P0ppers Ambient Rubber Mind Fuck


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Jan 16, 2017
"P0ppers Ambient Rubber Mind Fuck" is available on MISSROPER.COM - featuring: Mind Fuck, Mesmerize, Latex, Rubber Fetish, Coerced Intoxication, Goddess Worship, Mental Domination.

Naturally, you're a man of many weaknesses. Vices, that you can't help. Let's exploit them. You love latex, the gleaming shine, the feelings of it brushing against your finger tips. You can't get enough of viewing my body enchased in it, the way it perfectly fits every curve; every detail of my all natural alluring body. Your other vice? A mind altering substance. A substance that leaves you dazed, stimulated, heightening your senses & arousal. A substance that can be used to brainwash. To reprogram. To fuck the mind. Inhale. Your two vices, combined with my soft, captivating tone, an ambient melody luring you in; you are helpless to the pull. Inhale. Your eyes entranced on my manipulating movements in rubber, the sounds I make with the material; your mind unravels. Inhale. This is the subspace in which you ache for, yearn for, total and complete captivation. I will take you there. Inhale.