My New Video Store

Apr 18, 2006
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I finally opened my video store....has alot of facesitting smother...forced ass worship..etc.Hope you guys check it out....its called Mistress Jo and Friends Smothering.....on clips4sale....will have a couple sample clips for you guys to check out soon.
I have 1 2 and 3 females sitting together with me tied....the sitting gets very brutal...its new so id like some feedback from anyone on here as to what they think? getting 3 girls to smother me tomorrow for 4 hours and im going to film it for the check it out and let me know what your looking for and i can make a video as you wish....ill take requests.I want to eventually go all the way and make an actual pass out video cause i know how everyones really looking for one of them....hell ill try one.And the size of some of these females i cant breathe at all and they just laugh about it....they want to tie me to the bed tomorrow night which im a little worried about but what the only live once right?
I just hope you all check out the site and ill be posting lots more videos every week or so and pass on any request your looking for i will accomidate.