lawrence was at his limit !

Seemingly out of nowhere, and within the blink of an eye, Lawrence' whole body was no longer under his own control, and thus it had begun to jerk and fidget desperately by itself, as it was struggling for air.

Of course, since his arms and legs were tied up and chained to the iron bars so firmly, Lawrence couldn't move them at all.

Therefore, Lawrence could really only move his hip a few inches up and down, and back and forth, because his hip was the only part of his body Malika hadn't tied up and immobilized completely.

'Malika!' Lawrence, thought to himself, like he was trying to send her a telepathic message from below her feet, 'Please ! Malika ! You've gotta take notice of how desperately I need to breathe - NOW !'.
By now, Lawrence felt like it was no longer only his face, which had gotten steamrolled under Malika's feet, but his whole self.

When Malika looked down at his hips and spotted, how they had begun to fidget, she instantly knew that he was desperate now and needed to breathe as soon as possible.

But instead of lifting her right foot off his lower face and allowing him to breathe immediately - she STILL kept on standing on his face unaltered, and continued to smother him under her feet without mercy !

The sensation of watching the desparate jerking of Lawrence' hips on the bed, as well as seeing his futile attempts to break his bonds, while she could also sense his absolutely futile attempts
to breathe under her feet - it was a major turn on for her !

Therefore, instead of letting him go, she just couldn't stop giggling even louder:
"Ha ha ha Mr Palmer !
I know that you can't breathe !
But for me it's just SO MUCH FUN to feel your face under my feet and to know that you can't escape !
I'm sorry, Mr Palmer, but right now it's just TURNING ME ON so much to feel how you're struggling for air under my feet, that I can't stop myself from smothering you !
Ha ha ha !
This is SO exciting ! Ha ha ha !"

This was the last 'long' statement of Malika which Lawrence heard while he was still conscious, before the inevitable happened:

Once 117 seconds of Malika standing on his face and smothering him continuously had elapsed: "MMMMMMMM!" - Lawrence antepenultimate 'protest' from underneath her soles.

Once 119 seconds of Malika standing on his face and smothering him continuously had elapsed: "Ha ha ha !" Malika laughed in response.

Once 121 seconds of Malika standing on his face and smothering him continuously had elapsed: "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM !!" - Lawrence' penultimate 'protest' from underneath her soles.

Once 123 seconds of Malika standing on his face and smothering him continuously had elapsed "Ha ha ha , Mr Palmer ! This is SO MUCH FUN ! Ha ha ha !" Malika laughed out loud.

And then ...

Once 128 seconds of Malika standing on his face and smothering him continuously had elapsed: "MMMMMMMMMMMMM !, mmmm, mm, m-" and at this moment, after his final, futile attempts
to inhale Malika's right foot (instead of air) through his nostrils, Lawrence' body resigned and everything went even blacker than black for him , because now he passed out helplessly under her feet - from lack of oxygen.


part 2.7: Epilogue

The uncontrolled fidgeting of Lawrence' hip, as well as his desperate attempts to break his bonds, which Malika had found so funny to watch for the last 30 seconds before his demise - all of it had stopped
so suddenly, unexpectedly, and within the blink of an eye, that now it also startled Malika !

Her sadistic - yet still always playful and lovely - laughter turned into a silence within an instant.

Malika lifted her feet off his face, stepped down from his bed, and then she turned around to look at Lawrence' lifeless body on the bed in front of her - with a cry of dismay !

"Oh my god, what the hell have I done ?" Malika thought to herself, and then she touched Lawrence' chest with her right palm in order to shake his chest, like if she was trying to shake him out of his
'sleep': "Please, Mr Palmer ! Wake up !! Please !! I didn't want THIS to happen !"

But since Lawrence was not only 'asleep', but - for obvious reasons - almost comatose, because after all, Malika had smothered him 'out' with her feet - Malika failed at waking him up by merely shaking his chest.

"Wh- wh- what - he can't be- NO WAY! " Malika said to herself, and her concerns that she might have smothered him to death with her bare feet kept on growing with every second she kept on looking at his lifeless body.

Then she brought her ear right next to Lawrence' mouth and nostrils, so she could listen whether he was still breathing.

He wasn't, and as a result Malika's face turned chalky-white from horror.

Luckily, she remembered what she had learned in a first-aid course about respiratory arrests !

So therefore Malika pinched his nostrils together with her fingers, and then bent forward over Lawrence' face until her lips came into touch with his lips and ...

... fortunately, already her first 'kiss of life' proved to be more than enough 'rescue breathing' to reactivate Lawrence' own breathing reflex !

While he was still gasping loudly and rapidly for air, Lawrence awakened from his unconsciousness.

Malika, who was sitting on the bed right beside him, breathed a loud sigh of relief : "Oh Thank Goodness , Mr Palmer, you're alive ! I was so worried ..."

Lawrence opened his eyes, and he was still a little confused and disoriented: "Hmm, what's going on ? What happened ? Why can't I move my arms ..."

Malika touched his left cheek gently with her right palm: "Mr Palmer ? Sure you remember me !? You can't move because I tied you up !"

Only now, after the sensation of Malika's warm hand on his face, and after listening to her lovely voice, Lawrence remembered everything that had happened:
"Oh yes, Malika ! Now I remember !
So you ... you stood on my face with your gorgeous feet, and for as long as you kept on standing on my face, I could neither see anything, nor inhale anything else but your feet !
Your feet had become my entire world !"

Then he rolled his eyes to the right side so he could look into Malika's eyes. "Why do you have tears in your eyes, Malika ?"

"Yeah, Mr Palmer, that's what happened, and I'm so SORRY !" Malika began to weep, and she stood up.

She approached the headboard of his bed , and began to untie and unchain Lawrence' arms from the iron bars.

"Malika, you're an absolutely wonderful girl in every way !" Lawrence tried to comfort her, although he wasn't sure why she had begun to weep. "It's breaking my heart to see you so sad."

"No, Mr Palmer, what I have done ..." Malika sobbed, while she was about to remove the last pair of handcuffs from his arms, "I'm afraid it's unforgivable !
And I cannot even explain, what had gotten into me ! Somehow, I just couldn't stop myself anymore from making you suffer ! I wasn't myself any longer !"

Now that Malika had removed the last rope from Lawrence' arms, he took this opportunity to sit up on his bed, and boy! was he happy that he could turn his head again.

Then Malika approached the footboard of his bed, and began to unlock the handcuffs and ropes she had used to tie up Lawrence' legs, but she was still visibly weeping, albeit silently.

Although there were a lot of unpleasant and painful things in the world, which Lawrence could bear effortlessly - seeing the sad face of a stunning girl right in front of him was not
one of those things: "Malika ! I'm begging you, cheer up again ! If there's anything I can do to comfort you ..."

"Ok, Mr Palmer, let's discuss what happened after I'm done here !?" her weeping stopped. "There's only one last rope left, which I must remove from your leg ..."

Once Lawrence was completely untied, Malika sat down beside him (on the bed).

"You're just too gorgeous and wonderful, Malika, " Lawrence tried to compliment her. "If I didn't know that you're already in a heavenly romantic relationship with Zaina,
I'd probably be tempted to fall in love with you right here ..."

"Oh how considerate of you !?" Malika smiled sheepishly at him.

Lawrence nodded: "Ok then, Malika, maybe you wanna tell me now ? How did it feel like when you were standing on my face ..."

"Ok, Mr Palmer." Malika interrupted him, and she had a curious expression on her face, as she was looking into his eyes:
"Like I said, I can't explain it either, what craziness had suddenly gotten into me, shortly before I made you pass out with my feet.
I mean, I was fully aware of the fact that you had absolutely no chance to breathe under my soles.
But despite knowing this ... I just kept on standing ..."

"Yeah, Malika, that's right. Now I remember." Lawrence interrupted her. "Near the end, before I passed out, I admit that I was afraid you were really trying to suffocate me with your feet,
so I was genuinely fearing for my life."

Hearing Lawrence' own words about how he experienced the last dire seconds before he got smothered out by her feet, brought new tears to Malika's eyes.

She was close to weeping again, when she looked into his eyes: "I'm so sorry, Mr Palmer ! I'm afraid what I did is absolutely unforgivable, and that I went too far.
And also the fact that I couldn't help laughing at you, and I was getting more and more turned on by seeing your helpless jerking, and by feeling your hopeless struggle for air under my feet ..."

Now Malika began to sob again: "Su-surely you've gotta take me for an insane sadistic mo-monster now, right, Mr Palmer ?? How will you ever be able to fo-forgive ... MMMMMMMMM- !?"
At this very moment, Lawrence had no longer been able to hold himself back.
Faster than she could react, he had embraced Malika heartily with both arms, and now he was kissing her on the lips sensually.

Then, after the kiss, Lawrence laid his hands gently on Malika's shoulders.
With an unprecedently enthusiastic expression on his face, he looked into her eyes:
"There isn't anything that needed to be forgiven by me, Malika ! On the contrary !
I absolutely LOVED the sensation of getting smothered under your feet, while you were standing on my face !"

Malika's sobbing stopped: "Is this really true, Mr Palmer ? Did you really ENJOY the feeling of my feet on your face ?"

Lawrence nodded: "Of course it's true."

Malika's countenance began to cheer up.

"So what do you think about ME, Mr Palmer? Do you think that I'm an insane and sadistic monster ?" Malika looked into his eyes with a curious expression on her face.

"No, Malika, not at all, Malika." Lawrence replied with a smile. "And even IF you were so genuinely sadistic, and even IF you really DID get turned on by seeing me struggle ..." he paused his speech,
because it was hard for him to accept the reality that this gorgeous and amiable girl right in front of him - Malika - seemed to have such a dark and sadistic second personality.

"Yeah, Mr Palmer ?" now also Malika laid her hands on Lawrence' shoulders, while she kept on staring excitedly into his eyes. "What if I REALLY were , Mr Palmer ? Would you ... ?"

Malika hesitated to finish her question for a moment, since she wasn't sure how he was going to respond.

But then she nodded "Would you ever wanna let me stand on your face AGAIN, so I can smother you under my feet - until you pass out !?"

"Would YOU really wanna do that to me again, Malika ?" Lawerence blushed, and his dick had gotten rock hard again.

"YEAH, MISTER PALMER !" Malika exclaimed, and now she was really cheerful again. "I certainly wanna have SO MUCH FUN with you again ! So how about it ?"

Lawrence agreed: "OF COURSE Malika ! I'm feeling so honored you enjoyed smothering me into passing out with your feet, and that you wanna play EXTREME foot smothering games with me AGAIN !"

"Oh that's just so great, Mr Palmer !" Malika stood up from the bed and walked to the door of his bedroom. "But now it's 7 pm already, so let's go downstairs and have dinner, ok, Mr Palmer ?"

"Ok, Malika." Lawrence stood up from his bed, too. "Just one last question, Malika."

"What is it, Mr Palmer ?"

"Since I'm still feeling like I got steamrolled under your feet today, I'm somewhat exhausted. So I'm probably gonna need some time to recover ..."

"Ok, Mr Palmer, that's no problem, please recover !" Malika nodded. "For me it's certainly gonna be soon enough, if we play our next 'Face Standing & Smothering-' games TOMORROW, ok ?"

"Ok Malika, you're right. Let's 'play' again tomorrow !" Lawrence agreed.

And after both of them had looked into each other's eyes with sensual excitement once more, they left Lawrence' bedroom.

They descended the circular stairs, and then they had an amicable dinner together ...


---- END OF STORY ----

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