my humble offering

Jun 13, 2005
Norfolk england
thanks for your coments.
the goddess that stepped onto my face was realy enjoying herself. she had worn the stockings alldal in trainers. a couple of hours befor i arived she changed into heels. she started by standing on my chest in the heels holding the trainer over my nose. when i said it smelt grate she took it away and sliped out of her heel putting fer foot over my face. she had a wonderfull smile looking down at me. after a few mins she said "about time you got the other foot." befor i could think about it she moved the first foot to the side and stepped up she staid there for a full 4 mins befor she steped down into her heels she was going to step back up in them but i whimped out. her fav thing is to hold me still with her feet and drip wax onto me then scrub it off with her shoes.
visiting her thursday (tomoro any requests?)


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Dec 7, 2002
Thank Kalvin,

I can assure you those personal pics like yours are always, and have always been greatly appreciated by the folks on this board. We love seeing pics from sessions, whether pro or amateur sessions, nobody gives a damn, we just like'em. :)

Thanks bro!