Pleasuring herself with banana and cucumber + free trailer


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Dec 16, 2002
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First I wanna thank you for all those nice comments. Lillycute is happy you enjoyed her and her clips so much.
I made a little trailer for you, with a collection of some clips with her. It contains also parts of the recent clip.

Click here to watch a free trailer of Lillycute,
or click here to download it in better quality.

Ok now I want to present her newest clip to you. Again as a little picture story. Enjoy:

Oh, I'm so horny. My chair face will help me to relieve.
But first he gets blindfolded.

Oh yes, that feels good.

Today I'll use my special dildo. Whew, that's a big cucumber.

Common slave, open you mouth. How does it taste?

Let's try the banana. Yes thats better.
I'm wet and so horny. Won't take long.

Ohhhhh... uhhhhhhhh I'm coming...

That was fun. Common slave, I have a little leaving present for you.

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