My latest story..."Ladies Go First"...

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by sub_with_character

I'd been in Chicago for three days on business, and this was
my last night. After dinner I wandered into the hotel lounge
just on the off-chance of finding someone. There was a big
crowd, but it didn't take me long before I spotted her. Her
eyes were like a beacon as they zeroed in on me as well.
She had long black hair and was about five inches shorter
than me.

She was leaning against the bar, her vibrant figure
arching slightly outward, projecting both rough defiance and
soft welcome. Her butt also had a thrust to it, and she had
prominent breasts for a short girl. She was wearing a very
brief mini, and her long, lovely legs were shooting out
akimbo in every direction.

Our eyes were locked together as I approached her,
wordlessly motioning her to join me in a booth. We sat
down, our eyes still joined, and our words came fast and
easily. She too was in town on business, and we would be
flying back to opposite coasts the next morning. We both
confessed to being married, even to loving our partners, but
we agreed that we sometimes longed for more.

It was as though we instantly recognized each other. She
held herself a bit aloof, she was breezy and bossy, just like a
few other girls I've known. She saw herself as the brightest
girl in the office, someone not everyone could get to know.

I came on fairly strong with her, just to let her know I could
be bossy too. She smiled, and I think we both realized
something was likely to happen. We started talking a bit too
fast, then we laughed and slowed down a bit. We felt as if
we had known each other far longer, and it hit us that we
had been handed the perfect opportunity. It wasn't hard
persuading her to come to my room.

In the elevator, I put my arm around her, and she let her
body fold against mine. I couldn't help congratulating myself
that now by my early thirties I had finally learned how to
handle women. I liked them best when they were assertive,
it meant they were also likely to be passionate in bed. I
knew that their bossiness could melt away when I began to
lick them where it mattered.

I felt sure I knew how things would go. I would undress her
and let her take all the time she wanted until she was fully
pleasured. And as she came down from her ecstasy, I would
mount her lovingly from behind and take a long, long time
riding her. Half an hour doggie-style, maybe even longer,
an hour would be better, before I sought out my own
pleasure. I'd spend the night with her and take her that way a
few more times, maybe once the tight and narrow way for a
change. In the morning I'd just give her a slap on the butt
and say so long. Mornings like that were the best.

Back in the real world I was a bit less competent. My
fingers were almost useless as I fumbled with the key to my
room. But she was patient.

"Hey, what's your name?" I quipped to hide my clumsiness.

"Does it matter?" she replied. She was right, and we both

Once we were inside, the rest of the world vanished, and we
simply threw ourselves at each other. She dropped her
handbag, and we embraced passionately for at least five
minutes until we almost collapsed together.

She finally broke the clinch and pushed me away. Then she
grabbed her handbag and took out her cell phone, which she
decisively turned off. I did the same with mine as she
retreated into the bathroom. I began to remove some of my
clothes, and when she came out she was wearing little more
than her underwear.

We wrapped ourselves together again and began edging in
the obvious direction. With her back to the bed, I knelt
down before her, plunging my face into her red thong.
I kept my lips there for a long time before I pulled the thong
to one side with my teeth. I loved what I saw there, and I
moved my lips even more deeply between her legs.

She moaned and pressed me further in. Then she sat down
on the bed, spreading her legs, and drew my face still
further within her. She moaned again and seized my
shoulders to pull me up onto the bed. I obliged, landing on
top of her, as I tried to keep my face wedged between her

But she pulled my head away and made me sit up and look
directly at her. She spoke to me in her bossiest voice. But I
could also hear her pleading with me.

She really wanted me, I could tell she was just as aroused as
I was. She was just afraid what she said might turn me off.

"Listen," she said urgently, "I need to confess. I'm a little bit
kinky. Please be patient with me. Let me do it my way first,
and then I'll let you do it any way you want."

My agenda precisely. How could I object?

"Of course," I replied.

I was almost gloating inside. It was just what I wanted. I
sensed I was only a few minutes away from riding her butt..

"You absolutely promise?" she asked.

"Sure, you're the boss. In fact, let me call you Bossetta."

She smiled happily. I'd given her just what she wanted, and
my mild mockery went right past her.

We took off our last garments, and she put her handbag next
to the bed. Then she jumped right on top of me, sitting high
on my chest, and pressed down hard. She felt heavier than I
had imagined and was bristling with energy. For a moment I
actually thought she was trying to pin me in wrestling. Then
she did something unexpected.

She reached down into her handbag and pulled out a tube.
She opened it and squeezed some kind of gel onto her palm.
Before I knew it, she was smearing it all over my face, on
my cheeks and chin, my nose, even my forehead. No girl had
ever done this to me before, and I almost started to panic.

But then I realized that what she was spreading on my face
was nothing but lube.

I still didn't fully get it, but I must have somehow sensed her
intention, and it occurred to me that I was in for quite a

"Listen, you're not going to..."

"Don't worry, I promise, it won't hurt..."

I could scarcely believe what was coming down towards
me. I saw it first from afar, then closer, and at last just a few
inches above me. It was the very best view of a lady's
jewels I'd ever been treated to, and suddenly it wasn't just a
view any more. There it all was--outer lips, inner lips, the
whole works, spread out over everything below my eyes.

"Oh, I want to do it this way so much, I know I'm really
going to enjoy this," she gushed at me from above. I
couldn't believe how excited she was. She was no longer the
least bit bossy, she sounded like a passionate kitten. She
gazed down at me with incandescent eyes.

"And I know for sure, you're really going to love it too."
She sounded almost obsessed.

This was all totally new to me, though I had to admit she
now had my full attention. It all felt a bit scary, but she
seemed to know just what she was doing. Anyway, I had
given her my word, and I didn't want to chicken out now. I'd
just let her go ahead, I figured, and it wouldn't be long
before I turned her over and enjoyed her my way.

I wasn't sure what to expect. She was both passionate and
abrupt, it was almost like an attack.

And yet it was also soft and comforting. Even her pressure
on my face felt strangely soothing. It was a unique feeling,
completely unfamiliar, ranging between hard and soft. I
didn't entirely dislike it, so I didn't complain.

I suddenly realized there was no way I could complain
anyway. Her crotch totally covered my mouth and my nose,
I could make little more than animal noises. Once again I
felt panic looming up, but I fought it away. After all, I
reasoned, this was nothing more than upside down muff-
diving. Except it was her muff that was diving into my face.
This was cunnilingus on steroids...

It all happend so fast that I still didn't fully grasp what she
was doing. At first I had thought it was merely some kind of
massage or perhaps a gymnastic drill that would soon merge
with what I thought of as regular love-making. But the
growing frequency and urgency of her moans soon left me in
little doubt of her ultimate aim.

Let me do her justice. She was sliding and gliding and
riding over my face with a remarkable degree of skill. Yes,
there were moments when she was thrusting down onto me
with a great deal of force.

But there were also times when she moved so delicately that
she was just barely grazing my features, almost like an
angel, gently caressing my nose and mouth with her tender
parts. She had all the control and confidence of an artist,
and this gave me confidence too.

As aggressive and as strange as I found her, I did not for
even a moment consider trying to stop her. And even if I
had, her wiry strength and the sheer joy she exhibited would
probably have made it impossible.

I suddenly realized that I was letting her do all the work,
that I ought to do my part with my tongue. So I started to
lick her...

"Don't do that!' she ordered.

This made no sense, so I continued. She came to a complete

"I told you, don't do that!"

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want your tongue to lick my pussy lips. I
want my pussy lips to lick your face."

God, she was weird! But I was in no position to argue, so I
obeyed her. It suddenly hit me that from her point of view,
I wasn't possessing her at all, she was possessing me. It was
an odd feeling.

Her mood quickly passed. I looked up at her and found
myself astounded at how remarkably lovely she looked from
this perspective. And how powerful as well.

I realized that I had never looked at a woman from this
precise angle before. Ranging up from where she held my
face, her hips zoomed out past her midriff into the broad
thrust of her breasts, which looked even larger and more
formidable when seen from below. Sometimes she would
move forward, blocking my view with her belly, and now
and then she would slide decisively upward, shading my
eyes in an almost total blackout.

But as she rode me and drove both her pressure and her
softness over me, I was able to look up and intermittently
see her face, even glimpse her expression, And I sometimes
found her own eyes gazing back at me to gauge my own
reactions. Not all the time, just occasionally--most of the
time she was entirely caught up in her own pleasure.

She looked so eager, so totally intent on her goal. But I also
sensed a touch of anxiety. A chance for perfect ecstasy lay
before her, but she also had to pay attention to her every
move if she were to reach it.

At least now and then she carefully looked down and
scrutinized me, as though she wanted to know exactly how I
was taking it. Yes, she was well aware that I was there, that
I was technically her lover, I could even tell that she felt
some kind of tenderness for me.

But I could also tell that she saw me mainly as a tool, an
implement she needed to reach the highest level of pleasure.
Almost as a necessary evil. At one point she came close to
admitting it.

"Oh...I own you..." she sighed.

And in a flash I realized that this girl was actually taking my
cherry in a realm of sensuality I had never known before. I
had no choice but to trust her and be grateful to her for
taking the trouble. I also had no choice but to believe that
this new domain was entirely real. All the intensity and
passion of sexuality were present, all the excitement and
tension of a fully mounted couple. All the pressure of body
against body, the rhythmic strokes and lunges, the sense of
looming fulfillment.

There were only two differences: I was the one being
mounted, and all of this passionate energy was being
channeled directly into my face.

And I suddenly became a bit concerned too, not totally sure
of my feelings. No one had ever made love to me like this
before. What she was doing was truly intense and totally
personal, but also somehow distant, almost as if it were
happening to another person....

It was as though she were following an accepted routine
with definite rules as she alternated strokes and lunges and
teasing motions with her most precious parts. I found myself
wondering if she might actually be counting her strokes
according to some exotic and unknowable formula. Now
and then she made gentle moaning and yelping sounds, as
though she were marking the end of one phase and the
beginning of another.

During the time when I was able to discern her eyes
clearly--during that time at least there was no way I could
miss them--they seemed to be eating me alive. I could almost
see them even during those longer periods when my vision
was blurred or totally blocked by her motions. Her gaze so
completely possessed me that I kept longing for her eyes to
reappear and gaze down upon me again.

Most of the time her inner lips were perfectly centered on
my nose, perched on the sides of my nostrils, and yet I felt
no real pain or shortness of breath, at least none that I was
aware of. Both her scent and her taste were positively
intoxicating, sweet and musky together, so powerful that I
began to wonder if she was somehow using it to hypnotize

Sometimes she would transfer her orifice upwards onto the
rest of my face, all the way from my chin to my forehead,
totally covering my eyes. But for the most part she zeroed
in on my nose, making smaller motions up and down, or
from side to side. Or she would indulge in multiple
mini-bounces, slightly painful though they caused no real

Once again, I began to wonder if her goal was to entrance
me with these rhythms. Or to make me feel faint by limiting
the air I could breathe. But then suddenly I would see her
eyes again--as soon as I looked into them, I felt almost
infinite comfort and reassurance.

This whole sequence of motions and rhythms went on for
some time, I can't say exactly how long, but I wouldn't be
surprised if it lasted half an hour.

At length I found myself growing a bit impatient. And to
my surprise I realized that she felt the same way.

"Something's missing," she said abruptly and rose up from
me. I wondered if I should try to escape from her now, but I
had promised her she could do it her way first. And one of
the few rules of love is that lovers' promises should be kept.
Besides, I did not want to escape.

She immediately turned around and sat back down on my
face from the other direction. Whatever she was looking for
she now seemed to find, as she ground herself even more
deeply into my features. I now found my nose implanted in
her rosebud and my chin dividing her lips. She rocked back
and forth repeatedly between rosebud and lips, nose and
chin. Now the aroma was even muskier, though still not
unpleasant. But what precisely was she trying to do to me?

From this position her hands were free to fondle my cock,
and she had begun to do so. She wasn't too gentle about it
either, at first pulling and tugging the shaft in various
directions and finally dealing it some hard, aubible slaps.
But at least I could tell that it was, if not yet at its hardest,
usefully erect.

This too was just a stage for her, it didn't last too long, at
most a few minutes.

"That's it!" she shouted, and she turned herself around again
on top of me, coming back to her former position. She drew
back from my face briefly and picked up her lube tube

"Now I've got it!" I think I heard her mutter. But I wasn't
sure--it could just as easily have been "Now I've got you."

She pressed more gel onto her hand and straightway rubbed
it down into my face. Then she pressed out another palmful
and stretched her right arm out behind her. I felt her hand
clasping my cock and distributing the gel there as well. To
achieve this her balance now veered slightly to the right, a
posture her strength and agility allowed her to achieve with
grace and elegance.

"Here we go!" she concluded. Her pussy engulfed my face
again, and I simultaneously felt her hand begin to fondle my
cock. Fondle isn't quite the word, she was also busy
slapping it from side to side. But she finally settled for
encircling the shaft with her fingers and sliding them up and
down and around. I smiled inwardly. I was pretty sure she
wouldn't have much luck with this, as I prided myself on my
ability to resist ejaculation.

This is silly, I thought, she can't possibly mean to come in
my face and make me shoot my load at the same time.
There's no way she can do that.

But Bossetta was oblivious to my reasoning, she was
beginning to tap into a wisdom far beyond my own. She
began to set down a rhythm that ran from her hand to her
crotch and back again. She was working to realize her
ultimate goal, and nothing could stop her.

It was from this point onward that things became rather
strange for me, and I wondered again if shortness of breath
and her commanding tempo had combined to distort my
view of reality.

It was not a total hallucination, I was aware that the hotel
room was still there around us, but everything else suggested
that we were somewhere on a mountain top together with a
temple in the background, and that she was a goddess who
was somehow both consuming and nourishing my spirit.

Except that she was a goddess who was also a demon with
tentacles, and two of her tentacles were concentrated on
possessing both my face and my cock. Her aroma became
ever more alluring and irresistible, and I could tell from the
clasp of her hand that my cock had grown larger and harder
than ever before, both in length and girth.

This added to my confusion, since I couldn't imagine how
this could be possible. I was also still hoping to mount her
from behind afterwards, and I wanted nothing to detract
from my prowess when the time came.

There are orgasms, and then there are orgasms. The most
usual kinds are the ones that after a certain period of
stroking and love-making you yourself have. They work
fine, though they are expectable and to some extent

And then there are the other orgasms, the ones you don't
have, the ones that suddenly sneak up and have you. This
was one of those orgasms.

I was totally in the power of this godess-demon who showed
no sign of relenting or relinquishing her control over me. If
anything, her passion had grown even stronger, and I felt the
warning signs from between my legs as her massage grew
ever more powerful.

I did my best to chant internally a Taoist formula I'd learned
from a taiji master. It was aimed at stopping the flow of
sperm, but in this case it didn't seem to help at all. I
suddenly felt as if there were two of me, one my normal self,
but another full identity inhabiting my penis.

I personally was doing my best to hold back my seed, but
then suddenly that other version of me inside my penis felt
himself overwhelmed and thrown into violent eruption.

These two identities were writhing and pulsating and
spasming together, and the combined force passed from my
penis into me and up through my body and into my face,
where it effortlessly passed over into my goddess-demon-

Bossetta was perfectly aware of how I felt and simply let my
crisis run its course, as that other part of me spewed gobs of
my manhood onto her back.

She waited until my final vibrations had settled and then
summoned her own forces, which soon more than equalled
my own. She set herself in cataclysmic motion, bouncing
almost chaotically and coming down on me even more
heavily than before. It was as if she had entered into her
own climactic battle with whatever goddess ruled over her.
She rubbed, she ground, she groped all over my face, finally
settling on my chin. Then her complexion reddened, and a
change came over her. At last she simply moved back and
forth three or four times, and my face was awash with her
juices, thick, sweet, and musky. I quickly swallowed those
closest to my mouth and felt her hand come down to gather
some for herself.

I reached behind her back and brought back some of my
own fluids and fed them to both of us. For a short while we
were like innocent hedonists feasting on love's ambrosia.

During that time there was total peace and understanding
between us.

Bossetta moved back onto my shoulders. and when it was all
finally over, she looked down at me and summed up our our
situation from her point of view.

"You are my conquest."

She sounded both arrogant and sincere, as though she really
meant it. I simply nodded in agreement. To make her point
even more obvious, she moved her hauches forward again
and our two sets of lips met in a perpendicular kiss. Yes, it
was a sensuous kiss, but it was also a delicate kiss of
greeting and recognition.

"My conquest..." she repeated.

I couldn't deny that she had a point, one that I was in no
position to dispute. She had made prolonged and passionate
love to me in a manner I had never known before. At a time
entirely of her own choosing, she had forced from me the
strongest and wildest orgasm I have ever lived through,
tempting me beyond my most ecstatic dreams.

It was almost as if she had ripped it out of me, and I was still
reeling now that it was over. I felt so totally sated that I
wondered how long it would take before I could show her
my way of making love as well. And she had totally
confirmed her conquest with a long, powerful orgasm of her
own that still covered my features. Its power was still alive
in both of us.

Yes, I still wanted to take her from behind, but I knew it
would have to wait a while. After all, the evening was
young. I felt perfectly happy with everything that happened
between us and bore no trace of resentment.

Her skills were simply too undeniable to allow any anger,
and her everyday reality was beyond all doubting. We had
enjoyed a kind of contest together, and the results were
clear. I had come in with my game plan, she had come in
with hers, and there could not be the slightest doubt that her
game plan had totally demolished mine.

I couldn't believe what we had just done together. But the
evidence was all too palpably present, after our kiss her
whole set of lips was still settled over my mouth and chin.

Gradually we separated and began to fondle each other
more calmly. I kissed her gently all around her body, and
we tasted each other's juices a second time.

In between these moist exchanges we gazed at each other in
joy and disbelief, amazed at how much we had experienced
together. We started to giggle uncontrollably and would
break one embrace only to begin another. This degenerated
into a mock wrestling match, which, ever the gentleman, I
let her end by pinning me down on the bed.

"Okay, we've done it my way," she volunteered. You just
go ahead--take me any way you want."

It almost sounded like a dare, as if she challenged me to
equal her in her passion and inventiveness.

We wrestled around for a long time before we looked at the
clock and found it was already two in the morning. She
mentioned something about having to be up early the next

"Look, I don't feel sleepy," I said.

"I don't either," she replied, "But we've got to get some

During this time all of her bossiness had disappeared. She
was so totally sated that she felt no need for it. And she
treated me as though I were some kind of furry animal she
truly loved for helping her to be so happy.

We wrestled and fooled around for most of another hour,
with neither of us feeling aroused enough for another round
of sex. After all, we had both mightily exerted ourselves.

But we weren't ready for sleep either--we were much too
excited for that. And I still harbored my own desire, though
my body gave me no sign this was possible.

At length we made ourselves lie down, as we tried to force
ourselves asleep, but that didn't work either.

"Look," she said in the midst of laughter, "I know a way to
make us fall asleep."

I dared her to show me.

Once more she jumped on top and this time it was her
breasts she brought to bear on my face. She pressed down
and kept on pressing, until I thought I would pass out. But
suddenly she changed tactics, and I felt sudden hard blows
against my face, waking me back up again.

This time she was no longer suffocating me but pummeling
my face with her breasts. They were more than heavy
enough, and I knew that if she went on too long, she might
well knock me out. I felt this was a cruel way of sending me
to sleep, but before I could object, she changed tactics
again and began to use her breasts in the way women best
employ them, to massage and soothe and comfort my face.

This time I felt she had it just right, but before I could doze
off, she went back to smothering me again. And then to
pummeling, And finally back to comforting.
She even started over a third time--smothering, pummeling,
comforting, and as she reached the comfort stage, I thought
it must be over, as we were both by now truly tired.

I was just about to doze off, but to my surprise, she started
in on a fourth round of smothering. It didn't last long--it
ended when I felt her erupt into a sharp shudder that left us
both a bit shaken. Now at last we were both truly ready to
sleep, and as we curled up in each other's arms, I couldn't
help wondering if that shudder of hers had been some other
kind of orgasm, one I had never seen before.

"Hey, you really do own me..." I remember muttering just
before I dozed off.

When two lovers sleep through the night together, all kinds
of things can go on that they may not recall the next
morning. I remember them pretty clearly, simply because
this entire encounter was so remarkable in so many ways. I
know that we remained cuddled together all night long and
that even though we needed our sleep, our bodies were still
wildly attracted to each other.

Of course there were also dreams, reminiscences of our
recent passion, at least once reenacting the precise sequence
of her movements that decisively defeated me. Even today
in my mind's eye I can recall that series of strokes, twists,
and fingerwork that turned my lower body into a human
juice machine.

All night long our arms and legs remained linked and our
faces were often touching. Most clearly I remember that the
head of my cock spent almost the entire night right inside
the vestibule of her passage. And sometimes it tried to peek
further in, only to be gently prodded away.

After all, we needed our sleep more than passion. But I
recall for a certainty that during that night, though we did
not make love again, we were as close as lovers ever can be.

On one occasion, about an hour before dawn, I almost woke
because I was getting hard, but this time she resisted even
more fervently. Once again sleep trumped sex. And I also
remember thinking, "Oh, well, nail her in the morning," just
as I fell off again.

It was she who woke me that morning with the noise of a
TV news program. As soon as she saw me moving, she
turned it off. I had trouble focussing my eyes, but I could
see that she was standing stark naked by the TV, and just as
desireable as ever.

I think I was still half-dozing, while she rattled on in the
background about how she had to have breakfast with
another girl from her firm before they both flew back to LA
together. This meant she would have to return to her room
and change clothes, because she couldn't possibly come to
breakfast looking the way she had in the bar last night.
I was still sleep-logged and couldn't absorb it all.

"Please don't go," I blurted out.

"I'm not going anywhere," she replied, coming right up to
the bed. "I have no intention of going. I'm not leaving until
I've taken you again..."

She wasn't joking at all. She stood next to me, right above
me, and her voice was at its bossiest. In one motion she
jumped back into bed and landed on top of me again.

Needless to say I began to wake up, but she had taken me by
surprise, and there was no way I could stop her from what
she was already doing.

Out came her lube tube, squish went a large glob all over my
face, and there it was again, looming downward towards my
nose, irresistible but maybe just slightly menacing, her
whole passionate center throbbing as it moved to engulf me.
She had fully and truly mounted me again, and when I
looked up I saw how useless any resistance would be.

This time, she didn't even ask my permission. She simply
took charge of me as though I were her property. I felt a bit
resentful, since this meant any hopes I had of taking her
were null and void.

I found it infuriating...well, not quite. As soon as her vulva
settled on my face and began its teasing massage, all my
objections fell away, and I happily settled into her enticing
rhythm. She was busy humping away at my nose and chin as
though they belonged to her.

Well, after all, I reasoned, she had once again taken me fair
and square, if a bit unexpectedly. I had to give her credit
for that. She had allowed me several hours to do things my
way, and I had done nothing. She had every right to take
command again.

Then it suddenly hit me what she was doing, and a touch of
resentment came back to the fore.

This was the classic finale to a one-night stand: the early
morning good-bye fuck. Except it was her pussy fucking my
face again instead of the way I really wanted.

Once again her taste and smell were overpowering, and she
had me perfectly pinned beneath her. Her rhythm was
positively enticing, and I realized that I was for the second
time succumbing to the sheer force of her sensuality.
There was no doubt that her mood towards me had changed.
Yesterday I was an interesting experiment for her. Today I
was just meat. This time she didn't bother with any
explanations or apologies. She was in complete control, and
she knew it.

She was coming down on me even harder than the first time,
and she was cutting off my breath even more completely. I
could feel her juices coursing within her, and I knew she
could let them loose on me at any moment. I also soon
realized that she was taking her time, that she wanted to
make our final encounter last as long as possible, mainly for
her, incidentally for me.

She now said something aloud that confirmed this perfectly:

"Oh, I'm having you, I'm taking you, I'm using you..."

In any contest there are times when the loser begins to
identify--or at least sympathize--with his winning opponent.
After all, that opponent is doing precisely what the loser
would like to be doing to the winner. It must have been
this--or perhaps it was just everything added together--her
taste and scent, my reduced ability to breath, her pressure
upon me--that sent me off once again into a fantasy world.

Except I didn't believe it was fantasy. I was suddenly
certain that I had become one with her, that I could hear her
thoughts as she had her way with me, that I was actually
inside her head listening to those thoughts...And I was
absolutely certain they went something like this...

"...Oh, now I've really got him, this is just fabulous, he's so
easy to take, and I'm handling him just right, he's totally my
prey, my absolute victim, he's never been made love to like
this, he's never come this close to a girl's pussy before, the
poor bastard...he just doesn't know how to deal with
it...anyway I'm the one who's helping him, who's busy
deflowering him...And I'm really being quite gentle about it,
I'm doing my very best to make it all perfect for him, I
mean, sure, I'm going to let it all shoot loose soon, but only
when I'm good and ready..oh my god, I'm getting too close,
gotta pull back, it almost got me too excited...can't let that it up slowly again...yes, that's it...WOW! I am
really using this guy, but I don't feel the least bit guilty about
it...should I feel guilty? hell, no!...he's loving every minute
of's the best time he's ever had in his I'm going
to just go on using him...I'm even raping him a little, I
jumped him before he was ready, maybe I even raped his
cock yesterday, but what the hell, what's the point of
knowing how to do all this if I can't use it to fuck a guy's
brains out...anyway he's happy I'm raping him, just look how
much he's enjoying it...oh god, I'm coming too close
again...oh, that feels so GOOD!...oh yeah...what the hell,
gotta do it some time, HERE WE GO...!!!"

And at that exact point her whole body started to vibrate,
her sexual regions began to churn and contract and
release...and my face was once again drenched with her

She rocked back and forth over my face a number of times
before she finally came to rest. She pulled herself back to
glance down at me, but this time there was no real
ceremony. She had taken me, just as she had promised she
would, and that was that. She playfully tweaked my nose
with her fingers and arose from me with a "mission
accomplished" air.

"Hey, you are one great piece of face. I've got to take a
shower." She uttered both sentences in the same tone of
voice. And she again mentioned having to meet her office
colleague for breakfast before flying home.

She went into the bathroom, and I heard her turn on the

For the first time since last night I was actually alone in the
room, and this seemed to prompt all the misgivings I had
been hiding, even from myself. Yes, she was truly gifted as
a lover, I reflected. And yes, over the last ten hours she had
shown me a whole new domain of sexuality, one I had never
known existed. And yes, it was utterly genuine, as intense as
any sexual pleasure I had ever enjoyed. I would certainly
want to go on enjoying such pleasure in the future. And this
is where I foresaw a real problem...

Now that our encounter was almost over, I found myself
wondering how on earth I would ever be able to enjoy this
kind of loving again. And with whom. This was a
remarkably new way of enjoying sex, something I knew I
would never be able to achieve with my wife. There was no
way I could hope to teach her, I wouldn't even know where
to begin.

How could I ever find another girl like Bossetta? If I
wanted to go on making love like this, I would have to bring
about some important changes in my life style, perhaps
frequenting darkened East Village haunts or posting
suggestive ads on weird websites. But if I did this, I
wondered how long my marriage would survive...

I was also still unhappy that I had not been able to finish our
session the way I wanted. In our short remaining time, how
could I ever convey to her my deepest desire? That I needed
to see her before me on her hands and knees, her bottom
arching high as the clouds, while I gleefully rammed her
buttocks into the sunset.

There had to be a way I could do this. Hell, now I was
really getting angry! She promised me I could do it my
way. And then she jumped me in the morning before I was
ready! Damn it, she has to keep her word! Anyway, there's
no reason any of this has to end now. We can stay a whole
other day, even two more days if we feel like it, I could call
in sick, and so could she, we could change this
doesn't have to end now at all!

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom door. It was open
just a crack, and I could see her form behind the glazed wall
of the shower. Should I just go in now and tell her? No, it
would be more polite to wait until she came out. In later
days I would have reason to regret this decision, I would
even become almost certain that if only I had gone into the
shower and accosted her naked, it would all have ended

When she finally came out, I realized in a flash that I didn't
have a chance.

She was dressed again as she had been the night before, her
complexion was flushed with all the pleasures she had
enjoyed, and she looked more beautiful than ever. Her
breasts jutted out jauntily in one direction, her butt in

She was agleam with sheer desireabilty, and I could hardly
believe I had held her sweating and straining above me just
a few minutes earlier. What I most wanted was to go back to
that lounge and pick her up and start the whole night all
over again.

"Hey," she gushed, "we had a good time, didn't we...?"

"Listen," I started, but the words would not come. I felt like
a naked peasant approaching the lady of the manor in all her

"Wow, make sure you wash your face. It's a real mess," she
said a bit proudly.

But there was no way I could hide it, I had to go on, and I
tried to make a fresh start...

"Wait...stop!" I shouted, "You've got to stay...I want
more..." I reached for her. She saw my erection, and under
her gaze I could feel it begin to dwindle.

"Listen, I really don't need this," was all she replied. And
she turned towards the door.

There was no hope left. She was simply in her own world.
She was even ending it on her terms. I heard my voice,
almost as though it were not mine, asking her for one last
favor, imploring her...

"At least tell me your name, give me something to remember
you by..."

"Okay, I'll give you something. Just remember this. I did
you. You didn't do me. And we both enjoyed it. That's all
that matters."

She picked up her handbag and headed for the door. Her
face was flushed with joy and triumph. I followed her and
sought out her eyes, and these at least she granted me.

She gave me one last puckery little kiss. I will never forget
what she did next.

She reached down and slapped me hard on my bare ass. Just
to make sure I got the message, she slapped my butt even
harder again, this time with a resounding thwack. Her bossy
expression was at its bossiest, but I thought I caught just the
slightest glint of compassion in her eyes.

Then she opened the door and walked out of my life forever.


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Oct 30, 2006
What a great story. It captured very closely the way I have felt off and on when it was definitely not my turn - particularly the bit about somehow becoming part of her. Great writing.
Thanks enormously for your praise, Argus69. It
makes me happy, since I put a lot of work & a lot
of myself into this story. I'm a published,
professional writer, though an unconventional one,
which explains the writing, and i'm attracted to
large subjects where people still don't understand
what's going on, sex, language, belief systems,
what sets off anger & human violence, stuff like

I've reached the age where I start thinking back &
probably become a bit maudlin & talk too much
about past love affairs & the girls i've known.
Anyway, i've reached the conclusion that the two
or three most meaningful nights of sex in my life,
long before i discovered FS, were ones where a
lady took me way further than i thought i could
possibly go and more or less went wild keeping
me erect for her own pleasure. I wasn't so happy
about it at the time, but seen from now it looks
like paradise. I suspect there's an element of D/s in
all of sex, even plain vanilla.

I'm pretty sure passionate lovers become part of
each other's minds to some extent while they fuck,
after all they're going over much the same motions
and emotions between them in their minds as they
seek advantage or resolution. Much the same
occurs superfast with boxers or wrestlers, as their
minds & bodies seek out the route to a pin or
knockout. Even chess-players do something pretty
similar--the game is complex & brainy, but inside
the players' minds the moves are still relatively
limited for any situation on the board. And all of
us--lovers, boxers, wrestlers, chess-players--might
as well be sharing the same thoughts, we keep
going over the same options together in our minds,
until one of us finally overlooks something & one
way or another gets creamed.

FS makes this even more true, since most people
being FSat have agreed in advance to being used,
they're even more attuned & excited by the precise
style & manner their sitter may use to get them
lined up just right and take them "down for the

thanks again, & all the best!


PS--Thanks also to LV2GDWN, Moonboy, &
bcted for your comments.
Happy to let you know that my story "Ladies Go First," which i first
posted here, is now up on the Clean Sheets erotic site. I've changed a
few words, but it's still the same story, so if you missed it the first time
(or if you want to take another look), you'll find it at:

Just click on ENTER, & scroll down past "Cover Stories" & "Exotica"
to "Fiction," and there you'll find it at the top.

If you've never been to Clean Sheets before, you'll probably find a lot
to enjoy, it tries to be artsier & classier than most of the porn sites,
but there's still some pretty wild stuff there...

all the best to everyone!