New VR Vore Video - AstroDomina

Mar 15, 2015
Haven't posted here in a while. Just wanted to let all you tiny men know that I just posted a new VR360 Giantess video called "Patio Toy".

Here's the description:

You find yourself outside of Sydney's house. Her patio to be more precise. She's just hanging out and you get to be a witness to that. Or at least until she decides to pick you up and take you for a little walk. Next thing you're on the patio floor with her giantess feet in your face. You're not sure what Sydney is planning to do with you, but the closer she brings her feet, the more aroused you get. You have a suspicion this will be the last day you get to spend in her presence. The only question is, how will she decide to end this lopsided relationship? Under her feet? Under her ass? In her mouth? Only time will tell.

I'll add a few screen grabs too but with the 360 view, you can create a view of your own. Enjoy!