Nut stomp


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Sep 12, 2018
Several years ago when I was married to my ex wife I used to make several comments to her about my trample/pain fetish. She was not into that and made it clear that she did not want hear about it again. One night in the bedroom we were getting ready for bed (and btw she was not in the best of moods) I was just wearing my underwear when I laid down on the floor and told her jokingly that I want her to stomp on my balls. I knew she wouldn't do it but I was in one of those moods. Without saying a word she walked over and put her foot on my crotch. At this point my heart was racing a hundred miles an hour. I looked up at her and I could tell she was mad as hell. She looked down at me and said "close your eyes". I kept looking up at her then she replied "I SAID CLOSE EM!". At the point the fear began to set in. I realized I had crossed the line. I closed my eyes and she began feeling around for them with the ball of her foot which felt wonderful. Then when she found them, she rested her heel right on top of one of my testicles. With the weight of her leg resting on my nut it was starting to hurt. It felt as if she applied just one more ounce of pressure, it would bust. After a moment of that she raised her foot as high as she could. Then with all the force she could muster up that heel came crashing down right on my nut. It hurt like hell, but I enjoyed it at the same time. And I have had a fetish for it ever since.
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May 24, 2012
Thanks for sharing your experience! I love when a woman uses her heels to inflict pain so I really enjoyed your post. In my experience a womans heel is the most powerful part of the foot, and because of that when a woman has big wide meaty heels it drives me crazy! My ex/current owner loves to stomp me under her wide heels and once she has caused me great pain she often makes me kiss them and literally thank them for hurting me as she looks down and enjoys the immense power she has over myself. Ive also had to use my teeth as a pedegg on her heels with her threatening to use the same heels im nibbling to bust my teeth if I dont do a good enough job.