Ms G checking coats at bar BallBusters


Fantasy into Reality
May 24, 2009
Ms. G has been ask to do coat checker duites at bar BallBusters. This job can be very boring so the owner has order rugboy to lay on the floor where she would be standing on to make things more fun. Ms. G love that idea as she needs something to pass the time when things get slow. Trampling a human rug does the trick. Ms. G is wearing a sexy red blouse with black skirt and 4 inch black high heel spikes. Just the look of the tip of the heel can give an image of pain. Luckily there is a chair for Ms. G to sit so rugboy might save some skin with that but there is a mirror on the side of the wall where Ms. G more often stands to check herself out. Rugboy's hands and legs twitching says it all of how his night is going at bar BallBusters. As the people who come in to check their coats, Ms. G torture rugboy with her sharp pointy heels


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