No Mercy For Her Former Boyfriend (extreme belly punching at Stomach Demolition)


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Sep 15, 2009
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Even smart girls like our friend Roberta can make big mistakes and fall in love with the wrong person. Roberta will never forget, until the last of her days, how much dumb was that asshole named Alberto, her former boyfriend (they were together for a few months two years ago). Since the anger shouldn’t be denied or kept inside, Roberta decides to call a freak artist-therapist named «Human Punching Bag» for an antistress/beatdown session: an excellent way to express her never ending anger! The girl puts on his face a King Kong mask, 'cause her ex boyfriend looked a lot like a gorilla… perfect: now the resemblance is remarkable and the process of identification is complete! So, it’s time to punch the target with full force and no mercy for the fucking simulacrum of that little bastard. Feeling pain in the knuckles after a few powerful punches - each punch is tremendously painful for her poor victim (ouch!) - Roberta starts wearing a pair of MMA gloves in order to punch him as hard as possible without damage to the hand. The life of a human punching bag is tough indeed!

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