Origin of Kink


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Feb 19, 2008
I remember my family had a beach house when I was about six years old. I would curl up in my bed while the rest of the kids were playing and I wpuld fantasize about this actress from baywatch, I dont remember her name. I imagined I was really small and she would put me in her swimsuit, and then she'd sit around talking to other people or just sunbathing. Later on I developed a whole mythology around my kink. I created this secret organization of women called the puffs, they could hypnotize men and make them small through farts. There was an agent in charge of finding Puffs (me). And he would always, inevitably be found and tortured. I've never really enjoyed pain, even in my fantasies this 'tortures' would be actually really comfy. Most of my puff characers dominated men through pleasure without pain. Just lots of facesitting.

Then I became a teenager and got internet. I thought it would've been useless to look for my kink, I was sure I was the only one. Instead I managed with porn of women receiving oral sex. And then, I found it. It was called Apt. Facesit, an amateur video of facesitting when youtube was still young and innocent.In it, a young brittish chick facesat her brother for smelling her panties. I found out the name for my fetish was 'Facesitting' and 'Smothering' and that there was a whole community that shared my kink. It was awesome. I then found fetishpal.com, and eventually I got to mistressdestiny.com. :bananavic

I wanted to share this story and encourage others to tell us how you got here, the story of your personal fetish.