OT: For Sauur ...


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Jan 31, 2007
Hi Sauur!
I want to start with an abstract of your story “The Sultan”:

(…) He answered her, still hoarse from the choking, “Yes Ameera I do desire you greatly, I will still have you as a wife.” Ameera smiled in triumph, “And more Sultan, I will be the head wife, all of your other wives will obey and I will have control over life and death in your harem.” (…)

It would be great to see this story continued – even more against the background of Almeera as the Sultana of An’Anbar!

What about something like that …?
The Sultan not only takes Ameera as his head wife but also proclaims her “Sultana of the Harem”. In this position she’s arbitress of life and death in the harem. To increase her power Almeera additionally demands absolute power over all female subjects of An’Anbar. To make it short: Ameera loves to be worshipped by her female subjects, she loves to see them groveling and kissing her feet. But most she enjoys her power to decide arbitrarily whether her female subjects may live or must die …

As for me, I love the idea of a godlike Queen with absolute power and no scruples to abuse this power. “My” Queen suffocates her female subjects under her feet to humiliate them even in the moment of their death.

Any chance to see “The Sultan” continued. I hopefully hope to hear from you …