My first but dangerous trample experience

Oct 4, 2018
When i was 23, single and trying my best to figure out a way how to tell a girl my fetish. I was at a local bar and noticed this sporty woman about 29,30 years old watching me shoot pool. Eventually i small talked her and we drank like no tomorrow. We made it back to my place and i asked her if she wanted a foot massage because i had liquid courage running through my veins. To my suprise she said yes and not just a yes but a NOW! yes. So i began rubbing. We began to talk about things and one thing lead to another so i told her i wanted to be trampled. We were both drunk and im nice when i drink but her on the other hand is another story. She said sure that would be fun but im putting my sneakers back on. Im rock hard at this point. I lay by my wall and she stomps right up on my back and starts jumping without even asking. This went on for a few minutes until she wanted more booz. A fifth of blue uv vodka later were in bed and she is naked but still in her sneakers stomping and jumping all over my stomach and chest. Im helpless at this point, to drunk to get up and not to mention she was 5'7" 165 lbs. Thats not lite when she knows how to use it and she is drunk. She told me she was gonna crush me. I had no idea what she was talking about because i was already slowly dying under her feet. She said face up and without hesitation she stomped onto my face with both feet and started jumping. She turned her body to make sure she flattend every part of my face. After 4 or 5 minutes of this she stood with one foot on my mouth and the other on my eyebrowel area and started maturbating. It took a couple minutes for her to get off and i about passed out from my head sinking in the bed and no breath. When she got off she stomped really hard on my forehead almost giving me a concusion. She than finally took her shoes off and told me my turn. She stood one footed on my face crushing my nose while i jacked off, it only took a few seconds because i couldnt breath. She laughed at me and said she could totally destroy me if she wanted to. My face had shoe prints, bruises, and some blood. Everyone noticed at work the next day, i just said i got drunk and fell. I got her number and had a few more experiences with her like jumping on the side of my head in sneakers and lots of body stomps. I could call her anytime at night and she would be over. Them were good times.