Political Capital

Jul 21, 2003
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All the non-stop political talk got me thinking. A few fictitious characters later... here's my next story. Enjoy!

It all started after the last election. To say that there was envy and bad blood would be an understatement. It was fairly easy to see how they came to dislike each other. Truthfully, it was mainly driven by the senator. Senator James Bronson was very good friends with the last Republican presidential candidate. In fact, many people thought that he was a top front runner for the vice presidential nomination given their tight relationship. Then, she came out of nowhere! To everyone's surprise, especially the Senator's, Tara Lawton was announced as the vice presidential nominee. That theft would have been bad enough, but then as he watched with envy she quickly became the darling of the media and the Republican party. Who the hell was she? She had a certain charm that people seemed unable to ignore but she also seemed to have a toughness that made her formidable. Of course, her "ace in the hole" was that she was an incredibly attractive woman. A former beauty queen, she was now the governor of North Dakota and she exploded onto the public scene.

Then there were the repeated complaints from inside the campaign that Tara was getting bigger than the actual candidate, that she was an unpredictable diva, that she had her own agenda, and that she was being very difficult behind the scenes. Watching this woman who stole his vice presidential nomination outshine his friend was an additional slap in the face. Then....they lost the election. As a final insult, when the election was finally lost, rumors floated around that she wasn't even disappointed. Instead, she was looking forward to her future as a public figure. From that day forward, Senator Bronson made his distaste for Tara known and the bad blood began to boil.

Fast forward 3 years and much has changed. Over those three years the war of words and bad blood between Tara and James had played out through the media and it was no secret that they were not he closest of friends.Tara was no longer governor, although she maintained heavy influence politically. It seemed she was content to make a fortune speaking and writing books while wielding her hefty political influence from the sidelines. However, Senator Bronson was now a key figure himself and looking to win the Republican nomination for president. Yet, he found himself unable to ever fully escape the shadow of his hated foe, Tara Lawton.

Case #1

On the day that Senator Bronson called a press conference to announce his candidacy, he was dwarfed by Tara. On that same day she called an "impromptu" press conference to say that she was NOT going to run. Yet all over the news cycle HER story was getting the major attention. James watched the news all night only to see Tara's face on every channel. In fact, he later learned that most TV stations cut from his announcement to carry her speech live. He was furious! Then, the next day the press ran headlines stating that she had "stepped all over" his announcement. A major New York paper accompanied this headline with a giant political cartoon showing a smiling Tara literally walking on Senator Bronson...her high heeled foot in the small of his back as he thought to himself "Why don't they like me?"

James wasn't sure why, but this political cartoon really ate him up and he stormed around his office all day with an attitude demanding his staff get him some publicity. The hardest hit was Kerry, his young blonde publicist. He berated her to the point of tears and then stormed off.

Miles away, Tara sat in her office with her feet up on her desk and read the same paper. She ran her fingers through her long brown hair and fixed her wiry glasses with her index finger. An aide walked into the room. "Tara, we have word from our mole inside the Bronson campaign: he is furious! He knows you played him like a fool. Interestingly enough, it seemed what set him off the most was that political cartoon."

Tara glanced again at the drawing - focusing on her high heeled foot pressed into her foe's back. She laughed aloud and shrugged her shoulders. "Oh well... he IS a fool!"

Case #2

Although she had announced she was not running for president, her popularity was still soaring. James, on the other hand, could not seem to get any momentum going. Each week as the polls came out, more and more people seemed to back Tara for the nomination. 30%, 35%, 42%, 46%.... all while James' rating stayed right around 29%. Again, the headlines were brutal.

"Senator Bronson can't win!"
"Masses want non-running candidate over Bronson!"

The kicker was that the same New York paper now ran another political cartoon showing a line graph rising and rising with Tara's popularity. Under the chart, it showed the cartoonish likeness of Tara Lawton stepping on Senator Bronson like a step stool as she reached high in the air to try and touch the rising line in the graph. Her high heeled foot was planted firmly in his upturned face as he looked to be off balance, her shoe completely covering his face as she smiled and "reached for the top". The headline read - "Tara climbs over Bronson to the top despite not running!"

Again the way this paper made a fool of him sent him over the top! He actually called the paper to complain and borderline threatened the reporter and cartoonist, but he was met with laughter from the young woman's voice and a "click!"

James turned bright red and couldn't top cursing. He called Kerry into his office and laid into her with a profanity ridden tirade for ten minutes for not doing a better job of protecting his image.

Case #3

Much to his dismay and humiliation, Kerry had finally convinced James that he could not win the election without the backing of Tara Lawton's supporters. She suggested that he try to woo her over and put their bad blood aside. Reluctantly, James agreed and he thought the perfect place to start would be his upcoming gala $1,000 a plate fundraiser. He sent an invitation to Tara by certified mail and had his campaign people repeatedly call he campaign people. Still, there was no reply.

With three days left until the event, James was watching the news and saw that Tara was giving an interview. The topics covered many things but ultimately wound up on the upcoming election.

"Tara, time is winding down and everyone is waiting to see if you will put your support behind any of the candidates."

"Well, I just don't know yet. I'm watching closely and... we'll see."

"Tara, as you know, Senator Bronson is having a big event this Saturday. Have you been invited?"

"I have."

"Will you attend?"

"Well, this Saturday I have a previous engagement."

"What's that?"

"I have a spa appointment booked. I'm getting a two hour foot treatment. A fantastically special pampering! Its a foot massage, heat therapy, and a pedicure. What woman do you know who would pass that up?"

"Are you saying that you are blowing off Senator Bronson?"

"No... I'm saying that I really need a foot rub. Who's going to rub my feet if I go? Senator Bronson?"

Both the reporter and Tara chuckle. Then she continues. "I'll go if he rubs my feet!"

The reporter chuckles again and adds "He might take you up on that... he needs the support." Again they both laugh.

James was so angry as he watched this interview that he was physically shaking. The press only made it worse. For the next two days the clip of a smiling Tara saying those words into the camera played over and over on every channel.... "I'll go if he rubs my feet!"

The words kept ringing in his ears. Every news show... morning, mid day, six o'clock, evening news.... that clip played "I'll go if he rubs my feet!" The various anchors laughed at his expense. They always tried to reach her campaign for comment or clarification but there was no correction, no apology, no statement. Nothing. She just left the words to stand on their own and cause him embarrassment.

That same newspaper in New York ran the headline "I'll go if he rubs my feet" and a new political cartoon. This time, a resting Tara sat in a recliner with her shoes to her side and a glass of wine in her had. James knelt at her feet and vigorously rubbed them in his hands. His caption: "Can I stop now? Will you support me... plleeeeeaassse?" Her caption: "Just keep rubbing!"

James was beside himself at this latest cartoon. He almost called up again, but decided to spare himself the humiliation of being laughed at by the young lady at the paper again. He convinced himself that when he was president, he'd remember all the stations that humiliated him.

The Call

Kerry showed James the latest polls that showed him slipping further to his opponents. She pleaded with him to call Tara directly. To make peace. He berated her and threw the crumpled up poll back in her face. She left the room crying, tired from the repeated abuse. When she left, James realized she was probably right and against all of his instincts he picked up the phone to call Tara... personally.

"Hello? Yes this is Senator Bronson for Tara Lawton."

"Please hold sir."

The young female receptionist brought Tara the phone. James listened as she told Tara that he was on the line. Tara thanked her and asked her to leave the phone. The phone was never placed on hold, but instead sat on Tara's desk. Due to this fact, James could hear Tara typing, moving around her room, apparently pouring and drinking coffee, shuffling through papers... everything but talking to him. After 15 long minutes on"hold", she picked up the phone.

"Hello James. How can I help you."

Flustered at yet more disrespect, James tried hard to maintain his cool. "Tara, it's been too long. I'm calling because you haven't RSVP'd to my event yet. You know I need your support. Can you help me out and come?"

"I'm sorry James, I have other plans."

"Yes... I heard. I must say I was mighty peeved the way you talked about me. Telling me to rub your feet and all."

"Oh James. You know that the press takes everything out of context. I was just saying that I didn't want to miss my spa appointment. Just a little joke... that was all. You really must lighten up!"

"Well, ok then... so can I count on you to be there?"

"Well,"...there was a long pause... "are you going to rub my feet?"

There was silence as James turned red in anger. He was mad at her audacity and he was equally mad at himself for walking right into her power trip.

Tara continued, "Look James. Let's not pretend we like each other. We have a long history and you have been incredibly harsh with me both in person and through the press these last few years. You want my endorsement ?You want my support? The day you drop to your knees and rub my feet is the day I will consider supporting you."

James wanted to scream some profanity into the phone and slam it down. Instead he said quietly, "Let's be reasonable. How can we work this out. How can I make it worth your while?"

"Well... I have to fly from DC to California next week. Come with me on my private jet and we can possibly work something out."

James agreed, hung up the phone, and immediately found Kerry to scream at her for convincing him to crawl to Tara and give her this satisfaction. The young blonde just sat and listened to him, wondering why she didn't just quit already!

The Flight:

When the time came, James and Kerry met with Tara and Jane (her campaign manager). They briefly exchanged niceties and quickly boarded the small private jet. On board, there were 8 "captain's" style leather seats, but 5 of them were filled with luggage and papers. Tara sat in the front and James went to sit next to her. Jane sat in the last free seat and Kerry was left standing. Kerry started to clean off one of the seats but Jane quickly interrupted, "Please don't move any of those things." Kerry looked confused but James burst out "She can stand for the whole flight or sit on the floor... who cares. Let's get down to business."

Tara noticed that Kerry hung her head in shame at the public undressing. Reaching into her purse Tara pulled out a thick folder of papers. "Yes. Let's get down to business." She paused for a few moments and stared at James with a smirk on her face. He started to wonder what she was up to. Then she continued, "What you don't know is that one of your closest campaign members is actually a mole working for me. What I have here are hundreds of documents, phone transcripts, recordings, and emails." James looked at her somewhat confused. She continued, "You've been a very bad boy. This is all evidence of you giving money explicitly for favors, giving out contracts to friends with no other bids, embezzling money from both private companies and your campaign funds. Wow... you'll be in a ton of trouble when I expose all of this."

James turned bright red. "Wh...what are you going to do?"

"I don't know. I guess it depends on you."

"What do... what do you want from me?"

"Remember our phone conversation?"

James paused and thought back. "Yes."

"Well, I made you an offer."

James continued to think about their brief but intense conversation. Then it hit him and he turned even redder. She couldn't mean..."You want me to rub your feet?"

Tara laughed at his discomfort. "Exactly...but the ante has gone up now. I want you to rub my feet...", she paused almost as if she was trying not to laugh at her next words... "and tickle my toes while you do... with your nose."

Tara couldn't help but laugh at the horrified and defeated look on the senator's face. He looked so pathetic. Ecstatic to finally see him get a taste of his karma, Kerry started to giggle... then laugh at his predicament. James quickly shot Kerry a nasty look and started to shout. "You stupid bitch! How dare you..."

Kerry quickly interrupted him. "You know what? I've been putting up with your shit for far too long! I don't know who betrayed you or why they did... but I'm so glad they did. Your career is over! Fuck you old man! I quit!" With that, she leaned in and spit directly into his face. Senator Bronson didn't know how to respond. He pulled out a handkerchief and tried to remain calm as he wiped her spit from his face.

Tara clapped. "Good for you young lady. Would you like a job? You can join my team if you'd like." The thought of working for James's fierce enemy...who clearly had him by the balls... was definitely something Kerry would love and she quickly agreed.

Tara looked at James. "What's it going to be? This is a one time offer. If you take it, the world may never have to know. Heck, I might even endorse you still. It would be fun to have a president in my pocket. But if you refuse, you'll be in jail and disgraced!"

James paused and then slowly nodded.

"Good." Then get where you belong." Tara said while pointing to the floor at her feet. James slowly slunk out of his chair and sat, in his $1,000 suit, at Tara's feet.

"Would you like to sit Kerry?"

With a smile on her face, Kerry stepped over the senator and got comfortable in what was his seat moments ago. The plane accelerated down the runway and took flight. Tara reached down and sliding one of her long, red finger nails into the back of her shoe she ever so lightly loosened the black high heeled pump. Her heel could just barely begin to pop out. With her legs crossed so he couldn't get a "view" up her skirt she extended her foot towards the senator. He took her foot in his hands and slid the shoe off. Tara wore nude stockings and her toes were painted bright red to match her fingers. James took her foot in his hands. It was warm and damp. He began to knead it.

"Like you mean it damnit!"

He started to rub harder. He glanced over at Kerry who was watching with a very wide smile on her face. He stared back down at the foot. Tara Lawton sighed at the relief the strong massage was giving her foot. She pushed it towards his face and commanded "Now, be a good boy and tickle my toes". With his face turning bright red, the senator leaned in and buried his nose into the base of her toes. As his thumbs kneaded on her sole, he turned his head from side to side forcing his nose to massage her toes as it slid into the crevices between each one. Tara spread her stocking covered toes and allowed them to slide over the bridge of his nose one by one. It felt great... but it didn't tickle. "Try breathing through your nose deeply." James cringed, both at the command and at the way Jane and Kerry laughed as Tara barked orders, determined to get the sensation just how she wanted it. With his nose buried in her stockinged toes, James took a deep breath. And then another. James tried desperately to wake up from this nightmare. This couldn't be real! How could he possibly be sitting at the feet of the person he hated most in the world and not only be massaging her foot...but allowing her to rub her foot in his face and make him breathe through her stockinged toes?

The massaging hands, the massaging nose, and the cool air running through her sweaty toes felt great... but just not right. James inhaled her foot funk directly from the base of her toes and tried not to gag. He forced his mind to wander as to not focus on the fact he was using his hands, face, and breath to make the feet of his bitter rival feel good.

Tara once again snapped an order. "No that's not it. Try it very gently." James obeyed like a little bitch, mad at himself for being in this scenario. He pushed her foot slightly away from his face and used just the tip of his nose to trace the fleshy parts of the bottom of her toes. It sent a tingling up her foot through her leg and to her spine. "That's it!" Tara exclaimed. So, for the next hour James sat holding her foot and massaged it while gently tickling her toes wit his nose. Tara spent that time speaking with Kerry and all but ignoring his existence. His back, neck, and hands grew tired from sitting there and constantly rubbing her feet while turning his head back and forth. But, he dared not stop.

Finally, he heard the conversation turn to him.

"He never treated you nicely, huh Kerry?"

"No, he was quite mean all the time."

"Would you like him to rub your feet too?"

"Actually ma'am, maybe someday. But right now, I'm in the clouds watching him at your feet. You don't understand! He hates you so much! It killed him to ask to ask for your help. But this? This may cause him to die a thousand times! He thought he was on his way to the white house! He thought he was going to get your support on this flight! Instead, look at him! What a pathetic loser!"

Tara removed her foot from his hands and slipped it back into her shoe. She presented him with the other one and he removed her shoe for her. Since that foot had remained in her shoe the entire time, he was presented with another warm, sweaty foot. He immediately began rubbing with his tired hands and ticking with his nose...this time, doing it "right" from the beginning.

As James massaged the warm wet foot, Kerry watched him closely like he was her favorite movie. Then she leaned in towards Tara. "You know what I want? I want to see you make him lick your toes!"

Tara looked at Kerry almost disgusted. "I don't want this pig licking any part of me!"

"No. you don't understand. It's not in anyway sexual. Just make him lick your toes like... like a dog would. Or an inanimate object. It feels amazing and it would be the icing on the cake. I once got my toes licked during a game of Truth or Dare. It was by this guy I would NEVER have dated... he was a real jerk. But when he did it it felt great. I felt no attraction to him, but his embarrassment made me laugh and his tongue made me feel good. Make the Senator do it! I'm sure he would just die!"

The senator shook with disgust at his situation as his once lowly assistant tried to talk his bitter rival into humiliating him in the worst way.

Tara smiled but declined. Then she laid her head back and enjoyed her relaxing massage in her comfortable chair. For the next hour, she reveled in her total victory. Just as she was bout to drift into sleep she was awakened by the senator's voice.

"Please Tara. My hands are numb and my back is killing me from this position. Can I stop?"

Tara was annoyed that she was robbed of her sleep, but she allowed him to stop. Before he could thank her she told him to lie down with is head at her feet. As he did he realized what was about to happen and tried to retract his request, promising to continue. But, it was too late. Tara removed her foot from her other shoe, which had once again grown sweaty, and lifted both feet in the air. Slowly she pressed them down into his upturned face and used his face as a foot rest. Then, she began to slide her feet back and forth, using his face as a massager. Her nude stockinged feet slid back and forth from his forehead to his chin. Her her sole & toes dragged back and forth across his nose, leaving their sweaty aroma for him to savor. Using his face as a personal massager, she started to feel relaxed. "I think I'm going to take a nap. While I rest, would you be a dear and massage my toes?"

He was furious! This was all too much! But what choice did he have? So, with her warm, damp feet sliding around on his face, he reached up with his hands and started to rub her toes through his fingers.

"No, no... not like that!" she corrected. "Use your thumb and index finger to gently rub, turn, an pull on each one. Work all ten one by one." So, reluctantly doing as he was told, the senator played with her toes as commanded while she used his face to soothe the soles of her feet. He played with one toe in each hand between two fingers over and over. To his dismay, Tara never seemed to tire of the sensation.

Laughing, Tara made an observation. "You wanted to be the most powerful man in the world... the President of the United States!! Instead, you are my toe massaging foot stool! Could you be in a more lowly and powerless position?" She chuckled at the irony and then laid her head back and closed her eyes.

The sliding motion of her feet slowed as she drifted into a blissful sleep. He filled with self pity at his predicament. Her feet never slid from his face as she slept. It would have been bad enough it she was simply trying to humiliate him. He knew that obviously that WAS her goal. However, she was actually deriving pleasure from the physical sensation. She was actually enjoying the feeling of using his face as a foot massager... HIS FACE! To the sounds of laughter and belittling from Kerry, James let tears run down his cheeks as the dead weight of the Tara's sleeping feet pressed into his face uncomfortably. As she slept he kept massaging her toes. When he felt she was in a deep enough sleep, he would try to stop. However, she would vigorously slide her feet around his face as if nocturnally searching for the relaxing sensation. On his third attempt to stop, she not so gently stomped his face... dominating him even subconsciously while she slept. He realized he would have to continue , and for the remainder of the flight he served just as she said... as her toe massaging foot stool.

He traveled the remainder of the flight... four hours.. like this. When they landed, Tara was awoken by her assistant. She commented that she NEVER had slept so well on a flight and that she had now found the secret to long trips! She patted him on the cheek with the ball of her foot as if to say thank you. Then she slipped her shoes on and went to exit the plane. James lay on the floor in a mixed state of shock and denial. However, the unmistakable scent of Tara Lawton's feet was fused into his face and served as a stark reminder of the day's reality. Kerry was filled with tremendous satisfaction at the disgraceful humiliation of her former boss. Looking at him on the floor, she couldn't resist the opportunity before her. So as she stood to exit the plane, she nonchalantly stepped on his chest with her heeled foot - walking on and over him like a speed bump. James was already too deflated to even react.

There were tons of press waiting to greet her outside the plane. Tara, Jane, and Kerry exited the plane talking and laughing as the cameras flashed. A few minutes later, a disheveled Senator Bronson exited as well. His hair was a mess, hi eyes were bloodshot, and his suit was wrinkled. As the cameras flashed, one of the reporters screamed out "What did you do? Beat him for the entire flight?"

The Surprise:

That evening, Tara Lawton gave a huge speech to a packed house of supporters. James watched backstage with Kerry by his side. The entire time, Kerry just kept looking at him and laughing. James tried to ignore it. Then, towards the end of the speech James heard Tara ask for the audience's attention. She began to describe a great man who she would finally be endorsing for president. She went on and on about his qualifications and his character. Then she concluded, "And that's why I'm incredibly pleased to announce my endorsement of... Governor Smith!"

James heart sank. All he could hear was Kerry's laughter and the applause of the audience. Tara had just stomped out his career.

When the speech was over, Tara walked into her private office where James and Kerry were waiting. James tore into her. "You bitch! We had a deal. I can't believe you I'm going to..."

Tara forcefully slapped James across the face with the back of her hand. "You'll do nothing senator. I still have all of that evidence and we never had a deal despite what you may think. I never promised you more than to consider endorsing you! But I do promise you this, you will go to jail if you fail to obey me for one second!"

James stood humiliated and firmly put in his place. Tara poured herself a glass of wine and sat in her leather recliner.

"Now, senator... I'd like to relax and I've been curious about something ever since Kerry mentioned it." James wasn't sure what she was eluding to, but he was certain it wasn't going to be good for him. "Senator, crawl over here and lick my toes."

James' jaw dropped and Kerry simultaneously smiled a huge bright smile. The senator looked at the bare red toes peeking out from the black sling back, peep toed pump. Then he looked at the smug face of his hated nemesis as she sipped her wine. Finally he looked at the delighted face of his one time campaign manager. All before he slowly knelt to the ground and crawled towards his destiny in disgrace.

He felt like the eyes of the world were on him and he could barely stand the humiliation of his "crawl of shame". Looking at the foot dangling and swinging in the air, it seemed as though he were crawling for an eternity before he reached it. Then, reaching out with his hands, he removed her shoe. Tara's bare foot was warm and sweaty as he took it in his hands. Then, unable to even fathom what he was about to do... he extended his tongue. The touch f his tongue to her soft, salty toes sealed the agreement leaving no room for misinterpretation... this was his new life.

The End
Oct 19, 2002
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Usually don't read too many f/m dom stories but this had enough f/f submissiveness to keep me going! Great story. Love how Tara has fem assistants and has some sort of control over Kerry too!


the bootlicker
Oct 8, 2006
thanks a lot: i appreciate very much this christmas present!
best wishes!

p.s. i hope in a second part. :)
Apr 12, 2004
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Great to see you back...once again a home run story. A good sequal to this sotry would be having tara loan James to Kerry is former and imbittered asistant. Have him be assigned through black mail under kerry. Then have her tease his...with a device while she rubs her feet in his face under her desk etc. just a thought. His humiliation would be extreme.
Jul 5, 2010
I'm reaching for my dictionary of superlatives to describe this story! It's fantastic, and from the comments it seems you've written more stories, I'll be sure to check them out and I can only hope that there's a continuation to this one.
Jul 21, 2003
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With all of the presidential and political news in the US right now, I was inspired to drop off another installation in this old story. I left open the potential for a third installation as well. Enjoy.

Political Capital II

Tara Lawton smiled widely. The two things that she found most invigorating about life were success and winning. She swirled her wine around in her glass and stared into the burgundy elixir as she reflected on all that had transpired to bring her to this moment. Ironically, losing the election last time might have been the best thing that ever happened to her. Rich beyond her wildest dreams and wielding influence as a well respected power broker in Washington, her seat atop the pinnacle seemed to be secure. And it all started with that failed campaign bid as vice president. Tara buried her nose in the wine glass and inhaled its rich aroma as she took another sip. It was one of her favorite blends. One that she had custom ordered from her favorite California vineyard. The richly flavored fluid coated her mouth and lit up her taste buds. As she slowly sipped her wine, she shuffled a little and settled deeper into the comfortable leather recliner. Lowering her glass, she looked down at her feet with a smile. There, on all fours, kneeling in what must have been agonizing, humiliating defeat was her buffoon, her servant...her bitch. Once upon a time he was her rival. Now, he was crushed - completely and absolutely.

Tara couldn’t help but smile at how she had played this whole thing. She had nonchalantly stepped all over his campaign from the moment that he announced his candidacy, easily sending his bid for the presidency into a death spiral. She had humiliated him and stolen his dignity on her private jet, dangling his ambition on a string like a carrot in front of a desperate mule. She had kept him clinging to a small shred of hopeful optimism only to crush his spirits and his career with her speech earlier that evening. And now, having stripped him of everything he held dear... having gleefully trampled any potential accomplishments that might come from a lifetime of his effort... she settled comfortably into the soft recliner, sipping her favorite wine and enjoying the moment.

She smiled down at Senator Bronson... the self important bully... the man who thought himself superior to her in every way. She had easily manipulated him to this exact moment - on his knees before her, looking awkward and uncomfortable as he cupped her clammy bare foot in his hands. He appeared almost hypnotized as he stared at her shiny red toenails and contemplated his options. Her eyes satisfyingly studied his face as his mind raced, searching for any way out of this situation - any way to save some dignity...to avoid such an utterly devastating defeat. His brow contorted in unison with his frantic thought process and betrayed his desperation as he failed to find any winning strategy. He slowly came to grips with the inescapable. He had no options. He had no way out. Tara had played him like a master violinist and he could find no recourse but to face the fate she had authored for him.

These minutes of anguish dragged on, playing out on his face like a Broadway musical for Tara’s enjoyment. She was clothed in self satisfaction as she watched this scene unfold in front of her...at her feet. Her amusement was surpassed only by anticipation of the inevitable - the fast approaching moment when he would crumble. Then it happened. He acknowledged defeat and resigned himself to get it over with. Ashamed of himself, he attempted to raise her foot to his lips. Tara flexed her leg muscles, keeping her foot steady and rejecting the efforts of his cupped hands. He noticed how powerful and sexy her well curved legs appeared as they flexed. Then he looked up at her face. There was a combination of stern resolve and smug amusement behind her eyes. James swallowed hard to clear his throat. He felt as though he were literally choking on his own humiliation. This absolute bitch would allow him nothing. He was given no daylight to claim even a miniscule moral victory. Not even the slightest sliver. His only choice would be to acknowledge his own pitifulness.

He leaned forward, kowtowing at her feet. Seemingly in slow motion, he lowered his mouth to the foot resting in his hands. The hair on the back of his neck stood up in recognition of this nightmare. What was he about to do??!! He grimaced and then reluctantly extended his tongue. Ever so slightly, the tip of his tongue touched the underside of her pinky toe. He paused. Was this really happening? Did he have to do this? Tara said nothing. Instead, she let his hesitation add to the gravitas of the moment. She observed in silence as a current US Senator was forced to lick her toe and she raised an eyebrow as he paused one last time to ponder the task. Basking in each new humiliation as it unfolded, Tara was delighted to watch as another of his small mental barriers got toppled. In fact, she got a chill of excitement imagining the humbling discussion he was having with himself at that very moment.

James continued on, further extending his tongue at a painfully slow pace. Ignoring the deafening noise of his dignity screaming for him to stop, he willed his tongue forward and allowed it to slowly slide under her pinky toe. His tongue slid forward, pressing against the underside of her tiny toe until the tip of his tongue gently touched the ball of her foot. Tara’s toe eagerly accepted the warm coat of saliva from the moist tongue as a refreshing gift. James was too disgusted and humiliated to continue licking but his momentary paralysis had the ironic effect of hitting the pause button at the worst possible time. For the next few moments, her delicate pinky toe rested comfortably on its new bed. And, like a good house guest, her toe had presented James with a gift of its own in return - offering him a fresh streak of salty toe sweat left down the center of his tongue. His face distorted in disgust, acknowledging the deed he was doing. At that moment, nothing could not have illustrated their relationship better than the contrasting details of their individual experiences. Rich, full bodied wine delighted her taste buds while the salty residue from her toe slowly penetrated his. All the while her toe rested victoriously on his extended tongue. James snapped out of his daze an quickly retracted his violated tongue into his mouth James made a face like a child who had just taken a giant dose of the nastiest medicine imaginable. Tara’s calm, confident voice rained down with encouragement “Go on, James. Lick all of my toes. And do it with enthusiasm...like you mean it.”

James shivered at the audacity of this bitch! He never thought himself capable of such hatred for another human being. But with no outlet to act on it, the hatred turned inward. He hated himself for being so weak... for allowing himself to become a pawn to her whims. He obediently opened his mouth again and let his tongue slide forward. This time he slid it under her fourth toe. Once again his tongue made the disgusting and humiliating exchange; swapping a thin layer of warm saliva for a thin layer of her sweaty toe residue. Once again, his tongue slid forward until it touched the ball of her foot at the base of her toes...and then he dragged it sideways from the fourth toe to the third. Following the deliberate flick of his tongue, James slowly dragged it back towards his mouth licking the length of her two toes in the process. His tongue flick caught some gunk from between her toes at the base. Unbeknownst to him, it rested on the tip of his tongue and rode it back to his mouth like a carnival ride. Meanwhile, the slow drag back pressed against both toes with the flat part on the front of his tongue. His warm tongue repainted the underbelly of her fourth toe with warm saliva while applying a fresh coat to the third. His tongue continued to exchange his moist saliva for Tara’s salty toe slime all the way back to his mouth. When he allowed his tongue to re-enter, his taste buds further exploded with the salty taste of her toes and a tiny splash of bitterness from the toe gunk he slurped in as a surprise.

His disgust meant that he had to force himself to perform every movement. This continued to make all of his movements slow and deliberate which counter intuitively served to prolong every moment. Despite his disgust, his tongue went back for round three. His tongue touched the underside of her third and second digits this time, pushing forward until it hit the skin where the ball of her foot met the base of her toes. He flicked his tongue once... then retraced his path. This time, as his tongue slid along her toes, Tara moaned in pleasure under her breath. Tara’s reaction cemented the truth in his mind. Reality crashed in like a tidal wave. He wasn’t lightly touching his tongue to a toe in a quick sign of defeat and storming out in disgust as he had hoped - though even that would have been a shameful and humiliating new low point in his life. No,there was no denying or getting around it. He had spent these last moments deliberately and somewhat thoroughly... licking ...her.. toes!

James tried to let his mind wander to something else...anything else. He tried to think of something pleasant... but he couldn’t. Last week he dared to think that he would be the next president of the United States. He thought that he would fulfill his life’s ambitions and dish out sweet retribution to all of his enemies in the process. He would have held all of the power. He would have crushed Tara and anyone else who dared to make an enemy of him. Now with that hope stomped out under Tara’s shoe, he knelt at her feet like a mongrel... and willingly did a mongrel’s work.

The sudden and loud laughter of Kerry’s voice snapped him out of these thoughts. He had forgotten she was there. He looked over at his one time publicist. Even she felt free to treat him like a joke now. He silently fumed as he remembered how she had felt free to casually suggest to Tara that he lick her toes “like a dog.” This was all her idea!

Right on cue Tara looked over at Kerry and spoke with a breathy voice. “Kerry. You were right. This really does feel amazing. It’s just what I needed after a long day. I could use this every day.” Those words rang in James’ ears like a fire alarm. EVERY...DAY. Then Tara spread her toes wide and wiggled them in his face. “Lick in between my toes now James.” James let his tongue glide in between her third and fourth toes. The saltiness and the sliminess seemed to increase exponentially. James tried not to gag. Again Tara moaned her approval. “That’s a good boy.” She continued to wiggle her toes back and forth even as his tongue slithered between them. It was as if she were massaging the inside walls of her toes with his extended tongue as he licked.

For the next few minutes, James knelt at the feet of his new master, stooped over in an uncomfortable position. His knees and elbows were on the ground. His cupped hands gently supported her bare foot and his butt was high in the air as he groveled at the foot of her chair. He let his tongue run in between and under her toes over and over. He “allowed” her to wiggle her toes and squeeze his tongue in between them. As the seconds turned to minutes and then ticked by, his mouth tasted more and more like it was the inside of her shoe. With each lick and retraction into his mouth, he feasted on the waste from her sweaty toes and specks of foot glop dislodged by his probing tongue. After a few minutes of this relaxing treatment, she slid her foot forward in his hands. James offered no resistance as her five dainty toes slipped through his lips and entered his mouth. “Suck them.” she said with a casual but cold and expectant voice. So he sucked her toes, all the while his tongue worked its magic and all the while more of her foot funk and salty sweat migrated off of her toes and into his mouth. Foot sweat made itself at home on his taste buds. Slimy toe jam and specs of dead foot skin were sucked off of her toes or licked from between them. They seemed to spread out and find comfortable crevices in the far corners of his mouth to call home so that they could “remain” with James long after this ordeal was over. “Enough.” Tara said coldly. “Remove my other shoe.”

James gently placed Tara’s refreshed foot on the floor. He slipped the shoe strap from behind her heel slid a freshly clammy foot out of its home. He held her newly released foot in his hands and prepared to get this over with. Before he could resume his humiliating duties Tara spoke slowly and almost seductively. “James, in your new role as my personal assistant, this will be a permanent part of your duties. In fact, I think I will require this every day.” James’ heart sank. Tara continued, “So, it will be important for you to learn a proper technique. We are going to combine everything that you’ve been working on with this next one okay?”

James fumed. "We?" “Working on??!!” Her words made it seem like he was an apprentice who had been working to perfect his foot relieving craft!

Tara took another sip of her wine. James stared up at the red liquid with envy as the taste of her toes pulsated in his mouth. Tara gave him his marching orders. “When I ask you to relieve my sore feet you will remove my shoe from one foot. You will hold it to your face so that your nose is buried in my toes and you will inhale deeply five or six times.” Those words hit James as if she had cracked him in the head with a hammer. What was the purpose? Did his breath hold some benefit for her? He wanted to pretend that it was to cool her toes or something practical. But, he knew damn well that it was a measure solely added to cement his place in life. She waned him to voluntarily debase himself and take in the smell of her foot, fresh out of her shoe simply to humiliate him and remind him of his submission and defeat. She continued, “ Then, you will firmly massage my foot with both hands...” Tara paused and tried not to giggle “while you tickle my toes with your nose just like on the plane. Finally, when I say so, you will lick my toes just like tonight. Then you will gently suck them, cleaning away the day’s filth and erasing the day’s stress.” Tara sighed loudly at the thought of this daily ritual. Then she smiled smugly as she looked down at him. The thought of subjecting him to this “job" for the foreseeable future was just perfect.

Tara paused. There was a powerful but awkward silence as James thought of his future as her foot soothing bitch. Her words penetrated his skull. He was still a US Senator!! He still had powerful friends. He rose upright on his knees and stared intently at Tara. “Now just a minute damnit. Enough is enough!! I am a member of the Senate of the United States of America and I’ve had just about enough of this shit! I...”

SMACK! Tara’s newly freed foot planted itself firmly into James’ face with a slap, shutting him up mid sentence. The clammy ball of her foot pressed against his lips and his nose was buried in the base of her toes. “Shut up James.” Tara offered in an almost bored voice. “You know what I have on you... or did you forget? Or maybe you think there is something cool about going to prison in disgrace.” She paused for a few long seconds as if she were waiting for his respnse. After some silence she continued. “Here’s how this works - I make the rules and you say nothing! You are not entitled to any respect from me unless I offer it freely.” As if to punctuate her point, Tara forced her foot into his face and ground it into his facial features. Her grubby toes and the ball of her foot smushed forcefully into his upper lip and nose as she spoke. “First of all,I will require you to resign your senate seat. You will come work for me as my assistant.” Her bare foot continued to grind into his face as he knelt in front of her and listened to her casually tell him he would be required to abandon his life’s work and all of his dreams. He didn‘t resist...didn‘t get up and storm out. He just took it. “Now accept your place... do as your told... and begin practicing a key piece of your new job!” She even more forcefully shoved her foot into his face and crushed his nose, nearly toppling him over from his kneeling position. “Smell...my...feet!”

Even on the plane when he was humiliated over and over and even just now when he had been forced to lick and suck her toes - James had NEVER felt this low, this humiliated or this defeated. It was all he could do not to cry. Scolded and firmly put in his place, the assault on James’ face came to a halt as Tara stopped grinding her foot into his face long enough for him to voluntarily comply with her directions. He cupped her foot at the heel as her slimy toes draped his nose. His nose was buried in the base of her toes against the ball of her foot. Like a good bitch, he did as he was told. The loud sound of his very deep breathing audibly filled the room. James cringed as he inhaled the unmistakable funk of foot sweat and old shoe leather. The grime and sweat of her foot had already been ground into his face...and had already been licked and sucked into his mouth. Now, it was being deeply and directly inhaled into his lungs.

Kerry could no longer take it and she burst out laughing hysterically. “Look at you! Not so important now are you?” Kerry was crying, she was laughing so hard.

James mumbled into the ball of Tara’s foot. “Fucking bitch!”

Tara removed her foot from his face. “Excuse me?” she questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“N-n-not you, ma’am. Her!” he said pointing to Kerry.

“I would be nicer to her than that if I were you. She’s going to be your supervisor you know.”

James’ eyes bulged open wide and his face turned red. Kerry’s laughter grew even louder and almost frantic. Before he could protest, Tara’s foot was slapped firmly back into his face. “Keep smelling.” She commanded. “And get back down there” she added, pointing to the ground at her feet. James got back into his uncomfortable kowtowing position from before and simultaneously started kneading her foot with his thumbs. With his elbows on the floor and his hands firmly massaging Tara’s foot, he knelt groveling and loudly sniffing her toes.

With his ass high in the air, Kerry seized her chance. Still laughing hysterically at the sight before her and the loud sniffing sound, she walked behind him. She stared at his big round butt in the air. Taking her time to measure it, she cocked her foot back and let a swift kick go into his backside. THUMP! Giggling hysterically she added “I always wanted to kick your fat ass!” Again, she gave him a firm kick in the pants. THUMP! “Imagine how those toes are going to smell when she wears nylons all day!” THUMP! Her foot slammed into his ass again. “Ewwww...imagine smelling that! Worse...imagine sucking that sweat out!”

Right on cue Tara commanded, “Suck my toes now.” Still massaging her foot, with the taste of her first foot still assaulting his mouth, with the smell of her foot sweat drying into his face, and with the funk of the deepest crevices of her toes burning his esophagus and lungs, he once again opened his mouth to accept her toes.

THUMP! Another swift kick to his elevated ass punctuated the point.

“Yeah bitch...suck her toes!” Kerry laughed.

So, the would-be president knelt in front of his enemy... massaging her foot and sucking her toes while she sipped her wine and enjoyed her moment of complete victory and the utter and complete destruction of a one time foe. His former employee and soon to be supervisor stood behind him laughing at his predicament and repeatedly kicking him in the butt. All the while, James contemplated his new reality: walking away from a lifetime of work and all of his dreams to carry his enemy’s bag and lick her feet every evening. He could no longer hold it together. Tears ran down his cheeks in two long streams as the sweat from his enemy’s toes once again filled his mouth. He heard her take another sip of her wine and then her free foot came to rest on top of his head as he knelt and ‘worked.’ “Ahhh." Tara sighed in obvious comfort and relief, apparently adding footstool to his job description. The tears ran more freely now. His ass grew sore as the assault of kicks and laughter continued to the rhythm of his sucking. This was the worst day and night of his life. Tomorrow didn’t promise to get much better.

End of Part II
Apr 12, 2004
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Great seeing you again Blaze. Nice to see you back to writing again. You have always been on the top of my list of favorite writers. This addition was priceless. The power to humilitation these is awsome.
Jul 21, 2003
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Thank you to Camery & Sauur for the comments. I feel like I might have a foundation here to rival "The Hatred of Clarice Favreaux" (which is what most people seem to consider my best story) I guess it just depends on how long I can stay inspired. We'll see.