my wifes toilet

May 2, 2018
my wife and i have been together three years ,i have been her toilet , full service , we have a great toilet chair , she likes to cuff my hands to it before she sits down , most times she wont poop for a whole week ,then when she goes ,its huge ,she has it so when she sits ,my mouth is conected to her butt , my mouth is sealed there ,when she lets go ,i have to swallow to keep up ,its hard to do ,today she tells me that she is extreemly constipated ,and tommorow she is going to take 6 laxitives and that i will be put in the chair and tied up so i cant get out , the same time she takes them and that i will not be let out untill the laxitives have worn off , and told me that when she takes 6 that she will go 7 or 8 times over a 24 hour period , and that she will not let me out untill she is done , she said the last time she did this ,that she lost 10 pounds , wow ,

has anyone ever experienced anything like this ? what am i in for ?
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