New Giantess/Vore video - AstroDomina

Mar 15, 2015
Hey tiny, just letting you know I just posted a new Giantess/Vore video. It's called "Bathroom Snack".

Here's the full description: You find yourself in Giantess Sydney's bathroom, looking up at her as she's about to take a shower. But right before she gets naked, she sniffs. And sniffs again. She can tell. She knows you're here. She says she can smell a little person in the room. Did you really think you'd get away with it? Giantess Sydney's sense of smell is so strong, she'll always find the tiny men around. As a tiny man, you have a very particular smell. And a Giantess like Sydney can discover it right away. Have you ever even seen a Giantess up close and personal? In all its glory? Well, once you get in, you never get out. So you better enjoy the experience for as long as it lasts. Now the question remains: what will Sydney do to you? Looks like she's hungry...

I also added a few screen grabs. As always, let me know what you think!