My First Story

May 16, 2018
Before I start, I wrote this pretty early in the morning so sorry if there is any spelling or grammar mistakes I didnt catch, this is my first story and will be pretty short and fast paced. I ask to please give feedback good or bad with no sugar coating or changes I can make. I hope you enjoy guys! (Third Person Story)

Stan was standing at the front of the line in McDonalds, he steps up to order when the lady in front of him steps away. He couldnt help but look at her ass almost the entire time she was ordering, he knew if he wouldve been caught he would be ridiculed to no end for being a pig. So right as he starts to step up 2 girls push in front of him, he got a quick look at their faces they both look around 18-20. The first girl was Latina with really tan skin and dark brown hair with flawless lips and a beautiful face, the second girl was white with way lighter skin with darkish blonde hair and looked like she could model.

They both were so pretty that he almost didnt want to say anything but he had been tired of waiting since he finally got to the front after 25 mins. He taps the white girl whos name was Tracy "Excuse me I wa-" he starts but then gets cut off as she hits his hand away "Ew dont touch me you perv" He found her to be very rude and was confused. "What do you mean perv, who do you think you're talking to" Then the second girl starts to come in with a casual voice, whos name was Isabelle, "Just stop talking we saw you looking at that girls ass" as they both start to giggle and continue their order.

He turns a bright red and can see the people in there laughing at him and the lady who was in front of him with a face of disgust. " Hes probably looking at ours too ya know" Tracy says. "I know" Isabelle says as she finishes the order and starts to walk toward him. "Why dont you come back to our place with us since you like ass so much" Isabelle says as she starts rubbing his chest "What are you doing!" "You'll see" Isabelle whispers back to Tracy. He doesnt know what to think, 2 really hot and really curvy girls want him to go with them to their house to do what?? Have sex?? How could he pass this up he thinks.

"Sure" Stan says. The girls get their food walk back to the parking lot where he sees they have a very nice car, a brand new looking Mercedes Benz GLC. They hop in and start to drive to the girls house."The ride was so awkward" he thought but oh well. All 3 arrive at the girls house and the girls put their food and stuff down. "Go tease him get him riled up" Isabelle whispers to Tracy "As in what?, you cant mean what I think you mean" "Just trust me Tracy" Isabelle says as she walks to the kitchen. Stan is still just sitting in the living room as Tracy sits next to him and starts to caress his thigh area.

"Have you ever gotten a blowjob" Tracy starts as she pulls down her shirt to show cleavage. " N- No" he stutters very nervelessly, is this the night I lose my virginity he thinks. She giggles "Lets change that" as Tracy stands him up and gets on her knees right in front of him. In his head he is going crazy with a massive boner in his pants and then... He wakes up, with an unbelievable pain in the back of his head and his face feels so squashed, he trys to move and cant. His arms and legs feel bound. "Where am I" he thinks. His vision starts to unblur and he can see a light blue ceiling and the very top of a balcony door to his right.

"Was that a dream" he starts to wonder. "HELLO, HELLOOO, ANYONE" he starts to repeat getting louder and louder each time. He hears someone coming, his heart is racing and the face that comes into view is Tracy's. "Shut the fuck up! People are trying to sleep you idiot" she pauses "Well since you're awake I might as well give you the run down of what happened, we took you back here because Isabelle thought it would be a good idea to teach weirdo perverts like you a lesson but she forgot to put something on your mouth" Hes really starting to go crazy now "DID THEY KIDNAP ME?" he thinks. She continues "but anyway we were gonna deal with you tomorrow but since you woke me up" she starts to step over his body and pull her pajama pants down where he got a really nice view of her ass and pussy but it came down so fast that he was back into darkness in no time.

"Oh, almost forgot" she gets up and comes back with a small pipe about 3 inches long and tells him to open his mouth. He doesnt he doesnt how what the fuck could happen to him if he does, theres no way in hell, he thinks. He shakes his head no and can feel leather rubbing on his face a little when he realizes for the first time where he is, his face is in between 2 couch cushions. "Fine" she sighs and slams her foot on his balls. He screamed so loud but instantly closed his mouth. "Ugh you better be happy Isabelle is still asleep or else I wouldnt do this the easy way" She pinches his nose shut and waits for him to open and as soon he does the pipe goes in.

Then she takes her place again put her pussy right on the pipe and lets loose a fast and hot stream of piss into his mouth. It starts to fill to the brim of his mouth. "Swallow now!" she said but then he coughed most of it up and it goes on her ass and all over the couch. "Fucking shit head!" "I should have waited for Isabelle's device instead of that shitty pipe" she sighs and cleans up the mess. After about 15 mins of making sure everything was clean. She gets some tape and puts in over his mouth and sits right on his face. She turns on the TV and starts to watch with her asshole touching his nose.

So many things are rushing trough his head "WHATS ISABELLES DEVICE?" "AM I GONNA LEAVE HERE ALIVE?" "WHEN AM I GONNA LEAVE" "WHY THE FUCK DID SHE TRY AND PISS IN MY MOUTH" but his thoughts are cut short by her asshole quivering and letting out a huge fart on his nose. He was forced to smell it all since his mouth was covered. "Sorry that must be the BigMac wanting out from last night, but thats for later" She lets go a few more smaller farts and gets up. "I need to go to work soon cus I have a good life ahead of me unlike some people you pervert"

"You cost me an extra hour of sleep you fucker, but.. I cant get mad because what Isabelle has planned speaks louder then anything I can say right now" Just then Isabelle wakes up and starts to get ready. Tracy walks away and about an hours later they both come into his view. "We need to go to work, dont miss us too much cutie" Isabelle says. Tracy giggles and walks off while Isabelle stays and whipers to him "Hope you can handle our loads tonight, Ive been saving up for 2 days, glad you came along or I wouldve gotten rid of mine this morning" she says with a smile then she continues to walk away as she jiggles her big sexy ass at him playful.

"What.. does that mean" he starts to panic "no, n-NO THIS CANT HAPPEN PLEASE" he starts to freak out inside his head but all they can do is laugh at the muffled screams he letting go through the tape. "Okay they cant do what I think they are going to, its insane" he starts to calm down in his head "WE'RE OFF TO WORK, WATCH THE HOUSE FOR US PLEASE" Isabelle yells from the front door as they leave and he hears the door shut...

To Be Continued....
(if wanted)
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May 16, 2018
Stan was now left with only his thoughts as he was trapped with his hands and feet tied and head stuck between 2 couch cushions which was really starting to hurt considering his entire head was engulfed except the very top of his mouth and nose sticking out. He was terrified because he knew he would go insane if the girls followed through with what he thinks they're about to do. He couldn't keep track of time but he was guessing it had been around 7 hours since the girls left and he knew it couldnt be too much longer till they got home.

About another hour passed when he heard the door open with the dreaded voice of Isabelle saying "Heyyyy im home, Tracy doesnt get off work for another hour and a half or so, but thats more then enough time" His heart and mind are racing "time for what?" he thinks. He hears her rustling in the kitchen with a plastic bag and comes into view with a small cardboard box. She turns around a sits right on his face covering everything and making it a little hard to breath. She turns the tv on and puts her feet on his body.

She opens the box with something in bubble wrap, she takes it out and it looks like a dental mouth opener but metal and way more high tech. She smiles at the device as she gets up and rips the tape off his mouth. She sticks it in his mouth before he can even react. It fits in like fake vampire teeth that kids wear on Halloween. He sees her then take out her phone and start messing with it and the device starts to slowly latch onto his teeth perfectly.

"This will open and close your mouth for us so we dont have any trouble, its stronger then your jaw so I wouldnt try to fight it" Isabelle says. At this point his mouth was open about 1 inch and she turns the phone screen to him and theres an up arrow, down arrow, and a big green button in between. She turns it back to her and starts to say "Its a really easy app so if I need your mouth open 2 inches.." He hears her tap her phone and a beep sound plays. She turns her phone back to him and hit the green button, just then he feels the device slowly opening his mouth another inch.

"And if I want it closed.." she says as he hits the down arrow twice then the green confirm button and sure enough his mouth closes. "So yea like I said its a really easy app, its opens to 7 inches but I dont think we'll need that... hopefully" She then opens his mouth to 2 inches, pulls her pants and underwear down and positions her pussy right over his open mouth and her asshole in his face. "Tracy told me she tried this and it failed but trust me this wont, even if you cough its sealed so there is no where for my piss to go except down your throat"

He starts to cry a little because of how disgusting this is and how they are treating him. Not long after his head stops racing he feels a few drops and tastes her salty piss, a lot stronger then Tracy's. It soon followed up to be a full stream and his mouth is filling fast, as soon as its full it starts to seep into in throat, "I suggest you swallow boy" Isabelle says but he couldnt take it anymore and he gave in, her piss strongly flowing in his mouth and into his stomach.It continues for about another 30-40 seconds and it stops.

"HOW MUCH PISS DOES THIS BITCH HAVE?" he thinks as she starts laughing "Sorry, I did tell you I haven't went in 3 days" she says followed by another giggle and a little slide forward. Her asshole centers over his mouth and is sealed by her massive ass cheeks. At this point he starts to thrash and move as much as he can which isnt a lot. She bursts out laughing and says "You cant escape, you think we didnt think this through?" He hears 2 more beeps and his mouth is now stretched to 4 inches as he groans in pain.

She repositions her asshole at the center of his mouth and he feels her push a little "oof not even close" she says and she opens it another inch. She then repositions and pushes a little again, "Ehh it'll do, but my shit will scrap against your tongue alot which isnt a bad thing it'll let you taste it for hours afterwards. She pushes a little again "Oh yea, this is a big one" she pushes again and lets out a huge fart in his mouth which puffed out his cheeks for a moment. "Oops I forgot your gonna need to swallow those too" Just then an alarm goes off on her phone "Oh shit! I need to go pickup Tracy" she sighs

"Its okay, I still get to take a dump down your throat first when we get home" She stands and pulls her pants up "At least I gave you your drink" she says then he hears 4 beeps and his mouth closes. She looks and sees the almost dried tears on his face "wimp" is the last thing she says before grabbing her coat and walking out the door. He was safe for now he thinks "Oh my god, somebody help me, this bitches are going to fucking use as a toilet or something??" He thinks in his head "This cant happen" he hasnt gotten any sleep from the fear and he slowly starts to dose off...

He is then awoken by the sound of the door swinging open and Isabelle and Tracy's voices "WE'RE HOMMMME!" "Great, the time I had to enjoy that they were gone didnt even last" he thinks "Dont worry, I know you've been missing what we doing so lets get right too it" She says with a great smile on her face. She then walks away and comes back with a tank top and black skin tight leggings which made her ass really pop out. She walked over to him and turned around so he saw her ass above him.

She gave her huge ass a little giggle and heard 5 beeps from her phone and his mouth opened and he was hurting bad from it. "Wow that works great but thats all your gonna open it?' Tracy says "Yea thats all I need for now" Isabelle says as she turns around and says to Stan "sounds like Tracy has something a lot bigger in store for you" They both giggle and Isabelle pulls her pants down and puts her asshole right on his nose and blew a fart then centered it over his mouth and blew another. "Sorry im really gassy but ill give you something else now"

He feels her push but all he can see is her huge ass plus a little bit of her upper back. She pushed again and her asshole expanded a little as he heard the small cracks and pops of her shit coming out of her. It kept expanding and expanding until her asshole was almost as big as his mouth. "Here we go" Isabelle says as she pushes again and he feels the tip enter his mouth very slowly and then later the sides of the massive log on his lips, it then reaches around his tongue and like she said it scraped against his tongue the whole way down to his throat.

It was simply the worst thing he had ever tasted and felt like he would rather die then be there in his situation. The log was now pushing against the entrance of his throat. She lightly pushes 1-2 more times "if you wanna do this the fun way then thats fine" She pushed as hard as she could and broke threw a little bit, she did it again and the tip broke threw, she did it once more and it finally was going down his throat. "Wow that was a challenge, tt has to be at least 14 inches hope you like the taste tho!" Isabelle says out of breath. Her shit was cutting off his air at this point,

"My part is done now, all you have to do is keep swallowing" she says. It continues for about another 40 seconds or so of her massive shit log flowing threw his mouth and throat into his stomach. It finally stopped and the rest disappeared into his body. She stood up and called Tracy over to laugh at his tongue and mouth now fully coated in Isabelle's shit. She put her dirty toilet paper in there too and closed it. "Are you going to use our new toilet tonight Tracy?" "Nope I think ill wait till tomorrow" Tracy responds to Isabelle. They walk away and he hears his final words for the night before passing out. "Tracy.. you can get your boyfriend to cum in our asses tomorrow right?"...
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