Dec 22, 2002
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Found som old stories on another harddisk

The Club

Chapter One

„The Club“ was infamous amongst the rich and famous. Most who heard the whisperings thought that it was ridiculous, just a myth, but those who had been personally invited to become members knew otherwise. The unbelievable story was in fact true, they knew that there really was a place where the most famous female celebrities would frequently go to relax, to forget about their stressful lives, to be…worshipped, literally, by the males who worked there.
No one else knew about the club because no one else had ever seen it. From the outside, The Club appeared to be exactly like every other run down building it shared the street with. Windowless, of course, with a dim light glowing outside the only door. The brick wall looked old and dirty, it was covered in graffiti just like everything surrounding it. The only difference was that every night, two huge bouncers would stand outside the door – Not the kind of people you’d normally stop and talk too, so the secret stayed safe.
Inside however, it was a different story. A neon sign on the wall proclaimed it „The Most Exclusive Club in the World“. The real luxury wasn’t the huge dance floor, the plush armchairs and settees surrounding it, nor the extravagant bar. It was instead the numerous private rooms, with their own armchairs, mini-bars, televisions, sound systems – Everything you could want. The male staff, hired by females to literally worship them at their feet, were taken in to these rooms and often spent the entire night there.

Tyler was 24; he had worked at the club since it had opened, when he was 21. The Club operated a strict „no-minors“ policy, which applied to both the males and females, and so he was one of the youngest there. He lived in the basement of the club and in return for his services every single night of the year, he provided for by the establishment. He loved his work.

He had not been kneeling in the reception area for 10 minutes on this particular night; a short lead already attached to his collar, when one of the most popular „regulars“ was let in through the front door. Britney Spears walked towards the front desk and began talking to Kate, the 25 year old, blonde receptionist who was probably attractive enough to be a model herself.

„Hey, can I get a Private Room for an hour and one to go with it, please?“ Britney said cheerfully.
„Sure“ Kate answered, handing Britney a key to one of the rooms. Tyler felt his lead being pulled as Kate walked him round the desk and handed him over to the superstar. Tyler noticed that she looked as breath-taking as ever, wearing a sparkling black dress and black, open-toed heels.

„Have fun“, Kate said smiling.
Britney then led Tyler, who was crawling on all fours, through the next door and into the club area, which had already begun to fill up. Not pausing to greet anyone, Britney walked straight to the Private Room she had hired. The door locked behind her automatically, and she dropped Tyler’s lead to the floor before letting herself drop down onto the soft, leather sofa. Letting out a loud sigh, she ordered „Get over here and give these new shoes a clean!“

Tyler knew exactly what to do and crawled towards his latest Mistress, carefully picking up her left foot. Holding it delicately before him, Tyler began to run his tongue along the sole, slowly so as t savour the moment. The shoes were clearly new but Britney had been walking along the pavement and small bits of dirt had stuck to her footwear. Tyler now collected these on his tongue, swallowing them down without hesitation. Once the bottom was completely cleaned, he put him mouth around the bottom of the heel and began sucking it clean.

„That’s it, good boy“ Britney said, smiling. Tyler noticed her eyes were closed in relaxation. Tyler continued, encouraged, sucking the heel harder until he was sure it was spotless. Next, he ran the tip of his tongue over the straps on the shoe. He resisted the temptation to lick her feet, because she had not ordered that yet, and Britney was inwardly impressed at his professionalism.

„Now the other one“ Britney commanded once Tyler was finished. Tyler repeated the process, having to pay extra attention to a spot of black dirt right in the middle of the sole. He placed Britney’s foot back down carefully when he was done and waited patiently for her next order. After a few minutes it came; „Now take these off and show me how much love my little feet!“

Tyler took great care in undoing the straps of her heels, and then in sliding them off her bare feet. He held one of the celebrity’s feet in his hands now, and began to lightly place kisses up down it. Britney pushed her toes up into his face, crunching his nose between them. Tyler inhaled deeply, taking in the glorious scent. The rooms in the Club were heated and it made the girls feet smell more as they were being worshipped. The sweat had mixed with the smell of Britney’s new shoes and Tyler could not get enough of it, taking deep breath after deep breath.

He felt the blonde-haired Goddess pushing her big toe against his lips and so he opened his mouth. He began to suck on the toe, cleaning it, licking all the way around it, pushing his tongue against the nail so that was cleaned too. Britney allowed this process to be repeated on every single one of her toes, making Tyler swallow all the sweat and dirt he licked off them. He ran his tongue across her bare soles, he sucked on her heels and licked eagerly at the balls of her feet, lost in time as he did so.

Britney has gone back to shoving her toes right around his nose and scrunching them together, controlling when he could breathe, when she heard a knocking on the door. It opened seconds later and Kate appeared, announcing that an hour had passed. Britney held her feet out in front of her, allowing Tyler to put her shoes back on. He kissed the front of each as he finished strapping them up, then watched as Britney got up and left, handing Kate some money and thanking her as she did so.

Kate then walked over, collected Tyler’s lead and took him back to reception. He loved his work.

Chapter Two

Kate walked over to Tyler and grabbed his lead again shortly after 11PM. For the second time that night, Tyler was forced to crawl around the front desk on all fours and kneel obediently before a customer. He looked up from his position on the floor and found himself facing Eva Longoria, who was wearing a white dress that ended just past her thighs, complimented well by the white heels she wore on her feet.

„Enjoy!“ Kate said, as Eva led Tyler through the door and into the club. Instead of going to a private room this time, Tyler followed his latest Goddess to one of the soft leather armchairs in the main part of the club. Eva took a seat, then told Tyler to go and fetch her a drink. When he returned, he knelt before her, waiting for instructions.

For a long time, he was ignored by the gorgeous superstar, who was more concerned with taking in the atmosphere of the club. After a while though, she absent-mindedly began to brush the tips of her feet across Tyler’s face. Tyler tried to fight the temptation to lick without permission and was just about to give in when Eva became aware of what she was doing and decided to actually use her hired footboy.

„Take my shoes off“ she said softly.

Tyler put his hands around her heels and tried to undo them.

„What are you doing!“ Eva shouted out in a surprised anger. Tyler was confused.

„You don’t touch my beautiful new shoes with your dirty hands unless I give permission!“ she said loudly. „Now take them off using your mouth like a good bitch!“

Tyler hesitated for a moment, trying to decide what to do, and this earned him a sharp kick to the side of the head by Eva. „I said NOW!“ she re-iterated.

Tyler leant forwards, still on his knees, and tried to grasp the clip of the strap between his teeth. It took several attempts, much to the amusement of Eva, for him to loosen the strap. He did this for the other shoe and then he set to work taking them off completely by softly biting the tips, right in front of her toes, and pulling them away. As he did this, he could smell the heavenly scent of her feet, and he could barely take his eyes off the bright red nail polish that she used.
Eva stretched her legs out in front of her, her feet resting on Tyler’s shoulders.

„Why don’t you give them a massage?“ she suggested in a commanding tone. Tyler reached to hold one of her feet and began to slowly but firmly massage it in the way he had been trained when he first started this job. He worked his way all around her foot, concentrating on his work but also not failing to notice the satisfied and relaxed look on the face of the beautiful actress.

As he moved on to the second foot, the pleasure became too much for Eva and she forced her foot free from his grip and began rubbing it across his face, particularly enjoying the feeling as she rolled the balls of her feet across his lips.
With her left foot resting on the top of his head, stroking his hair gently, she eased her toes into Tyler’s mouth and urged him „Suck them clean!“

Tyler began sucking on her toes, at the same time rolling his tongue around each one in turn. He tried to make sure he gave each brightly-painted nail a special polish as he worked.

Eva completely relaxed, and didn’t even notice as her left foot began to slide down the front of Tyler’s face, the tip of the nail lightly scratching across his forehead. She noticed what was happening as her big toe ran down his nose, and began to press it firmly against his face, enjoying the feel beneath her feet.

After a while she order „Change feet“ and as Tyler began to suck, lick and worship her left foot, her right one began to explore his face in the same way as before.

She grew tired eventually, and as soon as she did she pulled her foot free of Tyler’s lips. She reached forwards for her glass of champagne, there was only a small amount left.

„Looks like our times nearly up, footboy“ she said, „Some of us have important things to do. I think we got time for one last little treat for you though!“

Smiling, Eva raised her foot up in the air, holding it at eye-level to Tyler. She held her glass out in front of her as well and, ever so slowly she began to tip the glass upside down, letting the champagne hit her foot and trickle down slowly to her toes.

„Clean them“ she said, giggling.

Tyler leant forwards eagerly, his mouth waiting by her toes. He became mesmerised by the champagne’s tantalisingly slow journey down Eva’s foot. When he could hold on no long, he opened his mouth and closed it round the celebrity’s toes. He made sure to lick every single bit he could, determined to get all the champagne he could. As he licked in between each of her toes, he was sure the champagne tasted different, mixed with the taste of her feet, and that made it all the sweeter.
Lost in a dream world, he was actually disappointed when he realised Eva had taken her foot away from his face and was slipping her shoes back on.

„Fasten them up, then“ she said expectantly, and Tyler quickly obeyed. Eva picked up his lead and walked back towards the front desk.

Chapter Three

Tyler was coming to the end of his night at work when he heard the front door open again, and several people walked into the lobby, all talking and shouting and laughing. This was quite common towards the end of the night as some of the ladies would go out for the evening before ending up at the Club. Having usually had a drink, these customers were always the wildest and meanest, but Tyler had come to accept that. From his position on the floor, Tyler watched as Kate’s black high heels approached him. He was the only slave not being used at the time, so it was no surprise that Kate came to a stop as she passed him and took his lead off the peg above him.

„Sorry we’ve only got one left, it’s a real busy night tonight. I’m sure he’ll do everything right though!“ Kate said brightly as ever to the waiting customers as she walked Tyler over to them again. When Tyler saw who had hired him he couldn’t believe his luck. Three gorgeous celebrities were stood in the middle of the room, talking amongst themselves and glancing over at him expectantly as he crawled over. Angelina Jolie stood in the middle of the group, wearing a stunning black dress that showed off her perfect curves; her long dark brown hair ran elegantly over one shoulder. She wore black, open-toed heels to complete the look. Carmen Electra stood to her right, wearing a white low-cut dress that was clearly designed to show off her assets. She had white boots with heels on her feet, Tyler noticed. Finally, Sarah Michelle Gellar stood wearing a glittering skirt and a low cut top, along with a pair of light-coloured pumps.

Kate held the lead out and it was Angelina that stepped forwards to collect it. The other supermodels then followed her through into the club, heading towards the Private VIP room they had just paid for.
Sarah was the last to enter the room and she made sure that the door was locked as she shut it behind her. Each of the ladies sat down in one of the large armchairs in the room, and Angelina made sure Tyler was kneeling on the floor, surrounded by them all. Angelina pushed the bottom of her black heels into her new slaves face and Tyler began to instinctively kiss it, running his tongue along the sole and collecting all the dirt the shoes had picked up that night.

Sarah, sat adjacent to Angelina, complained loudly „Man, my feet are killing me in these shoes. Take them off, slave boy!“

Still kissing and licked the bottom of Angelina’s shoe, Tyler reached blindly out and took Sarah’s shoes off placing them carefully on the ground next to him, much to the girls amusement.

„Now sniff them!“ she said laughing. Before Tyler had time to work out how to do this, Angelina had swiftly moved her foot away from Tyler’s mouth and around to the back of his head. Pressing down fiercely, she forced his face downwards and sideways, right into Sarah’s discarded pumps.

„Make sure you smell them good“ Angelina said, laughing, and Tyler felt himself going red about how easily he was overpowered. „I wanna hear you sniffing them!“ Sarah added.
Tyler found his entire face pushed into the shoes, and with Angelina’s toes pressing into the back of his head, he began to take huge breaths. Sarah has complained that the shoes had made her feet ache, but after just one night of being worn they already stunk of her foot sweat. Tyler continued to inhale the celebrity’s powerful scent, not able to lift his head up off the floor even if he did want too.

At this point, Carmen Electra, so far the quietest of the three, got up and went over to the huge plasma television, switching it on to a music video channel. The music drowned out the sound of Tyler’s breathing and as Carmen went back to her seat, she kicked her slave harshly in his exposed midriff.
„I thought we said we wanted to hear you smelling those shoes!“ Carmen shouted, laughing as she sat back down. With this, Angelina decided to finally take her foot off the back of Tyler’s head, and he then felt Sarah Michelle Gellar press the tips of her toes against his forehead, bringing his head up to face her.
„You enjoy that?“ she asked, teasingly. Tyler’s face had gone bright red from having to breathe in and out of the worn shoes for so long.
„Sure looks like he did!“ Angelina said, and all the girls laughed together.

Back on the television, the video playing had changed.
„I love this track!“ Carmen Electra exclaimed. „It just makes me wanna dance!“
„Well you’re lucky, cos it looks like we’ve got our own private dance floor in here!“ Sarah said, looking towards Tyler.
Angelina laughed out loudly. „Great idea! Hey, slave boy. Lie down on your back now, I think one of your Mistresses wants to dance!“

Tyler, who had only just kneeled up, obediently lay down again before Angelina would have the chance to humiliate him more. Carmen stood up, her brilliant eyes flashing with excitement. She approached Tyler and carefully stood up on him. Tyler instantly felt the impact, as the heels of her white boots dug into his stomach. Unable to stop himself from letting out a gasp of surprise proved to be a mistake, as the superstars reacted angrily to it.
„You’re not ruining this for us, slave!“ Angelina said. Slipping her shoes off, she put her bare feet across his face and pressed down. „Try and complain now!“ she giggled.

Satisfied again, Carmen began to move her body in time with music, shuffling her feet up and down Tyler’s chest and stomach as she did so. With each little step she took, Tyler could feel the sharp heels of her footwear digging deep into his flesh, leaving a fresh imprint, cut or bruise. Every time she moved, the pressure being exerted onto her human dance floor re-adjusted itself, meaning he never got used to the pain. Tyler wondered if Carmen knew how much pain she was causing, whether she enjoyed that as well. Of course, she did not know, because Tyler could not protest of complain. Angelina’s feet were still pressed down across his face, covering his nose and eyes. His mouth had been forced open under the pressure as well, and he could taste the superstar’s feet as he lay there.

A knocking on the door broke up the party. Carmen jumped off her slave’s body and walked over to open it up. Angelina however, kept her feet right where they were.
„That’s the hour“ Tyler head Kate’s voice say. He was relieved, his body was aching all over and every breath was a constant struggle with feet covering your entire face.
„You know what?“ Carmen said, „I don’t think we’re done yet. Can we get another hour here, same room, same slave?“
„Sure thing“ Kate said, laughing, „Glad you’re enjoying it so much!“

Carmen shut the door behind her and walked back towards Tyler.

Chapter Four

Tyler had not managed to finish work that night until the early morning sun had risen. It often got that way; the celebrity customers would get carried away with the drinks, the luxurious surroundings and the absolute worship of their hired slave. The club loved nothing more, of course, as it usually resulted in a sky-high bill when they finally decided to leave. Tyler had not been surprised to find Kate utterly unsympathetic to his situation. She loved the club and her work within it, and was one of the most charismatic; friendly people Tyler had ever met; however she did like to maintain absolute control over the slaves. Because of this, Tyler would work through the night again, same as always.

The most difficult work came later on in the night, Tyler knew. Early customers tended to be less demanding, they had not been out before coming to the club – Unlike the ladies who arrived later on, usually worse for wear under the effects of alcohol. Tyler had heard the rumour of who was meant to be in town tonight and knew of the reputation they had for being particularly demanding and bitchy, but when he saw them walk through the door after midnight he could not help but be in awe of their beauty.

From Tyler’s point of view, Paris Hilton was stood nearest. She wore a silver satin dress that clung to her perfect figure. The elaborate design of the material was far too complex for Tyler to absorb in his excitement but it allowed Paris to show off her long, tanned legs as well as her slender shoulders. Her platinum blonde hair was worn up, pulled back behind her ears. Tyler noticed the white heels she was wearing, paying extra attention to the specks of mud that had flicked up on to the sides.

Nicky Hilton was stood just to the side of her, slightly further away. She wore a black and white, striped dress, even shorter than her sisters. She let her hair flow straight down past her shoulders. She was just as tanned as her sister and wore black pumps. The large, diamond earrings that she wore complimented the beauty of her face.

Kate rushed to greet them as she did all customers; ready to make sure they were comfortable. It came as no surprise that the girls ordered a private suite along with one male slave for as long as they were there. Kate approached Tyler, who could still not keep his eyes off the pair.
„You look a bit too dazed to be of any use to them!“ she laughed.
For the first time since he had been there, Tyler found himself actually begging to be allowed to serve a particular customer. Finally, Kate gave in and led Tyler round to meet the two girls. Neither Paris or Nicky made any effort to even acknowledge him until they were in their suite with the door shut.
Both had sat down on the soft leather couch. Tyler stood by the door, awaiting instructions before he moved.

„Well get down here then boy!“ Paris ordered, clicking her fingers at Tyler whilst her sister played around with the plasma television. Tyler approached the pair nervously, kneeling before them, already aroused by the authority that radiated from Paris.
„You know, I might have „accidentally“ walked through a lot of dirt on my way her“, Paris giggled. „These shoes cost more than you make in month, so make sure you do a good job cleaning them!“
Tyler thought he was actually in love as Paris lifted her foot off the floor expectantly. You could tell that Paris had made extra sure that her shoes were dirty, just from looking at their soles. Tyler didn’t care though; he brought his face up to the heel and began to lap at the dirt with his tongue.
„Tilt your head back“ Paris suddenly ordered. Tyler obeyed, and Paris took advantage of his new position by resting her shoe right on his face.
„Clean it all and make sure it’s shining, bitch.“ She said, almost casually. Tyler began working again; taking longer, slower licks so as to make sure Paris’s foot remained balance on his face. It was a difficult task and Tyler could definitely taste the dirt in his mouth as he progressed. He finished by taking the entire length of Paris’s heel in his mouth at once, wrapping his tongue around it, running his lips across it and then slowly pulling away when he was done.

Paris had been watching the music video on television but seemed to be aware of what Tyler was doing and knew he appeared to have finished the first shoe. „Just hold still a minute,“ Paris said. „I don’t want my shoe covered in your drool!“ The Goddess began laughing as she proceeded to rub the bottom of her shoe across his face and hair, „drying“ it off on him. She then lifted her other foot forwards, letting it rest on Tyler’s face as before. Tyler set to work again, not needing to wait for the command. He skilfully wrapped his lips around the edges of shoe, cleaning the specks of dirt off the white leather, before returning to running his tongue around the dirty soles.

„You gonna use him or not?“ Paris questioned her sister. Nicky looked at Tyler, almost in disgust.

„These shoes are like, brand new“ She answered. „I don’t want him ruining them“.

Paris laughed. „Fine, suit yourself“ she said. Looking back at Tyler, she ordered „Well bitch, you better take my shoes off then!“

Tyler removed them carefully, treating them as if they were a sacred object. He placed them on the floor and then looked back up at Paris. He was almost instantly greeted by her bare foot, pushed right in his face. He loved the feeling, the sensation caused by the touch of Paris’s soft feet against his face. Her toes clenched tight around his nose, forcing him to inhale the deep, rich scent of her sweat mixed with leather.

Paris then began to let her foot slide down his face, gently forcing her long toes into his mouth. She pushed her foot forwards gently, further into his mouth. „That’s it, suck them like a good boy. You know you like them!“ she teased. Her feet were huge, filling Tyler’s mouth, but he tried to suck them as best as he could, licking each toe with his tongue in turn. Paris was clearly pleased, clearly enjoying it, and even remarked „God, you’re good at this slave boy. You were born to do this baby!“

Tyler was so embarrassed, yet delighted, by the comment that he did not notice how interested Nicky was by this statement. The younger sister had been pretty quiet up until now but she suddenly stood up and explained to Paris, „I’ll be right back, I’ve just got to go and see someone.“
Dec 22, 2002
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The Best Trample/Crush
Submitted by UserTwo on Thu, 2006-01-19 01:20. Trample | Crush | High Heels | True Story
Hi people, hope you enjoy this, 'cause I know I did.
It happened about a week ago, when I was sending one of my trample experience, when my new girlfriend walked in the room behind me. I didn't know she had come into the room, and was reading the message, she said "you like being trampled then!!" I had to tell her the truth as she had read the message, I was frightened at what she was going to say but I told her that it is a fetish about stiletto high heels (spiked heels) that i have.
She replied "I have a lovely pair of spiked high heels, let me crush some things for you, and if you are lucky I will move onto you!" Well I told her that I would love to see those heels in action, so we went back to her place, and she put her shoes on.
They were black 5" spiked heels. She is 5ft 5 and weighs about 8 stone (think 120lbs). She had long light brown hair, a breast to die for, and the best legs ever. She put a plate cold chicken on the floor and said "this is starters, so get down ready to be feed." As I dropped to my knees, she stabbed her heel through the meat, and brought it to my face. She told me to eat it so I at the impaled chicken off her heel. Then she said "I don't like this plate" and slammed her spiked heel down on it, the sound of the metal spike hitting and cracking the china plate was great (please try at home).
She told me to lay down and spread my hands out flat, so i did then she said take this and stamped on my hand with her heel. It went through the skin like my hand was a bit of wet mud. then she kicked me and said "i'm gona trample you like you have never been trampled before." She stood on my chest and walked down along my thighs, her heels piercing my skin and leaving bloody dots all the way down. All her weight was on those deadly spikes, and she was loving it.
She was going to stand on my dick but i couldn't take any more. She said "when you have recovered from this I will stand where it counts" as she rested her stiletto heel on my dick. I said "yes I would love to." I was in terrible shape, so I went to the hospital to check out my hand and leg. Turns out she had broken two bones in my hand.
Hope you enjoyed that, and I do recemend the plate crush though that was good. Hope to have more for you soon.

The Fetish Shoe Shop: Mother & Son
by fantasyboy ©
Anne was the most unlikely visitor we had ever had to The Fetish Shoe Shop. She made the appointment without giving any details about herself. What surprised us was when she walked in with her son. I guess she was in her late 40s maybe slightly older. She was very pretty but probably could look more attractive if she made the effort, and was dressed very conservatively. It wouldn't have surprised me if she had come straight from church. Her son was a teenager. She sat down at the desk opposite me and said that James had to be punished. I looked surprised and asked her why. She said, 'You don't need to know the details only that I want him to wear some cream high heel shoes and be video'd wearing them so that he can see how ridiculous he looks in them. I looked at Mrs. Wyles and she just nodded as if to say OK.

I asked them to follow me and Anne said she wanted James to wait outside while she chose something appropriate for him. He sat down again and I went through to the showroom with Anne. I led her over to the racks of shoes and she said, 'I never realised there were so many types. She picked up a 6 inch high heeled cream sandal and said, 'Surely no one can walk in this'. I said, 'We sell lots of those, ladies find it very sexy to walk around in those, it makes them feel dominant'. She said, 'That's what James needs. He needs to be dominated. He needs to be taught the error of his ways. I asked her, 'Why has James got to be punished. What has he done'. 'It's very personal, but suffice to say he has been interfering with my shoes'. I said, 'Many males find high heel shoes a sexual turn on'. Anne said, 'That's the trouble with the country today, there's too much sexual openness, too much emphasis put on sex.'

'I caught James doing something disgusting with my shoes, he needs to be taught that it is wrong and must never do anything like it again. I want him to wear a pair of high heel shoes and to walk around the showroom and for you to video him. When we get home he will watch it and realise how stupid he looks and if I ever catch him doing the same thing to my shoes I will send the video to his school for his teachers and classmates to see how bad he is.'

In the meantime, Mrs. Wyles was talking to James and trying to find out what he had done. Mrs. Wyles was sitting opposite James with her legs crossed and as usual exhibiting quite a lot of thigh. She was also wearing her 5 inch high spiked heel shoes with the ankle straps. Once she saw that James couldn't take his eyes off her legs and shoes Mrs. Wyles made sure she was exposing as much thigh as possible. It was rather ironic that James had been bought in here to be punished and here was Mrs. Wyles doing exactly the opposite to him. He kept shifting uncomfortably in his seat and Mrs. Wyles was certain he had an erection. He blushed when Mrs. Wyles asked what he had been doing with his mothers shoes and refused to say. But Mrs. Wyles was an expert in getting what she wanted. She made sure her skirt rose up higher and her stocking tops could be clearly seen.

She swung round on her chair with her legs crossed and James's eyes followed her all the time. Then Mrs. Wyles said, 'You like my shoes, don't you, they turn you on, have they made you hard, is your cock hard.' James blushed terribly. He didn't need to say anything, Mrs. Wyles knew she was right. 'Your mother caught you wearing her shoes, didn't she, what were you doing in them. You weren't playing with yourself were you, did you cum while you were wearing your mothers shoes.' James blushed even more and nodded. Mrs. Wyles said, 'I don't see what the problem is. I don't know why your mother is making such a fuss.' 'Come over here, touch my shoes, feel how nice they feel. Don't worry, your mother will be in the showroom for quite a time yet'.

James did as Mrs. Wyles told him. He stood in front of her and she raised her leg and offered it to him. He knelt on the floor and held her foot in front of his face. Mrs. Wyles said, 'Go on James, touch it, smell the lovely leather, rub your fingers up the heel, imagine its your cock your rubbing. That's it wank my heel, wank Mrs. Wyles heel for her. I bet your cock is lovely and hard now, would you like Mrs. Wyles to play with it while your playing with my shoes, or would you like to wear my shoes while I play with you or would you like me to take my shoes off and rub my stockings over your cock and make you cum all over Mrs. Wyles stockings.

Tell me James what would you prefer. A very embarrassed James eventually said, 'I'd like to wear your shoes while you rub your stockings against my cock please Mrs. Wyles. Mrs. Wyles was more than happy to do this. She loved cock wanking with her stockings and even more so when it was a young virile cock. She took her shoes off and handed them to James. They were a little too large but it didn't matter. He stood up and looked in the mirror. He said, 'I'm worried in case my mother comes out'. Mrs. Wyles stood up and silently locked the door. James took his trousers and pants down and sat on the floor with his legs stretched out in front of him. His cock was almost 6 inches in length and was already throbbing. Mrs. Wyles knew he wouldn't need much rubbing before he would cum. She sat on the chair in front of him and pulled up her skirt so that he could see her knickers.

She put one of her stockinged feet on his cock and started to rub it very slowly. James had his eyes closed all the time and he had a very contented look on his face. It was only a couple of minutes before Mrs. Wyles felt the tell tale twitching of a cock about to cum. She pressed down harder and rubbed her foot faster and made sure that the other stockinged foot was directly in front of his cock and suddenly Mrs. Wyles felt the lovely hot feeling of James spunk shooting over her stockinged foot. James had a lovely look on his face and Mrs. Wyles was by now very horny. She said to James, 'My turn now'. With her feet covered in James's spunk she really wanted to offer him her feet to suck and lick clean but thought that was asking too much.

James sat back on his original chair opposite Mrs. Wyles. She still didn't want him to pull his trousers up as she was certain that the display she was going to put on for him would get him hard again and she loved nothing more than watching a young cock growing to a full erection in front of her eyes, especially when she had caused it.

She had taken back her shoes and dropped her knickers and stepped out of them. Her dress was now up around her waist completely exposing her pussy to this young boy. Mrs. Wyles eased her legs apart and slowly inserted the spiked heel of her shoe inside her throbbing pussy. She loved the feeling as she fucked the heel in and out of her cunt. She looked across at James whose erection was already growing. After a few minutes she withdrew the heel from her cunt and offered it to James. 'Smell Mrs. Wyles pussy juices, put the heel in your mouth and lick it clean'. James did exactly as she told him to. Mrs. Wyles had the heel of the other shoe embedded deep inside her cunt now. She could feel her orgasm nearing. She couldn't take her eyes off James's full erection now.

She said to him, 'Let me watch you wank yourself off, I want you to wank into Mrs. Wyles shoe, I want you to cum in my shoe, just like you did with your mother's shoe. Put Mrs. Wyles shoe over the end of your cock and shoot your spunk into it. Oh, I'm cumming too James, I'm watching your cock, I'm watching your lovely spunk going inside my shoe, Oh James, its lovely, that's it spunk for Mrs. Wyles, oh yes, that's it. Both Mrs. Wyles and James orgasmed. James depositing a huge amount of fresh young spunk. Mrs. Wyles pulled her skirt down but left her knickers off and reached for the shoe that James had cum in. At first she couldn't decide what she really wanted. Should she drink his cum out of the shoe or should she put the shoe on and let his spunk squeeze and squelch between her toes. She decided both, she raised the shoe to her mouth and dipped her tongue in and scooped a large dollop of James's spunk and transferred it to her mouth where she swirled it round her mouth taking in the texture and taste that she adored. Then she put the shoe back on her foot and loved the feel as the rest of James's spunk mingled between her toes.

Meanwhile back in the showroom, Anne was taking more than a passing interest in the wide selection of shoes on display. She didn't put down a pair of cream 6 inch spike heel sandals with ankle straps. Robert asked Anne what James had done that was so bad. She said, 'I could never ever tell you, I might be able to tell Mrs. Wyles but not a male'. I suggested that Mrs. Wyles came in and replaced me. Anne agreed. I went back into the office and asked Mrs. Wyles to see to Anne. I saw straight away the cum on Mrs. Wyles feet and knew she had been busy with James.

Mrs. Wyles went into the showroom and said to Anne, 'What sort of shoes had James misbehaved in'. 'These', she said, holding aloft the cream 6 inch high heels. 'But they were only just over 3.5 inch heels. I didn't really like them but I bought them to match an outfit that I had bought. They were only ones in that colour. They were certainly too high for me though. Mrs. Wyles said, 'Oh you should try them on, they make you walk taller, they give you more confidence, they make you push your chest out, they emphasise your breasts'. Anne replied, 'I don't want to feel anything like that, its disgusting'. Mrs. Wyles didn't know what to say. Obviously something had made her feel this way. Mrs. Wyles noticed that she still held the 6 inch spiked heels in her hands.

She also noticed that Anne was subconsciously playing with the heel. Her fingers formed an O round the heel and she was definitely rubbing it, although Mrs. Wyles was sure she didn't realise what she was doing. Once again Mrs. Wyles asked why James had to be punished. They sat down on the sofa and Anne said, 'I found that every day these shoes were in a different place and I couldn't understand why. James always came home before me and one day I decided to arrive just a couple of minutes after him. I crept indoors and went upstairs. The sight that I saw disgusts me every time I think about it. Anne fell silent. But in her mind she was remembering what she saw. Mrs. Wyles said, 'Carry on, tell me what happened'.

Anne said, 'I crept upstairs and saw my bedroom door was open. She peeked through the crack and saw that James was naked. He held her cream high heel shoes in front of him. One was held in front of his face and he was sucking the heel, the other he had over his erect cock and he was wanking himself with the shoe. What really bothered Anne was that she was powerless to go in and stop in. She couldn't take her eyes off what he was doing. For the first time in years she felt herself getting wet between her legs. She was getting sexually aroused watching her son wank himself off into her shoes. She knew she should go straight in and stop in, but she wanted to watch. She wanted to watch her son cum in her shoes. She watched with lust in her eyes. She was amazed at the hardness and size of his cock. She felt so guilty at what she was doing. She waited until she saw his spunk shoot out the end of his cock and pump spurt after spurt of hot cum into her shoe. Then she stormed in, 'James, whatever do you think you are doing, go to your room immediately, and I'll speak to you later, you'd better have a good explanation of what you've just done.

James hurried of to his room. But Anne excitedly picked up her cream shoe. She looked inside and saw the pool of James's cum in the toe. She dipped her finger in scooped a dollop onto her finger. She hesitatingly lifted her finger to her mouth and smelt it and then pushed her finger deep inside her mouth and licked it clean enjoying the taste of her son's cum. She realised that she was very wet in between her legs. She found herself going into the adjoining bathroom and told herself she was going to wash this disgusting stuff off her shoes, but deep down in her subconscious she knew differently. She locked the door and quickly undressed. She glanced at herself in the full length mirror.

She didn't need to look at her nipples, she already knew they were hard and erect. Her pussy hadn't felt this wet for ages. She put the shoes down on the floor and stepped into them and immediately she felt her sons cum in between her toes. She turned round to face the mirror and her hands went between her legs. Anne knew she had to cum. She finger fucked herself and played with her clit. She felt terribly guilty. This was the first time she had done this since she was a teenager and then it was alone in bed imagining her latest boyfriend fucking her from behind and if she was really fortunate getting them to fuck her in the arse. She loved the feel of James cum between her toes. Because it was her sons cum it made her even hornier. She felt her first orgasm rushing through her body in only a few minutes. Her second and third took a little longer.

She looked at Mrs. Wyles and apologised. Mrs. Wyles said she had no need to apologise. Why not give in to your feelings. Why do you feel guilty. If it gives sexual satisfaction and isn't hurting anyone, whats wrong with that. Mrs. Wyles took them 6 inch high heeled cream shoes from Anne's hands and put them on her feet. She held out her hand and helped Anne to her feet. For a moment she was unsteady, but soon found her balance. She paraded up and down the showroom, looking in the mirror at every opportunity. She turned round and looked at the back of the shoe, she loved the look of the heel. Mrs. Wyles said, 'You're horny aren't you'. Anne smiled and nodded.

Mrs. Wyles said, 'I think James should be rewarded not punished, why don't we get him to come in and let him see how sexy his mother really is. Lets get ready for him.' Mrs. Wyles helped Anne to take her blouse and bra off. Anne's nipples were hard. Mrs. Wyles found stockings and suspenders and helped Anne into them and then she stepped into her shoes again. As Mrs. Wyles knelt in front of Anne and fixed the stockings to the suspenders she could see how wet Anne's pussy was and could clearly smell her juices. Mrs. Wyles couldn't resist it and reached upwards and licked Anne's pussy.

Anne was at first stunned, this was the first time she had this done to her, but after only a few seconds she realised what she had been missing, she adored it. Anne wanted to cum and Mrs. Wyles wanted her to cum over her face but she also wanted James and Robert to join them. She hoped that Robert would be watching through the two way glass from the office. Fortunately both he and James were. They opened the door and walked in. Anne saw them in the mirror but was so near to her orgasm as Anne's tongue plunged in and out of her cunt, that she was powerless to stop.

She quickly realised that it turned her on even more knowing that her son was watching her. Robert and James undressed and Anne saw their erections in the mirror. Anne's first orgasm was soon upon her on but Mrs. Wyles was not going to only let her cum once. Robert stood in front of Anne and started sucking her nipples. James stood behind his mother, his erection rubbing against her arse. Anne reached round and felt the hardness of her sons cock. She knew she wanted it. She wanted it up her arse. Only once before had she experienced that when she was a teenager but she had often fantasised about it. Now she was going to put that fantasy into action. Anne opened her legs and guided her sons cock towards her cunt. She knew she had to be lubricated before she could take it up her arse.

Anne sighed as James cock entered his mothers soaking wet pussy. She hoped he wouldn't cum too soon. She didn't know that Mrs. Wyles had already seen to that. James fucked quickly in and out of his mother pussy. After a couple of minutes, Anne said to James, I want it in my arse, I want you to fuck my arse.' James withdrew his cock, the wetness of Anne's pussy juices helped him ease inside her arse.

James was very gentle but Anne soon wanted more. She moved in unison with her son's arse fucking. Robert and Mrs. Wyles soon bought Anne to yet another orgasm only seconds before James emptied the contents of his balls deep inside his mothers arse. It was now time for Robert to cum and he knelt in front of Anne and Mrs. Wyles wasted no time in wanking him off making sure he coated Anne's stockings and shoes with his cum. Mrs. Wyles was more than happy to get on her knees and lick Anne's stockings and shoes clean.

Everybody recovered and dressed. Anne decided she wanted a copy of the video but not to punish James but to watch it with him together when they would both be wearing the cream high heel shoes that they now both adored.

The Fetish Shoe Shop: Carmen
by fantasyboy © Mrs. Wyles had a rather unusual request but after discussing it we were very keen to take it on. In fact talking about the couple in question Chris and Carmen turned us on so much that Mrs. Wyles and I ended up both wearing stockings and high heels and fucking each other. I bought her to an orgasm then she jacked me off using her stockinged feet and made me cum all over her stockings and we then both proceeded to lick them clean.

Chris and Carmen had a storyline that they wanted us to act out with them. The storyline had to be followed exactly and any deviation from it by anyone would involve punishment and Mrs. Wyles would decide which form this punishment would take.

Chris and Carmen both have stockings and shoes fetishes and wanted to meet us separately and in different places and keep in touch by mobile phone. It would take a bit of organising but would have such an exciting and sexually satisfying outcome for all four of us that we couldn't wait to do it.

Chris and Carmen are both in their twenties. Carmen must be one of the sexiest young ladies around. She is short with long dark hair, small, but perfect tits and loves to wear stockings and high heel shoes. Just the thought of her gives me a hard on.

We decided that we needed a whole day and cancelled the other appointments for that day. Mrs. Wyles and I were so excited that we wanted to do it as soon as possible.

Mrs. Wyles arrived at work the next day early and was already excited at what lay ahead. She went straight into the showroom and chose her stockings and shoes for the day. As she knew this was going to be special she chose her ultra high shiny 8 inch heels that she kept for special occasions. Next she chose a pair of black seemed fishnet stockings. Then she chose a silky suspender belt, matching quarter cup bra and knickers. She undressed but didn't shower as she wanted Chris to lick her feet clean. Standing in front of a full length mirror she put the suspender belt on and pulled up the fishnet stockings, twisting round to make sure the seems were straight. Then she went to pull her knickers on and decided that she was so horny that she wouldn't wear the knickers or bra. Her pussy was already wet and she really had to control herself and stop herself from masturbating.

Then came the shoes. The 8 inch high heels that made her feel so horny. She had lost count of the number of orgasms she had given herself using those particular heels up her cunt and up her arse. Her favourite position was to stand in front of the mirror and with one heel embedded up her arse she would insert the other heel in her cunt and grind the sole against her clit. It never failed to bring her to an enormous orgasm. Now she was hoping that she could get Chris to do it for her. She chose a small black leather skirt and white blouse. Next came the all important make up including the scarlet red lipstick that she loved wearing so much. She looked in the mirror and said to herself, yes you are one very sexy lady. She went back to her office to wait for Chris.

Chris had told me that Carmen would be in the shopping mall. He told me what she would be wearing and I went to find her. The shopping mall was very busy and I looked around for Carmen. Suddenly I saw her. She certainly looked like Chris's description and she was dressed very business like. She looked very sophisticated and looked as if she was about to go into an important business meeting. She had a short black skirt and a white blouse and her long black hair was pinned up. I also noticed that she wore a lovely deep red lipstick and her long finger nails were painted the same colour. What made me realise it was her that she was wearing black seemed stocking and 5 inch high shiny heeled shoes. Although she looked very business like she also looked very sexy. I felt my cock getting erect. I went up to her introduced myself.

I said, 'Hi' I'm Robert, I work with Mrs. Wyles and I understand that Chris is visiting her today.' I looked down at her legs and saw that there was sperm running down them. I said to her, 'I think we need to get you cleaned up, you can't walk around like that.' I took her hand and led her to the restroom. Fortunately the restroom was the type with individual stalls, I opened the door and gently pushed her in.' The restroom was very spacious and I said to Carmen, 'You really shouldn't have come out like that. You've dressed very smartly but you've got cum dripping down your stockings, how did that happen.' Carmen replied, 'I was just ready to leave and Chris was so horny thinking about cumming over Mrs. Wyles stockinged legs that he fucked me while I was standing up and I thought his cum would stay inside me.'

I replied, 'Did you cum as well.'

Carmen said, 'Only a little, I need to cum again.'

'Well, first of all I need to clean you up, take your skirt off and let me clean your stockings. Carmen unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. I hung it up on the back of the door. Carmen is now standing up with her 5 inch high heels and stockings on and exposing her skimpy white knickers. Chris's cum is still oozing out of her cunt. I said to her, ' Carmen, have you got your butt plug in today that Chris told you to wear.' She looked at me very sheepishly and admitted that she had forgotten to put it in. I said to her, 'You know that your reward for wearing the butt plug was for you to jack me off and me cum all over your legs and shoes and then I would lick them clean for you, don't you.'

'Yes, she said, I'm very sorry, can we keep this secret.' I said, 'I'm sorry, Carmen, but you know the rules of the game, I'll have to call Mrs. Wyles and see what she says.' Carmen, is still very apologetic and said, 'What if I make it worth your while, what if I let you fuck me in the arse, will you not tell Mrs. Wyles then.' I shook my head and said, 'No, you know the rules.'

I borrowed Carmen's mobile phone and called Mrs. Wyles. I told her that Carmen didn't have her butt plug in and asked what I should do. Mrs. Wyles asked me to wait for a few minutes as Chris had his face buried against her cunt and she was about to have her third orgasm of the day. I leaned across to Carmen and held the phone in between us so that we could both listen. We heard Mrs. Wyles say, 'Oh yes, that's it Chris, put your tongue right inside my cunt, oh that's lovely, now fuck your tongue in and out of my cunt, oh, that's wonderful, now twist the high heel that's in my arse, oh that's great, yes fuck my arse with the high heel, oh Chris, I'm cumming again. My stockinged legs are over his shoulders and the heels are digging in his back. That's it Chris, suck my clit, oh yes, I'm there, I'm cumming all over your face, oh yes Chris that was wonderful.'

There was a short pause and then Mrs. Wyles said, 'Now then Chris, I've just got to talk to Robert because when you fucked Carmen this morning she forgot to put her butt plug back in so she will have to be punished, so while I talk to Robert I want you to just slowly lick my cunt, don't make me cum again just yet, just slowly lick me.'

Carmen and I had been listening closely to what Chris was doing to her and both of us were getting turned on. I could see that Carmen had one of her hands beneath her skirt playing with her cunt. Mrs. Wyles paused for a few minutes and then said, 'Right Robert you need to give Carmen a stocking fuck, you can cum but she must not. Then Carmen must put the stocking back on with your spunk still in it and then you must both walk around the shopping mall and buy something that can be used as an alternative to the butt plug, then you must go back into the rest room and put the butt plug in Carmen's arse. Then you can lick all the cum off her legs. At the same time, Carmen must telephone me and listen to what Chris is doing to me.

If she gets excited listening to this she must masturbate but only cum once. Then she will jack you off into her shoes, put them on with your spunk still inside them and come over to me and Chris. She is to then watch Chris as he takes care of my needs. If I am in a good mood I will either let Carmen lick my cunt juices off Chris's face or lend her my vibrators so that she can satisfy herself while watching us. Now take one of her stockings off, put it on your cock as if it were a condom and fuck her cunt. I think that it will be a good idea to stick one of her high heels up her arse at the same time. Mrs. Wyles put the phone down and Carmen and I started on her instructions.

Carmen took her skirt off and I unclipped one of her stockings from the suspender. She wasn't wearing any knickers and I could see that her cunt was already very damp obviously she had been getting turned on listening to Chris with Mrs. Wyles. She leaned against the wall and raised one of her feet. I slowly peeled one of her stockings off. While I had her foot in the air I could clearly see how wide open her cunt was. I would have loved to put my tongue up there but Mrs. Wyles had not instructed me to. I took Carmen's toes one by one into my mouth and sucked them and then licked in between each one. Her hand went immediately to her pussy and stroked her cunt lips. I knew the instructions from Mrs. Wyles were to make sure that Carmen didn't have an orgasm so as she fingered herself I had to make her stop before she reached her orgasm.

I put Carmen's foot back on the ground and removed the other shoe. She now stood there without her shoes and only wearing one stocking. I took one of her stockings, tied it over the top of my cock and under my balls and pulled it tightly making my balls feel really great. Then I slipped it over the top of my cock, ready to use it as a condom. I told Carmen to turn round with her back to me and bend over. Her beautiful round arse was in front of me. I longed to bury my cock up there but knew I couldn't. I took her shoe and slowly eased the 5 inch heel inside her. She sighed with pleasure as I started fucking her arse with the heel. Then I turned her round and opened her legs.

Her pussy beckoned me and as I moved nearer to her my cock slipped very easily into her soaking wet cunt. I started fucking my stocking clad cock in and out of her. I could see her orgasm getting closer but remembered Mrs. Wyles instructions that Carmen couldn't cum. I speeded up my fucking and at the same time plunged the heel faster and faster into Carmen's arse. My orgasm happened almost instantly as I shot stream after stream of hot cum into Carmen's stocking. Carmen shouted to me, 'Let me cum, I need to cum, oh please, my cunts on fire, please let me cum.' I felt awful but knew she couldn't.

I carefully took the stocking off and was amazed how much spunk there was in it. I removed the shoe heel from Carmen's arse and lifted her foot. Her cunt was dripping with her cunt juices and smelt wonderful. I slowly pulled the stocking up her legs. It looked really disgusting but very very sexy as I could see that her leg and foot were covered in my spunk. Then I put both her shoes on and helped her step into her skirt. She was now ready for our walk round the mall to find something suitable for a butt plug.

Our first stop was in a hardware store. We looked at a salt and pepper set that might have been suitable as a butt plug but decided against it. There was nothing else suitable there and we headed for a drugstore where we first saw some tubes of cream but then we found a roll on deodorant that was about 5 inches long and had a lovely round top to it. Carmen also picked up a bottle of baby oil and suggested we bought that just in case the deodorant was too large for her. We paid for the goods and walked out of the shop and made our way back to the restroom. The same one we were originally in was vacant and we went in and locked the door. Straight away Carmen said, 'Put the butt plug in and lets get started.' She undid her skirt and stepped out of it. She turned round and bent over. She looked so horny standing there with her seemed stockings and high heel shoes with her lovely arse exposed to me. I ran some baby oil onto my hands and smoothed it over her arse and slipped a finger inside. Then I coated the deodorant with oil and it slipped inside her so easily. Carmen pushed back against the replacement butt plug and emitted a sigh of pleasure as it disappeared up inside her.

Now she knew she could start experiencing some of the sexual pleasure she had been missing out on. She turned to face me and I said, 'I'm going to lick all the cum off your legs and clean your feet and toes with my tongue then lick your cunt and suck your clit and make you cum in my mouth but first you need to speak to Mrs. Wyles and tell her what we have done.' Carmen got her mobile phone and dialled Mrs. Wyles number. Meanwhile I had totally undressed and was kneeling down in front of her and licking her stockings and cleaning all of my cum from them. I could clearly smell Carmen's cunt juices and hoped that Mrs. Wyles would allow me to suck her cunt. Mrs. Wyles answered the phone and Carmen heard her panting.

Carmen started telling Mrs. Wyles what we had bought and that she had a roll on deodorant inserted in her arse. Mrs. Wyles said to Carmen, 'Just listen to what Chris is doing to me. He is wearing red fishnet stockings and matching red 6 inch high heels. At the moment I am standing in front of a mirror with Chris's cock embedded deep in my arse and a 6 inch high heel in my cunt. As Chris is fucking my arse I am rubbing the sole of the shoe against my clit. I have genuinely lost count of the number of times Chris has made me cum today. I have had so much pleasure today I want to hear you cumming. I want you to masturbate and tell me what you're doing. Describe to me in detail as you finger fuck yourself, describe how you play with your clit, and describe how you make yourself cum. I want to hear you cum as Chris continues to abuse my cunt and arse holes.' Carmen was getting very excited and was busy playing with herself. She managed to tuck the mobile phone under her chin and started telling Mrs. Wyles what she was doing.

'Robert is kneeling on the floor and licking all his spunk from my stockings. I am holding my cunt lips apart and slipping one finger inside. Oh that's lovely, now two fingers, I'm finger fucking myself now. Oh I wish I was with you and Chris now so that he could fuck my arse and you could lick my cunt for me.' Mrs. Wyles interrupted and said, 'That will be later my dear, now just keep on telling Chris and I what you are doing.'

Carmen continued, 'I'm rubbing my clit now, oh, its heavenly, I want to cum, but its so good I want it to last, I've got three fingers inside my cunt and my other hand is still playing with my clit. Roberts getting higher as he licks my stockings. Mrs. Wyles is it all right if Robert sucks my clit. I so badly need to cum, please.' Mrs. Wyles replied, 'Yes, Carmen, as long as you continue to tell Chris and I what's happening.'

'Oh, Robert, quick, Mrs. Wyles says you can lick my cunt, oh that's great, stick your tongue inside me, lick all my cunt juices out, oh wonderful, please Mrs. Wyles can I cum yet.' Carmen heard Mrs. Wyles say,' In a moment, Carmen, Chris had just taken my shoes off and I'm rubbing his cock with my stockinged feet and as I hear you cum I'm going to make Chris cum all over my stockings and then we can lick all his own spunk off them. That's it Chris is nearly there, are you too Carmen, I'm rubbing Chris's cock really fast, yes, he's cumming, his spunk is shooting all over my stockings, I can't believe how much there is, I wish you were here now you could lick it all up.' Carmen replied, Oh Mrs. Wyles, Roberts sucking my clit now, its wonderful, I'm cumming too, oh fuck, my cunts on fire, I love it, oh Robert keep on sucking it I want to cum again, oh yes, its here, now, suck, suck, suck, oh its heaven, I've cum again. Now I've lifted Roberts face to mine and I'm licking my cunt juices off his face, they taste lovely, I've never tasted my own cunt juices before, but they are delicious.'

Mrs. Wyles then said, 'Right its time for Robert to cum, Carmen I want you to jack him off and make him cum in your shoes, then put them back on and come back here to the shop wearing them and then Chris and I can lick your stockings and toes clean for you.' Carmen stood with her face only inches from my rock hard cock and had her shoes nearby. She had a lovely soft but firm touch and as she jacked me off she used her other hand to squeeze my balls and finger my arse. My orgasm had been building for a long time now and as she gave a final rub she held first one shoe and then other over the end of my shooting cock and I emptied the contents of my balls deep into the toes of both her shoes.

Carmen and I relaxed for a while and then decided to head back. Carmen didn't want to put her stockings back on as she wanted to feel my spunk mingling in between her toes. I told her that was fine. We made ourselves respectable and made our way back to the shop. Carmen still had her imitation butt plug in and loved the feel as she walked along in her spunk covered high heel shoes.

We arrived back at the shop shortly and let ourselves in. The outer office was empty and we walked into the showroom. The sight that greeted us was amazing. Chris was wearing red fishnet stockings and matching 6 inch high heels and Mrs. Wyles had black seemed silk stockings and her 8 inch black ultra high heels. Mrs. Wyles was leaning against the back of an armchair and Chris was fucking her with a pair of high heel shoes. She had one up her arse and the other in her cunt and she was jacking him off. As we walked in they stopped and came over to us. Chris went straight to Carmen and kissed her on the lips. Mrs. Wyles stood with the two shoes still embedded in her.

She said to Carmen, 'Sit over there on the sofa.' Carmen did as Mrs. Wyles said. We followed her and Mrs. Wyles had to remove the heels from inside her. Mrs. Wyles made Chris and I kneel on the floor in front of Carmen and lifted her feet. One to me and one to Chris. Slowly we took Carmen's shoes off and we both had the wonderful sight of Carmen's lovely toes with all my spunk running between them. Mrs. Wyles said, 'Right boys, Carmen needs to be licked clean.' Chris and I wasted no time and started licking my spunk off Carmen's toes and in between them. In the meantime, Mrs. Wyles had positioned herself in between Chris and I and started slowly licking Carmen's wet cunt. Although this was the first time that Carmen had a female doing this to her, it was so soft and gentle and a wonderful feeling that she didn't even think about resisting.

Carmen couldn't believe how good this felt. She had two men licking and sucking her toes and an experienced woman showing her the pleasures of female cunt licking. Carmen was in heaven as her next orgasm neared. Mrs. Wyles sensed it and slowed down, she knew that Carmen needed a long drawn out build up so that when she orgasmed it was the best she had ever experienced. Chris and I had now licked Carmen's toes clean and all traces of my spunk had long gone. Mrs. Wyles told me to fetch Carmen's stocking and shoes. She stopped licking her for a moment and stood her up. She removed the deodorant that was still being used as a butt plug and replaced it with a high heeled sandal. Carmen sighed with pleasure as the long spike of the heel slid easily inside her arse. Next came the stockings and shoes back on.

Chris removed her blouse and bra and her tits came into view. Her nipples were hard and erect and looked as if they needed sucking. Mrs. Wyles got Carmen to sit down again and the heel embedded deeper in her arse. Then Mrs. Wyles knelt in between Carmen's legs and draped her legs over Mrs. Wyles shoulders. Then I stood behind Carmen and started playing with her tits. Pinching and squeezing them as hard as I could. Then Chris knelt behind Mrs. Wyles and sucked Carmen's heels as they rested over Mrs. Wyles shoulders. At the same time Mrs. Wyles got Chris to fuck her arse with one of her heels. Mrs. Wyles was again very slow and gentle with Carmen. Giving her cunt long slow licks ansd then pushing her tongue inside her cunt and occassionally sucking her clit. We could all see the look of complete pleasure on Carmen's face. She said, Oh that's wonderful Mrs. Wyles, suck my clit, lick my cunt, oh please let me cum, let me cum over your face, oh please Mrs. Wyles, please.

Mrs. Wyles was in no rush, she wanted to give Carmen the orgasm of her life plus Mrs. Wyles was getting very turned on licking this young womans cunt. I carried on carressing Carmen's nipples and Chris was very happy sucking her heels and arse fucking Mrs. Wyles. Eventually Carmen could stand it no more and shouted out. 'For fucks sake Mrs. Wyles, make me cum, make me cum on your face, tongue fuck me Mrs. Wyles, oh that's it, its so good, oh fuck, I'm cumming, oh yes.' Carmen's body shook all over.

Her nipples got harder and larger than ever and she actually ejaculated all over Mrs. Wyles face. Her second and third orgasm followed as each one merged into the next. Eventually she finished cumming. None of us could tell how many times she had cum. She lay still almost sleeping. Chris and I were now very horny and wanted to cum again. We both lay down on the floor and Mrs. Wyles and Carmen removed their shoes. Then Mrs. Wyles stood over Chris and Carmen stood over me and started rubbing their stockinged feet on our cocks. I could still see Carmen's cunt juices trickling down her legs. Mrs. Wyles was playing with a high heel deep inside her cunt and grinding the sole against her clit.

In only a few minutes I felt my orgasm almost there. I told Carmen I was about to cum and she rubbed her stockinged feet against my cock faster. I was soon there and I shot spurt after spurt of hot spunk all over Carmen's feet. I looked across at Chris and Mrs. Wyles soon had Chris cumming too as he shot all over Mrs. Wyles stockings. Mrs. Wyles happily bought herself off with the sole of her shoe grinding against her clit. Chris and I licked Carmen's and Mrs. Wyles stockings clean and then sat and recovered.

We all agreed that the day had worked out well and Mrs. Wyles and I looked forward to Chris and Carmen's next suggestion.

The Fetish Shoe Shop: Nita
by fantasyboy © Rob telephoned The Fetish Shoe Shop to make an appointment for his wife Nita. It was her birthday soon and he wanted her to visit the shop as a surprise birthday present. Nita has a serious shoe fetish and loves nothing better than having her toes sucked while she has a cock in her mouth. We weren't sure whether Nita had any bisexual tendencies but Mrs. Wyles was very keen to get involved.

Nita arrived by taxi without knowing where she was going. The taxi driver had instructions from Rob to drop her off at the door and tell her to go straight in. She had no idea what sort of place she was going into, although she thought there would probably be some sort of sexual theme involved. All Rob had said to us was to let her enjoy herself and send him the video.

Nita knocked at the door and I opened and let her in. I introduced myself and Mrs. Wyles and told her we had been expecting her. Nita was a very attractive lady, smartly dressed with nice make up. Her shoes were open toed sandals with ankle straps. I said to her, 'I know you don't know what to expect but I can assure you that you will not have to do anything you don't want to. But if you want to you can walk out of here after a couple of hours feeling wonderful. Now follow me.' I opened the door into the showroom and Nita followed. As she saw the racks and racks of shoes, her face lit up with a huge smile and said, 'Rob was right, I am going to enjoy myself'.

Nita walked over to the racks of shoes and spent ages picking them up, studying them and smelling the leather. I said, 'Choose a pair or more than one pair if you like'. She carried on looking and settled for a pair of open toed bright blue sandals with 5 inch heels and ankle straps and a pair of conventional black shoes with a 6 inch spiked heel'. She bought them over to me and I sat her down on the sofa. I said, 'Now you've got to put your trust in me, let me do what I want and I assure you that you'll enjoy it'. She thought about it and said, 'OK lets go for it, Rob told me to enjoy myself'.

I lifted her feet into my lap and removed her shoes. She wasn't wearing any stockings or tights. I said, 'I'm going to clean your toes and feet, there are two ways I can do it. I can either clean them with baby wipes or I can lick them clean. What shall it be'. Nita didn't hesitate with her reply. 'Oh definitely, lick them.'

I lifted one of her feet to my mouth and my tongue eased between her toes. She squirmed a little and said, 'Wow, I like that'. I really took my time and after I finished I took each toe into my mouth and sucked it. Then I licked along the soles of her feet. I could see the effect this was having on Nita as she had a sort of dreamy look on her face. It looked to me as she was getting sexually turned on. I asked her if she was enjoying it and she replied, 'yes, its great, its affecting ALL parts of my body'. I knew instantly what she meant. I suggested that I painted her toe nails to match the colour of the shoes and she agreed. I said, 'You're enjoying this, would you like to remove some clothing and really get into it'. Nita replied, 'That's a good idea.' She stood up and removed her skirt and blouse. She only had a light blue bra and matching knickers. She sat down again. Did I detect a slight damp patch on her knickers or was it my imagination. I went and found two legs supports. These are the same height as the sofa and are used to support the legs and feet so that I can use both hands when painting her toenails. I positioned one of them and lifted her leg onto it and then found the other one. I positioned this one close to the other and then said to Nita, 'I think I'll position this one slightly further apart, shall I'. She smiled and nodded.

This meant her legs would be parted and clearly exposing herself quite a lot. I placed it about a foot away from the other one and lifted her other leg onto it. My eyes went immediately to her knickers. They were definitely damp. I felt my erection growing. Nita said, 'I don't mind if you move them farther apart.' I slid the other leg support another 6 inches apart. Nita said, 'Further'. I moved it another 6 inches and said, 'Enough'. She said, 'No, much wider'. Eventually I moved it about 3 feet away from the other one and Nita was sitting back against the back of the sofa with her legs about three feet apart. She looked very sexy. I longed to bury my face against her pussy and lick her cunt. I found some matching blue nail varnish and started painting her toe nails. I could see she was enjoying this. When I had finished one of her feet I moved across to the other and started sucking the toes. Nita sighed and said, 'Oh that makes me so horny and wet. My pussy is beginning to leak. What can you do for me. I love having my toes sucked but I think my pussy is going to need sucking too'. I replied, 'I'm sure Mrs. Wyles would be happy to join us, she loves sucking toes and pussies, so between us we could both give you what you want.' Nita replied, Yes please, I just need to cum.'

Mrs. Wyles was in the outer office waiting for me to call her. She followed me in and I saw that Nita had now taken her bra and knickers off and was sitting back on the sofa with her legs on the supports. She had moved the supports even further apart and she was stroking her pussy. Nita said, 'Can I wear stockings and you suck my toes through them'. 'Of course', I replied. I fould Nita a pair of silky support nylons. Mrs. Wyles took one and I took the other and we both pulled them up Nita's legs. Mrs. Wyles brushed her hand against Nitas very wet pussy. I said to Nita, 'Who do you want doing what.' She said, 'I want Mrs. Wyles to suck my toes and Robert to make me cum with your tongue'. Mrs. Wyles said, 'First of all I need to dress appropriately. She undressed and put on her favourite fishnet seemed stockings and her 8 inch high heels and said to Nita, 'Look how good those heels are. I'll let you suck them later or you can wear them and Robert and I will suck them while you're wearing them.'

I undressed and Nita reached out and grabbed my erection and said, 'I want this in my cunt later'. Mrs. Wyles started sucking Nita's toes and I dived in between her wide apart legs. Her cunt was soaking wet and almost leaking cunt juices. Nita put her hands down and pulled her pussy lips apart and said, 'Suck my cunt, lick my slit, suck my clit, put your tongue inside my cunt and tongue fuck me. Oh that's wonderful, all I need now is a cock in my mouth and I'd be totally satisfied. Mrs. Wyles said, 'Let me get you a vibrator and you can fuck yourself while you suck Robert off and I suck your toes'. Nita replied, 'Later, I need Roberts tongue in my cunt now, I need him to suck my clit to orgasm, I need to cum over his face. Oh Robert that's great, suck harder, push your tongue right inside my cunt, oh Robert, you're making me cum, oh Robert, I'm cumming, oh fuck, I'm cumming, cumming, cumming, oh yes.'

My face was soaked with Nita's pussy juices. Mrs. Wyles was still happily sucking Nita's toes as her orgasm happened. She also had two fingers inside herself and was busily finger fucking herself.

When Mrs. Wyles saw my face she leaned over and licked Nita's cunt juices off me. Nita lay back recovering. Her legs were still wide apart on the leg supports and her cunt was clearly still soaking wet. Mrs. Wyles said to Nita, 'Its time for you to wear the 6 inch spiked heels you chose and went and got them. Mrs. Wyles and I put them on Nita's feet for her and helped her stand up. Nita walked over to mirror and twisted and turned and admired herself. She paraded up and down, looking at herself all the time. After a few minutes she said to Mrs. Wyles, 'What did you say about vibrators earlier'. Mrs. Wyles went over to a cupboard and bought out a huge box. Nita happily rummaged through the box and was fascinated by what she found.

I said to Nita, 'Both Mrs. Wyles and I need to cum soon and I'm sure you'd like to cum again, what would you like now'. Before she could answer, Mrs. Wyles said, 'Why not let me help you. As a woman I know what you'd really love'. She went over to her box and found a strap on vibrator and said, I'll fuck you with my strap on while you suck Robert off into your mouth and at the same time you can watch everything in the mirror. You can admire yourself in your high heels and stockings, you can watch my 8 inch imitation cock plunging in and out of your cunt or you can have the double header and watch it plunging in and out of your cock and arse and at the same time you can watch me fucking my own arse with a 6 inch high heel. Believe me you'll adore it. Nita didn't hesitate although she did ask if she could wear the 8 inch heeled shoes.

I went and found them and Mrs. Wyles and I knelt on the floor in front of her and one by one took her 6 inch heels off and replaced them with the 8 inch heels. Nita stood with the 8 inch spiked heels on and said, 'Oh God, I feel so fucking sexy in these, just to do whatever you want to me, just give me as much pleasue as you can. Use my body any way you want, do anything you want, just make me cum and cum and cum and cum.

Mrs. Wyles had by now strapped on the double headed vibrator. She had made up her mind that Nita was going to get fucked in the cunt and arse. Mrs. Wyles positioned Nita so that she had mirrors all round her. Whichever way she looked she would see herself. I too had put on a pair of red stockings and was wearing 6 inch red high heeled sandals and tied a stocking over the top of my cock and underneath my balls and pulled it tight, making my cock harder and my balls tighter. Mrs. Wyles stood behind Nita and making sure she was well lubricated slowly inserted one of the dildoes into Nita's cunt and one into her arse.

Nita let out a huge sigh as she was entered in both holes at the same time. Mrs. Wyles was up to her usual antics and had a six inch heel embedded deep inside her arse. As Nita was already standing, I stood on a stool and made sure my cock was level with her mouth. Mrs. Wyles had her hands round the front of Nita and was playing with her tits and squeezing her nipples. Nita had both hands on my cock and soon she had her lovely red lips clamped tightly around it. She sucked me as hard as Mrs. Wyles fucked her. I sensed her second orgasm rising and wanted to delay mine. In Nita's words she wanted to cum and cum and cum and Mrs. Wyles and I were going to make sure that happened. I saw Nita glance sideways at the mirror so she could see the double fucking that both her holes were getting. I also saw her look down at the 8 inch high heels she wore. All we really needed was her husband Rob here who could suck and lick her shoes.

Nita was soon cumming and even before that orgasm had a chance to die down Mrs. Wyles was again plunging into both her holes. Nita was now holding onto the armchair and instead of her sucking me I was now fucking Nita's mouth. She was out of control. One orgasm merged into another as her body shook with the pleasure that all her holes were getting. Nita wanted to cum three times but actually managed 5 times. Eventually I could wait no more and I put my hand behind Nita's head and held it steady as I pumped what seemed like pints of spunk deep into her mouth. Nita swallowed most of it and let the rest dribble out over her lovely lips. This left only Mrs. Wyles to cum and she didn't mind how she came. She wanted to show Nita her speciality and lay on the sofa with her legs on the supports three feet apart. She still had one high heel shoe embedded in her arse and now got the second one and inserted it into her cunt and ground the sole against her clit. Nita and I knelt down in front of Mrs. Wyles and sucked individually on her 8 inch high heels as we watched her abuse her cunt and arse with the shoes she so much adored.

Nita was so turned on with watching this that she insisted she was allowed to do the same and as she fucked her own cunt and arse she loved watching Mrs. Wyles and I sucking her heels and licking the soles of her shoes.

We all sat back and recovered and Nita said she knew that Robert would love seeing the video and promised to make an appointment for him when it was his birthday.