New Update (Facesitting While Exercising on My Bike)

Jul 6, 2009
My seat for my exercise bike is kinda hard so I decide to put my pathetic slaves face there to make it a little more comfortable. I ride my bike and rub skin of my slaves face wearing my skin tight leggings. I then decide for him to inhale my sweaty naked ass while I ride, he even licks it. He said this was the most brutal video he had to ever endure but ofcourse this mistress doesnt care as long as she gets what she wants. For some reason the clip is giving me problems on clips4sale so I will try again later but it will be uploaded on fetishvideos asap. Any requests or feedback shoot me an email or I M me at

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Jul 25, 2002
Mistress Vicious, you are my type of Domm. The name says it all.
I love butt drops, but could only find that type of thing on Asian sites.
You really enjoy doing it, and thats the turn on for me. I went to
your site to get the Bike clip, (my wife does that to me).
But then I saw the butt drop clips.

Guys CHECK THIS LADY OUT! Painful facesitting is her pleasure.
She does all kinds of butt drops, chest, face, everywhere.
Luv them & Luv you Mistress Vicious.

These are the clips I bought, I loved all of them. Please more butt drops.

1. Bloody Nose Caused by Buttdrops on his Pathetic Face in Jeans - BRUTAL

2. Facesitting While Riding My Bike - (slaves body not in a good position, but she rides him pretty good & looks good doing it)

I took the back off the seat of my wife's excerbike so I could lay behind it with my head on the seat. More painful that way for me, more comfortable for her.

3. Fullweight Butt Drops on his Face with Brutal Fullweight Facesitting - EXCELLENT

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Dec 5, 2002
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I agree

The videos put out so far by Mistress Vicious are great. She genuinely loves to cause pain to her cushion. The new bike riding video is brutal in so many ways. Check out her videos if you like smothering and face bouncing action.