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Mar 19, 2003
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When Saf Jarvis heard a rumour that the British were building some sort of military base 30 miles from his position he realised that it presented him with an escape route back home. If he could just surrender to the British he’d be free of the unfolding nightmare that was Jihad. He and his mates, all Birmingham boys, had joined up over three years ago and at first it was all they’d hoped it would be. Military training, comradeship, guns, grenades, killing, torturing and an almost never ending supply of female prisoners to do whatever they liked with. That first 2 years were the best but slowly the tide turned and now they were losing and losing badly. Saf’s friends had all been killed and the generals were becoming more and more desperate. Saf knew that as a foreign fighter it was only a matter of time before he’d be forced to set out with a van full of explosives or on some similar futile suicide mission. Handing himself over to the British army was the best move he could make right now. A few years in jail back home and then out to carry on with his life as if nothing had ever happened. He walked away from his unit that night.

It had been Captain Belinda Brown’s idea to build the refugee camp. She’d campaigned to her superiors for many months and eventually they gave her the go ahead. She led a unit of 40 soldiers, all female, to the East bank of the river and there they built the camp. To anyone who had served in this war for any length of time, the camp was an obvious necessity. As more territory was recovered it had become apparent just how many women had been sexually and physically abused by the enemy. A stream of traumatised female prisoners was being liberated and Captain Brown’s camp was going to be a male free refuge where they could come to terms with what had happened to them and then helped to find their way back to some sort of normal life.

Belinda Brown ran a tight team and the camp had been built quickly. Her all female platoon was experimental to see how well they could perform without male involvement. The idea was contrary to the British army’s core belief of non-segregation between sexes but Captain Brown’s unit was helping to solve a specific gender based issue and any overt male involvement had been deemed unhelpful in this instance. Her engineers planned and built the camp, her soldiers guarded and secured it, her logistical staff would run the camp and the wider regular army and air support was a radio call away. Her team had performed well together and they were now ready to accept their first wave of refugees ahead of time. They had a few days to relax and wind down before the first intake arrived.

Saf surrendered himself to Belinda’s garrison and proceeded to tell her and her interrogation team absolutely everything about his former comrades. Their positions, their numbers, the weaponry they had available. For the British it was gold and Belinda communicated the information to her superiors. She then asked headquarters how the prisoner was to be delivered back to the UK. The answer she received shocked her. She was told that Britain wasn’t accepting any former fighters back into the country and that it would be best for everyone if he just “disappeared”. Belinda tried to get some clarification but she was told again that he needed to “disappear” and then the communication was terminated.

Saf felt a bit bad about betraying his former comrades but he wanted an easy ride so he told the British everything they needed to know. It was also a result surrendering to a bunch of women. No heavy interrogation, no beatings and a free ticket back home. If he was lucky he’d serve his time in a prison near Birmingham. That way his family could come and visit him. Most of all though he was pleased to have come through the whole ordeal with his life and without having to suffer the tortures and beatings that he knew other prisoners in his position had endured. He recalled all too clearly the screams from those captured by his own forces. He’d even administered some of the beatings himself. He quickly dismissed the horrific images from his mind thankful that he’d not be called to account for some of the terrible crimes he’d committed.

Word of Saf’s treachery travelled rapidly round the garrison. Bad enough that he was the enemy but to a soldier, wilful betrayal of your comrades in arms was truly the lowest of the low. A large group of girls wanted to give him a good beating and if he died from his injuries then that would just be tough. The mood became pretty tense and Captain Belinda Brown herself had to come down to the barracks and deal with the situation. She realised that an angry mob being let loose on him would serve the issue of his disappearance but despite her disgust of him, she knew she couldn’t let him be tortured or killed on her watch so she talked down the girls who wanted to beat him to death telling them that he wasn’t worth the effort. Then she added as an aside that he wasn’t even worth shitting on. And that’s how the idea began. A corporal, a large blonde girl who was always quick with a funny retort declared that she’d certainly shit on him and soon everyone was laughing and agreeing that they’d have no trouble shitting on him. One young private added that she’d take a crap right on top of his stupid treacherous face, and so the idea took hold.

Blissfully unaware of the revolting fate that awaited him Saf was busy preparing his defence once he was back in the UK. He would tell the judge how he was a victim, bullied at school and then lied to by the recruiters. He’d swear that he had no real involvement in any of the fighting or the atrocities his forces had committed. Perhaps he’d get away with it completely and not even have to serve a prison sentence. Little did he know that he’d already been sentenced to life in the most disgusting and cruel prison he could ever imagine, a prison that was beyond his worst fears and a prison that was being built right outside the window of his cell. He watched through the bars with interest as the small mechanical digger and a team of girls in khaki dug a deep pit whilst others were building a small hut. He wondered to himself what it was they could be building. The girls on the work detail kept looking towards his cell window and waving at him with big smiles on their faces. Saf waved back which seemed to amuse all the girls no end. He heard the approaching footsteps of Belinda Brown with three of her officers and hoped they were bringing news of his return to Britain. Instead Belinda calmly explained her orders to make him ‘disappear’ and then she explained to him exactly where he was disappearing to.

At first Saf assumed they were joking but slowly the realisation that they were seriously intending to do this dawned on him and Saf’s polite demeanour gave way to fury as he screamed obscenities through the bars of his cell at Captain Brown and the two officers with her. Throughout his deeply misogynistic tirade Captain Brown looked on calmly, now completely comfortable with the decision over his fate and more than that she decided there and then that she’d pull rank and be the first to use him. She felt a little guilty that the thought excited her so much but it became increasingly easier as she listened to him shouting at the top of his voice that a bunch of ugly bitches pretending to be soldiers had no right to decide what happened to him. In fact, the whole camp could hear him and one of the girls on the work detail outside shouted “shut up toilet face” and then another girl shouted, “yeah shut up toilet face” and within a few seconds every soldier on the camp was shouting “shut up toilet face” all followed by laughing and an impromptu round of applause that echoed around the camp. And it did the job as Saf became quiet and contemplated the horror of what was to happen to him.

‘What was to happen to him’ had quite naturally been the talk of the camp for the past day. Engineers worked out the logistics. They decided to dig a separate latrine just for Saf. It was going to be a deep hole over which would be the outhouse. Saf would be tied firmly to a backboard and then slid into the base of the small prefab building so his face appeared in the floor overhanging the long drop. An invisible system of intravenous drips had been set up by the medics with a cocktail of nutrients and anti-biotics to keep Saf alive indefinitely. Over his face the actual toilet was to be put in place. The girls had gone out of their way to make sure the toilet would be as comfortable as possible for the person using it. They’d found a porcelain toilet bowl which was cleaned and then placed over the hole. They extended a pressure hose from the river and fitted that in the toilet as a flush. They even padded out the toilet seat for extra comfort. When placed over the hole it was a perfect fit. The walls of the toilet were covered in cloth hangings and there were scented candles and warm lighting. It was comfortable by any standards, but by army standards it was complete luxury.

There wasn’t a single soldier on the camp who objected to the cruelty of his punishment. They’d all heard the stories of the suffering inflicted on female prisoners and would no doubt hear countless more as the first women refugees arrived in the camp. That coupled with his treachery dispelled any feelings of pity towards him and the officers felt it would be a brilliant idea to offer the victims coming to the camp the chance to use Saf’s face as a toilet too. It was decided that the experience might be beneficial to them and of course they didn’t have to if they didn’t want to. No one had to if they didn’t want to. Some soldiers didn’t like the idea of doing their business on his face for various reasons, but they certainly didn’t feel sorry for him. He really did deserve everything he was going to get and whilst a few women found the idea distasteful, many of the girls relished the thought of pissing and shitting on his face. Some of them would even get a sexual kick out of it, the sheer feeling of power and the delicious idea of the cruelty. That sort of thing was highly arousing to some of the soldiers under the command of Captain Belinda Brown. Other girls in the camp had similar devious and cruel fantasies involving the abuse, sexual or otherwise, of helpless men. One group of friends, a sergeant and two corporals, who all shared a very similar fantasy, formulated a plan on how to enjoy themselves with the prisoner before he made his final journey to the latrine.

The security detail entered Saf’s cell that evening. There were five of them, all large women, much larger than Saf. The largest of them, a girl of West Indian decent had an electric cattle prod. The others brought in a narrow mess hall bench and some sturdy strapping. They also carried an improvised gag.

Saf watched the five girls approach menacingly and was suddenly terrified. The horror of what was to happen to him became overwhelming and he broke down sobbing and begging to be let off from his awful fate. The girl with the cattle prod, Private Chanise Williams, zapped him and then laughed as he fell in spasm on the floor. She gave him a vicious kick in the ribs and then told him he’d have to beg much better than that if he wanted to avoid his rightful punishment. He crawled over to her and began kissing her feet pleading to be punished in some other way. Chanise gave him a kick in the face and the rest of the security detail looked on approvingly as he was sent sprawling backwards by the force of the blow. The soldier holding the gag, a tall and slightly overweight blond girl, Private Helen West told him that nothing was going to deny her the pleasure of taking a nice long stinky crap on his traitor face and the others agreed. She then pushed the plastic pouch into his mouth and fixed it tightly into place with a thin strap. It had been decided that he would need to be gagged. That way he wouldn’t be putting the girls off by screaming and shouting at them whilst they were doing their business on his face. That certainly wouldn’t have been conducive to a nice relaxing shit.

As the gag was pushed in and Saf was well and truly silenced Chanise decided that she wanted to test how good the gag was and she gave him a vicious kick in the balls. Each of the other girls followed suit as Saf screamed his agony silently into the soft plastic ball that filled his mouth. His torture at the hands of the security detail lasted over an hour. Mainly they went for his balls but they also trod on his fingers and toes and trampled over his prone body on the floor with their heavy army boots. They sneered at his suffering telling him that’s what he deserved for being a rapist and a traitor and all took great pleasure describing how much they’d enjoy shitting and pissing all over his face. When they were done, the girls congratulated each other on the effectiveness of their homemade gag and then strapped him down tightly to the bench. He would stay like this in his cell until the next morning when the legs of the bench would be folded down and he would be slid into his new position underneath the toilet ready for Captain Belinda Brown to christen the ‘special’ latrine with her morning shit.

Strapped down tight onto the bench Saf couldn’t move a muscle. He was in great pain after the security detail had meted out their own brand of justice and all he could think of was the disgusting fate that lay ahead. His head too was strapped down tightly and he couldn’t move it at all. A deep divot had been machined into the bench just underneath the back of his head ensuring he had no way to move it. All he could do was look straight up at the ceiling.

He heard the prison guards swap shift as they always did around this time. They talked a little but it was hard to make out the conversation. He heard them laughing, he heard one of the guards leaving the prefabricated prison building and then the sound of the new guard settling in for the night’s watch. He tried again to move his head even a little but it was futile. He pictured himself in the latrine unable to turn his head and dreaded the moment he’d have no choice but to allow each turd to drop down directly onto his face. He felt sick at the thought and moved his mind instead to the pain in his fingers, toes and his balls. The physical pain was a relief compared to the fear and horror of the disgusting humiliation that awaited.

Just as he felt all hope begin to drift away Saf saw the face of a pretty girl with a blonde ponytail loom over him. Corporal Anna Morton looked down into Saf’s contorted tear stained face. She had a sympathetic look and she told him that she couldn’t believe how cruel and sick the whole idea of using him as a toilet was. She said how disgusted she was with her fellow soldiers for allowing this atrocity to happen on a British army base and she promised him that she’d work out a way to help him escape before the night was out. She gently removed his gag and he sobbed with relief thanking her for her mercy. Anna dabbed the tearstains and the blood from his face and told Saf that she was going to see if she could find other soldiers on the base who would be willing to help him escape. Anna made him promise not to make a sound whilst she was gone as she’d be in big trouble if anyone found out that she’d removed his gag or left him alone. Saf nodded his compliance and Corporal Anna Morton left the guard room for half an hour. Saf felt a wave of elation. For the first time in a few days there was a ray of hope. Perhaps this could all be over soon and he’d escape from these terrible women and the sickening fate they had in store for him.

Anna returned and told him she’d managed to convince one of the Sergeants on guard duty at the main gate to turn a blind eye if he walked out the camp. She’d also convinced a Corporal from the mess tent to help his escape by supplying food and water for his journey into the dessert. But he would have to give them something in return she said with an awkward smile. Saf told Anna that he had quite substantial savings back home and would gladly give them everything he had once he was back in the UK. It was of course a lie. He had no savings. Anna, looked down into his face gave him a shy look and then giggled a little. She went on to explain with what seemed like a little embarrassment that the Sergeant and the Corporal had both been in the desert for a long time and both were extremely sexually frustrated. Anna hesitated and then continued. She went on to say that in return for their help they’d both demanded that Saf give them oral sex until they were completely satisfied. Anna looked down at him nervously as she told him the details of the strange deal she’d been forced to make on his behalf.

Saf was appalled by the thought of licking a woman’s vagina. He’d never done anything like this and the idea made him feel sick. He tried again to offer money but Anna insisted that the promise of money was of no interest to them and that the only currency he could offer right now was the use of his tongue. Saf considered for a moment and realised that the alternative was far worse so he reluctantly agreed. Anna asked him if he’d ever licked a girl’s pussy and he told her he hadn’t. She shook her head and said that it wasn’t so easy to please a girl with your tongue without plenty of practise and that if the Sergeant and Corporal weren’t totally satisfied they probably wouldn’t help him.

Saf began to see the chances of his escape fade away and though the thought disgusted him he asked Anna if she’d allow him to practice on her. At least she was pretty he reasoned to himself. Anna looked thoughtful for a moment. She told him that it wasn’t really her thing and that she wasn’t the type of girl to do stuff like that with someone who wasn’t her boyfriend. Saf began pleading with her and the pleading became begging. Anna eventually relented and told him that as a special favour she’d try to help him out. Saf asked her to release the straps so he could kneel between her legs but Anna said she couldn’t do that as the Sergeant would certainly have her court marshalled if she came in and saw he was untied. She’d already exposed herself to a huge risk. Anna would have to stand over his face and lower her pussy onto his mouth and initiate him into the art of pleasing a woman in that position.

For a moment, she disappeared from his view but then Anna reappeared. She’d removed her trousers and knickers and stood astride the bench with her back to his feet and looking down into his eyes. She was a real beauty with a perfect body and as she shuffled forward and put her vagina over his face, Saf was thankful that she didn’t smell as bad as he’d imagined. She rubbed her pussy lightly over his nose and he was surprised at how wet she was for “a girl who wasn’t really into this sort of thing”. Anna pulled back a little. The bench was the perfect height and she could stand comfortably over him ready to bury his face into her crotch whenever she wanted.

She explained to Saf that every girl liked to be licked in a different way. She pointed to her clitoris and told him she wanted him to start off by gently nibbling and sucking on it. As she moved forward and onto his face again Saf knew he needed to learn fast to ensure his escape, and so he did what he was told. As time went on Anna gave out more instructions, how fast to lick her, how to tease her with the tip of his tongue, to probe into her vagina. To lick harder or softer. Anna’s excitement built and she began to push herself harder onto his face. She had some small orgasms and then pressed down harder still telling him to put his tongue right up inside her. He did his best but it was becoming difficult for him to breathe and he had no way to move his head. Anna had become lost in the pleasure of it and was pushing down ever more relentlessly grinding into his mouth and nose. She climaxed as Saf began to pass out from the lack of air. She lifted slightly to allow Saf some gasps of lifesaving oxygen before sitting back down onto his face to recover from her orgasm.

Corporal Anna Morton eventually moved backwards onto his chest and looked down into his battered wet features. She gave him a little tap on the nose and told him he’d be fine. She wiped down his face with warm soapy water and then there was a quiet knock on the door. She pulled her trousers back on and opened the door. Saf heard some hushed whispering and then Anna’s face appeared over him followed by another, less attractive face.

Corporal Harriet McDonald was a Scottish girl who had jet black hair pulled back into a tight bun on the top of her head. From what he could make out from his restricted position she was a little taller than Anna and had a much bigger bottom, quite out of proportion to the rest of her body. Anna introduced her as Harriet and told Saf he needed to do everything she told him. Harriet told Anna that she had the food and water packs all made up and if he was a decent pussy licker she’d bring them over once she was done. Anna left the room and Saf was alone with Corporal McDonald.

Harriet McDonald had always loved the thought of sitting on a man’s face. When she rode her horses back in Scotland she’d always imagined a man’s face on the saddle, and here was Saf, face up and helpless on a bench ready to please her in any way she demanded. As she removed her fatigues and underwear she noticed just how wet her panties had become from looking down into his helpless upturned face and she allowed herself a contented smile just out of Saf’s eye line before putting on a more serious demeanour.

Saf was desperate to please the Corporal. He was determined to do whatever it took to make her come. Her face loomed into view as she stood close to his head with her black hairy pussy next to his face. He immediately smelled the faint odour of urine but put this out of his mind as she told him in no uncertain terms what she liked. She told him he had to stick out his tongue and not move it. He was to put it wherever she told him to, and then he was to just keep it still and she would do the rest by pushing herself down and grinding on it.

Without waiting for his consent, she moved over his face. Unlike Anna, Corporal McDonald faced the opposite way looking down at his prostrate body towards his feet. She began by rubbing herself against his nose just as Corporal Anna Morton had done. Saf noted that she too was extremely wet and clearly not as fastidious with her personal hygiene. Harriet then moved forward so her pussy was over his mouth and Saf got a full view of her bottom. He was sickened to be so close and wanted to vomit. He took a breath in and realised her bottom was even more smelly than her pussy. She moved back and looked down into his face. “I thought I told you to stick your fucking tongue out” and then she resumed her position as Saf quickly did as he was told. Harriet sat down hard and enjoyed the feeling of his limp tongue on her clit. She leaned forward and thrilled at the feeling of his nose near her anus. Harriet reached round and pulled her buttocks apart and pushed back so that his nose inserted itself right into her arse hole. She started to rock harder and harder backwards and forwards on his tongue all the time feeling the pleasure of his nose fucking her bum as his limp tongue slid on any part of her pussy she presented to it. It was heavenly and she carried on for a good half hour bouncing on his face as if she was riding her favourite horse at full pelt across her father’s farmland.

Saf felt utterly humiliated at being used in this way. He felt sick having to smell the stink from her bottom and that, coupled with the rancid taste from her dirty pussy on his tongue, made the whole ordeal almost unbearable. All he could see was her puckered anus moving backwards and forwards pushing hard onto his nose. He just wanted it to stop but she carried on, harder and harder. At one point, she let out a long smelly fart and then carried on as if nothing had happened. Saf wanted to cry. Part out of shame and part out of utter disgust of the sickening smell. He’d never felt so degraded and used in his life. His mouth was covered by her pussy and he had no choice but to breathe in the stench through his nose. He tried again to concentrate on making sure she had a good time and that she climaxed on his face just as Anna had done. He knew this degradation and this stink was nothing compared to how he’d feel being shat on, so he prayed that she’d cum good and hard as soon as possible and then perhaps he could escape and at least have a chance in the dessert with the food and water she’d provide.

After much pushing and grunting Harriet did cum good and hard. It was the best orgasm of her life and once she’d sat back upright on his face Corporal Harriet McDonald spent 10 minutes recovering, almost suffocating Saf in the process. She finally dismounted from his face and without even a second glance she put her underwear and trousers back on and left the room.

Five minutes later Saf heard the door open again. There were two voices. Anna’s and another more aggressive voice. Anna used the bowl of soapy water and she washed off all the residue that Harriet had left on his face. He heard the aggressive voice saying how she’d better get his face nice and clean and that she didn’t want to be sitting in any pussy juice except her own. A new face appeared above him looking down into his eyes. He gazed back.

Sergeant Tara Hawkes snapped at him not to dare look her in the eye and he averted his gaze immediately. This was clearly someone he wasn’t going to argue with. She was a mixed-race girl, about 27 years old with a hard face to match her aggressive voice. She was a big girl, tall and muscular rather than fat.

Sergeant Hawkes told Anna that she’d like a couple of hours with him and said that it would leave a good four hours of darkness for him to make his escape. Anna agreed to return in a couple of hours but before she left the room, Sergeant Hawkes told her to keep an eye on him for five minutes whilst she paid a quick visit to the loo.

Anna was alone again with Saf and she told him that he’d done well with Corporal McDonald who’d left the guard room “a very happy bunny” and that if he pleased Sergeant Hawkes even half as much he’d be free in a couple of hours. Saf thanked her again but before she could reply the door opened and the aggressive voice of the Sergeant told the Corporal that she could leave now. Saf heard Anna leave and then he was alone with Sergeant Tara Hawkes.

She didn’t appear in his eye line for a while. Instead he could hear her pacing close by. He concentrated his stare at a point on the ceiling to avoid the mistake of making eye contact again. Eventually she drew close enough and he could see her in his periphery vision. She was pacing near his head and staring intently down at him. Eventually she spoke. “So, you’re my little arse licker then are you?”

Saf was horrified. Perhaps she just meant that he was there to do exactly as he was told rather than literally lick her arse so just to make himself clear and without catching her eye he replied, “just your pussy”.

“What did you say?” Tara flew into a rage.” How fucking dare you tell me what you will or won’t be doing. Corporal Morton told me that you’d use your tongue to my satisfaction. Was she lying? Has this all been a complete fucking waste of my time. Do I need to have her court marshalled and throw you down that shit hole for the rest of your miserable fucking life or are you going to do as you’re fucking told?”

Saf thought for just a very short moment and then replied meekly that he’d do as he was told.

“I’m a fucking Sergeant. You say YES SERGEANT.” She put her strong hand roughly round his throat until she was choking him and then said through her clenched teeth “do you fucking understand arse licker?” She stressed the words arse licker and relaxed her grip from his throat slightly so he could just about speak. “Yes Sergeant” he quickly replied in a rasping voice, terrified that she’d choke him to death.

Tara released her deathly grip from his throat and warned him not to give her anymore back chat. “Yes Sergeant” he meekly replied and to his relief this seemed to placate her somewhat, but his relief was short lived. Without removing her regulation green combat trousers, she sat down heavily on his face as if it was just a normal piece of furniture and leaned down to take off her boots. The pain was terrible. His nose was squashed under her bum and much of her weight rested on his forehead, but there was something else. He caught an extremely strong smell of urine and shit.

Once her boots were off she stood up and removed her trousers. She had a pair of tight lycra army green knickers on. She stood astride him over his chest and looking down into his face she sat down. “You’re going to love the smell of my knickers” she sneered before moving slowly forward and rubbing her damp crotch over his nose and mouth. The strong ammonia smell of urine made his eyes water and as she moved further forward and her bum pressed into his face he smelt the shit. She was filthy.

Sergeant Tara Hawkes was enjoying every minute. She found the timing most fortuitous. For the past week she’d been forced to wear the same pair of knickers. It was no big deal in the army where laundry sessions were often few and far between but to have knickers this disgustingly filthy and to have this scum underneath her bum being forced to smell them was almost too much luck for a girl who had the type of twisted fantasies that Sergeant Hawkes had. She’d taken her troops on a two-day hike that week and Tara smiled to herself as she remembered how many times she’d scratched her dirty sweaty arse through the thin lycra fabric of her underwear.

She sat down full weight again and started to rub herself furiously all over his features. She was fucking his face as hard as she could through her thin panties. It wouldn’t be true to say she was doing so with no regard for him. She imagined how disgusting it must be for him and chuckled to herself as she rammed harder into his face thinking about the collection of skid marks in her knickers and the fun she was going to have in the next couple of hours. Within moments she had the first of many orgasms as she climaxed into her already heavily soiled panties.

She sat on his face for a while recovering her breath before standing up and discarding the offensive knickers onto the floor. For a couple of seconds she disappeared from Saf’s view but all too soon her now naked bottom rapidly filled his view. She was wearing a white glove on her hand and she inserted one finger into her anus which hovered just over his face. He saw her wipe the clean white gloved finger around inside her bum and when she pulled it out the gloved finger had become dark brown. She waggled the dirty finger under his nose and he could clearly smell the unmistakable stink. She told him that she’d not bothered to wipe her arse after the shit she’d just had and that he was going to have to be her toilet paper and lick her arsehole clean. Sergeant Scott could hardly contain her excitement as she explained how she’d be checking to see on her white gloved finger whether he’d done a good job. If there were any brown stains on the finger of the glove next time she inserted it into her rectum he’d be spending the rest of his days in the latrine. Without any hesitation, he replied “yes Sergeant” and she smiled, pleased with his response as she squatted down over his face, pulled her arse cheeks wide apart and then lowering herself onto his already outstretched tongue.

Her soaking wet pussy enveloped Saf’s nose and he immediately began licking enthusiastically around her dirty bum hole. He could taste the disgusting flavour which made him retch but as she bounced harder on his nose and mouth in an ever more frenzied fashion he did his best to lick out all the shit. Just another couple of hours he told himself, and then he’d be free as she climaxed on his face for the second time. He continued to lick her arse as effectively and as deep as he could. It had become very difficult as her full weight now rested heavily on his face and he could barely breathe. He almost passed out but just in a nick of time she stood up and again inserted one of her white gloved fingers into her anus.

To his horror if came out with a brown stain on it and fearful that his run to freedom might be in jeopardy he began to apologise and to beg her to be allowed another chance. She stood over his face and told him to keep begging as she began to frantically rub her pussy. She was dripping wet and she rubbed her pussy over his face and nose before pulling her buttocks apart again and lowering her exposed anus onto his mouth.

His eager tongue delved inside with renewed vigour, and so it went on through many of her orgasms until the Sergeant was satisfied that he’d cleaned the shit out of her bum to her satisfaction. As a parting gesture she made him lick her pussy for one final orgasm before tossing her soiled panties into the bin, putting on her trousers and leaving Saf alone in the room to contemplate his impending run for freedom.

Anna returned and immediately screwed her nose up at the smell of shit. She noticed the disgusting underwear in the dustbin and then she stared down at Saf’s battered brown streaked features. “Ergh” she exclaimed with disgust, “you’ve got shit on your face” and she took the soapy water and washed it off. She asked Saf if the Sergeant had made him smell the dirty knickers that were in the bin and he explained how she’d sat on his face wearing them and how she then made him lick out her dirty bottom. Anna looked concerned and said how the Sergeant was always a mean bitch and she wasn’t surprised at how sick her sexual fantasies were.

Once Anna was satisfied that she’d cleaned his face thoroughly Saf asked her if she’d release him now as he’d done what was asked of him. She told him that she would, but asked for one last favour. Saf knew he couldn’t risk saying no to her so he told her he’d do anything to thank her for all her help. Anna went on to explain how she’d unexpectedly found it quite enjoyable sitting on his face and having him lick her pussy so she asked for one more go. “Of course,” he replied.

She stood astride his face and then dropped down heavily. He was shocked at the force she sat down with. Crushing his face underneath her, Anna seized a big clump of his hair and then rode his face pressing down with all her weight and commanding him to lick her harder as she pounded ever more relentlessly on his nose and mouth. He found his tongue inserted into her anus and although it wasn’t as disgusting to lick as the Sergeant’s, it was still humiliating, especially as he could hear her swearing at him from above and telling him he was just a pathetic arse licker and her pussy eating bitch. She climaxed just as Saf passed out and the waves of pleasure pulsated through her as she imagined suffocating him to death underneath her naked arse. Sadly for her, Anna knew she couldn’t kill him and rose in time to make sure he didn’t suffer any permanent damage from his asphyxiation.

When Saf came around he could hear the familiar voices of Anna, Harriet and Tara. They were comparing notes on their use of him. He heard Harriet laughing telling her friends how she’d farted right in his face, and then the Sergeant describing through tears of mirth how he’d begged to lick the shit out of her arse and how she did the whole white glove routine that she used to train new recruits on cleaning things army style. But worst of all, and to Saf’s absolute horror, he heard Anna bragging and telling her friends how he’d actually believed she was his friend and was going to set him free. She went on to describe how she’d tricked him into pleading with her to give her oral sex so he could practice and learn how to do it properly. And then, to almost uncontrollable laughter, she told her mates how she told him it wasn’t her thing and that she only did that kind of stuff with her boyfriends.

They took ten minutes to finally stop laughing at just how easily they’d got him to comply with their sick fantasies, and all agreed how much more enjoyable it would be shitting on his face knowing they’d all had their fun with him first. Saf wanted to scream abuse at them but instead found himself begging in a piteous voice to be allowed to go free. The girls all laughed and Harriet stood over his face and told him to beg some more as she looked down at him and rubbed herself through her trousers. He was in tears now and he changed his tack swearing at them and telling them they were disgusting bitches and that he’d kill them all. Sergeant Hawkes appeared into view. She agreed with Saf that they were all indeed disgusting bitches before taking her dirty knickers from the bin, carefully showing Saf all the awful stains on them and then stuffing them into his mouth. “Something to remember me by” she smirked as she refitted the homemade gag, and the filthy knickers were held firmly in place.

Saf was once again silenced. He tasted the shit and piss almost immediately and began gagging, and just as he thought they could do nothing more to contribute to his misery Corporal Harriet McDonald tugged down her trousers and pants, pulled her buttocks apart, inserted his nose into her bottom and let out a long, loud smelly fart before falling back onto his face in hysterical giggles. She sat for a while cutting off his air supply and eventually he passed out again as the body above him convulsed with laughter.
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it was intense ! great as every story of yours
i hope to not offend you but there are a pair of errors with the names of the girls
Mar 19, 2003
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True, but I thought I'd post it here too as there is quite a bit of face sitting going on in this part. I'm guessing many of the people who come to this section don't bother with the scat section.