No Chance Of Victory When You Face Naomi Swann!


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Jan 16, 2017

This is Part TWO of a three part series featuring cruel face sitting and scissorholds dished out by the beautiful teen Naomi Swann. Part TWO Consists of nothing but scissorholds!

Both clips can be viewed by visiting ALLABOUTTHEBOOTY.COM, and keep an eye out for Part Three releasing Friday!
PART TWO Description:​
Naomi is in the gym of her apartment building minding her own business as she desires to get a quick set in before heading to the pool to relax. However while pumping iron, she is interrupted by a challenging male who begins to mock and taunt her strength; claiming all women to be weak. Naomi may look quite petite and skinny, but little does this idiot know the power she has as well as her natural skill in domination. With a smirk on her lips she grabs the idiot by the shoulders and pulls him to the ground, slamming her crotch down into his face and smothering him without hesitation. The idiot struggles underneath her in an attempt to escape as his skin turns red underneath from the slow lack of oxygen creeping through him. Naomi only laughs and insults him, switching from her ass to her toned restrictive legs which wrap tightly around his neck. She snaps her legs tightly together, cranking them around his neck turning his face bright shades of purple and red. She enjoys the site of him wedged in between her thighs, constricting his air flow and only releasing to change into a more damaging hold. How long will this idiot be able to last, especially when Naomi shows him what she has in store for PART THREE...
Those Interested In PART ONE:​
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