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Dec 11, 2012
The Perfect American Couple by Callipygia

It's so strange looking back on it, to think of how I got into all of this. My best friend's daughter for pete's sake. I don't even know if I regret it, that's the scary part. Whatever, the fact is now I live for this girl, and she's only 18. And I'm 22 years older than her. When we first got together I really felt that if her father - my best friend - ever found out, well, I didn't know what would happen.

It all started about just over a year ago. I was at Naomi's 17th birthday party. I'd been to them all. Hell, I was there when she was born - driving over to New Jersey when I got the call from my best friend Mark that his wife was going to deliver their child. I can even remember her birth weight was 6 lbs 9 oz.

Naomi weighed more like 115 on this day though, and it being the middle of summer, there weren't a lot of clothes covering her blossoming body. You try not to pay a whole lot of attention to these things when it's your best friend's daughter, but Naomi had developed beautiful full breasts and a sweet round ass. All of this with what looked like no more than a 22" waist on her 5' 6" frame. She was stunning to behold, with her long brown hair, almond-shaped green eyes, and heart-shaped face. Jesus, maybe I was in love with her all along.

If I was, I wasn't alone. Whenever I visited Mark and his family, I never failed to notice that Naomi had developed quite a fan club among her male peers, and the phone seemed to ring for her constantly. Naomi had settled on one guy though, a guy named Matt who must've been about 19. I noticed Mark never seemed too protective of Naomi, and she and Matt had free reign to come and go as they pleased.

Every time I came by, I noticed that Naomi seemed to take more and more notice of me. This surprised me, as I expected just the opposite from a teenage girl. She always took time out to talk to me, and would hold the conversation up for quite a while sometimes. Once we talked for almost an hour while her Dad and Mom busied themselves being the perfect hosts at a party I attended there. She amazed me at her candor and her apparent maturity. I suppose I suspected that she might have had a little crush on me, but I also thought that it might just be an older man's wishful thinking, and I just put it out of my head.

So when I attended Naomi's party I was a little surprised to see that she seemed so subdued. It was subtle, and no one else seemed to notice, but it hit me over the head. She gave me her usual stunning smile in greeting, but there was an unmistakable air of sadness about her. The only time it seemed to break was when she opened the opal (her birth stone) ring I gave her for her birthday. She put it on right away and wore it for the rest of the night.

As the evening wore down, the rest of the family got absorbed in a movie on cable in the family room. But Naomi and I had met up in the kitchen and began idly talking. I asked her how she felt about turning 17 and she said it was OK. "I don't feel any older," she said with a laugh.

"Well, how do you feel?" I asked with a slightly more serious tone. I sensed something was dragging her down and I wanted to help her out.

"The truth?" she asked looking right at me, "Not too good. Matt and I are on the rocks."

I waited.

"I don't know. Matt told me yesterday he thought we should start seeing other people. I'm pretty sure he has someone else in mind already. Anyway that's why he's not here tonight." She looked back down at the kitchen table.

"I know you probably already know all of the clichés, so I won't bore you with them...", I said.

"No, go ahead and bore me." She flashed her amazing smile at me. I don't know, time just seems to stop when she gives me that smile.

"OK. There's lots of fish in the sea. We all go through this sometime. This too shall pass. Uh, that's how the cookie crumbles -"

"OK, OK! You can stop!" she said laughing. "But seriously, I don't know what I'm gong to do..."

"Well, you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want now, the way I see it." I said, and once again she looked right at me. I felt the slightest cold sweat rising on my spine. "You're such a gorgeous girl, you can probably have any guy you want."

She blushed and looked away. "Jesus, I didn't even think you noticed me. At least not like that." She tried unsuccessfully to hide a smile. "Anyway, guys don't just drop at my feet."

"They should," I said. Then I leaned over to her and whispered conspiratorially, "I figure a girl like you has guys begging to kiss her ass almost constantly." As soon as I said it, I'd wish I could withdraw it. Never mind that it was a totally inappropriate remark for a 39-year-old man to be making to a just 17-year-old girl - it was also just a little to close to what I was feeling like doing just then!

"Kiss my ass?" she whispered back over a giggle. "Who 'begs to kiss a girl's ass'? Besides, I don't think anyone would want to kiss my ass. It's kind of fat, don't you think?" And she stood up and turned around, her head turned over her shoulder to look at me.

That sort of pushed me over the edge. I knew I was totally out of line when I whispered back, "Are you fucking kidding? Your ass is absolutely perfect! Now shut up about that and sit down!"

That made her let out a quick yelp of surprised laughter as she threw her hand to her mouth and sat back in her chair. We both immediately turned our heads to the family room, but no one came out or said anything. I guess the goddamn movie was pretty good...

There was such a warmth in her eyes when I turned back to her. Warmth tinged with delight and mischievousness. "Let me ask you a question. And I want an honest answer," she said quietly. "If I were older,..." I knew this was coming. "...would you date me?"

"Sweetheart, " I returned with an overly serious tone, "I would be the first to kneel down before you... and beg... to kiss... your ass.", and I gave her hand a squeeze as I finished my remark. This sent her into another bout of muffled laughter, hand to mouth. She looked so sweet and sexy. She was incredibly amazing. And I was feeling like an incredible lech.

"Well, you probably shouldn't do that," she said. Her tone had quite sobered, and I began to fear that maybe she also decided that I had overstepped my bounds. "Because," she continued, "I would probably let you do it." It was my turn to be shocked, but I hid it better than she did. "And then you'd have to be my slave. Kissing my ass whenever I was in the mood for it. And who knows, I'd probably be in the mood for that all the time."

I was shocked. I didn't know what to say, and I guess I wasn't hiding that very well at all, because she said, "But you'd probably like that, wouldn't you. . Kissing my ass. Being my slave." Her eyes gleamed with an almost evil delight.

Suddenly she got up from the table, and said, "I'm going to get a glass of water. Do you want anything?". Then she turned away from me and looked back over her shoulder at me. She knew I couldn't keep my eyes from falling involuntarily to that perfectly round, taut, sweet, 17-year-old-to-the-day, feminine ass of hers. And when it happened, I was spell-bound by the knowing seductiveness of the smile that spread across her beautiful, innocent-looking face.

Apparently, the movie had finally ended, because the rest of the family started to wander sleepily into the kitchen. I decided it was time to leave. I said my good-byes to everyone and started toward to head out. Naomi escorted me to the door. When we got there, she through her arms around my neck and gave me a big hug. She said in normal voice, "Thanks for your gift." Then she added a whisper in my ear, "Thanks for everything, Uncle Jack. Too bad I'm not older. I'd love to hear you beg to kiss my ass." Then she gave me a sweet, slightly longer than appropriate kiss on the cheek.

When I got home I couldn't sleep at all, and I ended up jerking myself silly thinking about her before I finally dropped off. The next day I was a little better, but I still felt very distracted. It was later in the afternoon, around 4:00 PM I guess, when I was contemplating the nature of my feelings for my "niece". Was it just lust? Clearly there was a lot of lust in it. But her smile made my heart melt, and now I realized that I had often thought of her before. Way too often. Of course I had resisted actively thinking of her sexually, but she had been on my mind more and more for at least a year.

Then my phone rang. I answered the phone and then damn near dropped it when I heard the voice on the other end. "Hi, Uncle Jack!"

"Hello," I stammered back.

"Is this a bad time?"

"No, no," I answered quickly. "Actually I was just thinking about you." I literally bit my knuckle after I said that.

"Really. Well, I've been thinking about you too. I think we should talk some more. I'm still bumming about Matt, you know?" Her tone gave no hint of the off-color tone our conversation had taken the night before.

"OK. Maybe I can come over to your parent's house after dinner tonight..."

"Well, actually, I'm at school now. We had summer band practice, and I could use a ride home..." This game was getting dangerous. I briefly contemplated what to do.

"OK. I'll pick you up in about 15 minutes." I left a message with my secretary that I would be out for the rest of the day. When I got to the high school, I felt sudden shame. I decided I would simply give her a ride home and that would be that.

I saw her standing out side of the school. She look just gorgeous. She had on a simple blouse and a pleated skirt. It amazed me that someone who was essentially still just a child could look so womanly. So beautiful.

She opened the car door and hopped in saying, "Hi. Thanks for coming to get me. Dad's still at work and Mom's out with her friends." She leaned over and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. Much more in line with what was appropriate, but I still felt a flush rise on my face.

"So tell me about Matt." I said.

"Actually, I'd rather talk about our conversation last night."

"I'm really sorry about that," I cut in quickly, "It was very inappropriate and I think its best if we just forget it. I was just trying to make you put the whole thing with Matt in perspective. You're a beautiful girl, you'll do well for yourself."

"So you didn't mean the rest of it?" she asked. Her tone suggested that she already knew the answer, but she didn't want to be presumptuous.

"Yes, of course I meant it. But you're only 17 and that's a problem."

"So you really would beg me to kiss my ass?" she said almost matter-of-factly. "Tell me. What does a guy say when he begs a girl to let him kiss her ass? Just tell me a little. I'm just curious."

"Naomi. Please. Yes, I think you're very attractive. And if things were different, we could pursue this."

"Look," she said. "If you're attracted to me, it's OK. I'm over the age of consent. I'm no fool, I know it would upset my parents, but you know, they don't have to know. Who knows maybe if we fall in love or something, you can wait until I'm older and marry me or something. But in the meantime, let's not take it too seriously. The truth is I think you're very sexy and I like the fact the you've looked at me that way too."

Neither of us said anything for a few minutes. Then I finally broke the silence, "OK, you're absolutely right. I think you're exceptionally sexy. And yes, I'd love to kiss your ass. And yes, I'd beg to do it. But I can't. We can't. Your father's my best friend, for Christ's sake." We'd arrived at her house. I resolved not to go in, and told her that I pretty much had to get going.

She said, "It's OK, Uncle Jack. Maybe someday though. In the meantime though, you don't mind if I occasionally imagine you pressing your lips against my sweet ass and whispering sweet nothings about how beautiful I am and what a pleasure it is to be my slave... you?" How could this girl only be 17, I thought! Thankfully, she didn't wait for an answer. Instead, she leaned over and gave me another one of those slightly-too-long kisses on the cheek, and got out of the car. I waved to her as I drove away.

* * * * *

Things would have been so much easier if the story ended there.

But naturally, it didn't. I did stay away from their house for a month or two, and was careful not to be alone with Naomi. Occasionally, we exchanged glances, and once or twice she caught me staring at her ass, but for the most part things were cool. At least her house. At home, I couldn't stop thinking about her, and I fantasized almost exclusively about her.

Then one day I found out she had gotten a new boyfriend. It was so disturbing to me, which in itself was disturbing to me. Gradually, I got more used to it though, and one time when we actually were alone together she let it slip that he wasn't quite as good to her as she was sure I would be. I asked her what that meant, and she told me he doesn't kiss her ass nearly enough. Then she laughed. I had grown to really regret using those words with her.

We really didn't exchange any further off-color words though for a long time. Christmas came and went, then New Year's, Valentine's (that one was tough), Easter, and Memorial Day. It was shortly after that, that she broke up with her current boyfriend, Glenn. I figured it was because the school year was ending, and she was about to graduate from high school, but I was only half right.

One warm June twilight, we were sitting on her back porch. I'd come over for dinner with her family, and I'd finally gotten comfortable with the idea that I could be alone with her relatively safely. So when she suggested we go out to the porch and just drink some iced tea, I agreed.

The conversation started out mundane enough. We talked about graduating and what a big girl she had become, and how excited she was to be going to USC in the fall. Then we got to talking about Glen, and what happened there. I couldn't resist the bate and I asked her why she broke up with him.

She surprised me by saying, "You know why. I told you."

"What are you talking about? I don't think we ever talked about your break up with Glen."

"No, I guess we didn't," she replied. "But I did tell you there was one thing he hardly ever did that I really wanted..."

I knew exactly what she was talking about, and I didn't want to open that can of worms again. "So he wasn't good in bed, is what you're saying..."

"Oh, God, no, that's not it," she said, "He's got a monster dick!" Then she covered her mouth in embarrassed laughter.

"Thanks for sharing," I said dryly.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking," she said. But she was still having trouble getting her laughter under control. Finally she settled down and said, "No, what I meant was, I really wanted him to sometimes assume an, I don't know, inferior role in our sex. You know, kind of be my slave like you and I talked about. The few times he did kiss my ass, it was perfunctory at best. That part of our sex was very disappointing to me."

"I see," I said.

"So it's all your fault, the way I see it," she teased. She responded to the shocked expression on my face by saying, "Ever since that night in my kitchen when you talked about guys begging to kiss my ass, I've been sort of dreaming about that, you know? Mostly with you."

"I guess I didn't mean for you to take it so literally," I said. "I was just trying to make you feel better by making you see how attractive you are."

"I don't really believe that," she said. "Not after you told me in your car that you really do want to kiss my ass and that you would beg to do it. No, I know better than that. You meant it literally. And I'm convinced your a closet, what was the word they used -- I read it in a magazine somewhere -- submissive.

"It basically means you want to be my slave," she asserted confidently.

The bad news is she was absolutely on the money, and I hadn't even realized it. "And that appeals to you..." I lead her, for lack of anything else to say in this very tense moment.

"The truth is, nothing has ever turn me on more."

I was sitting next to her through entire exchange. I turned to look at her, and she turned to meet my eyes. We just sat there like that for what seemed like forever. Finally, I said, "OK, I'll tell you what a guy says to girl when he's trying to convince her she should let him kiss her ass. It's sort of like kissing her ass figuratively so she'll let him kiss her ass literally."

She waited. We held each other's eyes.

"OK, first he has to get down on his knees and bow to her, telling her she is the sweetest sight his eyes have ever seen." She flushed slightly. "Then he kisses each foot tenderly and intently, and tells her that her place is to be a goddess. And as a goddess, she deserves nothing less than the unfailing worship of her subjects."

"You mean slaves," she cut in.

"OK, slaves." She flushed again. "Then he begs her to consider letting him be her slave, please, please. He begs, 'please let me be your slave and worship the ground you walk on. Let me lick the bottoms of your feet. Let me kiss your sweet ass. I promise I'll do a good job. I'll kiss each precious cheek with the utmost respect you deserve. Please let me bury my face in your delicious ass."

I noticed that her eyes had widened and she became more and more enrapt with each word I said. There was a slight glint of sweat on her brow, and she had arched her back, causing her chest to thrust outward, and her ass to push down into the porch step, like she was trying to push her ass into my imaginary face.

She said, "Are you sure you'd want to do that? It's one thing to kiss me on the cheek, it's another thing entirely to 'bury your face'! What about the smell?" You could tell she loved to talk about this. When she said them they seemed to drip with juicy explicitness. "Do you think you'd like the smell of my ass?" she asked, with an air of feigned innocence.

"I have no question I would." I said, "I'm sure once I smelled it once, I'd crave it all the time."

She laughed sweetly, and said, "Hold on a second..." She twisted at the waist, turning her shoulders back toward the door to the kitchen. I didn't know what the hell she was doing. It looked like she was trying to look back into the house. Then she turned back around. She lifted a hand to my face.

"Here," she said, and extended two fingers toward my nose. I almost fell of the porch. The end of her fingers had a hot moist earthy anal smell, coupled with the slightest fragrance of pussy juice. It was the uniquely intoxicating scent cocktail that could only come from a woman's ass. It the smell reminded me of the dirty underwear of girlfriends past. I realized she had stuck her hand down her pants and stroked her little asshole for me so that I might sample her sweetness. "What do you think of that?"

I inhaled deeply and drew in her heavenly feminine scents.

"Tell me, what do you think it would taste like," she said, still holding her gloriously dirtied fingers to my face.

"Like sugar and honey." I said. And then I grabbed her hand and kissed her fingers. She wiggled a finger in between my lips. I sucked gently on the tip. I only found myself wanting to get a stronger version of that far-too-subtle taste into my mouth.

"Maybe more like chocolate and fudge," she giggled, "depending on how recently I showered..." I loved that delightful care-free, don't-give-a-fuck laugh. It was sweet and mischievousness with just a touch of taunting in it, and I just loved it. It made me want to bow beneath this lovely goddess, who was young enough to be my daughter. It occurred to me that there was no way I could be one of her school teachers. How do you guide and discipline someone, when all you can think about doing is kneeling down, putting them on a pedestal, and degrading yourself for them in any way they'll let you? All she'd have to do is turn around and wiggle that wonderful ass in my face, and she'd have me on my knees worshipping her in a second.

"I'm sure if you're clean, there'll be nothing but sweetness there," I distractedly responded.

"Well," she responded, "I might not always be clean. And that's something a slave's just got to deal with, don't you think?" And then I saw her twist back toward the house again. This time I clearly saw her take her hand and squeeze it down the back waistband of her shorts. She pulled the hand back out after a moment, and reintroduced the fingers to my grateful nose. The scent was sharply stronger, and more anal. The moisture of her finger indicated she had buried it to the second knuckle. The scent indicated that it clearly had been in her ass...

"I mean," she continued, "what if I've just gone to the bathroom, right? What, I can't have my ass kissed just because of that!? I think not. I say whatever you smell or taste down there is your problem, not mine. Besides, I think you should like it anyway. It came out of me after all."

Her tone dripped with the arrogance of youth. I felt strangely helpless next to her at that moment. She waved the fingers under my nose for a second and then put one of them to my lips. I immediately opened my mouth and sucked it in.

"What if," she continued as I sucked that sweet taste off of her finger, " a goddess didn't want to be so nice to her slave. I mean I think a good slave has got to worship her even then, right? No matter what; no matter how she treats him - if he's a true slave. Wouldn't you want to be my true slave?"

"Well, what would a goddess who wants to be "not so nice" to her slaves do to her slaves to not be so nice?" I asked, pulling her now clean fingers from my mouth. "Make him kiss her ass after taking a shit?!" I said trying to be funny, and laughed. She let out a hearty laugh too, and briefly I was reminded of that conversation in the kitchen. I shot a look into the house, but there was no activity. "I guess she might conveniently forget to wipe," I added for more laughs.

"Well, a goddess might want to do something like that," she said through fading laughter. Then she added more soberly, "Test her slave's loyalty. Or maybe she'd just do it for kicks. Maybe she'd do it for the sheer pleasure of knowing what it's like to make somebody do something like that. Hey, a guy who'd do that - that guy's a real slave. And he can kiss my ass all he wants. I think it would be a real turn-on for a guy to do something really special for me like that."

The honest arrogance just floored me. I wondered if she even knew how selfish and arrogant she sounded! I think the most amazing thing about that statement was the fact she said the whole thing without blinking an eye. It occurred to me that she'd been thinking about this subject for a long time. She'd already had in her mind what she wanted from me (as a slave), and I secretly suspected that we were just scratching the surface.

"And what would you do for him in return?"

"I don't know. Let him lick my pussy, I guess. I guess I really wouldn't do anything for him--"


We both jumped. It was her Dad.

"I think it's getting kind of late. Come on in, Sweetheart. Do you want any coffee, Jack? I just put some on."

"Thanks Mark, but I think I'm going to get going."

"Geez, you two have been out here a long time," Mark said, "People are going to start talking!" And then he laughed, and I forced myself to laugh with him. Naomi, standing behind her father, wiped her hand across her brow and mouthed the word, "whew!".

I could hardly drive I had such a hard-on. I pulled my dick out and jerked off as I drove. I couldn't wait any longer. I blew so much sperm I had to drive the rest of the way home one-handed.

* * * * *

Just like last time, Naomi called me at work the next day. She told me she wanted to go to a park in the next town and talk. This time I didn't even pretend to argue with her, and I met her at a local drug store, picked her up and drove to the park she mentioned.

We talked and laughed. She was so calm and natural about it, I couldn't help but relax. It occurred to me that I was falling in love with her. She was almost 18, and I was 40. Now, however, I didn't care about that. I was concerned about Mark and his family, but I knew I wanted this girl.

We held hands as I drove, and when I got to the park, which was heavily wooded, she directed me to park to an area that was secluded and quite dark - even in the daytime. As soon as the car was parked, we began to kiss passionately. I lips were so full and smooth and succulent. Our mouths and bodies just seemed to blend together. We moved to the back seat. I let my hands roam all over that beautiful tight nearly 18-year-old body. How could breasts be that full and yet still so firm? I kissed her belly button and then undid her top. I pulled each dark nipple into me mouth and gave each a squeeze with my teeth.

I let my hands enjoy her hard smooth back and spine as I sucked on each delicious tit. Finally, and I couldn't wait for this, I undid her shorts and pulled them off. She wasn't wearing any underwear, and in spite of my self I was left breathless by the sheer beauty and shape of her delicious young body. I kissed her belly and felt incredibly grateful when she draped each smooth thigh over my shoulders.

I buried my face in her pussy and kissed and kissed and kissed. Tenderly, like a lover's mouth. I kept my mouth closed and delighted in having her scented wetness cover my face before I opened my mouth and began lapping it up off of her pussy. That's one of the wonderful things about trying to lick girl-come off a girl who is totally turned on; the harder you try the further behind you get. When both she and I were both totally lathered I settled in and began to slowly suckle her clit.

She came with reckless abandon, punching her fists against the seat of the car and bucking her hips hard into my face. I was ready to come right then but instead I started to move up to insert myself inside of her. She suddenly came to her senses and said, "No! No. I don't have any protection. You can't do that." I stopped, and then she said, "I have an idea."

She started to lift one of her legs over my head and it took me a second to realize she was turning over on the seat. I leaned back to give her room to do it and I was rewarded with one of the most beautiful sights any man has ever seen. This girl's tiny waste accentuated how incredibly round and full her wonderful ass was. I mean, I pretty much knew that already, having ogled her backside so many times before, but to see her naked right in front of me was something I could not have been prepared for.

And she clearly knew it. There was the almost acid arrogance when she said, "I don't have time for begging. I know I should respect my elders and all that, but kiss my ass, OK? You can come doing it, if you want."

Like a well-broken puppy I followed her commands to the letter. I showered her beautiful ass with kisses, kissing one cheek, then the other. I then started to concentrate on the top of her ass crack, pressing my lips into the crack as I worked my way down. I had only gone maybe three inches when it became impossible to kiss all the way down to the bottom of the crack without pulling her ass cheeks apart, so that's what I did. I kissed down another couple of inches, and my lips were almost right on her asshole.

"How does it smell," she asked with an amused tone. "Why don't you just give it a little sniff."

I began to kiss the beautiful little hairs around her asshole. I kissed them with great passion, and began to sniff her ass. It smelled much like her fingers did the night before, but much more strong. Decidedly fartier. Shittier. Her ass smelled wonderful, but I have to admit that the heady anal aroma gave me an inescapable sense of degradation. In spite of the growing sense that I was humiliating myself and that she was fully cognizant of that, I could not possibly resist doing anything she wanted, even if it meant rubbing my lips and nose where she normally rubbed toilet paper.

With a growing sense of the power she was beginning to wield over me, she arched her back and pushed back her ass, spreading her legs even more. Then she let out an almost guttural, "Go ahead, do it, be my slave, kiss it, kiss my asshole." I barely heard her but I obeyed.

I pressed my lips directly against her asshole, let my lips part and began almost unconsciously sucking. I stuck out my tongue and felt a tingle go up and down my spine at the precise moment my tongue made first contact with her precious asshole. She must have felt something too, because she shuddered and she started speaking to me quickly and softly. "Oh, yes. Lick it. Lick my sweet ass. Taste my lovely budding little shitter. I know you want to," she said between soft moans.

I wasn't thinking so much about licking her asshole as I was about tasting it. It was very earthy with a slight bitterness to it, and the scent was unmistakably anal. I loved it. I began lapping at her shithole like a hungry dog, and she continued to further the arch in her back, offering her asshole to me like an exotic and special hors d'oevres.

I began to run my tongue from her clit to her asshole in long loving strokes. I finished each stroke of my tongue with an impassioned kiss to her asshole. Her body shook with each stroke. I reached around with my right hand and began caressing her clit with each stroke of my tongue, and before I knew it she was once again in the throes of an intense orgasm.

When I felt her begin to come, I pushed my tongue as deep into her asshole as I could get it to go and caressed her clit with my fingers through her orgasm. She was wonderfully dirty, and I came with that taste in my mouth. When we were both done coming, I once again showered her sweet ass with kisses, crying, "Naomi, Naomi, sweet Naomi..."

She sighed happily and lay still for a minute or so as I kissed her bottom. Then I moved up behind her and wrapped my arms around her and kissed the back of her neck. We lay side by side, or as well as we could in the back seat of a car, and just basked in the post-orgasmic glow. She said, "I never knew anything could feel so good in my life. You were wonderful." Then she added in that teasing arrogant tone, "Who knew you'd be such a good asslicker? You make a great slave."

"Don't you think it's a little degrading, though?" she asked. "I mean I can't tell you how good it feels to just stick your ass in someone's face and then feel them lick your asshole. It's great being on my end. But I can't even believe you'd actually do something like that. And I'm just a young girl. You're an adult man. Doesn't it feel a little humiliating to kneel down in the back seat of your car and lap away at my asshole?"

I snuggled her close and kissed the back of her head in response, and said, "Sweetheart, I'm worshipping you. It wouldn't be worship if it weren't humiliating. You have no idea how much the pleasure was mine. I'll be your slave all you want. You tasted so sweet."

"I wasn't dirty at all, was I?" she asked pulling away a little to turn around and face me. Her mouth belied the traces of a coy smile.

"I didn't say that," I said.

Now she turned fully around so that she could look fully at me. "I was dirty? And you licked me anyway?" She began to laugh, and said, "Jesus, you're a better slave than I thought. Why didn't you stop?"

"You said last night that that was what you wanted from a slave. You tasted so sweet."

"Even though I was dirty," she said and just stared at me for a moment with an amazed smile, as if trying to soak in the full meaning of what I was saying. She took on an almost distant look, and then her gaze intensified as she asked, slowly, "Are you telling me, you licked traces of, of, well, shit I guess, off my asshole? And this made you come?"

I just nodded.

And then, there it was again. That wonderfully sweet, arrogant, teasing cruelty in her eyes and lips as she said, "So basically, you're telling me my shit tastes - how did you put it - 'so sweet'?" and then she laughed again.

"To be absolutely honest with you," I started, "I'm actually a little envious of you. I can't imagine being so sweet that even the parts of your body you use to go the bathroom smell and taste so good. Honestly, at that exact moment when we were both coming? Well, I would have eaten your 'so sweet' shit right out of your beautiful ass if you'd asked - and loved it."

"God," she said as she flushed with a wave of self-conscious embarrassment, "that would've been awesome!" I couldn't believe her simple, straight-forward honesty. She had absolutely no hang-ups about simply enjoying what she enjoyed without even thinking about it. There was something wonderfully innocent about it, and yet oh, so, not innocent...

"Can I be honest, too?" she said. I nodded. "Do you mind that I kinda like making you my slave? I mean I don't think most guys would go for it, but I've been fantasizing about it for so long. I've always wondered how it would feel to have a guy who would really be my slave sometimes. Someone who'd let me make him do nasty things like lick my ass whenever I wanted. Even if I'm dirty. Maybe especially then."

"You really want to do that? Kinda kinky you know."

"You're the one who got me thinking about it with all that talk about 'I'd beg to kiss your ass stuff' at my last birthday party, remember?"

"I still feel bad about that," I said. "I feel like I corrupted you..."

"Don't be silly. I'd actually been dreaming up little slavery fantasies for some time. It's just that when you made that remark, it was the first time I thought there might actually be somebody else out there who would actually do some of the things I fantasize about."

"Like what?" I asked, with great curiosity.

"I don't want to tell you every dirty secret right away. Let's just see how things go and who knows maybe some of those fantasies can become reality. But let's just say, you'd be getting the 'shitty' end of the stick," she giggled when she said "shitty", "so just think about it, OK? I mean I love regular sex, too, and I want that, but I've never met anyone like you when it comes to the kinkier stuff."

"I've never met anyone like you that way, either." Then we sat in silence for a little while, and I did think about it. While I held her seemingly impossibly smooth warm supple and firm body, it occurred to me that I would happily worship her. After a few more minutes, I said we needed to start heading back, it was getting late. We'd been out for about 2 hours.

We got dressed and we didn't say much, but she would reach out to me and stroke me every now and then, and I would kiss any part of her that got too close to my face. After she slipped on her shorts and top, we got out of the car and stretched our legs. I bent over and kissed her ass one more time through her shorts and found that lovely bottom of hers was still capable of getting a rise out of me.

We were getting back into the car, when she said, "Hold on. I gotta pee. I'll be right back." Then she turned and sort of skipped back into the woods. It was very dark back there, especially for 6 PM in June. I got out of the car and followed her path. When I caught up with her she was just unzipping her shorts.

"Hey!" she said, "what are you doing?"

"I don't know," I said, "I thought I'd just come and watch."

"Just watch?" she asked with the briefest flash of a smile.

I approached her and said, "Y'know, I've been thinking about what we talked about back there... How'd you really like to make me your slave?"

There was that gleam in her eyes. I already loved that gleam. "What do you have in mind?"

I dropped immediately to my knees before her, and tugged on her zipper with my teeth. Her hands ran through my hair, as she said, "I'm not sure we should do this."

"Why not?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"It's too degrading to do for real, that's why."

"Degrading to who?" I asked as I began to pull her shorts down off her hips.

"To you, of course!" she said, "I think I can guess what you plan on doing out here, kneeling there before me, taking off my shorts with your teeth, knowing full well I came out here to go to the bathroom." In spite of myself, I flushed a bit from a sense of humiliation. "Maybe you should think twice about giving me this particular little pleasure."

I guess I wasn't completely sure I was ready for that level of degradation either, and I was partially relieved that she apparently had a merciful streak in her. She was so sweet.

"OK," I said, and let go of her.

"You're going to give up that easily?" she protested, "Just think of how badly I have to pee..."

So I grabbed her and spun her around. "Lean up against that tree," I said, and she leaned forward and placed her hands on the tree. I pulled her shorts off. She was already such a natural at this, as she straightened her knees and arched her back and bent over.

That gorgeous asshole that I was just sucking on a little while ago while I came was now once again a few inches from my face. This time I pulled each sweet cheek apart until I could plainly see that wrinkled brown little asshole, and then I gave her a direct and deep kiss right on it. After our conversation, it felt strongly humiliating to be on my knees, pathetically kissing her shitter. No wonder the girl had such an arrogant side. How could she help it?

Her beauty brought such a wave of humility over me, I suddenly decided that I was going to give her everything she ever wanted. I decided that, as beautiful as she was, she deserved to be allowed to piss in my mouth without having to worry about anything but how good it was going to feel to do. When I pulled my mouth away from her ass, I begged in as pleading tone as I could muster, "Naomi, please piss in my mouth. Please let me drink your hot piss. Please Naomi, I'll do anything for you if you'll just do me the honor of urinating in my open mouth!"

Naomi looked like the cat that ate the canary as she watched my lips return to their rightful place on her asshole, and then she said, "Anything? You could be sorry..."

I stopped kissing her asshole long enough to say, "Absolutely anything. I'll lick your ass all you want. I'll let you piss in my mouth all you want. I'll be your personal toilet, your personal total slave." She was laughing with a little embarrassment but it was clear she loved every word she heard.

"You dirty old man, that's a start," she teased. "but I want more. I can't imagine how good it would feel to go to the bathroom on somebody, but I can tell you, I want to find out. Me, I'm going to be standing here like an absolute princess, without a care in the world, as I turn you into my personal human toilet, and piss right in your mouth. But if I do that to you, you have to do something very special for me in return." She didn't laugh this time, but the smile was wickedly beautiful.

"What do you want?" I asked.

She said, "Remember what we talked about in the car, and you told me what you would've let me do when we were coming? I want that."

At first I wasn't exactly sure what she was talking about. And then I remembered my little confession to her...

"You really want to do that?" I asked, not believing my ears.

"If you'll let me..."

I was so turned on, the truth was I could hardly wait to live in degradation for this beautiful girl. "OK, I'll do it." I said.

"Do what?" she asked. "I want to hear you say it..."

"OK," I said, "I'll let you shit in my mouth. Then I will be your absolute toilet and slave to use as you please whenever you wish. Just please don't make me eat it."

The look that was on her face was indescribable. She said, "Why not? Don't you want me to enjoy any pleasure that I can dream up? I've often dreamed of making someone literally eat shit. So let's get this straight. I'll allow you the pleasure of getting to be my piss-drinking slave, and you'll let me shit right in your mouth and make you eat it, then kiss my ass in gratitude, right?"

This time I flushed. I couldn't even answer her, I had such a raging hard-on. I just started licked her ass as slavishly as I could. I wanted my manner to be as demeaning as possible so that she would get the message that she had become my absolute master. I was hers for the taking to use in any way she pleased. And I don't know if she knew it, but I was also in love with her.

"I gotta piss," she said with a sneer in her voice, "You think you can stop lapping my ass long enough to get your mouth down to my pussy so I can piss in it?"

I moved my mouth down and covered her pussy. Using my tongue I sought out her pisshole and licked it. My nose was buried in her asshole, and what few breaths I could draw had the end result of my sniffing her asshole, which was still drenched in my saliva. Then I felt a small trickle of piss on my tongue, followed by a deluge of piss, which I thirstily began to swallow.

I can't justly describe the sensations I felt as the piss from this delicious not-even 18 year old goddess sprayed into my mouth, coating my lips, teeth and tongue with a tart saltiness, and then slaked down my throat. I'd never felt anything more humiliating in my life. I guess I only drank maybe 20 ounces or so when I just could not drink any more. I felt strangely guilty that I couldn't drink all of my master's piss, so I deliberately moved my face into her flow and allowed her to urinate on my face. This made her laugh. When she was almost done pissing, I moved my mouth back onto her pussy so that I could drink the remaining amount.

Finally, when she finished, she told me to stay still, and so I stayed kneeling there in her piss, with her piss all over my face, in my mouth, and in my stomach. She reached back and she pulled one cheek of her ass apart so I could breathe, albeit while sniffing her asshole. And she said, "I don't know if I like it better pissing in your mouth this way, or facing you. In this position, it seems colder, maybe more arrogant. Plus you have to sniff my ass while I piss in you. But the other way, I can stare right into your eyes while I use you like a toilet. That's more personal. Sort of insulting. I like that too. Either way, I love pissing on your face - that feels great!" Then she giggled.

Then she reached back and pulled the other ass cheek apart, too, and the sensation that each breath of life depended on sniffing her asshole seemed to increase. Maybe it was the way she was holding her ass open for me to sniff that made it seem so purposeful. But I was totally unprepared for it when she let a wet fart go hissing right into my nose, naturally as I was inhaling.

"I think I like this way better," she said with an amused snicker, then she let another smaller fart go. The scent permeated the air, or maybe it just seemed that way to me because I was the one sniffing her asshole while she broke wind in my face. I had handed over all semblance of dignity over to this young girl.

Suddenly she said, "Shit, it's getting late, we really better get going. For the first time in what seemed like forever, I pulled my face, rather reluctantly out of her gorgeous ass. "Your right, let's head back," I said, but then she looked at me kind of strangely and said, "Wait, I just want to soak this in for a moment."

And she took a step away from me, and turned to face me. I was still so distracted by the sight of her nude-from-the-waist down body that it took me a second to realize she was staring at me because I was kneeling in her piss and mud, with urine all over my face, hair and shirt. She couldn't hide a smirk, and then she started to say something I didn't catch, but then made a dismissing gesture with her hand and said something like, "Forget it. Not now."

I felt too much of a sense of urgency to get back before we got caught to bother trying to satisfy my curiosity about what she was going to say. I took off all of my clothes, and quite nakedly walked back to my car. I work out all of the time, and luckily I had some fresh gym clothes in my bag in the trunk. I put those on and used a towel to clean myself up as best as I could, but I know I still reeked of my lovely goddess's piss.

Finally, we got back in the car and I started to drive out of the park. Things were a little strangely quiet for a few minutes, and then she said, "I don't know if this is good for me..." She began stroking my hair in a curiously tender way. It felt fabulous, and it once again occurred to me that I might really be in love with her.

"I mean, I'm getting a really big head here. You're really great for my ego. But I don't know if I should get too used to having that much fun pissing on someone, y'know." I knew she was speaking to me seriously, in a non-sexual way, but my dick didn't seem to know it, and I began to involuntarily stiffen.

"I don't want this all to be just about kinky sex", she concluded.

"Naomi?" I began, "I've got another confession for you. I've been dreaming about you for almost a year now, and now I realize I've been wanting you for even longer than that. I couldn't do any of this lightly." And I reached up and stroked her hand as she played with my hair. I didn't look, but I could feel that she was beaming. Still, her voice sounded concerned.

"Well, guess what," she said, "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you for at least that long. Most of the time it was on the back burner. You know. Our age difference, and you being my Dad's best friend and all of that. But I've had a crush on you forever. I just never imagined, even in my wildest dreams of us being together, that things would be like this. You know, the sex, the slavery, the piss..."

In spite of myself, I had a full erection. I concentrated on the issues we were facing, but my cock had a mind of its own, and every time she said something that eluded to what we had just done, well...

"...I love it, but I don't know if it's right. I mean if I really like you, how could I do those things to you?" she asked with real concern. Her words, along with the still-present taste of her sweet piss, were doing nothing to calm my tumescence. Each exhale had the slightest hint of ammonia. It kept part of my mind on nurturing her natural desires to sexually degrade me.

"What we do sexually does not define us or our relationship," I said, "It's just part of it. As I hold your hand right now, I'm not feeling like a slave at all. Do you feel like a master?"

"No," she said, "Actually, I'm feeling very much like holding you." She slid over toward me and threw her arms around me. Then she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I was amazed that the scent that still emanated from me did not seem to distract her at all.

I said, "Let's just be together and see how things unfold." I looked over at her and we smiled. She looked so sweet and wonderful. She kissed me full on the lips as I struggled to keep an eye on the road.

"Pew! Your breath stinks!" she laughed. "I wonder why that would be," she said, pretending to muse with her index finger on her chin in a mock contemplative gesture. After a few moments, I began to notice that she was staring at me. When I turned and looked at her, I saw she was studying my mouth. "I can't believe I really just pissed in your mouth," she said almost introspectively. "And you were so stiff when it happened. Don't think I didn't notice."

Then she reached down to my crotch and was greeted eagerly by my stiff dick. "Wow!" she cried, "holy shit! How long has this been going on?!?"

"Just about all along," I replied.

"Geez, you really get off on my being rude to you, don't you? Hell you came licking my dirty asshole. And I don't remember being exactly nice about it either!" She seemed to be really loving this situation, and although I know it should have been the other way around, I was relieved that the softer side of our relationship clearly wasn't blunting the sharp sting of our kinkier sexual desires.

"I imagine that it must have felt tremendously degrading to let someone else, especially someone over 20 years younger than you, have her way with your mouth and face. You know, when I was pissing all over you," she giggled. "But tell me, I'm really curious about this: what did it feel like, after having me piss in your mouth, down your throat, and on your face... What did it feel like when I farted right in your face?" She let out a belly laugh.

Once again, I felt the tart slap of humiliation and the accompanying facial flush as this gorgeous girl rode rough-shod on my dignity, and I loved it. I answered her by asking "How did it feel to you, farting in my face! Which, by the way, you timed perfectly so I was breathing in at just that moment."

Her laugh had such a decadent ring to it. It was music to my ears. I adored her.

"It felt fantastic. Maybe someday - not with me mind you - someday you'll know what it feels like to push your ass into someone else's face and then fart. It's a selfish, mind-blowing pleasure, let me tell you." She caressed my cock as she spoke, and I thought I was going to explode.

"Want to hear a secret?" she asked provocatively. "I almost shit on you back there..."

I jerked my gaze to her and opened my mouth in shock, but nothing came out. Finally, I managed to get out, "You're kidding! When?"

"When I farted. It was almost more than gas. I really had to go. I was going to say something to you about it when we were getting dressed, but I figured we better just get out of there..."

I was as close to coming as I'd ever been, but I didn't want to waste it on a hand job so I managed barely to bring myself back from the brink. "Do you still have to go?"

"Well, yeah. Of course. Actually, now that we're talking about it, I gotta go pretty badly."

We were still maybe ten minutes from where I was going to drop her off, and it was still fairly secluded, but not nearly as much so as in the park. I started to pull the car over to the shoulder of the road.

"What are you doing?!?" she asked. "We can't do anything here, it's way too visible!" Suddenly she pointed to an off road about a quarter mile ahead. "Go there! That might be a good place."

We pulled into the road. It was unpaved and clearly not used very much. We went back maybe a half mile and the road just ended. It appeared to be an access road of some sort. She reached over to my dick and gave it a squeeze. The sweetest smile beamed from her beautiful mouth as she asked, "Are you turned on enough to once again become my slave? You made a bargain with me back in the park, remember? I think I held up my end of the deal when you drank my piss, right?"

I turned to her and kissed her full on the mouth. When I pulled away, her face wrinkled up in mock disgust. "How long do you think you'll taste that piss?," she teased. My dick was rock-hard in her hand.

"A deal's a deal," I replied, "I never welch on a bargain."

"Some deal! I think it was win-win for me and lose-lose for you!" She smirked a little as she said, "Well, I really have to go to the bathroom. Are you ready to sacrifice all personal dignity merely to please me at my whimsy? You gotta work hard to keep me happy, you know." and there was that arrogant smile that I'd fallen in love with.

"Wait here," I said, and got out of the car. I walked around to her side of the car, and open the door with a flourish; like a servant escorting a princess out of a royal carriage. "I am completely and utterly at your service, Miss," I said with great formality as I took her hand and helped her out of the car. She laughed a little self-consciously at my antics, but the flush on her cheeks revealed just how much she was enjoying this "royal" treatment.

She assumed the voice of a Princess as she said, "Good, we're finally here. Good job, servant. I believe I may just throw a bone your way for your efforts." Her tone dripped with arrogant, sexy smugness as she continued, "I believe I must relieve myself, and as you can see there is no suitable receptacle in sight, save for your mou-" she said as she stroked my chin with one pointed finger, "I mean, would you be so kind as to be of service to me while I address my 'issue'?"

I pretended to believe she meant to assist her, and I behaved accordingly. "Where would you like to go, Princess?" I asked.

"This place will do," she said, "Please lie down here." She pointed to a clearing on her side of the car. She chuckled softly as I lay down in the dirt she had pointed to. I pretended to be puzzled when she stood over me, with each beautiful foot on either side of my head, close to my ears.

Then she pulled her shorts off her amazingly youthful body, lifted one leg, then the other, and kicked her shorts over to the side. I stared up at her moist pussy, the one from which I had drunk so much piss from no more than a half hour ago. I could still feel it sloshing around in my stomach. She had very small lips, so her pussy made no more than a thin line underneath her pubic hair. I love pussies like that, and I was fully at attention. Her pussy had a mild sweet-piss fragrance to it, mixed with an overtone of girl-come.

The fine line of her pussy seemed to point directly back to the perfect round globes that made her ass. At the juncture of those globes - the very bottom of the crack of her ass - I could barely make out the wrinkled orifice that was to be the center of my worship, the source of my ultimate degradation, and the point where I would sacrifice my self-esteem for her whim. And all of this to put this beautiful girl on a pedestal so high it would make her feel giddy with arrogant pleasure.

I was so mesmerized, I'd almost forgotten my role in the little scene we were spontaneously whipping up. Regaining my façade of puzzled shock, I asked, "Princess, what are you doing? I'm not sure if a lowly servant such as myself is worthy of witnessing as beautiful a site as your nudity, your highness!"

"Don't worry, you'll feel lowly enough very soon," she chuckled, and she squatted down to my face. As she did so, the slit of her pussy opened slightly, and the deep wrinkles of her precious asshole became plainly visible. I could make out each wrinkle, and to my great pleasure, the scents of her body became much stronger. I never knew the mixture of a woman's come, piss, and ass could smell so damn good!

The look of regal mischievousness on her face was just exquisite, and I tried as hard as I could to burn that image into my brain. "First, kiss my royal asshole," she announced with amusement. I busied my mouth with the task of fulfilling her wish, lovingly and repeatedly pressing my lips against her lightly haired, earthy scented asshole. "Thank you, Princess, for this privilege," I eked out between anal kisses.

When she was satisfied with this humiliation, she squatted down lower until her asshole was firmly planted against my adoring mouth. In a gesture that is just magical when it's done by a gorgeous woman, she swung her hair back over her shoulder, like a model in a shampoo commercial. She licked her lips and fell completely out of character as she asked, "You ready to service me, John?" Her voice had a lusty huskiness to it that made my prick strain forward. The use of my given name, and the reasons why, were not lost on me. "Cause, I think I'm gonna just sit here and take a shit, OK?"

The arrogant brutishness of her words kicked degradation right down my throat, which made me submit to her in absolution. I strained my mouth open as wide as I could over her asshole and dutifully waited to be used. She broke her gaze with me momentarily as she began to push the excrement in her bowels down toward the asshole that was puckering in my mouth. I extended my tongue forward and lovingly caressed her asshole as she prepared to use me in the worst possible way.

Suddenly, a small stream of piss appeared from her little slit and splashed onto my face. I closed my eyes, but I heard her laugh. At nearly the same time a hot wet fart escaped from her ass and hissed right into my open mouth. It was unbearably strong, and I would have gagged if I could. But the increasing weight of her ass as she pressed down on my face prevented that.

"Oooh, I smell that," she said. "That must taste just awful. God, it's fun making you suck the stench out of my ass! And I have so much more to do yet!"

I had felt her asshole belch the gas into my mouth with my tongue, as I continually lapped away at her, like a good slave. Next I felt her asshole open up more slowly and almost immediately deposit her first load of shit in my mouth. It came out pretty fast with a near continuous stream of gas. It was very soft and exquisitely bitter, but I chewed it like candy. I ate her shit with clear demonstrations of pleasure, like it was the best thing I'd ever tasted. I made little moaning sounds like a man eating the best meal he'd ever had. And to tell the truth, it was the worst thing I could possibly imagine tasting, and yet I'd never tasted anything more delicious than her shit at that moment.

In spite of the piss on my face, I opened my eyes to look up at her. My eyes stung like hell when her caustic urine ran into them, but I didn't care. She looked unbelievably beautiful at that moment, and incredibly cruel. She had a look that only someone who has known the uniquely rude pleasure of dumping in someone else's mouth and watching them eat their shit can have.

Apparently, the first piece of soft shit I had just eaten was just a tentative dumping because what came next was quite copious. It was very soft, and filled my mouth like an incredibly bitter pudding. There were chunks of what I guessed must be indigestible food. The entire time I continued to busily lick the rim of her asshole. Then I began gulping down her filthy shit in earnest.

The next thing I noticed was that Naomi had begun furiously fingering her clit, and her come soon started flowing down onto my face and into my nose. I decided to follow suit and began stroking my cock. I tried to keep it toned down, though, because I knew I wouldn't last too long.

She said in near-orgasmic distraction, "That's it, suck it down, slave! I'm almost done shitting on you." It was the same tone she had in her voice when I was licking her ass in the back seat of the car.

She seemed to be in her own world as she masturbated on my face and shit in my mouth. She was speaking, but I'm not even sure she was fully aware of me. "God, it feels good to shit on someone!" she cried softly in her total self-absorption. "And then making them eat it-- AAARGH!" The force of her orgasm forced out the last of her shit which I greedily swallowed in spite of the ever-nagging desire to puke. She seemed to come forever, and I - on the brink of coming myself - finished eating her shit. I continued to lick my teeth clean as she started to subside into post-orgasmic bliss.

When she finally stopped coming, I began licking her asshole clean of the remaining shit. Then I drove my tongue in very deep, coating it with still more of her personal stink, and blew sperm everywhere. I came a truckload as I continued to serve as her personal ass-licking bidet.

* * * * *

That was several months ago. She got home with no major incident, and I went back to my apartment and took a long hot shower. I stunk so bad, and I was absolutely spent. A couple of days later I faced Mark and told him the truth about his daughter and I, save the gory details about our sex life. I told him that I had fallen in love with her and I couldn't get her out of my head. He was surprisingly cool about it. He said, "I had a feeling there was something between you two. I know a lot of people would have a problem with the age difference, but you're a good guy, and I think you make a good couple.

"But be careful with her. Make sure you treat her right, OK? She's my little Princess, you know."

He had no idea just how much I did know.

We've been dating mostly openly ever since, and our relationship is really quite normal, save for our kinky sexual lifestyle. With my older age and some degree of chivalry not being quite dead with me, I have assumed a leading role in our relationship, and she's happy most of the time to just be with me. And most of the time, we have what we call "vanilla" sex. It's the kind of sex most people have, and it's filled with the usual fucking, cock-sucking, pussy licking, etc. In fact, when our sex is vanilla, I sometimes am dominant. Just last week we tried anal sex for the first time.

But when we have "chocolate" sex, her word is law, and she is my absolutely governing goddess and princess. I cannot possibly be humiliated or degraded too much by her, and have learned how to completely control any sort of gag reflexes I might have in order to accommodate her worst, rudest whims with a smile.

We just might be the perfect American couple.
Jan 28, 2018
Wow, this is an excellent story, the character build up, imagery, realistic dialog etc. It's nice to read toilet erotica written so well!
Oct 29, 2007
I really enjoyed the psychological commentary and the way the story explored the scenarios not only from the sub's view, but also from the domme's view! The only problem with it was the short length, thanks for sharing!