Ok, Rennoch...Try Your Skills With This Game...

Jul 11, 2002
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Christ, you're right....I finally caught the little tike!!
this is why people stopped sending me geometry based puzzles - too easy for me to take a crack, see how it's doing baseline work, then PLANNING out a solution based on observed behaviour. in this case, the cat's intital direction applies based on your first spot - after that it just looks for the edge i can reach, by picking you first green carefully, you drive the cat towards some pre-placed greens, then fill in the gaps, following the angle of the cat, and voila! you get a win :)

they used to send me this "pixel lord" style game (sort of an opposite of a pixel hunter, but uses same skills.) but as soon as i worked out that all they do is track the mouse position - i just quickly threw together a proggy and swapped my numpad for my mouse - instant clear angles and no swiveling on the way to target :D