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Dec 6, 2002
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Anyone able to help me with the title of an old giantess story? I believe it had the word Professor in it. The story revolved around a professor who was shrunk and his body was turned into a type of putty that could reform itself. He was tortured by his assistant I believe.
Jul 13, 2002
Toronto, Canada
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Would it be this one?


Lisa Enwright was a psychology professor at a 
major midwestern university. She was a very 
large shapely woman who weighed over 400 
pounds. She was 5'-11" tall, and had 
a commanding personality to go with her 
massive stature. She was a full professor at 
the age of only 27 as she was as brilliant as 
she was big. When she was a college student 
she was known around the campus as "The 
Amazon" and was the subject of much talk 
among the male students, some of the talk 
was made up by bragging males, but most of 
the talk was actually based on fact. Lisa had 
an enormous sexual appetite, and any male 
brave enough to take her out had sex with her 
even if he did not initiate it, she would. 
During her four years of under-graduate work 
she had sex with no less than 150 males 
with at least 30 of them being abject rapes by 
this big strong amazon woman. At that 
time she weighed between 300 and 350 with a 
very voluptuous shape. She had huge 
shapely breasts, a relatively small waist, wide 
flaring hips, a big round wide bottom, 
huge thighs and full shapely calves. She was 
extremely beautiful with long blonde hair 
and sky-blue piercing eyes that could look 
right through a man. She was one of the 
most attractive women on the campus so 
despite her large size she was in great demand 
as a date. Especially with her reputation for 
sex and many Frat houses rang with stories 
of dates with Lisa. The main theme was that 
you were not a man until you went to with 
"The Amazon", and stories of her breaking 
men's backs in bed abounded with great lust. 
In truth, she sexually overwhelmed every man 
she went to bed with as she was 
insatiable with many an exhausted man ending 
up with his face buried in her big hot 
hungry pussy -held there by big strong 
unyielding thighs that could squeeze a man 
unconscious if necessary. Yes Lisa got what 
ever amount of pleasure she desired at the 
Now with those times behind her she 
faced life as a serious college professor, 
and somewhat limited by this position her sex 
life now suffered. With her weight slowly 
rising she faced a somewhat doubtful future in 
the romance department as most men 
shunned this very large woman. She secretly 
longed for the days when she had sex with 
at least one new man a week, fucking him to 
exhaustion and then forcing him to 
go down. These were her most intense 
orgasms, when she was dominating and in 
control. She loved to physically overcome a 
man and grind him into sexual oblivion.
For a few years during grad school she was active 
in a S&M club being an active Lisa enjoyed the pleasures of dominating willing males and 
experimented with all aspects of this scene. 
With her major being psychology she became 
a very astute practitioner of sex in the mind.
As she went from assistant professor to 
full, she withdrew from publicly engaging in 
this type of practise and had male slaves 
from personal ads. She was not happy with 
the kind of person that answered those type 
of ads with many of them being either 
cheating husbands or people whom she 
considered illiterate. In addition, many of 
those who responded were shocked by her huge 
size and so when her weight passed the 400 
mark she withdrew from this small avenue of 
pleasure completely. She also stopped 
weighing herself and had no idea of what 
she weighed only knowing that it was well 
over 400, and possibly over 450. Even at 
this size she was still very shapely although 
more bottom heavy than before. She did 
know her measurements for clothing and at 
present measured 72" in the bust, 53" in the 
waist, with her hips being 81" on a good day. 
Her massive thighs had blossomed to 44" 
and her calves measured 27".
She longed for a time when she could put her 
body to work on a man and wondered how it 
would feel to wrap her now massive thighs 
around a male head, and whether she would 
completely engulf him. The thought made her 
very hot and moist to the point where she 
masturbated to this theme on a continual 

The first semester of the '94 fall term had 
started with Lisa teaching three different 
psychology courses, one of which was "The 
Psychology Of Sexual Feeling". On her first 
class in this course Lisa stood at the podium 
of the lecture room as the students filed in. 
One student a male about six feet tall very 
thin and very nice looking caught her eye. She 
watched him as he found a seat and she 
secretly studied his face as the room filled 
with students. He had light brown hair and pale 
blue eyes. His features were fine and almost 
childlike with a mannish tinge. He would be 
considered more cute than handsome. 

She began the class by introducing herself 
and then said, "We shall go around the room 
with each person giving their name and where 
they are from, their year, and their 
major." When it came to be the young man's 
turn he said, " Paul Johnson, Milwaukee 
Wisconsin, Freshman, Psychology." Lisa 
noted all of this with interest as she was 
already formulating plans to make Paul part 
of her life this semester. She then began her 
lecture stating that as Freud had said we are 
primarily motivated by sex. Sex plays a 
part in every thing we do and that one of the 
objectives of the class was to heighten this 
sexual awareness in each student. She went 
on further to state that each person has 
both dominant and submissive traits which 
vary with each individual. Some people are 
somewhat equally balanced and others have 
one or the other suppressed to some degree 
or another. The balance of these two traits 
forms the major avenue of the personality of 
each individual. The major project of this 
course will be to pair off with an 
opposite personality for those who have one 
trait predominant, and similar personalities 
for those who are neutral. These pairs will 
work together as a team analyzing each other 
and writing a paper on the findings. I will give 
the class ten minutes for each person to 
analyze them selves as to how they are, and 
I'm sure at this time in life everyone Knows 
how they are to begin with. The important 
thing is to be truthful in this matter since it is 
immaterial to this course as to whether you 
are dominant or submissive or neutral but if 
you are not honest you will cause problems 
for yourselves and most likely fail this 
After ten minutes Lisa went around 
the room and listed to each persons 
traits. When she came to Paul and he 
stuttered out submissive she almost had a 
spontaneous orgasm and her panties became 
soaked beneath her skirt. When everyone 
had spoken she said, "We will now pair off, 
and there being 37 people in the class, I will 
work directly with one of you. Lets see now, 
I am a dominant personality so I would like 
a submissive male to work with me. All 
submissive males raise their hands." When the 
submissive males raised their hands she very 
coyly picked Paul making believe she didn't 
remember his name by asking it and telling 
him to stop and see her at the end of class. 

When Paul was picked by Lisa he was in 
heaven since not only was Paul submissive 
but he was also an FA although he was in the 
closet about it and in fact Paul being so shy 
he hardly ever dated and had never even taken 
out a heavy woman in his life. From the 
moment he walked into her class Paul was 
enthralled by this beautiful large woman and 
the thought of actually working together with 
her made his mind reel. He had sat there 
and admired her big beautiful body all through 
the class and when she walked around in 
front of the podium he saw the full breasts the 
wide flaring hips and the beautiful large 
calves that were in full view beneath her skirt. 
Paul thought to himself that she must 
weigh over 250, never imagining how much 
she actually weighed due to his lack 
of experience with big women.
At the end of the class Paul meekly went up to 
Lisa and said, "Professor Enwright I'm here to 
talk to you about the project as you re- 
quested." She replied, "Yes Paul, let me see 
your class schedule so we can get together 
and start. Do you have a class you have to go 
to right now?" and when he replied he 
didn't she said, "Good, we can talk a bit right 
here for a few minutes, but I have one 
more class today in 50 minutes, sit down 
while I look over your schedule." Paul 
sat down in the first row and nervously 
pondered the big woman as she took his 
schedule over to her desk and sat down. After 
making some notes she rose and walked 
over to where Paul was sitting and stood so 
close over him that the inside of her right 
calf pressed against the out side of his left calf 
and the soft warm feeling of her leg 
started to excite him as he stared up into her 
beautiful face framed by her large breasts. 
Her largeness both overwhelmed and excited 
him as his face was only six inches from her 
stomach and her nipples were actually 
hanging over his head only any inch away. 
He swallowed nervously as he continued to 
look up at the beautiful breast framed face. 
She said, "I am free for a couple of hours late 
tonight and we can get started if that is 
alright with you, do you have a car Paul?" 
"Nn-no he stammered." "Oh", she said, "I live 
way out in the country and it is only 
accessible by car. Lets see," she said as she 
gazed at his schedule and bent slightly forward so 
that one breast rested heavily but softly on 
the top of Paul's head. "Perhaps you can come 
home with me tonight I see that you 
do not have a morning class tomorrow and 
nether do I, and its very important that you 
get started. You can sleep in my guest room. 
Go to the dorm and get what you need and 
come back here in two hours." she said, 
purposely not giving him a part in the 

Her domination of Paul had already begun. 
Paul almost came from the large breast on 
top of his head and her nearness and exotic 
perfume. He was about speechless from all 
of this anyway and just went along with what 
Professor Enwright said. "Go now", she 
told him without backing off from her close 
proximity of him. "What are you waiting 
for, stand up and go." Paul could not stand up 
without brushing against her as he rose, 
his face passed through the spatial valley 
between the big breasts and he stood looking 
into Lisa's exquisite face and eyes as his thin 
body pressed against her mammoth softness. 
His erect penis bulging at full mast jutted into 
her soft underbelly and did not go 
undetected by her. "Go", she said and he had 
to put a hand on each soft hip as he 
squeezed by her large soft shapely body. The 
width and softness of her hips did him 
in and he came heavily and intensely right 
there in his pants, the wetness coming 
immediately through the lightweight fabric. 
She saw this and scolded him "Can't you 
control yourself, you came in your pants you 
idiot. How can I team up with you if you 
can't control yourself. We are going to have 
to talk on a variety of very intimate things 
and I will have to give you a long talk when 
we get to my house, now cover that spot 
with a book so no one sees you coming out of 
my classroom like that and get your ass 
back here ready to go in just under two 
hours." He was shocked at her a college 
professor using the term "ass" as he 
walked through the building and back to 
the dorm covering the cum spot. Paul 
packed what he thought he would need for 
both the night and tomorrow afternoons class. 
Two hours later he showed up at Professor 
Enwrigth's classroom, and she having finished 
with her last class said, "Good - lets go." 
They went outside to the staff parking lot and 
she motioned to a black Mercedes saying, "That's 
my car-get in." The inside of the car was fitted in 
black leather and Paul inhaled the rich exotic smell 
of the cars interior. As Lisa got in the car settled 
a few inches to her side as her heavy weight 
bore down upon the seat and her wide 
body pressed against and over Paul's left 
thigh. The feeling of her thigh was very soft 
and yet heavy as she pinned his leg to the seat. 
She laughed a little and said, "You see Paul 
I'm even dominant when you just sit with me 
in a car. I am so wide that I take up over 
two thirds of the front seat. By the way what 
body type do you like thin, medium, or 
fat?" Paul did not answer immediately and 
Lisa chided him, "Well I'm waiting, when I 
ask you a question I want an immediate reply, 
otherwise I may think that you are making up 
your answer. Lets hear your's right now." 
Ffffat Paul stammered out. "Good Lisa 
replied I though you might because most sub- 
missive males like large women. Later in 
my course we will go into the psychology of 
that aspect but we will let it rest for now. 
Did you ever go out with a large woman 
Paul?" "No", he said. "Why not?", she asked. 
"Because I am very shy and also due to the 
fact that I do not know any large women", 
he said. "Well then Paul, let me ask you how 
many women have you had sex with?", she 
asked. "None.", he blurted out. "You mean 
you are a virgin Paul?", She asked. "Yes", 
he replied. "Don't you even masturbate 
Paul?", she asked. "Er yes.", he said. "How 
often?", she asked. "Er a er a few times a 
week.", he said "How many is a few times a 
week Paul and I want the truth Paul do you 
masturbate at least once a day or more?", 
she asked. "Yes." he said, "sometimes more 
than once a day." "What do you masturbate 
to Paul?", she asked. "Pictures of heavy 
women's bottoms especially if they have a lot 
of cellulite, it kind of turns me on, and if I have 
seen a sexy large women during the day I 
masturbate to that, or if I see someone in a 
skimpy costume or bathing suit It makes me 
masturbate.", he said. "That's very interesting 
Paul.", she went on- "I am going to take 
your virginity today Paul whether you want 
me to or not. Besides being very large I am 
very strong and can easily overpower you if 
you resist. I have overpowered and raped a 
lot of men and love doing it so that's just a 
little of what's in store for you. To ad to my 
pleasure and perhaps yours, we will say that I 
am presently kidnapping you to rape you 
and make you my sex slave. I am going to 
use you for my pleasure whether you want 
me to or not. We are already way out in 
the country and soon we will be at my 
house where your enslavement will begin." 
Paul pondered his fate with mixed emotions, 
having sex for the first time would be great 
but what was this sex slave thing, he didn't 
know and asked her "What do you mean 
about me being a sex slave, I don't understand 
about that." She replied "In a dominant, 
submissive relationship, the dominant person 
is of course in charge and the submissive 
becomes in effect the slave, to be used for the 
pleasure of in this case the mistress which is 
me. The slave must obey or be punished. 
The slave no longer has a will or say and 
is just an object to be used when and how 
the mistress desires. The slave is held 
in the position of slavery by force against 
his will and by fear of punishment. The slave 
can be held in actual captivity by bonds or 
can be held by physical force and strength of 
the mistress if she is strong enough to carry 
out this kind of arrangement and I am. I 
prefer this type of slavery as overpowering a 
man really turns me on." Paul thought to 
himself, I'm a man and she thinks she can 
over power me although she outweighs my 
150lbs. by probably a 100lbs. I think I can 
handle myself with her so I'll just go along 
and have sex and won't do any thing I don't 
want to and we'll see if I become her slave or 
not. He was very excited about the 
thoughts of having sex with this beautiful 
large woman or he would have attempted to 
escape her clutches. He was on that hand in a 
state of sexual ecstasy almost to the point 
of ejaculating again and he struggled to 
control himself as the Mercedes pulled into 
the driveway of a beautifully landscaped large 
house that was seclude by woods on all 
sides. Lisa spoke now, "This is my home 
which I had built to my specifications. I come 
from a very wealthy family so that my work 
as a professor only supplements my 
income. You will find my home very 
comfortable and it cost me over one and a 
half million for the house and the surrounding 
woods." As they approached the house, one 
of the four garage doors opened and the car 
entered. The door immediately closed and 
Paul thought to himself that if he was going to 
try to escape that would have been the 
time. As Lisa got out Paul found that the door 
on his side was locked and would not 
open. As the large woman circled to his 
side she smiled and said, "That's the locking 
system I had installed on the car for just such 
an occasion, it's a child locking system that 
I control. Not only were you locked in the car 
but your seatbelt is locked also, try it." 
Paul did and found that he was actually 
locked in the seat. As she unlocked the 
door from the outside she said to him, "You 
see Paul you have been a prisoner from the 
time you fastened your seatbelt you had no 
chance to escape from that point on. So now 
when I release you, you will obey and do as I 
order or I will punish you. You already 
have punishment coming for cumming in your 
pants so don't add to it. I am going to take 
you by the wrist into the house and bring you 
to a room where you will be locked 
in while I change. I want you to strip take a 
shower dry yourself and lie down nude on 
the leather covered bed and await my 
entrance. Do you understand Paul?" "Yes," 
he replied. With that She slapped him in the 
face "You will reply yes Professor when 
you speak to me from now on, an be advised 
that the Professor is in lieu of Mistress 
because you are also my student I don't want 
you blurting mistress out by accident in 
class some time in the future." "Yes 
professor," he replied as she released the seat 
belt and dragged him out of the car by the wrist. 
He was surprised at her strength as she was 
now pulling him into the beautifully furnished 
house to an open elevator. As she pulled 
him in he was pressed against her large form 
with her looking straight in his eyes as she 
said to him. "I have reserved some rooms on 
the third floor as "fun rooms" In time you 
will see them all. In the meantime do as 
instructed." When the elevator came to a 
stop on the third floor she yanked him out and 
pulled him to a heavy oak door which 
she unlocked with a key and pushed him in. 
The room was dark even though it was still 
light out and Paul realized that the room had 
no windows. She turned on the lights and 
Paul saw the room which was heavily 
carpeted and furnished with many strange 
devices and a leather covered bed. She said to him, 
"Do as you were instructed." and closed the 
door and he heard her lock it. He looked 
around the room at the strange devices and 
figured that they were different types of 
bondage devices. Just then Lisa's voice 
boomed over a loudspeaker, "Do not waste time you 
must be ready when I return or you will 
face further punishment." Paul found the lush 
bathroom and removed his clothing and 
showered. After drying himself he did as 
instructed and lay down on the leather 
covered bed. The leather felt nice against his skin 
and the smell of the soft black leather was 
overpowering as Paul lay there. He pondered 
the events that took place and exactly 
what was going to happen. Suddenly the 
door to the room opened and Lisa walked in. 
She was dressed in a black kidskin cloak that 
went down to almost the floor. She 
immediately instructed Paul to turn around so 
that his head was at the end of the bed 
away from the wall. When Paul had turned 
around she positioned him so that the top of 
his head was about six inches from the edge 
of the bed. She loomed over him as he 
looked up at her massiveness in the black 
cloak. She quickly flung it open and off 
and Paul looked up at this magnificent woman 
dressed in a black rubber bra open at the 
nipple exposing the straining pink tips of her 
giant breasts, with the only other item 
of clothing being a black leather garterbelt 
with multiple garters holding up long black 
opera hose on her massive but shapely thighs. 
Her shape was overwhelming as her very 
wide hips accentuated the relative smallness 
of her waist and overall a very shapely 
women's body. Her skin was a creamy pink 
covered with fine cellulite on her upper arms, 
belly, hips, and thighs and as she turned 
around he saw the big wide full ass above him 
which was completely covered with very deep 
cellulite and the flesh jiggled as she 
backed up to the end of the bed. Paul's 
mouth opened in awe of the greatest full body 
he had ever saw, And as the big bottom 
started to descend he was paralyzed with a 
combination of lust, fear, and wonderment. 
He lay there looking up at the massive 
buttocks as they spread wider and wider 
in their decent. He went under without 
uttering a word as his face was pressed into 
the big buttocks and her weight began to 
bear upon him. The sensations Paul experienced 
began with the fulfillment of a lifetimes 
desire to be sat on by a big women's bottom 
so he was in heaven as he realized what was 
happening. Just before her flesh made contact 
with his face Paul could see the big pink 
anus and the pink lips of her opening vagina, 
in the diminishing light beneath her big wide 
bottom. At first contact her flesh felt warm 
and soft and he inhaled the wonderful 
female musk of her body. Paul was then 
plunged into complete darkness and he found 
that he could not breathe as her big buttocks 
engulfed his head. More and more 
weight pressed against his face and as it 
increased he began to feel crushed as well as 
smothered. He attempted to cry out only to 
find that his mouth was completely sealed by 
the soft now hot feeling flesh and Paul began 
to panic trying in vain to get out from 
beneath the big bottom that now straddled 
both sides of his face and he was pressed in 
deeper as the heavy weight continued to 
increase on the frightened victim now 
imprisoned in the depths of her big bottom. 
As the weight continued to increase and 
Paul continued to suffocate he thought one 
panicky thought that didn't she know she was 
both smothering and crushing him. Was he 
going to die in her ass?, it was never like this 
in his fantasies. He started to kick his legs 
fruitlessly since he was securely engulfed in 
her big fat bottom. Lisa on the other hand 
knew very well what was happening to Paul 
and what he was experiencing. She had sat on 
many men and especially loved sitting on a 
mans face for the first time and was extremely 
turned on by the mans futile panicky 
struggles to escape. She did however not put 
her full weight on Paul at this time perhaps 
only half so she could reserve that pleasure 
for another occasion. She was on the verge 
of orgasm and hoped that Paul would not die 
or pass out before she came. It was 
happening and started when Paul first began 
to kick, waves of intense pleasure flooded 
her entire loin area so much so that she had 
extreme difficulty in not pushing her full 
weight down on the imprisoned face as she 
spasmodically convulsed, and trembled in 
complete ecstasy. Wave after wave of 
pleasure flowed through her buttocks, thighs, 
abdomen, breasts, and especially her pussy 
and ass hole. She gripped her breasts with 
each hand and squeezed the pointed pink 
nipples as hard as she could intensifying 
the pleasure as she knew she had to get off 
before Paul expired beneath her. Paul's 
penis had gone from a state of rigid erection 
to flaccidity in a matter of moments and he 
urinated in deep panic as he was quickly 
loosing conciseness from lack of air while 
Lisa was in ecstasy above him with each spasm of 
convulsion being transferred to his helpless 
face. Just about when Paul was about to pass 
out, she rose off of him and he lay there 
sucking in the cool fresh air as she rolled to 
the side still continuing to cum. Her glanced 
at her big wide ass laying on a big hip just 
inches away and he jumped off the bed in 
terror lest she sit on him again. He ran to the 
door, his panic being so great that he 
would have tried to escape nude as he was, 
only to find the door locked. She glanced 
over to him and said, "There is no escape for 
you, the key is here around my neck on this 
leather thong." He saw the thong and noted 
that it descended deep between her 
big breasts. She said, "If you try to escape 
again, I will sit on you until you pass out, so 
remember that." As she turned around she 
saw the puddle of urine on her nice leather 
cover. She screamed, "You stupid bastard 
you pissed on my beautiful leather." with that 
she rose and walked over to him grabbing him 
by the back of the neck and pushed him 
over to the bed forcing his face down into the 
puddle. "lick it all up.", She screamed, 
"Right now before it ruins the leather. Do 
you have any idea what this leather costs 
stupid?" "Nnnno professor," he stammered, 
still stunned by the strength she exhibited 
when she pushed him over to the bed, he 
meekly licked up his own piss as she stood 
over him. When he finished she instructed him 
to go into the bathroom and get a towel to 
completely dry the area and he complied 
without hesitation. Lisa watched as Paul 
finished wiping the area dry and said, "Now I 
am going to take your virginity Paul, one 
step at a time. When I finish not only will you 
be initiated into the world of sex, but you 
will have started your training in the art of 
pleasing a lady. Lie down on your back with 
your head in the middle of the bed." Paul said, 
"Wwwhat are you going to do to me now, I don't 
want to continue this I want to go home." 

Lisa slapped him hard twice across 
the face and screamed at him, "Do as I 
command, or I will punish you." Paul quickly 
got into the position she desired. Lisa 
then straddled Paul's head and looked 
down at his frightened face between her big 
thighs an said, "I am going to teach you 
how to eat my pussy. I want you to lick it 
using your tongue as I direct you. You will 
start by running your tongue up and down the 
lips." Lisa positioned her vulva directly 
over Paul's mouth, covering him so that his 
nose was just clear of her blonde bush 
affording him the ability to breath with just 
half of each eye covered by the big thighs 
with her weight pinning him in this position. 
Paul's view of the world was very limited 
to Lisa'S abdomen, the underside of her large 
breasts and what portion of her face as was 
visible between them. Paul was so terrified 
from the previous experience that 
claustrophobia was overcoming him and he 
struggled to get out of this frightening 
position. He knew if she just moved he 
thighs together he would smother again and 
he bordered on complete panic. Lisa sensed 
this and reveled in the feeling of complete 
domination as she looked down on him and 
said to him, "This is not for punishment Paul, 
this is for my pleasure. I will not smother you 
unless you disobey me by not licking 
immediately." Paul began to run his tongue up 
and down her pussy lips as far as he could 
with his face immobilized under her. She rose 
slightly to permit him more movement 
and moaned and instructed him on how to lick 
and flick his tongue. Paul was now 
enjoying his work and his fear abated. She 
guided him to her clitoris and told him to 
lick it as hard as he could. She moaned with 
the beginning of an intense orgasm, bearing 
down on him with all her might. He was 
unable to continue licking as her heavy 
spasms and weight immobilized him and he 
was once again both smothered and crushed 
beneath her as her throes of orgasm 
continued. Panic overcame him as she came 
with such tremendous force and movement that his 
face was wrenched and contorted as 
she rubbed her pussy over his entire face. 
Finally it was over and Paul could once again 
breathe as he looked up from between her 
thighs. She looked down at him and said, 
"That was not bad for your first time eating a 
woman. You have great potential Paul 
and I am going to develop you into a first 
class cunt lapper." She got off of him and 
stood next to the bed looking down at Paul's 
now raging hardon. "Now is the time Paul, 
I am going to fuck you. I love to fuck 
immediately after I am eaten, I can't get 
enough." She said as she quickly mounted him sliding 
his cock into the moist hot hole before Paul 
Knew what was happening. She immediately 
began to ride him stroking up and down on 
Paul's cock. She realized for the first time 
how really well endowed he was as she 
engorged herself with his entire shaft. She 
thought to herself about all the pleasure Paul 
would bring to her in the future. As Lisa took 
his member into her insides Paul felt the 
sensations of real sex for the first time in his 
life and as she pumped her big body up and 
down on him, threads of orgasm were 
beginning to form for Paul and he could 
not believe the pleasure and he loved her for 
this. Lisa still in a state of arousal from 
being eaten was pleasure stroking from the 
first entry and continued to increase both her 
down force and speed as she went out of 
sexual control riding his shaft to the very tip 
until he was almost out of her and then 
slamming down on him with all he might, the 
force of which sent the bed into a bouncing 
motion with Paul being bounced about 
beneath her like a rag doll. He came first, 
shooting thick gobs of semen into her hot 
cock consuming insides time and time again. He 
was on the verge of passing out from 
this new and extreme pleasure, his virginity 
gone with the first ejaculation. Lisa felt the 
hot cum shoot into her pleasure mounting 
vagina. She pumped him out of control, 
milking him dry and continuing to stroke him 
with all the speed and force of her body 
so much so that she screamed wildly at the all 
consuming pleasure emanating in her loins 
and radiating through her entire body. She 
almost passed out from pleasure finally 
collapsing forward on Paul's prone form 
breathing heavily from her exertion. Her breasts 
cradled Paul's face and she said to him that 
was just great, I just had one of the greatest 
orgasms of my life. I will take you often Paul 
but remember all will not be pleasure for 
you, as you must pay the price of such 
pleasure and earn it as my slave.