Payne Mansion Ch. 03

Sep 10, 2018
The following story is sadistic fiction, and in no way depicts actual events. It contains descriptions of cruelty and torture against an unwilling vulnerable male victim. All characters are clearly depicted as being over the age of 18. In real life, keep it safe, sane, and consensual.


She sat at her desk wearing a black leather vest, short black leather skirt with a slit up the left side, and black Chanel knee-high boots with a 13/4 inch sturdy heel, chrome buckle straps that do up the back with spaces in between so the droolers and limpers can be teased by my beautiful legs. Monique didn't typically dress in all out fetish garb, she saw no reason to dress the part when cruelty was part of her everyday life. However, she woke up feeling especially sadistic that morning, and this outfit, especially the boots, made her feel powerful.

A limper crawled into her office, kissed each of her boots once, and, without looking up, handed his mistress a small bottle.

Monique took the bottle from the pathetic naked wretch, being sure not to thank the waste of flesh. "Do you know the difference between you and my boots?" she said.

"Y-y-you like y-y-your bootsth," he guessed.

"For a stupid piece of shit, that's actually a good answer. I love my boots and nobody cares about you at all. These boots are worth quite a bit of money, whereas you're completely worthless. What are you?"

"I-I-I'm w-w-w-worthless Mistressth."

"And who cares about you?"

"N-n-nobody cares a-a-about me Mistressth."

"Who?" she asked with a devilish grin.

"N-n-nobody cares a-a-about me Mistressth!" he said louder.

"Again," she commanded. Inflicting physical pain was fun, but it was also important to strip her residents of their dignity and self- respect. It's why they were kept naked and forced to crawl on all fours unless they were performing a task which required them to stand.

"N-n-nobody cares a-a-about me Mistressth," he said again, only this time with tears streaming from his eyes.

Monique felt her loins tingle with pleasure as she watched the broken thing sob at her feet. She pointed at her feet, and the wretch obediently began to lick her beautiful boots. As he continued to grovel, Monique turned her attention to the tortured head resting on her desk.

"Time for your eye drops," she said with glee. His eyes were already held open by a set of wires clamped firmly to his eyelids. He could only watch helplessly as a bottle labeled "Tabasco" moved slowly toward his face. His terror stricken face made Monique's smile grow until it seemed to reach both ears.

As the burning liquid dripped onto his exposed eyeballs, Ashpan's piercing screams of searing agony sent waves of orgasmic pleasure through Monique's body. He wanted desperately to beg his captor for mercy, but with his jaw clamped open he couldn't do anything but scream.

"Ah, poor baby," she said with mock sympathy and a pout. "Here, let me make you a little less comfortable." As she spoke, her superbly manicured hand turned the screw on his mouthpiece, forcing his already aching jaw to slowly open wider. Once it was stretched as far as she wanted it, she pushed the screw back into place, locking his mouth agonizingly open.

His knees were digging into the hard surface of the cabinet's floor, under his body's full weight. His eyes, jaw, knees, and legs all radiated with excruciating pain, which delighted Monique to no end. Ashpan tossed his head from side to side in violent fits painful desperation.

"No, that won't do. That won't do at all," Monique said. Ignoring the limper beneath her desk, she rose and walked to a closet on the far side of the room. After she dug through an array of bondage equipment, she found a meshwork of leather straps affixed together with chrome studs. A steel ring hung from every other intersection of the straps.

With a happy skip in her step, the joyful tyrant fit the harness onto Ashpan's head. Then she took three pieces of rope from her desk drawer and tied an end of one of the ropes to the ring on the right side of his head. She tied the other end of the rope around a brass handle on the right side of his head, and did the same thing on the left side. Finally, she used the third piece of rope to secure the back of his head. She flirted with the idea of a fourth piece to secure the front of his head, but she was willing to sacrifice letting him be able to tilt his head back slightly in exchange for an unobstructed view of the pain on his face. As it was, he wouldn't be able to move his head forward or from side to side to relax his neck muscles. His neck wound lock-up in no time and ache constantly.

Contented with the pain she had caused, she sat back in her chair and, crossed her feet comfortably on her desk, directly in front of Ashpan's tortured face. The blonde sadist bobbed her foot to the rhythm of his screams as if she was listening to music on the radio.

"Piss off," Monique said with a casual flick of her wrist.

"Yes M-m-m-mistressth P-p-p-payne," the limper replied respectfully and crawled from the office without looking up.

Monique closed her eyes and let herself soak in the beautiful music of the screams. His abject misery washed over Monique Payne like soothing warm water, giving her a series of delectable orgasms.
Jun 4, 2007
Monique's enjoyment of her pure sadism is so good, I am sure the depths of her sadism will grow to an unbelievable height, I hope so anyway ! :D
Very many thanks.
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Jan 25, 2013
Hj--great story,hope you keep writing--think ashpan is ready for some dental work,make more room for ashes and butts,maybe mistress will have her girlfriends over for cigar night,i'm sure it'll be hungry--thanks again !