Playing with the tiny guy before the party


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Oct 22, 2014
Oh, are you following me already? Are you sad because I'm leaving for the party soon?! Ok, I've a few minutes to play with you, tiny guy, before I leave. I will even take off my sexy high heels - I don't want to crush you flat immediately ... just play a little bit with you! I'm going to tape you to the ground to make sure you can't get away ... and then trample you under my big bare feet. Does it hurt you, little guy? Are you afraid you might get crushed under my full weight? The massive weight of a giantess?! I think I'll leave you like this ... then I can have some more fun with you after the party ... and maybe I'll bring over some friends as well ... I'm sure some of them would love to torture a little guy like you as well :D
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