PART TWO Free Pics of "Worship My Brazillian Ass" by RomanVideo


Feb 1, 2003
Wales - UK
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I reviewed part two of the film, but I think it got ignored because I tagged it onto the end of quite a large thread that I'd already done

So here it is again - well, I DID take all that time creating screenshot pics! :)

The first TEN pics are here (this link takes you to page two of that thread), so ALL the pics below are new ones, if you've already seen this thread....


With Mistress Mason Storm

Mason is one of my favourite fetish actresses - because she just has that indefinable, dominant attitude. Those of you who have seen her in action, will know what I mean...

She has a great ass, a gorgeous face with a sexy/naughty smile, fantastic breasts covered by her long raven tresses (and yes, I am in love! She reminds me of a lot of Taylor StClaire - who may
be the most beautiful women in the world? Mason could be a blood relation, IMO! )

Film starts with Mason leading her guy on a collar and chain into the bedroom.... One part of this scene that caught my eye is when she has the guy kissing and tongueing her ass as she's bent over and he is kneeling behind her. She keeps pulling his face into her, by tugging on the lead (between her thighs) connected to the collar on his neck

The first facesitting scene is where Mason gets the guy to sit on the floor with his back to the bed, with the back of his head resting on the bed. (as Romulus mentioned - there is a real chemistry between these two - you can tell by the smiles they seem to be constantly beaming at each other)

She starts to slowly rock herself back and forth on his face, as he uses his tongue on her (pretty effectively, if the sounds comining from her are any indication)

The next position is with her lying on her left side, at a tangent to the guy who is now lying on his right side. She raises her right leg and puts his head onto her pussy. I really like this position - if you've seen many Brazillian facesitting films, you'll probably have seen something similar there... As I was watching this scene you can see this look of almost pure, smug ecstacy
on her gorgeous face

"put your face in there and suck my pussy" as she finishes saying this she looks at the camera and really beams a grin at you.... a great scene! How can such a dirty woman (in a good way) have such an Angelic face???

"suck it hard - RIGHT there!" She has another orgasm - you can tell by not only her deep groans, but the way she catches her breath as her orgasm continues. I have some great snapshots of this - I would LOVE to be able to put larger pictures up. but I need some webspace to upload the pics to so I can reference them to the Destiny site, does anyone have any ideas? I've tried smartgroups, but this didn't work for long

They made me change the group to 'private', rather than 'public' (I need public webspace to do this... )

Anyway, back to the film....

"keep sucking my pussy - hard - I want to quiver in your mouth" When she pushes his head away - to get into a new position - you can hear an audible sucking sound as his mouth comes loose from her.

The position change is her turning onto her right side - he stays in the same position, and she pulls his head back in...God, I would LOVE to try this with her!

Althrough the facesitting/assworship & pussyeating, the guy is either playing with his dick, or sometimes she starts to suck it (when she's in the position to do some! )

"she grabs the back of his head, says "hold your breath", and pulls it into her crotch.

"you wanna lick my ass for me?"

The next change of position is Mason forward sitting him on the bed - my god, she looks gorgeous in this position! During this part of the film, there is a close in shot of her pussy on his face,
his nose hidden inside her and her the top of her pussy lips resting on his forehead, as she plays with her clit. When she starts to move off his face a little, her pussy is really wide open and flushed a deep pink.

Next, she goes into a reverse facesit, and starts to bounce her pussy on his face - REALLY giving it some hip action! At various points in this shot, she seems to be trying to get his nose to fuck
her wide open pussy - so maybe not so much facesitting as face FUCKING? But there is also lots of prolonged heavy smothering and grinding....

When she gets tired of this, she sits up off of his face, leans forward and starts to slap his dick, then she starts to hit it with the end of his trouser belt (ouch!) She doesn't do much of
this before it's back to more facesitting (lots of close in shots of the shiny pink interior of her pussy...)

She moves off his face, backwards, so she can smother him with her breasts - with his head between her cleavage, she rests her head on his chest while smiling at the camera...

She moves the guy around the bed, so his feet are closer to the camera, and the shot is faceing up toward his head. She walks to his head, steps over it, and sqauts onto his face (like in the film, Bitter Moon....I expect everybody has seen that shot!) The guy starts playing with his dick (which doean't really do anything for me! LOL but it's a good full frontal shot of Mason) She starts to play with his nipples, then leans forward on his chest, closes her eyes and savours the feeling of sitting on his face, starting a gentle rocking, squirming motion and starts groaning her approval...

She tells him to "stroke his cock hard, lick my ass, but keep stroking your cock"

She leans forward and, as he holds his dick steady and upright, starts to lick the head - but you can tell she's a bit distracted by what he's doing to her pussy and ass (you can hear the licking
sounds in the background)/ She leans up, and starts to subtly ride his tongue - she closes her eyes and you can tell she's getting ready to cum again. She leans forward and puts the head of his dick in her mouth, closes her lips on him and starts to suck him. She takes ALL of his dick into her mouth and down her throat! (dirty, lucky bastard! now it's HIS turn to groan)

She takes her mouth of him and says "lick my clit". He starts to play with himself again, and she says "I didn't say you could do that" and starts to flick/slap his cock and balls, first with her hand, then with the end of his belt! She has a big natural grin when she's doing this, so she obviously likes to dominate men in this way! When she stops whipping his dick, she leans forward
to sllloooowwwwlllllyyyyy LICK it better! She looks incredibly sultry and seductive when she does this!

The camera moves to a side view, now, and you can see a profile shot of her fucking his face with her hips movements...

When he continues to play with his dick (as she tells him to) she quite casually starts to kneed and stroke his balls with her right hand - to me, it looks like she applied quite a lot of pressure

doing this - so it must be a combination of pleasure and pain for him - I bet he felt a bit tender the next day!!! LOL

She tells him to move to the end of the bed (his head is on the corner, and his feet face the opposite corner)/ She remounts his face in the backwards sit position, but her feet are on the floor at the side of the bed. Great camera angles. taken from near floor height, looking up to his head between her thighs and her ass cheeks over his head. She puts all of her weight onto his face, I think... She leans forward and starts to slap his balls, then whip them with his belt again, while she holds his dick still with her left hand by the head. You can hear him trying to stop his groans... Then she stops, and starts to milk and squeeze his dick with an intent expression on her face...

She suddenly WHAPS his dick with a hefty, unexpected slap, and his whole body jolts. She says "awww, did that hurt?" Then does it again!

The camera angle changes again (to face from his feet, back towards her) and she starts to very quickly slap his dick, then stroke/squeeze/milk it, then more slapping. Camera moves back to his head under her ass, and she starts to slowly grind and ride.

Then she tells him to slowly stroke his cock and tell her when he's going to cum... when he gets close, she says "STOP - make ME cum...."

Close up shot of him licking her asshole, while she goes back to more playing/slapping his dick.

Scene changes to him lying on the bed, with her reverse sitting him - he's plays with his dick while she says "suck my pussy....come on" her moans and groan are a real turn on... She leans off of him, so she can hold herself open so his tongue can get to her clit - but unfortunately his hand jerking off his dick obscures most of the view! Shame, really.....

"you can't cum until I do....." she leans forward and says "lick my ass"

Suddenly, she says "stop.....keep breathing"

She asks him if he's close. When he says yes, she really goes for her own orgasm!

"that's it....suck up all my pussy juice"

She also says "but you didn't cum!...I wanted you to cum with me!!....then some terse Spanish which I didn't understand"

So she goes for another orgasm (more Spanish! LOL)

When she thinks he's near, she says "take a deep breath", and sinks her pussy over his mouth to cut out ALL oxygen....

She has one hand on his throat, the other holding her hair.... she says just one word


and he does....all over his stomach...and she gets a big wide grin on her face, she dismounts and GRINS at the camera, then grins down at the face of the guy....

(one thing that was a litttle disappointing - she didn't 'queen' the guy, as she did in her other films - ie Open her pussy, and put his nose inside, then close the lips shut over it - I LOVVEEEE that!!!

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