New story part 1. Been a while

Oct 21, 2004
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My life had turned upside down but we continued as normal as we could. 3 months ago I was diagnosed with terminal illness and given 3 years to live. I had been married to my 27 year old wife for 5 years but had no children. My wife in her grief driven sadness had promised my remaining years would be spent satisfying all my lifes wishes as far as we could afford. This is what brought me to the revelation. It had been building over the last few months as I realised I had little relevant time left and nothing to lose.

"You want what?" She asked unbelievingly

"To be inside it." I mumbled

"While they.." She said before I cut in.

"But without them knowing"

Having relatively little time left to live brings out a surprising carefree approach to life.

"I don't understand?" She said shaking her head confused

I went for the direct approach now I had started. I swallowed hard before proceeding.

"You could host a girls night and I would be inside the couch. I've fantasised about it nearly all my life."

"Hide inside while I have the girls around?" she asked slowly frowning at the couch then back to me.

"Yeah, I'd have to do some..."

"So they sit on it without knowing you’re inside?" She asked again cutting me off still frowning


There was a silence as she held her hand up to stop me continuing.

“Hide inside it then women sit on it?” she muttered to herself

She looked at me doubtfully.

“Mark, you know how that sounds?” she said before continuing

“Where has this come from? Have you wanted to do this before?” she asked

She was looking at me with confused eyes. I had never let on that I had fantasised about this.

“Lots of times but never had the courage. These days, it doesn't seem to matter does it?”

I looked at her sadly and her eyes expressed a sympathetic quality

“I know I said I would make your remaining time perfect but this? Why haven't you said anything about it before? We could end up in a very awkward position here. I don't know, I just don't know” she was obviously confused and surprised.

“I was afraid you'd think that. I’ll be under the foam. They won't feel a thing but I would need your help.” I said almost pleadingly.

"You're serious aren't you?" She asked studying my response. I had a feeling the discussion was getting away from me.

"Absolutely" I muttered a little embarrassed.

There was a brief silence before she spoke again.

“I see” she said quietly. She was deep in thought. "I need to think Mark." she said quietly.

"Ok" I said glumly and the conversation stalled. At least she's thinking about it I thought. The rest of that evening was an unnerving silence.

The next day was mostly silent between us and I thought I'd gone too far with my honesty. I started to fear it might even end our relationship until she brought the topic up of her own accord.

I was sitting on our brown couch watching TV when Jessica stood and moved to the tan coloured couch looking down at it. Without looking up she asked;

“You serious about what you said yesterday?” she asked

For a moment I didn’t know what she meant

“Uh?” I responded dumbly

"Tell me. How would it work?"

"What the couch thing?" I asked uneasily

"Yes" she replied flatly. She turned her head and the radiant blue eyes fixed me with a stern clarity.

She was rubbing her chin between her thumb and forefinger in a thoughtful way and I breathed in deeply before explaining.

“I’ll have to make some modifications to the couch so I’m close to the surface but can’t be felt” I said in hope she would relent her previous hesitations.

“You mean to be right under them when they sit?”

“They won't know I’m in there and I think it can be done.” I said hurriedly, almost panicky.

"It Seems....."

"I know, I know. Weird. But it's been a fantasy of mine for so long. I can't explain it really" I said cutting her off this time before continuing

"This is the only thing I really wanted to experience. Above everything else. Of course I wouldn’t do it without you knowing but this is probably my biggest ever fantasy."

I was rambling now afraid I had blown everything. She looked at me solemnly for a few seconds then approached and sat next to me on the couch.

"So you want to hide inside there, I host a girly night and you get sat on without them knowing?"

I nodded sheepishly

"I don't know. I mean is it a sexual thing?" she asked skeptically

"Just the thought of being sat on uncaringly by women I suppose. The feeling of helplessness and er.... how can I put it...... domination? Nothing specific to anyone. It’s difficult to explain." I replied trying my best to explain.

"Hmm, I see but with women only?

"Yes, just women." I had a slight rise in hope that the discussion was back on track.

"I don't think it would work Mark. It’s too small” She said nodding to the three seated couch.

"Here, I'll show you" I said eagerly chasing this glimmer of hope she would reconsider.

I jumped to the couch and tilted it onto its back as Jessica watched. Undoing the zip on the heavy covering I pulled aside the material flap and showed her the cavity. It had several cross beams in the bottom of the base with dense foam retained 8 inches above them with equally spaced straps.

“See, I can fit in there but I’ll need to cut the foam a bit.” I said excitedly

She crouched beside me and looked into the gloomy space.

“You've already checked this haven't you? That space is tiny and how on earth would you breath? The foam fills this space. Look.”

She pointed to witness marks in the foam where it had pressed into the cross beams. It did appear to fill the remaining cavity when weight was applied.

My hopes increased slightly at her tentative questioning.

“I can fit and the breathing bit is easy, a bit of garden hose takes care of that.” I countered.

There was a moments silence as Jessica looked around the cavity before I continued

“I don't know if someone could feel me in there and that’s why I want to test it first.”

Jessica glanced to me with raised eyebrows before standing and I stood to look at her. Jessica gave a long thoughtful pause and sighed with a subtle nod. My heart nearly exploded in euphoria that she was even considering this arrangement.

“Ok we'll test it but I won’t promise anything more.” she said a little reluctantly.

We kissed lightly and little more was said of it that evening.

Over the next two days I worked on the couch while Jessica was at work. She knew I was doing it but paid little attention to my efforts. Through the day I studiously worked to get the fitting as perfect as possible and in the evenings we discussed the reasons for me wanting to do this in growing detail. She slowly gained an understanding of how badly I wanted it and appreciated my reasoning. I was driven by the feverish possibility of what may happen and I excitedly told her the couch was finally ready in a phone call to her at work. I was like a child at Christmas and she cut me off with a comment she would see it when she got home. She arrived the usual time that evening.

“I'm home” she called hanging her coat on the coat stand and dropping her bag.

“All, ready to try.” I exclaimed proudly. A surreal nervousness held me as I stood next to the couch waiting

Jessica had just finished work and was wearing her office outfit of knee length skirt with black tights and matching jacket. She approached and gave me a kiss before glancing to the couch.

“How you feeling today?” she asked

“Excited, you won't believe what this means”

“I meant your illness silly. Like I said, I’ll see how... er this goes." She said flicking a hand gesture to the couch emphasising the word "this".

She flopped onto the other 3 seater couch to remove her shoes and like countless times before I observed the flattening of the cushion under her spread of thighs. She had a generous bum with slender thighs that pulled her skirt tight emphasising her hourglass figure. She glanced to me waiting patiently by the upturned couch.

"Can I take 5 minutes? I've just got in" She asked noting me waiting by the overturned couch.

"Aw, I thought we could get it out of the way." I said a little disappointed. I could barely contain my excitement.

She issued a long sigh as she kicked of her remaining shoe then looked at me nodding.

"Ok then what do you want me to do?” she rubbed her lower back as she stood.

A nervous and excited chill ran through me as I explained the next bit in a quick babble.

“I can get in but you need to put a foam bit behind me. Don't worry you'll see where it goes. then tip it over and ….er….sit on it I suppose. See if you can feel me in there.”

“Foam piece? Ok, don't get ahead of yourself, this may not work. Is this it?” she asked lifting the thick section of foam from the floor.


"Ok. Like I said this is a test. I'm still not sure about the whole hiding thing. You had better lock the door." She said holding the foam section looking at it.

"Oh yeah" I said

“You haven't damaged it have you?” she asked as I rushed to the hallway.

I stopped to look back at her briefly.

“The couch? Not at all. That fits in a space I’ve cut out.” I said

“And you can actually fit inside?” she asked frowning slightly

“Yeah, a bit tight but it's ok.” I said watching her reaction

“Why the cutout?”

“More of a comfortable fit that’s all” I said shrugging.

It also placed me closer to the sitter but she said nothing further and simply turned the foam section in her hands looking at it.

I rushed up the hallway almost tripping in my excitement. I then approached the couch with Jessica stood at its side and started my rehearsed action of climbing in. I glanced up to her frowning expression before putting my head into the gloomy base of the couch. I eased my upper torso over the first of the retaining straps and placed the short section of garden hose into my mouth before wriggling myself into the tight cavity I had carved. I shook with nervous apprehension about what we were actually doing and tried not to let my emotions overrun.

The straps were at my back lightly pressing me into the cream coloured foam as I found my position. My upper torso just below my waist was above the retaining straps and quite deep into the cushion space. I did wonder if I had cut the foam too close to the surface of the cushion but it was too late now. My legs were tucked at the knee and free in the base as I had little space to include them in the foam cut out. With my arms tight at my side I pushed the hose with my tongue to respond to Jessica.

"Yep, that looks really comfortable." Jessica said sarcastically.

"You ok?" She asked

“Yep, fine. All done." I mumbled in a half shout.

"And this foam bit goes? Ah I can see." She said

A slight rustle accompanied her comment and I felt the foam slide up my back and stop. It was easy to see where it went as is was the same shape as my upper body and head and that's where Jessica positioned it. The foam fitted between me and newly fitted slats in the base as an attempt to keep some of the springiness. I had been in the foam lots of times as I refined the design and the firm hold was intoxicating. This was the first time Jessica has seen me in it and I now had a raging hard on. My heart hammered in anticipation of what was to come.

"Ok. Is that it? What's next?" she asked

I pushed the hose free again and mumbled the next bit

"Tip it over"

"Oh, right. You sure you're ok in there?" She asked again

I released a little sigh at her repeated pauses. I was eager to get on with it.

"Yes I'm fine" I answered suppressing my impatience.

There was a muffled intermittent zipping sound and the foam at my back pressed into me slightly. My heart skipped a beat as I realised Jessica had just zipped me inside. I didn't ask her to do that and my mind suddenly raced with stored up fantasies of being unknowingly used as a couch.

My head and upper body lay two inches from the course material that covered the built in cushions and I prayed to god I couldn’t be felt in here. There was a dim light over my features but I couldn’t make out any detail. Jessica strained a comment as she lifted the back of the couch.

"I...can't....believe....I'm...doing....this" she said in intermittent bursts.

Suddenly my world tipped and I thudded hard into the foam at my back. My legs flopped and the foam around me rustled with a repositioning. Jessica had obviously managed to tip the sofa upright.

Another erotic wave of anticipation ran through me. Until now I had only been sideways in the foam but now it fell around me with a subtle weight and it pulled around me as the couch settled in its correct position. How many times had Jessica's mother and Rachel sat side by side on this couch I wondered. They were both shapely but heavy set women. Rachel early thirties and Kerry late forties. I often stared at the flattened cushions bulging out from under their smooth thighs as they sat and wondered what it would be like under them. For the time being at least I was part of those cushions and I was revelling in it.

I sucked small breaths and waited with my head positioned towards the back of the right hand cushion. My upper body lay beneath the middle cushion and part of the left hand one with my legs tucked near the left side arm of the couch. Countless times I observed women sitting on this couch and their bums always settled in the same area of the cushion. Approximately 4 inches from the couch back and dead centre and this was the place my face now lay. I debated over whether to chose this position because I had seen this area crushed deep as Rachel, Kerry or Vikki sat and wondered if it was endurable. My pursuit for the most realistic and extreme experience drove me to go through with it.

In the cream coloured embrace I waited and stared into the smooth thin foam over my face as Jessica

"And now i just sit on it, I mean you, I mean, oh I don't know."

Her question was muffled and hard to make and when I didn't answer she repeated it. I practically shouted an equally muffled answer.

"Do I sit on it now?"



Suddenly a weight dropped onto my chest and stomach with a short material rasp. Breath rushed out as I was caught by surprise and I smashed hard into a resisting force beneath me. The weight seemed incredible even though I knew it was only Jessica sitting on the middle cushion. The weight bore down and bounced for a moment as I was crushed into the supporting straps and foam at my back. Slowly the foam crept around my body as it spread and splurged. A rhythmic hiss of foam accompanied every jiggle and for a brief moment I thought it was too much. Shallow breaths were all I could afford before the weight was suddenly gone and I sprang back to original position in the foam. Small rustles of sound were audible as the couch slowly reshaped around me then another hard thud from above. She said something I couldn't hear and I didn't respond in my surprise and shock.

This time the weight was at my waist and legs and the effect was crushingly restrictive but not as extreme. She was now sitting on the left hand cushion and the soft rhythmic bounce returned causing the foam to envelope my waist and upper thighs. While the foam was compressed hard, more material was above me as there was no cut out and it yielded as it folded around me. My legs buckled and flexed with the foam and they became effectively encased as the foam spread under Jessica's weight and swallowed the void containing my lower torso.

As before the weight quickly vanished and the foam release its crushing grip. Again she said something and I didn't respond. My legs followed the contour of the reshaping foam and I listened to the soft hiss of material. I realised that Jessica was sitting on the different cushions to see if she could feel me beneath them and only one remained. Jessica is not fat by any stretch but her weight seemed amplified tenfold as it landed. My face and upper chest immediately crushed deep into the foam behind me and an immense pressure painfully distorted my features. I managed subtle breaths through the hose but the unyielding weight was punishing. Blackness filled my vision and small bounces crushed my lips hard into my teeth. My vision started to flash with red blotches as my eyes were pressed hard then as quickly as the weight hit me it was gone. It was a surreal and unnerving taste of what it would be like. The next few seconds I lay there in disbelief and noticed there was a little more light penetrating the foam over my eyes. I felt for sure she had felt me in here.

A short moment later I was out of the couch and in the process of putting it back to normal. Jessica asked what it was like and I lied saying it felt amazing with only a little pressing of the foam. She admitted to sitting as normally as possible in all the cushions and to my utter disbelief she said could feel no difference with me inside.

“You couldn’t feel anything?” I asked.

I tried to remain calm but my heart rate jumped a few notches. I was actually surprised she admitted it. She could easily have said she could feel me and the whole thing would have been off.

“Nothing. That's what I was saying as I sat. You sure it was ok in there?” she asked doubtfully

“Fine, just a small press that’s all.

My mind raced with the actual possibility she may do this for me as I finished up the couch. She explained she was still uncomfortable with how intimate it would be to have the women sitting so close. I explained I had no interest in anything but the weight and pressing feeling of being used. She seemed semi satisfied with my response but still a little uneasy. It looked like she was considering doing this but couldn't quite reach a conclusion.

I was taken by complete surprise when Jessica finally decided she would do it. We were casually watching TV and she just came out with it, completely from left field. I almost passed out from a mixed explosion of pleasure, anticipation and fear in equal measures. She stressed she would not sit on the couch I was in because she said it would be too strange. For the sake of seeing me happy she would arrange a situation where others would do it. I was to make no sound or movements at all when inside and she made me promise that this would not be discussed with anyone else and kept strictly between the two of us. I of course agreed. She asked on more than one occasion if the foam really didn’t press that hard. She noticed it depress quite a bit and was surprised I didn't feel it. I lied over and over saying it was hardly anything.

Girls night was planned and Jessica explained to me she had initially invited Kerry, Vikki and Rachel. During subsequent conversations Kelly, Lauren and Rhian found out so she decided it was only fair to invited them too. Lauren asked Jessica if her friends Sarah and Claire could come and Jessica agreed but the girls had a change of plan. My heart skipped a beat at the revelation of six women. It was almost eight.

I thought she would invite two maybe three but this many? Considering she was apprehensive about the whole thing she certainly made sure all the seats would be taken. I wondered if she had planned for that many women from the start but doubted it. These girly get togethers had a habit of escalating and didn't I ask her to arrange one as part of my confessed fantasy? A little apprehension surfaced in my mind and simmered beneath my excitement.

I knew all the women who intended to be there. They good looking mature women in their early thirties except for 18 year old Lauren and Jessica's mother who was 47. Lauren like her two friends was a typical shapely and fit teenager. Above average height and very pretty with a perfect energetic figure. Kelly and Kerry carried a heavy build but in a curvy way while the others kept themselves in impressive shape. Vikki was the smallest of the group at 5ft 4in with a petite and perfectly formed figure. Rachel was by far the tallest at 5 ft 11in and akin to a 50’s movie star with her soft spoken tones and elegant posture. She was exceptionally attractive and often drew long stares from many male admirers.

I had often fantasised about being under these women but Jessica didn’t know. The fact she had arranged a games night also meant an entire night of them using the couches. She asked if it was what I envisaged and I just nodded with a dumb smile.

It was three days to go. Jessica suggested I needed to be inside the couch before she picked the other girls up so she could make sure everything looked ok. I planned to be in there from 6 until the women left around 12ish and she asked if this was too long. I jokingly said it wasn’t long enough and she made a faint as if to hit me and remarked I should be grateful she was even doing it. After what felt like a million queries if I really wanted to do this the whole thing was finally agreed and planned.

As the day neared I tried to imagine what it would be like. Jessica discussed arrangements with the other girls and gave subtle glances to me when they expressed genuine excitement at the evenings plans.

It was the evening before and Jessica explained at length that once I was in the couch I couldn't come out until the end and I had to be absolutely silent the whole time. I repeatedly dismissed her concerns with a grin and reaffirmed that this was exactly what I wanted.

The day was here and the neatly arranged dips and popcorn on the coffee table was an odd contrast to the tan couch tipped onto its back.

[Third person]

“Ready?” asked Jessica checking her watch

“Yeah” said Mark with a little tremor in his voice. Jessica assumed it was excitement.
Mark crawled into the couch base and squeezed into position. Jessica noted his upper torso flush with the foam and arranged the extra foam section at his back like she did previously.

“Ok?” she asked.

A muffled yes came from within and she zipped the base material closed and moved around the back of the couch. She bent and issued a low grunt as she tipped it over and the couch landed with a thud. She gave it a quick once over noting the normality of its appearance and pushed it tight against the wall albeit with a little difficulty. She stood for a second biting her lower lip nervously while studying the couch.

The three large cushions were connected to the base and rose up in three puffy bulges as they always had. The recesses separating them were defined and she looked for signs that Mark was beneath them. When she sat on them the other night she felt nothing out of the ordinary. They sank and puffed air out as they always had. She knew Mark was high in the cushion space but he had obviously done a good job in concealing himself. The course tan weave of the material was taut and unmarked and the cushions rose 4 inches out of the base to knee height. The arms and back also puffed their familiar smooth shape. It looked perfectly normal and for a moment this made her a little uneasy and wondered if Mark really knew what he was letting himself in for. Six women would be in here soon and she had a fleeting doubt that it would be too much.

When the women entered a few moments from now they were going to sit on this without hesitation. Why wouldn't they Jessica thought. That's what it's here for. To them it was nothing but a couch.

“Still ok? she asked hesitantly.

On no response she crouched to where his head was and asked again.

“Still ok?”

There was still time to call it all off but she knew Mark would be devastated. For a brief moment she contemplated asking him to get out. The idea 3 women would be heavily sitting on him without concern cast a little doubt over the whole thing.

“mmff” came a muffled response that she interpreted as yes.

“You sure about this?” she asked probably for the thousandth time.

“yurf” came the muffled response loud enough to be heard as a yes.

So long as he didn’t make any sounds or movements it would be fine she thought. She reminded herself that Mark said he could hardly feel anything and relaxed a little.

“I’m going now and when I get back remember no sound and no moving.”

“mmf mmf” came the stifled ok

“I’ll be dropping off Kelly, Rachel, Vikki and my mother before picking up Lauren and Rhian. Remember no sound whatsoever and I’ll see you when it's over”

“mmff mmff” came another low muffle Jessica understood to be ok.

Jessica was as comfortable as she could ever be with what was about to take place and stopped one last time on her way to the door to survey the room. Looking around the room she calmed a little at the familiar appearance of it as she turned off the lights. She still felt a little uneasy that she was tricking her family and friends into sitting on Mark but it was a small request from her dying lover and she couldn't deny him. She was also confident no one would ever know.

She set the alarm and locked the door as she always did when no one was home On her way to the car she glanced to the dark curtains over the window. She thought about what Mark craved from this scenario and she had made it happen. This made her happy after seeing his reaction when she agreed to do this. It’s only a small thing after all and for the remainder of the evening he was now regarded as part of her couch. Only a small thing but it made him hugely happy and she was glad.

30 minutes later Jessica returned with the four women in tow carrying various alcoholic drinks. She unlocked the front door, cancelled the alarm and asked the women to make themselves comfortable. She wondered what Mark was thinking as he waited for them to return. Part of her even wondered if he had gotten out of the couch at the last minute. She doubted this as she remembered his visible excitement leading up to tonight. As the women entered the house Jessica thought about what was about to happen in the living room with a little apprehension. As she walked back to her car she noticed the living room light flick on through the closed curtains and the shadowy silhouette of the women entering.

In the front room the women were chatting happily and gathering to take seats with no more than a fleeting glance at the couches. The tan couch nestled against the wall as the women milled about oblivious to Mark hidden a few inches below the surface. They plucked at chips and dips that were laid out and Kerry put her bag and drinks at the right side of the tanned colour couch that held its hidden occupant. As she crouched close to the cushions she answered a question from Kelly where she was going to sit. She had offered Kerry her seat as she walked passed.

“I’ll sit her love, that's alright.”

This confirmed one thing. In her tight blue jeans Kerry was planning to sit where Marks head was. Various chatter about seating arrangements; as benign as always in these situations bounced between the women.

The other couch now seated Vikki who checked her mobile and Kelly who sipped at her open beer bottle at the other end. Rachel put her drink on a coaster at the other side of the tan couch. This was the second woman to pick a seat above the concealed man. She unconsciously flared her short skirt over the material that hid him as she arranged her drink as Kerry slowly dropped to her seat. It was a familiar and normal scene except for the fact Mark was barely an inch beneath the foam of the couch. Rachel also dropped onto the couch with drink in hand and a soft billowing of her skirt. Both women comfortably perched on the couch as casual and normal as ever.

The women paid no attention to specific detail of the sitting but Mark was all but consumed by it. Kerry clad in her tight fitting blue jeans simply dropped and the cushion duly flattened out beneath her. She sat briefly before standing to grab a few more nachos, coating them in dip then sitting down again. The surface of the cushion disappeared under her as she crossed her legs leaving a smooth thigh raised above the material. Kerry clearly had no idea anything was out of the ordinary. This was evident as after a short moment she reached for more tacos. She dropped her thigh and slid forward to grab a handful and proceeded to slowly dip them into the garlic sauce before eating them. She leaned forward placing all her weight onto the centre of the cushion as she leaned for the dip. Her considerable weight bore directly onto the cushion pressing the foam out of sight and to the limit of its compression. It was effectively supporting the majority of her 16 stone and she sat this way for a few minutes chatting and munching on tacos. After a while she settled back crossing her legs. She remained in that position for the next 20 minutes with her only seating adjustment a crossing of the other leg.

Rachel had dropped onto the couch and crossed her legs. Her skirt flared revealing smooth long thighs and she remained in the same position until Jessica returned with Lauren and Rhian 20 minutes later. The cushion was flattened and bulging under Rachel as she engaged conversation pinning Marks hidden legs in a crushing foam encasement.

Jessica and the others arrived 10 minutes later and Jessica went directly to the kitchen a little apprehensive about the unfolding scene in the other room. Judging by the laughter and chatter there were no surprises or uncomfortable discoveries and she felt a little relieved. Rhian and Lauren immediately joined in the conversation as they entered the front room while Jessica decided she needed a drink. In the kitchen listening to the laughter and talking she fixed a strong vodka and orange juice and forced herself to not think of Mark in the couch as she made her way up the hallway.

She entered the front room and her gaze was immediately drawn to the tan coloured couch despite her best intentions to not look. Relief was her first feeling judging by the way the women sat and conversed. They had no idea Mark was an unseen attendant at this gathering as all the women were perched comfortably on the couches. Then she held a slight concern as she noticed the cushions mostly crushed out of sight. The fact her own mother was effectively sitting on his hidden face also made her a little uncomfortable. The TV was on and gabble filled the air as she was invited to take a seat. She picked at the dips on the coffee table and settled between Vikki and Kelly looking at the deformed couch cushions. Rhian took a seat at a spare dining chair as Jessica sipped her drink uneasily and stared in silence.

The scene looked perfectly natural but she picked out finer detail normally not noticed in such situations. Her mother's raised thigh created a smooth line of indented cushion material and jean fabric. The front half of the cushion was concealed under her right thigh and her bum covered what was left. Her foot dangled free and bounced gently as it hung over her other leg as Jessica shifted her gaze to the right. Lauren sat with her long legging covered legs together. The very front of the cushion bulged out from behind her knees. The cushion under Rachel was completely hidden under the flare of her skirt.

She broke her stare eventually and none of the other women noticed Jessica's repeated glances to the couch as they moved. Once or twice Kerry Rachel or Lauren stood and she looked to the flattened cushions slowly reshaping with the creased indents of their bums slowly stretching out. The cushions briefly reformed until the women dropped their weight onto them again.

The women sat almost constantly for two and a half hours and if they weren’t sitting they stood briefly to get a drink or grab a snack then sat back down again. Sometimes flopping hard and unceremoniously. They drank their drinks becoming more alebriated as time wore on and Jessica slowly became accustomed to Marks position. She engaged more fully with the jokes and conversation even forgetting briefly that Mark was beneath the seated women.

At 8:30 there was a toilet break that caught Jessica's attention briefly. Lauren, Rachel and Kerry all stood releasing the compressed seat and she watched the flattened cushions rising slowly. None of the other women paid any attention. The cushions reformed to their intended shape and the couch was as still and normal as it had ever been. Jessica decided to fix herself another drink and went to the kitchen. She re-entered the room noticing the women were not back from their loo break and looked at the couch for a moment as she took her seat. She was impressed Mark hadn't made any sound. Making sure no-one was watching she smiled and gave a little wink before switching her attention to the conversation.

Seconds later Lauren and Kerry entered the room and moved towards the couch and Jessica glanced to the cushions briefly. The cushions waited the inevitable and lauren was first to deliver by bending and dropping slowly with her bum slightly forward on the cushion. Rachel entered the room with her long slender legs striding quickly towards her seat. She dropped with a soft gentle grace sweeping what little skirt she wore beneath her with one hand. Jessica winced subtly at her mother dropping hard where his head was but quickly looked away.

A few minutes later the women organised charades and stood as they chatted enthusiastically. The women hovered over it as they talked and Kerry lifted her knee absently and dropped into the couch for a few moments. Jessica noticed this uneasily and the Charade's game brought about seat changes that made her even more uneasy.

During the first game Kerry gave way for Vikki to sit. Vikki wore tight fitting casual trousers made from a soft cotton that hug her small frame. Jessica was very glad most of the women wore conservative clothing tonight. Jessica glanced from one woman to the next as they discussed teams and Vikki positioned her small pert bum over the reformed plump cushion as soon as Kerry stood. She gently but quickly perched herself on it. As the game started Jessica noticed Vikki rocking and leaning on the cushion as she became engrossed in trying to get the answer. 5 minutes later and a few failed guesses she stood and Kerry took her place.

A few moments later Jessica was motioned to take a seat to guess a charades mime and the women moved to accommodate a team change. Rachel and Lauren moved away and Kerry perched onto the edge of cushion at the far end. Although she resisted sitting there she was effectively bullied into it in the spirit of the game. She stood leaving her drink where it was as she didn’t intend to remain there. She approached choosing to sit on the middle cushion. The area over his head was free but she couldn’t bring herself to sit there. It felt awkward. She was relieved as she sat slowly and the material yielded just like the other couch. It felt no different.

She sat bone still glancing only once to the cushion space at the side of her thigh. It was still creased flat with the indent of her mother's bum but it was slowly smoothing out as it reformed. The course tan material was untelling to what was beneath. Rachel approached and turned to place a drink on the coffee table directly in front of the free cushion space. Jessica noticed a flash of her upper thighs under the short skirt as she bent tending to her drink. Jessica quickly noticed what was about to happen as Rachel hovered her bum over the edge of the cushion. With a pang of jealousy and a little irritation Jessica watched Rachel's skirt frame the cushion beneath as she slowly lowered herself to sit beside her. She dropped slowly obscuring the cushion space under flared skirt and bounced a few times to get comfy. Obviously a little alebriated she sat unladylike with her legs apart and Jessica disliked the way the cushion was now flattened under her. She would have prefered to sit there if she knew that was going to happen. She felt a little ashamed she had tricked her friends into this and frowned and shook her head subtly. They didn’t know any different she thought.

After a few minutes of playing there was a hard nudge from her drunken mother as she shifted sideways and both Jessica and rachel slid across the cushion. She now sat half on the cushion with Rachel. With their bums close together the cushion deflected heavily. Jessica noticed the small gap between them and tensed lifting a little. She looked down intently for a second before letting her weight drop again. She could do nothing but ignore it for the time being. With Rachel to her left and her mother planted unmoving to her right, she turned her attention to Lauren who was acting out her fifth mime.

Another 10 minutes passed as the trio kept failing to get guess the correct mime. The small gap between Jessica and Rachel was now a tiny sliver as their thighs touched and finally Jessica stood and Kelly moved to take her place. The cushion had reformed just in time for Kelly to land on it with a thump. Jessica moved back to the other couch and by the time she looked back, Rachel was in the same seat but was leaning far over giving Kerry her drink. Jessica glanced at her exposed bum and crumple of panties peeking out of her meshed thighs all framed by a rim of skirt. This was the intimacy issue she that she didn't like. Rachel rolled back to sit upright and the cushion disappeared beneath her.

The women remained in this seating order for the last half hour of the evening and it took a while for Jessica to overcome the uneasiness of Rachel's almost bare bottom pressing into Mark's face under her flowery patterned skirt. Side to side she shifted back and forth, rising and sitting, bouncing and swaying over and over. Kerry and Kelly also administered harsh and unceremonious seating adjustments on the consumed cushions beneath them.

Just after midnight a minibus collected the women and Jessica was left with a bomb site of a living area. She didn't drink that much but was still a little tipsy. After locking the front door she went straight to the couch. It was hardly believable he was even in there she thought.


“Mark, they're gone”

For a moment she thought he wasn’t in there. Then a panic rose as she thought, what if he was and couldn't answer.

“mmff” came a response and Jessica issues a loud sigh

“Hang on” she said and bent at the front of the couch.

She felt a brief mixture of relief and surprise. Relieved he answered but more impressed that he went through the whole thing without so much as a murmur.

She tipped the couch up with a heave and it fell to its side with a thud. She unzipped the base and looked inside. Marks crossed legs and bum were barely visible as the foam had encroached around them. His upper torso was completely hidden behind the foam section she had put in and she pulled at it. It made a ripping sound as it separated from the other foam and it appeared to be moulded together. She finally had it free and looked to Mark's head and back. He was barely visible as the foam had splurged around him in a kind of embrace. She grabbed one of his arms and pulled. Mark responded by slowly wiggling free and bit by bit he peeled from the foams grip flopping free of the cavity. He didn’t move for a few seconds then he shakily emerged from the base feet first. He remained on all fours for a moment with his damp sweaty hanging loosely.

“You ok Mark?” Jessica asked.

“Uh, yeah, just give me a minute.” He answered head bowed and wearily flexing his hands and feet.

She offered her hand and helped him to his unsteady feet and he swayed a little. Jessica clasped a hand to her mouth realising his face was a deep red and very blotchy. There was a fine weave pattern imprinted into the skin on his face and both his eyes were bloodshot. His lips puffed up with a small stain of blood on the bottom one.

“You said you couldn’t feel anything.” said Jessica a little annoyed

Mark gave a weak smile but looked shaken. He tried badly to hide a grimace.

“I knew this was a bad ide...”

"I'm ok, I'm fine" Mark interrupted but his voice was weak.

“Seriously? you don't look fine” Jessica said doubtfully

"Jess, it was amazing. Thank you" he said and gave her a light kiss. His smile was forced but convincing.

She stood shocked for a second then relaxed a little

"You actually enjoyed that?" She asked surprised.

It took all his energy to stand unsupported and face her.

“Every minute.” He bent slightly and clutched at this aching knees rubbing them.

“Here have a seat." Said Jessica frowning before tugging his arm to lead him to the other couch.

Mark looked at her sincerely in a defiant pause to get the message through.

"I mean it, thanks Jess. That was the best thing you could have ever done for me. You know that don't you?

"If you say so. You really enjoyed that?" She asked nodding to the upturned couch.

"Without doubt"

They both took a seat at the other sofa and Mark started to loosen his stiff appendages as they swapped snippets of information about how the night went. They both kind of knew repeat experiences was likely.