Need Help!!!!

Apr 18, 2006
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Ive made a couple smother videos which are dam good in my opinion and would like to open up a clips4sale store...ive got 1 on 1.....2on 1....even 3on1...there good videos im making but the problem im having is i have them uploaded on here....but cant send them?????.....they will only play on my computer when i actually have them plugged up to my recorder with the usb there a way i can keep them on here to view without hooking them to my recorder???....and is there a way to send them?....cause id like to post a couple samples here of my work and get some reaction as to what you guys think.Im kinda computer if anyone could possibly leave there email or i have aim messenger....maybe you could walk me threw it if you understand the problems im having.....i got sooooooo many good videos and no one to share them with.
Any help would be appreciated......thanks


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Jul 11, 2008
I'm a computer wiz.... It seem that the videos are in a format which the computer is having trouble understanding, but it should be in a data format which is move able and even formated into another format for easy set up.:cool: