New chest sitting stomach standing-215 pounds-pictures of my new video

Oct 14, 2008
Heres some pictures from my Newest Chest sitting/Stomach Standing video,Heres the info on the video-

Listen to sound of Pain! As I sit on his chest And Apply the FULL pressure of my Ass and Body weight! I rock back Forth giving him even more pain!Then I STAND on his Stomach full weight I do no hold onto anything,I Balance,I then bend over to aim the camera up so you see he has all of my 215 pounds standing on him! Here's the FUNNY Part- When Im trying to step off of him I Lose my Balance and Fall Almost Landing on Him! It Scares the hell out of him,and is funny as Hell!! Oh,I forgot to tell you,I also Act like im going to Ponce on him with my full weight,I was just trying to scare him,but not trying actualy do it,When I did really do it...LOL! Poor guy! Heres the Link to my Store
Sep 27, 2011
I would love to have you, stepping and standing an even bouncing full weight on my stomach, anytime!!, I say, the heavier, the better on my stomach, step on me. I would even dare you to piggy-back another woman, an then have you to step an stand on my stomach. How would you chose an how much does she weigh?